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  • File :1232421703.jpg-(13 KB, 450x337, img_6247_wolfenstein2_aaa_450x360.jpg)
    13 KB Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:21 No.3458846  
    I can't take it any more /tg/! I've been bitten by the GM bug and I need to run something!

    But I can't do this unprepared. Not again. I don't do that well and I hate disappointing people.

    So to balance the need for speed and thoroughness, I want to take a simple idea and add to it, and the simplest idea I can think of is World War II with SCIENCE! and MAGIC!

    However, this has been done before, I know. So I need to add more stuff. One thing I've never really seen is the Axis and Allies fighting fire with fire. I mean it always seems that the Nazis are calling up demons from hell or build some Electro-Frankenstein monster with miniguns for arms, but they're always pitted against regular GI's or badass archeologists or something. Why aren't there ever any American voodoo priests or indian shamen getting in on this? Why can't Fighting Jack Churchill cleave Nazis in half with Excalibur? And where the fuck are Lovecraft's monsters, arabic djinn, or good ole fashioned Roswell Grey's during all this?

    And that's pretty much all I've got so far. Is this a good idea? Can anyone think of other examples?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:23 No.3458864
    Nazi genetically engineered supersoldiers infused with demonic essence fighting Allied psychics who are the product of a fifty year eugenics program.

    Also, Zombie GIs.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)22:26 No.3458881
    Nazis with MAGIC!, Allies with SCIENCE!
    Hitler summons Belial, Churchill orders the construction of a giant robot. Italian spies recite the name of Hastur behind enemy lines, Americans *LASER HASTUR IN THE HEAD*. The Greys, of course, are the next human evolutionary stage travelling back in time to make sure everything happens as it's supposed to, throw in Stalin riding a cybear, and voila! Ninja pirate zombie robot territory.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:28 No.3458897
    *writes down*
    Can anyone think of something the Japanese bring to the field? You know, aside from katanas.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:29 No.3458902
    I kind of like the idea of each squad or platoon of Germans having parts of a demon divided up between them so they can communicate like with modern battlefield communications.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)22:31 No.3458917
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:32 No.3458926
         File :1232422320.jpg-(66 KB, 800x481, 800px-Prime.jpg)
    66 KB
    >Churchill orders the construction of a giant robot.... Americans *LASER HASTUR IN THE HEAD*.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:34 No.3458939
         File :1232422482.jpg-(328 KB, 511x800, Treich.jpg)
    328 KB

    GI John Doe is my next Mutants and Masterminds character.

    Also, Nazi geneticists extract ancient DNA from mosquitoes caught in amber, pic related.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:35 No.3458946
    I know that word means "demon" and that's about it. Is there somewhere I can read about them aside from Wikipedia?
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)22:39 No.3458979
    Not that I know of. According to The Wiki, they started out as disaster spirits so you may want to go with that.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)22:47 No.3459039
    OK, additional idea:
    A platoon of Australian infantry riding kangaroos and toting grenade launchers.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:50 No.3459058
    Interesting... *writes down*
    Speaking of the Japanese, I think I have an idea for a session:

    As part of an early British - American intelligence operation gone awry, the players must help a group of Chinese monks activate the Terra Cotta army in order to escape the Invasion of China with some vital intelligence MacGruffin or other.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:50 No.3459064
         File :1232423433.jpg-(48 KB, 344x300, shrine.jpg)
    48 KB

    Shinto is essentially an animist religion. There's the god of this gate, the demon of this mountain. Small gods everywhere, with powers ranging from nigh-omnipotence to control over the fall of cherry blossoms and nothing else.

    Imagine them being drafted. Strange and unique beings in shrine-transports... When a battle is going poorly, the commander politely asks the god to render assistance, the god replies that it would be entirely his honor and takes up his spear, and a flock of crows with steel beaks start tearing the enemy lines apart while the Kami runs around skewering tanks, tiny red flowers sprouting wherever his bare feet land.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)22:51 No.3459070
    This thread is now officially incredibly awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)22:59 No.3459124
    Getting there. First we need to come up with something for all the major powers involved in the war, then we add some more stuff they can race to control like the City of Atlantis or something.

    Come to think of it, the Italians don't have anything yet... perhaps the Roman Empire left behind something useful?

    Shinto... something else I need to read up on.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:03 No.3459149
    How about...Mussolini riding a wolf into battle and carrying Vulcan's hammer? Rip off Roman mythology for everything it's got!
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:06 No.3459169
    Sure is Exalted in here.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:09 No.3459183
    Strategic locations, early ideas:
    The pyramids
    Mount Olympus
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:10 No.3459184
    Hmm... too overt. I remember watching a History Channel special about how Mussolini's first act in office was to drop the hammer on the Mafia and that the Allies made a big deal of supporting them when retaking Italy.

    Wait. I just had an idea.

    What few successes Italy had were due to Mussolini's inner circle making sacrifices to Mars. However, most of their efforts were impeded when some Mafia corrupted government officials confessed to their priests about the revival of Mars-worship. In turn, the Mafia - acting as the right arm of the Vatican in this case - wages a secret war with the Italian government.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:13 No.3459204
    Well done. That is truly epic.
    Although...considering the emblem of the Roman Empire, how about eagles trained to plant bombs on tanks? It didn't work for the Soviets with dogs because they trained the dogs with their own tanks, but...
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:13 No.3459207
    moar like
    exalted sure is shinto in there
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 01/19/09(Mon)23:16 No.3459228
    How about the western allies/soviets making use of power armor for their infantry?
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:17 No.3459234
    Five points.
    Allies with power armour vs. Nazis with Lovecraftian monster symbiotes a la Cthulhutech Tagers.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:18 No.3459237
    fuck that
    soviets should use Zombie Rasputin, Arch-Lich extraordinaire
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:19 No.3459242
    Maybe. I was thinking about introducing Gear Krieg-esque walkers around 1940...
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 01/19/09(Mon)23:19 No.3459244
    Speaking of the commies, what would the communist chinese use? SCIENCE, or magic?
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:21 No.3459258
    OP already mentioned the Terracotta Army...
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 01/19/09(Mon)23:24 No.3459279
    Yeah, but is that the nationalist chinese, or the communist chinese? Will both have access to this army, and if so, will the postwar period in that region revolve around who gets control of most of it?
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/19/09(Mon)23:28 No.3459308
    The Communist Chinese weren't a major player in the war aside from being somewhere for Japan to invade. On the off chance my campaign lasts til the Cold War, maybe they'll get some kind of looted Japanese SCIENCE or something.

    Which reminds me, North Africa needs some kind of twist. I'm not sure whether the Italian invasion of Ethiopia needs to be changed or not.

    And I might as well label myself now that we're this far along.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:28 No.3459310
         File :1232425690.jpg-(44 KB, 250x376, common foe.jpg)
    44 KB
    December, 1944
    American armored infantry and German fallschimjaeger are engaged in a pitched battle for control of a small Belgian town. The town is indistinct from dozens of others familiar to veterans of both sides; cramped streets, a central square, large church, probably hasn't had much new development in a few centuries. The only notable feature is a shell hole in the center of town (caused by an air strike when the germans passed through in 1940) seems to have opened up into some sort of sink hole. Also of note is that the populace seem to have evacuated without most of their possessions.

    Campaign starts off as borderline WW2 sim, which can be either punishingly realistic or war-movie camp depending on your taste. Then, at whatever opportune moment you'd like, both sides abruptly discover that the shell hole in the center of town runs a lot deeper than anyone thought. And it isn't empty.

