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  • File :1232523405.jpg-(53 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-900120.jpg)
    53 KB Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:36 No.3472109  
    This is what /a/ thinks a vampire looks like.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:37 No.3472113
    I'd fuck it.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:37 No.3472115
    I thought they looked like Carmen Sandiego.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:37 No.3472117
    Helsing vampires are a great deal creepier.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:38 No.3472125
    I'd be cool with it in any of my games.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:39 No.3472134
         File :1232523571.jpg-(103 KB, 750x1195, vampkick3.jpg)
    103 KB
    They only seem to have one attack though. The High Kick In A Short Skirt That Somehow Shows No Panties.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:41 No.3472145
    She's wearing tights as well as stockings, genius.
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)02:42 No.3472154
    I stopped watching that after Ep.5

    Does it get any better?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:43 No.3472161
         File :1232523810.jpg-(386 KB, 1280x720, 1231223066474.jpg)
    386 KB
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:44 No.3472165
         File :1232523852.jpg-(187 KB, 640x480, 1198996045658.jpg)
    187 KB
    you haven't watched the anime then.

    But really a vampire looks like the person it was sans red eyes, fangs and paler skin in most settings. I mean maybe after 1000 years they start to look nosferatu esque.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:45 No.3472171
         File :1232523913.jpg-(43 KB, 704x396, 1232090736703.jpg)
    43 KB
    No, shit's terrible.

    I still love it though. I love a lot of terrible shit.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:46 No.3472174
    episode 10 was animated by gainex so it look pretty cool, but the rest was crap.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:46 No.3472178
    As awful as your mind will allow.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:47 No.3472192
         File :1232524068.jpg-(178 KB, 500x500, vlcsnap-21302.jpg)
    178 KB
    Yeah, a half decent episode of the anime has more panty shots than a good Agent Aika episode.

    Also, this is what /a/ thinks a succubus looks like.
    >> OH GOD IT WAS ABOUT EGGS. JAPAN, YOU'RE SO FUCKING STUPID. The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)02:48 No.3472194
    I dunno, i watched Shugo Chara.

    I've seen awful with my own eyes.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:49 No.3472202
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:49 No.3472204
    What animu is this?
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:50 No.3472209
    Rosario to vampire
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)02:50 No.3472211
    But it will still be about eggs...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:51 No.3472214
    No wings!? What's even the point without them?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:51 No.3472215
    Needs moar red coat and hat to be an /a/ vampire
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:51 No.3472224
         File :1232524318.jpg-(81 KB, 520x700, Amu sweaters.jpg)
    81 KB
    >Shugo Chara

    Obviously, someone doesn't know the truth behind the show.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:53 No.3472233
    This is another one of those awful supernatural animu with lots of hot girls in it, right?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:53 No.3472237
         File :1232524401.jpg-(31 KB, 704x396, Kurumu8.jpg)
    31 KB
    She's still got wings.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:53 No.3472243
    So it is even more ecchi than an Aika episode?
    Damn! That must be a lot. An anime about pure pantyshots and nothing else.
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)02:54 No.3472245
    I don't.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:55 No.3472257
    It's yet another crappy harem anime.

    1. Average Joe meets some really hot supernatural girl.
    2. Miss Awesome is madly in love with the male lead for no real reason.
    3. Other girls appear. Ditto.
    4. Bonus points if Joe turns out to have SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME POWERS which he never uses unless it's to PROTECT these massively more capable women. Because they're women.

    Rinse, repeat.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:55 No.3472259
    Little girls.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:56 No.3472265
         File :1232524574.png-(314 KB, 704x396, 1218486667628.png)
    314 KB
    the manga focuses more on the character relationships and so one and less on the lol you laid eggz

    human boy goes to monstergirl school, he proceeds to attract a harem by smelling like food.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:56 No.3472266
    Shugo Chara exists to give the PEACH-PIT girls more time to cobble together enough plot to make a third season of Rozen Maiden.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:57 No.3472269
         File :1232524622.jpg-(132 KB, 800x577, twilight1.jpg)
    132 KB
    Is this the proper vampire?
    >> Does this mean I have to finish watching it? The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)02:57 No.3472272
    So it only exists so I can have a third season of Rozen Maiden?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:57 No.3472274
         File :1232524661.jpg-(228 KB, 2250x1553, 1231753749035.jpg)
    228 KB
    It's a harem animu. A human dude somehow finds himself at a school for monsters and amasses a harem consisting of a bipolar vampire, a virgin succubus, a stalker yukionna, and a pedobait witch.

