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  • File :1232939060.jpg-(56 KB, 496x643, 1232573373243.jpg)
    56 KB Promethean: the Created Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:04 No.3520068  
    >So let me get this straight. You're a scorned mockery of humanity, most likely abandoned by your creator, left to fend for yourself in this cruel world. You're perpetually dazed and confused, always trying to pick up the ways of humans, but that's not happening because you have a disquieting aura that makes every sentient being in the world eventually hate you, so you can never make real friends and have to live as a nomad. Oh, and it's not just humans that hate you, not just animals, not just the earth which becomes a desolate wasteland because of you, it's the entire fucking universe that's out to get you, with angels from heaven and evil entities hunting you down and trying to eradicate your unwanted existence. Your final goal is to become a real human, losing all those cool powers which you just so happened to have, at which point you'll probably forget everything and start hating other Prometheans too...

    Frankenstein, the Wretched
    Galatea, the Muses
    Osiran, the Nepri
    Tammuz, the Golems
    Ulgan, the Riven

    Unfleshed, the Machine-Men
    Zeky, the Atomic Horrors

    Come, my brothers and sisters birthed by Azoth, who walk the path towards the New Dawn of mortality! Share your stories, tell me your tales...
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:07 No.3520108
    Such silence is disappointing.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:07 No.3520109
    No faggot we had two discussion threads already.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:12 No.3520147

    Well, we have a dozen WH40K threads an hour and nobody complains about them, asshat. So why are you bitching about the second Promethean thread in a week?
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:16 No.3520184
    I always liked the idea that there were so few Prometheans in the world. A major city might have hundreds of vampires, dozens of werewolves and mages, and changelings...but only one or two Prometheans.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:17 No.3520203
         File :1232939879.jpg-(108 KB, 850x648, Utsuho Clouds.jpg)
    108 KB
    >Zeka, the Atomic Horrors

    Man, these guys thrive purely off the Rule of Cool. Russian nuclear golem dudes who thrive off radiation, how can you not like that? It's like something straight from Fallout. Oh, and they're so awesome that when they become mortal, they die because of their radiation... or so I've heard from someone, because I haven't picked up Saturnine Night yet.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:19 No.3520216

    Part of the appeal, to me... you're not just some face-in-the-crowd, you're actually somewhat unique.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:22 No.3520245
    How can I not like that? Me and my whole group think the idea is fucktarded.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:23 No.3520249

    I have all the books, and I'll need to recheck to be sure, but, yeah, I think they do basically radioactive-suicide when they reach the New Dawn. Which kinda helps add to their mythic status.

    Then again, some Prometheans claim that the Zeky don't even exist at all, and any who claim otherwise were merely imagining it.
    >> From scattered notes. Monté 01/25/09(Sun)22:28 No.3520301
         File :1232940538.gif-(185 KB, 537x758, monte002.gif)
    185 KB
    Worthless are the men who squabble, who throw their lives away over petty goods and baubles.

    Pitiful are those that squander their short, miserable existence, and ruin their minds and bodies with vile substances.

    And yet, how we so wish to be them. To become them. Even a life filled with those things would be preferable, for then at least somewhere we are accepted. To know light and laughter and love and hate and sorrow, all mixed together into a bubbling pot of humanity.

    Will I become such? I hardly care anymore. I persevere, I exist, but for what end? What reason? So that another could enjoy it. My own suffering, to lose his. Abominable. Horrible.

    But it is something I, too, must do, in the end. I wonder, will that one hate me just as venomously as I do my own creator?
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:32 No.3520340
    But not all who create do so out of a sense of obligation and duty, and not all who are created hate the one who was their creator...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:33 No.3520350
    I wish I could contribute to this discussion. I don't own an WoD books though.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:34 No.3520360
         File :1232940873.jpg-(222 KB, 1158x1227, Utsuho Eye.jpg)
    222 KB

    I've heard one splatbook has rules for Prommies made out of "alternative" materials, such as stone or metal. Which book is this? Because if it's for real, I am totally looking into a Zeka made out of iron or steel, a radioactive Iron Man of the atom.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:37 No.3520382

    That would be Saturnine Night, the same book that introduces the mythical Lineage of radioactive Zeky...

    The Unfleshed are the Lineage you're thinking of, make of artificial things like metal and plastic instead of the bodies of the formerly-living.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:41 No.3520422
    Prometheans make GREAT antagonists that will make your players second guess killing them outright...even if they can...
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:43 No.3520445

    This is also true, especially if they're only used to the Big Three (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage) settings instead.
    >> From scattered notes Monté 01/25/09(Sun)22:49 No.3520493
         File :1232941761.png-(84 KB, 241x409, monte_sketch.png)
    84 KB
    [The pages are old, worn, the fire that consumed much of the lab having touched them. Some are still legible, however, though none are in any discernible order.]

    ...eemed I am not alone. Not unique, in my making.

    I am ambivalent about this. On one hand, I feel a sort of loss at this knowledge, that in this world I am not singular. But, on the other, I have others of whom share my terrible burden and fate, and to know such brings some warmth to this unbeating heart.

    We met at the graveyard. She was tall, slender, pale and carrying herself with a grace that was strange to look upon. We knew one another on sight for what we were, though at the time I admit my initial confusion.

    Daniella. She explained, for hours, of our sad state of affairs and what to expect, and of her own pilgrimage. A subject that has taken her fifty years with no end in sight.

    A cold comfort.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:49 No.3520495
    Antivanish Bump.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:49 No.3520496
         File :1232941784.jpg-(118 KB, 450x610, Utsuho Dots.jpg)
    118 KB

    So you mean I can't be a Zeka carved out of pure depleted uranium, because the Unfleshed and Zeka are different lineages? Oh, wait... I think I found a reference to something else:

    >They can be considered an expansion of the "Constructs", otherwise ordinary Prometheans created from or incorporating inorganic matter (such as a Galateid actually carved from stone), detailed in the Magnum Opus source book.

