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    File :1234422580.jpg-(37 KB, 375x523, King of Gets.jpg)
    37 KB MSE2Fag 02/12/09(Thu)02:09 No.3688177  
    Old thread Autosaging: >>3686887

    Here's the MSE2 Template: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B62K9E7Y

    It's still in a beta state I guess you could say. I want to add "floaty" Rage and LOL faces, shadowed numbers and dots in the Report Cost field.

    Someone else post the rules. I am le tired.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:12 No.3688194
    Lets make some fucking cards!

    Meme: Any card in play.
    Folder: The deck. If you cannot draw cards from the Folder, you lose.
    404 bin: The discard pile. A card in the 404 bin does not count towards any thread's autosage.
    Ban: A banned card is sent to the 404 bin.
    Sage: Any card may be used as a Sage by playing it facedown. It has 0 LOL and 0 RAGE. It has no abilities, belongs to no board, and a Report Cost of 2. A Sage counts as your post for the turn.
    Thread: A slot where Memes and Sages may be played. Whether it is a Good thread or a Troll thread is hidden from all players other than OP.
    Troll Thread: A thread where more RAGE is better for the OP.
    Lulz Thread: A thread where more LOL is better for the OP.
    OP: The player who started a thread. The OP post cannot be a Sage. The OP post cannot be Banned.
    Autosage: A thread with 4 cards in it. When a thread hits Autosage, it can no longer be played on.
    Report Cost: Any player may discard cards from their hand to pay a meme's Report cost. If you do, that card is Banned. You may only report one card per turn.
    Epic Win pile: When you win a thread, the OP post goes here. When someone loses a thread, everyone else who posted in it gets 1 card here. The player with the most Epic Win at the end of the game wins.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:12 No.3688195


    Each player has a 60 card deck. They start by drawing 5 cards, and draw 2 card every turn. You must post 1 card each turn. Each player has 5 threads that they can OP. You cannot post a card unless you have OP'd at least 1 open thread, or all of your threads are autosaged.

    When you OP a thread, you may put a Troll Thread/Lulz Thread token face down under the thread. No one else may look at this token until the thread has Autosaged. Anyone may post a card in any thread that has been OP'd. Once a card has 4 memes/sages in it, that thread is Autosaged, and can no longer be posted on.

    When a Thread hits Autosage, the OP reveals the Lulz/Troll token. Count the total RAGE/LOL in the thread, and determine which is higher. The Token remains in the thread to mark that that slot is 'taken.' Once all threads are autosaged, the player with the most cards in their Epic Win pile wins.

    In a Lulz thread:

    Higher LOL wins OP the thread. He takes the OP post, and sets it in the epic win pile. The remaining cards are 404'd.

    Higher RAGE loses OP the thread. Anyone else who posted in the thread may take 1 card they posted in the thread and put it in their Epic Win pile. All other posts are 404'd.

    In a Troll thread:

    Higher RAGE wins OP the thread. He takes the OP post, and sets it in the epic win pile. The remaining cards are 404'd.

    Higher LOL loses OP the thread. Anyone else who posted in the thread may take 1 card they posted in the thread and put it in their Epic Win pile. All other posts are 404'd.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:12 No.3688198
    Card Design Guidelines

    LOL/RAGE values: A card should have a maximum of 8 for the total of both values, and a maximum of 6 for any given value. The less powerful a card's Green Text and Black Text, the closer to this upper limit it should be.
    Green Text: When a card is posted, use its Green Text ability.
    Black Text: All continuous abilities are in Black Text.
    Red Text: Red Text is always in parenthesis and ALL CAPS, parodying (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST). This is the card's Flavor Text.
    Report Cost: Minimum of 1, maximum of 4. 4 is a ridiculous Report Cost btw.
    Boards: Each meme belongs to one or more boards, which effects other cards.

    [edit] Guidelines

    Thread Type Changers: We want a few of these.
    LOL/RAGE adjutment: +/-2 should be the largest change made for global effects. +/-4 should be the largest for a change to a single card, and should be for conditional boosts. (i.e., Furry Marine gets +2 RAGE for each /tg/ meme in the thread)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:12 No.3688200
         File :1234422770.jpg-(71 KB, 500x500, angry drew.jpg)
    71 KB
    Upload cards here: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/4chan_CCG
    I'll remove the current ones.

    Rules for making cards in the next 3 posts. Also pic needs a card.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:13 No.3688205
         File :1234422799.jpg-(27 KB, 377x524, cardback.jpg)
    27 KB
    The photoshop template that was posted: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7WOVBDN4

    Rules: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/4chan_CCG

    What about something like this for the back of the cards, or is it a bit too simple?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:15 No.3688210
         File :1234422902.jpg-(137 KB, 1024x574, Helm__s_Deep___or___WAAAGH_by_(...).jpg)
    137 KB

    LOL: 3
    RAGE: 0

    All posts after Orkpocalypse must be /tg/-related. Also, the player is highly encouraged to do his best impression of an Orkish warcry.


    Report Cost: 3
    >> MSE2Fag 02/12/09(Thu)02:15 No.3688213

    Fukken saved. This is going in the template somehow.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:15 No.3688214

    For the back of cards, there is no such thing as too simple.

    It's actually perfect for our uses.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:15 No.3688216
    from the tail end of last thread:

    Lulz 4
    Rage 2
    >Each player searches their Folder for any 1 card.

