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    101 KB Creation Myths Your Friend, The Beyond !!oPV787wda5t 06/11/09(Thu)00:19 No.4838727  
    Homebrewfaggotry in this thread. You have been warned.

    Talk about the creation myths in your Homebrew settings. This basically sums up mine.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 06/11/09(Thu)00:20 No.4838731
         File :1244694009.jpg-(8 KB, 129x141, feels good man.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:21 No.4838739
    I'll second that
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:21 No.4838741
    I steal aboriginal australian stuff.

    as in "long ago the gods got really really really high and decided to create the universe"
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:23 No.4838758
    So there was this powerful mindless cosmic being like something straight from Lovecraft, who decided to come around and fall asleep. And he dreamt of stuff like earth and sky and sea and mountains and people, and they came true.

    Oh and every single soul in the world is actually a tiny little fragment of his own essence, and when they die they return to him.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:24 No.4838779
    Orcs were created from the corn in the Great Old Gods' shit.
    >> Purple Man 06/11/09(Thu)00:24 No.4838781
    7 beings at the head of 7 clans of perfect beings decided to try to create perfect life in their image.

    They thought they succeeded, but realized they failed when the life forms they created started beating each other up.

    So they kicked them all down to the planets with the cryptic message similar to "Until you get your **** straight, you guys can't be with us" and then they vanished.

    Some couple thousand years later, everyone figures they were gods.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 06/11/09(Thu)00:25 No.4838785
    Guys, guys, guys...you'll never believe this.


    It's quite awesome.
    >> metalmetroid 06/11/09(Thu)00:26 No.4838800
    all the gods fused into one being and bitch slapped the world into creation and curbstomped evil into little parts.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:27 No.4838808

    Just stick with the Gods stuff, you're just sounding silly.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:28 No.4838824
    This is why aspies shouldn't try to design stuff, no creativity. That sounds boring and stupid, not to mention totally unrealistic.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:29 No.4838829
    Then where do clerics come from? How do people get healed? Nobody wants to sit around for days for a single goddamn scratch.

    Anyway, in my world, the Gods were created by another race, as we create golems and such. it's turtles all the way down from there, nobody quite knowing where the world came from but assuming it was their next higher-up. Also, note that if you make enough low-intelligence-but-sentient golems, they can count as worshipers for your ascension to Godhood.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:29 No.4838836
    rolled 36, 16, 1, 12, 39, 40, 59, 66, 69, 75, 43, 26, 2, 20, 79, 55, 17, 55, 56, 39, 64, 32, 8, 88, 57 = 1054

    pretty much my whole setting is. the excrement pile/junkyard of the gods has enough magic to become its own world and spawn life.

    and it's a hard life, man, living on a cosmic turd.
    >> Hammerknife !7ITukp3Pj2 06/11/09(Thu)00:30 No.4838841
    In the ageless war between the Eternals and Demons, a lesser Eternal decided to use his magical power to craft another plane of existence to strengthen the Eternal side with mortal allies. Said Eternal was assassinated when the Demons found out, but not before the plane was generated and seeded with magic.

    Eternals and Demons forgot about it until lolmortals started discovering planeswalking and jumped into the Great Battlefield. The material plane is now the focus as both sides attempt to gain mortal followers to join their side in the war.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:30 No.4838845
    sounds a bit like my world.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:31 No.4838855
    That doesn't make any sense. Where did all that matter come from?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:34 No.4838873
    In the beginning there was nothing but darkness and an endless plain of chaos. From the chaos emerged the Twin Gods, Serpent and Maker.

    Maker reached into the chaos and began to shape it like clay in his hands, giving it form and stability. As he worked, Serpent wrapped his coils around him to protect him from the seething chaos below & cast light on his creation with his gleaming scales. Slowly the Makers work began to take form and he created a vast sphere of order which surrounded the Twin Gods and protected them from the chaos with its impenetrable shell.