    I think I'll need to download both Magnum Opus and Saturnine Night.


    They might not have much of a choice once Disquiet kicks in and the Prommie is suddenly the Anti-Christ.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:50 No.3520499
    Centimani were here, Pilgrims are faggots.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)22:54 No.3520527

    Zeka are not really the best Lineage for a PC, better for an NPC antagonist, due to the nature of their Disquiet... they literally are radioactive - their Wasteland isn't simply a supernatural effect but an actual atomic hotzone.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)22:55 No.3520534
    This thread needs some Zeeky Boogy Doog
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:00 No.3520581
    No, no it doesn't.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:06 No.3520617
    >due to the nature of their Disquiet


    Their Disquiet is fine. Their Wasteland... eventually, eventually, makes an area mildly radioactive. By the time another kind of Promethean has caused all electrical lines and radios in the area to be completely jammed, etc., people who remain in the Zeky's wasteland will get mildly ill and should probably leave. But by that time, any other Promethean has left the area utterly unlivable anyway.
    >> From scattered notes Monté 01/25/09(Sun)23:06 No.3520622
         File :1232942818.jpg-(109 KB, 365x556, The_Gravekeeper_by_jaxthebat.jpg)
    109 KB
    ...ardly matters, then. None come here anymore. The land has wilted and grown dead, the air stale and hot, and half a dozen tombstones have been cracked from the sporadic [illegible]

    I must leave. Any longer and I all but invite chaos. But to where? This, my home for so long, rejects me, and I know nothing else but for the tomes left behind.

    Danielle left a fortnight ago, her own pilgrimage calling her again. Perhaps it is time to start my own.

    But first, I must rid this place of my presence. Why I continue writing when it will all go up in flames, I know not. I cannot bring this with me; were anyone to find it, I shudder to think of what they may attempt to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:08 No.3520633
         File :1232942904.jpg-(133 KB, 350x1167, a3324f326a4e79975b2400ff382c15(...).jpg)
    133 KB
    I was thinking long and hard about how to make a weeaboo Promethean campaign. Then it hit me: Rozen Maiden, using Promethean.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:09 No.3520647
    I can't believe it took you that long ~desu
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:10 No.3520649
    >Rozen Maiden

    10/10, would rage again.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:11 No.3520659

    Really? I could've sworn it worked differently for Zeky than for the other Lineages. Then again, I just kinda skimmed over that section of the book, since the idea of making what basically was a walking nuke didn't sound too useful unless it was as the villain of a campaign I was making as an ST - which I definitely am not.

    (BTW, Monte, I love these little "notes" of yours. Very evocative and emotional. Nice work.)
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:11 No.3520660
    >how to make a weeaboo Promethean campaign

    Its SO FUCKIN EASY. Appleseed, Ghost in the SHell, etc. etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:17 No.3520696

    Yep, and it only starts irradiating the area after like the 2nd or 3rd stage of Wasteland. Considering you can easily delay Wasteland effects for 4-6 months, and considering it only takes 1 month/Azoth to reset the timer... if a Promethean of any sort, Zeka included, just can stand moving between two houses regularly, he's never gonna have to worry about Wastelands.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:22 No.3520743

    I knew about the moving, but, like I said, I thought the Zeky followed different rules. No big deal, I never planned on using them anyway... they're as rare among Prometheans as regular Prometheans are among mortals - after all, getting hold of nuclear materials to create one is bloody-near impossible.
    >> From scattered notes Monté 01/25/09(Sun)23:24 No.3520758
         File :1232943843.jpg-(117 KB, 675x1000, Grave_Digger_by_MonkeyToho.jpg)
    117 KB
    ...came here, in tears, her face a near-bloody ruin. That flawless marble texture, cracked and crumbling.

    They were after her again, the [illegible]

    [illegible]--annot let them find her body. They would only desecrate it, chop her apart to see what ticks and use it for their foul ends. I must do the deed tonight, and then flee this place and go to [illegible]
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:25 No.3520766
    Oh, you only need someone who died of radiation poisoning, including your wasteland or your powers, to make one.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:31 No.3520837
    I had a lot of fun playing a Zeka. Shit fucked up when a helpful Qashmal made his girlfriend pregnant. With a human child. So he can't stay in one place without killing it from Wasteland. Then the ST quit after awhile. FFFFFF
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:36 No.3520880
    Wasteland and powers work for that, too? Hm. Still, with the whole CONSTANT AGONIZING BURNING PAIN Zeka suffer, I still wouldn't care for one.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:42 No.3520934
    I've had this Promethean design for a while. He's an Unfleshed named Mack, built from a guy who died in a horrible vehicle accident and the truck he was crushed in. His legs have pistons; his whole right side was rebuilt with a muffler, verticle exhaust pipes, and a couple sets of breaks for a hand that can at least clutch something. His breath smells like gasoline and the left side of his was replaced by meters (odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge).
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:42 No.3520936
    I forget things sometimes.
    My brain doesn't like my body.
    My body doesn't like my brain
    I hear them argue sometimes.
    It's like I'm a child, watching his parents fight.
    Only I'm grown. And I don't have parents.
    Only a maker.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:46 No.3520978

    They're not in agonizing pain while they're being exposed to radiation. That of other Zekas work, but stealing radioactives is more fun.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:51 No.3521019
    Unless I'm mistaken, Mack would be a Construct, not a Unfleshed... Constructs are Prometheans with some pieces inorganic (like a Galatean partly formed from carved marble), while Unfleshed are just that - wholly inorganic, basically the Promethean version of androids.
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:56 No.3521058