    Something was waiting down there, a whole lot of something. Something sealed away deep in the earth long ago, only to be freed when man's lust for power spilled blood upon the surface. Something that hasn't eaten for about four years.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:31 No.3459347
    With most of the world's magical might centered is Asia or captured by the Nazis in Europe, the allies were growing desperate. Native American shamans were stretched to their limit deflecting tactical-level curses and sanctifying orient-bound officers so they could not be raised as vampires and turned against their own country.

    Even today, no-one really knows what was dug out of the blood-stained Aztec pyramids, only that a notorious European coven of diabolists had been coerced into performing some kind of magical ritual for the American government.

    Three weeks later, a package was air-dropped onto one of the largest and most heavily-fortified Japanese naval bases in the Philippines. The mission was never official recorded, and by military order the island remains cordoned off to day.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/19/09(Mon)23:38 No.3459402
    That picture reminds me of a few SCI FI Original Movies like Gargoyles and SS Doomtrooper. Ooooh this sounds like fun!

    *copies to paper*
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:39 No.3459417
    I always had a cool idea/image in my head. Germans fighting off Russians in the final days of the war. They cover them selves with salvaged amour to protect them selves from enemy fire while also attaching bones to prevent lacerations and other melee damage. They also carry as many as a dozen panzerfausts as they are losing men to use them.

    The Germans also use modified technology such as panzerfausts with barbed wire for melee use and large pieces of sharp shrapnel for large bayonets.

    The Russians, losing shit loads of trained troops, conscript more and more civilians for military use and make up with their lack of discipline and training by injecting them with rage inducing combat drugs (more like the ones from Jacob's Ladder and less like 28 days later, but maybe they could do that in charges).

    Commissars now have to carry full auto submachine guns with big ass bullets to prevent him from getting swarmed by his own men.

    I also want to note that it seems strange that the Nazis are always the ones using black magic; they were hardcore Christians. It seems that the Soviets would be doing more of that occult stuff, while the Germans would be focusing on their superior science.

    Then again....: http://keiththompsonart.com/pages/leicheoberschutze.html

    Only Germans could be that awesome.

    They is a lot of stuff from Keith Thompson that could add to this discussion.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:41 No.3459431

    hitler was obsesed with the occult
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:45 No.3459465

    But the majority of his close officers would freak if they started to do things that would offend Mr. Sky Jew.

    Wait, new plot device.

    Occult Lovecraft Nazis vs. Angry Sciencey Nazis.

    Science Nazis band with the Soviets while Occult Nazis stay with the Italians and maybe scary Finish people, with support from fascist Spain
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:46 No.3459475

    The whole Nazi superscience and Soviet occultism makes me smile. I just imagine armies of possessed soviets charging and getting mowed down by huge Vulcan cannons or lasers that vaporize whole big swathes of infantry at a time.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:47 No.3459487
    Sounds like a new /tg/ project to me.

    I wonder if Flames of War could make this possible...
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/19/09(Mon)23:47 No.3459488
    Okay, Germany has black magic and SCIENCE!, Italy has the God of War, and the Japanese have Shinto. America has SCIENCE!, Voodoo, and Indian Shamen, Britain has Arthurian legends and probably some other stuff I haven't thought of...

    ...what would the Free French and the Polish Resistance have?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:48 No.3459496

    Stalin was obsessed with psychic abilities.

    Soviet psychics being used to "extract" knowledge from captured Germans. Perhaps the "tatsoohka event" (whatever the Hell that big explosion in Siberia was) happens, and turns out to be a release of psychic energy that makes the locals into powerful (but blind) psychics the Soviets use in combat as "mind shredders"
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:48 No.3459501

    If some one were kind enough to upload to /rs/, I would be forever in debt to thee'.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:48 No.3459503
    Joan of Arc clone?
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/19/09(Mon)23:49 No.3459508
    Britain == Druids.

    I'm offering you one of my beloved ideas.

    Treeman Churchill. D:
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:51 No.3459518
    project MK ULTRA found truths! infact thats part of our superheros game right now.

    >> Izzy !!lWznqZViP16 01/19/09(Mon)23:51 No.3459521
         File :1232427074.jpg-(75 KB, 262x400, 1224738857493.jpg)
    75 KB
    So...zombie troops then? Unending waves of undead minions? I can see Germany using this, maybe the Russkies.
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:53 No.3459534
    The battle for Leningrad was one of the most unpleasant of the war. Until the Germans managed to disable Rasputin, their dead would rise up and claw at former squadmates.
    >> Izzy !!lWznqZViP16 01/19/09(Mon)23:54 No.3459539

    That smacks of 40k....but I like it
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:54 No.3459542

    ">America has SCIENCE!"
    America was not the leader of science during World War 2. If fact, alot of American equipment was shit (Sherman tanks were often considered war Pintos, simply because speed was irrelevant when you faced Tiger tanks. )

    ...what would the Free French and the Polish Resistance have?"

    Hahahaha, French moped legion and the Polish Fail brigade. What I want to see is the Finnish fight the Soviets again. That was awesome the first time and it would be awesome again.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:55 No.3459546
    Empathetic psychics tortured by psychic nulls in roving tanks for a field of horrifying pain and death.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:56 No.3459551
         File :1232427361.jpg-(139 KB, 685x963, leicheoberschutze.jpg)
    139 KB
    Zombie warpuppets?
    >> Red Wat 01/19/09(Mon)23:56 No.3459553
    America did, on the other hand, build a fucking atomic bomb.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/09(Mon)23:57 No.3459566
    Japanese Psychic unit: Zoom Jap.

    Crushes units with his mind and 'zooms' up via hovering.
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/19/09(Mon)23:58 No.3459570
    Thing about psychics is that you couldn't let it be one sided. I doubt they could direct that shit.
    >> Izzy !!lWznqZViP16 01/19/09(Mon)23:59 No.3459580
    This, and some more of this

    Zombie warmachines, an unholy union of America's science and Russia's Necromancy
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:00 No.3459590
    Hence the psychic nulls and presumable minimum safe distance on the tanks.
    It's not a conventional tank, the armor is merely there to protect it. It has no weapons other than small arms, because anyone within a certain radius gets linked to the mind of someone being tortured. Anything human-driven? Fucked right up. Only a few war crimes, too.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)00:01 No.3459594
    >America was not the leader of science during World War 2. If fact, alot of American equipment was shit (Sherman tanks were often considered war Pintos, simply because speed was irrelevant when you faced Tiger tanks.)

    True enough (and I think Shermans would be compared to Pintos because unlike damn near every other tank in the war, they ran on gasoline instead of diesel), but America had Nikola Tesla and by god they're going to USE him, even if nothing he does ever reaches the newsreels.

    That, and I'm tempted to involve that 80-foot mechanical tarantula from Wild Wild West in some way. The feeling will probably pass though.

    That's actually not a bad idea. The French Resistance could be led by an honest to god Catholic saint, maybe even a reincarnation of Saint Joan herself, come to defend her home.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:02 No.3459602
    The US had guys like Tesla and he's a staple in the SCIENCE!! community
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:03 No.3459620

    With stolen German uranium and plans.
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)00:04 No.3459622
    My concern there is how you'd actually transport such a thing. Psychic nulls could only work so much. I think something more akin to a drop in 'pod' would make more sense.