    Ban ***


    ou Laugh, You Lose

    LOL: 3
    RAGE: 1

    meme: /b/

    Report cost: 2

    >flip a coin. If heads, switch this card's LOL and RAGE values and reduce it's report value by one. If the OP had /b/ (including this card) as a modifier, you MUST switch the values and reduce it's report cost.

    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)02:15 No.3688217
         File :1234422949.jpg-(65 KB, 600x745, Copy of bawkses.jpg)
    65 KB
    Posted in the last thread, reposted here with a pic.

    Surprised this wasn't on here yet.

    Lulz 2
    Rage 0
    Ban *

    >>If METAL BOXES is played in any thread that contains a meme with 'metal' or 'box' in it's name, or a variation thereof (metallic, boxxy, etc.,) it gets +1 rage per occurrence of the word.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:16 No.3688219

    PERFECT. Probably make the blackground Blue for the Troll/Lulz tokens.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:16 No.3688223

    annnnd a couple more. I think this one could use some work, though.

    LOL: 4
    Rage: 1
    Meme: -
    When posted, all other players must search their Folder for Milhouse Is Not A Meme and, if found, play in this thread.
    If Milhouse Is Not A Meme is played in the same thread as Milhouse, send Milhouse to the 404 bin.
    Report cost: 3

    Milhouse Is Not A Meme
    LOL: 2
    RAGE: 2
    Meme: Reaction
    If Milhouse Is Not A Meme was played in response to Milhouse, it gains +3 RAGE.
    Report cost: 2
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:19 No.3688232
    I'd have supported this if this idea was proposed 2-3 years ago.

    Right now I can't say I'd enjoy it.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:21 No.3688235
         File :1234423266.jpg-(42 KB, 400x235, seafish.jpg)
    42 KB

    Pic Unrelated
    LOL *
    RAGE *
    Report: **

    >Ignore and cancel any meme restrictions or combos in play in the thread Pic Unrelated is posted into as a response.
    >You may wait until up to 2 responses have been made into a thread started by Pic Unrelated before determining whether that thread is a Troll or Good Thread.

    "I went to school today. Pic Unrelated."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:21 No.3688237

    BAH, forgot to change the LOL and RAGE counters. They're both 1.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:23 No.3688241
         File :1234423409.jpg-(26 KB, 377x524, cardbackblue.jpg)
    26 KB

    Here's the blue version.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:23 No.3688242
    This is a troll thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:23 No.3688243
         File :1234423421.jpg-(10 KB, 145x200, chaos khorne flakes.jpg)
    10 KB
    previous threads:

    I need to crash so I leave it in Anonymous' capable hands.
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)02:24 No.3688245
         File :1234423454.jpg-(45 KB, 800x800, RecyclingSymbolGreen.jpg)
    45 KB
    Last one for me tonight.

    Lulz -
    Rage -
    Ban -1

    >>Search your 404 Bin for a meme of your choice. Post that meme in this thread. It's ban cost is reduced by 1.
    >>Repost does not count towards the thread limit.

    "Every post is a repost of a repost."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:25 No.3688250
         File :1234423519.jpg-(79 KB, 512x512, Shopped.jpg)
    79 KB
    This Looks Shopped
    LOL: 0
    Rage: 0
    Meme: -
    All posts with "porn" or "shock" tags that have a rage or lol value of 2 or greater have their rage and lol values reduced to two.
    Report cost: 3

    "...I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time."
    >> MSE2Fag 02/12/09(Thu)02:25 No.3688251
    Working on adding the floaty Rage and LOL icons so the picture box can be expanded on the template. Does the person who made the Photoshop template have those images sitting around?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:25 No.3688256

    nice work, thanks.
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)02:26 No.3688258
    Fuckdamn shitcunts, it's too late for me.

    >> It's ban cost is reduced by 1 TO A MINIMUM OF 1.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:26 No.3688261
         File :1234423587.jpg-(39 KB, 450x338, oh you.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Six of Spades ♠ !!laKnRUJ70gO 02/12/09(Thu)02:26 No.3688263
    Interesting, but let me get something straight - upon starting a thread, all plyers can only post in it once (assuming you always play with 4 people; the rules seem to suggest this)?

    I guess that's fine, but that ignores samefaggotry, I suppose.

    Also can there be a 'player card'? In a couple of TCGs you get a card that's seperate from the deck that gives that player a passive effect - usually something minor, but beneficial to a certain strategy.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:28 No.3688275

    I thought there should be. But upon further reflection it might lead to tripfag drama which is a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:28 No.3688276

    We were throwing around ideas for Tripfag, Namefag, and Anonymous cards that would all add optional victory conditions for the player using that card.

    Maybe a Mod card that can 404 any card in a thread with a total LOL higher than its total RAGE.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:29 No.3688279

    oh shit, that is a good idea. it could be some thing as simple as "+1 to lol for determining win status of threads" or "-1 cost to report", but yeah, passive drawfag/writefag/tripfag/troll cards would be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:29 No.3688282

    Easily avoided if the cards are just called "Tripfag" and Trips, Names, and Anons all have like 3 different variations of each card, all with a different victory condition or effect.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:30 No.3688283
         File :1234423801.jpg-(20 KB, 70x59, rageface.jpg)
    20 KB

    rage icon thing
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)02:30 No.3688286
    >>Also can there be a 'player card'? In a couple of TCGs you get a card that's seperate from the deck that gives that player a passive effect - usually something minor, but beneficial to a certain strategy.