    Nah, both Unfleshed and Constructs are supposed to both be wholly inorganic. That being said, there's no reason one can't be a mixture of both... the significant detail is that Unfleshed are their own lineages, while Constructs are based off existing lineages and generally lack a blatantly technological feel. Also, Constructs don't receive Azoth illusions to disguise their appearance, etc.
    >> Miranda 01/25/09(Sun)23:59 No.3521083
    Are you sure about that last part? I thought all Promethens gained Azoth-made disguises, regardless of how they were created...
    >> Anonymous 01/25/09(Sun)23:59 No.3521086

    I know they're usually formed from wholly inorganic objects but it was never stated that they couldn't be partially organic. If not, I can always re-work it. I just didn't want him to be mistaken for Optimus Prime.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)00:04 No.3521132
    Well, unless you paint him red and blue and make him a dozen feet tall, I kinda doubt that'll happen.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)00:04 No.3521139


    - Don't regain Pyros every day
    - Lack Azoth disguises (isn't explained whether this causes HUEG DISQUIET)
    - Can boost Str, Sta, or Dex, instead of skills, with the past memory merit thing but it causes derangement effect automatically instead of only if depleted
    - Otherwise treated as member of another Lineage


    Don't sweat it too much, though I'd personally place him as a Frankenstein (they incorporate organic and inorganic matter), the rules for determining which is what is supposed to be flexible.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)00:13 No.3521212
    Agreed; Mack sounds more like a Frankenstein, though if you play him as such, you might wanna discuss it with your ST to be sure - normally the Lineage is crafted from sewing together the parts off a minimum of three bodies... but I don't see why your ST wouldn't let you fudge things a bit and allow Mack to instead be crafted from one man and one machine instead.

    Hm... "one man and one machine"... damn, why did I suddenly picture a half-truck version of Robocop?
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)00:28 No.3521332
    Page 2? Oh hell no. Back up we go.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)00:35 No.3521389
    My own Unfleshed was one made from a firestorm. She is basically a human form that was created with the melted plastic of various toys, etc. in a garbage dump. Especially dolls.

    As such she is obsessed with finding humanity through what it idolizes, she has taken the view of idolizing beauty. So she actually carves her plastic form with a carving knife to become the "ideal woman". It was fun when she used Transmutations since all the toys inside her that had electrical components would light up, move, make noises, etc. so very creepy.

    She ended up getting melted just like how she was made in a firestorm.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)00:38 No.3521404
    Made from a firestorm? Whoa... an Extempore Promethean... those are truly mythical. Nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)00:40 No.3521417
    She was quite fun to play, freaked out other Prometheans especially when she would hum to herself while you know doing literal, "plastic surgery" to herself.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)00:41 No.3521428
    Creepy indeed. Wish I had some folks to play with. Did you game in person, or through chat, or something like that?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)00:42 No.3521440
    In person, took a hell of a time to set up. Mainly in making my friends willing to play. It is a hard game to set-up just for that reason.
    >> Summary report Dr. Vertennus 01/26/09(Mon)00:53 No.3521510
         File :1232949220.jpg-(858 KB, 600x900, Detailed_Monte_Sheet_by_Monkey(...).jpg)
    858 KB
    To: metrengard@cheirongroup.com
    Subject: Subject 88

    On 4/5/09, subject #88 was confronted and captured by field agents. Subject #88 was in the process of leaving its den, which it had apparently set ablaze. Despite the superior advantage in terms of firepower and number, several agents were killed in the process of subduing the subject. Shortly thereafter, a DPT was called in. Directive 53 was in full effect, and we are happy to report than no civilians witnessed the encounter.

    Subject #88 has been shipped to Cell #3442-WSM, for containment and dissection. Given the incredible fortitude of subject #88, and past research with creatures of similar design, we are certain that there will be much to learn from a fine specimen.

    Ad fundum, doctor.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)01:03 No.3521572
    So, what are the best arguements to get friends playing Promethean?
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)01:04 No.3521584
    Sadly, there's nobody around where I live that even roleplays, much less deals with WhiteWolf system and/or Promethean.

    Anyone know some possible online venues? I considered the chats at sup/tg/... but the only way I can see that occuring is if I'm the ST and start my own campaign, which I have neither the patience nor the organizational skills to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)01:08 No.3521609

    I'd personally appeal to the pulpy goodness of it rather than the emo TORTURED EXISTENCE part.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)01:11 No.3521641
    Or, in other words:
    Lightning-eating zombies, fuck yeah!
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)01:20 No.3521707
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)01:43 No.3521902
    Age: the Bumping
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)01:55 No.3521977
    This thread has caught my interest. Checking this out. Thanks!

    I've heard there are some rules issues, any of you come across glaring rules mechanics problems? Doesn't matter tooo much to me as rules are secondary at best to me, but still, knowing about any potential pitfalls in advance could help!

    So what types of campaigns have you run with this game?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)01:58 No.3522004

    Well, one I ran involved martial law being declared with sinister jewish Tammuz known as the Tzadikim Nistarim pulling the strings, using Disquietism to make anyone they didn't like disappear, etc. There was blasting helicopters out of the air with divine lightning, there was the hijacking of nuclear power plants, there was gun fu shootouts aplenty.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:02 No.3522024
    My concept, which I posted to another Promethean thread earlier this week, involves a literal Pilgrimage from Chicago to L.A. on Route 66, and the throng of Prometheans learning what it means to be human by absorbing as much of America as possible.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)02:02 No.3522026
    None, yet. I just got into this myself, actually. I like it better than the overhyped emogoth-ness of Vampire, the RAWRAWRFIGHTYTIMES of Werewolf, and the "We're not D&D spellcasters, but we like to pretend" complicatedness of Mage.