    Not to mention a broader potential broadcast.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:04 No.3459629

    i chuckled
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:05 No.3459633
    Psychic Ninjas.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:06 No.3459637
    I come from a land down under.
    The only Oz-related idea I've seen is one of mine, and after mature reflection it sucked. What do those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere get?
    ...Giant funnelweb spiders?
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)00:06 No.3459646
    The ability to stay out of most of the war.
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 01/20/09(Tue)00:06 No.3459647
    It depends on what version of the sherman you're talking about, regular m4s with 75mm were outclassed in the later part of the war, but 76mm armed shermans fared better, especially with hvap rounds. We also had some bitching aircraft, started up that whole carrier warfare thing, had some pretty decent small arms that we gave to most of our soldiers, AND THE MOTHERFUCKING A-BOMB! FUCK YEEEEAAAHHH!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:07 No.3459652
    Dreamtime. Presumably, psychic powers prevented (or exacerbated) australian racism.
    >> the investigator 01/20/09(Tue)00:09 No.3459661
    >With stolen German uranium and plans.
    US has large amounts of uranium that is easy to mine, also the German "Manhattan project" was never close to creating a usable source of enriched uranium, let alone an atomic bomb.

    learn2history dipshit
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:09 No.3459666
    I'm sorry, sir, you're stoned.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:11 No.3459680
    Baku, the Eaters of Bad Dreams, are drafted to negate psychic horror and the atrocities of war.
    Too bad no one considered what happens when you OD on the stuff of nightmares...
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:11 No.3459681
         File :1232428282.jpg-(60 KB, 516x578, robert goddard.jpg)
    60 KB
    Bitches don't know about Robert Goddard, American scientist and father of modern rocketry.

    If the Krauts want to conquer the moon, they're going to have to go through us!
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:12 No.3459692
    "How do those rockets of yours work?"
    "Vy don't you ask your own Robert Goddard?"
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:14 No.3459708
    On the other hand, in this version, the atom bomb was the ark of the covenant, or at least had the spear of destiny on the nosecone. I suspect gungnir would be a bad choice for that, though.
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)00:15 No.3459713
    Wait a minute. I thought we were discussing alternate world histories.

    Or am I mistaken, and there was no Holocaust just fucking zombies and lasers and shit?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:15 No.3459721

    Plot twist: After using the A-bomb on Japan, the entire world gets displeased with such a weapon and the British and Soviets brake away from the US after the US refused to allow either of them to have the plans to it.

    Nukes cause major rips in reality were angry mutants emerge (Think S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

    Soviets create a special force to deal with heavily radiated warzones. While the Germans activate many sleeper cells to prevent another nuke from being made while also deploying prototype teliporting technology (which only works on psychics unless you want to get sucked into the dimension where the deamons n' stuff comes from.)

    While also making use of large transport submarines. Making America have to fight a war that isn't too far away for them to care.

    "Drive Safe the Texas way"
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:17 No.3459736
         File :1232428640.jpg-(16 KB, 523x228, rotabuggy..jpg)
    16 KB
    Just a prototype, the eventual plan was to attach a similar rotor+tail chassis to a Cromwell tank.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:17 No.3459739
    "Alternate world" =/= "LOL evryfing difrunt". At least half the war should be handled as-was; Hitler reneges on a treaty with Stalin etc. It's just that the concentration camps are to provide blood sacrifices for the demon-summoning rituals and the Japanese use ninjas and oni as their main attack force.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:18 No.3459742

    Thread jacked for extra win
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)00:19 No.3459754
    Um. Hmmm...

    I don't remember much of the movie, but wasn't there some crazy Witch Doctor shit Crocodile Dundee could pull in the second movie? And since the Australians served in North Africa and Greece, maybe they have a special forces unit of the finest English-speaking Witch Doctors and Pagan mythos specialists on Earth. They could work behind the lines to work with and unite tribal witch doctors from around the world against the Axis. Does that work?
    >> Izzy !!lWznqZViP16 01/20/09(Tue)00:19 No.3459762

    Inability to separate ideas for fiction and the actual events. I guess there really were zombies and lasers and shit. Well fuck, that explains why I have the urge for GRAINS. German Zombie ancestry is a bitch.

    Also....Aussies are too busy rebuilding after Great Depression to worry about a nonexistent threat, as the closest thing to them is a small chain of islands that is isolationist and tends to float away at a whim.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:20 No.3459772
    Idea. How about part of the defence of the Pacific is done with Dreamtime paintings that function like Symbol spells in D&D?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:21 No.3459773
    Dear god, what is that thing?

    Looks like the sad retarded cousin of the jeep that wanted to fly.

    Unless those come off, I would rather walk then be seen riding in that thing.
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)00:21 No.3459777
    Okay. So now Japan has to attack Pearl Harbor, but because America is hurting their Oni spirits.

    And Hitler has to shoot himself and his new wife, but it's so that he can become the God of everything.

    And every single major event is now boringly transposed to have a different cause, but the same effect.

    Go play some RA and then come back here.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:24 No.3459799
    Not that that stopped us forming "a key part of the commonwealth forces" in the Middle East and African theatres against Italy, as Wikipedia put it.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:26 No.3459811
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:27 No.3459822
    Pearl Harbor was more than a military base. The natives have stories of little men that can build you anything you ask for, as long as you provide them with enough fermented banana hooch. It's a slow trickle of superior weapons and ships, but if those ships are made out of puresilver, orichalcum and bloodmetal, they can cleave through even the divine wind with little effort.
    >> Izzy !!lWznqZViP16 01/20/09(Tue)00:27 No.3459824

    How do I not understand sarcasm?

    Stop citing Wikipedia please sir. Any mongoloid idiot can edit it as they see fit. Also, when discussing alternate theories, lets try to oh, I dunno, deviate from reality a little, oh wait, nevermind, because everything must be as it was except with magic and lasers and cyborgs and gods!

    Gah...this is why I don't submit my campaign ideas here.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:29 No.3459840
    Sorry, calming down.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)00:31 No.3459858
    Any other ideas for the French Resistance aside from >>3459594?

    Dreamtime paintings?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:31 No.3459859

    Been done lol.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:32 No.3459863
    And the famous (at least in earlier times) defense of the Divine Wind. Which is technically nothing more than the tendency of the sea of japan to whip up sudden storms in the prime raiding season, but in this setting is probably much more. The question is, does it affect submarines?
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:32 No.3459868
    Aboriginal art (not sure what the established PC term is and don't really give a shit).
    >> the investigator 01/20/09(Tue)00:32 No.3459869
    The Japanese navy stages a successful coup and forces Emperor Hirohito to make an alliance with America. Germans do not turn on Soviets.
    Nazi scientist use genetic modification and brainwashing to turn the "Untermensch" into doggedly loyal and freakishly hard to kill cannon fodder.
    Using captured data and a pool of the best minds the Allies can find, the US and her allies begin fielding elite units of soldiers that have volunteered to be improved with genetic modification.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:34 No.3459883
    Make the French Resistance more like insurgents instead of the smug useless bastards they really were.

    More direct against the Germans, and they get the misfortune of being targets of the Germans weapons testing.
    >> hyperion !!LtgOgT0wJFN 01/20/09(Tue)00:35 No.3459890
    Indigenous art or native australian art. Otherwise you're a racist cockgoblin for insulting those poor, innocent boongs while they smoke bongs in the gutter.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:35 No.3459895
    Only traced with patrol boats, connecting series' of islands with ley lines. Instant bermuda triangle.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:35 No.3459901
    You have been awarded 5 points.
    >> PointMan !!sjoCtjmIoEU 01/20/09(Tue)00:38 No.3459921
    Actually, the aussies were (and still are) pretty good soldiers.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:40 No.3459938
    One of my favorite stories about WWII is about the french resistance. I cannot attest to it's veracity, but here's the basics.

