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  • File :1243993945.jpg-(154 KB, 600x842, 1240164794525.jpg)
    154 KB character motivations writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)21:52 No.4749450  
    Dishonored Legend (neutral)
    -several unfortunate incidents have put this once proud warrior in shame and shadows, and now he wants redemption and/or revenge. the previous events may all be planned by a central puppetmaster behind the curtains pulling the strings, or it may all be a cruel coincidence which happens to befall the character. in both situations, the character is motivated to gain what was lost, either by putting all effort into recovering his past life, or bringing down vengeance on the people responsible for his misfortune

    Government Special Ops (neutral)
    -the character is chosen as a part of the elite force under orders to fulfill a mission of infiltration of the setting without being discovered. being undercover is a big part of this mission, as objectives may be of questionable order. if your identity is uncovered, superiors will deny any association with your actions and cut off all ties and available information that may link you back to them. nevertheless, there is only the next mission, and your life depends upon its success
    >> character motivations (cont.) writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)21:53 No.4749462
    Escaped Living Weapon/Experiment (good-neutral)
    -illegal experimentation and abuse molded the character, but the fights to gain back humanity, and the return to status quo will be difficult. changes will be apparent, whether they show up as new features which either disgust or draw the crowd, or subtle little quirks which manifest and build over time until the character finally realizes that nothing will ever be the same. there is also the chance of being a sleeper agent, the character unknowing the hidden modifications until everything is too late

    Traveling Vagabond (good-neutral)
    -the character stumbles upon setting by accident, which is one of the many stops in the journey across the realms in his search. not necessarily lost per se, but something in the setting has peaked the character's curiosity as he hears about it from a nearby town or from merchants using the trade routes. he has no particular interest in staying the setting in for long, but thinks that is would be a nice place to visit, or at least until he tires of the setting's novelty.
    >> character motivations (cont.) writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)21:54 No.4749471
    Challenging the Strongest (neutral-evil)
    -the character goes to the setting after hearing of rumors of a strong fighter frequenting the area and attempts to prove that he is the best. pride is something that this character must satisfy, by actively seeking fights and duels with whomever he thinks is worthy, and passing by those who just waste his time and effort. the character could be just waiting in the shadows, observing the crowd for interesting people, or be in the middle of it, shouting out challenges to whomever he thinks would be a good fight.

    In it for the Money (neutral-evil)
    -greed is this character’s primary motivation, and is willing to serve the highest bidder to gain more wealth for himself. a mercenary who keeps hands clean and reputations solid, the character is a hired hand driven to accomplish anything for the right price. affluent offers can be double-edged swords, though, as many of these deals end up with the character double-crossed or as scapegoats, or worse, manipulated by the same thing they want and work for the most: more money.
    >> character motivations (cont.) writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)21:59 No.4749497
    i've got a lot more, but i need descriptions...

    Avenging a Loved One (good-neutral)
    Forced Pacifist (good-neutral)
    Head of Police/Order (good-neutral)
    Overeager Student/Pupil (good-neutral)
    Rescue/Retrieval Objective (good-neutral)
    Runaway Warrior (good-neutral)
    Spiritual Calling (good-neutral)
    Aged Master/Hermit (neutral)
    Born into Fate (neutral)
    Government Sponsored (neutral)
    Lost in Time and/or Space (neutral)
    Relic/Weapon Holder (neutral)
    Rivalry to the Extremes (neutral)
    Ruthless Outlander (neutral)
    Searching for the Spotlight (neutral)
    Becoming the Best (neutral-evil)
    Silent Assassin (neutral-evil)
    Treacherous Lieutenant (neutral-evil)
    Underground Champion (neutral-evil)
    World Domination (neutral-evil)
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:04 No.4749534
    what is the sauce on the op pic ive seen it here alot
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:14 No.4749624
    What are these for?
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:19 No.4749662
    i'd like to write-out characters, but in a cookie-cutter based form,(pick three for every character, and work it in back story) starting out with motivations on why they set out...

    ..trying to set up foundations for an epic quest
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:21 No.4749672
    Reformed Felon (lawful)
    -you raped. you pillaged. you were the downfall of kings. and now you're sorry for what you did. by choice of your own or through magical means you are now a servant of good, smiting your former compatriots with righteous zeal.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:24 No.4749686
    >what is the sauce on the op pic ive seen it here alot

    German edition of Unknown Armies. That's a bibliomancer.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:27 No.4749706
    Too Old For This Shit (Neutral)
    You've been out and about. You might even have been a legend at some point. Now, though, you'd like to retire. Too bad. Fate conspires to put you back in the thick of things. You might not be as fast or strong as you were, but experience should cover the gap...
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:27 No.4749707
    Rivalry to the Extremes (neutral)
    -the character goes to the ends of the earth to settle a personal grudge with another character, either as a rival or to the death. the grudge might be in terms of a challenge unfulfilled, a dream match to know their improvements, over themselves and each other. deadly vendettas fall in this category, as the character seeks only his rival and him alone, locked in a final battle over bad blood, pyrrhic combat in which only one survives, but neither can truly be called the winner.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:27 No.4749712
    Retired Mercenary (neutral)
    -After a lifetime spent hip deep in blood and death, you've retired from the Mercenary life and are looking for something more pleasant. You have trouble adjusting, and haven't found anything to make you think this life is better than the mercenary life.
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:30 No.4749734
    additional entries are a lot of help, thanks... i'll be sure to incorporate them in when i'm done