    I like this idea. Here's some card ideas:
    Anonymous - Standard card, no special effects.
    Awful Good - All shota cards played by AG have their lulz and rage values increased by 1.
    Jim Profit - All cards played by Jim Profit have rage +2, ban -1 (minimum 1.)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:31 No.3688288
         File :1234423910.jpg-(16 KB, 58x59, awesomeface.jpg)
    16 KB

    and the awesome face. This one's a bit rough around the edges, clean it up if you want but its not that noticeable due to the size.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:32 No.3688295
         File :1234423963.jpg-(69 KB, 653x800, nazigrinman.jpg)
    69 KB
    MODS == FAGS
    LOL -
    RAGE 5
    Report Cost *

    >Remove the card with the highest LOL value in the thread MODS==FAGS is posted in.

    MODS==FAGS cannot be used as an OP.

    "Oh look, a legal thread that anon likes! I'm going to delete it and ignore the cancer!"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:32 No.3688297

    there was just a limit of 4 posts per thread. but, I kind of like this idea more. I see two ways of going about it.

    1) OP lays down initial card. each player takes a turn replying. thread autosages and is scored.

    2) OP lays down inital card. each player takes a turn replying. thread autosages after some other condition is met.

    I feel #1 would be better for multiplayer but #2 would be better for duels.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:32 No.3688298
    Nono, a thread can be posted on 4 times before Autosage. There is no limit to who does the posting.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:33 No.3688302

    There could be some interesting ones that would play into certain strategies, like +1 post limit, which would work nicely with a lot of combo cards.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:34 No.3688305
    Well, multiple threads can be active simultaneously. The only rule on posting is Once Per Turn and Only While You Have At Least One OP'd Thread. The second rule doesn't apply if there are no more open threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:34 No.3688306

    That'd be the Anonymous. Seriously, those fuckers won't stop posting.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:34 No.3688307
    obscure rule 34
    Meme: OP post, porn, sauceless
    boards: all
    >>Whoever posts this meme must declare a meme type. all other players may search their folder for a porn meme of that type, reveal it, and use it to sauce this post.

    obscure rule 34's rage is equal to the number of posts in this thread. SAUCE: this meme has the sauced card's lol value+1. it's rage is now 0.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:34 No.3688309

    good call.


    no. NO. we are not doing that. no one is stating tripfags. go back to bed, I'll join you in a minute.
    >> Six of Spades ♠ !!laKnRUJ70gO 02/12/09(Thu)02:35 No.3688311
    I can currently think of
    - Tripfag
    - Namefag
    - Anon
    - Camwhore (/b/)
    - Consolefag (/v/)
    - Weeaboo (/a/? /jp/?)

    So a couple of generic ones, and ones that benefit the strategy of a specific board.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:35 No.3688314

    Turn that into a card, you lazy motherfucker.
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)02:36 No.3688321
         File :1234424217.jpg-(29 KB, 400x400, Wfgparade.jpg)
    29 KB
    Epic Fail Guy
    Lulz 3
    Rage 3
    Ban ****

    >>When EFG is played, move X cards from your Epic Win pile to your 404 Bin.
    >>All other players must move 2x cards from their Folder to their 404 Bin.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:37 No.3688323
    should be a reaction meme
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:37 No.3688326
         File :1234424254.jpg-(54 KB, 600x600, tg-janitors.jpg)
    54 KB

    /tg/ has it's own version of MODS=FAGS but they have actually been much better about that sort of thing lately.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:38 No.3688328
    That is so counterproductive.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:39 No.3688331
    I'm thinking of some GAR cards for /a/. I'll probably make a set of them.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:40 No.3688333
         File :1234424404.jpg-(73 KB, 900x695, isle of tg.jpg)
    73 KB
    I want to put something snarky on this like

    (tap symbol): add 1 colorless mana to your mana pool
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:40 No.3688335

    Here's what I think.

    - Tripfag == All memes in a thread OP'd by you have +1 RAGE
    - Namefag == All memes in a thread OP'd by you have -1 report cost, to a minimum of 1
    - Anonymous == All memes in a thread OP'd by you have +1 LOL
    - Mod == All memes in a thread OP'd by you have +1 report cost.
    - /b/tard == Any thread you OP with /b/ memes has +1 posting limit per meme
    - fa/tg/uy == Any thread you OP with /tg/ memes has +1 posting limit per meme
    - /v/irgin == Any thread you OP with /v/ memes has +1 posting limit per meme
    - /a/sshole == Any thread you OP with /a/ memes has +1 posting limit per meme
    >> Lord of Change 02/12/09(Thu)02:41 No.3688340
    [All boards]
    LOL 2
    RAGE 1
    Report Cost **

    >Reduce the LOL and RAGE values of the meme to which this card replies to zero. tl;dr cannot be used as an OP post.

    "Too long; didn't read."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:42 No.3688341
         File :1234424521.png-(133 KB, 1920x1438, 1216046754977.png)
    133 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:42 No.3688342

    It's kind of set to be a reaction in that it can't be used to start a thread, but mods rarely post or show themselves in any way other than the bright red "USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST"

    MODS == FAGS usually shows up when Mods delete the wrong shit, so, that's my reasoning for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:42 No.3688345
    make it optional, ala vanguard in magic. either everyone has one, or nobody does.
    >> Lord of Change 02/12/09(Thu)02:43 No.3688347
    Oh, it just occurred to me; you should only be able to use tl;dr on memes that have a LOL and/or a RAGE value of 4 or higher.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:45 No.3688355
    >>Interesting, but let me get something straight - upon starting a thread, all plyers can only post in it once (assuming you always play with 4 people; the rules seem to suggest this)?

