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  • File :1232605028.png-(51 KB, 600x400, Dorf PAUSE.png)
    51 KB Not Quite Dorf Quest gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:17 No.3481137  
    Current Quest(s):
    Give Dragon's Eyes to Priest of Xom. REWARD: ARM RESTORED.

    LEFT ARM missing
    Minor BEARD damage
    Severe TORSO damage

    ALCOHOLISM: Momentarily Quenched

    Iron Axe
    Pick Axe
    2 Torches
    20 feet Rope
    Overworld Map
    Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds
    Hydra Hide
    Hydra Skull

    Garrelf Swiftrip [http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3356144/#3356272]
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:17 No.3481146
         File :1232605069.png-(58 KB, 600x400, Aldwin1.png)
    58 KB
    ...Wait, this isn't where you were before.

    Hell, you aren't even the same main character!

    That dashing fool on the left there is Aldwin, a rogue who is rather new to this whole 'adventuring' business. He is also you.

    That human child to your side has just saved you from a net you were entangled in. Unfortunately, the net was disintegrated in the process. Shut up I don't want to draw a net.

    [For any who care - after I got the driver updates for my tablet, my old art program decided to say "Fuck you I don't support your tablet anymore." That would be why it has been 2 weeks since the last Dorf Quest. Terribly sorry, all.]
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:18 No.3481154
         File :1232605118.png-(56 KB, 600x400, Aldwin2.png)
    56 KB
    The child says to you "HEY ALDWIN, HEY! Lets go on an adventure!"
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:19 No.3481162
    looks like an elf, Dorf punches taldwin in half, then dorf eats the child.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:22 No.3481176
    Aldwin walks around searching for adventure. he is carrying the child between his teeth.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:23 No.3481187
         File :1232605428.png-(36 KB, 600x400, Aldwin3.png)
    36 KB
    Dorfs? Those angry drunken little men? I suppose fighting one would count as an adventure, but Aldwin is quite sure they would not be in a forest!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:25 No.3481196
    I already hate that kid, ditch him whenever possible

    or equip as shield
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:28 No.3481216
    A rogue in the forest? Clearly the solution is we're looking to rob someone or something and unless we can find a wizard's tower out here, I saw we just get WALKING FOR CIVILIZATION because this is a lost cause.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:28 No.3481219
    Make all movement via tumble. You never know when you may need to avoid AoOs!
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:29 No.3481222
         File :1232605746.png-(65 KB, 600x400, Aldwin4.png)
    65 KB
    But that would probably hurt her!

    He lifts her onto his shoulders, and marches onward. The child seems pleased.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)01:30 No.3481231
    check inventory. dashing cape, :3 face and messy hair just aren't going to cut it unless this is king's quest, in which case we probably died from a broken spine after attempting to lift the child.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:30 No.3481232
    damn we're playing a fag

    Dont walk in the open, your a rouge for shits sake

    be sneaky
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:32 No.3481239
    Aldwin look for elves to punch instead, he is still carrying the child between his teeth like a mother cat.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:32 No.3481245
         File :1232605955.png-(41 KB, 600x400, aldwin5.png)
    41 KB

    ...That wasn't so hard. You seem to have found a WINDMILL.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:32 No.3481246
    Seriously. Have the child carry a bush or some branches or something at the least.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:33 No.3481257
    Go inside windmill.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:34 No.3481260
    tell kid to wait, pick lock

    loot everything to shit

    wait a sec....what's our alignment?
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)01:34 No.3481262
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:34 No.3481264
    Okay, do a full recon of the windmill and check the security on the door and see if there's a way to get in without using the front door like via the windmill's turning blade things.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:35 No.3481271
    >>3481260 here
    >>3481264 's is better
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:35 No.3481274
    Play the "Lets grind wheat into flour" game with the small child.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:38 No.3481302
    Our movement isn't tumbling enough. We need to practice those cartwheels or all the other rogues will laugh at us!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:39 No.3481315
    Bah, rogues can't be sneaky in the forest.

    Besides, why would we bother?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:40 No.3481319
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:40 No.3481325
         File :1232606457.png-(44 KB, 600x400, Aldwin6.png)
    44 KB
    Beyond the aforementioned face, hair, and spotless white cape, you seem to have a dagger and a money pouch. The pouch seems to be empty.

