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  • File :1239509317.jpg-(281 KB, 454x615, Aribeth.jpg)
    281 KB Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:08 No.4255435  
    So the Planescape Magical Girls game had its first session yesterday, and it actually went pretty well.

    We were missing a couple of players but we decided to go anyway, so we ended up with Bleaker-tan (a sort-of tomboy who wants to help people), Doomguard-tan (a jaded tall schoolgirl who wants to be the little girl) and Revolutionary-tan (a fun-loving troublemaking half-elf).

    They started in Fell's ice cream store, taking a break from high school classes, when suddenly Harmonium-tan (a very clumsy Aribeth) hurried into the room, seeking help from the lawful -tans. They weren't there, but they convinced Aribeth to let them help anyway.

    She told them that a big blue slaad with a magic paintbrush was running around the Market Ward color-coding everyone by alignment. After some pressing, she admitted that it was a slaad (and unknown to them, champion of Renbuu, slaad lord of color) who was captured and dragged into one of the Harmonium's "reeducation" camps, where they tried to make him lawful; instead, he went barmy, decided he was a member of the Harmonium and decided to "help" them by painting everything to match its alignment. LG was plaid, CE was bright pink, NG was tangerine, CN was bright green with blue dots, etc.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:13 No.4255464
    >CE was bright pink

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:14 No.4255476

    They went to investigate, and found it in the Great Bazaar, in the middle of a bunch of fleeing people, painting a tiefling by pinning it to the floor and ramming its magic brush into its face. Meanwhile, Revolutionary-tan used her magic to disguise herself as a shorter Aribeth, hoping to make the Harmonium look bad. Harmonium-tan was angry, but they managed to avoid a fight between the -tans for now.

    After trying to talk it down (and letting the slaad paint them for fun) Bleaker-tan asked why it hadn't painted itself, and it agreed that was a good idea and demanded to see a mirror.

    After Bleaker-tan brought it a mirror, it set to work. Unfortunately, since it was a barmy slaad pretending to be LG, it had no idea what color it should be. After trying to paint itself several different colors at once, it exploded in a shower of paint and left behind two paintbrush-wielding slaad: One plaid, LG and obsessed with continuing its color-coding work, and one green with blue does, CN and obsessed with undoing its lawful counterpart's work by painting everything random colors.

    They attacked Harmonium-tan first, arguing over what color to paint her while hitting her with their paintbrushes. After Bleaker-tan tried to save her, the slaad attacked her instead, leaving her stunned and confused in a puddle of paint with a rainbow face.

    The slaad started to attack bystanders again and Doomguard-tan decided to step in with her giant quake-causing hammer. Then things got silly.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:15 No.4255488
    Please stop, you're raping the shit out of one of my favorite settings ever.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:21 No.4255536

    Doomguard-tan crushed the polka-dot slaad and several market stalls with her hammer and knocked it on its ass, still alive. She took its paintbrush and had a dramatic standoff with the plaid slaad, who declared "IN THE NAME OF RENBUU, I WILL COLOR YOU!"

    Revolutionary-tan tried to use chaos magic to change its form to something more harmless, but missed and turned an entire stall into a pile of Demogorgon plushes which trapped Harmonium-tan. This angered the plaid slaad, which moved to color Revolutionary-tan instead; using the opening, Doomguard-tan smashed it with the full force of her hammer, turning the area around it into a crater.

    Before it could recover, she grabbed the second paintbrush, combined them to restore the original paintbrush to its former glory, and decided to feed it to her pet ooze to destroy it. Both slaad got upset and leapt to attack while Bleaker-tan tried to grab them and stop the fighting so they could talk it out. Doomguard-tan won initiative, and slammed both the slaads and Bleaker-tan (by mistake) with a swing of the hammer.

    Bleaker-tan managed to calm everyone for a while, though, and started to talk it out. Doomguard-tan went to see what Revolutionary-tan was doing and found she was using Harmonium-tan's entrapment under the plush pile to tickle her feet. The Hardhead begged to be let out. Doomguard-tan decided not to.

    The slaad with the identity crisis was eventually talked into leaving for Limbo to get a new brush from Renbuu, with each half arguing with each other over who deserved it more. That's where we left off; I'm not sure if I want the slaad to come back again, either still split or restored to its former glory. Doomguard-tan is wondering what to do with the paintbrush.

    Next week, I might try the Great Modron March.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:25 No.4255581
         File :1239510301.jpg-(75 KB, 500x500, 1208868958993.jpg)
    75 KB

    Odd thing is, most of us really enjoy Planescape too. It took us a while to come up with -tan concepts we felt fit the setting, even.

