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  • File :1239721407.jpg-(203 KB, 668x954, Steam.jpg)
    203 KB Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:03 No.4278898  
    ITT we design a city right from scratch, because creating stuff is always so much fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:04 No.4278900

    I shall vote that the setting will be steampunk, because that will make the OP picture more related.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:04 No.4278905
    With zeppelins. Lots of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:05 No.4278907
    Which era? I'm guessing steampunk/19thC based on your pic.

    Next question: what is the site and setting of the city? River, coastal, mountainous, etc.?
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG aka MAtt 04/14/09(Tue)11:06 No.4278911
    Mountain city I'd say. Mineshafts all over that shit (or under)
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:06 No.4278913

    Coastal. The airships are coming from across the sea and the trains head inland.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:07 No.4278915
    There's also a river nearby, where the industries of the city indiscriminately dumps their waste.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:07 No.4278916
    Maybe not right up in the peaks, but at fairly high altitude in a valley. Of course, with airships being the main mode of transport, road access isn't too important.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:07 No.4278918

    Coastal mountains?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:07 No.4278919
    Why not go BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED and make some kind of floating zeppelin city or a city that floats via giant zeppelins?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:08 No.4278925

    That's just silly.

    ... might work.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:09 No.4278930
    COMBINATION: On a mountain river, not too far from the sea. I think Vancouver's like that (well, that actually is on the coast, but it's right next to mountains).

    Mountains are good for all the iron ore that's needed in a newly industrialising world.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:09 No.4278932
    Fuck off with steampunk. Create your own original idea.

    Romanpunk. Magiccrystalpunk. Dwemerpunk. Prehistoricbonepunk.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:10 No.4278943
    How about due to geographical oddities, the air space above the rest of the mountains has frequent storms and strong air currents, making the city one of the few safe havens for airships in the area?

    I don't know, I'm just making shit up.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:11 No.4278947
         File :1239721874.jpg-(15 KB, 312x254, 1237756904908.jpg)
    15 KB
    Here we see a small self-built merchant airship approaching the mountain city.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:11 No.4278948
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:11 No.4278950
    >>4278932 Dwemerpunk

    Dwemer are steampunk.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:13 No.4278961

    I dunno about storms, but it could be that high velocity winds tend to fuck up all but the most stable airships, so most have to go through the little area where the city is since it isn't effected for some handwavium reason.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:14 No.4278968
         File :1239722068.jpg-(27 KB, 1094x561, city.jpg)
    27 KB
    May I suggest something like this image? (Sorry about the quality.)
    Basically, on a mountaintop, connecting two large masses of land via bridges.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:15 No.4278977
    Do you ever sleep?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:15 No.4278978

    So, a sort of steampunk mountain Constantinople?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:16 No.4278982

    Why do you think he's tired?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:16 No.4278986
    The valley the city is in generally has steady winds, unlike the higher-altitude air. In the upper valley are the mines, where iron ore and coal is found, which is flown down the valley to the city.
    Will the city's main industry be forging and metalworks then? It can also be the largest air-port in the area, trading with many foreign lands.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:20 No.4279011
    As for government stuff... I'm thinking it should be a mostly independent city state due to its location and trade value. But who is in charge? A king? Council of wealthy merchants/technocrats?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:25 No.4279042
    I'm voting for a merchant council. Combine its mining industry with its location - probably strange on a mountain range between two large kingdoms or something - and you have an important trading city, with plenty of power for merchants.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:25 No.4279045

    As in, straight. Fixed.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:27 No.4279059
    Wrong. It's magicpunk. Awesome magicpunk.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:27 No.4279064
    How about guilds instead? The merchants could have their own separate one, but each one would be a separate faction with their own agenda, though some would constantly ally.

    And maybe add some "guildless" who are at the bottom of the social ladder, basically pariah, who do the degrading, or least respected jobs.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:27 No.4279065
    I like this idea. It's essentially ruled by those who can pay their way into power: the city itself bought its own independence from the country it used to be a part of.
    Now, what does the city feel like to live in? What does it look like? Is it SO GRIMNDARK gothic architecture, smog and huge factories, or is it, say, nice bright Swiss-mountain-resort style?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:28 No.4279070
    The City needs a battlemode
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:28 No.4279073

    I'm thinking king, actually. Due to the city state's wealth and trade, the people should be fairly complacent and have had no reason to rebel. The king might also be a source of national pride as other nations start sending their royalty to the guillotine.

    Though, I do think there should be an elected council of sorts. On paper they're just there to advise the king, but in reality, they do most of the legislative work because the king has better things to do... like his mistresses.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:31 No.4279090
    King is a ceremonial figurehead who doesn't really do much, like the Queen of England. Real ruling comes from guilds/merchant council. Also, if it's a city-state, it's more likely to be a Duke or other lesser title.
    Maybe the council is elected, but only guild members (that means business owners, not the poor factory workers who happen to work for a particular guild) are allowed to vote?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:31 No.4279093

    Each of the major guilds (defined by profit / size / whatever ) elects a representative to the merchant council who are the real political players in town. The king is a figurehead used to be popular with the people and direct attention away from the council.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:33 No.4279102
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:37 No.4279147
    What would the major guilds be?

    I'm thinking:

    Mining Guild
    Airshipmans Guild
    Steel Guild
    And... uh..
    Ye Olde Whorehouse Guild
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:38 No.4279152

    Trader's Guild
    Clothier's Guild
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:39 No.4279161
    >Steel Guild

    Blacksmith Guild.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:40 No.4279166
    Our glorious city needs a name.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:41 No.4279175
    "The City"
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:42 No.4279182
    Merchants guild - merchants & accountants
    Scholars guild - historians, philosopers, carthographers
    Healers guild - pharmatists, barber surgeons

    ...and others depending on what the city trades with.