    The resistance in france would set up these bombs that played on racial stereotypes. They'd get a very bad painting, put a bomb in the wall behind it, then attach the triggers to the back of the painting, then put the painting slightly off true. Whenever one of the germans, stereotypically regarded as very neat and exacting, straightened the painting, it would go off.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:42 No.3459946
    Another five points.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)00:45 No.3459973
    Looks like each side has an edge of some sort now. And now for targets and relics around the world so far:

    -Pyramids of Giza
    -Mayan Temples (Crystal Skulls?)
    -Lost City of Atlantis
    -Mt. Olympus
    -Easter Island

    Any others?
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:48 No.3459990
    How about a *fake* one? Everyone thinks the hammer Mjolnir is somewhere in Norway, but towards the end of the war it turns out to be bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:49 No.3459999
    Can I trade these in for brownies or internets at any point?
    About the second one:
    No one knows if it worked. Well, except him.
    Radiation-immune russians, Cold-Immune russians, Psychic Null russians. I think we've found our defensive faction. Massive piles of barely-trained troops, and a few invincible bastards.
    I can't remember anything of russian folklore other than witches, so possible units there? Giant chicken-legged houses as magic tanks, mortar and pestle flying units, etc.
    And the Animisitic incarnation of General Winter, of course. With his ice-eyed wolves, who run faster than the wind and feast on traitor and enemy alike.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:51 No.3460013
    Technically all of japan, but there's always room for hidden temples in the east, shinto, buddhist, and daoist alike.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)00:51 No.3460014
    the following link is Cold War, rather than World War 2. It is also Cthulhu-heavy, rather than the more generalized horror in this thread.

    Despite this, it is too good not to share.

    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)00:51 No.3460015
    The current going rate is 20 points per internet.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)00:53 No.3460030
    Not all of these have to work. I can't think of anything the Pyramids of Giza could possibly do aside from look pretty. A list, however, is kind of a necessary starting point.

    Oh! The Great Wall of China! If it was built to keep demons out, the Japanese would need to punch a hole in it to allow passage for Oni...
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)01:00 No.3460074
    Only problem I see is the location of the wall. Now, if you make it so that it was built around the entirety of China instead. There is something interesting. Almost like it has a shell.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:02 No.3460094
    Align and summon back the souls of the pharaohs, who are presumably pissed at all the new buggery going around and the fact that a whole pile of mummies were destroyed in the 18th century. A mission objective for the axis would be to wake them up, because the english were occupying when the mummy craze hit. The converse is true for the allies.
    Any of several hundred magic swords, spears, suits of armor, daggers, knifes, fishes with hilts put on, books, stone tablets, etc.
    Finnish shamans, pressed into deals with dark powers they would otherwise not touch, may ease the bindings on Fenris Odin-Eater to bring to the present a pale reflection of the Fimbulvinter. This is still enough to cover the battlefield in a howling blizzard that can kill the unprotected in seconds.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:03 No.3460106
    Or is the focus for keeping china separate (or partially separate) from the real world. Thus, China can only fall to internal strife.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:07 No.3460129
    So it's looking like every faction has access to both magic and science. Are we counting Psionics as Magic, or Science?

    Anyway, archive this. It has come a long way from a generic concept.
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)01:07 No.3460133
    Increases the Terracotta warrior ideas plausibility. Maybe let Japan or the Ruskies be after that power, as well, and thus a side element of them trying to breach the wall.

    Oh, and as an alternative to Oni-wielding Japan, I might suggest a 100% isolationist Japan, where they cloaked their islands with some sort of magic, and so Western Traders never made contact.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)01:16 No.3460185
    Psionics count as... psionics. And they're a unique feature to the Soviet Union thus far.

    DAMN. I'm going to have to read more of this later.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:16 No.3460187
    Divine Wind again.

    I just realised.>>3460013
    Did england still have interests in india? I'm not saying bullet deflecting monks, but bigass metal idols of hindu deities and buddhist psychics work just as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:17 No.3460200
    But very brutal nationalist Japanese soldiers mixing Japanese culture and modern warfare is win!

    We cant have Samurai fighting Soviets, unless they are either powered suits or empty possessed suits.

    Seeing that every faction has science and magic maybe there would be a international civil war between the two subfactions.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:22 No.3460222
    Vengeful spirits of samurai, still tied to their dishonoured armor and weapons, fighting ceaselessly to redeem themselves. When they kill enough foes, they collapse, and their broken and shattered equipment can be brought back for proper worship.

    And the civil war could be an outright civil war (in the case of china) or merely a friendly rivalry (the english).
    >> Bumblescut !V930Zsl3N6 01/20/09(Tue)01:23 No.3460232
    You could completely remove Japan, or have it be that it is the ancient arts (with Oni, etc.) that still stand the tests of time/have been honed to perfection.

    If you don't mind getting a little Weeaboo in your GRIMDARK.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)01:25 No.3460246
    >Seeing that every faction has science and magic maybe there would be a international civil war between the two subfactions.

    Hmmm... doesn't the Emperor of Japan have some kind religious importance? Did Hirohito and Tojo get along well?
    >> Maus !!E/1DGx6ERSC 01/20/09(Tue)01:30 No.3460268
    Tojo was a general. Hirohito is a descendant of the Sun God Ameratsu last time I checked.

    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:31 No.3460275
    He's supposedly the direct descendant of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. What exactly this means is up for debate. Other important figures include Susanoo, the god of storms, and Tsukoyomi, the moon god.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)01:33 No.3460293
    I get that, what I was getting at was that if there was a Japanese civil war between their religion and SCIENCE, then Emperor Hirohito and General Tojo would probably be on different sides. I guess. Personally, I wouldn't put that in the game unless the players had something to do with it, which might be a bit unlikely since not so long after the Invasion of Manchuria is the Invasion of Poland.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:38 No.3460327
    I completely don't remember Tojo, but the equivalent of a young Solar on the japanese side is an interesting one.
    >> Maus !!E/1DGx6ERSC 01/20/09(Tue)01:40 No.3460342
    Imperial army came in and basically said Parliament wasn't having the Emperor's bests interests at heart, so they made a coup, AFAIK.

    Come 1930, the entire government is basically under the thumb of the Imperial army, Emperor included. The emperor is used as a figurehead to get the public to help support the Imperial Army.

    You could have something of where maybe the Shinto gods came to the Emperor, and told him that the Military was basically using him as a figurehead. He gets hulk-mad, and the rest is history.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:50 No.3460416
    One of the things this means is that technically, the Emperor is the head priest of the entire nation of japan, in much the same way that an archbishop is the head religious authority of an area. Arguably, he could have complete control of any and all spirits of shito in all of japan.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)01:58 No.3460476
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)02:07 No.3460560
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)02:09 No.3460573
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)02:19 No.3460653
    Man, I hope this thread is around in the morning. We've gotten to magic, but the SCIENCE part never really got fleshed out. Powered armor sounds a bit out there, at least for a little over half the war. Depending on the effectiveness of the Emperor or Japanese SCIENCE against the atomic bomb, I could see them getting wheeled out for the Invasion of Japan... or Berlin, depending on whether or not black magic can cure Hitler's neurosyphilis.

    Anyway, I need sleep. Hope to be back later.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)02:35 No.3460766

    Bitches don't know 'bout his Spear of Destiny.

    Assume that halfway through the war, the nature progression of history has been stifled by SS wights (Signs reading "Wights Only") lead by Lich Himmler (Awesome boss encounter?). Imagine a Stalingrad that never ended, the Allies must use superior SCIENCE, ARTHURIAN KNIGGITRY, and SUPER SECRET VACTICAN SPECIAL AGENTS against Nazi Ghoulsoldiery.

    Chaplains become important members of each unit, capable of cleansing and rebuking Nazi dark magic. Pattons 3rd Army becomes the 3rd Armored Infantry, walking Shermans crewed by the finest American armor pilots, spearheading the assault on a ravaged Paris, it's population massacred in an occult ritual centered on the eiffel tower, now the spire of a dark citadel of the Reich.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)03:06 No.3461030

    Also, Tesla Troopers! Straight up steal them from C&C. You want originality? Uh... Oppenheimer Gunners! Atomic rifle (think plasma I guess) toting siege armored (Gas masks and armor plate) assault troops.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)03:23 No.3461125

    Hitler nearly turns all of Europe into one giant Deadland, almost doing what it took Darius Hellstromme many years, and five heel face turns(Brigham, you moron) to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)03:40 No.3461232
    How has no one suggested this?