    You begin to enter the front door, and the kid says "What the fuck are you doing? You're a rogue!" The child explains >>3481260 and >>3481264 to Aldwin.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:42 No.3481335
    i now like this kid, do that rouge shit
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:45 No.3481369
    Dorf: Find Dragon.

    Aldwin: SNEAK DAT SHIT.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:45 No.3481371
         File :1232606742.png-(33 KB, 600x400, Aldwin7.png)
    33 KB
    You run around the windmill to search for alternate entrances. You feel so sneaky!

    The child angrily reminds you to "TUMBLE MORE FAGGOT!"
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:48 No.3481385
    attack the windmill
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:48 No.3481389
    The adventures of Normal Character and his partner Tiny Pink Bundle of Neckbeard.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:49 No.3481394
         File :1232606952.png-(33 KB, 600x400, Dorfcheckup.png)
    33 KB
    In due time.

    Beardbeard found a drinking buddy, he's busy.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:49 No.3481395
    Grab the blades and swing yourself up onto the low roof, or a window.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:49 No.3481396
    she's not a kid...she's a dorf!
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)01:49 No.3481398
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:50 No.3481407
    What program do you use now?
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:52 No.3481424
         File :1232607131.png-(12 KB, 600x400, Aldwin8.png)
    12 KB
    Tumble tumble tumble, all the way around the windmill.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:53 No.3481441
    Check those windows! CAREFULLY! WITH PEEKING!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:54 No.3481443
    Ask Kid for name.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)01:57 No.3481481
         File :1232607465.jpg-(8 KB, 250x303, apone.jpg)
    8 KB
    check those corners
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)01:59 No.3481503
         File :1232607585.png-(43 KB, 600x400, Aldwin 9.png)
    43 KB
    Updated version of GIMP. ::awesomeface:: I am getting accustomed to all these fancy new features. Like variable line thickness, and different method of reading my tablet. The old way worked like a draggy mouse - which I liked because it let me use one part of the tablet for everything.

    Now it works like a normal, absolute-point tablet, so it'll take a little getting used to, but I am starting to get the hang of it.

    /end my opinions

    You have tumbled entirely around the windmill! Man, you are so sneaky. But now you're also dizzy. But its okay, you're pretty sure you can be both sneaky and dizzy all at once.

    The child asks you if you found any other ways in. You realize you didn't notice ANYTHING around you the whole way - you were busy tumbling.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:01 No.3481520
    WINDOWS! I SAW WINDOWS! Check them dows for the win. dows.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:01 No.3481521
    Kid: swift kick to the shin, then kick down the door
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:03 No.3481533
    Kid: Find way inside yourself.

    Aldwin: Follow, ready Dagger.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:04 No.3481547
    kid is now the main character
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:04 No.3481548
         File :1232607895.png-(41 KB, 600x400, Aldwin10.png)
    41 KB
    Trying to stall for answers, you ask the child her name.

    She says it is "Lily." At the sight of the badly-mangled latin in her introduction picture, she adds "It's only a training neckbeard."
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:06 No.3481563
    female dorf, i called it
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:07 No.3481567
    Honestly I think WE are the kid.

    Oh my god /tg/ is the little girl.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:08 No.3481581
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:09 No.3481591
    tell aldwin to stop messing around and spy in the windmill and look for an entrence
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:10 No.3481597
         File :1232608243.png-(28 KB, 600x400, Aldwin11.png)
    28 KB
    >Shins, kick them.
    However, Lily doesn't let her introduction stop her from doing what must be done. A swift retribution is delivered to the rogue.

    Aldwin was dismayed, but more because he failed Lily than because it hurt. After all, as angry as she may be, she is still a kid. That didn't really hurt. He promises to himself he'll do better next time.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:13 No.3481627
    Can we just go check the windows now to see if there's someone in the windmill or if there's anything worth stealing.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:14 No.3481632

    see if its even worth sneaking it
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:14 No.3481636
    Yes, before we need to get a new meatsa-I mean Rouge.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:15 No.3481644
         File :1232608545.png-(35 KB, 600x400, Aldwin12.png)
    35 KB

    "Stop screwing around!" she shouts.

    While Aldwin scrambles to check the window, Lily affirms the audience that she's not a Dorf, just genre savvy.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:16 No.3481651
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:18 No.3481662
    Rocking Lilly,

    Tell him not to run up to it like a faggot (wich he's doing) afirm he must come from the side, low so people in the windmill wont see him before he knows what's going on. perhaps throw in a tumble

    And thus, /tg/ begins to train the rouge
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:19 No.3481667
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:19 No.3481677
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:19 No.3481678
    Wait, we can talk to Lily directly?