    Also, as factions add the city authority / bureocracy, the independent lawyers and the militia.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:42 No.4279189
    Actor's Guild
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:43 No.4279196
         File :1239723818.jpg-(234 KB, 1680x1050, 1232686516356.jpg)
    234 KB
    The Royal Engineering Institute (the guys in charge of SCIENCE!)
    The Guild of the Arts & Entertainment
    The Guild of Masons & Architects
    The Agricultural Association
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:44 No.4279202

    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:47 No.4279226
    It might just be me but it feels that the word 'guild' is being overused, why not mix it up a bit? Something like -
    Miners Union.
    National Healers Association.
    The Society of Merchants and Traders.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:47 No.4279231
    I second both of these fine gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:48 No.4279237
    >The Agricultural Association
    I don't see how this would fit, what with the city being in the middle of the mountains and primarily commercial.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:48 No.4279238


    Y-you can't suggest that we let those uncouth savages in the streets unionize!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:48 No.4279244
    Just hoomanz?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:49 No.4279250
    The militia would be called The Minutemen of <cityname>, because it sounds cool. On top of this, the city has a police force who look like 19th Century British police, and are practically an army themselves, working closely with the Minutemen when the city is threatened.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:51 No.4279272
    Sheep. Lots of sheep in the mountains. Also, they'd represent foreign agricultural interests (this is why they're an association rather than a guild), and thus are responsible for most of the city's food imports.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:52 No.4279273
    It's gonna be a city-state or what?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:52 No.4279275
    A lot of steampunk is like that, it seems. Still, maybe some sentient monster races cooked up by mad scientists ala Girl Genius would fit.

    My vote goes to the Jaegermonsters.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:52 No.4279277
    Just fluff it, say something like...they're there to maintain a presence or they're the main office and they deal with the upkeep, running and paperwork of all their other offices.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:53 No.4279280

    I'm thinking that they'd have little to no military. Due to their location, they'd be hard to assault. And because of their prominence in trade, no one would want to attack / they'd have plenty of allies.

    I do see them having a respectable airship flotilla, though. Possibly similar to the British Navy
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:53 No.4279287
    Damn, I have to go but I don't want to leave this thread. Don't make it into an abomination, ok?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:53 No.4279289
         File :1239724431.jpg-(27 KB, 355x500, C24f00.jpg)
    27 KB
    Oh yeah. You could also use this for agriculture, it looks awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:54 No.4279298
    Seconding this. They'd have police, obviously, but the military would be made entirely of GAR airship captains and their crew.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:55 No.4279304

    Terraced mouintains, lots of potatoes like in the Andes


    Mmmm. Maybe it's on the way to bestialize (some) workers (like in the Time Machine)?
    Or - vampires as aristocrats
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:56 No.4279310
    Yeah, lets add sergals, corgyn, and doobies to this.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:56 No.4279315
    No way, it'll be Bakunin's communalistic anarchism
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:57 No.4279318
    Lets not.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:57 No.4279322
         File :1239724677.jpg-(57 KB, 922x511, 1219895037087.jpg)
    57 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:58 No.4279325

    Mad Scientist invents these rather frightful brutes called "orcs". Since their creation, they've been exploited for cheap labour due to their high stamina and lacking wit.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:58 No.4279328
    >I'm being sarcastic, hopefully.

    I think we could create some of our own races for this. No need to steal anyone else's.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)11:59 No.4279339
    Yes, I agree.

    Everything should be a huge pile fail for the furfags to stroke themselves off to.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:01 No.4279349
    Fuck other races, this city should be a testament to how fucking awesome humanity is.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:01 No.4279350
    I was. It was more of a response to the furfag spelling of human than anything else.

    Though a created underclass for a steampunk city would be cool. Though I would go more for something like the Jagers or perhaps something like 40k's servitors, criminals are not condemmed to death, they are condemmed to servitorhood.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:02 No.4279351


    Possible non-human races include:

    And tieflings (for delicious Neeshka rogues)
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:02 No.4279353
    What's gonna be the climate?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:02 No.4279356
    City-state sounds good. Might give a good opportunity to add some Renaissance Venetian or Florentine flavor to the politics (i.e. big commercial houses influence or control politics, their crests are on fucking everything up to and including your cat, etc.).
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:03 No.4279366


    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:05 No.4279376

    Anyone remember that bit in Perdido Street Station with the ambassador from hell?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:06 No.4279380
    Orcs: Not my personal favorite idea, but give them the "mad science underclass" background people talked about and they could work

    Dwarves: Getting a little close to high fantasy here, but they're industrious buggers, and that seems like it would go over well in this city, so why not.

    Freakymutantthings: We've established the presence of mad scientists, so they're a given.

    Tieflings: No.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:08 No.4279398

    But the power is not in the commerce, it's (more) in the factories
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:08 No.4279400
    If we add non-humans:

    Small tiefling immigrant population. They're the Irish Catholics/Jews of Opolis.

    Orc or other freaky artificially created abhuman race. They're the niggers of Opolis.

    Nothing more.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:10 No.4279420
    >Dwarves: Getting a little close to high fantasy here, but they're industrious buggers, and that seems like it would go over well in this city, so why not.
    Why not just make them miners, tunnelers and architects? That's somehow more fitting, especially considering that since the city is in a mountain, obviously the most efficient way to expand is downwards... plus their stature and stamina and whatnot, so let's leave technology to the humans.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:11 No.4279428
    Oh, for sure.

    The city doesn't need to be the ones farming them but I'd just like something a little different than "The Orcs and Kobolds are raiding. They've stolen all our cows, goats and grox!"

    It's just, if we're making something from scratch, why not go the whole way and actually make unique creatures and monsters? Not even sentient ones, but just things to differentiate it from Ye Olde Stock-Standard Medieval Steampunk Fantasty.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:11 No.4279431
    Outside of reproducing quickly, the Jagers are pretty much Mad Science Orcs. They even have a funny accent like the GW orks.

    Some other possiblities for a mad science underclass would be clockwork men or the old AD&D Mongrelmen, which were guys that looked like they were stitched together Frankenstein style.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:14 No.4279450
    no you fool. We will have a police state thinly veiled by a bipartisan representative democracy
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:15 No.4279461
         File :1239725748.jpg-(7 KB, 252x250, 1239489723931.jpg)
    7 KB
    >Comparing Jagers and Orks
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:16 No.4279467
    I don't understand what you're getting at here.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:17 No.4279473

    >Ye Olde Whorehouse Guild

    The "Seamstresses" Association. They got class if they're a full-fledged guild, you know.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:18 No.4279484

    No Tieflings.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:20 No.4279496
    >>4279420 Why not just make them miners, tunnelers and architects? That's somehow more fitting, especially considering that since the city is in a mountain, obviously the most efficient way to expand is downwards... plus their stature and stamina and whatnot, so let's leave technology to the humans.

    Or you could just have the city built on the foundations of a dwarven stronghold. Back in the day, some humans find this fairly un-exploited dwarf mining colony and conquer the crap out of it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:21 No.4279510
    Logic suggests golems/warforged

    Something more orginal... mmmm...

    cockroaches? Some bizzarre (not necessarily evil) insects? Maybe resistant to acid rains and whatnot?

    Oh, and immigrants are monsters.
    Twist is, potentially they can mix wiht locals.

