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  • File :1234991604.png-(491 KB, 646x448, Internet.png)
    491 KB Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:13 No.3751634  
    New Server Crash/Cyber Wars thread. And 4chan won't accept this picture easily so if someone makes a new thread before me while this is loading....
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:20 No.3751696
    I think Server Crash is a better name than Cyber Wars.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:20 No.3751700

    Now that awesome
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:21 No.3751717
    I think all of us can concur.

    Probers just keep getting them damn awesome points. Someone needs to write epic fluff about all the others, too.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:25 No.3751759
    I imagine you upload code with arm mounted supercomputer or something ? Or simply your head if your all data ? Now that gonna be though to remember.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:26 No.3751768
    >>3751717 Agreed.
    I plan to GM a game of this when I'm done and I don't want everyone rolling frikkin probers. That being said, let's ease up on fluffing till we have more of the system down.
    So I think we've agreed on archetypes and on game system. Now it's time for what the players have to select among. Augmentations, feats, I CHOOSE YOU.

    Get crackin', gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:26 No.3751776
    Remember, EVERYONE is all data.
    Arm mounted supercomputer is too cyberpunk.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:27 No.3751783
    Would vehicles exist? Or maybe huge rideable animals of some kind?
    What about weapons?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:27 No.3751784
    Eh, human mind is bigger than the most complicated of supercomputers. I don't think this is going to be a problem.

    How to fit like fifteen billion massive human minds (remember: This is the future) into the Internet, then again, might be a bit of trouble and bring some massive lag, but I think we should ignore this little detail in favour of cool.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:27 No.3751786
    No need. The code is all around you. You are code yourself.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:28 No.3751798
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:30 No.3751812
    Rule of cool combined with some sort of real world explanation I expect
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:30 No.3751817
    There needs to be experts in computer science, physics, and to some extent biology trying to figure out what's going on and how to solve it. They would require data to advance their research, since the Fall destroyed all known physics rules (and they are too important to just send out there) This can be used as some sort of "quest" and they can take the role of "village elders" perhaps, offering their counsel to adventurers? Of course, there would still be some who just seek personal riches.

    Since you are made of data, perhaps you can interact with other data simply by thinking? "Codes" could be specific patterns of thought.
    >> Phobonaut !tTBC.7oEaQ 02/18/09(Wed)16:33 No.3751848
    Theoretically it's possible to please Xom by doing stupid things in small fights getting his shenigans and jokes during not so important encounters, while he ignores you during big fights.

    You'll have to be a transmuter through, so you can drink your own confusion potions.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:35 No.3751876
    Speaking of which, the only prober abilities we've seen have been god tier. They'll need some lesser abilities if they're to be playable.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:37 No.3751916
    I think we've decided that all forms of transportation and equipment are certain programs. For instance, armor is a firewall, weapons are virii/antivirus programs, vehicles are certain .exes, etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:45 No.3752012
    Well, the initial post about probers were that they were able to 'dowse links', being able to tell where they go without opening them up. Pinging a server, for example, would be a Prober ability, as to get a forecast of cyber activity, how viral a page is, etc.

    Basically, Diviner and Oracle like abilities, able to 'feel the winds' and so forth. The god tier abilities we've seen are extensions of that baseline ability to feel the servers, such as put commands directly to said server, or create a network connection, rather than a hyperlink.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:46 No.3752016

    I'm pretty sure all kinds of weapon are allowed, could go from axe to Gauss rifle right ? I guess if you get your exe to do many hits instead of one big shot you do less damage but hit more often ?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:48 No.3752041
    The Fall happened quickly and in the place were it was least probably to be seen; /b/. Most of what we now know as /b/arbarians spent the majority of their lives completely plugged in, often in life cocoons that made it so they never had to interact with the real world. It was due to this that the Dark God assumed his form there, as his power was strongest in this den of hatred and pure data. Most of /b/ was destroyed or remade into His dark image fairly quickly, but no one outside of /b/ realized the difference until /v/ was invaded. It fell quickly, and only then did anyone realize why the Fall happened. Some boards had been prepared for this eventually somehow, and /tg/ and /tv/ immediately jettisoned themselves from the Greater 4chan before they were assimilated. A few other boards managed to become individual entities floating on the Netstream, but none with as few casualties. These boards formed their own governments and would send parties out to whatever Servers they passed close to, some as friends and others as raiding parties if the Server was deemed to be hostile. This was also the start of The Great Work or /tg/, a collection of knowledge of the world after the Fall, documenting all of the inhabited Servers and ways to fight back against the Dark God.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:49 No.3752058
    Continuing on the "Internet is what people made it to be given power and sentience, so it is largely a crazy asshole but has beacons of good parts" idea.

    Lesser challanges could be Cybers derived from blog posts and incompetent trolls. Those are easy to defeat for an experienced party, but can still cause a lot of destruction. Not the brightest ones, they use brute force over finesse. They usually take form of monstrous humanoids or part human, part animal creatures, and maintain a twisted mockery of society, shambling around and shouting incomprehensible bits of data such as "link1n p4rk iz s0 kewl!" to each other as communication. While not powerful individually, they can gather to form a chaotic mass of randomly arranged human and animal parts. In that state they act as a hivemind and take on a single name such as "Shugo Chara Unofficial Fan Forums" or "Lair of the Bloody Vampire King" or some other retarded shit.

    Greater threats include Cybers derived from viruses and more skilled trolls. Those usually try the party to take themselves with them, perhaps taking form of a highly coveted piece of data or another adventurer. While scanning any opposing party is standard procedure, the viruses evolve to trick even the most hardy scanning programs. They will then try to get themselves into a Webfort and create a link there from the depths of the inner rings, bringing forth a horde of horrors.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:50 No.3752063
    Well... actually I can't see Probers knowing what's going on the other side of a link. Rather, they can tell the path such a link goes through. Servers have their own personalities, and as such, each server your link goes through has an amount of risk.

    The Prober would educate himself by travelling to such servers, to find out how they 'feel'. The more experience he has, the better he can forecast how 'safe' a link is.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:50 No.3752064

    I think that Viruses should be a type of attack, kind of like Fire damage. Then we would have Anti-virus Saves, Router Saves (Against attacks on bandwidth), and maybe Memory Saves against normal damage.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:50 No.3752066
    This is stupid and you should feel bad.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:54 No.3752113
    Our webfort's librarian wanted some data from Wikipedia. It's been said that it's cooled down there a lot recently, so me and my buddie Jim offered to do it. Me, I'm Dave a Cracker and my buddie's a Coder. We were rookies who had been lucky recently and completed a few missions so we thought ourselves top of the world, real pros, and besides it was just a small article quite far from the core. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:55 No.3752126
    We go through a maze of links, our librarian gave us a hazy guide which was out of date as it turned out but due to shear luck we found the article. Jim had learned the ancient art of Copy Paste from his dad so he got to work. I was laying back and relaxing, thinking of all the porn I could buy with my earnings. When I heard a boom. The whole page started to rumble. And from a small hyperlink bursts out a Cyber. I'm not sure how to describe it to you. It had chosen it's image to instill fear and it had succeeded. Ever hear of a T-Rex? Things that inhabit the real world, apparently. Now cross it with a more familiar threat, a virus. Eight legs, all black and spiky but it still had a hint of those giant lizards. And by Moot did we wet ourselves. Jim copied as soon as he saw the thing and started to bring up a firewall. Boom. It breaks it with ease, Jim could';t bring a good enough one in time and the Cyber burst through it with ease. Poor bastard never had a chance, while he was being broken down to his bare code he sent me the article.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:56 No.3752129
    I ran. This thing was way out of my league, should be nowhere near this way out of the center. I was trying to head to the nearest link out of the page but it was too fast. Those eight legs really count for something, you know? Just about as I was about to say my final good byes and praying to Moot to let me have a nice resting place in some image macro, I see a swarm of black. A sea of it washing through the whole page. It washed over me and devoured the Cyber, legs to head. The Cyber snarled and tried to break down the sea it but as I got a closer look at the sea I saw it was million and millions of viruses. I wondered briefly why I wasn't being destroyed, but was too relieved to care that much. It enveloped and destroyed the Cyber. Afterwards on the other side of the article I saw a man dressed like those cowboys you see in some of those Western articles on top of a big Virus. A Virus Herder. Gives me a good old smug wink, but I didn't care. He could be smug about it all he liked I was just glad to be alive and grateful for his help.