    Shit is awful. I keep thinking how much cooler it would be if he had to constantly keep up a facade of being a powerful monster while talking Moka's vampire half into letting him take credit for her beatdowns just so the school won't figure out he's human.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)02:57 No.3472277
    they have more then enough plot with Tales

    It's genius
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:58 No.3472284
         File :1232524725.jpg-(170 KB, 450x600, Kevan says NO.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:58 No.3472285

    well, okay, maybe less than a really good aika episode. Let's say more than a really shitty aika episode.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:00 No.3472295
         File :1232524844.jpg-(712 KB, 1280x1993, Amu goes to the eighties.jpg)
    712 KB
    Shugo Chara is the heartwarming story about a young girl who has been infected by some mysterious parasitic creature that lives in her uterus and leeches nutrients out of her blood for purposes that remain unclear. All it seems to do is somehow manufacture what look like eggs of varying sizes; these are usually composed mainly of precious and semi-precious minerals such as gold, silver, diamond, etc. It also appears to be affecting both her natural bodily functions and her brain chemistry in ways that are as yet unclear.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:01 No.3472300
    The only time I've been able to stand that plotline was the original Tenchi series.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:01 No.3472304
         File :1232524901.jpg-(228 KB, 850x1163, sample-d35a62e263d8ce6763984aa(...).jpg)
    228 KB
    Hi guys, you talking about vampires?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:02 No.3472306
         File :1232524937.jpg-(160 KB, 785x776, Amu awesome.jpg)
    160 KB
    Watch it for the facial expressions. And Amu's kickass outfits.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:02 No.3472309
    Edward cullen already showed up, we don't need any more twilight vampires.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:03 No.3472314
         File :1232524987.jpg-(22 KB, 464x256, barbarois.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:03 No.3472315
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)03:03 No.3472317
    So... eggs....and parasites...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:04 No.3472323
         File :1232525050.jpg-(517 KB, 728x800, 1231223113837.jpg)
    517 KB
    Because in Tenchi Muyo, the girls had personalities INDEPENDENT of Tenchi. Hell, you could easily imagine the losers going back to their normal lives when Tenchi doesn't pick them.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:04 No.3472333
    Go away, you. You distracted from what was otherwise a delightfully grim and dark storyline and the game would have been better off without you.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:06 No.3472342
         File :1232525173.jpg-(109 KB, 500x700, 1229759606046.jpg)
    109 KB
    Do we even have stats for a Yukionna?
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)03:06 No.3472343
    so do most girls in harem anime that actually ends.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:06 No.3472346
         File :1232525204.png-(164 KB, 776x2516, 1204457741543.png)
    164 KB
    Basically, little girl slowly goes insane while her uterus pumps out Fabergie eggs.

    Beyond the fact that Tenchi marries all of them. Canon. Word Of Fucking God. He's the EMPEROR OF JURAI HE CAN HAVE AS MANY FUCKING WIVES AS HE LIKES
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:07 No.3472352
    Sort of. But it is a win-win situation.

    That doesn't sound very "heartwarming" at all.
    In fact, it sounds more like Alien.

    Considering all of Aika had more or less fixed amounts of ecchiness, I am more confused.
    But don't bother to reply me. I will find out myself. Thank you for your help!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:08 No.3472356
         File :1232525293.jpg-(223 KB, 1278x2643, 1230493509316.jpg)
    223 KB
    No, no. Not in Rosario Vampire. These girls have NOTHING TO THEM independent of their lust for Tsukune's cock.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:08 No.3472359
         File :1232525310.jpg-(13 KB, 397x333, dioci7.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Richard Motion 01/21/09(Wed)03:08 No.3472361
         File :1232525328.jpg-(107 KB, 400x555, MM35_PG251.jpg)
    107 KB
    This is about what vampires always looked like to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:09 No.3472366
    If Alien had a little girl who masturbated a lot and a whole lot less death, yes.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:10 No.3472373
         File :1232525432.jpg-(363 KB, 536x464, 1203477072176.jpg)
    363 KB
    This is what a vampire looks like.


    Also, vampires are all about drinking tea and walking slowly.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)03:10 No.3472375
         File :1232525443.jpg-(48 KB, 740x650, Abyssal Motivational.jpg)
    48 KB
    Man, vampires used to be cool. Back in my day...

    Honestly, though, the Rosario+Vampire one isn't _that_ bad. It's more that the show's a harem show. No idea how the anime works out, but the manga sort of plods along the usual clichés. Like someone else said already, the setting isn't all that bad, it's just that whoever's writing didn't bother to come up with any halfway decent/original plot. Just the usual harem anime plot.

    The real shame here is that I find this shit better than some other harem shows I've seen, like Girls Bravo. I think it may be something about the male lead being just dull rather than downright stupid. And stupid plots. At least I haven't watched this show. I just wasted the time on 4chan instead.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:11 No.3472377
         File :1232525463.jpg-(109 KB, 680x1300, anime-rosario-misore.jpg)
    109 KB
    Okay... it is very ecchi, but not EXTREMELY ecchi. They even censored about half the panties in season 2.