    I'd suggest the city not to be the HYPER-LEVELS shit it's always proposed. Do real archologies if need arise.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:22 No.4279514
    If we're doing steampunk with airships, we need gremlins. Lots of gremlins!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:22 No.4279518
    nothing, nothing at all
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:26 No.4279530
    argh silverfall
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:26 No.4279533

    Giant Cockroaches with manipulative appendages which were genetically designed to be a fast growing, fast breeding, labor population.

    They can eat just about anything, resistant to harsh toxins and other chemicals often used in the industry, and, though with some cunning in terms of survival, are stupid enough to be content with their lot in life.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:28 No.4279539
         File :1239726480.png-(422 KB, 657x498, gnomeArtificer.png)
    422 KB
    >List of non-human races in a steampunk world
    >No gnomes.

    I wish to rectify your mistake by suggesting gnomes.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:28 No.4279544

    It's better than using the same ol' orcs and goblins and etc.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:29 No.4279553
    It can be just like unified setting!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:30 No.4279555
    Okay, so the city is a big mish-mash of races, kind of like the USA today.
    I'm for the giant cockroaches as well.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:30 No.4279557
    Way better. I like the cockroaches.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:31 No.4279560
    Watch it. No matter how obvious, there are always people who take this stuff seriously.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:31 No.4279563

    Of course, since they breed so fast, they also make for a good group of peoples to conscript from in times of war to serve as the bulk of the ground troops, where their natural resistance to harsh chemicals also helps them live through other chemical and biological weapons that would be used in a superscience war.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:34 No.4279582
    I don't know what you are talking about! I just love furry shit all over everything.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:41 No.4279636


    Possibility: They kinda want some more brains (no, not in the zombie sense) or at least not be treated as slaves

    I'd do the "orcs bluecollars" as orcish but little, dwarf-sife maybe

    Some ideas for religon/ideology

    Old religion was taoism/shinto/tribal "feel good" shit. It kind worked... BEFORE the steam engine and such.
    Nowdays, you get the picture, difficult to go hippie in the smog. Nontheless, it's engraved in the culture of the people (like japs and shinto).
    Has magic.
    If there's a country, there's conflict for this.

    Religion for the masses now: kinda like confucianesim + anglicanism in the '800 (I'd suggest less sexual repression and more emphasis on the "self-made man"... at least they pay lip service to it)
    If there is magic, is "ficition-psycology", kinda like pyschohistory in Asimov (check the right meme and the masses will follow you) + some hypnotism

    "High" ideology: it's a mess. The higher ups are divided in all but money.
    Someone is Aleister Crowley redux, some other the final atheists, some other again is all about reviving the past in their heavenly abodes.

    Also, Das Kapital and his followers. Maybe burned at a stake but there are those.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:43 No.4279650
         File :1239727420.jpg-(593 KB, 600x835, walking bunny.jpg)
    593 KB
    Let us call the city Oopolis rather than Opolis. The oo sound makes everything cooler! Also, let us incorporate the majestic flying buttress to important buildings. In the lower city(i.e. the poor part) the buttresses have been turned into pathways into the upper city. This has been done by adding scaffolding to the sides of the buttresses and spiral staircases where it is cool to do so.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:44 No.4279660

    I was thinking like weaker, fast breeding Ogryns at first for the Roaches, but more brains could do, as long as you don't overtip the balance where they would revolt and form the Cockroach Revolution.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:46 No.4279672
    I only ask because i'm actually not aware of any nation that uses or claims to use a representative democracy.

    Also, voting in the fantasy environment. Diebold as a gnomish cabal?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:54 No.4279731
    Can we just stick to one or two non-human races? It's getting far too generic fantasy if we add orcs and dwarfs, etc.
    I suggest maybe two races other than humans: scientist-created workers and something else. Maybe not dwarfs per se, but abhumans who have become stockier from working in the mines and foundries?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:56 No.4279742

    Days longer, say 40 hrs

    Climater per se is temperate, but year is way longer (say 3 earth's years) so seasons are longer and more extreme
    This explains the rise of closed environments: maybe nobles palaces have hugeass liberty-style greenhouses at the top/as the internal courtyard, to enjoy an eternal spring contrastating the workers in the smog of the streets.


    City and environment is totally vertical and very variated, so if plateasu is any aspect a taiga valley is sub-tropical
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:59 No.4279756
    I don't know what
    confucianesim + anglicanism in the '800s
    are like, but I do like the idea of a religion promoting the self-made man. Similar to objectivism, which would be very good in an industrialised setting.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)12:59 No.4279761
    A human template, reduces INT & CHA for CON and STR bonuses and low-light vision. Created by the high wizards, the transformation process is a closely guarded secret. It's used on capital criminals who are then put to work in the mines.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:01 No.4279767
         File :1239728468.jpg-(20 KB, 251x253, 1239323497291.jpg)
    20 KB
    I just had a horrible mental image.
    Giant roaches.
    In striped shirts.
    And berets.
    With little moustaches.
    Waving pistols and baguettes.
    And wearing bell bottoms.
    I blame you.
    Why do you do these things.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:03 No.4279776
    >Diebold as Gnomish cabal?
    I like the way you think. Especially because Gnomes live forever, they can set up some very very far reaching plots.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:04 No.4279781

    That. Is. Awesome!

    Also, if we are to have only a few races, let's keep the Roaches. Different from the usual stuff that happens in fantasy.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:05 No.4279800

    Work hard
    Respect elders/superiors
    Treasure knowledge
    Seek solution for living in a right social environment (not necessarily peacefully of course)
    [bottom line is: do this and none is gonna give a fuck about private affairs]

    Something like this at the core.

    Also: scientific method is religion. Well, many priests of course don't give a shit if working class don't have any idea how gravity works, but it's supposedly "alfabetization" that all should have. But of course not every one in Dickens' England could read the Bible...
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:07 No.4279808
    I find the idea horrifying, but eh.
    Probably the only people who can eat baguettes anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:09 No.4279822

    I'd say we need a yellow peril - immigrants from once great empire, now shitty but people fears them as they're very different and close together
    Dunno about what race though
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:09 No.4279827

    Baguettes are awesome!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:12 No.4279847
    As bludgeoning devices, maybe.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:17 No.4279893

    Chinese gold farmers.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:18 No.4279899

    Going waaay back here, in the renascence merchant city states used mercenaries for defence. Makes sense that these cities would rely on it to.

    Why not make all the variant races abhumans? We have worker abhumans who are the lower lower bottom class and miner abhumans made from criminals.