    We're aware it's a total train-wreck of an idea. This is being run for laughs and we're having a surprising amount of fun.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:30 No.4255627
    Don't try to pretend this is anything but trolling.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:33 No.4255653
         File :1239510803.jpg-(102 KB, 587x660, meow.jpg)
    102 KB

    Seems silly to go to the effort of making characters and playing a game just to troll strangers like you, don't you think?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:41 No.4255722
    That's my point. You don't actually play this game. You are making this shit up.

    The alternative, that there exists a group of people both interested enough in planescape, and pathetic enough to want to play a 'faction-tan' game; this is so implausible as to make the event a practical impossibility.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:46 No.4255787
         File :1239511607.jpg-(53 KB, 479x591, 1207187152854.jpg)
    53 KB

    Nope. Running it on IRC and everything, people will back this up.


    It's been pointed out several times that this isn't being taken seriously by anyone involved, so I'm not sure where you're coming from with the ad hominem.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:48 No.4255798
    OK. Would you run this game in person? Face to face?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:53 No.4255839

    The same people who run Maid-Rpg
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:56 No.4255856
         File :1239512161.png-(820 KB, 807x843, 1207157667160.png)
    820 KB

    Maybe. That depends entirely on who the others involved are, their temperament, personality, how they feel about Planescape, etc. I'd consider it, if it was a good group and they wouldn't be creepy about it. If it wasn't, probably not. I can't run it with the same players as I am online, we're in different countries.

    So, what's your subjective opinion on my answer going to be?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:57 No.4255863
    The fact you don't feel shame is probably the greatest tragedy of it all.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:57 No.4255868
    Why wouldn't he?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)00:58 No.4255882
    I was going for the "the fact that you can only run it successfully through the online medium points to the deep subconscious shame that you rightly feel" argument.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:01 No.4255917
    What shame?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:04 No.4255936
         File :1239512643.gif-(95 KB, 302x443, 1207177972312.gif)
    95 KB

    Honestly, it feels a little silly sometimes, but that's because it's a PLANESCAPE game with MAGICAL GIRLS.

    The reason we don't feel that bad about it is we're not taking it seriously. If we were, maybe then we should feel bad, but everything we've done with this idea has been for laughs.

    >the fact that you can only run it successfully through the online medium
    >the fact
    >I'd consider it, if it was a good group

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:04 No.4255944
    The shame of a group of middle aged men, collectively pretending to be little girls with anime inspired behavioural patterns and mannerisms?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:06 No.4255950
         File :1239512760.jpg-(32 KB, 268x475, 1207181973831.jpg)
    32 KB

    The PCs are too old to be little girls. We agreed to ban that crap.
    >> Inquisitor Lord Elias 04/12/09(Sun)01:07 No.4255952
    You don't seem to realize this is the internet. NO ONE feels shame for anything. especially if they're doing it for laughs.
    >> trolling in a trolling thread Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:08 No.4255964
         File :1239512885.jpg-(252 KB, 1000x733, bothlying.jpg)
    252 KB
    Magical girls suck and so do old men who get off on pretending to be them! :D
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:09 No.4255977
    Nothing shameful about that. Why would that be shameful?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:10 No.4255985
    ...and yet the game is best described as 'planescape magical girls', and you have to refer to them as whatever-tan, and give us all the details of their lol-so-randum escapades.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:11 No.4255993
         File :1239513075.jpg-(168 KB, 680x945, 1207277280980.jpg)
    168 KB

    And they're not little girls while doing so.

    What's your point?
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:13 No.4256001
         File :1239513197.jpg-(179 KB, 850x1201, reisensexy.jpg)
    179 KB
    /r/ing succubus and Erin Montgomery (I think that's the other hot factol) images. I offer in return more bunny girl.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:15 No.4256013

    I think >>4255856 is Erin Montgomery.

    Hold on, I'll find succubus.
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:16 No.4256025
    Then the other one was Darkflame, or something like that? I only vaguely remember the names now from the Blood Wars card set I had...
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:16 No.4256029
    I enjoyed your report on the campaign OP and look forward to a report next week.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:18 No.4256040
    You forgot to post your pseudo-avatar.
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:18 No.4256041
         File :1239513505.jpg-(406 KB, 748x1000, reisenpantsu4.jpg)
    406 KB
    Oh noes, forgot the bunny.
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:21 No.4256062
         File :1239513666.jpg-(478 KB, 752x1062, teicurtsey.jpg)
    478 KB
    I sincerely beg your forgiveness, good sir, for my failure in providing bunny fanservice.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:21 No.4256064
    Posts: X
    Bunnies: X-1
    There is no way for you to amend this. You will be behind forever.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:24 No.4256103
         File :1239513880.jpg-(476 KB, 1920x1200, 1125464334421.jpg)
    476 KB

    Not if I post a bunny for him.
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:25 No.4256114
         File :1239513944.jpg-(145 KB, 800x600, both2.jpg)
    145 KB
    Unless I post... multiple bunnies?!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:30 No.4256171
    Oh god. So wrong.

