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  • File : 1246190106.jpg-(47 KB, 640x333, fi_winter02.jpg)
    47 KB Conversionfag Q&A + Imps and =][= Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)07:55 No.5027467  
    Ask a conversionfag anything

    Also in this thread: How do I make a working Imps + Inq list? I have (at looooooooooong last) decided to make this damn IG army (pic related to the theme) but now I could really use a few hints on how to make it work gamewise. Doesn't need to be an insane tournament winner but I'm a bit of a vehicle fan so I could use some pointers on what to take.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:04 No.5027502
         File : 1246190644.jpg-(388 KB, 1134x604, 1221675884162.jpg)
    388 KB
    Are you aiming more for this look or the one in your pic?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:08 No.5027520
    Probably something in between, depending on how I like the shoulderplates.
    I'll also sculpt fur hats on them
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:08 No.5027521
    Brotips for working with greenstuff? I am just starting out, so any information about proper preparation and handling would be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:08 No.5027522
    Question: do you use much wire for tubes, exhausts, etc? I want something to put on my 'Fexes, but I'm not sure what thickness to start with. I hear guitar string is good, but do music shops keep broken strings around that I could get from them? Are there other good sources I could mine?

    On the IG side, pretty much all the vehicles are good. Try to keep the cost on your Russes under control, which generally means avoiding the Plasma sponsons. Give each vehicle/squad a dedicated role to fill and stick with it. Mixed Hellhound squads are bad, don't use them. Avoid squadrons of three vehicles, they almost always end up wasting firepower on a target. Valkyries are fantastic, don't be afraid to take them (unless you lack the $50/each for the model.) Mech IG in Chimeras is perfectly good these days, but have some unmounted squads as well to ferry around.

    In the Inquisitorial side, the Mystics are your biggest gain; giving you free shots at demons, Marines, etc, is golden, especially in larger games where you're practically guaranteed to see some DSers. Getting easy access to Psychic Hood is also nice. A lot of the other stuff is mediocre and should probably be avoided, although something can be said for EL Inq + the poly Assassin (name escapes me, sorry). Inquisitors have access to some wacky and unique powers you might consider, and they can also have a shit ton of heavy bolters following them around. Medics + Acolytes allow you to make a squad a lot tougher, but you'll still roll in CC so be careful.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:08 No.5027527
    Not OP, but http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/242387.page is a good starting point.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:10 No.5027541
    Ever done any Undead conversions?

    And how would you go about making a Zoat? I want to build A MIGHTY HERD.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:11 No.5027553
    A baseline Witchhunters or Demonhunters list can take very specifically listed IG options. Basically platoons, scout sentinels, and the basic tank.

    A baseline IG army can contain inducted Demonhunters or Witchhunters of up to one HQ, one Elite, one Fast Attack, and two Troops choices. So you could induct a Demonhunters Inquisitor Lord or Elite Inquisitor (the demonhunter one is much better than the witchhunter one), a troop or two of stormtroopers/gray knights/SoB, an assassin/death cultists/celestians/termies, etc. The inducted choices count against your maximum number of elite choics and whatnot.

    The best way to do it is to make an IG army and add your inducted inquisitor forces. The demonhunter inquisitor makes a great firebase (psycannon, two heavy bolters, a third heavy bolter or a plasma cannon, the ability to fire at deep strikers or allow other units to do so). Technically you can induct an Elite Inquisitor from the demonhunter list and an Elite Assassin from the witchhunter list since it doesn't stipulate that your inquisitor needs to be Ordo Hereticus, but that's the kind of list building that leads to diversified nob biker squads. In any case, if you really want to mix in some inquisitor flavor you'll want to do it with either a demonhunter inquisitor and witchhunter assassin or demonhunter inquisitor lord and assassin.

    The rest of the options are not the kind that work in a list that isn't full SoB or full GK. Sorry.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:16 No.5027584
    1 - WET tools and fingers
    2 - The blue stuff is stiffer than the yellow aparently, so a different mix gives different stifnes
    3 - Some people suggest using a plastic bag or similar to smooth out the stuff so you don't leave fingerprints in it
    4 - Let it set for a few minutes before sculpting. Makes it less sticky and more solid
    I'd probably hit a hardwear store for that stuff (my dad is an invertor/engineer so he has all sorts of bits and crap around his place and I can take anything I want from there myself). Guitar string, electrical wire for thicker stuff. Experiment around a bit.

    Regarding the army, I was intending to take 3-9 russes (1-3 vanilla, 1-3 plasma, 1-3 demilisher) and vendettas/valks with some infantry backup, a unit of 7 or 10 stormies to melt MEQs / an Inquistor for gun servitor support and either some GKs or Daemonhosts + Callidus/Eversor for a slight melee edge
    Same as above, but with sniper rifles everywhere and a Vindicare
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:20 No.5027607
    My undead are limited to 2 vampires, a Zombie Dragon and a few oddballs here and there.
    Zoats are probably best made using a Cold One and a Feral Orc + some GS, 'nid parts and wires
    Hmm, I was under the illusion that Seraphim (boosting LD) and GKs/GKTs (Melee power) would serve well in an IG army? Also are Daemonhosts crap? From what I remember (no codex on had) they were pretty nasty
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:23 No.5027622
    Cool beans, thanks. I'll see what I can dig up around here.