    Just a tip, watch/read until they've amassed at least two waifus. If you haven't found a "mai waifu" yet, you may as well stop. I reiterate, R+V is terrible. Awesome art, cute characters, but pretty terrible otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:12 No.3472385
    >censored half the panties

    That's a retarded anime studio ploy to get you to buy their shitty overpriced DVDs. The only show I've seen so far where the DVDs were actually "uncensored" in any way that mattered is Strike Witches.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:15 No.3472394
    >not that bad
    Yes it fucking is.

    >it's just that whoever's writing didn't bother to come up with any halfway decent/original plot. Just the usual harem anime plot.
    This is why so much anime is so terrible. Anime is way, way, WAY too fucking reliant on its cliches, clings way too tightly to its tropes, and uses the same retarded chibification/demorphism shit over and over.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:15 No.3472400
         File :1232525749.jpg-(460 KB, 1712x1158, vlcsnap-12304.jpg)
    460 KB
    The anime whizzes pretty much all of the mango's plot. Fortunately, Ruby's intro arc isn't a rejected Captain Planet script anymore and is actually somewhat clever. In addition, shonen rejects like the outcast ayashi, the Aizen ripoff, and similar fags vanish allowing the various girls to turn their craziness up to 11.

    It is just as stupid as the mango, but in different ways.

    Also, Tsukune doesn't get the MARY SUE PUNCH to go with Moka's MARY SUE KICK, and all the COMPLETELY IGNORED FAKE-ASS DRAMA to go along with it vanishes in the transition to the animu.

    Still, the animu's season 2 opening was a superbly animated disco dance number.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:16 No.3472404
         File :1232525785.jpg-(67 KB, 750x600, van.jpg)
    67 KB

    Vahn of the Dawn+ I-no+Vampirism=THat Guy?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:17 No.3472407
    I just have to say that the show would be better off without the male lead.

    Hell, MOST harem shows would be better without the annoying male lead. He's just annoying. A massive fucking self-insert by the creators.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:18 No.3472412

    ...really? I personally liked Arcueid second best of all the characters (first was Akiha, though the incest made me wince so very much).
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:18 No.3472414
         File :1232525913.jpg-(30 KB, 569x640, ino-image.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:19 No.3472420
    Arcuied has a strange kind of sexy going on.

    Akiha is /a/'s beloved sister. /a/ is for Akiha. etc.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:19 No.3472423
    Show would be better if it was just Moka with the rosary off and no Tsukune.

    Still, NONE of the girls have any character beyond their overpowering lust for tsukune's tiny penis. I can't see ANYTHING happening without Tsukune.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:19 No.3472425
    So if I wanted to watch Rosario+Vampire for fun, and not to find out the significance of life, I'll enjoy it?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:21 No.3472432
    If you can stand the usual shitty self-insertion male lead.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:22 No.3472441
         File :1232526178.jpg-(7 KB, 157x151, untitled.jpg)
    7 KB


    Tenchi was actually pretty cool when he wasnt being a fag. Like when he fucked up Kagato's shit

    that was cool

    THe dude from Vandread was pretty cool, though that was really more you're typical super robo lead with harem shit thrown on. But yeah he actually did shit.

    and ummm

    well thats all I got
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:24 No.3472448
    >Arcuied has a strange kind of sexy going on.

    Strange? Why? She's a beautiful, cheerful girl with enough physical power to punch a building into rubble - what's strange in finding that sexy? ;)
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:24 No.3472449
    Vandread makes me cringe. Even if it turns out fairly good, the whole way it played out over the first season just seemed to me like a big "MEN AND WOMEN BELONG TOGETHER" bullshit from Japan.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:24 No.3472452
    /a/ cast out Type-Moon and Touhou. I'm afraid that Akiha is /jp/'s beloved sister.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)03:25 No.3472454
         File :1232526303.png-(118 KB, 517x446, blood+avatar.png)
    118 KB
    >>not that bad
    >Yes it fucking is.
    It depends on what scale you're using. Considering what I've read of the manga (up to and including the first male "mary sue"-panch as someone else said) I'd say it's safe to say I ain't touching it anymore. If you compare it to the Girls Bravo anime, it's probably slightly better. There are degrees in hell.

    There are better harem shows. I suspect, anyway. Luckily, I was never really that attracted to the genre - though I did like the original Tenchi Muyo OAV (also, Hand Maid May. Come for the dollsized girl, stay for the awesome guy in the purple suit and the octobot). Also, Urusei Yatsura, but that one's not really harem.

    Why did I like that anime? It takes 13 episodes to do what amounts to a 5-oav-episode plot. Or 7 TV episodes. It was probably the opening. And that psycho vampire with the dogs. And Ciel. Huh.
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/21/09(Wed)03:25 No.3472455
    So it's the Twilight of anime...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:25 No.3472457
    Shugo Chara is about the dreams you had as a child of what you wanted to be when you grew up.

    The eggs are from your soul and give birth to a potential that you can become.

    So if you wanted to be a fireman, your egg would hatch open a tiny you that looked like a fireman and floated around you all day. It's personality would be what you have secretly always wanted to be like. An example from the series would be the timid boy leader haveing a passionate world domination king egg.