    Oh well. I'd still fuck Sensate-tan.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:31 No.4256173
         File :1239514260.jpg-(38 KB, 289x454, 0succubus.jpg)
    38 KB

    I assume you meant this?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:36 No.4256229
         File :1239514588.jpg-(86 KB, 750x900, art-transcendant-order-rhys.jpg)
    86 KB

    Oh, and Darkflame is Erin. I think.


    Maybe planewalker will have the one you are thinking of? Do you mean Rhys?
    >> Have a bunny 04/12/09(Sun)01:40 No.4256274
         File :1239514804.jpg-(466 KB, 1000x1399, reisenpantsu6.jpg)
    466 KB

    I'm sure there were two hot factols... :( I can't remember them both off the top of my head, though. Sadness. Also, bunny.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:49 No.4256366
         File :1239515370.jpg-(120 KB, 565x832, art-doomguard-pentar.jpg)
    120 KB

    Have a Pentar of the Doomguard.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:55 No.4256422
         File :1239515721.jpg-(72 KB, 296x300, Grimace.jpg)
    72 KB
    I lol'd hard at this thread.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)01:58 No.4256451
         File :1239515893.jpg-(256 KB, 1623x2119, deliciouspentar.jpg)
    256 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)02:35 No.4256788
         File :1239518143.jpg-(281 KB, 1036x700, 1239427290936.jpg)
    281 KB
    Factol talk makes me wonder if I should include them, actually.

    I might. The PCs are supposedly in senior high when they are not fighting for truth and justice in Sigil, so the factols could be teachers. Not sure if that is too Sigil Prep-y, though. (On the other hand, we already have Aribeth as Harmonium-tan...)

    Also, what DOES a Doomguard do with a magical paintbrush that can paint anything?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)03:01 No.4256990

    Paint everything and everyone in Sigil jet black and watch them destroy themselves.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)03:57 No.4257628

    Paint the Harmonium pink.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)04:33 No.4257895
    I see a Sigil and I want to paint it black.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)06:03 No.4258509


    Or sky blue. I don't know, what color would be most confusing?
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)06:58 No.4258824
    I like the concept of Factols as the teaching staff.

    Though, hmmm... If Pain-chan is the principal, and there's Fell's Ice Cream Store, and he's technically not someone she really likes... OH SHIT, HE'S THE BIG BAD IN DISGUISE.

    And seriously, some things for everyone to remember.

    A) We do have a bit of fun seeing how much people RAAAGE about it, but mostly we play for our own entertainment's sake with the actual GAME.

    B) There's nothing creepy going on. OOC we make a few jokes when someone says something that could be taken as sexually suggestive, but we do that even when playing extremely be-muscled barbarians or games where we have mecha. We're just juvenile like that.

    C) About playing "little girls." Bleaker-tan is 17, which I think puts her generally above the pedophilia limit. The thing is less that it's about I WISH TO BE THE LITTLE GIRL, and more that, playing her, I can roleplay a different type of personality and shit. It's a nice change.

    D) About playing it in person. You know, honestly? I wouldn't mind, except that I'm generally just not as good a roleplayer in person, the other players aren't in the area and I kind of prefer roleplaying over IRC since it tends towards taking the game a bit more seriously(not SRS BSNS seriously, but more roleplaying, less about the rolls. I can elaborate if anyone wants.) and allowing people to be more verbose.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)07:04 No.4258872
         File :1239534298.png-(184 KB, 1024x1024, Awesome.png)
    184 KB

    So what you're saying is the fact that it's a magical girl game has no meaning, and we should seek meaning from within.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)07:17 No.4258901
    Other than the whole "-tan" thing, I enjoyed OP's story or paintbrush slaads
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)07:18 No.4258905
    Oh, and, for reference: http://pastebin.com/f76b1d07e

    Bleaker-tan's character sheet.