    Nine is way too many; you'll end up dropping pie plates on empty space a lot of the time. I'd go with something like 1 Vanquisher + Lascannon, 2 bare-bones Russes, 1 Demolisher (possibly with MM or plasma, if you've got points to burn). You could also go 2 Dem/1 Russ depending on your local environment, or even 2 Vanqs if you're really paranoid about vehicles. That's generally what melta veterans are for, though.

    Daemonhosts are pretty bad, I'd steer away from those unless you're intentionally making the army weaker. Callidius (argh, there's that name) is very nice, but remember you need a HQ Inquisitor to use her (you can only take one EL slot unit).

    I don't actually know how the Snipers IG functions these days, so I can't say a lot there. Could be cute? Much better if MCs are common in your area, obv. Vindcare would be pure flavor, because that guy is a total point sink.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:27 No.5027640
    WH Assassin, DH Elite Inq fixes the assassin problem but eats away at my elites kinda hard
    I used to hear that mass-snipers is an OK army if backed with eough big guns to kill the stuff the snipers pin, figured nothing had insane guns like the IG
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:32 No.5027664
    Sniper Rifles don't hit on a 2+ anymore, which is a big downside. But, as I said, I have no idea how it runs these days, so I can't help any there.

    And yes, IG can pump out more firepower than anyone else by a long shot these days.

    Bonus question: do you use clamps when gluing, and if so what kind would you recommend?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:34 No.5027675
         File : 1246192471.jpg-(34 KB, 450x563, Häyhä.jpg)
    34 KB
    I don't trust clamps so I use either my fingers (small models) or elaborate paint pot/book/rubber band/bitz constructs that keep large parts in place if pins alone fail

    bugger about the rifles, now I'm not sure about including mr. Häyhä in my army anymore
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:36 No.5027684
    >Regarding the army, I was intending to take 3-9 russes (1-3 vanilla, 1-3 plasma, 1-3 demilisher) and vendettas/valks with some infantry backup, a unit of 7 or 10 stormies to melt MEQs / an Inquistor for gun servitor support and either some GKs or Daemonhosts + Callidus/Eversor for a slight melee edge

    I've been experimineting with Inq/IG at the moment in a similiar vein, and having a shit time of it.

    Commisar Lord
    2 x vets
    2 x Standard Russ (cheap, rarel targeted)
    2x Scout Sentinels with auto cannons (kill at least one rhino equivalent every game)
    1 x Vanquisher w/ Pask (rapes armour 14 every time)
    1x Vendetta (brilliant)
    1x Valkyrie (If i had the spare HWT lascannons i'd convert into Vendetta)
    10 x Stormtroopers (absolute shit, enjoy killing and handful of marines before they pile into assault and fuck you hard)

    I experimented with a cheap Inq Lord and Eversor, and t didn't do too well so I've tried several games with a squad of grey knights and it's still a very poor 'counter-assault' unit. GKTs might do better but cost even more. ($ and points).

    TL:DR - I'm fucking off the stormtroopers and GKs for a few 10 girl squads of SoB in Rhinos, which I know works.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)08:47 No.5027719
    What about deep striking GKs? Might they be a welcome surprise to have in IG army?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)08:55 No.5027745
    I'd think they would end up getting in the way of the pie plates you're dropping on the enemy, but if you aren't running a lot of those they might be interesting. I'd mostly be worried that you would get them coming in at the wrong time and not doing their job.

    Realistically, at this point I don't think =][= has a lot to offer IG, but there's some decent stuff in there and a lot of it is very neat, so I wouldn't feel too bad about using it.

    GKTs or a Grand Master could be a super-unpleasant surprise, though. Possibly that might work? No one brings AP2 stuff against guard, and it helps overload their AT weapons.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)09:08 No.5027813
    The mental image of this is hilarious
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:36 No.5027963

    That has been specifically declared not legal, as the assassin has to come from the same book as the inquisitor... or is it that you can only have one assassin per army (non-apoc) ever?


    Mystics and heavy firepower, best defense against deep strikers you have, use them well.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:40 No.5027985
    I have a red oozing sore on my penis. Is it herpes? If I dip my penis in bleach, will I be cured?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)09:41 No.5027989
    Unless the Inq/Assassin was re-ruled later, I don't remember it saying anywhere the Assassin and Inquisitor need to be from the same codex, only that you need an inquisitor to have an assassin

    BTW I don't have the codex here, but didn't Creed have that give scouts rule? Or was that Apoc only?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)09:43 No.5027999
    Did you have unprotected sex with a free russian whore lately?
    Also don't dip your dick in bleach that's not really a good cure
    If it gets worse ask /fit/ or see a doctor
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:46 No.5028015

    but /fit/ just tells me to eat OATZ and do SQUATZ.