    It lends more towards the philosophical and such than the other settings, since it's basically about the human condition, and what makes humans so special despite their flaws and imperfections.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:22 No.3522137
    >it's basically about the human condition, and what makes humans so special despite their flaws and imperfections.

    Frankly, I think this should be a notion in every WoD game, no matter what the splat.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:35 No.3522220
    So I can kinda get how Frankensteins are supposed to work, Osirans, Tammuzes, etc.

    But I can't quite wrap my head around how a Galateid would work; they're all about hobnobbing with mortals while at the same time being hated by them? How does that work?
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)02:36 No.3522224
    I suppose. But, when you think about it, Promethean is sort of the reverse of the other settings...

    In Werewolf, Vampire, Mage, etc., it's all about NOT being human, and about revelling in the supernatural differences between you and "mere mortals".

    But in Promethean, it's about you striving to BECOME human, despite all the flaws and weaknesses and imperfections they have compared to your current self.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:38 No.3522231
    Think a stalker or possessive/aggressive ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. That is how a human would likely view a Galateid.

    I actually had one that was a Centimmani, so used that transfer of feelings kinda deal. So she became a Dominatrix and got tons of clients because of that.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:39 No.3522243
    Galateids, at first, do not inspire hatred with their disquiet. In fact, it's quite the opposite. If you're affected by one, you start to obsess over her. You can't stop thinking about her. It's shameful, lewd. You slip into bed with your wife of twenty years, and wrap your arms around her, but the only thought in your head is how you'd love to bang that bizarre chick you in a back alley.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:39 No.3522244
    >dominatrix corpse-walker

    Yeah, that's a fetish of mine.
    >> ELI VANCE WAS PHONE 01/26/09(Mon)02:41 No.3522257
    Confusion and ambivalence. Galateids simultaneously attract and repel, and leave their human companions twisted inside and out because they can't make sense of the conflict. It's a good metaphor for the ambivalence of the human social condition.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:43 No.3522272

    Oh, okay, answers my question, I guess.

    So the way they fuck with people, they're naturally rather selfish creatures, huh?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:45 No.3522283
    Well not necessarily purposefully, they don't know enough about themselves to be selfish in the beginning.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)02:46 No.3522289
    Pretty-much, yeah. Their attuned humour is blood, and their element is air, so they're rather driven by their passions and pretty flightly in their moodswings.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:47 No.3522297

    Yeah, you had a pretty fun experience with a Galateid, if I remember.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)02:49 No.3522315
         File :1232956173.jpg-(300 KB, 1200x1600, 19_11_2008_0019984001227104488(...).jpg)
    300 KB
    rolled 9 = 9


    Well. People don't HATE them, specifically; they have a tendency to become jealous of the Galateid, either through their physical beauty or skill. And jealousy so easily leads into hate...

    Galateid's have the desire to really fit in, to socialize and make friends, lovers, whathaveyou. But they don't quite have that spark, that little bit of humanity that can make others relate to them, which often leads to many a failed attempt at such. They continue doing so, time and again, because they can't HELP it. They want to be the star, the one you love, your best friend and sibling-you-never-had.

    I didn't like the Galateid at first; they came off as the atypical "pretty princess" faction of Promethean, that WW just seems to love shoehorning into every product. But once I really gave them a read, and got my head in the mindset, they became my second favorite. You can make something truly tragic and inspiring with a Galateid, if you put in the effort.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)02:52 No.3522327
    I got a friend of mine to play one, since I knew that it was her natural nature to try and fit in and make friends with everyone. So to have her be trying that in-game but to have such uncontrollable forces (her being a Promethean) working against it, really, really helped with making the character come alive and motivated her to get the character to become human much more.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)02:52 No.3522328
    The Galateids also, due to their nature, tend to be rather, well, shallow, taking things at face-value, which can work against them sometimes, as that attitude (coupled with the fact many of their Lineage follow the Aurum refinement to learn-by-imitating about Humanity, tends to make them a bit naieve and too easily trusting in people - not a wise thing in the dangerous and deceptive World of Darkness.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)02:57 No.3522352

    Second-favorite, Monkey? Now I'm curious... what are you opinions on the other Lineages (Unfleshed and Zeky optional)?
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)03:03 No.3522385
         File :1232957029.png-(112 KB, 301x281, 1231128841289.png)
    112 KB
    rolled 26 = 26


    Honestly, I haven't read any of the splatbooks for Promethean. So I can't say anything about them at all.

    A nuclear Promethean sounds like a Megaman master robot, though, which amuses me to no end.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:11 No.3522425
    Fair enough, let's ignore the Zeky and Unfleshed. what about the core-book Lineages? What's your opinion of them?

    Personally, even if just mostly out of a nostalgia sort of love for the "original", I'm particularly fond of the Frankenstein lineage.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)03:18 No.3522456
         File :1232957897.jpg-(366 KB, 1100x1650, 1230918254625.jpg)
    366 KB
    rolled 25 = 25


    The Wretched are also at the top for me. As if the write/drawfaggotry in this thread wasn't proof enough.

    The rest of them are sort of in a floating nebulus; I've yet to think of any half-decent concept for the other three yet.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:23 No.3522487
         File :1232958186.jpg-(64 KB, 951x757, FrankensteinSymbol.jpg)Thumbnail unavailable
    I kinda figured that, but thought I'd ask just for the sake of arguement.

    And yeah, I have the same problem. Guess it's just easier to say "Okay, you're made from someone who cut up a bunch of other people." and go from there than dick around with crawling out of mudpiles or getting shredded by ghosts or the other weird shit involved in the creation of the other Lineages.