    i'm still writing some of them down, and try to post the ones i've finished
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:32 No.4749750
    Silent Assassin (neutral-evil)
    -the target has entered the setting, and the character’s main objective is to eliminate the target and all that stand in between his goal. cold-hearted murderers may be serving a contract for a quick, no-fuss kill, or a high profile assassination may be one of the conditions. either way, you get information, stalk the target, pull the trigger, and get the hell out before the situation gets complicated. some objectives may question morality and haunt you everytime you sleep, but you do what you do best: fire and reload.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:33 No.4749754
    I like what you've got, OP. Keep it up.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:34 No.4749764
    For The Lulz (Neutral)
    You just like fun. All your life, you've been held back by petty tyrants and short-sighted fools. Now, though, you're leading the life! Adventure! Excitement! Wenches! Fighting! Skullduggery! You just hope it can keep up the pace with you...
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:37 No.4749785
    Treacherous Lieutenant (neutral-evil)
    -the character serves the main villain but secretly believes that the boss is not worthy of power and tries to take it for himself. the aspiring character works in underhanded ways to subtly gain power over his master, whether in political matters or otherwise. this opportunist envies the master and wants to take over everything, but true objectives and plans must not be discovered until the right time to spring the trap for total domination is at hand, for there is a high price to pay for treachery.

    Lost in Time and/or Space (neutral)
    -the character is apparently not from this world or time, and is desperately searching for a way to get back home by any means necessary. more often than not, desperation and submission are the two driving forces which control this character; desperation, to a point that he is willing to do almost anything just to return to the familiar world, and submission, because he has decided to give up on his previous life and live out his days in the new setting.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:41 No.4749803
    Desperate Barfly(Monk)
    -So you were hanging around the Leaky Stein, chatting up a couple of friends that were there, drinking heavily, and generally having a blast being one of the peasants of the world. Life was good. You didn't have to work too hard to make a living. Things just seem to be easier for you than for your fellow commoners, whether through luck or skill or talent. But then the barkeep presented you the running tally of several years' worth of bar tab. Apparently, fae wine is prohibitively expensive, and it's entirely more than you can afford to pay with your meager wages. But then you hear about a group of adventurers that sound like they could use an extra hand. Someone that can fight with their fists, dodge blows, and help them get back some treasure. In fact, it sounds kind of like they need someone with YOUR specialized barfighting skills...
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)22:41 No.4749806
    i think i need a to refresh my grammar a bit..

    ..and the lack of capitalization is a result of laziness on my part
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)22:56 No.4749943
    You Were Dead, Jim. (Neutral)
    You bit it. Kicked the bucket. Bought the farm. Some fucker thought it was necessary to drag you back. While he probably had a good reason, that doesn't mean you have a particular attachment to stay here. Only the intervention of your companions keeps you from being suicidally brave.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:06 No.4750045
    Chronicle Overwork (Good/Bard)
    You wanted to be just like the heroes in the stories you heard. The tale of Ragnar the Dragon Warrior made your fingers tremble to grasp a sword and slice shit up. Now, though, you've seen more of the seedy side of the adventuring life. It's kind of a chore to calculate who gets what, and cleaning goblin blood off your weapons. Once you get out of here, you're going to write your own story, and it's not going to be glamourous at all, to keep others from the same fate.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:09 No.4750065
    This thread is a good thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:11 No.4750084
    Just Natural (Neutral)
    You're good. You're REALLY good. You were handing your master's ass to him at the age of twelve, and his master's ass to him a year later. You're still not quite sure what they mean by 'Practice'. Lately, though, some people seem almost as fast as you, and almost as good. Eh, it's probably nothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:16 No.4750125
    Broken Legacy (good-neutral)

    You were a great hero once. You fought for king or country or your personal beliefs, and achieved great things. But that was all in the past. You took your riches, found a spouse and settled down. Years passed and you put your old crusades behind you. Until your child decided to follow in your foot steps. Maybe you were reluctant, maybe it made you proud, but sooner or later you handed over your old sword, prepared them as best you could, and sent them out into the world, making them promise to stay in touch.

    It's been over a year since you last heard from them.

    Your skills aren't what they used to be, and most of your old gear has been sold/lost/traded in building your new life, but you've suddenly found yourself preparing to set out yet again. Maybe it's nothing, but you can't shake the feeling that something has happened to your child, and if they're still alive, they need your help. An old rival come back for revenge? A dangerous quest that you left unfinished? A new threat entirely? Whatever the cause, you'll find your child and bring them home safe, or rain terrible vengeance down on those that hurt them.
    >> teka 06/02/09(Tue)23:20 No.4750153
    >>Government Sponsored (neutral)

    You are "Working for the Man".. but that's not all bad. With ID badge in hand, you are ready and willing to shove you nose into organized crime, environmental pollution or even wild Honey-Badger smuggling. Be prepared for paperwork, but remember that the Law is on your side, even if you went mad with power somewhere along the way.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:20 No.4750156
    FUCK YOU I'M A DRAGON (Neutral)
    You dream dreams of hoards and jewels. You vaguely remember flexing your talons and slicing open cows, and the play of sunlight on your wings and the clouds around you.
    You were a dragon.
    Of course, no one else believes you. Why should they? They can't feel the echoes of incredible strength from the back of your mind, or the memories of vomiting forth venomous fire.
    One thing's sure though. You're going to find the bastard that did this to you, and eat him.
    >> teka 06/02/09(Tue)23:24 No.4750190
    >>Rescue/Retrieval Objective (good-neutral)