    The main character of the show has no clue what she wants to be, not even a tiny inkling. So she has many eggs compared to other characters.

    Another large part of the show is attempting to live up to your dreams, which is shown by characters combining with their eggs and gaining powers from it. The timid boy combines with his world domination tyrant egg and gains a confident personality, and a scepter that can perform magical attacks.

    The idea is that you can become anything you want to be when you grow up as long as you never give up your dreams.

    That being said, it's marketed for 9 year olds and /a/ is a bunch of pedos for watching
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:25 No.3472459
    She doesn't dress in stereotypically "sexy" clothes and doesn't really behave like a complete fucking slut.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:26 No.3472463

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:28 No.3472478
    It probably says something poor about my personality that my favorite character was Kohaku.

    Anyway, nothing against Arcueid as a character, but the Far Side storyline was so much stronger that the whole Near Side seemed like it could have been dropped without the game losing much.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:28 No.3472479

    dude seriousl

    2nd stage

    fucking epic.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)03:28 No.3472480
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)03:29 No.3472482
    ... Kind of. Black Blood Brothers is awesome though, as far as Vampire shows go.

    "My vampiric power is turning everyone who gets my blood in their system into a (usually) mindless monstrous slave!"
    "My vampiric power is fucking shit up!"
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)03:31 No.3472492
    My Balls rules though.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:32 No.3472500

    the crazy lesbian chick was cool though

    if only for bneing a crazy lesbian who went riding around on a hydra killing shit iwth a halbred
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:35 No.3472515
         File :1232526931.jpg-(32 KB, 307x291, What did you say1.jpg)
    32 KB
    Seriously, you'd better be joking
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:36 No.3472522
    Mai-HiME was actually pretty groundbreaking at the time. IT HAD A FUCKING HAPPY ENDING. WHAT THE SHIT. Also, Mai was the main character. Not Tate. What.

    God, I hated Shizuru. Fucking fanbase.
    >> Dragon Slayer 01/21/09(Wed)03:37 No.3472526
    THE TRUTH, The show is the same as all the other shit just with more gay. lesbians don't make anime better and never will.

    It is a hilarious series.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:38 No.3472534
         File :1232527098.gif-(403 KB, 1280x800, 1182480893316.gif)
    403 KB
    There is no Shingetsutan Tsukihime anime. There is only a rather good soundtrack mysteriously released some time after it was not aired, and some weird set of MANFACE fanart of the Tsukihime cast.

    But seriously, the only excellent thing about it was the music - everything else fails miserably when compared to the original.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:39 No.3472539
    Love Hina would like a word with you
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:39 No.3472540
    I liked the Tsukihime anime. And you can't stop me.

    >Mai-HiME sucked
    >My Balls rules
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:40 No.3472543
    Genderswap K1.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:40 No.3472544

    As far as appearances go, Silver Moka doesn't look bad. Her other form, that one's a bit problematic.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:41 No.3472553
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:41 No.3472554
    Just about all anime is complete garbage anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:42 No.3472557
    We might not be able to stop you, but we can deny that you exist.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:42 No.3472562
         File :1232527364.jpg-(913 KB, 1718x2382, 1182141930747.jpg)
    913 KB
    When did I say you weren't allowed to like it? I sort of like it myself, to tell the truth.

    All I'm saying is that it fails miserably *when compared* to the original in all aspects barring music, which is excellent.

    ...and the manfaces do bother me somewhat.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:43 No.3472565

    what the hell happend to this board
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:43 No.3472568
    At least admit My-Otome was slightly better.
    The soundtrack for that and My-HiME were the best I've ever heard in an anime.
    In fact, I daresay the My- series are the best things Sunrise ever made or will make
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:43 No.3472571
    I've seen the game. The game art looks bad to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:43 No.3472574
         File :1232527435.jpg-(66 KB, 750x600, 1231359451188.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:44 No.3472577
    Extreme truth.

    Only anime worthwhile is when they seem to have some other-cultureboo going on, like Berserk and Middle Ageaboo. The rest is garbage and you are all raging faggots for knowing at all what you people are discussing.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:45 No.3472579
    Oh, and this.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:45 No.3472580
         File :1232527505.jpg-(19 KB, 252x441, bloodlines.jpg)
    19 KB
    This is what /v/ thinks a vampire looks like.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:46 No.3472596
         File :1232527605.jpg-(102 KB, 1558x406, Hidamari Tanks.jpg)
    102 KB
    This is what /a/ thinks tanks look like.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:47 No.3472603
    Otome was a crappy ripoff that couldn't decide whether to be SRSBSNS or LOLSCHOOLGIRLLESBIANS. The most retarded premise ever, backstory that doesn't know what the fuck it is and frequently contradicts itself, and shitty character reboots that are generally just fucking two-dimensional Flanderisations of their original characters.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:47 No.3472605
         File :1232527675.gif-(19 KB, 195x381, SaschaVykos.gif)
    19 KB
    >>This is what /a/ thinks a vampire looks like.