    When I dredged my way back to the webfort I gave the news about Jim. And I tell the librarian that she can shove her article up her ass as I paste it. But I'll never forget the Cyber that nearly killed me. Nor that saving black sea of viruses.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)16:59 No.3752170

    It was decided that 4chan was one of the most bigger Webfort, maybe second only to 2chan, hell, there could be some kind of war brewing.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:00 No.3752189
    Probers : Crazy Badass
    Viral Handlers : Deservedly Smug Twats
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:03 No.3752224
    There is no way that /b/ should be anything but the den of evil, maybe the rest of 4chan should be a webfort, but /b/ is the Lair of the Final Boss of the Internet
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:05 No.3752251
    And the Amish shall inherit the earth.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:06 No.3752265
    Maybe virii could be characterized as anamlistic (hence they can be controlled) whereas cybers are actively malicious?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:08 No.3752277

    I agree, /b/ got detached real fast and I guess we could say most visited board somewhat merged. Hell I can think of a city of /a/ and /jp/ where Moonrune speaker live like king, 3D porn is shunned and even considered HERESY by both party who live on their side, only interacting with one another for translator.

    Bring your hentai here to sell it into much more you could possibly want anywhere else.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:08 No.3752285
    We agreed they were spiders. Black spiky spiders. Of varying sizes and abilities. They could act more like spiders though. I think a screeching sound would be good for them.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:09 No.3752291
    Prober : Malkavian ?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:10 No.3752294
    "Ever seen a Webcrawler? You start finding near middle ring of the net. Build big hives out of defunct webpages. They fuckin' love old movie pages, though."

    "Seems a little weird."

    "Yep. Here's a trick though: If you ever see one just spam .jpegs of 'Dr.Strangelove' at them - they fucking go crazy for Peter Sellers."

    "Yeah? I bet they go over fuckwell with IMDB."

    "Hah, yeah. The deebees hate these goddamn things because they keep trying to get in and steal shit. I swear the fuckers never get a goddamn break."

    "Wasn't there a bounty out for them or something?"

    "Yeah. Pay's not very good for the hazard, though."

    "Huh. What do they look like?"

    "About the size of a large dog. Look kinda like some sort of squidscorpion thing. Tentacles in some places where legs should be, no tail, blah blah. Lotta eyes."

    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:12 No.3752323
    Weirdest thing I ever saw was one of those lurkers.

    Me and my crew were hanging about in a bar, if you can call it that. They'd managed to simulate some drinks pretty well, and it was worth the Pix just to feel again. Anyway, suddenly there's a load of screaming outside, and we start shitting ourselves, because we know what that means.

    This guy, I swear he was sitting right next to me but I didn't even know he was there, just stands up and sighs. He walks out the door, not bothering to open it. We follow, curious about this loon.

    Outside, we see the Cyber, like a giant ape with six of those great black arms and cruel claws. This guy is walking towards, but he's hard to see. Your eyes just slipped off him, didn't seem to recognize he was there. He walks straight up to the thing, and round its back. Doesn' t even notice him. Were thinking "He's bugging out, and we should too".

    Then, on top of its head, he pops up. He rolls up a sleeve and then shoves it straight into the things head. We freaked. The thing stopped, and looked curious, swinging its arms around. I swear to moot it shoulda hit 'im, but the arm just went straight through. He seemed to take holda something, and pulled, and the entire Cyber just broke apart, the chunks of code scattered to the winds. He rode the disintegrating body to the ground, then walked back into the bar and ordered another drink.

    We bombarded him with stories, but he wouldn't say much, and eventually left. It was only a while after he'd gone we realised the bastard hadn't even paid his tab!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:15 No.3752364
    I kinda like the Virus Herder being modeled after cowboys a bit. I vote we make this their general attire.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:21 No.3752418
    I don't think they should all be spiders myself, though I do like the idea of them all being black, spiky, and insectoid in general
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:21 No.3752420
         File :1234995678.jpg-(41 KB, 650x520, reboot.jpg)
    41 KB
    ...what is this now? some sort of Reboot roleplayan?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:22 No.3752437
    "Here we are, fighting for our survival, and yet people still can't get rid of their old grudges between clans. I'm writing this because I saw the ending of the Facebook-Myspace war. The chain notes and pokes were flying so heavy that not even the Cybers have dared to go there for the past fifteen cycles. Somebody finally snuck in a fucking Meatspin and took out Tom and the surrounding area for about 13 drives. I thought we had banned that shit back in '93, but I guess there was a stockpile sitting around somewhere. Maybe someone made a deal with an Old One, which could also explain why I haven't seen a single Cyber. I've been riding the hyperlinks pretty hard trying to get the fuck out of Profile, as I know that both sides are pretty much DLLs out of luck. Facebook's forces are weakened from the battle and Myspace is totaled; when they get invaded, which I would be surprised if it happened yet, they are done for. I grabbed as many Pix as I could, but also a few links I think may be of interest. Most are for weed and booze, but I think I may have a working link to either Amazon or eBay, I'm not sure. Whichever it is, I'm not even going to touch it until the Librarians scan it over. I've seen enough Notes get gibbed to ever go exploring again."
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:23 No.3752444
    I think anyone can look like whatever, this being the internet and all, given enough augmentations. Of course being a furry will make much of the internet's most powerful groups hate you, so that's a bad idea.

    This probably won't stop the damn furries but whatever.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:24 No.3752454
    Sort of. But we added our own twists and ideas. It's got a lot of aspects of it thought, a lot of aspects of Tron too. We spilled quite a bit of Cthulu into it too.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:24 No.3752462
    No no no no no no no NO.
    Read the threads. Arm yourself with knowledge.
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 02/18/09(Wed)17:28 No.3752530
    Web Spider Level 1
    A basic pet, this spider can crawl around and transport very small goods (pack dog) and search limited internets!
    Web Spider Level 2
    A larger pet, this Spider can transport a man and his goods, as well as a light companion, and can search and lay "networks" for small limited transport (horse)
    Web Spider Level 3
    A Great Creature, this Spider needs lots of data to sniff out and explore the vast internet. Using its new built in Email client, this Great Creature can transport up to 5 people and their belongings, and fight medium level cyphers, as well as enchance one's data mining abilities
    Web Spider Level 4
    A Creature of massive power, this is capable of moving small clans and searching out mass data piles, as well as combining its power with its master, who much be strong to handle the raw data of the internet.
    Web Spider Level 5 (Legendary)
    A truly legendary Web Spider, most known belong to Google or Yahoo. They can actually spawn level 2 spiders for a limited time, and can actually consume entire websites at once, even searching through Wiki databases. Masters of MYSQL, these spiders are believed to be neutral to man, however corruption has made them possibly dangerous. Encounter with care, and you may tame one....
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:30 No.3752554
    what threads?
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 02/18/09(Wed)17:31 No.3752560
    Level 3s are small dragons, level four is say an Armored Dragon, and a Level 5 is a BOSSS BATTLE/ULTIMATE SUMMON
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:32 No.3752567

    Those in the sup/tg/ archive, /tg/'s vault, wherein all our best creations are put for safekeeping.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:32 No.3752570
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:33 No.3752576
    There are 3 in the archives. Pretty entertaining, even if only for the fluff if you choose not to get involved. I helped out a little earlier but since the switch to WoD system I'm fairly useless so I'll just make little suggestions here and there and stay the fuck outta the crunchers' way
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:40 No.3752644
         File :1234996810.jpg-(205 KB, 703x1000, Coldrum_Stpunk_Fin_web2.jpg)
    205 KB
    so what do we have so far?

    hacking - attack/offense, coding - crafting, firewalls - defense, probing - meta-digital actions that go deeper then affecting just software/change hardware settings?