    Could have the lower class religion being very mystical, but the native thingts they used to worship have meen replaced by mechanical steampunk things?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:24 No.4279947
    Alright, I'm ignoring this entire thread and throwing something at all you fa/tg/guys

    With a clamor of bells that set the swallows soaring, the Festival of
    Summer came to the city Omelas, bright-towered by the sea. The ringing
    of the boats in harbor sparkled with flags. In the streets between
    houses with red roofs and painted walls, between old moss-grown
    gardens and under avenues of trees, past great parks and public
    buildings, processions moved . . . .
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:25 No.4279953

    Some were decorous: old people in long stiff robes of mauve and
    gray, grave master workmen, quiet, merry women carrying their babies
    and chatting as they walked. In other streets the music beat faster, a
    shimmering of gong and tambourine, and the people went dancing, the
    procession was a dance. Children dodged in and out, their high calls
    rising like the swallows' crossing flights over the music and the
    singing. All the processions wound towards the north side of the city,
    where on the great water-meadow called the Green Fields boys and
    girls, naked in the bright air, with mud-stained feet and ankles and
    long, lithe arms,exercised their restive horses before the race. The
    horses wore no gear at all but a halter without bit.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:25 No.4279959

    Their manes were
    braided with streamers of silver, gold, and green. They flared their
    nostrils and pranced and boasted to one another; they were vastly
    excited, the horse being the only animal who has adopted our
    ceremonies as his own. Far off to the north and west the mountains
    stood up half encircling Omelas on her bay. The air of morning was so
    clear that the snow still crowning the Eighteen Peaks burned
    withwhite-gold fire across the miles of sunlit air, under the dark
    blue of the sky. There was just enough wind to make the banners that
    marked the racecourse snap and flutter now and then. In the silence of
    the broad green meadows one could hear the music winding throughout the
    city streets, farther and nearer and ever approaching, a cheerful
    faint sweetness of the air from time to time trembled and gathered
    together and broke out into the great joyous clanging of the bells.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:26 No.4279968

    Joyous! How is one to tell about joy? How describe the citizens of

    They were not simple folk, you see, though they were happy. But we do
    not say the words of cheer much any more. All smiles have become
    archaic. Given a description such as this one tends to make certain
    assumptions. Given a description such as this one tends to look next
    for the King, mounted on a splendid stallion and surrounded by his
    noble knights, or perhaps in a golden litter borne by great-muscled
    slaves. But there was no king. They did not use swords, or keep
    slaves. They were not barbarians, I do not know the rules and laws of
    their society, but I suspect that they were singularly few. As they
    did without monarchy and slavery, so they also got on without the
    stock exchange, the advertisement, the secret police, and the
    bomb. Yet I repeat that these were not simple folk, not dulcet
    shepherds, noble savages, bland utopians. There were not less complex
    than us.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:27 No.4279977

    The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and
    sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather
    stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the
    treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the
    terrible boredom of pain. If you can't lick 'em, join 'em. If it
    hurts, repeat it. But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to
    embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else. We have almost
    lost hold; we can no longer describe happy man, nor make any
    celebration of joy. How can I tell you about the people of Omelas?
    They were not naive and happy children--though their children were, in
    fact, happy. They were mature, intelligent, passionate adults whose
    lives were not wretched.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:28 No.4279983

    O miracle! But I wish I could describe it
    better. I wish I could convince you. Omelas sounds in my words like a
    city in a fairy tale, long ago and far away, once upon a time. Perhaps
    it would be best if you imagined it as your own fancy bids, assuming
    it will rise to the occasion, for certainly I cannot suit you all. For
    instance, how about technology? I think that there would be no cars or
    helicopters in and above the streets; this follows from the fact that
    the people of Omelas are happy people. Happiness is based on a just
    discrimination of what is necessary, what is neither necessary nor
    destructive, and what is destructive. In the middle category,
    however--that of the unnecessary but undestructive, that of
    comfort, luxury, exuberance, etc.--they could perfectly well have
    central heating, subway trains, washing machines, and all kinds of
    marvelous devices not yet invented here, floating light-sources,
    fuelless power, a cure for the common cold. Or they could have none of
    that: it doesn't matter. As you like it.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:29 No.4279990

    I incline to think that
    people from towns up and down the coast have been coming to to Omelas
    during the last days before the Festival on very fast little trains
    and double-decked trams, and that the trains station of Omelas is
    actually the handsomest building in town, though plainer than the
    magnificent Farmers' Market. But even granted trains, I fear that
    Omelas so far strikes some of you as goody-goody. Smiles, bells,
    parades, horses, bleh. If so, please add an orgy. If an orgy would
    help, don't hesitate. Let us not, however, have temples from which
    issue beautiful nude priests and priestesses already half in ecstasy
    and ready to copulate with any man or woman, lover or stranger, who
    desires union with the deep godhead of the blood, although that was my
    first idea. But really it would be better not to have any temples in
    Omelas--at least, not manned temples. Religion yes, clergy no. Surely
    the beautiful nudes can just wander about, offering themselves like
    divine souffles to the hunger of the needy and the rapture of the
    flesh. Let them join the processions.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:30 No.4279999

    Let tambourines be struck above
    the copulations, and the gory of desire be proclaimed
    upon the gongs, and (a not unimportant point) let the offspring of
    these delightful rituals be beloved and looked after by all. One thing
    I know there is none of in Omelas is guilt. But what else should there
    be? I thought at first there were no drugs, but that is
    puritanical. For those who like it, the faint insistent sweetness of
    drooz may perfume the ways of the city, drooz which first brings a
    great lightness and brilliance to the mind and limbs, and then after
    some hours a dreamy languor, and wonderful visions at last of the very
    arcane and inmost secrets of the Universe, as well as exciting the
    pleasure of sex beyond all belief; and it is not habit-forming. For
    more modest tastes I think there ought to be beer. What else, what
    else belongs in the joyous city? The sense of victory, surely, the
    celebration of courage. But as we did without clergy, let us do
    without soldiers. The joy built upon successful slaughter is not the
    right kind of joy; it will not do; it is fearful and it is trivial
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:31 No.4280006
    (halfway point of this fucking long story)

    boundless and generous contentment, a magnanimous triumph felt not
    against some outer enemy but in communion with the finest and fairest
    in the souls of all men everywhere and the splendor of the world's
    summer: This is what swells the hears of the people of Omelas, and the
    victory they celebrate is that of life. I don't think many of them
    need to take drooz. Most of the processions have reached the Green Fields by now. A
    marvelous smell of cooking goes forth from the red and blue tents of
    the provisioners. The faces of small children are amiably sticky; in
    the benign gray beard of a man a couple of crumbs of rich pastry are
    entangled. The youths and girls have mounted their horses and are
    beginning to group around the starting line of the course. An old
    woman, small, fat, and laughing, is passing out flowers from a basket,
    and tall young men wear her flowers in their shining hair. A child of
    nine or ten sits at the edge of the crowd alone, playing on a wooden
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:32 No.4280016

    (here comes the fucked up part)

    People pause to listen, and they smile, but they do not speak to him,
    for he never ceases playing and never sees them, his dark eyes wholly
    rapt in the sweet, thing magic of the tune.

