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  • File :1238225110.jpg-(190 KB, 1280x1024, 1228529320202.jpg)
    190 KB AchieveMEN Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:25 No.4111227  
    Been a while since I've seen a traditional games achievements thread. Basically, achievements in the vein of video game achievements.

    Dungeons and Dragons (3.5/4)
    Clear on the concept: As a DM, host an adventure where a party of four fights through a dungeon to kill a dragon.
    Beautiful Snowflake: Write a backstory for a first level character longer than three paragraphs.
    Drama Class: Play an entire game session without any combat.
    Winning Streak: Play three consecutive sessions without a player absent.
    Comedy Gold: Successfully perform a trip attack on a paladin.
    WHAT: As a DM, force players to keep track of how much food and water they have, how they're finding and preparing meals in the wilderness, and how much weight they're carrying.
    The Gods Must Be Crazy: Fight two extraplanar creatures from different planes in the same combat.
    Angry DM: Turn down a quest.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:30 No.4111253
         File :1238225427.gif-(42 KB, 200x204, 1228964990559.gif)
    42 KB
    Maid RPG:
    I feel dirty: Play a game of Maid RPG with an entirely male group.
    Let's play pretend: Describe a seduction in enough detail to give other players visible erections.
    I wish to not be the little girl: Play as a Butler instead of a Maid.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:32 No.4111263
    Bad End: Manage to team wipe during battle.

    What the Heck is This Crap?: Go a full campaign without the PCs ever using the bathroom
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:33 No.4111265
    Chutes and ladders: Make use of any rope in order to make ones way further through a dungeon.

    From idleness grows heresy: Use a warhammer 40k figure as a replacement for any missing PC character figures.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:35 No.4111282

    for reference:
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:35 No.4111283
    Carpe diem: Every player rolls a 20 on first initiative check of the day.

    Also, >>From idleness grows heresy: Use a warhammer 40k figure as a replacement for any missing PC character figures. DONE!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:36 No.4111293
    I just used the bathroom for the first time in three days. That wouldnt be much of a challenge to get that one(IF MY GROUP WOULD EVER FUCKING PLAY)
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:38 No.4111301
    >Winning Streak: Play three consecutive sessions without a player absent.
    >WHAT: As a DM, force players to keep track of how much food and water they have, how they're finding and preparing meals in the wilderness, and how much weight they're carrying.
    I am very tempted to do this now.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:46 No.4111351
         File :1238226404.jpg-(48 KB, 848x480, 1235790343030.jpg)
    48 KB
    Friends in high places: As a DM, save a PC's life by fudging a roll.
    Hard mode: Roll for stats without allowing rerolls or switching rolls between stats.
    Life sucks, then you die: Roll the lowest possible number for hit points gained when leveling up.
    Yellow Peril: As DM, have monsters flee combat instead of fighting to the death.
    A brain for a heart: Have a player roll a dice to determine an emotion, such as falling in love, not caused by magic.
    Whee!: Have a player attack a houseruled monster using a houseruled weapon, item or spell.
    Seriously, fuck you: Track the weight of the player's gold pieces and add it to their encumbrance.
    What is it like to hold a girl in your arms, /tg/?: Successfully grapple a female combatant.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:49 No.4111371
    suddenly, rangers are useful just for being able to gather food, and good berry is god tier.

    >Comedy Gold: Successfully perform a trip attack on a paladin.

    >trip attack on a paladin.

    >make paladin fall

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)03:55 No.4111410
    Carpe DM: Completely ruin a pre-planned campaign. (I've done this one on accident when my dice tried to murder me. Shit was not cash.)
    Orange Blossom Special: Neuter the party's actions for the sake of maintaining your campaign.
    Mmm, That's Good Fudge: Manipulate a dice roll for your own benefit without getting caught.
    Warm Up the Cloning Vats: Replace a dead character with one that bears an incredible resemblance to his late predecessor.
    We Have Always Been At War With Oceania: Completely or partially restart an encounter on grounds of the players or DM having suddenly remembered something.
    Weapon Focus - Protractor: Successfully demand a die on an uneven surface be rerolled, even though one number is clearly facing up.
    >> Gaow? 03/28/09(Sat)04:09 No.4111476
    Gritty realism: One-hit kill a uninjured player character.

    Critical Existence Failure: A character able to survive more then 10 points of damage dies when hit by an attack that deals only 1 point of damage.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:12 No.4111504
    Awesomeface.jpg: Make frequent in-game references to other nerd-related activities.
    Gygax Lives!: Have every character in the party die at least once (resurrection notwithstanding) within one campaign or module.
    Wait, Why the Hell Are We Doing This: Finish a campaign or module with a party consisting entirely of characters that weren't present for the quest hook.
    Can't Blame Me For Genetics: Kill at least half of the party by having the white dragon they're supposed to fight turn out to be an albino red dragon.
    It's Kind Of Like Warcraft, Right?: Roll up a character for a group member's non-gamer significant other.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 03/28/09(Sat)04:14 No.4111515
    >Critical Existence Failure: Have a player with only 1 HP left still be able to fight as effectively as a full HP player, but have him die in an explosion of guts, brains and blood the second a fly sneezes at him.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:15 No.4111524
         File :1238228108.jpg-(92 KB, 626x847, commonerflaws.jpg)
    92 KB
    Master Race: Have all PC's play as the same race.
    Superfriends: Have all PC's play different races.
    No, he's Phil, I'm Lil!: Have two players playing as the same race and class.
    The Clone Wars: Have a party identical in race and class.
    Brain-in-a-jar: Roll a warforged psionicist.
    Nerf Bat: Deal only nonlethal damage to opponents, even if attacked with lethal force.
    Rust Monster: Attack by sundering weapons and armor whenever possible.
    Really, I'm just lazy: Play as a mute character.
    Well fuck your childhood: As a DM, completely ignore all potential plot hooks in you character's backstories.
    If he isn't stopped, he'll shatter the cloudspine!: Play as a dwarf that throws exploding bottles, a scottish barbarian, or a shovel-wielding cleric in a massive fur cloak.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:15 No.4111530
    It's me, Oueivio!: create a character name using tiles pulled from a Scrabble bag.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:31 No.4111609
    YOU HURT DEEKIN?- Play a Kobold Bard, successfully.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:31 No.4111611
    This happened today during my lv 4 party. Everyone got raped because they went somewhere they were warned would be way too dangerous for them.
    Rogue, Druid and even the Barbarian out cold.
    Fighter with 8 hitpoints left, completely surrounded by about 8 lvl2 rogues. He started fighting defensively, and his AC was so damn high I could only hit him with 19 or 20. Rogues just kept on fumbling and fumbling. Fighter hit EIGHT CRITICALS in total, dealing maximum damage TWICE.
    Last of my rogues ran for his life, seeing he had no one left to flank with. I made the townspeople start calling him "the untouchable".
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:33 No.4111622
    Um, Boss: Play a character that continually looks to another character for guidance.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:36 No.4111632
         File :1238229394.jpg-(30 KB, 640x360, 1205967141567.jpg)
    30 KB
    >What is it like to hold a girl in your arms, /tg/?: Successfully grapple a female combatant.

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)04:59 No.4111762
    Stopping Power!: Survive a hit by anything that uses *d10 damage dice in a Cyberpunk 2020 game.

    No stranger to you and me: Play a balding human bard that plays the drums who has a magic trinket that causes his voice to echo when he sings.

    The Sharpest Lives: Play an emo rockerboy without the rest of the party killing you.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:40 No.4112088
    Oh Lawd
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:49 No.4112157
    please please archive this, laughing so hard
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:51 No.4112174
    M. Night Shalamalamalan: Create a random ending table and roll for a random "twist" at the end of campaign. successful "twists" are completely unrelated to story
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:52 No.4112177
    >The Sharpest Lives: Play an emo rockerboy without the rest of the party killing you.