    A bomb = Godzilla. America sicced motherfucking godzilla on Japan. Twice.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)03:55 No.3461335
    ... and King Kong? Would he be from China or Africa?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)04:41 No.3461624
    Nazi's try to invade Britain with deathships full of zombies.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)08:22 No.3462881
         File :1232457735.jpg-(85 KB, 570x380, welcome-babbageengine.jpg)
    85 KB
    On the SCIENCE front, perhaps Britain could activate the Babbage Devices - massive Victorian supercomputers based on designs by Charles Babbage that were intended to oversee the administration of the empire, but were mothballed because of their frankly alien thought process. The Babbage devices design the ENIGMA machine to decrypt and negate Nazi coded transmissions and hexes. These computers could also used to help bind or exorcise demonic entities, reciting the true names of every demonic entity on the books much faster than a human could. A human could do one ritual an hour, but a computer program could run thousands!

    Having giant computers also makes it possible for Churchill to have giant robots constructed, or even just have them brought out of storage.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)08:30 No.3462919
         File :1232458200.jpg-(97 KB, 1347x426, AWESOME.jpg)
    97 KB

    Macross minus weeaboo plus THUNDER CHILD and WW2 planes.

    And Winston Churchill.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)08:34 No.3462950
         File :1232458466.jpg-(35 KB, 355x447, John_Harrison_Uhrmacher.jpg)
    35 KB
    If worst came to worst, they could always have put all of their remaining resources into completing the designs for H-6. The ultimate chronometer. Nobody knows what exactly what it was designed for, but the Australians seemed very intent on recovering the plans during the lead up to the aborted Singapore Coup.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)09:13 No.3463314
    Mythology loving Britfag here, seeking to do my great nation justice within this Awesome idea.

    One of the oldest Myths is that the men of Albion (Britain) were descended from giants, who in turn descended from a group of exiled Atlantian princesses and Incubi (No, I am not making this shit up). Perhaps, to aid the war effort, these great ancestors are awoken, the stone circles which mark their resting places slowly heaving asunder to reveal the titanic forefathers of Britain.

    On the other hand, a great flood sweeps through Britain, focusing on and nearly drowning Glastonbury. No one knows what's going on, and the government expects a Nazi occult attack.

    Then, King Arthur and all his knights ride out, a huge procession of armoured riders on horseback. As they ride around the four nations of Britain, more and more heroes join them, from the scoundrel Robin Hood to the latest trueborn hero, Jack Churchill, and then turn their crusade to the mainland, for the last great war.

    Meanwhile, Ireland blooms, the ancient fae emerging from hiding to protect their beloved land. Of all the world, only Japan is safer from occult attacks, for after the many magic wars they fought of old, the Irish fae are stern and resolute soldiers. However, even the Fae knew the war needed all the help they could give, and so passed to the British army both their contingent of reborn heroes, and the four treasures of Ireland- The Dagda's Cauldron, the Spear of Lugh, the Stone of Fal And the Sword of Light of Nuada (Possible plot hook: Guarding one of these powerful magical items during transport)
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)09:26 No.3463432
    Don't forget that we Britfags also have the British Museum, the V&A and the British Library. We have the magical artefacts of everybody from the ancient egyptians to the polynesians in the British Museum, wonders of the Empire in the V&A and all those lovely tomes in the Library. Short Loan De Vermis Mysteriis, anyone?

    These places would be huge targets for commando raids and bombing runs for all the factions. Could be nice mission - get in, steal book, burn library OR defend library from attack.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)10:24 No.3463757
         File :1232465066.jpg-(111 KB, 241x438, Otrebusy.jpg)
    111 KB
    The Polish Resistance grew desperate enough that they sacrificed Warsaw to Germans only to awaken a slavic god of war - Svetovid. The animated statue that is his avatar very slowly makes it's way towards Berlin, demanding more and more fresh blood. This fractured the Resistance, one group trying to use Svetovid against their enemies, the other denouncing the old pagan ways.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)10:45 No.3463911
    Wales and Scotland have their own powerful heroic cycles, as does Ireland. It seems the tiny island of Britain could very probably muster an army of thousands of heroes from across the ages. Nice.

    As for giving Wales and Scotland their own schtick:

    The Scottish lands have always been wild and free, with rolling hills and pine forests dominating the landscape. And nature loves this land. And, in a time of war, its forces call up their power and rise again. The forests walk bringing a druidic revival, and the lakes and rivers march under the command of the terrifying Loch Ness Monster, a titanic beast with wicked teeth and almost impenetrable skin.

    Meanwhile, the coal miners, those brave folk who go down into the pits, some in middle England but most in Wales, come back changed. There is something deep in the pits, something alive, and it too fights for England. The coalbourne fight with hearts of stone and fists of fire, empowering the hammer of industry alongside the blades of legend and the power of myth, making the British war effort a thing to be feared indeed.

    Hmm... another thought- The British airforce starts recruiting dragonriders. Spitfire is now a literal thing, as aces on their drake mounts bathe german bombers in sheets of flame. The burning of dresden was one of these dragonriders greatest successes.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)10:55 No.3463980
    I was thinking of avoiding the Hitler has the Spear of Destiny idea since it's been used so often, but when you put it like that the idea has some merit.

    Or the Cloverfield Monster.

    I have the sudden mental image of Great Britain pulling out their finest mothballed steampunk inventions to fight off the Nazis. Thank you.

    I guess I'm anime deprived. The only thing I know about Macross is that every now and then you'll see MISSILES FUCKING EVERYWHERE. Guess I should watch it sometime.

    That idea is crazy enough to adapt. And thank you for the four treasures of Ireland, I've never heard of them.
    >> Calgar !!E6uXE2v0isQ 01/20/09(Tue)10:58 No.3464008
    fuck year wolfenstein..brb reinstalling
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)11:00 No.3464023
    OP, have you ever heard of Hellsing?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)11:01 No.3464031
    Poles are Catholic with a sprinkle of Jew
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)11:06 No.3464045
    Yeah. One of my friends introduced me to it. After a while, Alucard's fight scenes became more and more ridiculous and he never seemed hindered by anything so I stopped caring.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)11:15 No.3464118
    Summary of original Macross:

    Alien ship falls to earth. Mankind decides THIS IS AWESOME and rebuilds it. About the time it's fully rebuilt, its original owners, who are giant aliens, realise it's ended up in the solar system and go to find out how it's doing.

    The ship's automated defences fire a "warning shot" which wipes out the alien scouts. The aliens take this as a declaration of war, and barrage the ship and the surrounding area. The ship's captain panics and hits the hyperspace, ending up at Pluto with 50,000 civilians and two aircraft carriers.

    The aliens are now chasing the humans through space, the humans are trying to get back to Earth and the spaceship is falling apart around them.

    Eventually, our heroes get captured by the aliens and find out they have five million ships, and the humans' own spaceship is barely an escort class. Mass panic.

    However, the aliens' ranks are breaking apart. They have been "humanised" by their exposure to humanity, and want peace. It transpires that the aliens are actually humans who have been experimented on by a now-extinct second alien race, and as a result have lost their emotions. Their contact with humanity has restored this.

    Shit goes south when the aliens siege Earth. They are on the verge of surrendering when the Earth forces fire their experimental superlaser at the alien flagship, restarting the war (albeit briefly.)