    You are that bright star, just out of reach. The shining example, ranking right up three with truth, justice and apple pie. But must importantly, You are always in another castle. Wait for rescue, some guy from the pipe-fitter's union will be along shortly to retrieve you if he can master the Ground-Pound.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:26 No.4750207
    Best Friend (Neutral, low int)
    You aren't too bright. It's not much of a problem, since you have talents in other areas, and besides, you have X. He handles the smart stuff, and you just do what he tells you. Sometimes he gets mad and yells at you, but he'll stop soon. You're the best of friends, and nothing will keep you apart.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:28 No.4750230
         File :1243999735.jpg-(66 KB, 802x601, 1241379350691.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)23:31 No.4750265
    Ruthless Outlander (neutral)
    -limited contact with civilization and the dangers of the wild trains the character on surviving the harshest conditions in the world. sadly, your savagery and brutality doesn't really help your first impressions when it comes to dealing with people from the city. but outside, your are the master of your environment, living off the land with having any luxuries which make the city-dwellers dependent and frail to the challenges of the real world beyond their fortified city walls

    hmm...imagining tarzan/blanka (from street fighter) with ranger skills
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:32 No.4750278
    Indentured Servitude (Neutral)
    One of the other PCs owns you. They might legally own you, have magical coercion in place, or just inspire slavish devotion in you, but when they say 'Jump', you jump. You might hate them for it, or love them for it, but it doesn't really matter in the end.
    For now, they dictate your life.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:35 No.4750309
    Sins of the Father (lawful neutral)
    You've been thrust into a debt that was never yours, but you are the one responsible for paying the price. Perhaps your parent was a gambler with no luck and a perchance for betting bigger then he should, or your family business crashes due to market fluxes. It is left to you to pull out of this downward spiral, while avoiding trouble that will further tarnish your family/house/business name. Power and riches found in a dusty vault are one thing, but perhaps what you really need is a more long term solution, such as a sponsor, buyer, or patron...

    Researcher (neutral)
    There are some sciences where, eventually, you can't test everything in a lab. For the REALLY effective stuff, you need field testing. Maybe you are a student at a wizard academy with a real interest in poisons and curses, or perhaps a desperate scientist who just needs a little more bug testing to work out the kinks in your ultra-machine. Either way, for what you have in mind, there isn't enough money in the WORLD to pay off test subjects...
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:37 No.4750329
    That is FANTASTIC. Well done.

    This is a Vacation. Neutral.
    So you've grown up listening to stories of the world's greatest adventurers and heroes, charging forth into the darkness and bringing back maidens and gold. However, somebody has to keep the world running, so those adventures have places to sell the gold, and castles to shield the maidens in. And so, you became a merchant/trader/sailor/farmhand/diplomat.... Or whatever. After many years, the dreams have not left. You organized leave, told them you'd be back "When I'm rich, dead, or bored."

    It's time to live, and you're going to live all if it, experience all of it... And maybe even write it all down. (Bard!)
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:37 No.4750339
    Don't forget, you might be their prisoner. I'm building a 3.5 Warlock that's being hauled along by another character to face criminal charges. He'd run, but he's got a pair of glowy ethereal shackles round his wrists, with an ethereal chain connecting them to the other PC's belt. He can't pull, but he can be pulled.

    He's hoping for a good opportunity to blast his captor, but at the campaign start it'd be suicide.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:38 No.4750340
    lol, i dunno (Neutral)
    You woke up one morning and realised you had no clue where you were. Then, you realised you had no idea WHO you were. All you have is some trinkets, some armor and a weapon. You might get flashes of insight as to your former life occasionally, but in general, it is your goal to find your old life and see if you can reclaim it.

    Sweet Polly Oliver (Neutral)
    In order to disguise yourself in a field not traditional for your sex, you crossdress. It gets awkward occasionally, but you've been at it long enough to be fairly practiced. Most disturbing are the attentions of your sex - Apparently you make a very pretty X. No one can ever find out.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:43 No.4750382
    Sweet Polly Elfier (Neutral)
    You have a rather nontraditional career. Whether an elvish barbarian, an orcish wizard, or even a tiefling paladin, your race is always seen as a stumbling block to your job. So you hide it. The charade is almost more developed that you are now... What would everyone say if they found out? Better to keep it a secret...
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:46 No.4750410
         File :1244000781.jpg-(277 KB, 1600x1200, 037_HD.jpg)
    277 KB
    >Sins of the Father
    Pic related.

    That's not quite the same, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:46 No.4750411
    > Rivalry to the extreme (neutral)

    Everywhere you go, that fucker is always one step ahead of you. It's been that way ever since you were both children, growing up together. You win the village festival, he wins the county fair. You pass as head of your class, he makes valedictorian. You save the princess, he saves the kingdom. You excel as a [class] but he's on his way to becoming a legend! You can't just kill him...then he'd be remembered as the better man! This time, however, you have an ace in the hole. This time you'll show him who is really the best, once and for all!
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:49 No.4750449
    Tricks Of The Trade(Rogue, Bard)

    When you were young, you found that you were very good at deceiving people. When you got older, you only got better at it. Your personal Charisma is such that it allows you to be anybody you want to be. So you did what came natural. You dressed up as another class and joined a group of adventurers, fulfilling a role that you're not completely capable of emulating, but you do a fair enough job for your own tastes.