    Frankensteins for the win.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:23 No.3522489
    The Frankenstein are probably my favorites as well. The reason? All the other types are also LOL ELECTRICITY HEALS. Shit, man. If they all had their associated energy type like Franks and Zeky, it'd be a lot better.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:23 No.3522490
    On a sidenote, I would love to get that symbol as a tattoo someday.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:27 No.3522508
    Well, aside of the fact the Promethens all need some sort of "binding" to connect them together (that being that electricity heals them), it would be remarkably unbalanced if they used their individual elemental alignments instead.

    Galateids would be invincible, if they used contact with air to heal - how often do people fight in a vacuum? Ditto for Tammuz, and touching the Earth - just walk around barefoot like Toph.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)03:29 No.3522519
         File :1232958544.jpg-(328 KB, 1024x819, 2590641.jpg)
    328 KB
    rolled 77 = 77


    A sticker would also be acceptable.

    Tangently related: I've had a tattoo idea on the backburner for a year now. Stitches, as life-like as I can afford along my body, with the possibility of patches colored differently than regular skin. Starting with the wrists, because I'm a madman.


    That wouldn't really work with some of them. Galatein in particular; air is plentiful, so healing wouldn't even be an ISSUE with them if that were the case.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:31 No.3522529
    Basically a be-your-own-Frankenstein tattoo set? Badass. If you ever get that done, please let me know - I'd love to see something that cool.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:31 No.3522534

    Well, obviously, it'd be something more complex than earth or air for Tammuz and Galateid... it wouldn't be unbalancing, but it'd render them a tad unplayable. See, when being healed by elec/radiation, your Disfigurements show, causing Disquiet rolls each round.

    For Tammuz though, I'd have it just be something like re-writing the Word of God on their forehead or such. Could be as simple as using a marker, though its easier to have an ally do it. The Golem's disfigurements show, the word glows, then both vanish and he's healed.

    Seems easier in some ways than electrical healing... but a Frankenstein in a car can just modify it so it zaps him all the time, or have a car battery in his backpack, etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:35 No.3522561

    Buried in/eating(gems) earth.

    Oxygen tank, wind tunnel, high altitudes.

    I have now made your post useless.

    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:35 No.3522563
    Yes, but, like you said, being healed in that manner forces Disfigurements to show, so few would be willing to do such a thing, regardless of convenience... besides, Prometheans heal rapidly from electricity, so much of it would be wasted as "overload"... and no matter what lineage you are, absorbing more electricity than you need to heal is in fact damaging in itself, not to mention quite painful.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:42 No.3522607
    Any other opinions?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:47 No.3522641
    How on earth would you RP out an Ulgan awakening? They were torn apart my spirits, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:49 No.3522648
    Actually having to devour handfuls of earth would actually be kind of cool... and if it has to be pure soil, they'd have some issue in the city...
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)03:50 No.3522656
         File :1232959800.jpg-(158 KB, 600x800, The_Book_by_Hanayame.jpg)
    158 KB
    rolled 87 = 87


    I think it'd work as a houserule. The electricity works as-is due to fluff reasons (spark of life, Azoth, etc), but if a particular group or player wants to change it up, then that's fine. Food for thought, at the very least.

    Now, I'm going to fucking bed because its almost 4 in the morning on my end.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:50 No.3522661
    >absorbing more electricity than you need to heal is in fact damaging in itself, not to mention quite painful.

    Wat? Cite? I assumed electricity was pleasurable and we made rude references towards a female Frankenstein whenever she got shocked.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:50 No.3522664
    I'm pretty sure it's mentioned in the mainbook, and that the "narrative" of one of the later books is from the perspective of an Ulgan, but I can't be arsed to track it down at this hour.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)03:54 No.3522681
    Well, I'm kinda certain it would be painful, being a fucking ELECTRIC SHOCK coursing through your body, but if you wanna refluff it as being pleasurable, that's your call, I don't recall offhand it specifying it had to be painful unless it was a huge jolt all at once beyond what you needed to heal-to-full - that I do recall them saying was painful and even dealt a point or two of Fire damage due to electrical burns and such, and only time could heal those kind of burns.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:57 No.3522696
    >I do recall them saying was painful and even dealt a point or two of Fire damage

    Oh come on, you know it didn't say anything like that. Hell, zeky, who don't use electricity for healing at all, can't be harmed by natural electricity whatsoever. Its not really a refluffing, since there's no fluff to begin with describing how it feels to get zapped. There is a story about a promethean getting hit 12 times by lightning in one night, though, which would probably burn him to death if you could get overloaded...
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)03:58 No.3522703

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:02 No.3522723
    And didn't mean to sound antagonistic... just I don't think there's any mention of created being able to be harmed by non-stannum lightning/elec.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)04:17 No.3522816

    Ah, well then, I apologize. I was mistaken about the details. I just coulda sworn I'd read somewhere about a Promethean dying after holding onto a livewire too long... Guess I was wrong.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)04:28 No.3522879
    G'night folks!
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)04:37 No.3522936
    Goodnight. Meanwhile I'll be here all night - Prometheans only really need to sleep 4 out of every 48 hours...
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)04:58 No.3523052
    from-page-2 bump
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)05:32 No.3523194
    (uses Electrify to jolt the topic back to frontpage)
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:41 No.3523249
         File :1232966460.jpg-(171 KB, 1354x1024, Iku Dragon Eel.jpg)
    171 KB

    You know, aging a topic back to the front page without any actual content in the bumping posts isn't very productive.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)05:44 No.3523262
    Well, it's late and I couldn't really think of anything. I'm sure you've been the same sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:46 No.3523270

    Never played this, but that post made me think about a Promethean that spends all his time on messageboards trying to understand humans through online contact, since he's not disquieting through the 'net... He'd be the best poster ever, helpful, thoughtful, always there... But when one of his internet friends wants to meet him IRL, he'd have a dilemma.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)05:54 No.3523316

    Oh fuck, must read Saturnine Nights, then!
    (Have had it in my WoD folder for some time, but haven't found the time to read it...)
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)06:26 No.3523458
    This actually isn't too bad of a concept, since, like you said, Disquiet is only triggered by personal "face to face" contact, and not distant interactions like telephone and email and such.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)06:30 No.3523466
    One question ...
    Could a promethean who became a human awaken?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)06:34 No.3523489
         File :1232969664.jpg-(67 KB, 640x429, Patchouli Marisa Laptop Roof.jpg)
    67 KB

    He might not have to deal with Disquiet, but staying for too long in one place is undesirable due to the Wasteland effect. So you've got yourself a nomadic Prommie wandering the country with his trusty laptop, with WiFi, of course, by his side.