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:55 No.4112202
    i feel like i've lost at life because i understand this thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:58 No.4112225
    Welcome, brother and/or sister. We've been waiting for you.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)05:59 No.4112230
    Noone expects: Have an entire session saying nothing but Monty Python quotes.
    MathGods: Have a fight that goes for more than 6 rounds and has at least eight different THAC0's and to hit scores. Without looking up the THAC0 table.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:00 No.4112238
    (DM) NIKO, MY CAHSIN: Successfully cause a PC to murder a friendly NPC out of annoyance.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:01 No.4112240
    you guys need to redo this thread with a point system.

    what the fuck l2achieve.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:01 No.4112243
    Ese: Create and use a Battle Lowrider.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:04 No.4112258
    Bohemian Rhapsody: As a DM, involve an NPC in the session's plot that looks suspiciously like Freddie Mercury and speaks in Queen quotes or references whenenever possible. See how long it takes your party to catch on.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:06 No.4112267
    Way ahead of you.
    Lieutenant Mercury
    Level 6 Elite Soldier (Leader)
    Init +8 Perception +4
    "We are the Champions" aura 10; allies in the aura gain a +1 power bonus to all defenses
    HP 144 Bloodied 72
    AC 25; Fortitude 21, Reflex 19, Will 22
    Saving Throws +2
    Speed 5
    Action Points 1
    Healing Surges 1

    BASIC ATTACK: Greataxe (standard; at-will) * WEAPON
    +11 vs AC; 1d12+5 and target is marked until end of Lt. Mercury's next turn (crit: 1d12+17, +1d6 thunder damage)

    ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST (immediate reaction; at-will)
    When Lt. Mercury reduces an enemy to 0 hit points, Lt. Mercury may shift up to 3 squares and make a basic attack as an immediate reaction.

    DON'T STOP ME NOW (standard; recharges when first bloodied) * MARTIAL, WEAPON
    Lt. Mercury can shift up to his speed. One enemy adjacent to any point along Lt. Mercury's path is subject to a basic attack.

    SECOND WIND (standard; encounter) * HEALING
    spend a healing surge; regain 36 HP, and gain +2 to all defenses until beginning of next turn

    Alignment AWESOME Language Common
    Skills Diplomacy +13, Insight +10
    STR 18* DEX 16* WIS 14*
    CON 16 INT 10 CHA 20*

    Equipment: +1 Scale Armor, +1 thundering greataxe "Killer Queen", light shield
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:06 No.4112269
    Reminds Me Of The Babe: As above, but with David Bowie.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:09 No.4112281
    ... My god.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:12 No.4112300
    HP: -10
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:19 No.4112339
    3.5 Exclusives

    I Shall Sing you the Song of my People: As a Bard, spend four consecutive encounters where your only rolls are Perform checks and saving throws.

    ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER: As a player, successfully convince your DM to allow you to play a Cleric with Divine Metamagic feats.

    Don't Call us, We'll Call you: Attend a game where you know none of the other players, and then proceed to never speak to any of them again.

    Sticks and Stones: As a player, use roleplaying to grant your character immunity to someone else's Diplomacy check.

    What the FUCK: As a DM, have a player survive an encounter that you designed with the intent of killing that specific player.

    God Hates You: As a DM, spend 24 hours or longer designing, fleshing out and incorporating an evil NPC, only to have him 20/20 killed by a player in the first round of the first encounter.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:25 No.4112373
    >>what the FUCK
    needs a better name
    like Heroic victory,
    although i guess that doesn't factor in evil characters.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:27 No.4112390
    No, it suits it fine, because it's from the DM's perspective, and I guess the player doesn't know that the DM meticulously planned that trap to kill him, and somehow he pulled through.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:30 No.4112414
    Maybe "Overwhelming Odds", or "God's Own Plans Thwarted".
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:32 No.4112425
    Maybe one achievement for the DM, and a separate achievement for the surviving PCs?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:32 No.4112429
    This is.... FUCKING AWESOME: Have a joke campaign turn into the highlight of the year with more serious roleplay than all your other campaigns combined.

    Shit just got real: Have minor, possibly random event become the reason the PCs hate the BBEG.

    Stormwind Fallacy: Have a game disintegrate because of roleplayer vs. rollplayer fights.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:33 No.4112434
    What baby ?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:35 No.4112448
    4e Exclusives

    With a Little Help From my Friends: As a player, participate in a classic build party (Leader, Defender, Controller, Striker, Striker).

    NEEDS MORE DAKKA: As a player, participate in an all-striker party that survives three consecutive encounters.

    Tactical Genius: As a defender, play through an encounter lasting longer than four rounds without allowing anyone else in your party (other than yourself) to take any damage.

    Big Guns: Use more than one daily power in the same encounter.

    On Your Feet, Soldier: As a leader, play five consecutive levels without allowing a single party member to ever fall below 1 hit point.

    Solitary Confinement: As a controller, successfully isolate an enemy long enough for the DM to say "oh, I forgot about that guy."

    Messenger of Death: As a striker, be personally responsible for at least 90% of the total damage dealt to enemies in an encounter lasting longer than four rounds.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:35 No.4112450
    While not nearly as epic, I once had an entire group of NPCs with mixed names of alcohols, such as Jack, Everett Daniels, and Claire Goldschlager (To be fair, Claire was a Dwarf). Coincidentally, the PCs that drank caught on, the NPCs that didn't... didn't. I thought it was pretty obvious, too.

    Also, can I earn What the FUCK if I was intending a close battle resulting in TPK and I severely underestimated clerics, resulting in every PC not dying?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:39 No.4112473

    >What the FUCK: As a DM, have a player survive an encounter that you designed with the intent of killing that specific player.

    >Never Tell Me the Odds: As a Player, survive an encounter which the DM later admits was specifically designed to kill your character.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:41 No.4112483
    That is Because I Roll Twenties: Roll at least five natural 20's in one game session.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:43 No.4112498
    Make it four natural twenties, and call it "Rollin' on Dubs."
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:44 No.4112501
    Purity Conquers: As a cleric, convince a succubus to enter a pact of celibacy.
    God is a Dick: As a DM, make a Paladin fall, kill each player's PCs at least twice, inevitably kill every family member a PC even mentions, cause one ragequit, fudge one roll a session without letting the PCs know, and make the BBEG 5 CRs higher than recommended for the party level.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:44 No.4112502
    needs to be 20 20s
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:45 No.4112508
    My PC sense is tingling: Have a group of characters that are otherwise highly paranoid accept the new PCs character, or the rerolled char of a dead PC, without so much as a question.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:47 No.4112520

    John Stossel: Roll 20 20's in one encounter.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:48 No.4112525
    meant to say in one session, but that makes it more x-treme
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:49 No.4112533
    WFRP Exclusives

    I'm the Luckiest, so I'm the Best: Complete an entire campaign without losing any extremities that give detriments, rolling a 100 on any checks or spending a single fate point.

    Perfectly Balanced: Have an entire stat line consist of the exact same number, eight times.

    Field Trip: Have an entire adventuring party full of the same class combination.

    Too Good for Warhammer: As a player in WFRP, give or receive a beneficial magical item that is meant to be kept by the players.

    Sigmar Wants You to Win: In one encounter, spend all of your fate points but defeat all of your adversaries.

    "The Secret": Call out a fumble or a 100 roll within seconds of making one.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:53 No.4112549
    WAAAAAAAGH: Get the whole party, mages/psykers included, to charge into melee before the BBEG finishes his speech.
    Dis Is Sum Good Stompin'!: Spend three consecutive sessions with no non-combat encounters at all.
    I Know You Know: Have a Contingency keyed to the BBEG's Contingency activating.
    I Know You Know I Know: Make your BBEG have another Contingent Spell keyed to a Contingency activating in response to his first one.

    (note: these last two *did* happen in one campaign I played)

    What Do You Know, It CAN Be Set On Fire: Manage to bring down a stone structure solely via fire damage.
    Touhoufaggotry: Play a loli mage and prepare nothing but Magic Missile in all your spell slots.
    Friend Computer: Turn your character into an AI but keep playing it for the rest of the campaign.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:54 No.4112556
    goddamn this thread fucking owns

    comedy gold is still the best ach so far though
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:58 No.4112567
    But I LIKED the metaplot: Have the ST recreate the metaplot from an oWoD line in the nWoD.
    Now that's just cruel: As a Child of Judas, embrace a suicide.
    NO MORE FISKMALKS: Be the reason the ST banned PC Malkavians.
    I'm in it for the Dickgirls: Play a Tzim antitribu.
    Fuck Atlantis: Invent your own personal cosmology for nMage.
    Bow before your GOD: Have at least 16 tiers of Coils.
    I'm NOT a rape victim: Play a Changeling that enjoys its state and habours no ill will toward the true fae.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:59 No.4112571
    The Dude: Play an entire campaign as a True Neutral character.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)06:59 No.4112572
    >Perfectly Balanced
    Wait, don't wounds count as stats?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:02 No.4112588
    Run Away!: Survive to 2nd level as a Wizard in 3.5 D&D.
    Doing it Wrong: Take more than four levels in Fighter.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:06 No.4112605
    Who're you callin' Mary Sue, bub?: Run a Star Wars RPG where every PC is a Jedi or Sith character.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:07 No.4112619
    I Wanna Be The Guy: Die to traps over 25 times in a single campaign.

    Iron Chef: Be a Fighter with more ranks in Proffession (Chef) than most high-brow chefs in the campaign world.