    [02:12] <Ettin> Athar-tan: Adie Dawkins
    [02:12] <Ettin> Dustmen-tan: Radia Rainbow Summers
    [02:12] <Ettin> Fated-tan: Andrea Ryan
    [02:12] <Ettin> Guvner-tan: Samia Pythagora
    [02:12] <Ettin> Indep-tan: Henrietta Winkler
    [02:12] <Ettin> Harmonium-tan: Aribeth de Tylmarande
    [02:13] <Ettin> Mercykiller-tan: Alexandra Enoreth
    [02:13] <Ettin> Signer-tan: Rene Cartesia
    [02:13] <Ettin> Sensate-tan: Chloe Cream
    [02:13] <Ettin> Xaositect-tan: Katy

    The non-PC-tan names. Aaaaand a log of the game!


    It has all of the OOC stuff cleaned out(what wasn't in a separate channel) as well as the rolls. Just trust that we occasionally rolled some dice. Judge for yourself if it was creepy.

    Game had a bit of an abrupt end since one player(me) had to go to bed(it was 6 am by the time we stopped, we started late for me...) and it started a bit abruptly since it was mostly intended as a get-into-character test session.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)07:20 No.4258911

    Yes, exactly! Aw, you should head over to the Gatehouse and join right away!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:16 No.4259164

    What benefits do I get from joining this faction?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:18 No.4259171
    ..You won't join. Not with that attitude anyway.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:27 No.4259228

    Fine! I'm going to the Fated! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)08:29 No.4259245

    Funny thing, I think the main benefit you get from Bleakers is that you're joining a faction that has no enemies and which is generally not composed of rampant jackasses(like, say, the Fated, or the Signers).

    On the other hand, you have to pass a check to get out of bed every morning, pretty much. Fail too many in a row and you get overwhelmed by depression and need to be sent to the Gatehouse for a few weeks to recover.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:40 No.4259303
         File :1239540002.jpg-(282 KB, 471x665, Red_Sonja.jpg)
    282 KB

    Is there anything it can't do?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:42 No.4259318
    I wouldn't say they don't have any enemies. None of the other factions really like them and the Sensates dislike them even more because of their "meh whatever" attitude and the lawful factions like the Harmonium and the Mercykillers always think that the Bleakers are up to something.

    The lack of jackasses is true though.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:50 No.4259364

    And you won't have any other factions harassing you like the Harmonium harasses the Revolutionary League, as far as I know anyway.

    The depression is a bitch though.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:54 No.4259385
    No. No there is not.
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)08:54 No.4259386
         File :1239540859.jpg-(111 KB, 800x600, 1232206172800.jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:55 No.4259393

    >OF /TG/

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)08:57 No.4259403
         File :1239541078.jpg-(126 KB, 600x811, 1230616117877.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)09:01 No.4259420


    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:03 No.4259435
         File :1239541422.jpg-(165 KB, 750x604, 1238025944595.jpg)
    165 KB

    How is Planescape weeaboo? Pike off!
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:05 No.4259440

    Well, conflicts with the Fated when they harass the poor and weak too much, I imagine.

    Friendship with the Godsmen due to personal choice, etc. Maybe some friendship with the Signers over that, too. Likely friendship with the Athar.

    No huge fights with the Lawful Triad, though, because they mostly stay out of the Hive, and the Bleakers mostly operate in the Hive and the Lower Ward. They might pick on a Bleaker who's on an errand in the Lady's or Guildhall Ward, but that's it. Even then it'd probably just be some shoving and spitting, maybe a few days of arrest for a minor transgression, rather than killing him or something.


    Aw, it's rage-tan! You need a pretty bow in your hair. :3
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:05 No.4259444
    Funny, that face comes from Berzerk... a manga.
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)09:06 No.4259445
         File :1239541576.jpg-(110 KB, 700x731, 1183857931337.jpg)
    110 KB
    >Doomguard-tan (a jaded tall schoolgirl who wants to be the little girl)
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:09 No.4259465

    So much rage. Maybe you should come play with us!

    I bet you'd make a great Mercykiller-tan with all that anger! Come on, it might be fun! You never know!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:10 No.4259467

    Yeah, she's very tall for her age and wishes she could be small, agile and graceful.

    What's wrong with that, huh? HUH?

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:10 No.4259470
    Shut the fuck up you cancercunt. There is a difference between enjoying japanese entertainment and being a FUCKING SHITCUNT WEEABOO.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:11 No.4259474
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:11 No.4259475

    butthurt much?
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:12 No.4259478
    Come on, let's all calm down.