    He finishes, and slowly lowers his hands holding the wooden flute.

    As if that little private silence were the signal, all at once a
    trumpet sounds from the pavilion near the starting line: imperious,
    melancholy, piercing. The horses rear on their slender legs, and some
    of them neigh in answer. Sober-faced, the young riders stroke the
    horses' necks and soothe them, whispering. "Quiet, quiet, there my
    beauty, my hope..." They begin to form in rank along the starting
    line. The crowds along the racecourse are like a field of grass and
    flowers in the wind. The Festival of Summer has begun.

    Do you believe? Do you accept the festival, the city, the joy? No?
    Then let me describe one more thing.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:33 No.4280020

    In a basement under one of the beautiful public buildings of Omelas,
    or perhaps in the cellar of one of its spacious private homes, there
    is a room. It has one locked door, and no window. A little light seeps
    in dustily between cracks in the boards, secondhand from a cobwebbed
    window somewhere across the cellar. In one corner of the little room a
    couple of mops, with stiff, clotted, foul-smelling heads, stand near a
    rusty bucket. The floor is dirt, a little damp to the touch, as cellar
    dirt usually is.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:34 No.4280029
    So, basically there's this city where everything looks nice but people are really quite vain and masochistic?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:36 No.4280043

    The room is about three paces long and two wide: a mere broom closet
    or disused tool room. In the room, a child is sitting. It could be a
    boy or a girl. It looks about six, but actually is nearly ten. It is
    feeble-minded. Perhaps it was born defective, or perhaps it has become
    imbecile through fear, malnutrition, and neglect. It picks its nose
    and occasionally fumbles vaguely with its toes or genitals, as it sits
    hunched in the corner farthest from the bucket and the two mops. It is
    afraid of the mops. It finds them horrible. It shuts its eyes, but it
    knows the mops are still standing there; and the door is locked; and
    nobody will come. The door is always locked; and nobody ever comes,
    except that sometimes--the child has no understanding of time or
    interval--sometimes the door rattles terribly and opens, and a person,
    or several people, are there. One of them may come in and kick the
    child to make it stand up. The others never come close, but peer in at
    it with frightened, disgusted eyes. The food bowl and the water jug
    are hastily filled, the door is locked; the eyes disappear. The people
    at the door never say anything, but the child, who has not always
    lived in the tool room, and can remember sunlight and its mother's
    voice, sometimes speaks. "I will be good, " it says. "Please let me
    out. I will be good!" They never answer. The child used to scream for
    help at night, and cry a good deal, but now it only makes a kind of
    whining, "eh-haa, eh-haa," and it speaks less and less often. It is so
    thin there are no calves to its legs; its belly protrudes; it lives on
    a half-bowl of corn meal and grease a day. It is naked. Its buttocks
    and thighs are a mass of festered sores, as it sits in its own
    excrement continually.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:37 No.4280051

    also, >>4280029 wait till the story is over before you try to analyze it silly

    They all know it is there, all the people of Omelas. Some of them have
    come to see it, others are content merely to know it is there. They
    all know that it has to be there. Some of them understand why, and
    some do not, but they all understand that their happiness, the beauty
    of their city, the tenderness of their friendships, the health of
    their children, the wisdom of their scholars, the skill of their
    makers, even the abundance of their harvest and the kindly weathers of
    their skies, depend wholly on this child's abominable misery.

    This is usually explained to children when they are between eight and
    twelve, whenever they seem capable of understanding; and most of those
    who come to see the child are young people, though often enough an
    adult comes, or comes back, to see the child. No matter how well the
    matter has been explained to them, these young spectators are always
    shocked and sickened at the sight. They feel disgust, which they had
    thought themselves superior to. They feel anger, outrage, impotence,
    despite all the explanations. They would like to do something for the
    child. But there is nothing they can do. If the child were brought up
    into the sunlight out of that vile place, if it were cleaned and fed
    and comforted, that would be a good thing, indeed; but if it were
    done, in that day and hour all the prosperity and beauty and delight
    of Omelas would wither and be destroyed. Those are the terms. To
    exchange all the goodness and grace of every life in Omelas for that
    single, small improvement: to throw away the happiness of thousands
    for the chance of happiness of one: that would be to let guilt within
    the walls indeed.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:38 No.4280057

    The terms are strict and absolute; there may not even be a kind word
    spoken to the child.

    Often the young people go home in tears, or in a tearless rage, when
    they have seen the child and faced this terrible paradox. They may
    brood over it for weeks or years. But as time goes on they begin to
    realize that even if the child could be released, it would not get
    much good of its freedom: a little vague pleasure of warmth and food,
    no real doubt, but little more. It is too degraded and imbecile to
    know any real joy. It has been afraid too long ever to be free of
    fear. Its habits are too uncouth for it to respond to humane
    treatment. Indeed, after so long it would probably be wretched without
    walls about it to protect it, and darkness for its eyes, and its own
    excrement to sit in. Their tears at the bitter injustice dry when they
    begin to perceive the terrible justice of reality, and to accept
    it. Yet it is their tears and anger, the trying of their generosity
    and the acceptance of their helplessness, which are perhaps the true
    source of the splendor of their lives. Theirs is no vapid,
    irresponsible happiness. They know that they, like the child, are not
    free. They know compassion. It is the existence of the child, and
    their knowledge of its existence, that makes possible the nobility of
    their architecture, the poignancy of their music, the profundity of
    their science. It is because of the child that they are so gentle with
    children. They know that if the wretched one were not there sniveling
    in the dark, the other one, the flute-player, could make no joyful
    music as the young riders line up in their beauty for the race in the
    sunlight of the first morning of summer.

    Now do you believe them? Are they not more credible? But there is one
    more thing to tell, and this is quite incredible.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:38 No.4280063
         File :1239730733.jpg-(190 KB, 1400x756, steamboy_tractor_scene.jpg)
    190 KB
    I had an ephiphany.

    Here a pic of the movie that depicts WHY the city is so powerful.