    I don't think that will cure m
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:53 No.5028035
    Any tips for making custom converted IG out of Cadians and Greenstuff?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)09:55 No.5028050
    On an unrelated note I have horrible sunburn (and tanlines on my ass) from working and I can't move my damn arms almost at all (the skin on my shoulders is cracked and red)
    Anyone know something I could apply on it? I tried some random cream I found in my apartment and some aloe vera cream and even some after-sun cream but god damn it still hurts like a motherfucker when I move my arms
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)09:58 No.5028064
         File : 1246197495.jpg-(95 KB, 518x389, IMG_1950.jpg)
    95 KB
    Well I'm giving my Cadians some fur hats, you can also pretty easily make greatcoats with GS for example
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:00 No.5028077
    I was thinking of either confangling some gasmasks onto them...Any tips on that? Make a greenstuff mask (I've already got the basic of that figured out), and use a lasgun barrel as a horizontal rebreather or something?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:01 No.5028086
    You didn't just extend it down from the hem of the tunic?

    I wonder how well flak armour over great coats would look.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:03 No.5028097
         File : 1246197831.jpg-(67 KB, 300x218, RPGmuz.jpg)
    67 KB
    A great thing to add dynamism to your minis or the greatest thing to add dynamism to your minis?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:04 No.5028103
         File : 1246197885.jpg-(33 KB, 148x190, Guardsman.jpg)
    33 KB
    Pretty much like this
    Extending the hem is a bit so-so, it can just end up looking like a fat dress easily
    Command squad box (cadian) has rebreathers in it. You could GS-copy those (Press them in some GS, let the imprint harden, press small blobs of GS into the imprint to create GS rebrethers. Great for purity seals and other similar things too)
    Your idea works well too
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:08 No.5028116
    That looks really cool!
    Kinda like some of those Flamer conversions I've seen.
    I also thought about making an Orbital Strike model in the same sense.

    >Regarding IG: Are Executioner Russes bad? Having effectively 5 plasma cannons on a tank sounds incredibly good to me
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:11 No.5028131
         File : 1246198270.jpg-(68 KB, 600x1350, img407081f624cc7.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:14 No.5028155
    Q: You use molds, as scibor? If so, do you make them out of GS or do you use some other putty? any vaseline substitutes/alternatives?

    Also, what did you do to that primaris psyker to make it =][=?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:21 No.5028184
         File : 1246198882.jpg-(66 KB, 873x627, inquisitor primaris.jpg)
    66 KB
    I use GS for moulds, still looking for materials to make better ones. Usualy I just use water rather than bother going to a store to get vaseline.

    I gave the Primaris a Daemonhammer (made out of a Storm bolter, a slugga Jarran Kell's banner and soem GS) a longer loincloth and shaved off the eye on his breastplate. I might give him some more bling later on
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:24 No.5028194
         File : 1246199058.jpg-(69 KB, 1024x768, img_3356-1--fedc20.jpg)
    69 KB
    If it isn't, i'm buggered since i'm halfway through converting a Russ up to be one. Also, how would you go about doing the main gun for it, i've used Devastator Plasma Cannons lopped down for the sponsons, but this confuses me.

    Pic- New plastic Executioner, looks so much better than the PENIS CANNON.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:28 No.5028226
    Ok, after some reading, I ended up looking at Creed and some Tanks.
    Scout Lemans seems like a nasty trick to use, even more so Scout Demolishers
    Is there some massive flaw in this combo?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:32 No.5028246
    I'd probably just GS most of the main cannon. Just make any block and stick it on the turret, then sculpt on the Plasma muzzle and power coil. Add some plates and wires and stuff for variety
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:38 No.5028277
    No, he is a tactical genius.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:39 No.5028288
    Ok here is one I've been wanting to ask for a while.
    I am starting up a chaos dwarf blood-bowl team, but the stock BB CD model range are clunky metal lumps that seem quite impossible to convert, and the hobgoblins are little better, and their bull-centaur is a the king of metal lumps, so any ideas on what models to build from?

    Go to war on original models with a hacksaw, or maybe work on a normal dwarf base?
    And what of the hobgoblins, their body shape and features are a bit rare in the war-hammer range.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:41 No.5028300
    I like my penis cannon, thank you very much.

    Seems that I need to slaughter another Imperator Titan to get a proper Executioner cannon.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:42 No.5028306
    It's a pretty good tank, but it has its flaws; for example, orks. It plays best when you have a lot of MEq (and especially Plague Marines) running around your area. You may find, however, that cover saves are a bitch (getting a 4+ rather than a 3+ isn't that bad).

    It is a very ugly trick, but keep in mind:
    -you're potentially making it very easy for them to get side/rear shots.
    -You're separating the tanks from their infantry support, which makes them delicious melee targets.
    -The squad has to fire at the same target, so no dumping pie plates on three different units.