    Lacks that special... style..
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:48 No.3472613


    I haven't heard this term in a while.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:48 No.3472614
    Closer than /a/'s vision.

    And I support anyone who likes the even skankier Jeanette in that picture.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:48 No.3472615
    sturgeon's law: 90% of EVERYTHING is shit. there's a few good ones, but you have to LOOK for them. hard.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:49 No.3472619
         File :1232527740.jpg-(8 KB, 100x100, 1191155539786.jpg)
    8 KB
    I wouldn't call a visual novel a game, but either way, the anime most fails by molesting the story and making some rather fffff-inducing choices in the adaptation.

    Why does she run? And why in the park, rather than the apartment? And what's up with that half-assed SHIKI version, anyway?

    The mango seems quite a bit more well thought out, if we're going to be talking adaptations.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:49 No.3472624
    FUCK YES Jeanette was hot.

    A bit too much of a bimbo though. Velvet was pure sex.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:49 No.3472627


    I actually kidna agree with this.

    I mean I liek anime alot and have a pretty big dvd collection

    but it's all shit that dosent really rely on being japanese. THings like Outlaw Star, Iria Lodoss War etc.

    when I watch something I like watchign things that are good, regardless were their from. In this case they jsut so happen to be japanese
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:50 No.3472633
    /a/ enjoys twilight
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:50 No.3472640
    Like the F/SN anime. They wanted to please everyone. YOU CAN'T DO THAT WHEN YOU'RE ADAPTING A MULTIPLE-PATH H-GAME INTO A TV SHOW.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:50 No.3472641
         File :1232527844.jpg-(34 KB, 286x400, 1232145261028.jpg)
    34 KB
    Just watched the first episode.

    This shit is garbage.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:51 No.3472643
         File :1232527860.jpg-(156 KB, 1007x900, tank.jpg)
    156 KB
    more like this
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:52 No.3472653
    FFFFFFFFF, Velvet's voice was perfect. I am not ashamed to say I fapped to both her and Jeanette.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:53 No.3472661
         File :1232528003.png-(353 KB, 720x400, cg-dragon.png)
    353 KB
    This picture accurately sums up the F/SN animu.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:53 No.3472665
         File :1232528014.jpg-(189 KB, 750x387, 1227140867254.jpg)
    189 KB
    Just so we're clear.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:53 No.3472666

    The primary reason that I watch anime is because there is a seemingly endless quantity of it available for free online, and I'm lazy enough that I enjoy entertainment which takes extremely low effort on my part to get and partake in. I wouldn't claim that most of it is actually good. If I trip over a good storyline once in a while, great, and for the rest of it I doubt I'd have spent those hours on anything better anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:54 No.3472670
         File :1232528073.jpg-(68 KB, 577x599, 1232135492342.jpg)
    68 KB

    Haha oh wow, that is just fucking stupid.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:54 No.3472671
    I think one of the guys who wrote MacHall summed up most problems with anime pretty nicely when he noted that as awesome as Cowboy Bebop was, the only thing the industry seemed to get out of it was Jazzy soundtracks.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:56 No.3472686

    I miss that comic.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:57 No.3472694
    I want to watch epic sci fi and fantasy adventures, not high school kids blushing
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:58 No.3472698
         File :1232528280.jpg-(236 KB, 690x981, 01.jpg)
    236 KB
    That's what vampire looks like!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:58 No.3472706
    Fuck yes!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:01 No.3472727
         File :1232528518.jpg-(54 KB, 830x1150, 030317220752_476_Skywalker_Dio(...).jpg)
    54 KB
    You are all faggots.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:02 No.3472729
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:04 No.3472745
         File :1232528658.jpg-(391 KB, 900x1234, Hellsing.jpg)
    391 KB
    This is what /a/ thinks a vampire looks like.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:05 No.3472752
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:06 No.3472759
    That's a bit more like it.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:07 No.3472762
         File :1232528830.gif-(670 KB, 400x225, rubyshowing.gif)
    670 KB
    Also forgot about masochist witch
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:07 No.3472763
         File :1232528855.gif-(117 KB, 566x720, Zeiram1.gif)
    117 KB
    I mean when I was a kid Id watch stuff about a chcik whose more badass than Ripley, Sara Conner and Jill Valentine combined fight against this thing

    and when I go to see whast popular now, its shit with goofily drawn school girls do nothing but sit around talking or going to stores and not buy anything

    how is that entertaining?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:09 No.3472774
    Is that a corset with a fucking zip? Isn't that a bit pointless?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:10 No.3472781
    Japan has entered the era of "moe".

    Like all fads, it'll disappear eventually, but not before shoveling the same characters and plotline down your throat until your brain melts

    For a similar american example, see Reality TV
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:10 No.3472782

    Most of the problem is that American productions look at anime and see 'this is kids stuff'. The REAL shit is hard to find and a hell of a lot more expensive 'cause it's better quality and not very popular in America.