    That's not my understanding. For the first round the rules imply EVERYONE must OP a thread. So starting from round 2, everyone has the options to Ban cards, post in numerous different threads, or OP a new thread. So it would be theoretically possible for the OP to have all 4 posts in a thread. Or it could be just as you stated, and 4 different people could make up the posts.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:45 No.3688358
    [Reaction Meme]
    LOL *
    RAGE *
    Report Cost ---

    >IP Ban: The last player that posted in the thread B&Hammer is posted cannot post again unless they play a meme that negates the IP Ban effect in any other thread.

    B&Hammer has an LOL equal to the RAGE value of the card posted before it, and a RAGE value equal to the LOL value of that same card. B&Hammer cannot be 404'd unless through special memes.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:46 No.3688361
    I approve of all of these.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:47 No.3688364

    Even better, do it like Citadels; every round, the cards are put back into a User Database and are rechosen by every character. The person who was Mod last round gets first pick from the shuffled Users Database.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:47 No.3688365
    B& Hammer was made, and I like the old version better.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:48 No.3688370

    My mistake, and you're right, that one's much better.

    Though I do like the idea of a card taking on the reverse values of the card before it.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:48 No.3688371

    Also, I'm uploading every card that matches the format to 1d4chan.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:54 No.3688394

    Everyone still gets a card, but the passive effects are passed around each turn to make people plan ahead with their posting or just wing it every turn. What's not to like?
    >> MSE2Fag 02/12/09(Thu)02:56 No.3688401
         File :1234425367.jpg-(35 KB, 375x523, Fallen Paladin Troll.jpg)
    35 KB


    I will reup sometime tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:56 No.3688402
         File :1234425370.jpg-(64 KB, 377x524, playeranonymous.jpg)
    64 KB
    Ok I thought I'd do up a 'player card'. I changed the background for the description to the red Yotsuba colour instead of the blue Yotsuba B to make it stand out from the meme cards a bit. Any feedback?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:57 No.3688406

    Don't forget /mu/tants get a trolling bonus.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:58 No.3688413
    I like how that looks.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:58 No.3688414

    I figure the board-specific posters all get bonuses to post limits in their threads with every board-specific meme they have.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:59 No.3688421
         File :1234425565.jpg-(26 KB, 319x463, 1206363163193.jpg)
    26 KB

    Makes me wonder how we're going to possibly do Tripfags, Namefags, and Mods.

    Pic related; it's a /v/irgin.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:59 No.3688423

    Good idea, although I've tweaked some of the ones I did since posting them here, is it easy enough to replace images on there? If I have time later I might go through some of the more crudely-done ones and put them into one of the templates so they look a bit more consistent.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)02:59 No.3688424

    I like it too but I think the title background should be red too. Or some other color besides blue.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:00 No.3688428

    If anything, a Fuklaw Post is just a Sage card. It doesn't really do anything but make a thread reach post-limit. A problem arises if it's posted in a fa/tg/uy thread, where it's really just doing absolutely nothing at all.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:01 No.3688430

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:02 No.3688436
    I intend to play an all-/tg/ rage deck
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:02 No.3688442
    Extremely easy.

    Every thing in format after >>3688416 is on the 1d4chan. I am going to bed. Some considerate anon can take over catalogueing them.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:04 No.3688448
    LOL 0
    RAGE 4
    Report Cost **

    >Butthurt must be posted in response to a Sage meme.

    Butthurt adds +1 RAGE to a thread for every Sage meme posted in that thread.

    (Any negative opinion you have is invalid, because you are a butthurt loser.)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:06 No.3688458

    It's meant to be in line with the Angry Marine card, which reduces all furry posts to 0 lulz. I figured that Fuklaw would increase the likelihood of a post being *blam*'d (ie. reported)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:06 No.3688461
         File :1234425975.jpg-(38 KB, 565x600, Cover-tom2.jpg)
    38 KB
    That Fucking Cat
    [All boards]
    LOL 1
    RAGE 1
    Report Cost *

    >If more than one That Fucking Cat is present in a thread, change the thread type.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:07 No.3688464
         File :1234426021.jpg-(66 KB, 377x524, playeranonymous.jpg)
    66 KB

    Redder version
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:07 No.3688468

    Doesn't seem to do a good job at it. I've yet to see a thread get 404'd or a post deleted due to Fuklaw.

    A few of those threads actually devolved into Orks or Blamfests, now that I think about it.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:10 No.3688479
    Meme Types

    OP Thread: Can only be posted as the OP post.
    Sauceless: Cannot be banned. If you pay this card's Report Cost, it loses Sauceless.
    Reaction: Cannot be played as an OP post.
    Combo: Cannot be banned or replied to unless you pay the card's Report cost.
    Forced: This meme's RAGE is 0 if this is not a Troll thread.
    Original Content: This meme's LOL is 0 if this is not a Good thread.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:11 No.3688486

    Fuklaw should have Green Text "When Fuklaw is posted in a thread, change that thread type to RAGE".
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:13 No.3688491

    what about things like spam, copypasta, or thread hijacks? And how would we categorise things like porn, furry or camwhores?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:15 No.3688497

    There should be a "sexy" meme type for posting tits of all sorts. I suppose it would cover the yaoi and dick posts as well.