    All said and done, however, it is still a very dangerous combo.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)10:51 No.5028362
    Hellcannon Gunners are pretty awesome, but really, buy some WFB Dorfs and go mad with GS and Chaos bitz.
    Bull Centaurs should be managable if you get some toy cows (cheap-ass dollar-for-50 barnyard sets, etc) and again, dorfs + chaos + GS.
    Hobbos migth be a more work intense thing, but Night Goblins and... well yeah. Empire flagellants + GS + Chaos + Goblins.
    I also thought about the cheaper alternative of Hellhounds + Creed, or did Hellhounds already have Scout? Anyway, the idea of CREEEEEEDing some Demolisher rigt into thr fray with Hellhound and Reep Striking GKtermie support seems very silly (in a good way) for IG. I might also throw in a Deathstrike just because of the solid penis-extending factor of a giant nuke strapped to chimaera.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:59 No.5028408
    Col. Gravis? :O
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:04 No.5028431
    Creed + Hellhound chassis is indeed ridiculous. If you're a real dick, you arm at least one or two of them with hull multimeltas so you can wreck anything's day. Some DSers could make that increasingly weird for your opponent, yes. Deathstrike is horrible but awesome and I desperately want to see one actually work someday.

    The DS/CREEEEEEEED! army also probably runs Valks/Vendettas to provide firepower and more bodies where necessary. Just remember not to skimp on grunts or you'll be sorry.

    (And I don't think Hellhounds are Scouts, but it's not impossible I'm wrong.)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:08 No.5028457
         File : 1246201695.jpg-(106 KB, 1024x768, 1196823989487.jpg)
    106 KB
    Nope, they're just Fast Tanks looking at the codex.

    If you could time it right and have a Hellhound outflank right as the Demolisher gets in range of the big gun, that's a nasty combination to be facing down.

    Also, im planning on turning a 1:48 scale Apache into a counts-as-Valk/Vendetta gunship, since the length of the two hulls are EXACTLY the same. Do ye have any insightful tips or bitz suggestions I could bung on so it doesn't just look like an Apache with a Lascannon for a chain gun?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:10 No.5028464
         File : 1246201810.jpg-(7 KB, 175x269, Dildoofdeath.jpg)
    7 KB
    I checked, Hellhounds no longer have Scout
    So, Creed + Hellhounds + Vendettas/Valks + Imps sitting on objectives
    Should I bring normal Lemans and/or Artillery?
    GKtermies + GKGM to DS right into the horrible clusterfuck?
    A Deathstrike made out of a horsecock dildo?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:10 No.5028468
    I'd say avoid putting the lascannon on the chin mount, it'll look retarded. Maybe under the wings or along those nacelles on the main body? Doing something with the sensor turret might also be possible, but it might look kinda... stubby.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:12 No.5028475
    Give it a second tail like a Valkyrie
    Add some door for the side gunners and their HBolters
    Make it a bit wider to allow for the transport space
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:14 No.5028484
    Pie plates seen to be a bad idea, because you're gonna have a lot of guys jumping into the middle of the table. I mean, running some of them (on your Valks) is far from terrible, but I wouldn't take heavy artillery support. Stick to Vanquisher and the like for MBTs and focus on infantry (which is pretty viable with new IG).

    Well, that's one route, at least.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:16 No.5028493
    Using a Blackhawk or Huey for a Valk could also be pretty sexy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:16 No.5028494
         File : 1246202195.jpg-(256 KB, 1600x1200, DSC00101.jpg)
    256 KB
    Q: I am having trouble to design an Armored Sentinel that looks like a WW1/2 tankette, using GW plastic only. Always want to use the Baneblade lascannon turret, but budget wise, this is the closest i can get. Please gimme some advice.

    PS: is there a website i can buy plastic card from?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:17 No.5028502
    Hmm... That'd be very different in playstyle to me, as I tend to be more a man of huge souped up units of death (I play Ogres and Chaos in WFB so yeah...) I try to keep alive as best I can and let them rampage through the enemy
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:22 No.5028533
    Well, CREEEEEDHounds, Squads of MBTs, a Deathstrike launcher, and some artillery could be hilarious as well. I won't tell you not to play what you like.

    Manticores are retarded-good, BTW. Great AT and anti-horde. Basilisk is still really good, too, and Medusa seems like it could be a really ugly time for a lot of people as well. Three of them could make for an awful day for someone.