    Lily, go kick Aldwin for not tumbling.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:20 No.3481680
         File :1232608805.png-(42 KB, 600x400, Aldwin13.png)
    42 KB

    ...You're not quite sure what you're looking at.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:21 No.3481695
    Oh crap, it's John.

    Quick, kill him.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:21 No.3481698
         File :1232608918.gif-(63 KB, 103x83, explodinghead0yk.gif)
    63 KB
    mind blown
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:22 No.3481703
    Okay abandon the window. Let Lilly know what the fuck you just saw and let's check to see if that Windmill door is locked.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:23 No.3481708
    Also we have a new mission. BURN DOWN THE WINDMILL.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:23 No.3481710
         File :1232609008.png-(26 KB, 600x400, Aldwin14.png)
    26 KB
    Suddenly the windmill violently shakes from a sudden impact!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:24 No.3481721
    Inform Lilly that you have used your finely tuned Rogue instincts to discern that the windmill has nothing, NOTHING, worth stealing. Then GTFO before John starts some shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:24 No.3481726
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:25 No.3481729
    check Lilly, investigate
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:26 No.3481740
    Investigate window, report back to Lily.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:26 No.3481745
         File :1232609199.png-(36 KB, 600x400, Aldwin15.png)
    36 KB
    The window has cracked in rather unexpected ways. Strange, you can't see through it anymore. Aldwin is quite sure Physics Do Not Work That Way, but what does he know, he's a failure of a Rogue anyway.

    He goes to report back to Lily.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:28 No.3481763
    I'm still worried about what hit the windmill to do that.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:30 No.3481779
    Wait, wait... What race is Aldwin, any way? Hunam? Gelf? Halfing? Failure?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:30 No.3481783
    I think it was the computer exploding or something.

    Don't remember, should probably check suptg.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:31 No.3481789
         File :1232609507.png-(46 KB, 600x400, Aldwin16.png)
    46 KB
    "Ah, umm, I saw a cat."


    "And then the windmill shook and he was gone."


    Lily is unamused.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:32 No.3481796
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:32 No.3481797
         File :1232609547.jpg-(47 KB, 531x496, fanArtLol.jpg)
    47 KB
    i draw this
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:34 No.3481814
    Lily should assert her dominance again.

    Shin, kick, you know the drill.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:35 No.3481821
    Break in window, but don't go in.

    Instead, use window to get on roof.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:36 No.3481826
    after said shin kick lilly shoud do >>3481662
    he's not going to get better on shin kicks alone
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:37 No.3481828
         File :1232609832.png-(41 KB, 600x400, Aldwin17.png)
    41 KB

    Lily isn't really angry with Aldwin - at least the kid's trying - but Aldwin feels the need to flee her wrath regardless. Lily gives chase, reminding him to "TUMBLE, DAMMIT!"
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:40 No.3481841
         File :1232610024.png-(24 KB, 600x400, Aldwin20.png)
    24 KB
    Always one to please, Aldwin tumbles!

    ...And slams into the door with his back. That was uncomfortable.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:40 No.3481845
    It's his own fault for getting caught in the bloody net earlier. LET'S SEE SOME ROGUISH WAYS.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:41 No.3481852
    That's one way to let everyone know you're coming. IDIOT.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:42 No.3481860
         File :1232610177.png-(29 KB, 600x400, Aldwin21.png.png)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:43 No.3481864
    Aldwin Yell out "DRAGON INSTALL!!!!" and punch through the windmill's door with a flaming kick, then jump and hide on the ceiling.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:44 No.3481873
    Can we sneak inside now?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:46 No.3481894
    Don't take that shit from her! Kick her right back!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:48 No.3481905
    No you fuck! Kicking her will only get us killed!

    We aren't Beardbeard. We can't expect Zombification if we die.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:49 No.3481912
    Pick the lock and TUMBLE inside.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:49 No.3481916

    Fuck that, show her how badass you truly are by kicking the door down, and then mercilessly shanking whoever's unlucky enough to get in your way! (Well, except for the kid, obviously.)
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:50 No.3481918
         File :1232610608.png-(35 KB, 600x400, Aldwin23.png)
    35 KB
    "If anyone's in there they know we're coming NOW."