    Despite this, a large number of aliens surrender and help humanity blow up their mothership, so that the rest of their civilisation can be humanised.
    Epic battle ensues, and mankind's elite fighter forces pull a WELCOME TO EARF and nuke the alien leader IN THE FACE.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)11:25 No.3464186
    Oh HELL YES, I'd watch that. Also, another thing we haven't gotten to: Foo Fighters and other alien presences. I'm thinking of just flat out taking the Kinori and Fraal from Dark*Matter for this purpose.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)12:07 No.3464426

    To clear up a few things, the Zentradi weren't the "original owners" of the Macross. Sort of. The Macross was a Supervision Army gunboat and the Supervision Army was (and possibly still are) the enemies of the Zentradi. What was the Supervision Army? Well, another faction of the Zentradi, drained of their life force and mind controlled by a race called the Protodevlin. The war with the Protodevlin and Supervisions actually ended thousands of years ago, but they've been mopping up ever since, both factions still following their last orders as their superiors (the Protoculture and Protodevlin) are both long gone or sealed away. Britai's mission was to find and destroy the Macross, though he changed his mind to capturing it when he realized that 1, it had been rebuilt and 2, it had a long-lost technology aboard in the form of reaction missiles. The Bodol Fleet's own reaction missile store was long depleted and unable to be rebuilt due to the loss of the production satellite that made them. He was also cautious of the microns, as his adviser had told him that contact with microns would bring destruction.

    Also, the war never really "stopped" when the Macross reached a cease fire with Britai's fleet. The UN government on Earth had basically disowned the Macross and, while they were interested in opening up negotiations of their own, they intended to "impress" the Zentradi by firing the Grand Cannon at them first. Bodolza's Main Fleet had never made a cease fire with anyone and fully intended on wiping out the humans as well as Britai, Laplamiz and Kamjin's fleets (as they were contaminated by culture).
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)12:13 No.3464467
    You're leaving out the power of song.

    I never saw the first series, but the most recent macrosses are basically advertising mediums for shitty j-pop soundtracks.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)12:17 No.3464486
    A quick note to those who are Macross newbs: The original Macross was a combination of two other anime that had nothing to do with each other. The second one had no bearing on the first, and the third saga was another mishmash of two others.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)12:46 No.3464702
    That's good to hear. Did either of the two not involve singing at any time, in any way?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)13:19 No.3465052
    Fuck Slavic gods- Russians can have them
    Yeah Poland had the bigest Jewish community so maybe Kabbalah magic? Polish resistance gets Rabbis out of ghettos and concentration camps to use their powers against the Nazis in their hit-and-run attacks and assassinations. Also poles stole lots of german technical plans.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)13:22 No.3465081

    That is ROBOTECH, which was brought out in America.

    Macross was the original series. The one with the original designs for the Stinger, Valkyrie, Rifleman, Archer, Longbow &c &c

    Robotech was Macross, a show called iirc Southern Cross and another called Mospeada badly translated into English and mashed together with the plot changed. The aliens were looking for SPACESHIP FUEL as opposed to trying to nuke humanity for stealin' their spaceships.

    As to the music thing? In the original series, it's no big thing really. It just so happens that the aliens' first experience of culture is from intercepted transmissions of a pop concert.

    It wasn't until the later series that it became MUSIX (also planes.) There's a lot more "oh shit oh shit we have got like one fighter squadron they have a whole trinary of battlemechs we are so fucking screwed" and "why isn't our spaceship working FFFFFFFFFFFFUCK."

    tl'dr version: GO HERE:



    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)13:32 No.3465192

    As 3465081 said, the original Macross is like >>3464118 said. The version Harmony Gold produced is a mash up of 3 different Macross series, all crammed together into one tiny ass timeline and dropping all the original Macross references. Southern Cross became, instead of a colony attacked by the original alien colonists after the plants on the planet for fuel, the Zentraedi's Robotech Masters (the guys in charge) invading Earth. Mospeada became Invid Invasion (and instead of taking place in the late 2000s/almost 2100, takes place in 2040).

    tl;dr HG screwed it up badly, and don't look too closely at it, but if you can, get the original 3 series, and watch those.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)15:54 No.3466635
         File :1232484864.jpg-(26 KB, 400x573, bigfoot-3.jpg)
    26 KB
    Hmmm... Polish golems. *writes down*

    Just finished reading that. Damn that's depressing. Though, it does give me an idea for a possible end to the campaign.

    Damn straight. Anyone else looking forward to the new ga- no wait, this isn't /v/.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)16:03 No.3466724
    Magic:Demonology- thule society made pacts with infernal forcess
    Science:Genetics- master race- supersoldiers ,hormonal genetic and eugenic experiments, all learned in concentration camps

    Magic: Native American shamans- those Indians in American army weren't cryptologists
    Science: Nicola Tesla - his works were classified - power armour,particle beams
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)16:25 No.3466914
    Some interesting pieces of Polish history in WWII.

    - Westerplatte, a unit of 300 soldiers, defending an ammo storage facility (full of ammo), fought against several thousands of Germans for a week. Killed some 1500. They surrendered when they ran out of ammo.

    The primary weapon in The Warsaw Insurection was grenades, made out of dud bombs. Hitler's order was to level Warsaw with the ground. The city had vast underground canals and a network of deep cellars, where bombs hardly ever reached, and one in three was a dud (sabotaged by slave labor workers in Czech, where the bombs were made). Material from one bomb was enough for a dozen or so grenades, and they were produced in bulk. So while guns and ammo were scarce, grenades rained upon the enemy en masse.

    Germans laughed off Polish army for attacking tanks with cavalry armed with sabres. Not quite true. True that one charge in the early war stumbled upon an armed column and took heavy losses. But later some partisan cavalry units were hiding in the forests. They could outmaneuver tanks among the trees, they would attack from an ambush, throw a grenade in the treads and ride away to hide behind a hill before the tank could turn a turret. Then snipers would get the evacuating crew. They got quite a few tanks that way.

    And Soviets, in Battle for Wal Pomorski: A row of soldiers charge, they all fall under the gunfire of German bunkers. Another wave crawls behind the row of bodies. They charge again, and fall shortly afterwards. Another wave gets to crawl a little further under the new cover. NKVD shoots whoever decides to turn back. Upon reaching the bunkers they throw grenades inside.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)16:32 No.3466974
    OP, remember that Jewish refugees could bring the skills needed to make golems with them. Countries that had a population of Polish Jews fleeing the Germans could well end up with a number of golems fighting on their side.

    As a spin on the idea that idea, you could also make it so that several ready-made guardian golems travelled with the children on the 'Kindertransport' to ensure their safety. The transports made multiple journeys between Germany and England between Kristalnacht and the Britain's entry into the war, so it might make a good prelude type story. In our timeline, adults and teachers went with the children, but in a timeline featuring zombie-cyborg-sorcerer Nazi’s rampaging across Europe a big damn golem would be a much better idea. Once they get to England, the golems stay with the children and protect them there. If the war goes on long enough and any of the children grow up to enlist in the army, perhaps the golem might follow them as a guardian.

    Info on the Kindertransport here
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)18:04 No.3467702
    Maybe something having to do with all the snow?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)18:26 No.3467878
    fuck year, this thread is still up.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)19:12 No.3468244
    Sometimes, you want to keep a thread alive
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 01/20/09(Tue)19:15 No.3468261
    Dr. Mengele would make a good boss fight. Utilizing both Dark Arts and superscience, Mengele remains at the forefront of the wave of abominations springing from the laboratories and concentration camps of the Third Reich. For Allies "in the know", Mengele remains a top target. It is up to your team of operatives to sneak into Auschwitz Birkenau and assassinate the madman.....or hire him for your country's own use.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)19:40 No.3468533
    >Chaplains become important members of each unit, capable of cleansing and rebuking Nazi dark magic. Pattons 3rd Army becomes the 3rd Armored Infantry, walking Shermans crewed by the finest American armor pilots, spearheading the assault on a ravaged Paris, it's population massacred in an occult ritual centered on the eiffel tower, now the spire of a dark citadel of the Reich.