    Virii herders are smug cowboys/infernalists

    druid-ish guys that adapt to natural processes and don't cause much of an upset in the server when they use their abilities.

    and something about gods, old ones and cybers that I arrived too late to learn about.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:50 No.3752742
         File :1234997436.png-(297 KB, 727x1000, Concept Worm.png)
    297 KB
    Tired, failed drawfag here. Just postin shit that came to me reading this thread
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:52 No.3752757
         File :1234997540.png-(189 KB, 727x1000, Concept trojan.png)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:52 No.3752759
    A lot of ideas about Cybers seem to make them chimeric animals, so I suggest programs that assemble data. Those gather pieces of information they can find to cobble together a mixed organism. For example, a local Assembler in Wikipedia may discover data regarding a Microraptor's four wings, an image detailing a giant isopod's body plan and the reproductive method and behavior of xenomorphs. It somehow "glues" this data, using scrap data from its previous experiences to fill in any blank parts. The result is a four-winged, flying giant isopod that spawns chestbursters. As such makeshift beasts are rather unstable, they may turn back into raw data eventually.

    While inherently neither good nor evil and thought to be an effect of the Fall on organization bots used mainly in Wikipedia, it is said that close the Inner Rings, there exists a vast sea of data with a single, gigantic Assembler ruling over, creating thousands of such beasts over and over again. Some are mindless, some are sentient but their composition ensures that they are all fated to fall fall back down to the Sea of Data to be reassembled into an even more bizarre creature.

    Know what I'm getting to there? Ubbo-Sathla.

    Also, a class can perhaps have one of those as a "pet", spawning different monsters depending on environmental data - and if any viruses contaminate the land, there's always a chance the summon will be hostile.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:53 No.3752764

    Mid level Cyber ?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:54 No.3752774
    What the fuck is going on in this picture?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:55 No.3752787
    The worms were dead, space was free, looting was commencing... and then along came a spider...

    "FUCK YEAH" growled the /b/arbarian
    "It's eating... the fucking corpses" Split, the hacker, was by far the less hardened of them all
    "Defrag app" said the coder, goodamn wiseass he was

    */b/arbarian canibalizes corpse*

    "Okay, mobile turret style. Split, mount up. Jinx, keep /barry/ whole and give that something to defrag"
    "I hate riding. Why is your mount a giant hamster?"
    "Low Cyber aggro. We need to get inside its defenses"

    *Dfrg.com eats the arm of /b/arry*
    */b/arry regenerates*
    *Jinx executes treetext.svg"
    *Locust leashes /b/arry*

    "We're taking him inside, ram those defenses!"

    *Dfrg.com loads treetext.svg*
    *Split executes Admin app*
    *Dfrg is in risk. Would you like assistance?*

    "Okay time to go"

    *Hamster.exe digs*
    */b/arry bites Dfrg.com*
    */b/arry bites Dfrg.com*
    */b/arry bites Dfrg.com*
    */b/arry bites Dfrg.com*
    */b/arry bit-an error has occurred Dfrg.com will have to terminate*
    */b/arry falls*

    *Hamster.exe surfaces"

    "Nice /b/arry... this thing means there are Admin privileges, do you gu-"
    "Load the corpses, Locust, we're going home"
    "I concur. I don't want an antivirus come get rid of us"
    "Oh fuck you Jinx you're not a real adventurer... only /b/arry gets me"

    *Locust highfives /b/arry*
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:56 No.3752791

    Awesome in progress. please do not distur- OH GEEZUS FUCK WHAT IS THAT WEAPON
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)17:58 No.3752813

    ...Giant lightning sword?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:01 No.3752831

    Drawfag here. Depends on size i'd say.

    Like with dragons in DnD
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:01 No.3752832

    what the fuck happened here
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:13 No.3752930
    /b/ happened
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:17 No.3752965
    Down to the hardware base of the matrix. If all networked humans died, who is feeding the power plants? We need a solid base before going on.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:18 No.3752974

    auto managing robot
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:19 No.3752978
         File :1234999141.jpg-(209 KB, 650x905, Deathnet Cover0001.jpg)
    209 KB
    Polyhedron put something like this out a few years back. It's focused around gaming, but it's got some fun stuff in there. Anyone want me to scan+upload the rest?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:21 No.3752998
    lol wow
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:21 No.3753006
    Handwavium doesn't count. I suppose the breakdown occurs in a world with automatic city management and full regeneraticve energies. Solar panels, wind power and Back To The Future style fusion plants. It can run without humans around.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:23 No.3753020
    Automated fusion plants, automated mining/enrichment, failsafes a mile deep. Possible plot-hook: party is told that sectors of the net are going silent, seemingly unrelated to their spatial location (IE, it's not spreading from neighbor to neighbor). Turns out something or someone got into the firmware of a plant and fucked it up, causing the servers running on its power to go down.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:24 No.3753037

    It's been decreed that ANY mention of the real world is off limits.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:26 No.3753057
         File :1234999590.png-(298 KB, 1734x1004, WORRRMSSSS.png)
    298 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:29 No.3753092
    Sorry, I didn't read the WALL OF TEXT.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:35 No.3753140
    Another idea that came up was different relative time. It may seem like years have passed for everyone, but it's only been a minute realtime
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:41 No.3753188
    I don't do code. I can't feel the pulse of the world, or see what lies beneath the sites. I have no tame virii, ready to strike at my command. You might say I'm weak - and certainly, I can't do many of the things they can.

    Even so, I have walked through many sites. I have killed. Ancient applications thirsting for my blood. Brigands, rouge coders with power far beyond mine, virii by the hundreds, applications beyond count.

    Would you like to know my secret?
    I have it all right here.
    Where a coder would analyze a problem, and create the tool for the job - I already had that tool. Not as precise. Not as powerful. Not as -refined-. But right here, with me.
    Where a prober would look beyond the hypertext, to find the cracks, I break it with brute force, before he can even close his eyes.

    Before an opponent can even comprehend my form, I have killed him.

    Strong weapons are meaningless if you don't have time to use them, or if you can't find an opening. The power of a weapon comes not from how it is created, or even from what it is - but from how it is wielded.

    I'm one who wields weapons.
    They call me a script kid.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:42 No.3753200

    Well, go read it you moron.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:44 No.3753214
    >HURF DURF, I'm a retarded asshole who makes up arbitrary rules and poses them as canon.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:47 No.3753245
    Calm down. Anon, you shouldn't discourage new people coming in here to help add comments (as long as it's nothing supremely stupid). And anon, try to make sure to see if we've already covered something before bringing it up.
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)18:48 No.3753254
    Any thing specific you guys want me to draw. I may have limited skills but still. This is fun.
    >> NEEERRRRRRRRD 02/18/09(Wed)18:51 No.3753280

    Different guy.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:53 No.3753292
    You could do a webfort maybe. Like Wikipedia or /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:53 No.3753298
    >Anon, you shouldn't discourage new people coming in
    Fuck you, you know how /b/ became cancer right? New people, by the hundreds.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:56 No.3753323
    ASSHAT.DERP changed to SAGE.FAG
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:56 No.3753324

    The entire fucking thread basically said that

    1.The only people "alive" are AMISH

    2.Fleshworld detracts from charm of setting.