    Remember, a meme can have more than one type.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:15 No.3688498
    >spam, copypasta
    The essence of memes

    >thread hijacks
    Memes with special abilities

    >porn, furry or camwhores
    High RAGE memes with very low Report costs
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:15 No.3688501
    If you post a pic on 1d4chan, and give it the same name as an existing pic, it will replace the old one. So, just look up the filename of the card you're updating, change your version to match, and upload to 1d4chan.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:17 No.3688517
    supertype-subtype, like in magic?
    supertypes are as posted by >>3688479

    subtypes can be nearly anything i.e. porn, furry, cat, 40k, code geass, etc., and used to help tie themes together for mostly flavor purposes
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:17 No.3688518

    OP Thread: Can only be posted as the OP post.
    Sauceless: Cannot be banned. If you pay this card's Report Cost, it loses Sauceless.
    Reaction: Cannot be played as an OP post.
    Combo: Cannot be banned or replied to unless you pay the card's Report cost.
    Forced: This meme's RAGE is 0 if this is not a Troll thread.
    Original Content: This meme's LOL is 0 if this is not a Good thread.
    Pronz: No special rule. Applies to many card effects.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:19 No.3688523

    It's "Commissar"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:20 No.3688527
    Should be Commissar, two M's. Should change to "If this thread is a Good Thread, it is now a Troll Thread."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:23 No.3688548
         File :1234427010.jpg-(107 KB, 377x524, card tripfag.jpg)
    107 KB
    something like this perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:24 No.3688557

    I like red just because it fits with the different board themes better, but Green definitely makes the user cards stand out from the other meme cards.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:25 No.3688560

    Actually, I think the ability should only work on /tg/ threads.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:26 No.3688570

    I figured we should save red colors for when making NSFW cards.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:34 No.3688626

    You should have a Black Text ability for Fuklaw: "As long as Fuklaw remains in a thread, its type cannot be changed by any other posts".
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:39 No.3688651
         File :1234427988.jpg-(54 KB, 453x627, Hasnomods.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:45 No.3688686
         File :1234428343.jpg-(45 KB, 377x524, card gadget.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:46 No.3688694

    in b4 B&'d for 3 days. also, I'm really going to sleep this time.

    for real.
    >> Lord of Change 02/12/09(Thu)03:46 No.3688695
    More RAGE. Also, how is Gadget /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:48 No.3688702
    that reminds me, someone make a PROMOTIONS! card. I can't because I am going to die. it is 3:48 am here.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:49 No.3688708

    because if you rage about gadget then you are not a brother of mine.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)03:54 No.3688740

    fuck. I just realized action text should be black, it should have tits meme, and yeah, it probably isn't /tg/ related. but I am closing the window right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:12 No.3688848
         File :1234429957.jpg-(41 KB, 457x638, Fuklaw.jpg)
    41 KB

    I refuse to edit this any more.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:22 No.3688889

    I kinda wanna do a whole set.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:23 No.3688897
    While this game is made of WIN, I have a few suggestions:

    The CCG format is not the best one for this game. I'd suggest that there is only one deck instead of everyone having their own, this one deck having maybe 120 cards or so. Limiting the amount of thread slots per player accordingly might work too. This would obiously lower the playtime, but would also make the game easier to set up, since people don't have to print out their own decks. Also, building your own deck is a bit cheesy, since anyone can make their own cards.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:30 No.3688937

    I think the idea is to have a standardised set at the end of it all of this that can be used. You may be right about the communal deck thing, as the current setup means it's piss-easy to build a deck that's going to maximise your rage or lo, with little possibility of that being interfered with.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:36 No.3688985
         File :1234431417.jpg-(34 KB, 375x523, This looks shopped.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:38 No.3688996

    I don't really like the idea of a communal deck. I find the idea of building a deck around a certain theme (be it a board, a 40k deck, or a /r9k/ deck) part of the fune
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:39 No.3688999

    Not to mention the fact that for every deck centered around maximizing a particular stat, there is a thread centered around fucking up Troll/Good focused decks.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:41 No.3689009

    My thoughts exactly. Could have a few "standardized" deck builds too.

    Also one thing, every card seems to be loaded with special rules. Should there be more of "vanilla" cards with no special rules?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:41 No.3689012
    Exactly, if you focus entirely on maxing out a thread, there'll be the equivalent of a Counterspell-deck that says "FUCK. YOU."
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:42 No.3689019
    Yeah, there should be more vanilla cards...

    also, anyone else think there should be some Keywords, so we can cut down on the wordy-ness of some of these special abilities?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:44 No.3689037
    ... Party Van Deck?
    (Obviously, this calls for a Player: FBI card)

    Also, if you loaded up on MySQL Errors, cards that /thread, so on, would that be a lot like that counterspell deck?