    There's a lot more about how Maker and Serpent made the other gods, shaped the world & had a bit of a falling out, but I'm not sure if I want to just spam my shit all over /tg/.
    >> LawfulNice !Ni7P9Guqts 06/11/09(Thu)00:34 No.4838880
    That, actually, is the creation myth in my homebrew. Of course, the setting world didn't originally have a sun - it was heated by volcanic action, like a hydrothermal vent. And the world was filled with bizarre stuff. Then a bunch of exiled, shiftless gods came around, thought it would be a wonderful place to set up shop... and ended up in a godwar with the gods generated from the ascension of members of the existing primordial race, who looked like vaguely-humanoid worms. The primordial race lost, sued for peace, and still controls about a quarter of the world. A sun was created, mankind and other races were imported from across the planes basically by offering them cheap real estate, and, well, there's the world. ^_^
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:35 No.4838890

    Elder Scrolls, much?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:36 No.4838902
         File :1244694961.jpg-(27 KB, 577x431, begotten.jpg)
    27 KB
    Ever seen the movie Begotten?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:39 No.4838930
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:39 No.4838932
         File :1244695185.jpg-(2.29 MB, 1428x1413, bees made honey in the lions s(...).jpg)
    2.29 MB
    A bunch of insectoid space monsters made a series of artificial worlds in the corpse of a space behemoth.

    I was pretty stoned when I looked at this album cover and thought it was a good idea.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 06/11/09(Thu)00:40 No.4838945
    See...to be honest, though, I'm sort of serious.

    One of my homies challenged me to make a game for them, so I'm running through planning stages to see it I want to take him up on it.

    That is how the universe is formed. Quite original, I know. As for magic? Magic is a genetic condition that certain people can perform abnormally well. The gene is present in everyone, but some awaken it different ways, explaining the difference between Divine and Arcane, etc. The Gods? I will most likely allow everything ever, from Warlords of Khorne to Bards of Loki to Monks of Ganesh. These "gods" were the pinnacle of their people, who managed to harness their genetic gift to the fullest, realized they were too powerful, and buggered off to their own dimension and watch. Maybe I will have the players meet their gods, face to face.
    >> Joe Quesada !!YylhU7r7YYP 06/11/09(Thu)00:40 No.4838948
    IIRC there is an aboriginal creation myth that involves God getting stuck in the mud and creating humanity mainly because he was bored.

    I don't use it explicitly in my games, but I like the sentiment.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:42 No.4838966
    >The film opens with a robed, profusely bleeding "God" disemboweling himself, with the act ultimately ending in his death. A woman, Mother Earth, emerges from his remains, arouses the body, and impregnates herself with his semen. Becoming pregnant, she wanders off into a vast and barren landscape. The pregnancy manifests in a fully grown man whom she leaves to his own devices.

    >The "Son of Earth" meets a group of faceless nomads who seize him with what is either a very long umbilical cord or a rope. The Son of Earth vomits organic pieces, and the nomads excitedly accept these as gifts. The nomads finally bring the man to a fire and burn him.

    >"Mother Earth" encounters the resurrected man and comforts him. She seizes the man with a similar umbilical cord. The nomads appear and proceed to rape her. Son of Earth is left to mourn over the lifeless body. A group of characters appears, carry her off and dismember her, later returning for Son of Earth. After he, too, is dismembered, the group buries the remains, planting the parts into the crust of the earth. The burial site becomes lush with flowers.

    And that... is my creation story.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:43 No.4838989
    So some Guy got bored and invented a game. He called it Physics.
    After awhile, Physics got boring, so He tweaked a few molecules here and there, and renamed the game Biology.
    Eventually, even Biology got boring. so He rewired the central nervous systems of several promising primates, and called it Intelligence.
    Not much later, the primates broke His game by publishing a codex of hacks and exploits called Technology.

    He gave up and went back to watching DS9.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:44 No.4838995
    My universe began when the original creator began singing and will in turn end when that song is over...not exactly like dreams becoming real but rather as existance being one and the same with that song and everything in it being either idea of the first singer or of those that follow him in choir...

    Kinda like American Idol...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:45 No.4839013
    Where did all the other people come from? The world? The God? This shit makes no sense at all.

    It's a brilliant creation story.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:46 No.4839017
         File :1244695564.jpg-(73 KB, 588x578, bigbang.jpg)
    73 KB
    First... there was nothing.