    Did anyone actually read the log of the game before commenting?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:13 No.4259483
         File :1239542003.jpg-(162 KB, 750x950, cheshiresergal.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:13 No.4259485
         File :1239542016.png-(106 KB, 1024x1024, Lionsmilie.png)
    106 KB

    I think we found /b/-tan! :3
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:13 No.4259487
         File :1239542033.jpg-(825 KB, 1280x1024, BioBoosterArmorGuyver.jpg)
    825 KB
    Why didn't you create a Planescape campaign around grafts and biomancy?

    No, you wanted your retarded MOE~! kawaii shit campaign.

    That's what you get for being a retarded weeaboo cunt. Shitty campaign circle jerks of other fellow /jp/goers.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:14 No.4259494
         File :1239542094.jpg-(182 KB, 1024x768, 1209097683679.jpg)
    182 KB

    Non-trolls don't forget their sage.

    Have some Cirno.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:15 No.4259496
    Well not direct conflicts with them, no. But like I said all Planescape books point out that the Harmonium and the others (But mostly the Harmonium) always suspect that the Bleakers are up to no good with all those soup kitchens and stuff like that....but then again the Harmonium suspect EVERYONE who isn't a part of their faction.

    Also, when you play your character does she make a roll each morning? After all, the constant threat of absolute depression is part of being a Bleaker.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:15 No.4259497
    This is the cancer killing /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:16 No.4259501
    What's the matter, pussy? Too much gore and psychological terror for you to handle?

    Why don't you go back to watching Naruto?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:17 No.4259506
         File :1239542278.jpg-(75 KB, 500x700, 1209174512338.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:19 No.4259512
    >This is the cancer killing /tg/.
    People actually playing games?

    Also, all of you morons who keep bitching about 'cancer' - go back to your /b/ where someone might care about that.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:19 No.4259514

    Grimdark anime has my approval, it's about the only shit outta Japan that I can stand
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:20 No.4259518
         File :1239542402.jpg-(124 KB, 380x372, 1231106691367.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:20 No.4259522

    Nope! She's actually horribly upbeat because she's spent her entire life helping people and generally feels that most other people's failings aren't their own fault, and that everyone can be nice if they just tried and other people gave them a chance to be.

    Being faced with someone who's genuinely and utterly an evil person through their own choices, though, would probably make her terribly sad.


    Don't reply to the trolls, guys. They're just talking out of their ass. None of them read the log, none of them even read anything beyond "LOL MAGICAL GIRLS" and then assumed it was all animu shit.
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)09:20 No.4259524
         File :1239542440.gif-(6 KB, 50x50, __FIRERAGE___by_FelipeChoque.gif)
    6 KB

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:21 No.4259525
    Dude are you really this easy to troll?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:22 No.4259538
    >Nope! She's actually horribly upbeat

    FFFFF ok now you've managed to piss ME off!
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:24 No.4259553

    Actually, that's one thing I never understood. WHY would the purposelessness of existence make them sad? It doesn't mean there IS no purpose, it merely means they get to CHOOSE their purpose.

    What makes them sad is not their core philosophy, it's all the grim shit they see on the streets and have to deal with all day. All the indifference to other people's suffering, the willful evil and horror inflicted on others by people who think it's their RIGHT to act that way.

    There's nothing to stop a Bleaker being upbeat... most of the time.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:24 No.4259555
    Actually, if a Bleaker rolls a 1 on their roll instead of being horribly depressed they end up being horribly ecstatic and cheerful.
    But that's only on a 1.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:25 No.4259556

    Plus, she's 17, dude, she has time to be worn down by the harshness of reality yet.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:26 No.4259561
    Because the Bleakers actually had a built-in 'I go emo one in twenty days' mechanic
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:26 No.4259564
         File :1239542797.jpg-(265 KB, 400x400, 1214494194459.jpg)
    265 KB
    Oh, great people are interested in Planescape, let me see what *click* this is all abo-

    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:27 No.4259569
    Except they are called the BLEAK Cabal, not the Happy Funtimes Cabal. And they are depressed because most people who find out (or think they found out) that nothing around them makes sense or has a purpose simply fall into depression or become introverted. In the case of the Bleakers it's both. I mean, a lot of these guys break into madness even if too many people join the faction too fast.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:27 No.4259571

    >most of the time
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:29 No.4259582

    Most of them are adult, and people don't join the Bleaker's right off the bat because it's the philosophy that appeals to them. They join the Bleakers when they've seen so much awful shit in the rest of their lives that... no way, no way can there be a greater meaning, a greater purpose to it all.

    That they decide that there can't possibly be any greater end justifying those means. That's when they join the Bleak Cabal, usually after a lengthy stay in the Gatehouse to recover their sanity.

    The Bleak Cabal is largely, in my mind, composed of people from other factions who have LOST their faith in existence, not people who never had any to begin with. They should be subject to that mechanic, yes. They've been shellshocked by reality.