    It's fun!

    You just hope that these guys don't ask you to do something that you're flat-out incapable of doing.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:50 No.4750468
    Fatal Flaw (Neutral/evil)
    You don't have a problem. Alright, fine, you punched that hooker to death when she pissed you off, but that was justified. And that orphanage. In fact, you don't have a problem at all; it's the world's fault for putting such goddamn irritating things in your way. Fuckin' world. It just makes you want to SMASH A BRO.
    >> teka 06/02/09(Tue)23:52 No.4750475
         File :1244001121.jpg-(36 KB, 640x480, spike72.jpg)
    36 KB
    "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be..." (neutral-evil)

    You are the bad example. Rogue pilot or daring gunslinger, your momma (an' poppa) always wanted better things for you.. and it seems you let them down.

    Maybe you just couldn't live a quiet life running the moisture 'vaporators or maybe you listened to one too many stories of daring-do in the unclaimed lands in the west, but either way you are far down the path to becoming one more piece of scum and the shine is starting to wear off of this whole thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:52 No.4750483

    Alone, and Hating it. (Good-Neutral)
    Fuck them. They never liked you. It'd be fine if they had a reason, but they didn't. Maybe you were a better fencer, maybe you could milk cows three times as fast. But the village didn't like you... Except for (Name). They did. You remember the days you spent together, practicing (Class related skill.) It was fantastic, but then they went, off to make a fortune as a adventurer. You never really got over your best friend leaving, and there's nothing for you here. It's time to go find them. You were just as good a (Class) as (name), you could be a team, just like the old days.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:54 No.4750506
    Rescue/Retrieval Objective (neutral, good)

    You were moments away from being the final bound sacrifice to that... THING that would doom your village/culture/world. Then dashing heroes saved you and killed the cultists. But now your people just can't look you in the eye, even though you don't blame them for selling you out. They had no choice. And the band of heroes doesn't have anything to do with you anymore. Well surely other people in the world need saving, and it's up to you to return the favor. Off you go into the world, and you won't be just another victim anymore.
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:55 No.4750511
         File :1244001339.jpg-(502 KB, 1200x900, Rock_Mary_Sue.jpg)
    502 KB
    Mary Sue (mary suetral)
    You were born on the 32nd day of the month, under a full new moon. You have multi-colored hair, or hair of a color that does not occur in nature. Your eyes are totally different colors, and maybe they like change to suit your mood, which is always perky all the time. You can play any intrument, and sing and dance beautifully, too. You probably have a centaur/unicorn/pegasus, or else can turn into a giant cat. Everything turns out to be about you, always. Everyone has to love you, or like the universe implodes. You also have the coolest boyfriend, I'm sooooo jealous! You have more sex than would be healthy, except of course you never suffer any consequences for it. You have two vaginas, and one of them is a magical portal to a land of unicorns and teddy bears, omigod. You have vague physical characteristics similar to monsters, but like totally not icky. What's not to love?
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:57 No.4750528
    >> Anonymous 06/02/09(Tue)23:58 No.4750542
    CHOSEN ONE (Good)
    Man, you knew this day was coming. Ever since the day when you were five and your footprints started sprouting flowers. The day you were ten and the angels came down and marked your brow. The day you were sixteen and you bested a demon in single combat with your light. You're meant for something, obviously. It's really too bad that angels are nearly unintelligible, and all the signs are nonspecific. Head out and find your Destiny, with a capital D.
    >> writer OP 06/02/09(Tue)23:59 No.4750548
         File :1244001544.jpg-(30 KB, 286x214, 1243411981314.jpg)
    30 KB
    oh yeah, one more thing i forgot to explain...

    (good - neutral) - mostly good guys, although they falter in some situations
    (neutral) - driven by desires, or immediate needs
    (neutral - evil) - usually BBEGs, but kinda spices up characters if ya want

    ...and thanks to everyone who gave their input, all your help is greatly appreciated
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:01 No.4750581
    Happy Couple (Neutral)

    You're in love. You're happy being who you are, and they're happy to know who that is. You will never be alone anymore, when you share a tent and a love.

    They are more protective than magical full plate, and sharper than your (weapon). Love songs are written with you two in mind.

    One night, as you watched the sun go down while you lay in each others arms, they asked what you want to see in the world.
    After hours of laughs and happy deliberation, you each made a list, many sharing the same qualities. And off you two went, sharing a tent, a bedroll, and an adventure.
    >> teka 06/03/09(Wed)00:02 No.4750589
    okay, yeah.. thats clever too.

    >>Spiritual Calling

    The Power of <deity> Compels You. You are driven to the church (or cult) with the best intentions, certain that you are destined to serve <deity> with all your heart and soul. This can cause problems (even the most well meaning and humble demon might have problems sitting through blessed sermons) but if you can stick it out there may be rewards in this life and the next.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:02 No.4750593
    Get Up, _Hero_. (Lawful Evil)

    When you were but a tot, you heard grand tales of knights saving the land and of fantastic battles between good and evil. The stories always inspired you. But when you got older, and chance meetings of the retired legends revealed that they were just mortal men and women, you got bitter. Angry. Cynical. These fat slobs aren't the heroes that you heard about. These are just mortal men and women that happened to be in the right place at the right time. They don't hold themselves with honor and discipline. They're nothing.