    Another army I'd like to see someday is the nine Griffons one. That is going to be a ridiculous number of armor saves.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:22 No.5028534
         File : 1246202574.gif-(941 KB, 250x197, 1guy1cupreaction.gif)
    941 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:30 No.5028592
         File : 1246203036.jpg-(37 KB, 699x351, Tankette.jpg)
    37 KB
    Just design-wise I'd have the gun on the front rather than the top and add some kind of front plate between the tracks that hole is kinda strange looking. Otherwise it's pretty cool.
    I know no such websites
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:33 No.5028613
         File : 1246203214.jpg-(9 KB, 180x240, Mannerheim1.jpg)
    9 KB
    Oh and this is my Creed
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:36 No.5028641
    The Boss was always such a dapper guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:39 No.5028675
    i also thought of land speeder + wartrak, would that work better?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:43 No.5028701
    I don't see the Land Speeder working very well to be honest
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:46 No.5028732
         File : 1246203979.jpg-(178 KB, 1260x564, brit guard troops1.jpg)
    178 KB

    Westwind productions makes modular heads you can buy for 28mm guys, made of white metal. They have the "separate head system" for ww2 and the "secrets of the third Reich" separate head system as well. 20 per pack for cheap. Every army that fought in WW2 save for the japanese. You dont need to sculpt no stinkin gasmasks.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)11:49 No.5028764
         File : 1246204192.jpg-(113 KB, 432x378, rokka-9901Winter.jpg)
    113 KB
    Regarding colours
    Should I go with the pure white uniforms or go more for a Shadow Grey/Space wolves Grey?
    Also I haven't painted a tank in around 7 years so how should I handle them?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:50 No.5028769
    The idea is I have it as a gunship escort for my actual Valk, so in case any penetrating hits get put on the squadron before the Transport valk reaches its objective, I can palm it off on the escort and not have to worry about the transport's contents footslogging to the objective. Though having the twin tail booms is tempting.

    It actually doesn't look that bad at first glance, it's only a tiny bit longer than the original chain gun, it's just bigger in the other dimensions.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:53 No.5028782
    Adding to this, Pig Iron do some pretty good gasmasked heads for either a Cadian or Valhallan look.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:54 No.5028791
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:56 No.5028808

    Very true tho i have yet to see anyone online try it.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:00 No.5028841
    I know there's a few people on Boot Ca,p that have done it.


    being one of them. I'm tempted to use some of the full-face helmeted heads for Vets/Stormies, but i've got enough stuff that needs finishing before I start on anything new.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:04 No.5028872
    I'm planning to use 2 Hueys to make a Valk (already have the kits, but didn't get around to building it yet)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:05 No.5028878

    save your time and buy 24 undead for less than 20 bucks here:
    >> sage sage 06/28/09(Sun)12:10 No.5028911
    crappy conversions
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)12:47 No.5029171
    OK I made a test model but I just can't bring myself into taking a photo of it wuth my camera phone due to the quality (or lack of thereof)
    Cadian helmets actually make fairly ok fur hats
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:01 No.5029294
         File : 1246208462.jpg-(22 KB, 250x388, 250px-Mannerheim3.jpg)
    22 KB
    I want to see you add some rough riders in there
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:04 No.5029340
         File : 1246208668.jpg-(66 KB, 600x380, ForgeWorldInquisitionVehicles.jpg)
    66 KB
    You know, if you are going to be mixing Creed with the Inquisition, wouldn't it make more sense to have him scout a Land Raider Crusader full of Grey Knight Terminators than a squadron of Leman Russ tanks? The Crusader wouldn't have to worry about assault troops or exposing it's rear armour, and it would tear about as much shit up.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:05 No.5029348
    If I can get some half decent quality pictures out of my cameraphone, then surely you can.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:15 No.5029437
    If this ain't breaking any rule.. FUND IT
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)13:18 No.5029450
    Nope, the bastard can't focus on something as small as a single Imp and it aparently needs some kind of MINI-USB cable to transfer shit
    As far as I know, it shouldn't. The only thing is, IIRC GKTermies don't have an option for a dedicated LR, only Inquisitors do
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:23 No.5029490
    You can't take allied LRCrusaders
    GKTermies can't take dedicated transports
    Closest you could do to that is a tooled-for-melee Inquisitor Lord + retinue in a normal LR
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:36 No.5029576
    Which ain't bad at all.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:36 No.5029584
    compared to 3 Hellhound or Leman variants
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:45 No.5029650
    Mind the S/R armor
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:46 No.5029657
    Well, true

    Can someone list up the most powerful Melee Inquisitor possible w/ points?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:50 No.5029691
    If you want to get that close to a Hellhound variant, especially a Banewolf, be my guest.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:53 No.5029723
    Wait, wouldn't CREEEEDing Hellhounds be able to flat-out halfway across the board before turn 1 and then start dropping FIRE all over the enemy line on turn 1 or 2?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:55 No.5029751
    CREEEEDing a Devildog Squadron
    Dropping Meltablast on the enemy on turn 1
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:00 No.5029795
    Sir, the enemy seems to have taken up heavy defensive positions on the other side of this field.

    Good. We are surronded by nothing but vast open land, there is no way they can get reinforcements without us notici-
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:06 No.5029857
         File : 1246212419.jpg-(10 KB, 342x547, armor.jpg)
    10 KB
    No need to, it's simple geometry:

    If its nearer, it's easier to encircle. See attached drawing for reference.

    The top vehicle would get hit in it's side armor, while the lower one would still get hit on the front with the same value, all with the same movement of the enemy's AT.