    They're the only ones that have the material for creating steamball - little containers for incredibly high pressure steam. With those, you can have fucking steam-airplanes.
    Of course they just sell unrepliable degraded steamballs, not wanting their "special ingredient" to become something other than a monopoly... or for having others with their airships, trusses for humongous edifices and weapons.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:39 No.4280065

    At times one of the adolescent girls or boys who go see the child does
    not go home to weep or rage, does not, in fact, go home at
    all. Sometimes also a man or a woman much older falls silent for a day
    or two, then leaves home. These people go out into the street, and
    walk down the street alone. They keep walking, and walk straight out
    of the city of Omelas, through the beautiful gates. They keep walking
    across the farmlands of Omelas. Each one goes alone, youth or girl,
    man or woman.

    Night falls; the traveler must pass down village streets, between the
    houses with yellow- lit windows, and on out into the darkness of the
    fields. Each alone, they go west or north, towards the mountains. They
    go on. They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they
    do not come back. The place they go towards is a place even less
    imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe
    it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to
    know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.
    there you have it /tg/, discuss
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:39 No.4280069
    I wasn't being serious. I'm not silly ;_;
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:44 No.4280099
    Roaches as being a kind of roach modified in a similar way to the abhumans to be some kind of slave race/pet thing?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:45 No.4280108

    Yes, but giant; see thread.

    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:48 No.4280129





    Too weak to be used for heavy labor, they're employed as butlers/maids/factory workers. Some of the more entrepreneurial ones will become artisans, though due to industrialization and social stigma they aren't able to do very well in this field (even if they are capable of producing very good stuff). They've also introduced a new recreational chemical substance to the city of Opolis, which some of the more xenophobic elements are trying to ban (though, with little success thus far).
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:51 No.4280144
    City is made of terraces cut into the mountain
    a strong rivalry/twin cities with a city on the opposite side of the valley (or better still a ravine) connected by airships.
    Iron/precious metals are mined from within the mountain and carried in trains (it is impractical to carry heavy minerals by airship). Helps to carve out the steps of the city as in open cut mining. Poorer citizens live in the newly cut steps whereas the merchants and wealthy citizens (along with historic buildings) are situated on the the oldest original steps, maybe at the top of the city.
    Engineers are responsible for innovations in airship design but there is a guild of competitive airship owners.
    Monsters in the city are ancient creatures disturbed by the mining and desecration of the mountain and cause large amounts of destruction of the poorer regions when released. Children are used as cheap labour in factories and in the mines along with migrant labour brought in from far off towns. Migrants are unpopular and are brought in by the airship-load looking for a new life. Generally they live short unhappy lives, as do their children.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)13:55 No.4280178

    Migrant hating be related to other city. They come over looking for the greener grass, and get treated worse.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:09 No.4280295
    It reads like "Utilitarianism for Children in the Early 20th Century".

    Anyway, back on topic:

    Pointless, really. There's sense in creating dumb-but-strong workers, but not in creating workers who are generally worse at everything except being small. That's what children are for.

    >City is made of terraces cut into the mountain
    Maybe a little bit, but having the entire city like that would make it seem too based on a single geographical theme. Also, no one starts building at the top of a mountain: the oldest part of town with the palaces and parliament, etc. would be at the bottom (assuming the city was around before steampunk technology made wacky buildings possible).
    You make a good point about the weight of ores though, and I like the idea of quaint steam trains rolling along the valley by the quaint little villages, then being swallowed up in the sprawl of the smoggy, dirty city.
    The finished iron/steel goods can be exported via airship.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:10 No.4280304
    >>4280295 Pointless, really. There's sense in creating dumb-but-strong workers, but not in creating workers who are generally worse at everything except being small. That's what children are for.

    Well, they are supposed to be based off of Chinese immigrants.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:21 No.4280392
         File :1239733272.png-(22 KB, 800x600, oopolis.png)
    22 KB
    Quick mockup of what it may look like. Of course, each tier is no where near just full of the building type associated with it: that's just a rough guide. Travel between tiers happens via little airships, maybe some kind of skyrail and, for the really poor, long flights of stairs.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:27 No.4280434
    Ok. Summary

    City Name: Opolis
    Government de jure: Authoritarian Monarchy
    Government de facto: Council made up of representatives from various guilds within the city.
    Military: Consists almost entirely of airships. Military strategy is pretty much one of national redoubt.
    Religion: Mix of Taoism and Anglicism. Big on doing the "right" thing and good old fashioned puritan work ethic. No Victorian sexual repression.
    Economy: Based on industry and trade. Migrant and child labour is heavily exploited in factories. Criminals may be forced to undergo a process to turn them into brutes for slave labor where they'll work as miners/construction workers.

    Missing anything?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:29 No.4280448
    I'm worried we're making it too grimdark.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:29 No.4280451

    I dunno, I think the whole thing should be located further up in the mountains. And the poor should be on the bottom near the factories with the rich being up at the top (and above the smog line).
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:30 No.4280468

    The only thing that's really grimdark about it is that the capital punishment is a freakish scientific process turning people into monsters to be exploited for slave labor.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:30 No.4280473

    I would have it the other way around. It would make sense to have the rich folk close to the heart (the mountain) of the city.


    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:31 No.4280475

    Roaches. Delicious Proletariat Roaches.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:33 No.4280492

    What's the deal with the roaches?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:34 No.4280511

    Because they are awesome and fit into the cheap labor source perfectly?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:37 No.4280535

    But.. roaches are gross.

    Especially big ones.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:38 No.4280541
    So are poor people. It fits perfectly.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:38 No.4280554

    That's part of the point.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:40 No.4280568

    ... you have a point.

    But what proportion of the population would they be?

    Would they make up the entirety of the poor working class or would they be the lowest of the low - the most underpaid and exploited?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:40 No.4280576
    Would you rather live on a shitty cold rock, or at the bottom on nice warm green valley grass?

    Also the fact that the lower classes just seem to be shat on factory workers? We could at least have most of the guilds upholding people's rights and stuff.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:40 No.4280578
    So have we decided on just roaches and humans, or are there any races?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:42 No.4280600

    Meant to say any other races
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:42 No.4280604
    >I would have it the other way around. It would make sense to have the rich folk close to the heart (the mountain) of the city.

    Tier 0 is the old town. As the city grew and spread higher to the mountain, the rich people moved along with it.

    This city is interesting in that it started from the edges, and spread from there in the center, while usually they do the other way around.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:43 No.4280612
    >Would you rather live on a shitty cold rock
    It's been stated before on the thread that the rich people would build greenhouses and artificial means to keep themselves perfectly comfortable, plus it's much more symbolic that the rich people that control the city would live in the center and higher up.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:45 No.4280640
    Or maybe the rich people like the coldness as it lets them wear their fashionable fur coats. Or maybe it just isn't that cold.