    So now you're doing your damnedest to be a hero and to live up to your own expectations of what that means. It's difficult and painful, but you are determined to achieve your goal at whatever cost. The people that you travel with often fall short of what you envision, but you'll abuse these dullards into becoming legendary heroes, just like yourself.

    No matter the cost.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:04 No.4750607
    S'alright. If you could collate all the best ones and put them on 1d4chan, or a .doc somewhere, I'd appreciate it. There's some fantastic work here, and it'd be fun to start a long campaign with one of these chosen randomly.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:04 No.4750614
    NO MEANS NO! (chaotic)
    -you are a victim of a heinous crime. what was taken from you is forever lost, but you plan to extract payment from your attacker for the suffering they caused. likewise you have no tolerance for those who would harm others the way they harmed you and you will see to it they are brought down one way or another.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:06 No.4750629
    One Too Many (Neutral/Evil)
    You're a genius. You can make the dead walk (well, twitch), the blind see (in black and white), and woo the hearts of men (total fabrication). Now if only everyone else saw how awesome you were. If you can make it big, you can go home and rub everyone's noses in the time they chased you out. No one was using those corpses, right? Anyway, you might cackle occasionally, but that's allowable for genius.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:07 No.4750639
         File :1244002040.gif-(127 KB, 379x188, 1236988478016.gif)
    127 KB
    Hello, next character.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:12 No.4750686
    Forced Pacifist (good-neutral)

    Why can't they see? Every time blood is spilled to the earth, every time a soul falls screaming into oblivion THEY get stronger. Everyone is family, and we are much stronger together than we could ever be apart. And you need all the strength you can against THEM. There is no sin that cannot redeemed except one: Murder. And it's up to you make the world forgive itself whether they want to or not. Because the point of no return is not much farther beyond the path of peace.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:12 No.4750687
         File :1244002375.jpg-(151 KB, 750x600, awesome.jpg)
    151 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:14 No.4750697
    The Cursed

    Alone, always alone, they wander from place to place like a ghost, never to find peace. For no matter where they go, they bring with them the curse of death - entire cities wiped out by plagues, freak weather, bandits, mysterious armies, or what have you - wherever they go, they only bring misfortune... And are always the only ones untouched by it; blessed by the worst kind of luck. They might try to exile themelves into the wilderness, to starve themselves or pull the trigger, but the will to live is strong... And so does, occasionally, the need for human contact, no matter how brief...
    >> writer OP 06/03/09(Wed)00:14 No.4750700
         File :1244002467.jpg-(174 KB, 900x819, 1240977116636.jpg)
    174 KB
    hmm, thinkin about classifing stuff already..

    Born into Fate (neutral)
    your opinions on it:
    -Indentured Servitude (Neutral)
    -Sins of the Father (lawful neutral)
    -CHOSEN ONE (Good)
    my take on it:
    -the character enters into a world not under his control, bonded by heritage and tradition into situations he does not want and seeks an escape

    so yeah, we're all on the same wavelength, woot!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:14 No.4750701
    I just wanted an adventure!(Neutral evil?)

    You just wanted something new, something interesting. So you became an adventurer. You set off into the world, and realized that it's not all it's cracked up to be. But it's too late, you're stuck in some deep shit, traveling around with a bunch of fucking lunatics who want to go through all this trouble to "save the world". You don't want to deal with their problems anymore, you just want to be normal again.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:19 No.4750736
    The Ancient Horror Unleashed

    For many an untold milennia they have slept beneath the earth, punished for some long forgotten sin so great as to warrant eternal imprisonment until the end of time. However, when the careless proddings of fate dislodge the protective rings - an adventuring party keen for loot, an earthquake, or even someone foolish enough to think they can tame such ancient powers - something far from human is unleashed upon the world. With the sounds of their condemnation still fresh in their minds from thousands of years of hatred and bitterness built up in an icy tomb, forced to dream nightmares only nightmares could dream, it is time to take life into their own hands!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:22 No.4750754
    Forced Pacifist (good-neutral)

    You were a bad guy. A really, really bad guy. You weren't BBEG material, but you would have made a damn good leg breaker for him, that's for sure. Women, children, the elderly, it made no difference. And you didn't make it quick; whether out of twisted ethics, or simply sociopathy, you excelled at inflicting pain on your victims, physical and mental.

    Then you encountered that Paladin. She wasn't like the rest...bumbling, short sighted and foolish, oh no. She fought you as much with her wits as her sword: cutting off your support, taking out your allies, leaving you confused and broken before she finally confronted you. You were child's play.