    Obviously, in favor of separate decks. Although... if you had something like a "4chan Hordes Pile" that you dealt a random post from every turn - something like Community Chest from Monopoly... That might be cool, or it might be the staying-up-til-4-with-my-friends-and-postan-on-tg-before-bed talking.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:45 No.3689039

    We'd need a list of all the special effects to get keywords, and even then there would need to be some reference for them; why not put them on the card itself anyway?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:47 No.3689056
         File :1234432040.jpg-(30 KB, 375x523, -4 Strength.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:47 No.3689057
    Well, when Magic does it it's to save space. Last I played, admittedly a while ago, the first set in a block had the fulltext, and then set 2 and 3 used just the keyword.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:48 No.3689067

    So name the effects on the cards we have, and keep them in mind for later.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:55 No.3689101
         File :1234432505.jpg-(23 KB, 375x523, Captain Picard.jpg)
    23 KB
    Updated some older ones I'd suggested
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:56 No.3689107
    This is a "CP" meme- does this interact with pedobear, the Party Van, and all the other cp-based cards, orrrrr.... am I too drunk. (And I haven't been drinking tonight.)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:57 No.3689112
         File :1234432621.jpg-(31 KB, 375x523, Sauce.jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:57 No.3689119
         File :1234432655.jpg-(19 KB, 315x426, moot.jpg)
    19 KB
    Legendary Admin - Boardswalker
    LOL 4 RAGE 4
    At the beginning of your turn sacrifice a meme to keep Moot in play.
    Sacrifice 2 memes: Target anon skips his turn.
    Moot is unbanable.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)04:57 No.3689120

    Yeah, I'd say so. I mean, he is CP.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:02 No.3689160
         File :1234432935.jpg-(26 KB, 375x523, Slowpoke.jpg)
    26 KB

    Jesus fuck the flood detection sucks.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:04 No.3689179
    Where'd this Sauce/unsauced business come from?

    lulz. Boardswalker... I dunno, might be a bit much.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:06 No.3689185
         File :1234433167.jpg-(19 KB, 375x523, Flood Detected.jpg)
    19 KB
    And because of the fucking flood detection...
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:06 No.3689194

    No idea... Someone modified my original suggestion when he made the card, so I'm just running with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:09 No.3689208

    Yeah, that effect might be a bit weird, I mean, you can only play 1 card per turn, so you'd never win... lemme see what I can come up with though
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:10 No.3689216
    where can I find the rules for this?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:11 No.3689221
         File :1234433467.jpg-(25 KB, 375x523, Moot.jpg)
    25 KB

    How's this?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:11 No.3689223

    they're in the beginning of the thread
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:13 No.3689238
    LOL 4 RAGE 2
    >This thread can't be saged until your next turn
    This thread is now a Good Thread
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:14 No.3689241
         File :1234433648.jpg-(25 KB, 375x523, Moot.jpg)
    25 KB
    Fixed the wording
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:15 No.3689252
    His report cost is useless since he cannot be banned.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:16 No.3689263
    doh! sorry about the "TL;DR" I just got so excited
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:17 No.3689270
    Too tired to put this one together right, heading off to sleep... but we NEED a "Farseer TL;DR" /tg/ meme.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:18 No.3689273
         File :1234433880.jpg-(28 KB, 375x523, Uzgob.jpg)
    28 KB
    Best pic I could find, is it right?

    Yeah, true I guess. But let people figure that out after they discard 5 cards, haha
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:23 No.3689305
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:31 No.3689360
    What the hell is "MSE2" ?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:32 No.3689368

    Magic Set Editor 2.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:42 No.3689404
         File :1234435364.jpg-(34 KB, 375x523, Lolifex.jpg)
    34 KB
    Makin' some vanilla cards.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:48 No.3689425
         File :1234435685.jpg-(35 KB, 375x523, Gadget.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:55 No.3689477
         File :1234436154.jpg-(12 KB, 127x192, commissar hansen.jpg)
    12 KB
    Commissar Hansen

    40k, CP, Loli

    >No more replies with CP or Loli memes may be posted.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:57 No.3689484
         File :1234436237.jpg-(39 KB, 375x523, Planescape.jpg)
    39 KB
    Wow, thread suddenly died, huh?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)05:57 No.3689487
         File :1234436275.jpg-(17 KB, 168x190, LD.jpg)
    17 KB
    Not yet, your not.

    40k, loli, demonette, reaction
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:01 No.3689501
         File :1234436495.jpg-(25 KB, 375x523, Chris Hansen.jpg)
    25 KB

    I'll get to the Commissar next
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:02 No.3689506
         File :1234436549.png-(46 KB, 375x375, Howpossible.png)
    46 KB
    I think there should be a rule that only continuous effects of a meme that is on top of the thread work. Otherwise it will be confusing when there will be 2 memes in a thread that contradict each other. With such a rule that meme will become handy:

    LOL 1 RAGE 0
    Select a meme from a single thread that is not a OP. Put Time Paradox in its place and the selected meme on the top of the thread.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:05 No.3689513
         File :1234436714.jpg-(32 KB, 375x523, Commissar hansen.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:05 No.3689515
         File :1234436735.jpg-(307 KB, 750x932, mega milk.jpg)
    307 KB
    Is this done yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:06 No.3689522

    Still making cards. Pull up a seat and suggest some
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:09 No.3689529
         File :1234436960.jpg-(34 KB, 375x523, Loli Daemonette.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:11 No.3689536
         File :1234437067.jpg-(68 KB, 600x450, trap card2.jpg)
    68 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:15 No.3689555
         File :1234437311.jpg-(36 KB, 375x523, Trap Card.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:15 No.3689557
         File :1234437336.jpg-(61 KB, 646x457, ExitusActaProbat.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:24 No.3689614
         File :1234437864.jpg-(67 KB, 600x750, Motivator_Legendary_Trap..jpg)
    67 KB
    >Search your folder for a Trap
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:30 No.3689643
         File :1234438223.jpg-(26 KB, 375x523, Loli Trap.jpg)
    26 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:32 No.3689654
         File :1234438343.jpg-(36 KB, 350x287, buc_katana_p7.jpg)
    36 KB
    /tg/ /v/ /k/
    LOL: 0
    Rage: 2
    Meme: - When activated, any memes in the thread containing tanks, diamonds, knights in full plate armor, and DRAGONFORCE, are bisected, and thus banned instantly. This effect is negated if the Weaboo meme is in play.
    Report cost: 1