    Which exploded.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:49 No.4839045

    Sorry, but I exhausted my big bang jokes on >>4838785
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:50 No.4839056

    >album cover
    >good idea

    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:50 No.4839059
         File :1244695853.jpg-(58 KB, 640x480, rapeface bleach.jpg)
    58 KB
    >The nomads appear and proceed to rape her.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:53 No.4839073
    listen to the album 01011001 by Ayreon

    use that as a creation story
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:53 No.4839076
    The entire universe is simply an experiment of sorts by the dominant civilization of the next universe "up". They created life, tweaked the laws of physics and so on. However, there are factions within not just the universe, but even amongst the "research group" leading to different "gods" and so on that can appear and grant those below a taste of their post-singularity tech. They can't actually break through to the PCs' universe (not for very long, at least) without a stable opening, which requires the other universe to have almost the same level of tech. So, basically, they're trying to get the primitives below them to end up both with the right tech and with a friendly disposition to their "gods".

    tl;dr it's half science experiment and half political infighting from another universe.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:53 No.4839082
    Good album, but a little repetitive.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:54 No.4839087
    Tolkien much?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)00:56 No.4839103
    In my homebrew of Yaodune, their are two kinds of gods, the Foreign and the Ascended. Basically, whoever created Yaodune buggered off soon afterwards and declared the place free game for all the others gods to come. So you have Foreign gods like Bahamut and the Silverflame and Khorne and stuff. The thing is, the world is Yaodune was created to be the INFINITE Material Plane. Possibly the source of all the other material worlds and mortals Ascending to god hood in strangely common. In life, you just need to be awesome enough to get hero worship after you die which Ascends your soul to god hood. Voila, the Ascended.

    The Foreign gods are older, far more experienced and have the backing of worship back home but the Ascended were actual people. It doesn't take a great stretch of imagination to believe in them and admire them as the pinnacle of mortality. So the worship between the two is usually quite even.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:01 No.4839162
    a goth loli created herself
    she created the worlds, gods and demons
    non-humanoid life evolved normally on the worlds
    the gods and demons fought over the worlds
    during the fighting over the worlds the gods and demons created the dragons, giants and elder races
    loli got mad that instead of playing with her, they fought with each other, so exiled them to distant realms
    the worlds evolved in their own ways
    loli got bored and took a nap
    one day the loli will wake up, when she does the worlds may very well be fucked
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:02 No.4839172

    Nah, I just really like music....besides, it's less of the song as the root of all existance (I think that's whaty it says in the,,,ehm....silmarrillion? dunno) and more like the song IS existance...
    and there's actually a myth around, some nordic thing...about a guy that releases the magic of the universe with a song....
    And moar shit liek dat =D
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:04 No.4839197
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:46 No.4839613
    In the beginning there were the Entropada. These beings have always existed and will always exist. Their worls was a series of places that was both created of and birthplace of these creates. they could not be anything but what they were, and they warred among themselves or had peace as they were wont to do.

    At some point, powerful things appeared in the homelands of the Entropada. These things did not act upon the Entropada nor react to them, and seemed to have no purpose other than to be. So the Entropada ignored them until, after they had finished their work, the Gods awoke and made war upon the simple inhabitants of the outer planes, using their power to terrible effect.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:52 No.4839680
    the war between God and Outsider lasted forever. Fianlly, one of the many beings released another thing into the universe. The cataclysm split the planes asunder, and the universe was born. The Gods created living things to serve as batteries for their power, a generator that gave them more power than ever. The denizens of the outer planes discovered that by corrupting these creations of the gods, they could build more of their home planes and more of themselves.

    and then one being unleased another thing, one not made by God nor corrupted by Entropada. This thing had a soul, and they were unigue. They were called Ma'ana, Sole Ones.

    Gods discovered that Ma'ana could be taught to worship, and their worship was more sustaining, more potent than those races they themselves had made, so their Created races made war upon Ma'ana. The Entropada discovered that corrupting Ma'ana allowed for more potent of their kind to be crafted from fallen or risen souls of Ma'ana. But one discovered that there was a discrepency between captured souls and power, and the numbers of Ma'nana slain.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)01:58 No.4839741
    Those Ma'ana not claimed by Gods and not corrupted or gifted by the Outsider demons and angels and sladdi and modron, did not travel to higher spheres. None knew WHERE they went. Untill it was percieved that Ma'ana grew in strength ~as a whole~ when a soul was not claimed by other powers. It was soon evident that this growth must be checked, and so a bargain was made between the Outsiders and the Gods: Ma'ana must be subsumed totally, or they would supplant Gods and Entropada alike.

    So the Created races - elf, dwarf, goblin, gnoll, and all others, opened their hearts to man. and Ma'ana corrupted them, freeing them too from the yoke of their gods, until all living creatures of mortality had souls. Now the Gods and the Entropada must take back the souls of their wayward creations, before they are supplanted by their uncontrollable growth in power and strength.....

    How do I know this? I am a Dragon, greatest and last of the created....and we have turned our backs on the Gods and the Entropada - for we see Ma'ana and Crerated will win this war of attrition one day....