    But she didn't kill you. In fact, when she brought you to stand trial, she insisted on clemency. You still don't know why, but she spared your life. She saw something in you worth saving. And it worked. You've seen the error of your ways, and have agreed to work off your debt to the world by doing good work. The kind of work she'd be proud of. There's a catch though: You do it by the book. No killing, no terror, none of your old methods. If you falter, the punishment is going to be severe. Maybe you agreed to a geass, maybe the courts will revoke their mercy, or maybe you've sworn to put an end to yourself if you ever fall again. Regardless, your former enemy - your friend - has given you a new lease on life, and you're going to make it up to her.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:23 No.4750760
    Impressive Package (Neutral)
    You have something people want. (No, not that.) It's a box. (I said get your mind out of the gutter.) You don't know what's inside, but you know that X needs it. Too bad he's out on indefinite vacation. Now you have to dodge all sorts of shit that wants the box in order to see it safely delivered. If it turns out to be cookies or something, you're going to be PISSED.

    Hounded (Neutral)
    You didn't do it! Really! Too bad everyone thinks you did, especially those guys in the faceless armor suits on horses. Man, those guys are creepy. You might not even know what your 'crime' was. All you know is that you're being followed...
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:24 No.4750772
    Lots of these are a bit more than motivation. Usually a little backstory in there too. Combining one or an other would work well if you're thinking about it. For instance...
    Would combine amazingly well with
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:27 No.4750783
    Dude, those are great!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:30 No.4750812
    The Leech

    Ho ho ho, what do we have here? A group of adventurers? And it looks like they have lots of money too! Well what else to do but follow them at a distance as they travel, to appear out of the blue during times of desperate need, and charge an... *ahem* modest... fee for your healing services. Supply and demand, and all that - They'll get to live and be thankful for your assistance, and you'll get to walk away with all that lovely cash, ha ha ha!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:32 No.4750822
    Excellent thread is archived.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:34 No.4750834
    > Underground Champion (Neutral - Evil)

    Your master is a good man. He gave you a chance when nobody else would. Despite his noble birth, he treats you like a person when nobody else would. He's much better than his father, the king, or his greedy, covetous brothers. Your homeland would flourish under his banner. The problem is, he's the youngest son with very little actual power and almost no claim to the throne. The only way he'd ever be able to rise to the power he deserves would be through treachery and cunning, the very methods you admire him for eschewing. Your master is a good man.

    Luckily for him, you're not. You'll do whatever it takes to see him rise to power, and you'll do it on the sly. He'd be furious if he ever found out your methods, and rightly so. In fact, if he ever does discover what you're doing, or if your actions ever come back to him, you'll offer him your neck then and there. Until that time comes, however, you'll keep doing what must be done to push him to greatness, even if he never knows it. It's for his own good.
    >> writer OP 06/03/09(Wed)00:35 No.4750837
         File :1244003704.jpg-(31 KB, 400x342, dnd-party.jpg)
    31 KB

    yeah, all of us are kinda getting in too deep in the descriptions of the characters, but what the hell, it's all good...i could kinda classify most of these into one of the above categories, but yeah, additional info fires up the imagination as well
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:35 No.4750840
    Treacherous Lieutenant (neutral-evil)

    When X told you they would have you at their side, that they would have the world eating out of the palm of their hand you laughed at them, but deigned to be their companion... for a time. Then they actually pulled it off. Not without your help of course. But then X found a new second in command. One way or another you found yourself on the way out spitting curses all the way. Soon, you found a bunch suckers on their way to defeat the one you were meant to follow. And you'll help them wreck the plans of your rival and show that you were the one most fitting after all. And if X can't see that, well, maybe these new chumps aren't so bad. After all, what would they ever do without you?
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:36 No.4750847
    Something to Prove (Lawful Good)

    You were the best at what you did. Everyone knew it. You were well on your way to becoming local legend, as the guy who always got the job done, no matter what. It seemed like something damn hard to screw up.

    But of course you managed to anyway. So you made a chair out of the bones of your adversary's sister to break his spirit? If your side had won no one would have cared! But it didn't, and suddenly it's apparent to everyone that was once interpreted as unflinching professionalism was actually a callousness that the devil would envy.

    You've left it all behind, years ago. Now all you want is to prove that good people exist, and by working for them find some way unburden yourself. These clowns you're traveling with now aren't exactly what you have in mind (they're sloppy as hell, and so careless that they sometimes end up doing more harm than good), but their hearts are in the right place, and that's one thing they've got that you want. Maybe someday they'll forgive you without even knowing what it is you did.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:37 No.4750850
    Homeward Bound (Neutral)
    You're not like the other little boys. And by that I mean you're of a people not common to the area. Everyone seems to expect you to go find them, now that you're grown, and there's not much you can do about it. At least they gave you equipment before booting your ass. Now to see if anyone knows what the hell you are...

    BURNING RAGE (Neutral/Evil)
    You really hate Xs. No, really hate them. Like, most people, when they say 'Hate' they mean 'Kinda irritated that it's inconvenient'. You mean 'I WANT TO STRING THEM UP BY THE NECK AND CUT OUT THEIR THROATS AND RASAGHRRAHRHGHAHRGHRHAGHAGHGAHGHGA'
    They might have done something to you in your past, or maybe you're just a hateful bastard. Either way, they're going DOWN.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:37 No.4750854
    dude, i just flashbacked to the episode of Hey Arnold were Arnold and Gerald had to deliver a package to Mr. Smith (the crazy secretive guy who made Arnold get an eye scan, enter a password, and crack a safe just to get an IOU)
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:47 No.4750904
    Generic Fantasy Orphan (Neutral/Good/Evil)
    You are terse on the subject of Xs, and you have a very good reason: Long ago, they killed your parents. You don't know the whole story, but you don't need to. You'll either get sweet revenge, or hopefully never meet one.