    Iron Chef Challenge: ... and use parts of monsters in ALL your dishes.

    Eat You Heart Out, Farm Boy: In Star Wars, get the Death Star to explode before Luke Skywalker arrives.

    But Palpatine Makes The Trains Run On Time: Get an offer of apprenticeship from Palpatine and take him on it, betraying your party in the process.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:11 No.4112640
    Go Back to Anatomy Class: As a Rogue, deliver a sneak attack where your weapon does more damage than your SA bonus dice.
    Preemptive Rage: As a Barbarian, waste one of your daily uses of rage on a combat that another party member defused before you could hit anything.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:14 No.4112665
    Eat less meat. FUCK.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:16 No.4112673

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:17 No.4112679
    I'M STILL TALKING: Have an enemy leader kill the first NPC to interrupt his monologue in a single action.

    Improvise!: Bypass a difficult trap by using resources around you that the DM wasn't expecting you to use (ex. a door).

    Tony Stark Approved: Escape enemy capture by using nothing but the resources around you, with no outside help.

    Macguyver: Solve a complex problem using nothing but <5gp worth of your own personal inventory.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:25 No.4112709
    >Touhoufaggotry: Play a loli mage and prepare nothing but Magic Missile in all your spell slots.

    Ok, i admit, i laughed.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:30 No.4112735
    The Time Bomb: Succesfully create a Psyker in Dark Heresy with 9 Insanity Points.

    Just according to keikaku: Have the PCs win an encounter without taking any damage thanks to planning ahead.

    The Oracle: As a Wizard or a Sorcerer, prepare/know nothing but Divination spells.

    Just a flesh wound: Have a PC lose a limb during an encounter and still win.

    Knowledge is Power: Create a group in Dark Heresy where everyone plays an Adept.

    Suffer not the Witch to live: Create a group in Dark Heresy with no one playing a Psyker.

    I hear the Machine-Spirits voice: Create a group in Dark Heresy where everyone plays a Tech-Priest.

    Back from beyond: Have a PC or an enemy be brought back to life after dying because of a missed rule/miscalculation.

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY: Kill an enemy in combat before he gets a chance to do anything.

    Fear me, but follow!: Execute a member of your group and continue playing in that same group with the same character.
    >> Nekose !5mhYQxOp7Y 03/28/09(Sat)07:36 No.4112772
    Mage the Ascension style:

    Wake Up!: Survive performing a vulgar effect in front of at least 100 witnesses

    No, YOU dont understand!: "Have an in game arguement with another PC about your paradigms."

    I think reality is pissed: Garner 20 or more points of paradox.

    OH GOD REALITY IS PISSED!: Survive burning 10 or more points of paradox at once.

    Just bring an umbrella!: Travel through the avatar storm without taking damage.

    Its just a flesh wound!: Heal someone using coincidental magic.

    That wound looks serious!: use a coincidental effect to cause lethal damage with your bare hands.
    >> Yue !rj27yeTwAc 03/28/09(Sat)07:37 No.4112782

    PC -
    Broken Clock - 0GP
    Mistakenly identify a Leveler NPC as a Spanner and expose him to a Spanning event.

    What Time Is It? - 10GP
    Identify and meet with a Spanner NPC.

    Thank You, Yue - 10GP
    Run a session of Continum where all parties only own scanned copies of the books.

    Is there a Doctor in the house? - 20GP
    Defeat a Narcissist with the help of Levelers, then Invite one to Dance.

    You Need To Get Out More - 20GP
    Reciting all five Maxims verbatim from memory during your first Span upgrade.

    Spin In - 50GP
    Recover from a Lost Cause-level of Frag.

    Level Up! - 50GP
    Upgrade all three base stats at the same time.

    I Forgot My Watch - 0GP
    Create a Spanner NPC that does not greet the players with "What Time Is It?"

    My Head Hurts - 10GP
    Create a Spanning situation that takes the players more than five minutes to figure out the details of.

    Close Enough - 20GP
    Allow a player who could not recite all five Maxims verbatim, but got the meaning of each right, to increase her Span.

    The Game "Master" - 20GP
    Defeat at least one player in Time Combat wiht a Narcissist.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:40 No.4112804
    >Drama Class: Play an entire game session without any combat.
    Jesus, my group's good at this one.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:44 No.4112822
    Only Magic Missile is a shit spell and isn't even danmaku because it cannot miss.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:44 No.4112823
    If you don't like it, I'll trade you for my group.

    Also, a relevant achievement -

    Click click click click click click click: Spend more time in combat than out of it over the course of an entire campaign.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:46 No.4112832
    >Click click click click click click click

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:55 No.4112872

    It's a reference to Diablo-style games, which feature continuous combat and a hell of a lot of clicks.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)07:57 No.4112883

    The Matrix Has You- A party full of nothing but deckers complete a Run.

    Man-Machine Interface- Install enough cyberware into your body to lower your essence to less than 0.5.

    Walk it off- Survive more than 10 physical damage from one attack

    Tastes Good With Ketchup- Accept a run from a Great Dragon

    Ghost- Successfully complete a run while leaving behind no traces of your involvement

    Senseless Slaughter- Kill every living thing inside of a megacorp compound

    MIT Graduate- successfully create and play a magician or decker in 3rd edition.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:02 No.4112900

    Dice rolling on a table.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:05 No.4112911

    >Tastes Good With Ketchup- Accept or Decline a run from a Great Dragon
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:06 No.4112917
    Surviving the Fist of the North Star: Survive a Flurry of Blows from a Fist Hydra with levels in Monk.
    Like being shot at by the fish in the barrel: Get shot by the Ranger, when he pops out of a sealed container.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:08 No.4112930
    Girls who want boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they're girls who do girls like they're boys - Play out a romance with another player of the opposite sex when both of your characters are of the opposite sex to yourselves. Bonus: You are both in relationships with other players. Additional Bonus: Your real-life romances are gay/lesbian.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:13 No.4112947
    Probably in reference to Diablo 2 where every attack had to clicked seperately.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:20 No.4112968
    Ugh. Hate that song.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:21 No.4112975
    You know you could hold down the mouse button on an enemy and you'd keep attacking it untill it died right?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:29 No.4113011
    I bet you're a fucking Oasis fan.

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:31 No.4113019
    You could still wear out a mouse in a single session of Diablo 2 doing that.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:35 No.4113029
    Fuck Oasis. I'm metal til the day I die.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)08:44 No.4113072
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)09:10 No.4113208

    >Don't Call us, We'll Call you: Attend a game where you know none of the other players, and then proceed to never speak to any of them again.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)09:17 No.4113248
    Alright I'll throw in a few...

    Look what I made!: Make at least one home brew Base Class, Prestige Class, and a Race then show your friends. -100G
    GOD DAMMIT I'M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!: After completing "Look what I made!", Argue with your group enough to let you admit one or more your home brew materials into the game. -500G
    What? That? Naaahhh.: After completing "GOD DAMMIT I'M A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!", Neither you or your fellow players ever use your one of your home brew materials. -100G
    What game are we playing again?: Play a game of D&D using rules from more then two different additions. -200G
    What are you a voice actor?: Role play a PC that has a different accent then you while the rest of your party speaks normally. -100G
    Time Traveler: (DM only) Watch your players make a bad move, then reverse time to before it and resume play. -100G

    I've already completed these, you try.
    >> Gaow? 03/28/09(Sat)09:18 No.4113257
    There will be blood. (10 points) Finish a session without using any non-combat powers, skills, or combat skills outside of a hostile situation.

    Plan B. (15 points) After carefully planning a situation and spending at least an hour of game time preparing and implementing your plan be forced to discard it and settle for running in and killing everything.

    Kick the dog. (5 points) Have your alignment changed to evil due to in game actions.

    Caterpillar club. (5 points) Surviving ejecting from an air or spacecraft.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)09:26 No.4113309
    Forget me not: Have a PC get stuck in a jail cell/trap, then forgotten by his fellow companions.

    That's what she said: Fit that very phrase into an RP conversation without anyone pulling you up on it

    Gift of the Gods: Turn a Cleric's holy symbol into a small critter after a catastrophic fail-roll. '

    Falconnuu pauuunnnchh: Kill a "Boss" Critter that the DM has spent thirty minutes working on with your bare hands.

    Evil is a foot: Convince more then one PC that the overall arch-enemy is an actual foot.
    >> That Bastard Tom Nook 03/28/09(Sat)09:43 No.4113365
    Noh. Just Noh. - As a monk, out do the Bard's Perform skill check using the same Perform skill they had just used.

    Fear of Heights - Fail your Fortitude save vs. Massive Damage after a fall.