    Epic level campaign.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)06:48 No.4842088
    The universe and people in it are just the dream of an extradimentional being known as the Great Dreamer (also known as the Crystal King, the Recycler of Souls, etc.) Because it's a dream, the rules can change and the world can alter to its every whim, even on a very local level. So basically you can have shit happen that isn't suppose to be happening.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)06:50 No.4842101
    I guarantee you no player has ever given a shit about any creation myth.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)06:50 No.4842105
    People began making AI. People began genetically enhancing themselves.

    People became biomechanical superbeings.

    People went on vacation to visit all the stars in the galaxy, and left the luddite crazy religious nuts at home.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)06:53 No.4842115
    A few billion years ago some interstellar material formed the solar system, after a few hundred million years different molecules formed self-replicating tissues which evolved into a variety of life formed. After several extinction events several higher order forms of life flourished, creating the world you see today.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)06:57 No.4842136
    Stop playing 4e then.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:05 No.4842179
    I don't see why so many people have only one creation myth. If you were a play in my setting you'd go to twenty different cultures and everyone would try and convince you of something different.

    Yeah, people will say >>4838829 , but where do -wizards- come from? Fuck healing people, that guy over there just threw a fireball, he didn't need a god to do that. If the rule of the game is clap-if-you-believe then maybe thinking you're absolutly right about there being some asshole in the sky is just another way to do magic. Who knows? Certainly not any of the sons of bitches in my setting.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:14 No.4842215
    There was God. And when there was God, there was All. And God was All. And then God saw that All was divided. And God thought "If I am All, and All is divided, must I be divided?" And so it was so. And God divided into hundreds of billions of gods, of every aspect of reality. And these lesser gods were lost and angry at their separation, and made war upon one another, taking the power of lesser gods as they slew them, or hiding from greater gods, always seeking to once more reunify the power of God under their control.

    The shards of fallen gods did not disappear, even stripped of all their power. They drifted to a small, unknowing world, forming a Firmament around it. And the creatures of that world begun to know faith and religion, and the god-shards found themselves reborn, even more powerful than before. And they crusaded together into the universe, slaying all the far gods they could find, empowered by the faith of those on the world. But, when all the far gods were slain or in hiding, they turned on each other, and the world was torn by war. And, at the end, seven gods remained, and they made a pact to unite for the good of the world and life below. And thus the current age was born, and peace reigned... for a time
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:27 No.4842251
    1: Nothing is actually a flux state for Something. Eventually one of the Somethings became sentient and siezed most of the rest of the Something, becoming the Creator. This being created many worlds and contained the rest of its power in its primary world creation, effectively becoming that world. Another Something came screaming out of the abyss and corrupted that world, while this creator could do nothing to stop it, having used its finite power. And so it created a new world and imprisoned the other world within it. BAM! Instant underworld, magic system, and godly conflict (the Tears of the World are the primary source of magic and the creation of the "Gods" in the world are the result of the Creator using the last of his power to fight off the additional being.)
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:32 No.4842273
    2. Not a Creation Theory, but an origin story for a setting out of a Big Bang universe. Big Bang happens, universe condenses again. This happens over and over over a span of uncountably bazillions of years, but a single galaxy escaped from being sucked back into the singularity. This Galaxy is so old it has come alive. The space between planets is filled with living creatures whose very sensory and communicative organs disrupt the fabric of reality when they land on a planet. This particular world has Dwarves born from a belch of anger who fly into space engulfed in fire and feed on these creatures, a ring of ice around the planet with its own ecosystem, "Frostlings" ripped right out of Age of Wonders, and elves that live on top of a Clovie-like beast that wanders the desert. And the ocean is covered in a hollow "outgrowth" of land because when the ugly little bird creatures (that look like the ugly little precursors to Hylians from Twilight Princess) caused the ocean-planet to grow continents to protect itself (planets are alive and their continued existence is necessary for the galaxy to remain whole), they were unable to turn it off before these continents then grew into a hollow, permeable but unbreakable shell of land covering the ocean (as a "syllable" of thought to a planet might take as much as a year to process).
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:36 No.4842292
    3. The Gods do not play dice, or cards, or a board game. Such physical trappings and rules are but adorably simplified mockeries of the Game of Creation. The Gods play a Nomic, and all oddities of nature are caused by the obfuscation of the rules of this Nomic. They have become so complex and ridiculous, so riddled with holes and exploitations, reality itself is unstable. There is a system for everything but no system is static or completely explained. DM has complete plot power, in other words... this one is actually more of a theory. I'm not using it for a setting.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:49 No.4842356
    Somewhere in the Far Realms, a squamous behemoth laid an egg. This egg, like the creature that laid it, was made up of interlocking dimensional planes and strange, localized physics.