    It's explicitly stated that they can be Embraced into a vampire, Awakened into a mage, or be put through a Durance to become a changeling. Though, they recommend not doing it to the character if your only reason is "because it's cool".
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)07:03 No.3523668
    A wandergeek Prommie. Brilliant.

    Once they're human, they're just that - human, and thus anything that can happen to a human in WOD can happen to them.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)07:24 No.3523751
    I plan on keeping this thread going as long as possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:02 No.3523894
         File :1232974931.jpg-(145 KB, 550x736, kenshiro.jpg)
    145 KB
    Promethean did a great job of bringing a lot of concepts together.

    They work better then any other archetype for exploring the world and kicking ass. Others sit around their cities and take orders. If Promies hear about something weird they can just go check it to learn something, they are more adventurer like then others. They are good in combat and are great for being something that no one has heard of that appears and lays down the law.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:10 No.3523932
         File :1232975437.jpg-(73 KB, 393x600, 393px-Atomicrobo1.jpg)
    73 KB
    Name: Atomic Robo
    Lineage: Construct Zeka
    Refinement: Aurum

    Attributes/Skills: Mental Primary, Physical Seconary, Social Tertiary
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)08:11 No.3523933
    Exactly. And they're pretty-much perfect for large campaigns, since they're so nomadic.

    Most other settings (Vampire, especially old Vampire, was infamous for it) basically limited you to a single city, because that's where your higher-up's seat of power was. Prometheans have no ruling heirarchy beyond being a Throng, so you and your friends could literally go cross-country if you had enough reason or desire to do it, and still be just as good there as anywhere else.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:18 No.3523948
    Well said, I was gonna say something like that but had no way to put it. They're really durable and heal really easily, and the ST needs no justification for throwin monsters at the PCs.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)08:19 No.3523953
    Prometheans can be summed up quite simply...
    Two Words:

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:19 No.3523954
    I'll point out that there's nothing stopping a Cabal of Mages from up and deciding to wander across the country.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)08:25 No.3523973
    Maybe... but how often do you see mages do much besides study magical books? And last I saw, books usually don't move.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:27 No.3523978
    Mages don't care much about books, I dare to say!
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:27 No.3523979
    Mages get Arcane XP for investigating supernatural phenomena. They'll poke their noses into anything moderately spooky.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:33 No.3524002

    There are a lot of urban legends out there. Promies can explore false leads and observe how humans work, they have incentives to take their time a bit (besides wasteland). They have no global struggle and report to no one, it is just a personal journey.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:34 No.3524005
         File :1232976873.jpg-(109 KB, 675x844, Remilia Sakuya Book Chair.jpg)
    109 KB

    Mages technically don't need to study books for their magic. Hell, you can have a mage with Occult 0 and he'll be as competent at casting spells as a mage with Occult 5; just don't expect him to be able to scrutinize spell resonance or use Occult-based rotes though. A whole bunch of mages get by through sheer arcane intuition.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)08:42 No.3524034
    And that's what I love about it.

    (and to you Mage defenders... I guess my joking intent was lost in plaintext.)
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:52 No.3524066
    What joke?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)08:54 No.3524073
    It's called backpedaling.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)08:55 No.3524077
    The bit about mages doing nothing but studying.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:28 No.3524241
    Prometheans are all about the road trip. I mean, hell. What's The Incredible Hulk, if not the story of a wandering monster whose body burns with the energy trapped inside?
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)09:37 No.3524292

    I actually heard one of the game's developers, in their development and betatesting playsessions, based a character of hers around the show's exploration of that concept. This is what eventually became the concept of Torment, and also the matching Stannum refinement that dealt with said Torment.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)09:45 No.3524329
    >Our school took our class today to see an old movie called "Edward Scissorhands". Did anyone see this movie? I mean... Men, this is just "Promethean: The Movie", down to the smallest detail. It is about a Wretched practitioner of Coprum who lives in an old castle near a small town, until a nice lady takes him with her one day to her house, where he decides to become an Aurum. He does really well and gains much Vitriol from helping the humans around, but then his Wretched disquiet starts to form and everyone becomes suspicious and paranoid about him. He maintains a low profile until they, expectadly, form an angry mob and chase him back to his castle. His Torment is finally unleashed, and, ruled by his yellow bile, Edward coldly murders his old nemesis(And competitor for the love of a human girl, who's hug was probably a major Milestone). He fakes his own death and the people leave him. He still lives in the old castle, probably in some alchemically induced hibernation, aweakning only for a few days a year to tend to the garden(I think it's Vitriol for him).
    >Also scissors for hands.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)09:52 No.3524363
    Not exactly how I would've put things, but I do applaud the forum-poster's creativity in rethinking the film in game terms. Clever indeed.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:04 No.3524418
    Those guys know how to put stuff in game terms, I'll give them that
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)10:35 No.3524583
    Having a Promethean movie would most definitely RAWK, though... but I certainly wouldn't consider Edward Scissorhands to be it.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:36 No.3524588
    Personally, I think he's a garden variety Unfleshed, on account he's an upgraded robot and shit, but hey.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)10:39 No.3524606
    >I certainly wouldn't consider Edward Scissorhands to be it.