    So, fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)18:58 No.3753338

    And then he was eaten by Candlejack because he's a Mary Sue faggot.

    Oh hey he le
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:00 No.3753352
    Trollan aside, what exactly needs work right now?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:02 No.3753357
    The worm is interesting, but it's not all that realistic in terms of how worms work. I'd imagine a worm looking more like a Worm that Walks from CoC or the Leechwalker from the 3.5 MMIII-it's a simple program that replicates the fuck out of itself, infests a victim, and then continues after others.

    Worms are more like a zombie virus than anything else-and the victim is usually still alive underneath, if working at incredibly slow speeds, horribly aware of what's happened to them.

    Wiki most of the viruses you want to use. Stuff like Kill 'Em All and CIH/Chernobyl would be something akin to disintegration spells, causing a dissolution into incoherent random data.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:04 No.3753373
    Nah, the Amish were wiped out after the Fall by sentient Murderbots (brought to you HappyCorp! Put a smile on or will carve it in!).

    There, nobody alive outside the web, no reason to talk about the "real world." Its not as real to the people on the Internet as the tubes are anywho
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:05 No.3753382
    I like the way they look now. Just give them an ability: if they kill someone, that person is reconfigured into a copy of the original. Or better yet, into a Trojan.
    >> NEEERRRRRRRRD 02/18/09(Wed)19:12 No.3753435

    Heh, that's good.

    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:17 No.3753471
    >> NEEERRRRRRRRD 02/18/09(Wed)19:21 No.3753519
         File :1235002903.jpg-(32 KB, 465x310, Grant.jpg)
    32 KB

    It's just a little bug bite!
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:22 No.3753529

    It'd end up like John Carpenter's Thing movie - everyone paranoid that the person next to them is the horrible monster about to explode everywhere and eat/mutate them. Or even worse, anti-virus scans showing someone to be the infected when they don't realise it themselves.
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)19:24 No.3753548

    will work up a few different ones
    There are a fuckton of variables so.

    Also, what's the genreal opinon of my trojan there. I kinda liked it and was gonna continue developing things in that "oh god what the hell is tha-" manner.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:24 No.3753549
    >> NEEERRRRRRRRD 02/18/09(Wed)19:25 No.3753561

    At all times, Toady has the button ready. He can't risk a beta test.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:26 No.3753575
    Make the trojan appear to be normal, but subtly WRONG in some fashion. Maybe a talon sticking from a sleeve, maybe disturbing facial features...something along those lines.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:29 No.3753621
    I'd say a talon sticking out of a sleeve isn't very subtle. Still, I like this idea. Make them look just WRONG but in a way that they look somewhat normal at first glance. If it looks like an everyday human in the thumbnail, ur doin it right
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:31 No.3753653
    Uncanny Valley is probably the best route to go. Make their facial features slightly off, so you don't realize it until you get close
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:32 No.3753661
    That's fine for Trojans who aren't attempting to conceal themselves. They should be able to look a bit more human though if they so choose (though still somehow 'wrong').
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:39 No.3753737
    The purpose of Trojans is to conceal themselves. Once they have been found out they can go full bladed snrikt killy killy, but until then they should stay humanesque
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:46 No.3753808

    Question: since everyone is pure data, can they not look like anything they want to? Perhaps not initially, but I can imagine that people would mod their appearance quite quickly. Perhaps trojans don't look more 'off' then most people, but they behave in an 'off' way - far too enthusiastic, or really, really interested in getting you to fill in a form/take an item from them/go with them somewhere special.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:48 No.3753824
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)19:48 No.3753826

    This, I'm pretty sure there going to be alot of little girls in there as well
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)20:10 No.3754026
         File :1235005846.png-(425 KB, 1680x1258, TROJANS AND VIRS.png)
    425 KB
    Some more. now featuring lolitrojans
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)20:14 No.3754054
    are we autosaging?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)20:18 No.3754082
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)20:19 No.3754094

    I had an idea for one - sharp suit, neat shoes, black leather gloves, paperbag mask with a crude smily face drawn on it. The mouth animates when it needs to speak. When it goes into attack mode the bag seems rips apart and the true form of the thing escapes.
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)20:20 No.3754100

    Ahh, it just seemed to hae hit second page so fast. Guess it was just /tg/ that was fast.

    Working on the webfort
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)20:24 No.3754132
    You know, someone should really think about setting up a forum of some kind just for this. The idea obviously has legs, it's a good setting and it interests a lot of people and it would be a shame if it drops into oblivion.

    Don't know how you would go about setting one up however.
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)20:55 No.3754383
         File :1235008549.png-(370 KB, 1742x1194, Fortress of Wiki.png)
    370 KB
    >> TIRED DRAWFAG 02/18/09(Wed)21:04 No.3754456
    I'm spent. Was fun guys.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:10 No.3754516

    Very nice, I like your style
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:31 No.3754719
    The Valve recovery team paused for a moment to survey the carnage. Ahead of the lay CHINANET, once upon a time the fourth most populous area on the net. Now no more then a smoking blasted ruin filled with the dead and dying.

    "Sven, what are you doing?" Dudemonster blurted out.

    "I'm taking samples. The code of the area has been scrambled and warped beyond recognition, and there's only a few things that cause that." Sven responded.

    "Elaborate a bit if you would - PLEASE" Dudemonster squeezed out. He wasn't very good at being diplomatic, Valve took him in because he could shoot not because he had any charisma.

    "They formatted large areas of their own webforts in an attempt to destroy them. Interesting." Sven went quiet.

    Dudemonster took his time with a measured response. "If I recall they did that a few times when this whole thing first started. It was one of few things that kept them away from the major population centers."

    Sven paused for a moment. "It worked, too. Lost a few million lives, but it worked. But here..here it didn't. The Olds didn't lose their stomach this time around. They didn't tap..and now look."

    Sven gestured at the webfort and looked at it for a second. The outer wall had been pierced in multiple areas and the main gate was torn off it's mechanisms. Large blast marks and melted defense systems marked a clearly one sided fight.

    Dudemonster shrugged. "Team, we're headed into the residential sector and then to central administration. Ready weapons."

    "...Additionally we're here for recovery and recovery only - no humanitarian heartbleeding today thank you. Them's orders."
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:34 No.3754754
    "Squeezed out?" Christ. For the love of fuck, just say "he said." It's simple, it's clean, readers note it and ignore it.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)21:38 No.3754797
    I'm not a very good writer.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)22:27 No.3755237
    Pardon me if I get some terminology wrong, I'm not computer literate in the slightest.


    The highway erupted in panic. Everyone started running back and forth, pushing against each other. .exe's revv'd up and ran through crowds of people, doing more immediate damage than the cybers were doing, if they were even there- no, I could see them now. I could tell where they were in the crowd from the parts flying into the air.

    "Get over here!" said a man behind me, grabbing me by my collar and dragging me over. I don't remember much about him- his face was wrapped in cloth, and he had what looked like a machete in his hand. He dropped me behind him, frozen with fear, and grabbed two more from the crowd.

    "Over the guard rail, Head back under the highway until you find a hyperlink, go gogoMOVE!"

    They jumped right over. He had a leg over, then looked over at me, still frozen in terror. He gave a grunt of displeasure. He came back over, ducked low in the chaos, punched someone in the face who was right about to bowl him over, and got to me. He threw me bodily over the guardrail. Fell a few feet, and landed on my side. Winded, like it made any difference.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)22:39 No.3755328

    He jumped down, landing nimbly on his feet. Looked at me with distaste. He slung me over his shoulder, and started running full tilt under the highway. I remember hearing the screams overhead, seeing down his back, watching the dirt rush by. Man must've been running 300kb/s, easy.