    Inside the egg, the first gods appeared, and began turning its inner layers into a life-filled world. This is similar to a zygote undergoing mitosis to become an embryo. Everything in the world-including the gods-is part of the growing, incomprehensible baby creature. Demons were caused by a genetic defect. Aberrations are parasites that try to invade the egg.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:58 No.4842410
    Here's the creation story of my homebrewed fantasy world.

    First, there was nothingness. Then, out of that nothingness, the Shogun of the Glorious and Unfettered Heavens appeared. He looked at the nothingness before existance, and didn't like it, and he was lonely. So he created more beings like himself, becoming the God of Gods and the Celestial Bureaucracy.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)07:59 No.4842414

    And so, each god he created had a purview from which they drew their divine power, and they created the world, as it was in their nature to create and strengthen their domains.

    He decreed that for every thing, there would be a god, and for a time, this was good. However, one day, the God of the Twinkling Star was a trickster. He desired to move about in the world, and draw power from it at the same time.

    So, he created a body, not unlike his own godly body, and he used it to move about the Earth, and he was happy. The other gods saw this, and they were amazed at this, and so they began creating their own bodies to move about the Earth, and soon animals and monsters of every variety were covering the Earth.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:00 No.4842418

    The Shogun of the Glorious and Unfettered Heavens saw this, and was displeased, for not only were the gods abandoning their duties, but what was the point of creating animals if none of the animals got to move about in their own right?

    And so, he decreed that there would only be one god for every species of animals, and that there was to be a new Department for the gods handling them. He then reached out, and removed all the little gods, fusing together those that served no purpose other than to be the gods of the animals they possessed, creating the gods of the animals.

    And so the gods no longer possessed every animal, and this was as things were meant to be. However, gods could still create species of animals and draw power from their existance, and so the gods got into competitions as the more animals of the species existed, the more power they got.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:01 No.4842422

    And so, some gods gave their species great claws and teeth. Others made their species great sprinters and others gave them great predators. Then, the God of the Twinking Star looked down upon the Earth, and he remembered the first animal that he created, in mimicry of his god-body form.

    And so, he recreated them, and gave them three great gifts. He gave them great vision to see their goals, though this was not the greatest of his gifts. He gave them great endurance to continue chasing after their goals, though this was not the greatest of his gifts. He gave them minds and souls not unlike the gods themselves to conceive whatever goals they could imagine. This was the greatest of his gifts, and he gave them their new name. He called them Humans, and in time, they would become the greatest of the mortal races, be they the unthinking animals before them, or the many imitators made after.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:05 No.4842462
    4. In the current setting I am running, the Creation Myth is unknown. The Creator Gigantus disappeared for unknown reasons. The methods of praying to him (as a Cleric) are no longer known, and so he has no more Clerics. This is somehow tied to what is being called the "dilemma of Creation."

    Oh, and in this particular system a god was created by the Odin-like god punching the Wild god in the face...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:07 No.4842481
    Taking into consideration that I'm writing my thesis in a specific mythology and its connection to the Indo-European myths all the way back to Sanskrit, I always feel bad seeing inconsistent, crap writings on mythology clearly avoiding and not knowing about any underlying connections and formulas on generic creation myths. Thereby, I sage.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:09 No.4842500
    I use a never-ending cyclical timeline of human destruction when the natural gods get pissed at humans for being humans and fuck everything up with the magical equivalent of meth. This magic is insanely powerful, easy to use, and basically catalyzes civilization.

    Then they take it away, which ends up killing all of its users, and as they're dying the gods start fucking up shit with storms and earthquakes and ice ages and such. Then the last remnants of humanity band together, are reverent of the land, demonize this magic as evil and seek to remove all traces of its memory, and begin rebuilding civilization.

    A few thousand years later they discover the magical equivalent of meth.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:14 No.4842535

    Perhaps you'd be so kind as to enlighten us, then?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:15 No.4842555
    I pride myself on the internal consistency or specific lack thereof of my creation myths, sir.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/09(Thu)08:19 No.4842590
    Although looking back it's obvious my "myths" are actually setting explanations and not really written down and invented by the people living in them (they're all true or semi-true in the context).

    (I'm the one who posted 1, 2, 3, 4...)

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