    Lily opens the door, letting Aldwin fall on his back. Aldwin is very sad at his own incompetence.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:51 No.3481934
    Aldwin, find any enemies, NOW get init or a suprise round. SNEAK ATTACK FOR at least +1d6 damage if not more.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:52 No.3481944
    Lily: Use Aldwin as a meatshield, protect training neckbeard.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:53 No.3481953

    So much for "show her how badass you are" plan. Well, maybe the thief can still get a good silent shanking in on someone other than the kid.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:56 No.3481976
    Oh Jesus... Aldwin and Lily are eventually going to run into BEARDBEARD and form a party. I imagine we'll play as a magic user next.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)02:56 No.3481978
         File :1232610970.png-(41 KB, 600x400, AldwinResolve.png)
    41 KB
    Aldwin firms up his resolve. He needs to show Lily he CAN do something right! "I'm not a failure!" He says aloud, clenching his fist, ready to pick the next lock and shank the next guy to look at him funny.

    Well, wait. No. You don't want the guy to see you before, you, umm... no wait, I'll get this.

    In the meantime, Lily looks around the room. There are 6 mirrors hanging from the walls, and a door is across the way.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:57 No.3481988
    Quick, check the mirrors. There could be dopplegangers.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:57 No.3481991
    UNLESS LILY IS A MAGIC USER! Quick, ask her! After all, she KNOWS that WE are here!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:57 No.3481993

    Mirrors are dangerous.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)02:58 No.3481998
    Aldwin, Steal the mirrors, sneak along the side of the wall, cut it/unhang it, and loot it, repeat with it's fellow, then go for the next farthest. they may be traps, use rogue skills.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:00 No.3482005
    Lily is an apprentice Neckbeard. She knows how shit is supposed to go.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:02 No.3482022
         File :1232611364.png-(47 KB, 600x400, Aldwin2-somethingfuckifIknow.png)
    47 KB

    Time to show her you're not a failure! You'll get this right for sure! ROGUE POWER: TRAP SENSE!
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:07 No.3482047
         File :1232611656.png-(48 KB, 600x400, Aldwin30.png)
    48 KB
    Darting from important and suspicious object to important and suspicious object, you dance from mirror to mirror, darting through the room as a blur.

    Within moments, you have detected the SHIT out of any traps that may be in this room.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:10 No.3482059
    now check for hidden doors and false walls
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:11 No.3482066
         File :1232611862.png-(41 KB, 600x400, Aldwin31.png)
    41 KB
    ...There were no traps in this room. Hell, the next door isn't even locked.

    Lily almost wishes there HAD been a trap for the poor guy.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)03:13 No.3482080
    mirrors are worth cash. steal them, buy feathered hat, lute, take level of bard. also, buy some meatbread for the childus neckbeardius.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:13 No.3482084

    Lily: Nickname Aldwin "Starscream." He'll think you're trying to boost his morale with an awesome name, while you'll know truthfully it's the name of a being whose failures are numerous.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:14 No.3482087
    Oh well, keep them sense going for the next room. Which we will now explore.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:15 No.3482096
         File :1232612132.png-(36 KB, 600x400, Aldwin32.png)
    36 KB
    "You gonna give up that easy?" Lily goads him. Aldwin is at first confused, until Lily explains the possibility of hidden doors, and false walls!

    The search is far from over!

    Also Aldwin finds Lily to be more than a little frightening.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:17 No.3482114
         File :1232612270.png-(20 KB, 600x400, gobblegobble.png)
    20 KB
    No I checked those too. Trapsense is but a name, its not the ability's limit.

    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:19 No.3482122
    inb4 elves
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:21 No.3482131
         File :1232612507.png-(27 KB, 600x400, Aldwin33.png)
    27 KB
    Lily reminds Aldwin that he'd better remember to take those mirrors on the way out. Them's good loot.

    Aldwin opens the door... stealthily. Lily almost sheds a tear.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:21 No.3482137

    This is a windmill! If anything, it's full of grain farmers.