    Souvenir Collector - Remove and keep a piece of equipment or a piece of anatomy from 30+ different creatures.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:02 No.4113438
    Fellow Fa/tg/uys!: Attempt to recreate a scene you read about on /tg/ and have one of your players call you out on it.
    >> D&D 3/4 Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:04 No.4113448
    Instant Kill - Score an instant kill when using the instant kill variant.
    Maybe this was a bad idea - three or more instant kills occur in the same encounter.
    Crit Demon - Score three critical hits in one encounter.
    Friendly Fireball - damage all your allies in a single round.
    Inconcievable! - Convince the DM to let you play a "half-something" creature where the template and the base creature are at least one size category apart.
    Bulletproof Monk - Deflect twenty ranged attacks.
    Between the Raindrops - Sustain 10 consecutive area attacks without taking damage.
    Groovy - Slay 50 undead.
    I GOT A FOUR - Get a result of 4 or lower on a Move Silently/Stealth check.
    Pass The Torch - Every member of the group DMs one session.
    My Love For You Is Like A Truck - Kill a frenzied berserker in single combat.
    Blinded By The Light - Use detect magic on the party at 10th level or higher.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:06 No.4113462
    I've Still Got One: Complete a four-plus round encounter after having been reduced to a single hit point in the first round without healing or recovering any hit points, while not noting the fact that you have been viciously maimed at all.

    That Fight Was a Piece of Cake: Create an encounter five to ten points above the PC's CR and have them survive it while not breaking a sweat.

    You Should Make These Harder, They're Boring: Create an encounter fifteen to twenty points above the PC's CR, and have them survive it without a single member falling unconcious.

    Jesus, I Wasn't Serious: Create an encounter full of gimmick creatures with 1/4th to 1 CR, and have it render 3/4ths of the entire party unconcious.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:08 No.4113469
    >>My Love For You Is Like A Truck - Kill a frenzied berserker in single combat.

    NWN 2.
    That one fight with the guy in the arena.
    Funniest thing ever, because I could never kill him before he got his frenzy on, so the last half of the battle was me running away because he was immune to death.
    The the frenzy would run out and he'd explode.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:10 No.4113477
    Stupid fucking nigger: Have your character smoke weed or some fantasy equivalent
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:16 No.4113501
         File :1238249792.jpg-(266 KB, 698x1000, Castus Grendel 9.jpg)
    266 KB
    Some Dark Heresy ones, inspired by Castus Grendel.

    My Gun Now: Shoot and kill an Ork with his own weapon.

    Well, That was convenient: Blow up an enemy of the Emperor with another enemy of the Emperor.

    DAKKA: Kill a Ork wearing Mega-Armor by shooting through the Body section...

    MORE DAKKA!: With one shot.

    Plenty to go around: Kill both a Xeno and a Malleus threat in one round.

    Back for more?: Kill Malleus Majoris servants of the same Chaos God two sessions in a row.

    AGAIN?!: Three sessions in a row.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:28 No.4113544
    Man of the Wild: Play a game in a forest and use rock-paper-scissor test instead of dices.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:29 No.4113549
    Oh SHI- Ready an action to ready an action the next time you ready an action.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:31 No.4113558
         File :1238250711.jpg-(460 KB, 1000x1312, Castus Grendel 1.jpg)
    460 KB
    BLOOD FOR THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND!: Kill a Khornate Demon with the threat rating of Malleus Majoris in melee combat...

    The Emperor provides: With a primitive weapon...

    That was unexpected, wasn't it?: With one attack...

    Scientia est potentia: As an Adept with no combat talents...

    Alas, I knew him well: And it's a decapitation.

    All the other daemons are going to be laughing at him: And you made the agility check not to be covered in blood.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:42 No.4113613
    "You fall down now.": Have the BBEG fail his intimidation check before the campaigns climactic fight.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:46 No.4113640
    "Nobody expects the Inquisition!" -Surprise a group of enemies.
    Remember that time when we . . . -Point out a pop culture reference in a game.
    We're all racists here. -Purge a heretic, a xeno, and a daemon in a single game session.
    Money Shot -Kill an enemy with a single headshot.
    DAKKA! -Kill an enemy with a single semi-auto burst.
    MORE DAKKA! -Kill an enemy with a single full-auto burst.
    Bisectual -Cut an enemy in half with a melee attack.
    Caution: Wet Floor -Get a "messy" kill.
    I'm so grimdark, I shit skulls. -Cause Exterminatus.
    Skulls with SPIKES on them! -Cause Exterminatus twice in one campaign.
    The Omnissiah hates you. -Cause 2 guns to jam in one encounter, without psychic powers.
    Sociopath -Obtain 3 different "Hatred" talents.
    Socialite -Obtain 3 different "Peer" talents.
    Commissar Yarrick, eat your heart out. -Obtain a powerfist.
    SPESS MEHREENS -Obtain a suit of powered armor and a bolter.
    [GM] Suffer not the Xeno. -Kick a player out of your game for asking to play a nonhuman character.
    [GM] HERESY! *BLAM* -Have your Inquisitor execute a PC for heresy.
    [GM] Weapon Proficiency: Pelvic Thrust -Cause a PC to go insane.
    [GM] Faust -Damn a PC.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:47 No.4113646
    [Adept] Encyclopaedia Grimdarkia -Have 3 lore skills shared by no-one else in the party.
    [Assassin] Glass Cannon -Receive a mortal wound immediately after killing an enemy.
    [Cleric] "I'M RICH, BIATCH!" -Have 3000 thrones at one time.
    [Arbitrator] I am the Law. -In a single session, accuse, convict, and execute a NPC for a crime.
    [Guardsman] Rambo -Obtain 6 different weapon proficiencies.
    [Imperial Psyker] No Psyker, you are the daemons. -Cause a PC death through Perils of the Warp.
    Doing it Wrong -Fail every single check during an encounter.
    Just as Planned -By trickery, manipulation, and general dickery, cause the players to inadvertaly aid the antagonist.
    Justice Planned -As a good-aligned player, successfully defeat an enemy NPC without resorting to physical harm or weaponry.
    This Was A Triumph -Get the PCs to accept a mission for an incredibly trivial reward.
    Fist of the North Star -Defeat an armed enemy using nothing but your fists
    If I go down... -Successfully and intentionally kill yourself and your enemies in one move.
    IT'S A TRAP! -Knowingly walk into an ambush, trigger a trap, or play into a plan, and survive
    We really should have seen this coming. -TPK.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:52 No.4113671
         File :1238251947.jpg-(97 KB, 1440x900, Castus Grendel 7.jpg)
    97 KB
    Rodeo: Ride a Juggernaut of Khorne...

    Where did the ground go?: Off the edge of a precipe...

    I like those odds: And survive.

    Savior of the deeps: Kill a near-mythical beast preying on the people of the underhive.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:55 No.4113681
    [GM] Suffer not the Xeno. -Kick a player out of your game for asking to play a nonhuman character.
    [GM] HERESY! *BLAM* -Have your Inquisitor execute a PC for heresy.
    [GM] Weapon Proficiency: Pelvic Thrust -Cause a PC to go insane.
    [GM] Faust -Damn a PC.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:57 No.4113691
    GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! : Accidently kill your whole party unintentionally as a Frenzied Berserker.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)10:59 No.4113699
    No John, you are the Demons: Roll 100 on Perils of the Warp.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:07 No.4113737
    [GM] ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES: Arbitrarily kill four metagamers simultaneously.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:09 No.4113750
    (Player) Original Gamester: Raise a character to level 20 using only options from the PHB.

    (Player) Fuck You, Japan: As a martial adept, successfully convince your DM to ban the Book of Nine Swords.

    (Player) VENGEANCE!: Drop five enemies after being the only one in your party left standing.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:14 No.4113770
    *tink* *tink* *tink*: Consecutively fail to overcome an enemy's DR five times in a row.

    Death Wish: Survive three high-level encounters without being immune to death effects.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:20 No.4113801
    ffs poland, stop giving me nightmares
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:27 No.4113850
    Icicle Fall ~Easy~: have an enemy miss all point blank shots against you.
    The Cirno: have a 9 in a stat, but a very low INT
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:29 No.4113859
    I'm also concerened with that kid's arm in the background. Just a little messed up looking there.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:33 No.4113878
    >>[GM] Weapon Proficiency: Pelvic Thrust -Cause a PC to go insane.

    i want to witnes this!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:44 No.4113933
    This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!: fail a roll, then pound the table out of rage, thereby forcing the die to become a critical success. And get the DM to accept the new roll.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:46 No.4113940
    >OP pic.

    What the hell is this from?