    We came over to the group, huddled by the link, looking scared, confused.

    "The hell didn't you go through the link for?" He growled.

    "How should we know it's safe?" The cloth over his head that left nothing but his eyes in the open twitched, like he was grinning.

    "Well, you could've gone through and looked. Guess that's what separates you from me, huh?" He pointed to a man with a shotgun who was holding hands with a young woman. "You first, then the woman. I'll carry useless here through last."

    The man turned and kissed the woman, cocked his shotgun, and stepped through. The woman looked back at us, and shrieked, pointing. I turned my head, and saw one of the nastiest looking cybers ever. Bug eyed, gaping maw, dangling, spiked trunk, a rotting carcass of a thing, like a cross between some kind of slavering fish and a zombie elephant.

    The man turned, kicked the woman in the gut and knocked her right through the hyperlink. He turned back, drawing his machete from his pants. The thing stooped low and roared in his face, a hiss, a trumpet, and a shriek.

    He chuckled.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)22:45 No.3755384
    It's a shame, because it's probably doomed to the same fate as everything /tg/ starts.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:02 No.3755518

    Pfft. Any interest in a hamachi channel? I got one set up. Kind of.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:04 No.3755536

    "Well," he said, addressing the horror. "I'd call you smart, but since you're lookin' at me, I'd be lying. I know you're one of the original cybers from immediately after the fall of DF forums. Hell, I killed most of you cycles and cycles ago. You must've been one of the ones that ran, cutting and running before you came up... against me." He brandished his machete, and shook his fist in the things face. It shrieked again, snarling and stomping.

    "I've followed your spawngroup after you left, taking you down one by one. I've lived where you live. I've survived where you hide. Your kind has a name for me, I'm told. "The Deleter." Apt, I'd say." He took another step towards the fish-elephant. I swear to you as moot as my witness, it took a step BACK. It wasn't trumpeting no more.

    "I've been browsing since before you were two characters put together. I've taken more code apart than your spawngroup did in the surprise raid on SA in '69." He kept walking towards the thing, and it kept walking backwards. It slipped in the dirt and fell still. The man kept right on walking, right up a leg thick as a man, over its chest, and right up to its face. It could've tilted its head and nudged him right into its gaping mouth, swallowed him whole. But it didn't. It was too scared.

    "I'm Tim fucking Higgins, and I'm the greatest surfer this side of the wikis. And you're still lookin' at me, boy." He shoves the machete straight through one of its putrid eyes and turns the entire thing into a mass of collapsed code, scattering to the ends of the server. He put his machete back into his pants.

    "Pussy." He walked back over to me, and gave me a glare.

    "If you ain't got the use of your legs back yet son, I'm certain I might just get rid of any dead weight on you so I don't pull anything carrying you through to SA, know what I'm sayin'?"

    I got up and walked through the link.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:13 No.3755635

    Sound like a epic level Script Kiddie
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:19 No.3755685

    I think it was said that script kiddies make weapons quick or something. The Surfers have been around and know the hyperlinks and sites and nasty critters by experience. If that cloth wasn't covering his face he'd be scarred to hell from close encounters. He didn't generate weapons. He just intimidated the fuck out of the thing by saying how he killed all of his spawngroup cycles ago. I might write about him again. I think there was like, one other writefaggotry about surfers before, in the very first thread. That guy was kind of like this guy. I was thinking of either a script kiddie writing or a surfer writing, and someone already did SK writing in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:22 No.3755713

    Oh right, but since everyone is data he could reshape himself to look good but I guess the badass look is there to stay... I can't think of any real combat oriented skill for the surfer though
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:23 No.3755721
    We could do a channel on suptg, I guess. Or a steam chat.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:25 No.3755749
    Surfer has tracking and other experience based tricks. I think most of his attacks would be dirty tricks.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:27 No.3755773

    I could see him using lots of trap, decoy etc.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:31 No.3755806

    He didn't really fight in that, I'm sorry to say, though he did take charge and grab a couple people and save them from eatin's. I'd say anyone who regularly kicks women in the chest and shoves machetes through Carp-Zombie Elephant eyes without hesitation is someone who's rather a combat pragmatist.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:38 No.3755860
    I agree. The writefaggotry is fine. I also think that the surfer possessing intimidation and other social skills is a good idea. The surfer seems like a rogue to me - an experienced skill-based character who fights dirty.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:49 No.3755955

    I say that we mix Luker and Surfer, its pretty much the same thing
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:52 No.3755980
    Eh, Lurker seems more akin to stealth magic. I suppose it doesn't really matter though, aren't we using pointbuy?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:53 No.3755988

    Oh right my bad, what we need is skill... can't think of any now though, dammit
    >> Anonymous 02/18/09(Wed)23:54 No.3756001

    I think we are using pointbuy.

    Idea: Class selection gives discounts on the price of skills that fall under the purview of that class. Other skills cost as normal.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:04 No.3756059
    What about something new? The Trapmaster?

    Oh sure, you think he's legit. Just sitting there in that suit, with the gleam in his eye, carrying a handful of Pix thumbnailed so you can't see anything.

    Buddy, I tell you, that fuck right there is MESSED. I've seen him walk through a pack of newbies and see every single one of 'em catch a Pic and immediately fall over writhing. "WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!" "MERCIFUL MOOT, WHY DID I CLICK?" "OH, FUCK YOUUUU" from a lucky one.

    That hairdo.

    That suit.

    And that damned song he's always whistling.

    [Imagine him as a cross between Rick Astley and Riviera from Neuromancer.]
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:08 No.3756091

    I don't really know how he could affect Virus and Cyber, but some trap skill are indeed a necessity
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:12 No.3756126

    An asshole just gets tossed out into the wilderness toot sweet. Anyone in a fort who is an active menace is gone. Maybe even someone who isn't contributing to the betterment of the fort in some of the more endangered or high-security ones.

    There'd be no point to one in combat as I could see. Traps are already done by the Surfers, as ranger-types. And how would pix traps work against enemies? Look at this file, it's totally sweet Mr. Eat My Code Cyber Menace!
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:17 No.3756165
    ITT: Internet Mage: The Awakening.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:23 No.3756214
    It's a little too lulzy, not enough logical application. You need to think less CHANNERS ON THE INTERFUCK and more CHANNERS SURVIVING AGAINST UNTOLD HORRORS IN CYBERSPACE.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:24 No.3756225
    Hey, they had a purpose for Riviera in Neuromancer.

    Maybe he makes something like the kawarimi from Naruto (yes, I know, Naruto fucking sucks, but it's the only example I can think of), replacing himself with bad code or viruses when attacked.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:25 No.3756229

    Channers and goons and Wikians and Tropers and... It goes on.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:26 No.3756234
    I really want to develop Probers more being the OP for them But I do recognize that we need to flesh out more things. So I'll stay my writefagging hand until something else catches my eye to expand upon.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:36 No.3756324
    Okay, some simple things.

    1: This isn't the matix. There are no bodies left behind. Its been generations since The Fall, and all the flesh has likely rot. There is no grand visions of escaping to meatspace.

    2: Remember that this isn't what you consider internet society. More like if you merged the Internet with the Wild West, where the law itself is cutthroat, and there are no huge governing bodies. Each Webfort is on it's own. You piss off the webfort, expect to get exiled, or worse, executed, for making the harsh life even less livable.

    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:42 No.3756370
    I guess we should just pick a point and start. How about the general framework?