    Basilisk, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Millenium Actress, Higurashi, all of the darker, plot-filled stuff is very irritating to the American companies because it's not for kids, and has a more limited market.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:11 No.3472787
    Big Brother is the worst thing that ever happened to TV.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:12 No.3472792
    I see your Big Brother and raise you a Rupert Murdoch.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:12 No.3472794
    Reality TV is the worst thing to happen to entertainment media period.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:12 No.3472795
    Easy access?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:13 No.3472799
    Hiragashi would be unshowable on american tv

    The contrast is just to much to see a guy beating two girls two death with a bat and blood splattering everywhere, and then immediately a Moe school situation for half of the episode.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:14 No.3472806
    I assume you meant Higurashi?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:16 No.3472820
    what does /v/ think a vampire looks like?

    a miserable pile?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:18 No.3472835
    It looks like a monster.
    A monster that does not belong in this world.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:18 No.3472836

    thast a secret
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:18 No.3472837
         File :1232529538.jpg-(118 KB, 738x900, Moe.jpg)
    118 KB
    yeah, I can't remember jap names for the life of me, let alone spell them
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:20 No.3472840
    The unofficial American title is Kacey & Friends.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:20 No.3472843
    I almost hate yandere more than I hate moe-moe bullshit.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)04:22 No.3472849
         File :1232529746.jpg-(31 KB, 400x300, legacy3_400.jpg)
    31 KB
    This is what...

    Okay, I don't know who thinks vampires look like this. But they're awesome, nevertheless.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:22 No.3472851

    I hate the fact that I know what those terms mean

    fuck this

    Imma gonna go watch the Harlock subs I got from /m/ earlier
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:22 No.3472852
         File :1232529763.jpg-(159 KB, 1002x758, 21bda3f8d28026fed7433c47abbe32(...).jpg)
    159 KB
    there was no dere, only crazy
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:23 No.3472857

    well to be fair only Kain's a vampire

    and he's awesome

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:26 No.3472872
    oh u
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:26 No.3472873
    Kain's awesoness has nothing to due with his vampirism (well thats important too) but its jsut that he gets shit done warrior style.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:26 No.3472875
    Rena has dere moments.

    So does Mion, but she has no yan.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:27 No.3472881
    Vae Victus, you fucking imbecile.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:28 No.3472884
         File :1232530090.jpg-(92 KB, 500x600, hehrena.jpg)
    92 KB

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:29 No.3472892

    Vae VicTIS

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:30 No.3472897
         File :1232530211.jpg-(29 KB, 720x400, 72_seras_astroboy.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:30 No.3472902
         File :1232530252.gif-(21 KB, 274x272, jack.gif)
    21 KB
    That's what awesome vampire looks like!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:31 No.3472907
    Fuck, yes.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:31 No.3472909
         File :1232530303.jpg-(255 KB, 704x568, 57fc1fbeeaf545f883e5985961a5f5(...).jpg)
    255 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:32 No.3472914
    >>3472902 I'm gay for Bradstreet!
    I love oWoD as much as anyone, but his art is facepalm worthy sometimes. Anything from the first release of World of Darkness and the horribly dated clothing, for one.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:33 No.3472917
         File :1232530394.jpg-(92 KB, 510x700, 059.jpg)
    92 KB
    I would like to have a word with you.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:34 No.3472921
    What am I looking at, and why does it seem so badass?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:34 No.3472925
         File :1232530482.jpg-(67 KB, 415x335, betakenbyme.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:35 No.3472927

    I dunno, I find some of these highschool animes to be entertaining. Of course, thing is, storylines don't concern me much. I'm in it more for the characters. I liked Berserk not because "LOL grimdark" nor "Middleageaboo!", nor for the (laughable) plot. It's because I found the cast to be interesting.

    And I happen to also find the cast in many of those "moe" animes interesting, in other ways. They're entertaining, and generally end up bringing a smile to my face (see: Yotsuba)
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:36 No.3472935
         File :1232530583.jpg-(77 KB, 700x423, bloodlines6.jpg)
    77 KB
    That's me, buddy.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:37 No.3472941
         File :1232530677.jpg-(74 KB, 1600x1200, kelbvsthedragon.jpg)
    74 KB
    watch Druaga
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:38 No.3472945

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:39 No.3472948
         File :1232530741.jpg-(187 KB, 851x1240, 1214325895724.jpg)
    187 KB
    In grimdarkness of 41st millenium there are only badass vampires.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:40 No.3472952
         File :1232530821.jpg-(450 KB, 967x1200, Gunnm_LO_Vol08_000.jpg)
    450 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:41 No.3472954
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:41 No.3472955
    That's not the sort of "moe" we're talking though; Azuma's work is generally cute and quirky, which is what gives it its charm. Moe-moe when used derogatively means shit that's cute for the sake of it, without any sort of substance to back it up.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:44 No.3472973
    Everybody is gay for Jack. Even women.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)05:36 No.3473240
         File :1232534215.jpg-(11 KB, 426x240, alexander.jpg)
    11 KB
    Fuck yes Paladin
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)06:54 No.3473630
         File :1232538844.jpg-(30 KB, 230x331, G-on riders.jpg)
    30 KB
    Oh yeah, there is one more Harem anime... Where I like the male lead.