    That, or vengeful grain-monsters who were the cause of the explosion/shaky thing.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)03:22 No.3482140
    he didn't search for invisible incorporeal traps.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:22 No.3482141

    Flaming box? Debris from the earlier KABOOM?
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:25 No.3482159
         File :1232612740.png-(33 KB, 600x400, Aldwin34.png)
    33 KB
    ...The hell happened here?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:26 No.3482163
    Flour in air + fire = boom
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:27 No.3482168
    Investigate the smudge. See if you can recognize what it was.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)03:27 No.3482173
    search the desk, check the grate on the ceiling.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)03:28 No.3482177
    this ain't no detective quest, this here's thieves quest. we're here to take stuff and run away.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:29 No.3482187
         File :1232612960.png-(57 KB, 600x400, Aldwin35.png)
    57 KB
    ...Someone seems to have come in to the first room. Someone very loud.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:30 No.3482195
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:31 No.3482203
         File :1232613096.png-(36 KB, 600x400, Aldwin36.png)
    36 KB
    It appears to be a hole in the ground. It looks like it goes a very very long way.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:32 No.3482213
    Grab desk and throw through window, tumble through with Lilly, then abscond with loot
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:33 No.3482214
    if your too weak just tumble through window
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:37 No.3482244

    If the door opens quietly, open the door enough so you can look through it, and ready your weapon, just in case.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:37 No.3482248
    Lily: Protect Neckbeard, be ready to tell Aldwin what to do.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:37 No.3482249
         File :1232613456.png-(36 KB, 600x400, Aldwin38.png)
    36 KB
    TOO WEAK? Hell no. You've been failing all day long. You have to succeed sometime!

    But one step at a time.

    1) Throw table through window.

    Lily is amused that Aldwin34.png has come and gone, yet it did not involve porn.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:40 No.3482270
    >> Lord Licorice 01/22/09(Thu)03:40 No.3482273
    For your convenience, Dorf Quest threads have had their tags updated to "Dorf Quest, Collective Adventure" in the sup/tg/ archive. You can now find all DQ threads with the following tag search:
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:41 No.3482276
         File :1232613678.png-(34 KB, 600x400, Aldwin39.png)
    34 KB
    ...Well this day has just been full of surprises. The table is much too big for the window, and you have now blocked off your escape route.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:44 No.3482292
    Then jump down the hole (IF you can not get to the grate)
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:44 No.3482293
    Do we even know WHO is in the other room?
    Then close and lock door if its bad.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:46 No.3482306
    Bullshit, if you can lift it you can break a few legs of

    shit you have a knife

    best get going
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:47 No.3482311
    Break off a table leg and drop it down the hole! Check for depth, etc.etc.

    Maybe do this after you see who's in the other room.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:48 No.3482317
         File :1232614121.png-(39 KB, 600x400, Aldwin40.png)
    39 KB
    While you still have the chance, you check the drawers. You find a LARGE RUBY and a BAG OF DUST. Checking it, you find the dust is a dull gray color. You take both regardless.

    You suddenly feel something at your side. Lily seems to be hugging you. She looks quite worried.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:49 No.3482326
    CHECK LAST ROOM! Your mirrors are in there!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:50 No.3482329

    Get in front of her, and ready your knife, just in case. If it's enough to worry HER, then shit's about to get real.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:50 No.3482330
    Hug Lily, fight whoever's in the other room.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:54 No.3482354
         File :1232614468.png-(55 KB, 600x400, Aldwin51.png)
    55 KB
    ...I wonder how long he has been standing there.

    There seems to be an old man in plate mail with a broken lance on the opposite end of the room. He seems quite upset with something.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:56 No.3482370
    Well... Aldwin you've failed at everything so far... meaning you must be CHARISMA BASED!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)03:57 No.3482375


    GTFO, rouges can't fight and he's insane RUN RUN RUN
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)03:59 No.3482384
         File :1232614758.png-(35 KB, 600x400, Aldwin42.png)
    35 KB
    Pushing Lily behind you, you draw your dagger and approach the intimidating figure. You may be a failure, a klutz, and altogether useless, but you won't let anyone get hurt while you're around.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:01 No.3482390
    Hey OP, do these on the weekends next time, some of us have school, and it sucks leaving right as the good bits come around!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:03 No.3482409
    dude im staying up all night, fuck it i'll sleep in class
    we should really bluff or DIPLOMACY
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:04 No.3482414

    Agreed. Keep the knife drawn, though, just in case, unless the old man's already attacking.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:07 No.3482430
         File :1232615222.png-(47 KB, 600x400, Aldwin44.png)
    47 KB
    Was going to do this last Saturday, and start doing a weekly-on-saturdays thing [I have class too actually ::awesomeface::], but the aforementioned tablet troubles delayed that. And so, started it as soon as I could. Sorry about that.