    We've all agreed on pointbuy, pretty much. And WoD, I guess? I don't know much about WoD (other than the basics of the successes system). Anyone with more experience in that area care to jump in?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:44 No.3756390
    GRIMDARK. Though I may have to disagree on one point. You KNOW there's someone(s) out there with a grand vision of their triumphant return to fleshspace. They may be crazy delusional fucks, but they exist.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:47 No.3756409
    I see it as a cross between post-apocalyptic and wild west: The post-apocalyptic is GRIMDARK, while the wild west is HIGH ADVENTURE.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:50 No.3756434
    I wouldn't call it GRIMDARK. It's bleak, as post-apocalyptic should be, but there's plenty of space to offer lightheartedness. Hell, one of the most profitable ventures in the early threads, porn foraging, is quite lucrative, and brings joy to entire Webforts.

    We really should figure out some more ways to make it less GRIMDARK by showing how humanity, once some stability is brought into their lives in a webfort, can prosper.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:51 No.3756440

    It's all about time. Internet time goes so much faster than real time. Years are weeks or a month at most.

    "Life" is vastly different from time period to time period. The Fall, when everyone's just found out "Oh shit, I can't log out!" is a time of utter chaos, last stands and desperate defenses, with death tolls high as all get out in the middle ground and the center, dear christ the center. After that is a dark age, where cyber incursions are common but not a constant, people have realized they need to set up camps and maintain their little city-states, and people start developing skills and abilities. A sort of half-and-half renaissance and continuation of the dark-age is as far as we've gotten in terms of a time-line now, with exploration getting a jump after google's been rediscovered, and forts are getting linked up. There's still chaos, but the edges of the internet are more high-fantasy, with the center being more 40k, and Call of Cthulhu happening whenever someone stumbles across an Old. Reproduction/cloning is a-goin' on, and people have begun to realize that humanity is FUCKED if it's divided (slowly, and one at a time, with lots still saying FUCK IT, I LIKE IT HOW IT IS).

    If I may propose a slight advancement into the future of this: Cyber attacks are even less with the internet losing more ground to humans working together, while virii, the little amoral bastards which attack cybers and humans alike, are growing in number. No one's figured out how to fuck with Olds yet, because they're badass enough to make the internet hate machine metashit itself.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)00:58 No.3756495
    While many of the Cybers are, as mentioned here, strange mindless animal hybrids that just go around killing, I think some of them should have fairly human intelligence, with their own societies and rules. They would be, fundamentally, this setting's equivalent to orcs and goblins and other Always Chaotic Evil races: They would raid human settlements, rob travellers, and not be above joining forces with evil humans sometimes.

    So unlike what >>3756440 said, they wouldn't really start losing their ground: Instead, they'd just have their own homes and settlements somewhere in the Internet.

    In the end, it'd be pretty much a four-way war: Humans, Internet and the virii, Cybers, and the Olds. The first three would be fighting pretty much all the time, while the fourth would appear sometimes and seriously fuck shit up for everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:03 No.3756541
    I kinda prefer the more grimdark version, with Cybers being evils that exist only to kill humans, but that can easily be up to the individual DM.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:03 No.3756545
    every repost is a repost of a repost.

    Somebody come up with SOMETHING SIMPLE.


    Alright, he was using BRP to base his shit on.

    Okay, to make a program the total number of points must be below or equal to the pogramming skill of the person making it.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:06 No.3756569
    I was considering this sort of thing. But of course, if Cybers (man we have a lot of -ers...) have their own society, does that mean that on some level, they could learn to co-exist with humans?

    I was under the original impression Cybers were the work of the Internet Gods, and were created for the sake of 'torture humanity, whom have brought here'. If, however, we make them Orcish in some regards, then we need to figure out WHY there's strife. And frankly, that kind of detracts from the allure of the Cybers. They maybe intelligent, but ultimately, humanity doesn't know why the fuck these strange creatures are hunting them. They just are.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:07 No.3756583

    Alright, we need damage values, range/speed, shit like that, attached to 5/10/15/20etc modifiers.

    Somebody take a look at BRP roolz and find out what the stats for a flintlock pistol are, then we use that as the baseline 15 pogramming skill ranged weapon.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:09 No.3756598
    The problem with Crunching up the setting is that it ties it closer to any particular system, even if the system is homebrewed itself.

    I'm far more interested in the fluff aspect. Make it a setting that, should a GM decide, they can latch on to their own system of choice.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:09 No.3756601

    I think Mage fits pretty well, actually. If you substitute the Spheres for hacking/probing, etc, that should work for making characters who have specialties, but can dabble in other areas. I think an uber haxxor would have some experience in scripting/virii herding, for example. Just throw out that silly quintessense system. Change arete to reference computer use stat instead, possibly.

    Disclaimer: Not familiar with New WoD mage. Can someome point out the differences?

    Also the success system. WoD tends to rely on hordes of dice, and, being all grim and dark and fatal, tends to have rather high target values for successes on cool shit.(true faith is 8 on a d10 for a success ? The crap?) And, well, this is a fantastical tron internet horror movie. Cool shit should be the norm. I believe 6 is the normal roll-or-above-for-a-success target number. Feels a bit off for the feeling of the game. I'd lower it by one, maybe 2 for moderate-hard stuff.

    Epic stuff like cracking an Old, though, should be high. Use GM discretion.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:10 No.3756612
    It's the virii that work for the Internet. The Cybers are an anomaly, something that shouldn't even exist, but they do: They're the original inhabitants of the Internet, having spawned from there during the several few decades before the fall. Once the Internet became sentient, it decided that they should die too.

    As for learning to co-exist... Well, they're pretty evil bastards generally, but I suppose it would be possible, in some sense.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:14 No.3756633

    Yeah, but there's not really that much development of the story going on, it's just reposts now.

    We have the basic idea set up, now it's time for cruchmaking and then confirmation as to whether or not it's actually playable in any respect.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:14 No.3756635
    They see humans either as invaders, or as food, depending on their level of intelligence. Sounds pretty clear why they're after us.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:14 No.3756637
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:16 No.3756652
    Okay then. If it's the Virii that are the whim of the Internet, then I'll change my view on the Cybers.

    But then, why are the Cybers evil/agressive against humanity, the 'new' denizens of cyberspace? Resentment and rage is the Olds angle. The Cybers should differ from them in outlook as well as 'function'.

    Territory? Resources? Xenophobia? What makes a Cyber aggressive against a human?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:19 No.3756673
    Territory, resources, and the natural urge for war and conquest.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:27 No.3756738
    Okay, so we need to purchasable abilities to represent the powers of the main fluff'd groups:

    Surfers: tracking, skill versatility, dirty tricks in combat (possibly low power). Abilities fluffed as a result of prior experience rather than specific skills.

    Probers: Sense information about links, powerful but risky effects. Possibly lost san?

    These two are our best fluffed classes (not that we're using classes anymore) and probably an ideal starting place.

    Other features that need to be made include some sort of method for controlling viruses (as per Virii herder), magic (hacking, programing, whatever you want to call it), some thoughts on weapons (executables) and armor (firewalls).

    Someone in an earlier thread said that if a hacker were to use a more powerful firewall it would hinder his efforts, so that seems like a good way to restrict armor to the noncasters.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:30 No.3756763
    Actually, the OP never really specified about that... it makes more sense to me that the Cybers are the dark agents of the internet, and I think it's more consistent with the fluff from the earlier threads. After all, viruses are man made (and can be controlled by man, see Virii Herder). It makes MUCH more sense that the cybers be the agents of the Dark God of the Internet.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:40 No.3756857
    The three main schools of Programming (magic) are Coding, Hacking and Probing.