    Pic related.

    Also, Suffering to the conquered!
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)07:07 No.3473689
    >I still love it though. I love a lot of terrible shit.

    Explains why any of us ever return to /tg/
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)07:58 No.3473883
    >171 posts and 60 image replies omitted

    This thread goes from Vampires, to a children's anime about eggs, to tank lolis, to a discussion of Mai-Hime, to a discussion of Reality TV and Moe, Higurashi gets tossed in the mix somewhere in there, and ends with harem anime and a quote about loving shit.

    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:05 No.3473907

    So, good thread, then?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)08:24 No.3473981
         File :1232544244.jpg-(28 KB, 445x301, Interview-Vampire-ps02.jpg)
    28 KB
    Seems that way.

    Man, some of this crap around vampires. Vampires glittering, reverse-vampires...

    I remember when it was just your average "curse of immortality and bloodlust", then Anne Rice fagged it up with the sequels.

    (Actually, I remember Monster Squad, even). No, I don't remember when they were resurrected people who'd been murdered and buried at crossroads improperly, couldn't cross running water and had to count peas if you dropped them. I'm not THAT old.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/21/09(Wed)08:25 No.3473988
    I am so glad I decided not to get involved with this before
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:26 No.3473989


    Getting shit done.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:26 No.3473994

    I have not ever seen a reverse vampire in any form of fiction ever.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)08:30 No.3474004
         File :1232544616.jpg-(52 KB, 352x378, chibi vampire karin.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:32 No.3474013
    Does she burst into flame in the moonlight?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)08:36 No.3474028
         File :1232544971.jpg-(48 KB, 460x368, blood the last vampire.jpg)
    48 KB
    I'm probably one of few who have this problem. Blood: The Last Vampire? Awesome. (Wait, there's a live action now? This could be good.)
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)08:38 No.3474035
         File :1232545087.jpg-(53 KB, 337x401, blood+.jpg)
    53 KB
    Blood+? Started out well enough. But then I found it starting to get really predictable somewhere in the 20ies of episodes. I just dropped it, couldn't motivate myself to watch more of it.

    I have no idea. I do know that she needs someone to drink her blood.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:42 No.3474050
    >I have no idea. I do know that she needs someone to drink her blood.

    So, Normal vampire + Reverse Vampire = Perpetual motion machine?

    Anyway, little open question. How do you people prefer your vampires' bloodlust? They need it to survive, and will die if they don't, much like people need to eat; or do they technically not *need* it, but have a horrible addiction that makes them desire it and suffer withdrawal if they don't?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:43 No.3474053
    So how do you like vampires then /tg/?

    I prefer mine loosely based to Bram Stokers Dracula:

    Undead, but not immortal. Basically they age normally, but drinking blood prevents this. Drinking too much blood actually makes them younger as well as heals any and all wounds they have by "reverting the body to it's original state"

    When becoming a vampire, they die. What this means, is that they lose their mortal personality and all memories and are reduced to nothing more then a "ghoul" that acts like a rabid animal with a thirst for blood.
    As time passes, they become more and more cunning until they once again reach human level intelligence (obviously they don't regain their previous personality, they become a completely different percon)

    So basically a fledgling vampire is an frenzied human with a taste for blood, a 50 years old vampire gains sentinence and starts experimenting with their powers and a 200 years old vampire has mastered vampirism and claims a domain of his own, usually a small village and it's surroundings.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:47 No.3474073
    A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. They use it to power their vampire abilities, but otherwise don't need it.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:48 No.3474076

    I would watch an anime centered entirely around this man.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:48 No.3474080
         File :1232545726.gif-(28 KB, 74x90, shingetsutantsukihime.gif)
    28 KB

    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/21/09(Wed)08:49 No.3474089
    I prefer them as oh my god why does everyone on this board focus on "races" instead of characters

    not all vampires should fucking be alike, whether they're monstrous, very human or whatever

    are you all closet racists or something, Jesus
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:51 No.3474102
    Weird, I never knew women could actually say things vaguely intelligent.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:52 No.3474111

    Because not all races are playable...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:53 No.3474118
    >I've only ever played D&D and I think it is the only RPG in existence.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/21/09(Wed)08:54 No.3474124
    I see what you did there

    See, I think this is why I don't like fantasy anymore...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:55 No.3474131
    >I like to write a backstory for every single person, animal an flower that ever lived.