    You ready your wits and guile. You shout out the command to open negotiation that has been passed from Rogue to Rogue since 2nd Edition. "DIPLO-" you begin, but he's already charging! Ho fuck.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:08 No.3482437
    no, its don quixote, He's crazy

    we could talk it out, but with a blade out its quite pointless
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:09 No.3482447
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:09 No.3482448

    >>3482414 here. Fuck, I knew it! If there's anytime to prove you're a badass to Lily, now's the time! Start praying he's not several levels above you, and start shanking! ...Or trip his ass into the hole.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:13 No.3482473
         File :1232615588.png-(60 KB, 600x400, Aldwin55.png)
    60 KB


    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:17 No.3482494

    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:17 No.3482497
         File :1232615874.png-(41 KB, 600x400, Aldwin 37.png)
    41 KB
    No one touches a friend of Aldwin!
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:23 No.3482519
         File :1232616184.png-(40 KB, 600x400, Aldwinsmack.png)
    40 KB
    What? No! I stabbed you in the neck! You should be dead!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:23 No.3482522

    here. Disregard my comment, I suck cocks. Now raging for different reasons.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:24 No.3482529
         File :1232616291.png-(32 KB, 600x400, Aldwinfails.png)
    32 KB
    ...OH. Oh right. Oh fuck.

    When you left to go adventuring, you didn't want to hurt anyone. You bought the trick knife.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:24 No.3482530

    Fuck, he's got a high hp count! He won't go down from that one backstab! Keep whittling away at him!
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:27 No.3482542
    That idiot son of a whore. Throw the bag of dust at the old man.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:27 No.3482544
         File :1232616446.gif-(8 KB, 126x122, 1204960032401.gif)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:28 No.3482549
    Die horribly as he crams Lily down your throat, suffocating you.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:28 No.3482552

    Break off a desk leg, improvised stake
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:29 No.3482558
         File :1232616588.png-(39 KB, 600x400, surprisedust1.png)
    39 KB
    You fall to the floor, hopeless, tears in your eyes. You have failed. You are ready for him to end it.

    ...You mutter something to the DM. Don Quixote doesn't quite catch it, and proceeds forward so that he may beat you senseless with his fists.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:33 No.3482578
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:34 No.3482586
         File :1232616881.png-(53 KB, 600x400, Aldwinsuccess!.png)
    53 KB
    AHA! The dust catches the knight in the eyes! He lets out some old exclamation in Spanish.

    A little late for that, but Aldwin's trying.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:35 No.3482587
    >Don Quixote

    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:37 No.3482595
    Part of me really doesnt want to kill Don Quixote so 2 options
    A) loot his spear, helm and chain while blind and run
    B) use spear to kill him
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:38 No.3482605
    Lily: STAB
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:40 No.3482619

    Or C) Bash him over the head with the lance until he's unconcious, strip him of his gear, and hightail it out of there.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:45 No.3482637
         File :1232617533.png-(32 KB, 600x400, Aldwin30000000.png)
    32 KB

    Before Aldwin could even finish putting away the dust, DQ was impaled by a little girl with a broken lance.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:46 No.3482644
    oh well, LOOTN TIME
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:47 No.3482652
         File :1232617668.png-(28 KB, 600x400, Aldwin stunned.png)
    28 KB
    Aldwin is more than a little shocked. No one has ever died in front of him before.
    >> drunken marines 01/22/09(Thu)04:48 No.3482659
    She's not just a training neckbeard, she is mastering the mighty tonberry class.
    It's time to go kill some level 20 paladins.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:48 No.3482660

    Aldwin: Gush at how glad Lily's alive.

    Lily: Call him a faggot and remind him that there's looting to be done.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)04:51 No.3482677

    Aldwin: Um....break down, and cry like a little bitch.

    Lily: Smack him back into composure (or for being failure, pansy, whatever) call him a faggot, and remind him there's looting to be done.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)04:51 No.3482679
    dorf: last call.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)04:53 No.3482693
         File :1232618026.png-(31 KB, 600x400, Savedbyagirl.png)
    31 KB
    You were supposed to protect me, and I saved your life. Your life was saved by a GOD.




    C'mon, you need a lot of work before you can go around calling yourself a ROGUE. Now lets go loot some shit, before I kick you in the shins.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)04:58 No.3482726
    aldwin: admit to girl you're actually a bard.
    the spotless white cloak gives it away.
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:01 No.3482748
         File :1232618473.png-(36 KB, 600x400, AldwinLoot.png)
    36 KB

    But it does need to be done.