    Might seem trivial, but this is a turn with -2 (-1) armour getting shot at.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:09 No.5029882
    3 Demolishers
    Allied DH Inq

    CREEEEED demos into enemy lines
    Hydra pops any skimmers coming your way
    Inquisitor pops any Deep Strikers
    Deathstrike ends the game in glorious fire
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:14 No.5029936
    Demos die turn 1
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:19 No.5029974
    Hellhound variants have AV12 on Front and side. So unless you somehow manage to outflank the outflankers, good luck hitting the rear armour where that'll make a difference.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:21 No.5029995
         File : 1246213261.jpg-(290 KB, 810x1200, Inquisitor2.jpg)
    290 KB
    No, but if you make the Daemonhunters the parent list you can. But then you couldn't take Creed.

    >Closest you could do to that is a tooled-for-melee Inquisitor Lord + retinue in a normal LR

    Or you could take an elite inquisitor and attach him to a squad of Grey Knights to get them in the Land Raider.

    Inquisitor Lord--40
    Thunder Hammer--25
    Bolt Pistol--1
    Holy Relic--30
    Frag Grenades--1

    Combat Servitors--25 (x3 = 75)

    Acolytes--8 (x3 = 24)
    Power Armour--10 (x3 = 30)
    Needle Pistol--5 (x3 = 15)
    Note: Close combat weapon included



    Grand Total: 255

    Conclusion: melee inquisitors are too damned expensive. While the potential to have five attacks with a Thunder Hammer, nine with power fists, and thirteen STR 3 attacks in one charge are enticing, the unit costs about the same as a full squad of Grey Knights who would do the job better and hold the objective once they get done chopping up the competition.

    Inquisitors are for dakka.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:27 No.5030039
    WH Inq Lord
    Master Crafted Eviscerator, Digital Weapons, Inquisitorial Mandate, Frag Grenades
    3 Crusaders
    3 Acolytes w/ power weapons
    2 Chirurgeons
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:29 No.5030059
    Wait are Inqs even ICs?
    Even so, would that mean you attach him ot the GKtermies pre-battle, mount the whole shabag in his Pimpraider, THEN Scout with it?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:39 No.5030141
         File : 1246214347.jpg-(69 KB, 650x371, LandRaiderPsycannon.jpg)
    69 KB
    The elite inquisitors can start without a retinue and thus function as independent characters. I believe that he could, yes. You could only fit four termies and the Inquisitor in the Godhammer Land Raider, but that would still rape face, especially if you gave the Inquisitor, the Brother-Captian, and another Termie incinerators.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:42 No.5030159
    Alternatively you could give them consecrated scrolls and 2x Holocaust
    Drop a double pieplate nuke and then charge like a motherfucker
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:43 No.5030170
    Imperial conversions are a sad mockery of the true conversionists.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:46 No.5030197
         File : 1246214779.jpg-(129 KB, 778x583, IMG_1982.jpg)
    129 KB
    He does non-imperial too
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:50 No.5030241
         File : 1246215024.jpg-(126 KB, 880x520, GreyKnightsExplosions.jpg)
    126 KB
    Yeah, Hereticus does choppy a lot better than Malleus.

    You wouldn't even need the consecrated scrolls. If you make the Termies an HQ unit, the squad can take Holocaust, and so can the Brother-Captian and the Inquisitor. That's three pie plates in one turn. Add that to the damage that a trio of Incinerators would cause, and you have one killy, if insanely expensive, unit.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:50 No.5030242
    I'd like to make the point of advising against getting too attached to mixing Guard and Inquisitorial lists. It's looking like the Devs have realized how retardedly borken it can be to mix Daemon/Witch hunters with other Imperials, and how blatantly biased it is for Imperial forces to do this. Inquisitorial forces (all kinds) will be released as a stand-alone codex, that cannot be mixed with any other Imperial armies. Therefore, enjoy taking advantage of mixing those lists while you still can.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:50 No.5030244
    -Consecrated Scrolls
    -Bolt Pistol
    -Frag Grenades
    -Holy Relic
    -Digital Weapons
    Grey Knight Brother Captain
    -Consecrated Scrolls
    3 Grey Knights
    Land Raider (dedicated transport)
    -Psycannon Bolts