    Ivory Tower (Neutral/Good)
    You spent a lot of time isolated in your early years. Maybe you were a professor's son, or maybe you just got adopted by the headmaster, but your life has been one of study, contemplation, and isolation. You're on the road now, and everything is doused in wonder. People might say you're airheaded or daydreamy, but they can't see the wonder in everything.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:49 No.4750929
    I Just Want to be Normal (Neutral Good)

    You've never tried to stand out, never wanted to be noticed, special, or aspire to fame like others have. Nope, a perfect, ordinary life is what's best for you and you couldn't be happier doing it. Where others find boring monotomy you find cheerful reassuring security in knowing that every day is going to be just like the last one. Highly intelligent and physically fit, you go to extreme lengths to ensure that everything is as it should be day after day.

    However, there's one slight problem with this. No matter how much you try and hide it, there's something distinctly abnormal about you that just can't be hidden, something utterly unacceptable that defies your need for normality - it scratches at the inside of your skull to get out, incessantly, and you can't fight it much longer...

    The Fake Legend (Lawful Good)

    Oh man. You've really done it now. You played up all those rumors making you out to be some kind of awesome - and for a while there it was pretty good living on easy street and all - but it's coming back to bite you in the arse. Hard. So it's either do-or-die time now, "hero", no matter how shaky your knees are.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:54 No.4750959

    Grandpa has a penis on his head.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)00:59 No.4750995
    The Brat (Neutral)
    Well, you got what you wanted. You're out on the road, with no overbearing parents to bother you; how could life get any better? Well, the food sucks. And the road is dusty. And the monsters keep finding interesting new ways to ruin your day. And you're pretty sure your companions hate you. And your feet hurt. If you knew it was going to be this unfun, then you never would have protested this hard that night...
    Well, no fixing it now. If you go back, they'll never listen to you again. Just try to keep the tantrums under control, please?
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:06 No.4751045
    The Demagogue (neutral, perhaps chaotic)
    You know something. Or you think you know something. Or in particularly cynical worldviews, you wish you knew something. Either way, you've taken it on yourself to spread this idea, through crook or by hook, if needed...

    Community Housing (any)
    You've got this significant other. Perhaps a sibling, or lover, or even a soul mate you never knew you had. Either way, shit happen, and they got owned and rented out some space in the back of your head. Now, they want revenge on their killers, who neither of you may have seen at the time. Still, you're guilty for surviving, or just want them out of your head, so it best just to play along...
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:20 No.4751160
    Revenger (neutral angry)
    So, you had this job. It was great, the pay was good, and the the huge benefits package was, in some cases, to die for. And then something happens, destroying the office and leaving you waking up in some foreign bed. A year has past, you are covered in scars, and you come to the realization that your boss was probably the bad guy this whole time. And now you're pissed, because all the company propaganda that you swallowed before was just a lie...

    Trial By Fire (Lawful)
    You've got this sweet job lined up, somewhere down your life, that you can settle in a live comfortably the rest of your life. There is just one problem; the Trial By Fire. A horrendous trek into the world, to sleep on the hard ground and slog through filthy caves. Still, they will not let you onto your rightful throne until you pass their stupid test...

    The Politico (Neutral)
    So, you want the throne. There is only one problem, and that is the twelve other people who have the same idea. Clearly, just declaring yourself the next king is a terrible idea, so you decide you need help. And not the normal, endlessly bickering politics of the court. No, you need REAL power. With allies who have the ability to take on entire armies by themselves. You need to multiclass into an adventurer.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:32 No.4751231
    The Retiree

    You lived a lifetime of relative peace and tranquility (surprising in your era), settled down, had kids, wrote a book on some mundane topic that few will ever likely read, and have finally found time after all these years to sit back and enjoy life without work.

    But wait. Something's missing. You feel... cheated of something. Although you've been alive this whole time, you've never really been ALIVE! Naturally this revelation comes as a bit of a nasty shock, and so you set out to use your vast fortune to finance some goal or another, and strike out into a world of adventure with your trusty butler/maid in tow and blunderbus in hand.

    (Could go either way really, as a force for campy, stereotypical good-by-the-book or camp evil that insists on playing by all the tired cliche's of villainy because to them it's a *hobby*, and something to do with the rest of their lives - even if it involves developing death-rays to hold countries hostage. Not that you need the money, you'll do it just to attract a party of adventurers to provide you with some entertainment.)
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:33 No.4751237
    Awesome thread is awesome.

    Restless Disciple (anything)
    Whether you were raised in the service of your god[s] or became a convert later in life, you've been experiencing a crisis of faith lately. You're not sure if you have the strength to carry on your path. Your spiritual leaders/prayers led you to the conclusion that you need to get out and see the world...only time will tell if that will strengthen your faith or shatter it.

    Reformed Evangelist (good)
    You were a broken man, but good news! You found a new mission with [insert good aligned deity here]! You might've been evil, or just apathetic before, but now you can't wait to show everyone how beautiful a life with your god really is.

    Better Stuff (good-neutral)
    Your parent/guardian was a horrible person, and you're striving to do better. You know most children wind up like their parents, but that's not an option for you.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:34 No.4751242
    Societal Outcast (any)
    Something fundamentally ingrained in your home society rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe you can't stand the exploitation of labor, or you think a man should be able to marry his sheep, or you hate having to treat those pointy-eared bastards like actual people. Whatever the case, you don't fit in well with wherever you're from.