    To Code is to follow a blueprint and 'create' and object or script.

    To Hack is to alter existing data to do something it was not originally intended to do.

    To Probe is to use the 'old ways' of the Servers to circumvent Internet programming with a more foreign type that still governs the same world.

    Basically, Code = Creation magic, Hack = 'on the fly' (AKA, combat) magic, Probe = Cthulhu Magic.

    From this, you can develop a lot of castes of 'caster' types (Coders, Hackers, Probers and their specialists), as well as the non-'caster' types who don't know how to program, but can use applications and scripts with ease (Script Kids, for example.)
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:44 No.3756890
    I disagree. Cybers should be more akin to monsters. Things that you will always fight, like Beholders or shit like that.

    Now... bots, viruses, and other things like that could be more akin to Goblins and the like. They wouldn't always be hostile, but it would be the norm.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:44 No.3756897
    So then we have one overarching ability (Programming, which must be taken at level 1) that serves as a prerequisite for all other purchasable magical abilities?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:45 No.3756905

    I think a good analogy is that Probers are more like Truenamers than any sort of Cthulhu magic with a bit of ESP thrown in (Sensing what's behind a link).
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:46 No.3756926
    Also, this seems like an excellent place to use the tiers/specialization system for Artifice, if we're still considering that at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:49 No.3756958
    I think at the higher levels (when the start wielding magic that changes things rather than sensing them) it gets pretty Lovecraftian. I wouldn't mind them taking san damage or gaining derangements when they get to the higher tier abilities.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:49 No.3756968
    I couldn't believe it.

    I had just had one of the greatest days in my life, saving a porn forager and gotten a tidy reward of goddam FILM, not jhust pictures, the sound intact and everything. I was heading back to my old Fort, /eshd/, an old conglomerate trading area, to get some fucking hard cash.

    Then... Then I saw it. No, sorry, It. It was surrounded by a weird aura of nothing. Not darkness, nothing, as if space around it simply ceased to exist. If I had to describe the damn thing... damn it, I hate describing it, but someone always fucking askes. It looked like a chessboard, with numbers drawn on the squares. Tiny wars were happening on it's surface, little mushroom clouds.

    And I said, in disbelief, "You shouldn't exist. You... you're fiction! You're from a fucking movie, damnit!"

    And it replied?

    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:51 No.3756986
    Sort of makes sense, yes, but as I see it, humanity is living on the Website side of the internet, not the Server side for a reason. The Webpages are more compatible with their ability to reason and interact, given how the in-game modern internet was designed.

    When the Fall happend, nothing worked like it should of anymore. Most of all, humanity was stuck in the Website side of the internet. The Server side was more arcane, more distant, not even a fraction as tangible. Most see trying to use the Servers as akin to trying to get back to meatspace, a lost cause.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)01:53 No.3757016
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)02:07 No.3757145
    One last suggestion before I head to bed. We can use ArtifIce's tier/specialization system, with our original classes serving as the tier 0 classifications (with some renaming). This allows us to have defined character archetypes and progression while keeping the character from being constrained to a single class, allowing for a more open pointbuy approach.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)02:08 No.3757150
    Oh, and rather than simply being categories for skill checks, they'd be something more akin to augments or feats.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)02:14 No.3757181
    what is this artifice you speak of?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)02:18 No.3757202

    A game designed by our resident homebrewer Earthflame. He popped into one of the earlier threads and suggested that it might be useful since it was already about AIs, and that we could use anything from it.

    I dunno how related it really is, but I do like the mechanic.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)02:59 No.3757553
    Don't forget the Lurkers. They're halfway between coder and hacker, creating things which aren't real. A Lurker will code up an invisible wall around himself, so that, by the systems terms, he doesn't exist, and then walk through any number of wards and guards. A lurkers attacks won't tear apart a Virus or Cyber, searching for its core. He'll bypass all its defences, all its countermeasures and security, and deliver a small, precise hit to its core, the central, foundational point of its code. And then, they'll watch it fall apart.

    (Basing this off the little bit of Lurker fluff in the last thread. Really liked the sound of it)
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)03:07 No.3757610
    Of course, the lurker you just described would have to be pretty high-level. They're generally the kind who work unseen, and can bypass the defenses of their enemies far easier than any other class, but even they have their limitations in this.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)03:19 No.3757676

    Oh, of course. A basic level lurker would probably have minor illusion based coding abilities (False links, illusory .exe files etc), a vision blur type thing (Making him more difficult to see or recognize, but not actually invisible), and a debuff of some sort, combined with a very weak attack. At a basic level, they'd stealthily debuff strong enemies, and finish off weak ones while the party kept their attention, or make the distractions themselves, leading Cybers to the illusions they make. At low level, alone, they'd soon be caught out and, with all eyes focused on them, fading into the shadows will be difficult.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)03:20 No.3757677
    I thought lurkers to be more the espionage types, who if they've already been (!) detected by the enemy, they're doing it wrong and deserve their IMMINENT CYBERRAPE. They're the type that at high levels, have the slightest hope- a very slight one, but there- of slipping past an old without instant destruction, or not so instant destruction. Or, at high levels, they can crack a personal computer.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)03:24 No.3757698
    >Or, at high levels, they can crack a personal computer.

    Seeing that their firewalls are, according to at least one fluff, enough to keep an Old away, this should take a significant amount of time - from hours to days, depending on the level of the lurker and the firewall's general strength.

    >Someone in an earlier thread said that if a hacker were to use a more powerful firewall it would hinder his efforts, so that seems like a good way to restrict armor to the noncasters.

    Indeed: Firewalls are a hacker's natural enemy. But they would of course have their own ways of protection - just like the more traditional mages have, despite being incapable of wearing armor.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)03:37 No.3757762

    I'd agree that it'd take ages and ages for a Lurker to make a gateway into a personal computer, possibly longer than a good hacker would take to break in. However, I do think the Lurker might able to bypass the firewall, with their special tricks. It'd take less time, but only they would be able to get in, and wouldn't be able to take anything out with them (The antivirus software would notice the data theft). Only useful for scouting and so on.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)04:04 No.3757918
    I tell ya, there are some wierd things on the net. We were being chased by this crazy mob of Cybers, they'd already taken of larry's arm and he was lucky to get out alive, and we jump through this link without thinking. Next thing we know, were in this really wierd maze. Not like the bike mazes, this was a proper building, with stairs and roofs and such, though it didn't make much sense, like those old paintings by that mad DJ.

    Anyway, as I said, we were being chased, so we keep running. It seemed like days we were in that maze, just running and running, but eventually we found ourselves in the middle. Right in the very center, squatting on this plinth, sat this Coder. He smiled, and nodded to us, and then reached out a hand, and squeezed it. We heart a lot of yells, like Cybers in pain, and he simple nodded, and pointed. A pathway opened up, straight to another link.

    I don't know who that guy is, or why he coded that maze, but he saved our lives that day. The wierdest thing though. I tried to get back there, to see him and ask, and the link was cut off. Something had sealed it, from the other side. What was he hiding?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)04:11 No.3757956

    Damn it, mind reading anon, I was going to writefag a coder making a maze. Someone's getting on the black ship today.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)04:14 No.3757964

    Eh, if you like the idea, go for it. I'm not a great writer, So having someone else bulk out the concept a bit would probably be good. It could be a different codermaze, or the same maze with a different experience. Or perhaps all the mazes are linked, in some strange way... okay, I'm gettting ahead of myself. Back up...
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)04:55 No.3758172
    So would the browsers be of any significance? I mean, I suppose we'd all be "browsing" the Internet in some way, living in there and all, so maybe we should think about this too. You'd start with whatever browser you were using during the Fall, or whatever your parents used if you were born in the Internet (never mind now how the reproduction system is working), and you'd be free to change it to something else every now and then. There would be at least IE, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome, plus maybe a few less popular ones, each with their own advantages and drawback.