    This thing drops 3 pieplates before charging, backed up by a Land Raider
    >> The Laziest Troll 06/28/09(Sun)14:51 No.5030246
    I'm making a Nurgle team for blood bowl, would zombies + mauraders be fine for rotters? (I want to do all zombies or mauraders, but I don't think either would look good on their own.)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:51 No.5030252
    So? That doesn't mean he's good.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:54 No.5030280
    >AFTER charging
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:55 No.5030299
    I like how the 5 man pieplate factory would inevitably tie down a lot of dudes, only for a Deathstrike Missile to drop on them
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:01 No.5030344
         File : 1246215688.jpg-(756 KB, 600x890, Inquisitor3.jpg)
    756 KB
    I swear, Inquision players can't win. If we play it straight, we get taunted for having a weak army. If we get creative with the barrel-full of cheese hidden in our codices, we get called min-maxers (nevermind that we are still nowhere near overpowered). There is no middle ground.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:03 No.5030360
    "Brave brothers of the holy Grey Knights! You, the exalted heroes of the Chapter, the ones worthy of the most holy suits of Terminator Armour, as well as your acomplished heroic captain, have been chosen on this mission. To carry us to war, a mighty Land Raider, among the most revered of the Imeprium's mobile forces. With me, I carry the sacred remnants of St. Pius himself! REMEMBER HIS SACRIFICE AND BY THE EMPEROR LET US REMIND THE ENEMY OF IT AS WELL! TO BATTLE! FOR THE EMPEROR!"


    "Deathstike missile 100% direct hit, sir."
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:04 No.5030365
    Well with Codex - Inquisition coming in what October? that should soon be a thing of the past.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:11 No.5030418
    Colonel Dickwad is going to get some very angry letters from the Inquisition soon...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:12 No.5030429
    Why does GW keep stomping on the IG's fun. First they removed all rough rider armies. Than they removed close combat weapon doctrines. Now they want to get rid of the Imp?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:14 No.5030447
         File : 1246216464.jpg-(223 KB, 673x1100, Inquisitor4.jpg)
    223 KB
    T-minus 5...4...(termies get back in the Land Raider and drive off)...shit, let's try this again...

    October? I thought that the Dark Elfdar and the Space Yiffs were going to be getting theirs first.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:17 No.5030471
         File : 1246216652.jpg-(27 KB, 400x347, dawwwwwwwwtank.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:20 No.5030495
    Why would a walker run on treads?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:24 No.5030536
    3x battle psyker squads in chimeras
    1x Culexus Assassin

    That's all you need.

    Unless you want to be silly and take advantage with the wording on the DH Codex and take Grey Knight Terminators in Valkyres.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:25 No.5030562
         File : 1246217140.jpg-(87 KB, 600x450, vezdekhod4.jpg)
    87 KB

    Armoured Sentinels are a pretty damn good analogy for tankettes, and the old GW USA website had a tutorial for building a tankette to count as a Sentinel, so it's kind of legit.

    Pic related to awesome tankettes.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:26 No.5030575
         File : 1246217212.jpg-(93 KB, 600x450, vezdekhod6.jpg)
    93 KB

    And for scale.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:28 No.5030589
    >2 Psyker Choirs and Culexus
    >GKTermies in Valks
    My god....
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:30 No.5030609
         File : 1246217454.jpg-(22 KB, 414x301, Culexus.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:32 No.5030630
         File : 1246217579.jpg-(261 KB, 909x578, Scylla (1).jpg)
    261 KB

    This was made, apparently, following the Scylla instructions. Kinda big, maybe a touch too big for the term "tankette".
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:33 No.5030637
         File : 1246217618.jpg-(38 KB, 500x333, AwesomeFaceCat.jpg)
    38 KB
    Silly yet awesome. Why the hell don't the IG have some light tanks? Hellhounds sort of count, but not really.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:37 No.5030672
    "Are you sure about this, captain?"
    "Very, my lord."
    "So be it then. Bring forth the assassin"
    "Psyker choirs! NOW!"
    "W- witness your doooom?"
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:40 No.5030692

    What miniature range is that soldier from?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:45 No.5030723
    well there's yer problem
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:53 No.5030791

    Dunno man.

    There's a contact form on the designer's site. You could always ask him.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:55 No.5030806
    ITT - The most horrible cheese ever is Daemonhunters + Imps
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:59 No.5030838
         File : 1246219176.jpg-(177 KB, 500x500, GreyKnightTerminators.jpg)
    177 KB
    Reading through the IG codex I found the flaw in our plan. Only the Sanctioned Psyker leading the choir has the Psyker special rule. I guess the others are too weak to fuel the Culexus' LAZOR.

    Grey Knight Terminators in Valkyries are perfectly okay, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:02 No.5030863
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:07 No.5030888
    The overseer leads the squad, and he isn't a psyker.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:11 No.5030910
    You got it backwards
    The squad is prykers, the leader isn't.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:13 No.5030922
    Hellhounds are more like medium tanks
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:23 No.5031012

    Oh, hey. You finished those guardsmen? Can you post more pics?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)16:56 No.5031284
    Greatcoat guard was scrapped due to lack of materials for mass-moulding
    And my camera is borken anyway...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:01 No.5031319

    Too much a hassle to cast parts, huh?
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)17:04 No.5031333
    Quite, since that liquid rubber junk isn't aparently sold anywhere around here
    But then again neither is proper resin...
    I was going to give silicone a try but meh.
    >> Sly Mambo 06/28/09(Sun)17:07 No.5031356
         File : 1246223275.jpg-(1.33 MB, 1698x1411, Demoncannon.jpg)
    1.33 MB
    Drawing of a conversion I did recently. The cannon is his arm.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)17:19 No.5031453
    Be'Lakor with a Hellcannon for an arm?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:23 No.5031501

    I've heard the silicon caulk from housing construction could be used but you'd need to apply a mold release. Not too sure what you'd use for that if the materials aren't available. There might be a recipe available online though. Ah well.
    >> Converto Converto 06/28/09(Sun)17:25 No.5031517
    A great thread it has been, but...