    Also, contributing:

    [GM] YOU FOOLS! YOU BLEW IT UP!: Make the Players realize that they were playing in a setting they once were in before, but is now largely unrecognizable, save for a couple clues here and there.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:49 No.4113962
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:50 No.4113967
    >Well fuck your childhood: As a DM, completely ignore all potential plot hooks in you character's backstories.

    This one always makes me rage as a player. I don't come up with Mary Sues, I just make characters who have SOMETHING that they want to achieve or find an answer to. And it always gets ignored. So I'm just fighting stuff. Who knows why?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:51 No.4113970

    oh sneaky!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:51 No.4113975
    I've been in that one. A d20 Modern campaign that turned out to be the campaign world for the four D&D campaigns that had preceded it.

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:52 No.4113978

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)11:55 No.4114005
    >WHAT: As a DM, force players to keep track of how much food and water they have, how they're finding and preparing meals in the wilderness, and how much weight they're carrying.

    Best DM I ever played with did this. Was actually quite cool as it lent the whole campaign this meta level strategy where we had to ensure we had enough supplies and equipment to actually make our journeys. Of course by epic level it was entirely redundant through clever feat choices.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:10 No.4114114
    Some Discworld-based ones:

    I Majored In Headology: Get the BBEG to turn himself in just by talking to him.

    That Wasn't A Very Good Argument: Play as an atheist in Forgotten Realms and *survive* the inevitable lightning bolts.

    Fuck The Marquis Of Fantailler: Get challenged to a duel and take your opponent out before the duel starts.

    He Is Just A Big Softie: Your cat animal companion has a bigger bodycount than you.

    I Am A Wizzard: Run away from 30 encounters.

    Invisible University Doctorate: Get to power in a big organization by killing the previous occupant of the seat.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:14 No.4114133
    This is why most of my characters are mercenaries.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:17 No.4114155
    >Winning Streak: Play three consecutive sessions without a player absent.

    hahaha, no, that'll never happen.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:18 No.4114162
    Dark Heresy

    In the Grim, Dark future.. : Have all PC's die in the first session.
    Brighthammer40k: Have all PC's survive a whole campaign.
    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Have an arbitror, a scum and one player with more then two major mutations in the party at the same time. All three must have at least one Stub Revolver.
    You're kidding.. Right?: As a Player, run away from a fight the GM has been looking forward too/has intentions to fudge in your favor.
    NOT ENOUGH DAKKA: Carry weapons weighing 3/4 of your carrying value.
    BOSS! WE IZ GETTIN' SHOT UP!: Have every PC in the party take damage from guns and fail their pinning test in the same round.
    The Emperor protects!: Use all your Fate points in one session to avoid death.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:26 No.4114218
    Stop that!: Do at least 5 things Mr. Welch can no longer do.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)12:33 No.4114246
         File :1238257983.jpg-(471 KB, 759x759, 1238139939532.jpg)
    471 KB
    I get WHAT as an achievement all the time.
    My players will never get Winning Streak.
    Once or twice we've gotten Drama Class.
    Every now and then they earn an Angry DM.

    Also: New live action Vegeta.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)13:35 No.4114618
    Lucky: Get full 10s on any dice pool
    Paragon: Get full 10s on a dice pool of 10 with no Expert or Trump dice
    Inconceivable: Get full 10s on a dice pool of 2
    -Pathy: Have 10 Hardened dice in any sanity category before the first session starts
    Mad Hatter: Have 5 Failed dice in any sanity category before the first session starts
    I can see forever: Go completely insane through the Unnatural sanity category
    Genre Savvy: Validate meta-game preparations with in-character background
    Cultist: Convince the ST to allow max dice in Occult, Mythos, and Mind
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)13:46 No.4114692
    "Listen to my Song!": As a bard, prevent or end combat with a successful perform check

    Universal Constant: Over at least 3 different campaign settings, encounter the exact same NPC or NPC-run establishment.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)13:50 No.4114718
    i just found me a new house rule
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)13:58 No.4114764
    Pro Roller: Play an entire session without once rolling your dice off the table
    "Hey could get that for me again?": Accidentally roll your dice off the table more than 5 times in one session.
    >> Darc Discordia !!6056H1dWW+u 03/28/09(Sat)14:08 No.4114820
    Now Come the Days of the King: Have your character crowned as the ruler of a major kingdom.
    Would You Like Some Making Fuck?: Play a Succubus Frenzied Berserker.
    Now You're Thinking With Portals: Kill the BBEG using the Ring Gates item.
    Jihad: Defeat 10 or more enemies by detonating a Necklace of Fireballs that your character is wearing.
    >> Darc Discordia !!6056H1dWW+u 03/28/09(Sat)14:31 No.4114969
    Bros Before Hoes: Cancel a date with a significant other to play games with your friends.
    Hoes Before Bros: Cancel an important campaign with your friends to go out with your significant other.
    Bros are Hoes: Seduce a player in-game, then out of game, on the same day.
    Hoes are Bros: Play in an all-female group of players without once making a sexual advance on them.
    Argumentative Prick: Spend half the session or more arguing with other players.
    I Don't Need This!: Have your arguing with other players result in a TPK.
    Motherfucking Fist of the North Star: As a Monk, kill the BBEG using only Flurry of Blows.
    Who Says Anger is Dumb?: Play a Barbarian with an INT of over 14.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:35 No.4114987
         File :1238265330.jpg-(26 KB, 300x235, basara.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:38 No.4115010
    undodgeable danmaku is illegal.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:47 No.4115057
    It's DnD? Who fucking cares?!
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:49 No.4115078
    no, cirno is a 9 in int, shes actually very strong for a faerie, See her being the best character in PoFV(touhou 9 for the uninitiated)
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:50 No.4115079
    Legality is a dubious concept to people who can steal the moon, etc.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)14:51 No.4115094
    My DM ROCKS: do 50 things from Mr Welches list of things he is no longer allowed to do in an RPG
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)15:08 No.4115214
    Xoda Rap: Via timetravel or other funky magic, create an alternate timeline that you need to find a way to change back to the normal timeline.

    link to said list?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)15:10 No.4115236
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)15:43 No.4115446
    For Ebberon use this: http://www.angelfire.com/dragon3/captainjarlot/all.html
    >> Darc Discordia !!6056H1dWW+u 03/28/09(Sat)16:03 No.4115603
    Holy Word: As a Cleric, convert an entire city to believing in your god.
    Holy Sword: As a Paladin, kill the BBEG using a weapon blessed by your god.
    Holy Diver: Kill an enemy by falling on him from over 300 ft. off the ground.
    Holy Shit: Kill a god and take its place.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:24 No.4115763
    >Holy Diver: Spend an entire Session down in the Midnight Sea.

    >> Darc Discordia !!6056H1dWW+u 03/28/09(Sat)16:26 No.4115778
    Trying to escape by riding a tiger the entire time.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:29 No.4115796

    Why the fuck does he look like that?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:39 No.4115860
    No, really, I'm a doctor..: pass a difficult Bluff check with no ranks in Bluff, AND a Charisma below 10, by rolling a natural 20...

    ...and I need to see the body right now: ...thereby throwing your DM's plans for the campaign into disarray.

    I caught it land-fishing: obtain food for your party by killing a large, non-hostile land animal with a thrown harpoon.

    It's not the size that matters: as a halfling, seduce a medium-sized NPC.

    It's how you use it: as a halfling, seduce four medium-sized NPCs, all of different races.

    I should have planned this better: accidentally allow two NPCs you have been seducing to meet, become angry with you and each other, start fighting, and inadvertently set off a chain of events that leads to the town being placed under martial law.

    But that doesn't, I mean, you didn't even...: at level one - without fudging any die rolls, using any magic items, or exploiting any rules - defeat fifteen or more opponents with a CR higher than yours in fair combat, by yourself, without dying, all through nothing more than good tactics and outrageous luck, and then instantly rise to level 3 or higher...

    ...I think I need to sit down:...thereby rendering your DM speechless for at least ten seconds.

    I had all of these happen in a single campaign I was DMing. ALL OF THEM.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:43 No.4115882
    I think some mesh files are missing or something.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:45 No.4115898
    I see what you did there: Go three encounters, making at least 5 rolls, without failing a Perception check.

    That dog won't hunt: RP a character with a disobedient familiar.

    Benders name isn't Bonder!: As a DM, send your party on a quest for the wrong NPC. Extra points if you "subtly" drop hints that the name is wrong by saying a different (but similar) name every time.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)16:46 No.4115906

    I remember something like that happening when trying to play Civilization 4....All the leader heads in diplomacy were just floating eyeballs and mouths.
    >> Darc Discordia !!6056H1dWW+u 03/28/09(Sat)16:47 No.4115911
    Not A Big Truck: Invent the Internet.
    Seriously, Guys, Work With Me Here!: Almost cause a TPK due to your character not sharing their plans with the rest of the party.
    Ow, Quit It!: Stay in battle for more than an hour without dealing or taking any damage.