    (See my new stat block)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:36 No.3689669
    Forced, Repost
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:38 No.3689674
         File :1234438682.jpg-(114 KB, 491x398, NO_U.jpg)
    114 KB
    NO U
    LOL 1 RAGE 0

    Return target meme to its owner's hand.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:40 No.3689685
         File :1234438800.jpg-(29 KB, 375x523, Katana.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:41 No.3689687

    Needs SEE MY NEW STAT BLOCK flavor text but other than that, nice.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:41 No.3689688
    Ah right, forgot types.. I'll upload the real one to 1d4chan rather than waiting for flood detection to repost it
    >> BESMfag McWeaboostein 02/12/09(Thu)06:43 No.3689696
         File :1234439009.jpg-(89 KB, 701x543, swordofdragonforce.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:44 No.3689700

    there you go
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)06:46 No.3689704
         File :1234439174.jpg-(25 KB, 375x523, NO U.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)07:00 No.3689759
         File :1234440040.jpg-(26 KB, 375x523, Promotions!.jpg)
    26 KB
    Well /tg/, I'm off. Thread's dying down and I need sleep. If there's another thread tonight, I'll continue to contribute.

    I'll leave you with this.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)07:09 No.3689794
         File :1234440580.jpg-(22 KB, 420x429, 1232601462917.jpg)
    22 KB
    Not a Trap
    Meme: Admiral Ackbar
    >Ban any Trap in the thread that is not the OP
    "I'd Hit it"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)07:30 No.3689854
         File :1234441822.png-(13 KB, 150x181, Youlostme.png)
    13 KB
    You Lost Me
    LOL: 0
    RAGE: 0
    >Thread gains +1 LOL per Porn meme posted.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)07:34 No.3689862
         File :1234442097.jpg-(9 KB, 407x319, 1234387615858.jpg)
    9 KB
    Meme: 40k
    >If there are no other 40k memes in the thread, ban this post
    "... :)"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)07:37 No.3689868
    right might help if i put a report cost on them

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:04 No.3689933
    Legendary Thread
    LOL: 0
    RAGE: 0
    Report: ****

    >If the thread has a total value of 15+ LOL (for a Lulz thread) or 15+ RAGE (for a Troll thread), when Legendary Thread is posted, thread's OP wins the game.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:05 No.3689935
    please tell me these threads are on sup/tg/ archive right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:06 No.3689938

    These threads are on sup/tg/ archive right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:15 No.3689956
         File :1234444521.jpg-(76 KB, 704x400, strikewitches016zc.jpg)
    76 KB
    Strike Witches
    [m, a]
    LOL 1
    RAGE 3
    Report **
    >Strike Witches gains +1 RAGE for every sage post ITT.
    Whenever Strike Witches is banned, shuffle it back into its owner's library.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:21 No.3689975
         File :1234444887.jpg-(110 KB, 500x700, 1232671875984.jpg)
    110 KB
    Anyone done mecha mesune yet?
    >> NuBlackAnon !!z6ldXGL61Wm 02/12/09(Thu)08:49 No.3690088
    I think I'll make some /m/ themed cards, is this ok?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)08:52 No.3690102

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)10:24 No.3690617
    to reduce the amount of text on cards lets make this a rule
    "a posts LOL and RAGE values can become below 0"

    also, this shit with special OP cards is retarded as it will make it really slow. Its better let the card only have its effect when posted as OP. that way you cant run out of OP cards as easy.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)10:25 No.3690623
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)10:36 No.3690675
    Beach i need a valentines my They
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)11:23 No.3691007
    Lol 1
    Rage 2
    If this isthe last post in the thread, gets +2 Rage.
    If this is any other post in the thread, gets +2 Lol.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)12:05 No.3691427
    Shouldn't Grimdark Gadget be /co/ /tg/ ?
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)12:44 No.3691737
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)14:11 No.3692657
         File :1234465874.jpg-(111 KB, 440x440, original.jpg)
    111 KB
    New Meme
    When Original Content would return from the 404 pile, a 1/3/* Forced Meme token is returned instead.
    [ All ]
    >> That Paranoid Guy 02/12/09(Thu)14:38 No.3692854
         File :1234467504.jpg-(26 KB, 407x257, 1227674157049.jpg)
    26 KB
    D&D 4th edition
    [OP] /tg/
    1 Lulz, 4 Rage

    (Black Text) Green effects do not work in this thread.


    (report cost 2)
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)14:40 No.3692865
         File :1234467605.jpg-(131 KB, 625x790, 1234406491586.jpg)
    131 KB




    Report: 2

    Meme: lovecraft

    >card receives +1 lol for every card that has GRIMDARK or /x/ tags in the thread, not including itself.