    You're right, its called Equilibrium.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)10:47 No.3524648
    No, not really... a society of people hypnotized by mindcontrol-drugs has nothing to do with Promethean.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)11:24 No.3524814
    It just hit me.

    "More Human than Human" by White Zombie...

    Promethean National Anthem.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)11:25 No.3524819
    Well, either that or "Would You Love a Monsterman" by Lordi.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:14 No.3525149
    I would have said "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)12:42 No.3525347
    Hm... might fit the Unfleshed lineage.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)12:54 No.3525418
    Has he lost his mind?
    Can he see or is he blind?
    Can he walk at all,
    Or if he moves will he fall?
    Is he alive or dead?
    Has he thoughts within his head?
    We'll just pass him there
    why should we even care?

    He was turned to steel
    in the great magnetic field
    When he travelled time
    for the future of mankind

    Nobody wants him
    He just stares at the world
    Planning his vengeance
    that he will soon unfurl

    Now the time is here
    for Iron Man to spread fear
    Vengeance from the grave
    Kills the people he once saved

    Nobody wants him
    They just turn their heads
    Nobody helps him
    Now he has his revenge

    Heavy boots of lead
    fills his victims full of dread
    Running as fast as they can
    Iron Man lives again!
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)13:03 No.3525459
         File :1232993013.jpg-(11 KB, 140x140, abbath1926297.jpg)
    11 KB
    rolled 51 = 51

    I prefer the 'Celaenus Fragments' album from the band Fungoid Stream.


    'The Book' specifically is what I use as a theme song for Monté, although the whole album can apply. It is a very heavy, treading kind of music, atmospheric doom metal at its finest.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)13:39 No.3525722
    Most "atmospheric" music could be good for a Prommie campaign, since it tends to evoke strong emotions, and part of a PtC game is about handling emotion and dealing with them (to avoid succumbing to Torment).
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)13:56 No.3525821

    In some cases, actually, not having lyrics at all is best - I know there's lots of DMs who use instrumentals to set the mood of an encounter, fight, or even whole campaign.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)14:25 No.3526013
         File :1232997906.gif-(86 KB, 310x543, stein022.gif)
    86 KB
    rolled 26 = 26


    I honestly can't run a game unless I have music on-hand. Even over IRC, I've got tracks set up for me to listen to and really get into the mood.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)14:26 No.3526021
    Even if only you hear it, music is a great moodsetter.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)14:35 No.3526083
    I think we're getting noticed...

    Check out The Order of The Stick strip 601 (link below):-


    Check out panel 5 - that's the second row down, middle panel, the closeup of the books clutched in Roy's Dad's hands.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)14:40 No.3526114

    Promethean, in his case, would be awesome news. There's a chance he'd still be able to get his soul back in his body.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)14:51 No.3526163
    Might be interesting being a Promethean IRL...
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)14:57 No.3526192

    I'd take suicide, thanks
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)17:44 No.3527447
    Oh, you're no fun at all.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)17:46 No.3527462
    Promethean would be a great addition to the Only World Of Darkness (commonly known as oWoD). It's the only thing in the Non-Existing World of Darkness (known as nWoD) that looks even remotely straight.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)18:10 No.3527733
         File :1233011415.jpg-(220 KB, 679x675, 00019xtg.jpg)
    220 KB
    rolled 57 = 57


    Or just, y'know, not bitch about editions and play what you want.

    Both are fine. You're just trolling.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)19:21 No.3528427
    ive noticed that even the most feverish supporters of the oWoD enjoy promethean i havent exactly figured out why.

    In the two games i have been part of that tried to combine oWoD + nWoD promethean was the only one taken completely from nWoD (mummy and risen were not in anyway incorporated even with what seems to be a reasonable amount of respect for mummy)
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:41 No.3529094

    sauce on the comic strip
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)20:43 No.3529114
    Probably 'cuz it's the only "true" original NWoD one.

    Or because they can't deal with new takes on the same concepts. A little insecurity, maybe?
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)21:58 No.3529677
         File :1233025135.jpg-(306 KB, 754x626, monte_throwing.jpg)
    306 KB
    rolled 15 = 15

    Well. I managed to fart SOMETHING out today.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:02 No.3529714

    Not sure why, but I put a Ravnos artifact in my V:tM game that amounted to a deck of many things. One of the cards is a card that essentially gives the character that drew it a quest to created a Promethean.

    BTW, to everyone telling me it would lead to nothing but ruin; the players are loving the shit out of it, because of all of the random-ass temporary effects and story plot cards in it. One vamp got turned mortal for almost the whole session, another got his ass saved by a Demon and now is probably going to owe it something big, and another got the Promethean card.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:04 No.3529723

    You should do a group shot of Monte, Miranda, and Mary in the middle of a discussion of some sort.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:13 No.3529781
    >One vamp got turned mortal for almost the whole session, another got his ass saved by a Demon and now is probably going to owe it something big, and another got the Promethean card.

    Your game is destined for ruin.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)22:16 No.3529806
    rolled 98 = 98



    I'd have to draw Miranda first. And right now, I'm a little burned out; need food and coffee before I even attempt to pick up the pencil again tonight.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:28 No.3529916

    It's cool, just giving you an idea since you do enjoy drawing Prometheans a lot.

    By the way, I see the Miranda namefag a lot, but Mary and Jim disappeared, eh? Did you guys finally get an IRC going or something?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:29 No.3529926
    >>One vamp got turned mortal for almost the whole session

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:30 No.3529936

    For the lulz. Obviously that ST is a Malkavian.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)22:31 No.3529940
    rolled 60 = 60


    Shit if I know.