    All of these have happened at one point with people I've played with. I only heard about the first, but the second and third were the same campaign, a 2nd. Ed. one. First, someone decides that since we're exploring some caves with about a foot of water in them, he'll just cast Shocking Grasp, touch the water, and kill everything, while telling the entire party to jump when he does it. He doesn't tell us about it until he screams "JUMP!" out of nowhere. The second one was a skirmish between a friend's army and an army of skeletons. The skeletons were too weak to hurt his soldiers, and the soldiers all had spears.
    >> GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG !!WMkFWBtNYI6 03/28/09(Sat)16:58 No.4116009

    >Time Traveller (DM only): Watch your players make a bad move then reverse time to before it then resume play

    I did that without being a DM in a Scion game. Rest of the group blundered into a situation blind, almost got dicked by the BBEG. I reversed time to before it AND used my past knowledge to point out where the bad guys were positioned so we could co-ordinate.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)17:05 No.4116081
    Killer pun - Create a situation in which a villain dies to a now obvious pun without anyone noticing.

    Destroy the Core - Get seemingly mundane or pointless items and feats banned from the game.

    Monster mash - Play a game with non core races that you would typically fight.

    They aren't all like that - convince a DM to allow you to play a generally evil race as neutral or even good.

    Wait it's not a mary sue? - perform "They aren't all like that" in such a way that people buy it and don't feel it's forced.

    Great another Drizzet - perform "They aren't all like that" in such a way that the DM and players don't want to associate with you anymore.

    Undecided traitor - Play a character that is obviously harmful to the party (A mage hunter in a party of mages) and tell them this. Have no events happen to further such a plot but at the climax of the campaign use events to carry out your slaying goal on the rest of the party.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)17:09 No.4116105
    You're One of Us Now: Play a female character under 12 years old.

    It Came from Deviant Art: Play a character that
    ---has at least 2 racial templates.
    ---owns a katana.
    ---can fly.
    ---is 1st level.

    I Was Never Really on Your Side: Kill another PC.

    Bury the Hatchet: Kill a character whose player has killed one of your characters.

    Party Unity: Fight an encounter where all the combatants on both sides are PCs.

    Quintessential Dwarf: Drink an alcoholic beverage while your character is also drinking an alcoholic beverage.

    Quintessential Orc: Scream your character's in-game war cry.

    Quintessential Kender: Get killed by another PC.

    (DM) You Picked the Wrong Profession: Kill a 1st level PC

    (DM) Rite of Passage: TPK the party

    (DM) But I liked THACO: Play with a house rule that was official in a previous edition.

    (DM) Amtrak: Play an entire campaign where the PCs make no choices that change the plot.

    (DM) Gygaxian Architect: Play an entire campaign where every structure is built entirely out of 5 foot squares.

    (DM) Just According to Keikaku: Have the PCs involuntarily fulfill a prophecy you revealed to them in a previous session.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)18:39 No.4116654
    Mills and Boon: Have two PC's roleplay falling in love and get married in a campaign.

    Shenanigans! : dress up and describe a statted monster as something else. eg. a T-rex becomes into a gigantic chicken.

    Sounds reasonable: get your DM to approve you using a rule from Dungeon or Dragon magazine.

    Pulp Fiction: keep track of how many pages in your spellbook are used up and how many spellbooks you need.

    Economics 101 : have the PC's bartering and selling loot affect the local economy.

    We're not in Kansas anymore: successfully complete a campaign/system crossover. Vampire meets Paranoia, Maid meets Mechwarrior.

    This is how i roll: as a DM or player, accept every dice roll for one session without attempting to fudge it.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:00 No.4116767
         File :1238281225.jpg-(37 KB, 483x521, 1236212909017.jpg)
    37 KB
    Ding Dong the witch is dead: Drop a house on an enemy and kill it

    BBEFG: Fight the BBEG of the game and kill it without any of your party taking damage from it

    I Dont Have To Outrun Him....: As a player, have a greater speed per round than all of your fellow party members and use it to run away from a combat where all your party members die

    Diplomatic endeavours: Successfully make 5 diplomacy checks in a row to stop the DM's carefully planned out combat

    Anatomy endeavours: Perform Diplomatic Endeavours but then have the rogue(s) sneak attack anyone diplomacied during Diplomatic Endeavours

    Battle Medic: As the cleric or other established healer of the group charge into combat with intent to kill your enemies, ignoring any requests for healing by your group (including yourself)

    Cleric of Khorne: Perform Battle Medic but score more kills than any of your group

    Pulling a Monk: Set yourself on fire and protest against the murderous ways of your group.

    Pulling a Hypocrite: As Pulling a Monk but after killing several enemies in the same game session

    [DM] Yes It's In The Rules!: Alter the rules from the standard rules, can be either homebrew or just modifying the existing.

    [DM]No You Cant See The Book!: Deny any players wishing to check up on the rules made above in Yes It's In The Rules! the chance to see the rulebook, or claim it is in a book you dont currently have

    [DM] Backstab: Have the party bond with an NPC only to get betrayed by him at a later date

    [DM] Facestab:If the players think Backstab is going to happen then immediatley make the NPC in question brutally murder one of the PC's
    >> /co//ck/y fa/tg/uy 03/28/09(Sat)19:04 No.4116794
    That last one is how our female halfling swashbuckler always gets screwed over, in every sense of the words.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:07 No.4116806

    I like a couple of these. In the same vein:

    Divide By Cucumber Error, Please Reboot Universe: Cause an entire plane to collapse.

    Wow Wow Sauce Is Good For You: Spice your party's meal with Alchemist Fire and prevent them from killing you afterwards.

    THIS IS STARTING TO BE ANNOYING: Get up from -9 hit points 10 times with the same character.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:11 No.4116818
    Some sci-fi ones, probably best for something like Mekton but could work elsewhere:

    [PC] Intensify the Forward Firepower! - Co-ordinate the entire party's attacks on one target and destroy it in one turn.
    [PC] I AM SANGER ZONVOLT - Win a mech battle without using ranged attacks at all.
    [PC] ANSWER ME DOMON - Destroy a mech in melee. On foot.
    [PC] You've turned off your targetting computer! - Without using any sensors or targetting aids, get a one-shot kill.
    [DM] DISPATCH WAR ROCKET AJAX - Send a cleanup team after the PCs that's larger than the initial force.
    [PC] Gordon's Alive! - If your DM goes for the above, survive.
    [DM] Supervision Army - Reveal that your BBEGs were actually running from something even bigger.
    [PC] HUGE GUTS - Defeat the thing the BBEG was running from.
    [DM] HYPERSPACE FOLD - Use a hyperspace "accident" as a plot hook or railroading device.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:21 No.4116848
    Comfortable with my sexuality - play a character of another gender

    Really comfortable with my sexuality - have a basic romantic relationship in character with another character

    Ok I'm a little gay - as per "really comfortable with my sexuality" but playing a character the opposite gender of you.
    >> Drawde 03/28/09(Sat)19:24 No.4116860
    I've done all of them~
    What about playing a character of the opposite sex as you who's in a relationship with a member of the same sex?

    Or playing a character that's actually, you know, your sex having a relationship with a character of the same sex?
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:25 No.4116867
    Rage: have any family member interrupt your session.

    Murderous rage: have the same family member interrupt your session two or more times.

    Rage burning like a thousand suns: have your smaller cousin/niece/whatever go "hey, let me play too!"

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF: have your smaller cousin/niece/whatever wreck the table and papers your group was using.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:31 No.4116899
    Total Party Facepalm: TPK from nothing but self-inflicted wounds...
    Total Party Double Facepalm: ...during the first encounter of the campaign.
    ABSOLUTE POWER: Have a PC ascend to god-hood and end the campaign by declaring that ROCKS FALL, EVERYBODY DIES.
    Payback's a Bitch: Inflict d4 of damage to the GM by using the said die as an improvised caltrop.

    I've had all these happen at some point.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:39 No.4116932
    The ROCKS FALL has happened to me.

    Except that we just got to 20 and were on a open field when one of the players began arguing with the Jack, the DM. About dice.

    Motherfucking dice.
    And guess what, Jack is a fa/tg/uy.
    Rocks fell...
    ... From space.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:42 No.4116950
    Now how do we fit TROMBE INTERRUPT in that
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:42 No.4116953
    A few for WFRP

    Ye Olde Meatgrinder: Lose at least one party member for every encounter until party wipe/end of session (whichever comes first).

    Pyrrhic Victory: Be the only surviving member of an encounter between your party and the enemy.