    But at the same time, I could imagine a core of people who join the Bleakers less for the core philosophy, more because they want to help. Because they genuinely care. They don't believe in any greater purpose to it all, and they've just decided that THEIR purpose is to help others. That's what THEY want to do, what they LIKE to do.

    Eventually, they might be worn down. But for now? They're cheerful, and their cheer infects those they help. They give them a spark that they might use to improve their own lives, to take a chance, a leap, a guess. Whereas the morose and stolid assistance of the other Bleakers merely helps them continue to exist, the Happy Bleakers might actually help them exist in a better way.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:29 No.4259583
    Don't get sucked in. Just by having Magical Girls at all, they are, by definition, Doing It Wrong.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:29 No.4259585
    >most people
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:31 No.4259592
    Yes, most people. And ofcourse if it's a PC that means it should totally be different than everyone else in the faction right? Fuck that!
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:31 No.4259594

    Their name is as much from others as it is from themselves. The other factions mostly have philosophies based around: "YOU CAN BE AWESOME IF YOU FOLLOW THESE TEN STEPS!" or "YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT SNOWFLAKE IN EXISTENCE!" or "BE A HERO. UPHOLD THE LAW. SMITE SOME SUCKAS."

    Compared to that, a philosophy of: "You are not special, there are no greater destinies, the universe as a whole doesn't care, only other people do, and most of them choose not to." Is fucking grim and bleak.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:32 No.4259605
         File :1239543174.jpg-(23 KB, 640x480, 1209447164690.jpg)
    23 KB

    Blanket statements don't work if you admit they're wrong.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:33 No.4259607
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:33 No.4259608

    There's a theory that The Lady maintains some sort of balance between the factions and their numbers, so Sigil doesn't break down... AGAIN.

    For instance, the Indeps have HUGE numbers, but regularly catch a near-incurable, horrible disease when they enter Sigil which tends to necessitate off-Sigil treatment for a while by a specialist if they want to Not Fucking Die.

    In the same way, is it unimaginable that a faction automatically swelled by the mad and hopeless occasionally has a lot of them go completely barmy and off themselves/be so insane as to be useless to the faction when they get too many members?

    The Lady of Pain has her ways.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:34 No.4259614

    Who said EVERYONE else in the Faction? I suggested it was a decent subset of the Faction, like the Sinkers and Regulators are notable subsets of the Doomguard, not just one or two SPESHUL SNOWFLAKES.
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)09:35 No.4259623

    I'm a rage elemtental, what the FUCK do you think I live on?!
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:36 No.4259628

    Hugs and sunshine, Mr. Rage-y!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:36 No.4259629
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:38 No.4259641
    I'm not really willing to believe the Lady would put a constant effort to maintain the balance between the factions. I always thought that she would just take measures only when one of the factions is obviously gaining too much power or is starting to have funny ideas about Sigil. And the Bleakers of all people don't really need someone else to smack them down because when too many people join in the top dogs in the faction just sink down so much they snap. The faction basically keeps itself down.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:43 No.4259672
    Look all I'm saying is I just don't think a cheery and helpful 17 year old girl would be accepted into the Bleak Cabal, even as a Namer. I'm not saying she couldn't still uphold some of their views and try to work with them on helping people, but I just think it's weird that they would accept her into their ranks.
    >> RAGE ELEMENTAL 04/12/09(Sun)09:45 No.4259687
         File :1239543907.jpg-(108 KB, 300x309, rageface.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:45 No.4259692
    Too many MR. RAGE clones.
    Really bad clones, at least the first actually said things that furthered the convosation...
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:46 No.4259700
    Don't argue with /jp/ goers... you might just ruin their "special" world, and that means they have to use the hugbox again...
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:48 No.4259718

    Factions recruit based on your beliefs, not your personality.

    Being a sad sack isn't necessarily a prereq for being a Bleaker. Anyway, maybe they think she'll wear down once she gets older.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:49 No.4259724

    Well, if you want to get into the logic of that, she could always be a kid of a pair of Bleakers. Maybe they offed themselves, she was accepted in as an orphan, or they didn't kill themselves and she's just a Bleaker because she's always been one.

    How is she failing to uphold the faction's tenets by being cheerful? Go on. I'd love to hear the logic, here. Being depressed isn't a requirement of being a Bleaker, it just tends to be a result, or a cause.


    I'm pretty sure that between Faces of Sigil, Guide to Sigil and the Factol's Manifesto, it's pretty obvious that The Lady is interfering, even if she tends to do it subtly and only communicates with the Factols.