    Aldwin's total assets at the end of today's adventure include:
    -A Ruby. Not a rabbit.
    -A Lily. Sidekick/mentor, not flower.
    -5 Mirrors. Looks like Don Quixote broke one.
    -A note Don Quixote was carrying. It appears to be sealed with wax, and is labeled "Dulcinea"
    -A trick knife
    -A white cloak that is somehow still spotless in spite of that blood spray.

    It turns out DQ's equipment was a good 50 years old, and was not tended too. Other than the note, he had nothing of value.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:02 No.3482752
    now to pawn it off, might be better to invest some cash into fixing up the armor before selling it

    at the very least get rid of the rust and oil the poor stuff
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:08 No.3482781

    Would our severely naive rogue even know how to properly pawn something? Would he understand what a haggle is?
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:12 No.3482796
         File :1232619162.png-(24 KB, 600x400, Lily Reporting.png)
    24 KB
    You've seen the field info firsthand.

    What the hell am I supposed to do with this guy? I'm not even sure where to start. Any ideas? He clearly needs guidance. A hella lot of guidance.

    And don't worry, I'll be doing the selling. We should make a decent sum.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:12 No.3482798
    that's what Lilly's for
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:18 No.3482823
    Well training is the first thing Lilly, you should give him all the tips you know

    Even the basic crap, stick to the shadows and what not
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:20 No.3482832
    better idea, we now have an abandond windmill, you can set up training in there

    have him sneak up on ya, loot while your on premise, pick pocket

    we have a toy knife, have him practice that too
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:22 No.3482844
         File :1232619758.png-(42 KB, 600x400, BRILLIANT.png)
    42 KB
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)05:22 No.3482847
    he lost his :3 and hair?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:23 No.3482852
    thanks lilly, you're too kind
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:24 No.3482858
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:24 No.3482859

    Aldwin's innocence is broken now now. There will be no more :3 face for him...
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:24 No.3482862
         File :1232619891.png-(23 KB, 600x400, also.png)
    23 KB
    M'name's got only 2 L's, guys. Not 3. Lily. We aren't doing that Red/Redd crap again.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:30 No.3482888
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:34 No.3482924
         File :1232620499.png-(88 KB, 600x400, da-nananana montage.png)
    88 KB
    *cue montage song*
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:41 No.3482976
         File :1232620899.png-(29 KB, 600x400, Lily Out.png)
    29 KB

    Alright, Lily out. Gotta drag this dork back to bed - he's had a long day. You can have your stupid Dorf back.

    See you Saturday.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:41 No.3482977
    The hours approaching, to give it your best
    You've got to reach your prime.
    That’s when you need to put yourself to the test
    And show us a passage of time
    Were going to need a montage (montage)
    Ooh it takes a montage (montage)

    Sure a lot of things happing at once,
    Remind everyone what’s going on (what’s going on)
    And when every shot you show a little improvement
    Just show it all or it will take to long
    That’s called a montage (montage)
    Ooh we want montage (montage)

    And anything that we want to know
    From just a beginner to a pro,
    You want a montage (montage)
    Even rocky had a montage (montage)


    Anything that we want to know
    From just a beginner to a pro,
    You need a montage (montage)
    Ooh it takes a montage (montage)

    Always fade out in a montage,
    If you fade out
    It seem like more time has passed in a montage
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)05:44 No.3482988
         File :1232621098.gif-(70 KB, 140x138, FlamingHorns.gif)
    70 KB
    Till then Lily

    Rock On
    >> gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 01/22/09(Thu)05:45 No.3482990
         File :1232621136.png-(25 KB, 600x400, One mooooore thing.png)
    25 KB
    Oh, and I asked the faggot about that white cloal, since you guys seemed to think it made a big deal. Yanno what he told me?

    "Well every Rogue I've seen had a cape, and every rogue picks a black cape. I think Black's too depressing, though, so I picked white."

    What a faggot.

    G'night /tg/.
    >> подметно 01/22/09(Thu)06:09 No.3483080
    white cloak(spotless!)
    incapable of hurting folks
    failure all around
    all the useless aspects of rogue, none of the cool bits (he searchs and talks, but can't stab or tumble when it matters)
    >> Anonymous 01/22/09(Thu)13:33 No.3485636

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