    Still, the old town should be the "downtown" area, where the guildhalls etc are.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:45 No.4280646
    >>4280576 Would you rather live on a shitty cold rock, or at the bottom on nice warm green valley grass?

    I'd rather be as far away from the factories as possible and be able to look down on the degenerate poor from my mountain villa.

    >Also the fact that the lower classes just seem to be shat on factory workers? We could at least have most of the guilds upholding people's rights and stuff.

    That's not grimdark.

    That's an accurate portrayal of the 1800s.


    You could also think of it along the same lines of suburbanization/white flight.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:46 No.4280660

    Plus it's much easier to build cheap apartment blocks for the poor on flatter land.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:47 No.4280670
    What are we calling these human criminals turned monster slaves?

    Orcs? Someone else mentioned Jagers, but I have no idea what those are.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:48 No.4280676

    They could flaunt their wealth with expensive heating systems - steampunk style.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:48 No.4280677
    >That's not grimdark.
    >That's an accurate portrayal of the 1800s.
    They're not mutually exclusive.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:52 No.4280715
    I think it's autosaging.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:53 No.4280720
    Maybe the guilds/king do a bit for the common peasant humans. A handful of social services, some basic political rights. A minimum wage.

    Of course, to offset this, factory owners went from exploiting citizens to exploiting migrants and those roach things instead. Since, due to the way the laws are worded, such rights are only afforded to people who are both citizens and human.

    Though, I don't think this really diminishes the grimdarkness as much as it does shift it a bit.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)14:55 No.4280743

    Someone make a new thread!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:00 No.4280778
    Not autosaging yet. /tg/'s just being quite active, pushing the thread out of first page pretty fast.

    Maybe he's a puppet king. He thinks he's got power, but he really can't do shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:01 No.4280783
         File :1239735662.png-(7 KB, 476x410, balloonlift.png)
    7 KB
    Just gonna throw this thing in, since I saw it in a book and it's very steampunk.

    Balloon powered carriages are used to haul material to and from the mountains. Since they go on fixed lines, they're safer than airships because they won't drift.

    To go up, fill the balloon and let it pull the cart up. To go down, release gas or load up the cart with more material.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:03 No.4280804
    I'm not sure of the switch around with the poor/rich residential areas, although it depends where you have the "entrance" of the city, do people mainly get to the city via airships into the mountain? or do people go via train? or both? a city really don't want the first thing for visitors or potential immigrants to see to be slums. So i'd recommend a split of higher class living areas towards the top of the mountain, and in the valley below, this would also mean for more variance in locations for players i guess. obviously the poorer people live deep in the city, next to their working places, out of the direct sight of newcomers
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:09 No.4280841
    This does make sense. Inns and hotels, markets and other trading at the bottom, along with train station; residential district and the slums at the middle ring; rich people and the government at the top, with the airport.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:33 No.4281084
    Would there be any other way up to the rich people district than airships? Stairs? Elevators?
    >> Lune Zeara !NvyCREBjMw 04/14/09(Tue)15:40 No.4281139

    Stairs, guarded by the constabulary, to ensure none of the riff-raff get in.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:42 No.4281153
    Ooh, I just thought that the life of a burglar might be quite interesting in this city!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:44 No.4281171
    I like this. Humans occupy the upper and middle classes, and the lower class ones are well-treated. Abhumans and roachmen are the really poor exploited ones.

    The terraces aren't going to be massively tall or anything, so some roads will have long ramps going up. Also, there will be stairs for pedestrians, some big buildings with elevators, and balloon-skyrails, such as >>4280783
    >> Lune Zeara !NvyCREBjMw 04/14/09(Tue)15:45 No.4281184

    Indeed, a wealth of treasure awaits the burglar willing to gamble with his life.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:46 No.4281185

    How about cable carts of some sort for those who don't want to walk? I wouldn't want to walk if I was rich.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:48 No.4281215
    Of course, there'd be no official rules on who gets in and who doesn't, because that would be respecting fellow man's rights! Of course, if you aren't dressed well, aren't carrying a wad of cash, aren't on official business, or simply aren't a 100% human being, you're quite clearly a criminal scum.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)15:56 No.4281278

    Then we'd need to have somewhere the guards can throw the criminal scum to rot, while they decide on an appropriate punishment for trespassing. Can't have these dangerous individuals running around now.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)16:02 No.4281340
    A regular jail will suffice.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)16:06 No.4281379

    Fair enough. I was thinking a temporary holding area before they get sent there, but OK.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)16:25 No.4281522
    >clockwork men

    This setting requires more clockwork. Clockpunk is superior to steampunk anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)16:39 No.4281658

    Clockwork constabulary
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)18:00 No.4282513

    I'm thinking ones like the Doctor Who ones. And this sounds awesome.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)18:31 No.4282863

    I haven't seen Doctor Who, care to elaborate?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)18:39 No.4282958
         File :1239748767.jpg-(20 KB, 316x475, clockwork-man-l.jpg)
    20 KB

    That's what's underneath, I'll post the picture of them with the tops on in a minute.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)18:42 No.4282980
         File :1239748933.jpg-(50 KB, 453x705, clockwork-man-l.jpg)
    50 KB

    Basically, in series, their ship broke down, and they killed the human crew in an attempt to use their 'parts' as replacements. Some timewarp shit goes down, and the doctor saves the day, works out whats going on, and they just wind down, their purpose unfulfilled.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)18:44 No.4282992

    In fact, don't change a thing. The nobles know they won't be harmed, and a little rumour spread among the lower classes should make them fearful of the guards.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)20:27 No.4283859
    Sure is real world in here. Would you like to actually play pretend with the rest of us kids and deviate from the norm?
    >> Teens are still idiots. 04/14/09(Tue)20:31 No.4283901
    This actually isn't bad.. But, should we really have the rich housing at the bottom? The drainage issues, the pollution that seeps down, etc..
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)20:48 No.4284063
    Call them the Rustics or Sootlings.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)20:55 No.4284149
         File :1239756916.jpg-(130 KB, 1600x1200, Apeture Science wallpaper.jpg)
    130 KB
    Fail. You Steam-powered clock-punk is how the we should go.