    There's Something About Mary: As a Rat-Catcher, have your small but vicious dog disable and/or kill an opponent by itself.

    Medic!: Survive a sudden death critical attack.

    Hammurabi's Karma: As a thieving character, lose one of your hands in combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:47 No.4116979
    >Seriously, fuck you: Track the weight of the player's gold pieces and add it to their encumbrance.

    >WHAT: As a DM, force players to keep track of how much food and water they have, how they're finding and preparing meals in the wilderness, and how much weight they're carrying.

    >Superfriends: Have all PC's play different races.

    >What the FUCK: As a DM, have a player survive an encounter that you designed with the intent of killing that specific player.

    >Never Tell Me the Odds: As a Player, survive an encounter which the DM later admits was specifically designed to kill your character.

    >Improvise!: Bypass a difficult trap by using resources around you that the DM wasn't expecting you to use (ex. a door).

    >Tony Stark Approved: Escape enemy capture by using nothing but the resources around you, with no outside help.

    >Macguyver: Solve a complex problem using nothing but <5gp worth of your own personal inventory.

    >Souvenir Collector - Remove and keep a piece of equipment or a piece of anatomy from 30+ different creatures.

    >That Fight Was a Piece of Cake: Create an encounter five to ten points above the PC's CR and have them survive it while not breaking a sweat.

    I either performed, or had performed on me, each of these in the span of one campaign that is not over yet. I'll probably add to this thread in a bit.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:51 No.4116997
    There's Something About Mary: Play a changeling prostitute.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:54 No.4117016
    ROCKS DIE, EVERYONE FALLS: Trick a party of paladins in to killing a dominated LG angel who has been polymorphed in to an earth elemental.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)19:55 No.4117017
    (PC) Psycho Path- Stumble upon a non-hostile kobold burrow unrelated to your current quest, and elect to massacre them.
    (DM) Too Many Cutebolds- Reward players for electing to not massacre the non-hostile kobolds.
    (PC) Classy as FUCK: Take at least one level in all core classes.
    (PC) Sudden Inspiration: Take your first level in a new core class or prestige class with magic-based skills in a location where nobody could teach you those skills.
    (DM) Like Giving a Child a Tambourine: Give the players a houseruled magical item which unbalances the campaign and must then be somehow destroyed.
    (PC) It doesn't hurt to ask, right?: Attempt to buy magical armor or weapons from a store in a farming village that has asked you to help defend it.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:01 No.4117056
    > Wait it's not a mary sue? - perform "They aren't all like that" in such a way that people buy it and don't feel it's forced.

    This is actually a bad habit I have.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:08 No.4117096
    >classy as fuck
    I hate all these t-shirt ads.
    >> Not Mr. Rage 03/28/09(Sat)20:11 No.4117119
         File :1238285515.gif-(143 KB, 650x308, gunbuster01.gif)
    143 KB






    >> /co//ck/y fa/tg/uy 03/28/09(Sat)20:12 No.4117124
    >Beautiful Snowflake: Write a backstory for a first level character longer than three paragraphs.
    >Drama Class: Play an entire game session without any combat.
    I was thirty seconds of combat that my character didn't even take part in away from this achievement.
    >Winning Streak
    In fact, we usually won't start until everyone's there.
    >Friends in high places
    Divine intervention put a player's hp from -14 to 1.
    >Yellow Peril
    My DM doesn't believe in suicidally stupid or one-dimensional enemies, so they'll try to run away and usually get sniped by the ranger.
    >We Have Always Been At War With Oceania
    >Back from beyond
    "What do you mean, Whirling Blade requires a sword?"
    "Robodog" from 5secondfilms is a plot hook.
    >Nerf Bat
    Our tank deals the most damage, but has yet to kill anything, three sessions in.
    >Um, Boss
    My warmage has self-esteem issues and constantly looks to other players for advice, actually just RPing for my derpiness when it comes to warmaging.
    >What Do You Know, It CAN Be Set On Fire
    With fire-breathing statues, by spellthieving their own breath weapon and shooting it back at them.
    >Run Away!
    By hanging back the whole time and failing with a crossbow.
    >Doing it Wrong
    He already had three levels in fighter and needed two more for a prestige class.
    Everything is suddenly easier when you have the Batmobile in a Spirit of the Century campaign.
    Mooks mooks mooks mooks
    >No, YOU dont understand!
    People hate it when you evangelize the God of Death. The entire party would kill me if I didn't kill more than anyone else.
    >What are you a voice actor?
    My warmage sounds like a little kid because he is one.
    >Seriously, Guys, Work With Me Here!
    Ejector seats are a wonderful thing.
    >Cleric of Khorne
    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:14 No.4117132
    [DM]You have a problem with what?: Have a player create an otherwise fine, playable character, but with an overzealous or impossible background story.

    [DM]What, again?: As "You have a problem with what?" but more than three times.

    [DM]Aiding and abetting: Inadvertently aid a character in forcing you to obtain the "You have a problem with what?" achievement by simply explaining the background of the game world.

    [PC]Aww, he's so cute: Successfully recruit a normally hostile enemy.

    [PC]Bleeding heart: Gain the "Aww, he's so cute" achievement by aiding an injured, openly hostile creature.

    [PC] It ain't a 'he': Prove that the creature recruited in the "Aww, he's so cute" achievement is of a different gender than initially thought. And point it out.

    [DM]Pot, kettle, etc.: Have a player playing a mary sue character call out another player playing a separate mary sue character.

    [DM]Unbreakable illusion: Have players perform "Pot, kettle, etc." without breaking character.

    [DM]With a straight face: At the conclusion of either "Pot, kettle, etc." or "Unbreakable illusion" kick both characters out using a valid reason other than the fact that they were both playing mary sues.

    [PC]"Can't spell slaughter without laughter": Play a CN character with irresistible homicidal urges directed toward every living thing and have it come across as unforced and well roleplayed.
    >> Not Mr. Rage 03/28/09(Sat)20:26 No.4117180
         File :1238286394.png-(258 KB, 704x396, vlcsnap-5263642.png)
    258 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:35 No.4117227
    [PC]TROMBE! - Destroy a boss unit using Overwatch fire as it appears.

    [PC]With Courage... 10% can become 100% - Use a re-roll ability to turn a natural 1 into a critical hit.
    [DM] I am Queen of the Moonrace - Get your PCs to escort someone, and on arrival reveal it was actually their lookalike and their actual client is somewhere else.
    [PC] Now I'm Radioactive - Rather than disarming a poison trap, just take it like a man.
    [PC] Oh The Humanity - Destroy an airship.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:39 No.4117242
         File :1238287148.jpg-(48 KB, 450x361, nono.jpg)
    48 KB
    Buster Beam: Cause critical collateral damage with a single spell
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:40 No.4117251
    My Name is Inigo Montoya...- After having your character killed, create a new character, the previous character's son, who finds his revenge.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:43 No.4117278
    FFFFFFFFFFFFFF - Cast magic missile at the darkness

    Indomitable - As a barbarian, have the only thing keeping you concious the extra HP from raging.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:47 No.4117309
         File :1238287627.jpg-(78 KB, 600x500, 1235054567223.jpg)
    78 KB
    Roll Anal Circumference: Without the rest of the party present, fight a group of monsters where two or more can stun or daze.
    FUCK YEAH MONEY: Play as a Paladin or Cleric of Garl Glittergold.
    Guardrail: Kill 10 enemies with falling damage from being knocked off of cliffs or down chasms or pits by controller powers that move them, knockback, or bull rushes.
    What is this, /d/?: Attempt to seduce a monster.
    Seizure Suit Larry: Hit 50 monsters or NPCs with less than 2 hit dice with Color Spray.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)20:56 No.4117372
    D&D 3e/4e:

    Cookin' with Gas (Barbarian): Kill at least four enemies in a single encounter with unarmed strikes while raging.

    That's your Spinal Cord, Baby (Barbarian): Kill one enemy with a single critical unarmed strike while raging.

    12.0 On The Ten-Point Scale of Badness (Barbarian): Get through an encounter with all damage taken being negated by your damage reduction (3e)/Get through an encounter taking damage only to temporary hit points (4e).

    Swords Are for Wusses (Barbarian): Take Improved Unarmed Strike, and never use any weapon for the life of the character. You do not get this achievement if you commit suicide.

    An Important-Looking Door (Barbarian): Successfully break a door down with a single unarmed strike while raging.

    Here Comes the Night Train (Barbarian): Engage an enemy at least 3CR (3e) / 3 levels (4e) above you in single combat while unarmed and raging.

    Choo-Choo-Cha-Boogie (Barbarian): Critically hit an enemy at least 3CR (3e) / 3 levels (4e) above you in single combat while unarmed and raging.