    I just re-read this and pictured Hitler reciting Jack Lupino's rant from Max Payne at the top of the Eiffel Tower. "I don't need the words! I'M BEYOND THE WORDS!"

    I like this idea. *writes down*
    >> Greys OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)20:10 No.3468823
         File :1232500241.jpg-(195 KB, 400x514, 21041.jpg)
    195 KB
    Watching. Waiting.

    For the Greys, the Second World War is a trial, the result of which will determine man's role in the galaxy later on.

    Or, at least, that's what they've told our leaders.

    In reality, while the Greys have greatly advanced technology, they have no base and no claim to galactic politics since their homeworld was destroyed, living instead in their massive city-ships and in various outposts across the solar system. To them, the Second World War serves to prove whether mankind can be a worthy ally so that they can rebuild together in peace or whether mankind is ultimately a vicious creature, in which case the Greys will elect to drop their City Ships on the Earth, ending mankind's evil once and for all.

    In more practical terms, the Greys by and large sit and watch from their probes, dubbed "Foo Fighters" by many a bomber pilot. As of 1938, neither the Axis or Allied intelligence agencies can determine their true purpose.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)20:56 No.3469239
         File :1232502968.jpg-(113 KB, 716x529, nautiloid.jpg)
    113 KB
    Heh. Glad you like the golem idea. A related one - you could make the Golem guardians tied completly to the children via it's chem. That way, the golem's main purpose in its existance is to protect them, over and above protecting itself. If one of the child is injured then it will stand it's ground and attempt to protect them, regardless of whether it would be tactically better to flee or to leave one behind for the good of the group as a whole. If a child is killed then it might go catatonic or fall into a beserk rage. Or maybe it is only 'programmed' to care for and protect the living - if one of it's charges dies it might just assume that it doesn't have to do anything and may revert to prior instructions. Perhaps a badly written Chem could drive a golem mad as it tries to follow contradictory orders - I don't know if you've ever read Feet of Clay?
    Something to think about anyway.

    On a completely unrelated note, what if U-Boats wake the Kraken? What if the crazy norse folk summon Jörmungandr? Hell, what if some lunatic weaponises them? Builds a submarine around an ancient leviathan from the night-black depths...
    >> Kinori OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)21:08 No.3469367
         File :1232503733.jpg-(157 KB, 400x597, 21144.jpg)
    157 KB
    Serpents of the Earth, the Kinori are fairly thrilled about the most recent turn of events. The Second World War led to the greatest amount of urban conflict in a century, which leads to human meat -pre-killed, just left around- just over their underground strongholds.

    And all they have to do is teach some Germans how to do magic. Just like they taught the Egyptians so long ago.

    Make no mistake, the saurians are no ones friends. The Nazis are very aware that should the tables turn, they'll be eaten alive, but so far the arrangement has worked out beautifully. There's just one nagging detail: what do they want out of this deal in the long run? What happens when the war eventually ends?
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)21:15 No.3469424
    As long as you are playiung with people who just play for the sake of it, aka noobs, then anything fastpaced, descriptive and constantly involving should wrk. Try AD&D or DH
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)21:21 No.3469477
    ...I just had this sudden mental image of Behemoth, as portrayed by a motherfucking huge mutant elephant, lumbering into battle with three squads of Italian soldiers leaning out of a giant metal howdah and firing submachine guns.
    Kind of like WW2 Return of the King.
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)21:48 No.3469706
    Bumping because this is relevant to my insanity.
    >> Balthazarr !!nwQQDePp11/ 01/20/09(Tue)21:53 No.3469734
    I run a similar campaign out of GURPS4. give er a try, and grant access to cinematic advantages. watch the fingers fly!
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)22:03 No.3469827
    Ooh! Innsmouth Irregulars! An American unit from a certain area Massachusetts, very good at seabourne assaults. Frighteningly good in fact. They just seem to come out of nowhere. And they don't mix well with the other soldiers.

    Of course, after the United States / Britain / Y'ha-nthlei North Atlantic Treaty was signed, this discrimination wasn't officially tolerated anymore. Of course, it wasn't until many years later that segregation was finally put to an end...

    >>3469477 - BRILLIANT!
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)22:17 No.3469989
    Ah, yeah. Nova Europa. I was thinking of running that, but I don't know enough about the setting to actually do that. Or GURPS 4 for that matter.

    As systems go, I was actually thinking of Star Wars SAGA Edition with some labels changed.

    Speaking of which, what do we have so far?

    -Germany (SCIENCE!, Black Magic)
    -Italy (Neo-Pagan Mars Worshippers vs. Catholic Mafioso)
    -Japan (Shinto spirits, Ninjas)

    -United States (Voodoo, Indian Shamans, SCIENCE!)
    -United Kingdom (Arthurian relics, Druids, Australian Witch Doctor Special Forces, Steampunk Relics)
    -Russians (Psionics)
    -Resistance Movements (Joan of Arc, Golems, Fenris Odin-Eater)

    Wild Cards
    -Greys, Kinori
    -Various relics and religious sites

    Eventual Developments:
    -Battlewalkers introduced around 1940, Power Armor and Giant Robots around 1942 (maybe).
    -Nazi Zombies
    -Tesla Superweapons
    -Massive Black Magic Rituals
    -Alien Involvement
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)22:19 No.3470014
    Go to TV Tropes and search for both "Crowning Moment of Awesome" and "Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot". This thread qualifies under both.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)22:24 No.3470045
    I still can't believe I typed the words "Australian Witch Doctor Special Forces".
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)22:27 No.3470078
    Imagine something like this in the modern day. Sorry, imagination not working. Ideas?
    >> Red Wat 01/20/09(Tue)22:30 No.3470096
    Not as good, because WW2 is the go-to time for anything involving MAGIC! or SCIENCE! that didn't happen in the real world.

    Actually...how about a WW1 version of this?
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)22:34 No.3470128
    A long time ago there was a thread about how the Taliban in Afghanistan were destroying Buddist statues because they were secret statues to the Old Ones.

    More ideas include the idea that Google (the search engine itself, not the company) is becoming a true Artificial Intelligence due to some neat processing algorithms it used on it's last pass through the internet.

    And... well, there's probably more you can come up with by watching episodes of The X-Files., I can't think of anything modern at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)22:36 No.3470150
    This needs to be re-archived.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/20/09(Tue)23:51 No.3470749
         File :1232513474.jpg-(74 KB, 395x578, Whales on Stilts.jpg)
    74 KB
    Here's a thought that just occurred to me:

    Under British advantages, I listed "Steampunk relics", but where and when did these steampunk relics come from?

    So far I'm thinking that there was once upon a time, there were a few adventurous mad scientist types that built some really bizarre stuff, but due to them all being unique prototypes, the governments that eventually kept them left them in warehouses. Or something. Either way, it would explain where Captain Nemo's submarine, or that giant spider from Wild Wild West went.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/09(Tue)23:56 No.3470795

    I love how the brunette girl is looking out at the reader with an expression of perfect "Wow, seriously? What the hell, man?"
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:00 No.3471422
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:11 No.3471501
    This I like, a new thread for that this Thursday. Not before, not after. Fucking Thursday.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/21/09(Wed)01:11 No.3471502
    Now that's just crazy talk. Everyone knows milk comes in bottles, cartons, jugs, or cans.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:41 No.3471724
    The Battle of Britain gets rather more dangerous as early experiments in necromancy enable the Nazis to call Valkyries to the battlefield with each fighter plane shot down.