    Family Man (any)
    You maintain strong connections with your family back home, or at least one or two members. You visit whenever you can spare it, and send mail and gifts by post all the time. May the gods help whoever threatens them. This can be good aligned, or neutral or evil as well, if it's your one "weakness."

    Forlorn Love (any)
    You see her face whenever you close your eyes, and you can almost feel her lips against yours if you imagine it. You could've been torn from her, trying to forget her, or you could be going after her. Requited or not, you love[d] her more than life itself. Being away from her is hard--maybe you read over her letters, remember past evenings together, or bury your feelings with every tavern wench that gives you the time of day.
    >> 8HaChItOk6 !YVla/SivX2 06/03/09(Wed)01:38 No.4751255
    WTF? (chaotic)

    You have really weird tendencies. Maybe you repeat 'potatoe' after every sentence, enjoy licking the bottom of your allies feet when they aren't looking, or only talk in rhymes.People stay away from you because you're damn weird.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:50 No.4751329
    I'll Show Them... (any)
    You're out to prove something. Your faith is pure, or you're SUCH a badass, or you didn't need to go to wizard school. They've always been wrong about you, and you're going to rub it in their faces one day. And maybe finally find somebody who appreciates you.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:51 No.4751337
    The Ends Justify the Means (Neutral-Evil)

    By any means necessary you will accomplish you task in life. May it be revenge, saving humanity, or getting back what is yours. If it means sacrificing thousands to save millions or even killing your friends to appease and subdue your foes.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:52 No.4751339

    Eh...that's not really a motivation as much as it is an excuse for dick players to be dicks.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)01:54 No.4751358
    Ma' and Pa' deserve better! (Neutral-Good)

    The only thing you've ever wanted in life is to give your parents the retirement they deserve! They worked so hard in life to get you to were you are, but times are rough and the farm was never really the way to make the kind of money you need to put them up in the nicest of arrangements. Good thing it just so happens that some 'adventurers' are needed nearby! Your sure it can't be that hard.
    >> SageHoge !!mp3WVEd4fDm 06/03/09(Wed)01:59 No.4751398
    The Violent Prince (Chaotic Evil)
    -You were the youngest son of the king of a nation. You were told that you were never destined for the throne. You knew better and killed you're eldest brother in cold blood. You have been exiled but you know that one day you'll return and you'll have an army behind you. Until then you'll enjoy your freedom to kill who you like when you like.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:02 No.4751423
    Backup BBEG (Evil)

    You have a plan, oh yes. It's complex and yet should all run smoothly. You'll see to it that this Artifact/City/Kingdom/World/Universe/Everything is beyond a shadow of a doubt Destroyed/Yours/Plunged into Darkness/Seriously fucked up.

    Now you just need to do a few things to set up the big finally...and get rid of the competition. And the best part? These fools will be helping you every step of the way.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:04 No.4751436

    Good point, this seems like a valuable thread. Is the best way to save this to just bookmark it and hope it doesn't get churned away? Or is there some other means I don't know about?
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:14 No.4751496
         File :1244009665.jpg-(94 KB, 640x492, f5.jpg)
    94 KB

    F5, friend. Saves the HTML.
    >> Vekter !OIqMj3oAUI 06/03/09(Wed)02:19 No.4751526
    Let me see if someone archived this yet...
    >> Vekter !OIqMj3oAUI 06/03/09(Wed)02:20 No.4751528

    SupTG is your friend.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:30 No.4751573

    Oh, hotness. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:34 No.4751598
    Did I mention that I'd rape her sideways and diagonally given the chance?
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)02:42 No.4751661
         File :1244011368.jpg-(125 KB, 1024x768, ReadDie-Yomiko-08.jpg)
    125 KB

    Wait... So she's the same class as Yomiko Readman? Oh FUCK YEAH.
    >> writer OP 06/03/09(Wed)05:28 No.4752903
    thanks lot for the input, and making sure that this thread was archived...all your hard work is appreciated

    ...you all have made a newfag happy on his first time being an OP...well done /tg/!!
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)05:30 No.4752922
    Also works in that combination.
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)05:32 No.4752942

    Kinda, if Yomiko was a degree or two more insane than she is now. Although, you probably could adapt Bibliomancy to paper users. They charge the same way- buying lots of books (I know its not literal in the series, but its similar behaviour), you just give them their own blast and a nice mix of utility and defensive paper use abilities, although they'll lose some of the bibliomancers more esoteric talents.

    What would the damage modifier on a paper blade be? They're sharp, but not particularly big or heavy, but +3 doesn't give a blade which has been shown to cut through nearly fucking anything enough of a bonus, from my thoughts. Firearms damage might work, although that's pretty damn powerful...
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)05:34 No.4752964
    How did she write on her back like that?
    >> writer OP 06/03/09(Wed)05:46 No.4753079
    another request...can anybody build up something centering on this one, without it being a mary sue of sorts? thanks in advance

    Head of Police/Order (good-neutral)
    -it is the character’s duty to uphold the peace and protect the innocent in the setting, even if it means starting aggressive negotiations
    >> Anonymous 06/03/09(Wed)07:27 No.4753643
    No, actually, +3 sounds about right.

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