    ... why no CONVERTO?
    >> Sly Mambo 06/28/09(Sun)17:26 No.5031521
    Daemon-Prince of Tzeentch with Master of Sorcery, Bolt of Tzeentch and Daemonic Gaze. In apocalypse it's a Hellhammer Cannon.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:27 No.5031531
         File : 1246224451.jpg-(60 KB, 300x454, ShoopDaWhoop.jpg)
    60 KB
    Hey, you're right. Sorry. So, the Sacntioned Spyker/Culexus Assassin trick works after all! But how would you get the squad within twelve inches of the guys you want lazored? The assassin can not ride in a vehicle. I suppose that you could infiltrate him and have the psykers catch up to him in a Chimera.
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/28/09(Sun)17:29 No.5031549
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:32 No.5031571
    That was my favorite Michael Jackson memory. Good times.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:34 No.5031588
    Culexus: Gee I wonder why mr. Creed asked me to run ahead in front of everyone, I mean now I'm all alone out here and the enemy is coming right at me and....

    Psyker Choir Cheerleader Squad: WE GOT YOUR BACK CULEXUS-KUN! GO GET 'EM!

    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)17:37 No.5031609
         File : 1246225052.jpg-(33 KB, 300x323, silicone.jpg)
    33 KB
    I honestly didn't think that would catch on
    Is that the stuff they use to waterproof/airtighten bathroom tiles and windows?
    >> I can't get no... Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:48 No.5031723
         File : 1246225712.jpg-(15 KB, 300x393, Culexus_Chan_by_Jaekyu.jpg)
    15 KB
    Superstar Culexus with Sanctioned Psyker groupies would be awesome. Too bad the psykers would always vomit and convulse if they were to get too close. So they cheer, but from a respectful distance.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:49 No.5031727
    From atop special chimaeras
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:51 No.5031755
    Culexus always was a timmid and cowardly assassin, until one day when he was found new strength
    In cheerleaders.

    Damnit I want a stupidly over-weeaboo pic of this.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:53 No.5031766
    Say, uh, did Scripty ever complete the titan-sized Angron? And, did he ever post pictures of it? I wish I could see how HUGE it turned out.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)17:57 No.5031807
    With Dranon possibly making a visit to Finland this summer, I might at last finish Angron with his help.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:32 No.5032067

    Here, check this link out:


    Also see:
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:35 No.5032093

    This is also another informative bit:

    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)18:37 No.5032118
    This seems like some very good info
    Thank you.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:48 No.5032227
    Just a note, unfortunatly, the Pskers Psykers + Culexus for a 22 shot Ap2 pistol does not work..

    The Sanctioned Pskyer Choire special rule means the squad only counts as 1 psyker.
    >> Lion'el Richie 06/28/09(Sun)18:48 No.5032230

    >Grey Knight Terminators in Valkyries

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:02 No.5032353
    >The psyker choir is treated as a single psyker for the purpose of psychic powers
    >treated as a single unit for the purpose of psychic powers
    >for the purpose of psychic powers
    >A giant head mounted laser =/= psychic powers
    Still valid.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:47 No.5032855

    That's good for Imperial Conversions.

    Theres a large thread on sentinel Tankettes too.
    Peace out.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:59 No.5033002
    >Quite, since that liquid rubber junk isn't aparently sold anywhere around here

    Kokeile Harrasteesta Tampereella, tai Hobbypoint Helsingissä. Jälkimmäinen taitaa myydä netissäkin:

    Ei silti, tuhnusta puuhaa muottien duunailu on joka tapauksessa. Mieluummin konverttaan kuin valan.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)20:11 No.5033101
    Pitänee kattoa Hobbyhall kunhan taas hesaan pääsen, täällä Hyvinkäällä ei mokomaa kamaa ole
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)20:16 No.5033137
    Thanks, it gave me both a small pickmeup (cadian arms CAN be shaved down withouth them looking silly), some food for thought (bigger russ turret) and a quick reminder os just how bad I am at converting.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:17 No.5033150
    Dranon meeting Scripty? That sounds awesome. DANGEROUSLY awesome.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)20:19 No.5033162
    The Bald Bear of Poland meets the Faggot of Finland
    Beer ensues
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)20:22 No.5033197
    ... you do realize how bad that sounds, right? Ah, well. As long as there's beer included, it couldn't be that bad.
    >> Scriptarius 06/28/09(Sun)20:26 No.5033230
    Good end - Angron gets done, Sauronator gets a paintjob, Dranon gets new bitz
    Bad End - Dranon doesn't come
    Hidden Joke End - Mansex

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