    Better yet, two rival guilds. Steam-punks vs. Clock-smiths. FUCK YEA!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)20:57 No.4284181
    That would be awesome, one side of the moutain could be mainly soot covered from the use of steam power. The other side could be stone and moss covered from the clockwerk side. That would look beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:07 No.4284265
    Damn straight. And it'd give the sootlings shit to do, working in the furnaces for the Steam-Punks.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:17 No.4284373
         File :1239758241.jpg-(36 KB, 615x400, oopolis revised.jpg)
    36 KB
    so, let me get this straight:
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:20 No.4284399

    Shitty drawing is shitty, but more or less.

    The only thing wrong with this that I can see is that it's in the middle of a mountain range like the alps/rockies/urals instead of a lone mountain
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:22 No.4284423
    K. And for the record, it was drawn using laptop track pad. Shitty drawing was inevitable
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:27 No.4284467
    What about other countries and the rest of the world as a whole?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:35 No.4284535
    The world should be flat. I'm not saying we should go full on disc-world here, I just think it'd be interesting to have superstition be right for once
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)21:55 No.4284722

    I dunno. If this were fantasy, maybe. But as a steampunk setting I don't think that really works. Especially since the scientific method is incorporated into Oopolis's religion.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:17 No.4284984

    Then again... it could go a long way to explain why Oopolis is so vital in terms of trade between the two halves of the world.

    Hard to say. If the world isn't flat, what could prevent nations from sailing around Oopolis or trying to circumnavigate?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:19 No.4285005
    You do make a good point, though it would seriously throw the scientific community if they found out that the world ACTUALLY was flat.

    That being said, insane tectonics. As in, the planets mantel is something far more viscous than ours is, meaning plates shift around much much more rapidly, and smoothly. (as in a plate moving miles in a year rather than fractions of an inch without creating catostrophic Earthquakes)
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:20 No.4285027
    This'd also support Oopolis viability in the trading community seeing as the ever changing maps would require great scientific minds to keep them updated, which'd put alot of trade routes through Oopolis because of the need for new maps.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:21 No.4285040

    Maybe there's no land bridge and the oceans cannot be reliably traversed due to sea monsters or some handwavium thing that just makes it next to impossible to direct the ship (wierd winds/currents?)
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:23 No.4285058

    Erm... wouldn't insane tectonics fuck up Oopolis since it's located in a mountain range (and by extension fault line).
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:27 No.4285101
    Not if the mountains are the result of previous volcanic activity. Plate moves over a volcanic hotspot, mountains are created, it moves on, they're still there but not volcanic anymore, leaving it far from the edges of plates and safe to build on
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:28 No.4285113

    How would that effect mineral deposits in the area? Especially the iron that will be so crucial to Oopolis's economy.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:29 No.4285119
         File :1239762546.jpg-(254 KB, 1660x1896, NO GODDAMN STEAMPUNK.jpg)
    254 KB

    I can't stand that fucking stupid shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:30 No.4285145
    That'd depend on what the plate and the core were made of. I don't really know enough about geology to say what the viscous molten material could be but I'm pretty sure that if the plates have alot of iron in them already, it'd be melted and forced up along with the superheated material during volcanic erruptions
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:31 No.4285156
    King: "Everyone said my great great great grandad was nutters for building his castle on a volcano. Sure, the first one got melted by lava. And the second one. But the third castle... the third castle never got destroyed by no lava. And now they're the ones being burned alive by the molten red blood of the earth. Hahahahaha!"
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:32 No.4285167
    Fuck you clock-smith. Steam-punks will run Oopolis once you're long forgotten
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:37 No.4285224
         File :1239763055.jpg-(138 KB, 680x460, bridges.jpg)
    138 KB
    How populated is Oopolis? A million? Is there a lot of crime? Also, I am so happy that /tg/ likes my idea to call the city Oopolis. The oo sound makes everything greater!
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:41 No.4285259
    I'd assume very and kinda. The generally good yet cramped conditions of the poorer districts would spark crime, which would also be deterred by the punishment system

    Which reminds me, guild leaders, we need two of them.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:42 No.4285269

    Not exactly sure about numbers, but I'd say it should have a very high population. As for crime... depends on what part of the town you live in. If you're middle class or higher, there's relatively little ... outside of things like bribery and blackmail at least. However, there is a lot of crime among the poor and working class due to cramped space, horrible living conditions, and exploitative labor. Throw in that the government is a bit more strict on non-citizens and you have a steady supply of new sootlings to replace those that die in the furnaces/mines.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:43 No.4285284
    >Which reminds me, guild leaders, we need two of them.

    Two per guild or two major guild leaders who are just more important than the rest?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)22:55 No.4285404
    One for each of the two opposed guilds. Clockwork and Steam.

    I'm thinking that due to the dangers of being around coal run furnaces and boilers and general fuck tons of dangerous half functional shit, the leader of the steam guild would probably be young, probably not even in his thirties. Turnover rate is high and the position requires the leadership to organize the workforce and get shit done
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:02 No.4285462

    When did Clockwork v Steam come into this?

    And what happened to the other guilds like the 'Seamstresses' Association and the Blacksmith's Guild?

    As for the dangers of steam furnaces and whatnot... I figured the most dangerous stuff would be performed by the disposable sootlings. Their natural physical durability allows them to survive the horrid conditions just long enough so that the owners of the companies aren't short for labor.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:21 No.4285681
    The argument for which branch the scientific community of Oopolis would take came up a while ago, I ended it with the suggestion that they both exist within Oopolis, as a pair of opposed guilds based on rival schools of thought
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:49 No.4285975
         File :1239767371.jpg-(25 KB, 300x303, B60s-Clocking.jpg)
    25 KB
    I just can't stop imagining the Clock King as the leader of the Clockwork guild.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:50 No.4285987

    Ahh... well then.

    I suppose the clockwork guy would be older. Extremely OCD and more than a little eccentric, but kinda nice in the crazy grandfather way. He views his craft as an art form, a hobby in a way. Reclusive, he generally only goes out to speak about his craft.

    The steampunk guy would be relatively young, late 20s to mid 30s. Very profit oriented. It's all about the money and the power for him. He also has a rather scandalous personal life, and he's frequently covered in the tabloid newspapers.

    A few years back, the king held a contest to decide who would build the machines which would protect Oopolis. Steampunk Guy offered airships and Clockwork Guy offered giant mechanical spiders. In the end, the airships won out, causing the Clockworkd Guy to be more than a little bitter.
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:55 No.4286034
    Wouldn't we need a new thread?
    >> Anonymous 04/14/09(Tue)23:59 No.4286079
    Dude, you are a god. Let no one say otherwise. This thread has officially kicked ass. I know what my group is doing next. In related news, is there a good thread cap addon for firefox?

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