    Choo-Cha...Oh My... (Barbarian): Survive a critical hit from an enemy at least 3CR (3e) / 3 levels (4e) above you in single combat while unarmed and raging.

    Hail to the Chief (Barbarian): After achieving "Choo-Cha...Oh My...", find and equip a weapon that is more powerful than the guidelines allow for your level.

    My Cause Is Just, My Will Is Strong... (Barbarian): After achieving "Hail to the Chief", use the weapon gained to kill the monster that dealt you a critical hit while achieving "Choo-Cha...Oh My...".

    The Doom comic has so many more incredible lines to use for achievements. Someone else do some now.
    >> Not Mr. Rage 03/28/09(Sat)21:06 No.4117430




    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)21:07 No.4117440
    Wiki Wisdom - Add canon content to a game's wiki.

    Promotion to ____ - Have your PCs turn a bit NPC meant for one scene into a major ally or rival for the whole campaign.

    You Actually Made Me Want To Try - Do a class that a person in the game utterly hates and play them so well that the hater is converted into wanting to try it as well. (Example: double playing.)

    YOU'RE WHY I CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS - Have someone scream this in game at you.

    Karaoke Night - Use singing as part of your player and actually do sing.

    I'm Tough Enough To Take It - Willingly take a hit from something you are vulnerable to without flinching.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)21:15 No.4117498
    That's one punny achievement...
    >> Incendia 03/28/09(Sat)21:35 No.4117602
    Big Brother is watching you...: Have the wizard of the party scry on every other PC along with every major NPC.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)21:41 No.4117628
    Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here: Have the party willingly enter Hell.
    Let Me See That Character Sheet: Permanently destroy Asmodeus with a character that has no divine rank.
    If It Ain't Broke...: Have the party meet in an inn.
    FOR THE EMPEROR: Create a religious character in a non-Warhammer game that worships the God-Emperor of Mankind.
    Why so xenophobic?: As above, but without anyone else in the group catching on.

    Power Packin' Man And A Half - Kill an opponent via critical hit while raging.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)21:46 No.4117655
    [PC]War...: Get away with making a Locate Cuty Nuke character...
    [PC]...War never changes: And use the nuke
    >> Incendia 03/28/09(Sat)21:54 No.4117703
    Got pills here!: Take a medical potion that only gives temporary hitpoints.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)21:54 No.4117706
    FLASH!!!!: Have one PC defeat all the BBEG's henchmen with nothing but a ball and some fancy maneuvering.
    >> teh_french_/co/as/tg/uard !wDzhckWXCA 03/28/09(Sat)21:57 No.4117727
    >>Bros Before Hoes: Cancel a date with a significant other to play games with your friends.

    does it apply when you forced your girlfriend to start playing roleplaying games with you and your group, because it was absolutely out of the question that one day a game might get cancelled because of her presence ? Or did I invented and won a new achievement ?
    >> Incendia 03/28/09(Sat)21:59 No.4117740
    Lights out: Successfully have all PCs sneak past the main, extremely powerful boss of a dungeon.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)22:11 No.4117824
    Happened in a Star Wars game
    I thought I sensed something - Have a supposedly helpless hostage turn out to be an OP killing machine and his capture was "Just as planned"
    (hard mode)- the rest of the group just rolls with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)23:22 No.4118313
    The Yoko Factor (DM) - Conceive a plot that so effectively divides your party members that they spend enough time plotting and playing against one another that you no longer have to come up with a storyline.

    This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (DM): Have your PCs burn down no less than 5 villages and successfully avoid every attempt and persecution and plot hook you throw at them before they reach level 2.

    There Is No God (PC): Destroy a major slaving operation, only to kill all the slaves you've just 'freed.'
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)23:27 No.4118343
    >>There Is No God (PC): Destroy a major slaving operation, only to kill all the slaves you've just 'freed.'

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. We through a MASSIVE wrench in the same campaign when we joined the bad guys early on in the campaign.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)23:29 No.4118355
    Clear on the concept: Numerous times. Once to save a princess even.

    Beautiful Snowflake: Used to do it all the time, then realized I was an idiot.

    Drama Class: Did this just yesterday. And we were playing D&D4.

    Winning Streak: Went 6 months once. But that was called cruise in the us navy.

    Comedy Gold: Does a dwarf cleric/fighter/dwarven defender count?

    WHAT: My old DM from highschool used to do this to us all the time.

    The Gods Must Be Crazy: Came across some Devils fighting some Demons. We killed most of all of them, and raped Marilith and the Erinyes. Then killed them.

    Angry DM: All too often. Led to a lot of railroading and vengeance nerfing on the DM's part, the game ended very badly with three of us just walking out mid-game.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)23:42 No.4118434
    /cake/ (PC): Realize that there is no rule against seducing a child.
    The /cake/ is a Lie (DM): Create a houserule that you cannot seduce a child.
    >> Anonymous 03/28/09(Sat)23:47 No.4118468

    >The Yoko Factor (DM) - Conceive a plot that so effectively divides your party members that they spend enough time plotting and playing against one another that you no longer have to come up with a storyline.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I had three games running at the time, and little time to write. I inserted an evil artifact that a player couldn't resist. When they found the artifact, and explained it's workings, I ended the session, giving them time to think. Lines were drawn, and the game was afoot by the next session.

    I thought this would have been the lazy-fuck way of doing things, but my players still quote it as being one of the best games ever. Especially when the Chaotic Evil gnomish illusionist wiped out nearly all the other "good" players in one act of ultimate double-crossing.

    "That illusionist is a Spy!"
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 03/28/09(Sat)23:55 No.4118516
    Reposting some from the earlier threads:

    Dark Heresy:
    Almost There, Now Shave Your Head - 50gp
    Own a suit of powered armor and a bolter.

    Doc Ock - 20gp
    As a Tech-Priest, own at least 4 mechadendrites.

    Encyclopaedia Grimdarkia - 20gp
    As an Adept, become skilled in 4 or more forbidden lore skills.

    Grimdark Golf-Bag - 20gp
    As a Guardsman, become proficient with 5 different types of weapons, and own one of each type.

    I Am The Law - 20gp
    As an Arbitrator, witness a crime being committed, then kill the offender.

    My Armour Is Contempt - 20gp
    As a Cleric, survive a lethal attack by hiding behind a statue of a saint, a holy relic, a copy of the Imperial Creed, etc.

    No Psyker, You Are The Daemons - 100gp
    As a Psyker, cause Perils of the Warp and become a Daemonhost.

    One Shot Is All I Need - 20gp
    As an Assassin, kill an enemy with one attack, without using fate points. Despite the name, melee attacks count.

    Silver Tongue - 20gp
    As a Scum, diffuse a combat encounter using only social skills.

    Suffer Not - 20gp
    As a Sister of Battle, purge a heretic, xeno, and daemon in one game session.

    TWIN LINKED! - 0gp
    Purchase a Las weapon with a red-dot sight.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/09(Sun)00:07 No.4118597
    The only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other: Have the party and the BBEG plus mooks be the only people left on the plane.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/09(Sun)00:20 No.4118679
    >>There Is No God (PC): Destroy a major slaving operation, only to kill all the slaves you've just 'freed.'

    This happened to me in Baldur's Gate II. I was fighting the slavers in the beached ship building when a lightning bolt went the wrong way and killed all of the child slaves.

    The entire room filled up with Ahtkatlan guards and Cowled Wizards in an instant. Total Party Kill.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/09(Sun)01:40 No.4119130
    Abuse As Directed: Use a non-weapon magical item to kill an opponent. (Twice: Reached into my Bag of Tricks and fed the fuzzy ball to a grappled Blackguard, who exploded from eating a black bear. And back in 2ED I threw a Chime of Hunger into a guardroom.)

    Viva La Revolucion!: Stockpile a few Helms of Opposite Alignment, then apply them to charismatic commoners that love the King.

    Step Up: Use Perform(Dance) to prevent a hostile encounter.

    One Man Band: Take Perform in multiple instruments.

    Who Needs a Shopkeeper: Craft everything your character will ever need to own.

    Who Needs a Magic Store: Craft all your own magical armor, weapons, and magic items.
    >> Tenma 03/29/09(Sun)02:07 No.4119334
    It's Clobberin' Time!: As a barbarian, while using rage, hit an enemy so hard that he collapses part of a castle.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/09(Sun)03:41 No.4120003
    Stevie Wonder: Have no ranks in spot, but more than three in a Perform skill.

    (DM) Okay, so we can ignore THAT: Have a curse, spell, or item change a player's alignment.

    (PC) Oh god the tiny hands: Survive encounters with three otherworldly creatures while retaining your sanity, only to fail a sanity check to a Migo.

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