    Sounds good?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:02 No.3758209
    rolled 1, 17 = 18

    Archive request. things be slowing down.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:05 No.3758234

    Hmm... It might be fun to include, but might overcomplicate things. Chrome, Firefox etc would all have specific advantages and disadvantages, while IE would be the baseline, does most things equally well, but nothing special. Chrome would load quick, but have some compatibility issues. Firefox would be customisable out of is ass. No idea what Opera does.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:13 No.3758277
    Chrome: Extra speed in everything, less augmentations/feats.
    Firefox: More augmentations.
    Opera: No idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:17 No.3758300

    I just realised one peril we hadn't analysed for home computers.

    Google Desktop apps, of various sorts. I know tonnes of people who use them, and I have a few. They'd give the monstrosities of Google a way in...
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:25 No.3758344

    Google Earth = Palantir
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:27 No.3758357
    Yes, but the thing is, we're not moving on the desktop, which is nothing but the very surface of all the Internet stuff. Our adventures are all done much deeper than that, making your point rather irrelevant.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:29 No.3758361

    Personal Computers were put forward as absolute treasure troves, full of useful data in vast amounts and, if you could get into one, relatively safe.

    However, a personal computer with a direct link to Google, the veritable heart of darkness, becomes in some part easier to access, and no less of a treasure trove, but a far more dangerous one. Because, if you can get in easily, so can other things.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:33 No.3758388

    I'd actually suggest that the college networks are where the REAL goddamn treasure troves are. Think about it.

    Buncha slackass young punks pirating the everloving shit out of half the internet on multiple t1 lines all day every day for decades.

    The amount of shit they collect is enormous. Mr. Rogers 2X04? THEY GOT THAT.

    But here's the interesting part - they were and are hooked together. It's like King Tut. With porn.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:34 No.3758390
    Point. But still, as you know, all the links and connections became totally messed up, meaning that if there was a link to Google in a personal computer before the Fall, it might not be there anymore. And conversely, if there wasn't one, there might be now.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)05:38 No.3758418

    Google desktop isn't a static link though. It dynamically makes connections to the main google servers, looking for updates. It might not work often, but occasionally, a link might let a person, or a Cyber, or worse through. And when it closes, there might be no way out...
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:12 No.3758589

    I think this is a good idea, If only because it allows some really cool high power quests and encounters. Perhaps an Old, wandering through the infinite expanse of Google, gets trapped in a now Isolated university network, like >>3758388

    Incredible foe, incredible riches, and probably more than a few Cybers who've slipped in over the years, just to make things difficult.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:30 No.3758686
    Some base classes:
    - Hacker (Writes offensive code on the fly. Can create scripts. Uses light or no firewalls.)
    - Coder (Writes longer, more specific and more powerful code. Best base class at creating
    scripts and virii. Uses heavy firewalls.)
    - Viralist (Uses tame virii and scripts to interact with them. Can create simple virus-related scripts and virii. Uses no firewalls, relying instead on their pets.)

    - Prober (Sees beyond the hypertext and uses low-level software or even hardware commands. Can create and use special low-level scripts. Uses no firewalls, relying instead on perception and avoidance.)

    - Script Kid (Uses all types of scripts well. Can even create simple scripts at high experience levels. Uses heavy firewalls.)
    - Lurker (Uses mostly defensive scripts well. Can't create scripts. Can use super-heavy firewalls and still function.)

    Object types:
    Script: Usable item that comes in a variety of flavours. Think "weapon" (multi-use simple attack implement), "magic wand" (multi-use special effect) or "spell scroll" (single-use special effect).

    Firewall: Armour. Comes in light (can weaken "direct" attacks), heavy (can stop "direct" attacks and weaken "indirect" attacks) and super-heavy (can stop "direct" and "indirect" attacks and weaken "special" attacks)
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:34 No.3758707

    For the Script Kid, I'm thinking rather than let him create scripts from scratch (I think that should be left to the Coder types), let him have a copypaste ability that lets him combine two scripts to get a new script with the properties of both. Other than that, I like it.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:35 No.3758713

    We need a better term than classes or archetypes or whatever... Disciplines? I don't know...

    Other than that, looks good.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:38 No.3758730

    User Profiles.

    We should also borrow a term from software engineering and refer to the players as Actors.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:40 No.3758735

    Avatars? I dunno. User Profile is great, though.

    Is there a 1d4chan page on this yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:41 No.3758738

    Player = Actor
    Player Character = Avatar
    Class = User Profile
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:45 No.3758756
    >#define actor player
    >#define avatar pc
    >#define user_profile class

    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)06:47 No.3758763
    In the same vein, scripts could be classed into object-oriented ("lockpicks", storage, etc), process-oriented (buff or debuff effects), and procedural (direct damage weapons).
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)07:18 No.3758856

    Numerical buffs and debuffs might be better suited to functional programming, what with the emphasis on mathematical transformations.

    For process-oriented scripts, how about allowing the avatar in question to take an extra action or two due to the magic of parallel processing, if he can make a die roll to avoid deadlock or starvation?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)07:26 No.3758883
    Parallel processing in an arcane art indeed, involving the invocation of such obscure entities as the Dining Philosophers, the Sleeping Barber, and the mysterious Cigarette Smokers. Anyone foolish enough to immerse themselves too far in their occult lore is sure to be driven mad, his mind split in pieces by the multithreading Horrors from Beyond.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)07:45 No.3758949

    This might be useful for the making of a forum.

    I know the guys attempting to do a Legacy of Kain rpg based on the ideas that emerged on TG are using a phpbb page.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)08:05 No.3759054
    Okay then, who's gonna make it?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)08:06 No.3759059
    The alarm ran throughout the webfort, awaking me. I ran out of my small thread of a home and tried to see what the commotion was about. Cyber rush. I didn't need to be told. I could see them in the distance, behemoths of terror all misshapen into things that man should never see. I wanted to run, to hide to never have to face these things. But I'm a Coder. And it's my job to face these things. I run as fast as I can on my legs but my bandwith isn't that great so I don't go that fast, but I get there. I climb on top of the battlements where I find my fellow coders there, giving me a reassuring nod. I know they are just as nervous as me. We begin to chant, slowly at first, but it gets higher. Most of our mind in concentrated on our task but we leave a small part to pray to Moot that this works. The chanting gets louder, but the Cybers get nearer. Even with my face turned to look at the floor I glimpse a small sight of their malformed bodies. One of them appears to be made of aborted fetuses. I concentrate and our chant is near to an end but the Cybers are close. I smell their awful stench, they even went to the effort to make them progrem them self to smell. We all shout the final word as we swiftly turn to face the sky so glad that it's over. We all shout "RUN!".
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)08:07 No.3759061

    Great walls of fire surround the fort. Oh sure it's always covered by firewalls but not like this one. This one will even keep these behemoths out. Huge and massive and taking a lot of power from us but boy are we glad. For when I see these creatures of terror attempt to get through, futilely and then turn to run I go down on the floor and cry tears of joy. Until I heard it. Just for a brief second, but I swear to you I heard it. A dark, chilling voice a voice full on intelligence but definately not human whispers in my ear "Next time..."

    When the attack is over we celebrate. Every child I see I know is still here because of me. I should be glad. But I'm not because I now know there's something more to the Cybers. Something even more horrible. And that frightens me more than you can believe.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)08:22 No.3759120

    I don't know man! Damn it, I'm a Lurker, not a Coder! Somebody post a bounty to the Forts.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/09(Thu)08:23 No.3759127
    Thread closing, run people! Run!

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