    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)14:43 No.3692888
         File :1234467826.png-(271 KB, 379x526, candlejack.png)
    271 KB

    GEGL-file for creating cards. I can't be having with this magic or photoshop shit.
    >> That Paranoid Guy 02/12/09(Thu)14:47 No.3692906
    You're mother
    [Special] universal

    You may play this alongside any card that has you're or your in its text. If you do, add +1 to the cards highest rage or lulz value.

    You can not use this card to report memes.

    (red text) YOUR A FAGGOT
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)14:47 No.3692908
    I got a few, but too lazy to pull up the pictures (but i will link them)

    0 LOL 5 RAGE
    Can only be played on a thread that has 3 more LOL than RAGE
    This card can't have it's RAGE reduced by any means.
    Meme - Reaction Report - 2
    (picture obvious)

    5 LOL 0 RAGE
    Can only be played on a thread that has 3 more RAGE than LOL
    This card can't have it's LOL reduced by any means.
    Meme - Reaction Report - 2
    (pic : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3601326/images/1233674498746.gif)

    3 LOL 1 RAGE
    Meme - Quest, Ruby
    If RubyQuest autosages and is an Epic win thread for the OP, use a 404 card as your Epic win, and replay RubyQuest as an OP.
    Report : 1
    ( pic : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3601326/images/1233680527378.gif )
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)15:00 No.3693006
         File :1234468826.png-(247 KB, 379x526, trap.png)
    247 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)15:15 No.3693116
         File :1234469755.png-(100 KB, 377x524, Mecha Pedobear.png)
    100 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)15:36 No.3693284
         File :1234470982.png-(190 KB, 377x524, Pico Chico Coco.png)
    190 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)15:47 No.3693373
         File :1234471655.png-(124 KB, 377x524, Rage Thread.png)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)15:58 No.3693486
         File :1234472330.png-(184 KB, 377x524, Rule 34.png)
    184 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:01 No.3693509
    that's why I love anonymous...
    and what about a
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)16:05 No.3693556
         File :1234472703.jpg-(30 KB, 377x524, furryfriday.jpg)
    30 KB
    So, last night I had an idea for a new kind of card. Submitted for your approval, the Situation card. Similar to Arena cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, these cards stay in play and affect all other cards. Here's some extra rules:

    1. Unless stated otherwise on a card, there can only be one situation card in play.
    2. Situation cards cannot be reported or banned.
    3. Unless otherwise stated on a card, playing a situation card cancels all other situations in play.
    4. Canceled situations are removed from the game, not placed in the 404 bin.

    Pic related - shitty MS Paint sample.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:10 No.3693594

    Is that an actual comic or a very convincing shoop?
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)16:13 No.3693617
         File :1234473216.jpg-(29 KB, 377x524, soup.jpg)
    29 KB
    Pretty sure it's a shoop.

    Also, a more extreme situation sample.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:15 No.3693633
         File :1234473340.png-(114 KB, 377x524, Thread derailment.png)
    114 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:18 No.3693667
    "When Candlejack enters a thread, ban the meme played before it from that thr"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:20 No.3693676
    the memes from 4chan are vast... we could have a folder just of caturday (who can be a situational meme)...

    Over 9000
    Chuck Norris

    There're so many memes...
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:20 No.3693685
         File :1234473640.jpg-(173 KB, 377x524, picture unrelated.jpg)
    173 KB
    Picture unrelated
    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)16:23 No.3693719
    I don't have a pic for it, but one last Situation idea:

    The Mods are Asleep
    [all boards]

    The Mods are Asleep does not cancel any other Situation in play.
    While The Mods are Asleep is in effect, all memes have a report cost of ****.
    >>When any meme is banned, remove The Mods are Asleep from play.

    >> Sommunist !CvgOA2wCo2 02/12/09(Thu)16:33 No.3693812
    Can't tell if this is autosageing or not.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:36 No.3693836
    it has more than 4 posts? then its autosageing.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:40 No.3693862
         File :1234474804.jpg-(163 KB, 377x524, posting in a sticky.jpg)
    163 KB
    Holy freaking crap
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:48 No.3693925
         File :1234475304.jpg-(202 KB, 400x400, kotakuseal.jpg)
    202 KB
    Kotaku Seal of Approval
    2 Lol, 1 Rage
    Return a file from your 404'd Bin to your Folder.
    Report 2

    Still kinda getting a feel for the power levels of the cards here...
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)16:59 No.3694031
         File :1234475991.jpg-(5 KB, 127x134, LOL NO YOU DONT YOU IDORT.jpg)
    5 KB
    LOL 2
    RAGE 2
    Report Cost ***

    >Upon posting, ban all memes but one which contain the /v/ tag. [All boards] memes do not count. There must be more than one /v/ meme in the thread for you to post /v/ WARS IMPACT.

    The thread may not contain more than one other /v/ meme while /v/ WARS IMPACT is posted.

    ("But I have both already"
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)17:09 No.3694131
         File :1234476558.jpg-(188 KB, 377x524, Over 9000.jpg)
    188 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)17:19 No.3694224
    Does anyone here have an account on 1d4chan? Those cards need to be uploaded.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)17:43 No.3694465
         File :1234478631.jpg-(182 KB, 377x524, doing it wrong.jpg)
    182 KB
    Last one for now, thread seems to be autosaging. The irony, lol

    Someone please upload these to 1d4chan!
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)18:24 No.3694856
    Shit, just as I find the Photoshop template. I could have made those cards look so much better.
    >> Anonymous 02/12/09(Thu)18:24 No.3694860
    FUCK. to much LOL here. was going for a troll thread.

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