    Anyway, one thing I've always never understood is how, exactly, the Mercykillers work.

    I mean, after reading the Manifesto, they're described as the punishment part of Sigil. They only hunt and attack people who have been Judged as lawbreakers by the Guvners and execute people who have been captured by the Harmonium. They are not their own sort of police force.

    Now! Does this mean that a proper Mercykiller only fights in self defense when there are no criminals around judged by the Guvners or such? Or is that an ideal case, and generally if the other parts of the Triad aren't around, they operate as Judge, Police and Executioner on their own?

    And, for that matter, what the hell do they do outside of Sigil? Far as I can tell, they have no judgement of Evil on their OWN, they only obey the Guvners' judgements. Do they obey the local laws? Do they uphold Sigil's laws outside of Sigil? How, exactly, does it work?
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:50 No.4259735

    Actually this is a pretty civil argument by all standards. Please don't ruin that. I'd like to give thanks to the other half of the argument for being nice about it even if they perceive me as shitting on something they like.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:50 No.4259739
    Thinking she might wear down probably could work as an argument.

    And yeah, most Factions just want you to pass their tests and you're in. But the Bleakers don't have any actual tests. You just hang around them for long enough at at some point they decide if you can be considered a Bleaker or not.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:51 No.4259741
    You sure did add to the conversation...
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:52 No.4259753
    Never wrote that. Anywhere. All I'm saying is the whole concept of Bleaker-tan sounds kind of weird. That's all.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:53 No.4259760

    I think the Bleakers generally accept anyone who's willing to lend a hand and isn't a complete doofus at it. There's always plenty of work that needs doing, people that need helping.

    As long as you don't walk around espousing a diametrically opposed philosophy to theirs, or otherwise being annoying/disruptive, I think they're generally willing to be friends.

    At worst, a few of them might want to chuck rocks at the Fated, but then again, most Fated wouldn't hang out with Bleakers unless it was to try and shove them around.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:53 No.4259761
    "Bleak Cabal? Now here's a faction I can get excited about. Sign me up!"
    "Sorry, not with that attitude."
    "Okay then, screw it."
    "Welcome aboard, brother!"
    "All right!"
    "You're out."
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:54 No.4259764
    From what I recall they say they serve the "True Law" which pretty much means that if they HAVE to break another law to achieve something they an always say that they are just serving a higher authority. I never did figure out the Mercykillers too, to be honest.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:54 No.4259767
    Why do you know so much about Planescape yet rape it so much?

    You are almost as bad as self-insert-furries.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:55 No.4259784
    Well most bodies would like to chuck rocks at the Fated. They aren't exactly popular outside of their own faction either.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:55 No.4259786
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)09:56 No.4259795

    Oh, I realize she sounded weird, but, well, I love the Bleakers. They're one of the factions I can really empathize with(or is it sympathize? I always mix the two up and generally consider them synonyms, oh well!).

    But the thing is, I'm really, really bad at playing depressive characters. Even calm characters are a stretch for me, I have trouble playing characters who don't have a lot of energy to them.

    Lots of the other Faction-tans could have energy... but they tend to be dicks, and man, even in games and stuff, I suck at being a dick to people. I can do it as a means to an end or something, but just being a dick to be a dick or because I'm selfish, like the Fated or something... I really can't do that.

    So it was less the way the original concept was, more just the way it ended up after I'd turned her around in my head a few times.

    And apologies for putting words into your mouth! That just seemed to be the general vibe of things!
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:58 No.4259806

    What system is that character sheet in?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:58 No.4259811
    Not all Bleakers are absolutely devote followers of the faction's philosophy. That's why factions have the so called "Namers" - people who agree with the views of said faction but doesn't really feel like devoting their entire existence to helping push that philosophy forward.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)09:59 No.4259816
    Then you shouldn't play a Bleaker

    - disciple of the If-You-Can't-RP-It-Don't-RP-It school
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)10:01 No.4259829

    I used to GM, and still GM, 2nd edition AD&D, Planescape and Dark Sun have always been my favourite settings. I've read pretty much every Planescape setting book and MM. Loved Planescape: Torment, too.

    But, see, the thing is, it's because I love it so much and know it so well that I can do this. I know it's just for fun, I'm not suggesting that any of the stuff we're doing is canon, I'm not taking it seriously, I'm not trying to stat the Lady of Pain or something retarded like that. I'm just having fun.

    It's like a good friend that you can call a cocksucker when you greet him, and everyone has a laugh, rather than it degenerating into a fistfight. I ONLY HURT PLANESCAPE BECAUSE I LOVE IT.