    To combat Project Vengeance the British begin cautious use of the Hyde Formula. Contrary to later pop-culture, the formula does not create super-powered monsters - it merely separates a person's good and bad sides. Improvements to the formula allow Jekylls months of stability and relatively predictable Hyde Intervals.

    Propaganda refers to them as "Doctors", hushing up their more sinister aspects. Their "perfected" natures give them exceptional insight, concentration and learning ability. Doctors do not get distracted or demoralised, can absorb months' worth of training in days, and do not suffer from the majority of problems that plague rookie troops. Britain is able to effectively triple its air force.

    And nobody talks about the steady growth of military psychiatric wards, or the occasional Doctor whose Hyde Interval comes up early.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:42 No.3471738
    Ok, idea - the Krauts want the Terracotta Army too, but what they're going to do is render them down into dust for its magical properties, and force Jewish slave labour to make double strong golems from it.

    Or, Allied commandos infiltradte Prague to try and awaken the golem in the attic of the Old New Synagogue.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/21/09(Wed)01:43 No.3471746
         File :1232520225.jpg-(88 KB, 850x719, 1208277243992.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:44 No.3471755
    After looking this over, I have come to the conclusion that it would make a far better tabletop game.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/21/09(Wed)01:49 No.3471790
    As opposed to...?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)01:55 No.3471840
    An RPG.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/21/09(Wed)02:00 No.3471881
    I'm not seeing it. Course, the last tabletop game I played was Monopoly, so...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:30 No.3472068
    I'm thinking more along the lines of 40k.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:34 No.3472092
    Bumping for these alone.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:40 No.3472139
    England should have the Doctor. That'd make them the best faction.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:42 No.3472153
    Ah. You can probably get the same result with BrikWars.

    No. If there's a clear "Best Faction", where's the fun in that? Granted, the Italians are the clear "Worst Faction" but... well... that's kind of how history went.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:43 No.3472159
    Look up "Yokai" on Wikipedia/google. You'll thank me later
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:46 No.3472183
    As in the ZOMG DOCTOR awesome, not brokenly powerful awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:53 No.3472240
    We're talking about THE Doctor here, right? The one with a sonic screwdriver, a spaceship that's bigger on the inside than the outside, and regularly brings along English bitches to have crazy adventures in space against robots, humans in the future, bizarre creatures, and occasionally major deities?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:57 No.3472271
    While the allies and the axis battle it out on the continent, a new power rises to the north.... A united Scandinavia, complete with ancestral Norse Gods (who have been worshipped all along, converting to Christianity was just a ruse), berserkers and fanatical blond, blue-eyed, perfect soldiers out for world domination.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)02:58 No.3472282
    English Player: My army is right here.

    Axis Player: A phonebooth? Wat?

    English Player: You'll see. Take as many turns as you like. Just tell me when you're done.

    Axis Player: Okay...wait what?

    English Player: Not what, Who.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:05 No.3472339
    A Hyde breaks into the British Museum's restricted section and steals the Time Machine.
    >> OP !L01Eor7gBg 01/21/09(Wed)03:19 No.3472422
         File :1232525978.jpg-(85 KB, 448x640, is_propaganda_poster_iso.jpg)
    85 KB
    One good thing about this version of World War II. If the Nazis lose, there's still room for a sequel.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:21 No.3472434
    This thread makes me happy in the pants.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)03:30 No.3472489
    Golems are cool but Kabalah magic could be much more - probably weak version of every old testament miracle could be done. Golems are the human version of creation of man , so e.g. human version of the Horns of Jericho could be regular trumpets with Hebrew formulas etched inside them working as magical sonic anti-tank weapons.

    Poles were known of producing their own guns - usually making their own versions of British guns, and stole German guns, and technical plans for many of the WW2 advanced weapons like V2 - they would probably be the low-tech faction that uses their own (inferior due to being "home-made") versions of German and British SCIENCE! but are good infiltrators.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:09 No.3472775
    Brits need more of the colonial influence - Martial arts learned in Hongkong (kung-fu) and India (kalarippayat) ,Regiments of Gurkhas with magical Kukris, Hindu Kali worshippers etc
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)04:12 No.3472793
    Arabs allied with Nazis- high-tech Muslim terrorists and atomic suicide bombers
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)09:26 No.3474303
    I think that the Ottoman Empire would be better. The middle east would be a hell of a location - you have all the Persian, Mesopotamian, and Holy Land legends after all. Jerusalem would almost certainly be horribly contested, with everything from the Temple of Solomon, to the Dome of the Rock, to all those Crusader (Knight Templar?) keeps.

    The only middle eastern stuff I can think of at the moment would be Tiamat and King Solomon. Solomon was supposed to have control over demons I read somwhere. May have been an old 2000AD comic though.

    Item: Efreet bomb. A clay jar or other vessel, sealed with blessed wax marked with the symbol of a demonic entity or a pentagrammatic seal. Inside the vessel is the trapped essence of a demon. When the vessel is broken, the maddened demon instantly destroys all that it can before returning to the pit.

    These vessels were made during WW2 in several different sizes, from the size of a grenade for frontline mystics to about the size of a conventional air bomb to be dropped from a plane. The fragility of the clay pots made them unpopular with all but the most foolhardy, as the slightest crack could release the demon prematurely.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)10:01 No.3474440
    well lets macross this setting up: the anschluss took place to get access to the vienna central cemetery, where a lot of great composers were buried. They were revieved and worked together to create the ultimate symphony. Every sentient human who hears it, will start crying and be unable to continue the fight and thus be an easy target for the enemy zombies.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)11:13 No.3474802
         File :1232554408.jpg-(85 KB, 303x500, atrocity-archives.jpg)
    85 KB
    For other ideas, the Charles Stross book The Atrocity Archives is good. At one point it is revealed that the Nazis tried to summon a Lovecraftian Eldritch Abomination... can't say anymore, it will ruin the story. It's set in modern times, but the supernatural fallout of the war is still around. Well worth a look, its a good story.

    There are always Hellboy comics as well. Good for the old occult SCIENCE stuff.

    >>3459990 mentioned fake relics - why not have the Holy Grail as one? Most of the miraculous stories are invented in the Arthurian romances and are a mix of Christian holy chalice stories and celtic myth. But since not that many people know that, you could have loads of factions hunting for it in the hope of using it for their own ends. Perhaps there is something similar (like the Dagda's Cauldron) but it goes overlooked because it's more obscure. You could even have a group of academics trying to convince their bosses that the grail really doesn't exist. That could even make an entertaining mission - your enemies claim they have found the Holy Grail. Infiltrate and either steal it (to destroy morale or because you believe it might be real), destroy it just in case, or somehow prove that what they have is a fake. This last option might be complicated by the fact that while what the investigators find sure as hell isn't the Holy Grail, but does exhibit powerful supernatural abilities...
    >> Anonymous 01/21/09(Wed)11:55 No.3475071
    I'm not so sure about the anscluss - Italians are an axis power and they have almost noting cool about them so if anyone should do this it should be the Italians themselves.

    Also I don't like the idea about the mars cult and fracture in Italy between the church and the government . Why the catholic church are the good guys- Vatican supported Nazi Germany. Italians should take their power from the church - the knightly orders from across the world come to defend vatican, their warriors wearing an anachronistic mix of medieval helmet and breastplate ,Italian army uniform and cape in orders heraldry, armed with blessed elephant rifles and short swords. Vatican's Inquisitors fighting magic users of allies armies and burning them on stakes.

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