    Miranda hangs out on IRC, but the other two never really appeared again.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/26/09(Mon)22:31 No.3529944
    At least the player didn't go get Embraced by a 6th generation Setite while he was human. That happened in the most ridiculous VtM game I've ever played.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:34 No.3529967

    I refuse to use a name in the name field anymore and don't know the channel.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:34 No.3529972

    Dude, I need to suggest that idea to my ST. That's fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:36 No.3529980

    You're not going to like it that much when you have to face the Grim Reaper.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)22:38 No.3529993
         File :1233027507.jpg-(15 KB, 317x237, STREET SHARK.jpg)
    15 KB

    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)23:09 No.3530211
    Nice work, dude.

    And I'm thrilled to see this thread didn't go poof while I was away.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:11 No.3530219
    Gen was probably the most retarded thing in any WW game ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:13 No.3530241
    Stupid question.

    Do you need the basic nWoD book to run Promethian?

    Only ever played oWoD so I don't know. However this book seems pretty good...
    >> MonkeyToho 01/26/09(Mon)23:15 No.3530263
    rolled 85 = 85


    You do.

    Every nWoD product needs the main book. All character creation rules can be found there; the other books act as templates. So, to make a werewolf, you make a basic mortal and then add 'werewolf bonuses' onto it.

    And no, you can't stack them. Or, at least, no sane ST would let you.
    >> MR. RAGE !D9l9S8Lio6 01/26/09(Mon)23:16 No.3530272

    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:16 No.3530276
    yep to both
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:18 No.3530290

    You're old, Samuel fuckin Haigth.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:19 No.3530303
    Why would you NEED to stack anything with Mage? Mages can already do everything and render the other splats obsolete.

    It'd be like saying a Gestalt Fighter/Wizard in 3E would be appreciably more game breaking than a singleclass Wizard.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:22 No.3530333

    not this atlantean shit again
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:24 No.3530348
    and of course Ascension's way, way worse
    >> Anonymous 01/26/09(Mon)23:26 No.3530360

    Tanks Guys.
    >> Miranda 01/26/09(Mon)23:48 No.3530537

    About the closest you'll ever be able to come to "stacking" Promethean with anything is having your character reach their New Dawn, thus becoming an ordinary Mortal, then applying a Vampire or Mage or what-have-you template to their mortal self. But there is no way to turn a Promethean directly into another type of denizen of the World of Darkness.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)00:03 No.3530679
    Minor bump just to be sure the archiver gets all the newer posts.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:20 No.3530800

    Yes, mad scientists, hermetics, nerds, and an evil government conspiracy that wiped the floor with them 90% of the time were so much worse than ATLANTIS WAS REAL AND GOD SUNK IT and WE JUST MADE FIVE TYPOS IN A SINGLE SENTENCE, ALSO, LOOK AT HOW HARD WE WORKED TO MAKE YOU BUY ANOTHER EDITION, WE CHANGED ONE SPHERE AND REIMPLEMENTED A RULE WE TOOK AWAY LAST EDITION.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:24 No.3530832
    Metaplot hurp durp.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)00:24 No.3530834

    No offense, but could you please take your bitchery over Mage somewhere else? This is the Promethean thread, not the "Whine about Mage" thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:29 No.3530866

    Yeah, this isn't D&D. You don't 'stack' your 'templates' and 'class'. There's no 'Vampire Werewolf Mage Promethean Changeling Hunter'.

    You gigantic faggot.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)00:32 No.3530893
    That's one good thing about the various setting being largely self-contained. while you could minmax a character from one particular setting, odds are a character from a different one could still kick your ass anyway. Checks-and-balances.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:37 No.3530938

    That wasn't the metaplot faggot, those were the character creation options.




    Any mo-ahh fuck it, they'll never stop selling this shit like it's hotcakes.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:44 No.3530986
    >mad scientists, hermetics, nerds, and an evil government conspiracy

    Yeah, because none of those exist in nMage.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)00:51 No.3531033

    Well, Vampires and Werewolves suck pretty much no matter how you slice it. For vampires it makes sense since they can has POPULATION EXPLOSION and they're glorified zombies, but werewolves can't bite people to increase their number, so they're just crappy.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)01:04 No.3531120
    I'm doing a bit of copypasta from the official forums here, simply because it's such a brilliant idea...

    >I thought perhaps there was a throng that was just tired of wandering and wanted to just settle down for a while some place where they wouldn't have to worry about making the land barren. They found a place that was already so damaged they couldn't even make it any worse. A ghost town that had a Wound in the Shadow realm.
    From time to time people get lost and take a wrong turn on the interstate and accidentally wind up at the town. Even when the Prometheans hide themselves, the lost strangers seem to wind up going mad and killing themselves. It doesn't happen often but when it does it provides bodies for the throng to create progeny with.
    Over the years the throng gradually grew and they got so used to living in their town that they feared ever leaving.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)01:26 No.3531324
    It's easy for me to picture this "Promethean Shangri-la" free of worries about Disquiet and Wasteland and Torment as being almost mythical, something only heard about in passing.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:28 No.3531354
    It's filled with fetches.
    >> MonkeyToho 01/27/09(Tue)01:39 No.3531449
         File :1233038380.jpg-(43 KB, 288x288, 1102sh101no7.jpg)
    43 KB
    rolled 19 = 19

    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:48 No.3531532
    Hm... maybe. Maybe.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:54 No.3531586

    Well, shit, it's so obvious now.
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)01:56 No.3531598
    I <3 Silent Hill
    >> Anonymous 01/27/09(Tue)02:01 No.3531639

    You would, you trendy dyke.
    >> Miranda 01/27/09(Tue)02:12 No.3531742
    Thrills me to no end to see my thread, and Promethean itself, get this much positive attention.

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