    Yeah, if they serve some sort of non-manmade law, then it's completely unelaborated on. If they serve the Guvners' law, then they're useless outside of Sigil and basically just an evil version of the Harmonium. If they serve their own, personal laws then how the hell are they even vaguely coherent as a faction?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:01 No.4259831

    He didn't. He came up with a concept for a Bleaker which still kind of works, because not all Bleakers are manic-depressives.

    What are you, RACIST?
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:03 No.4259839
    If you can't play a girl, don't play a girl.

    If you can't play a depressed person, don't play a depressed person.

    How difficult is that?
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)10:05 No.4259846

    BESM 3rd ed. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UGZMLAQ3

    It's good for more than just anime, really. From a quick look at it, it seems like it would be both awesome and simple to use for some sort of superhero action, mecha action or high-magic high fantasy stuff. Sci-fi, too.


    Exactly, Namers are basically the people each faction has who are reminiscent of those people who just send their favourite political party a check every now and then, but don't actually go do any work for the party.


    Oh, but I AM playing a Bleaker, just not YOUR concept of a Bleaker. And I do try to challenge myself sometimes with more or less dickish or calm characters, but for this game I wanted to indulge myself and play something I enjoyed AND something I knew I could do well.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:05 No.4259849
    I think that they just serve whatever laws exist in...wherever they are. In Sigil they serve the Guvner's laws. If you have Mercykillers in a town where, for example, people are not allowed to drink alcohol (what kind of a twisted sick person would do that?) then they would enforce that law just as strictly as any other.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)10:06 No.4259856

    Which is why I'm not playing a depressed person!

    I should also like to think that I can roleplay a girl or a woman pretty well. Not that I do it often, but sometimes it's a nice change from things, y'know? Some character concepts just seem to fit female aesthetics better than male aesthetics, make of that what you will.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:07 No.4259865

    Like prostitutes and Eskimos!
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)10:08 No.4259871

    That would make sense, but again, there are places without formal law. Frontier outposts, anarchic states, forbidding swamps. What do they do there?

    Plus, again, if they just follow the Guvners' laws then they're essentially a bad Harmonium knockoff produced in Acheron. There's gotta be more depth to them, honestly, there has to be.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)10:09 No.4259879

    My next character will be a prostitute eskimo with a heart of gold who dual-wields walruses(walrii?).
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:36 No.4260043
    >What do they do there?
    Simple - Nothing. You just don't find Mercykillers in those places, since those places won't have laws or sometimes even concepts of justice.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)10:44 No.4260074
    That's like saying you play a Barbarian that can read.

    Or a cleric that refuses to use spells. Or a Sensate that doesn't want to feel things. Or a dwarf that doesn't want a beard.

    Bleakers that are happy sound rediculous.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)11:58 No.4260468

    Why is sadness inherent to the concept of a Bleaker? Go on, explain how the lack of a greater purpose, a guiding meaning to life, necessarily means you're depressed.

    Just because the universe has not set one in stone, does not mean you cannot make one for yourself. This is core to the concept of being a Bleaker, personal choice.

    That, and the fact that sometimes the universe is just cruel and vindictive to people without them deserving it. That people who are down on their luck are not down on their luck because they deserve to be(The Fated), or because they're not working hard enough to be better(The Godsmen) or because it's just or fair(The Mercykillers). Sometimes the universe just shits on someone for no good reason... so why not help them get back on their feet again?


    Unless they're doing some sort of bountyhunting stuff, I suppose. But again, that's the IDEAL Mercykiller, LN, only responds to the local laws and punishes those who would break them. Most Mercykillers are, in fact, probably LG or LE, and have their own concepts of justice, etc. and believe that it's vital to mete out punishment and restitution to the deserving, that the most important thing is not to stand by and watch, but to make sure that justice is done, one way or another. Once guilt is proven, of course.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)12:01 No.4260504
         File :1239552111.jpg-(6 KB, 73x88, NIGHTMARE FUEL.jpg)
    6 KB



    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)12:04 No.4260521
    This thread needs more diterlizzi art
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)12:30 No.4260679

    Because it's IN YOUR MIIIIIND.
    >> Anonymous 04/12/09(Sun)13:18 No.4260988

    It isn't rape, it's necrophilia.
    >> Bleaker-tan's player 04/12/09(Sun)14:31 No.4261492

    Not quite, there's still a decent amount of people who play 2nd edition, and I'd wager that Planescape is probably one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, setting among them.

    3rd and 4th ed have never replicated Planescape or Dark Sun properly.

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