    I can greentext too, see?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:56 No.3474135
    Fantasy is what you make of it, modern or futuristic settings can be just as bad.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:57 No.3474141
    Nobody cares.

    Please cease and desist polluting this board with your idiotic attention-whoring and sub-par trolling.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:58 No.3474144
    That doesn't make any sense, I never said anything even remotely like that. I am only pointing out that clearly you've only ever played D&D so you think you can only play certain races because that's what you get to do in D&D. Branch out more, try new RPGs you just might like a game that's more than a dungeon crawl.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)08:59 No.3474153

    Vampires are made out of death and magic.
    They have traits that are defined by the nature of whatever creates them as vampires, be it the manner of their death (suicides being spit out of Hell for being too lame, demons posessing a dying lunatic, that sort of thing) or the nature of the magic. The nature of what animates this group of the living dead defines a broad range of their traits, such as weaknesses, instincts, and drives. A vampire that can only exist because it drinks the blood of humans that wronged it in life, like the suicide vampire, is going to act differently than a vampire animated by a gypsy curse that can get on just fine by drinking the blood of animals.
    People have preferences for what makes their vampires tick.
    Vampires aren't an actual race, they're more like androids, something else made them exist and made them what they are, in some stories they aren't even sentient, in others they are, in none of them are they an actual race that came into existence and reproduces naturally.
    Bitching about people debating various stories of "what makes a vampire" is like complaining about people talking about hermetic as opposed to runic magic.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)09:02 No.3474164
    They're mixing up behaviour with some of the traits, I suspect.

    Behaviour is more fluid, but if I say "vampire", I suspect most people would agree on them having the following traits:
    * Fangs
    * Pale skin
    * Die/are severely hampered by getting stakes through their hearts
    * Burst into flame from the touch of sunlight

    And added stuff which may or may not fit some vampires:
    * Not visible in mirrors
    * Aversion to religious symbols (or faith)
    * Hideous in appearance
    * Sex on legs (or a metaphor for sexuality, whatev)
    * Inhumanely strong, fast etc
    * capable of limited shapeshifting
    * unaging
    * cast out from heaven
    * demonic subrace
    * weaknesses void when invited into house

    And so forth. You CAN add behavioural stuff like "lust for blood", "mindless when newly made", "love garlic", and so on, but they don't _need_ to be there for a typical vampire.

    This is a matter of prototypes, though - not everyone will view a "real vampire" with the exact same criteria, but most will agree upon something close to it. And, thanks to Twilight, we'll probably have a generation of fangirls whose prototypical vampire is dull, immune to sunlight and sparkles like glitterdust was applied to them.

    There's a difference between "favourite type of vampire" and "typical vampire", though.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/21/09(Wed)09:04 No.3474174
    I'm not trolling, though if I were I'd appreciate that you arrived pre-butthurt to the thread

    I know, but this mindset of "hey let's make THIS race with THESE traits!!" seems to overshadow, you know, interesting characters a whole lot of the time. A race doesn't inherently make a character interesting-- this is the problem with obnoxious people who think that vampires are cool. No, they are not cool. Individual characters with interesting personalities and histories are cool.

    Differing vampire origins is not what I'm irritated by. That's perfectly fine, and sure, have mindless vampires. But even animals have personalities.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 01/21/09(Wed)09:05 No.3474179
    Yeah, I suppose that's my problem with it.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)09:12 No.3474219
    >Differing vampire origins is not what I'm irritated by. That's perfectly fine, and sure, have mindless vampires. But even animals have personalities.

    I have to step in here and point out that even among animals, behaviours are reproduced. There IS fluidity, of course, but... Well, dog breeds are a good example: german shepherds are noted for being loyal and protective of their masters. This applies pretty much to any german shepherd you find, ranging from assertiveness to general paranoia on the dog's part.

    As we go into humanoids, yeah, things get a bit more complicated, but there are still stuff people do. It's more subtle and mostly not applicable, I suspect. But with vampires - isn't there much "inbreeding", so to speak, so that some of the weirder things and behaviours reproduce?

    tl;dr: Some behavioural inheritance among vampires can make sense, given inherited traits. Also, generic vampires are like generic people - feel free to flesh them out if you feel like sinking time into that.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 01/21/09(Wed)09:17 No.3474249
         File :1232547427.gif-(49 KB, 792x1152, Dr McNinja Punched Dracula.gif)
    49 KB
    Alrighty then. Might have gotten a bit on building sky castles in that last post. Last fram of picture related.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)09:22 No.3474277

    If you can accept that some people will think of vampires as mindless monsters, why would those people then need to think of individual characters for vampires in order to be allowed to think "vampires are awesome!"?

    Would you require people to differentiate between individual zombies to think "zombies are awesome," or to differentiate between individual bears to think "bears are awesome"?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)14:25 No.3476026
         File :1232565943.jpg-(16 KB, 236x186, evangeline-04.jpg)
    16 KB
    This is what I think a vampire looks like.


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