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  • File :1231779055.jpg-(483 KB, 1000x1000, dd.jpg)
    483 KB Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)11:50 No.3382387  
    *krackle* ...ower yet? We're transmitting? Welcome, people of the greater Detroit region and the southeast swamplands! You are listening to 760 WJR, the first radio station to return after the disaster and we'll be bringing you news, music, and information 24/7 for as long as we can!

    First up, the Lord Mayor of Saline is requesting able bodied men and women to serve in the militia, the job pays in food and a land grant after an eight year term of service. Sounds good to me!

    And now for some music! *adagio for strings*
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)11:52 No.3382397
    Radio free wasteland?
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)11:53 No.3382402
    I smirked.
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)11:57 No.3382422
    Land and houses are free in detroit now. Why would it require 8 years of work in a post apocalyptic world?
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)12:06 No.3382468
    *A looping emergency broadcast cuts off, followed by a violent squeal of static, then silence. Abruptly, the station erupts with a voice with a distinctive Scandinavian accent.*

    WELCOME BACK, TWIN CITIES! This is "Mad Marc" Mendelson, your Voice of Reason at the End of the World, and you're listening to KQQL 107.9- that's KOOL 108, supplying all your post-apocalyptic Golden Oldies needs!

    For those dozen or so of you somehow listening to this broadcast, I'd like to welcome what's left of the Greater Twin Cities area back to life after the Apocalypse! How'd it happen? Damned if I know, but I'm here to keep you informed and updated! For your edification, I'm Lance Corporal Marcus Mendelson with the 34th Infantry Division- that's the Big Bad Red Bull, your local Weekend Warriors, you may have seen us in the past few weeks- and I've been ordered by my boss to keep this old junker running as my unit heads north to restore communications with the north end of the state! Get used to me, folks, I'm probably gonna be here a while.

    (more coming)
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)12:13 No.3382504

    First on the list: Anyone who cares should tune in next Thursday when we hold a funeral for the prior station staff, headed by Dan Donovan, the "Golden Geezer". We don't know exactly HOW they died, children, but they kept the E-broadcasts running right up until they bought it, so we're giving them a hero's out. Tune in Thursday at just after 12 o'clock high to pay your respects.

    Up next, our schedule for the following weeks is gonna include a lot of news- updates from the 34th as they grind through the apocalyptic hell towards Duluth, P.I. bulletins on life after the End, and just about anything else I can think of to yammer about! This is important stuff, people, so pay attention!

    Third, and finally for today, I'd like to personally thank the Minnetonka Militia for their help with that Scavvie skirmish over by the Glen Lake intersection. You boys saved my bacon right proper, you know that? Many thanks.

    Well, I'm sure you're tired of hearing me talk by now, so let's get some music on this box- God Knows, we've got enough of it here! I think we'll start off with the best damn band that ever picked up a guitar- first broadcast in the End is gonna be the Beatles, with Can't Buy Me Love!

    So from all of us in the Red Bull to all of you in the Twin Cities, this is "Mad Marc", and you're listening to... *pause, shuffling of papers* "KQQL- Anoka, Minneapolis, St. Paul!"

    *scratchy pre-recorded sting plays*

    "Super 60's and 70's, KOOL 108!"

    *Can't Buy Me Love by the Beatles begins*
    >> ... 01/12/09(Mon)12:13 No.3382506
    I, for one, welcome our new APOCALYPTIC RADIO!
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)12:22 No.3382568
    Anyone else, or is Mad Marc gonna be alone in the Wasteland?

    I'm enjoying writing this, but I'd love to have someone else for him to throw insults at over the airwaves.
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)13:03 No.3382776
    Keeping the thread alive with some seriously abridged repostings.
    Good evening, Twin Cities. Mad Marc Mendelson here- you might notice that I'm a little quieter tonight than normal. Well, there hasn't been any news from the 34th since last Sunday and I'm a little worried, to be frank- they're all my friends up there, you know.

    Still, life trudges on, and I'm not about to abandon you all to the horrors of the End. So, tonight, we're having a very abridged reading of terms from Wilbert Smitt's "A Gentlemen's Guide to the Wasteland". Just gonna paraphrase some quick information for you.


    "Humanity, at the end of the world, has survived- though not unscathed by any means. In my travels through the Wasteland that was once North America, I have found that society has regressed into multiple subdivisions, listed here."

    "Munes: People who live in fixed settlements, towns, and communities. Munes usually strive to keep up services provided before the End, such as power, water, and law enforcement. The cosmopolitans of post-Apocalyptia."

    "Nomads: The drifters of the End. People who don't like to settle, but instead travel around between communities or avoiding 'civilization' altogether. This group includes a wide range of people, the most prominent being the inter-community traders that ply what remains of the road system."

    "Tribes: Hippies, pagans, neovegetarians, and the like, who've elected to pursue a life 'in harmony with nature', whatever that means. Similar to munes in that they form communities, but unlike munes seem to have no desire to rebuild anything."
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)13:12 No.3382832

    Original thread archived at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3124218/
    Now it gets nasty.

    "Clans: similar to munes in that they form communities, but these communities are much more akin to Raiders than anything else. Nasty, xenophobic, and hostile as a rule, but most of them won't shoot you on sight- they'll give you one warning first."

    "Bandits: Exactly what it says on the tin. Groups of nutters, no-goodniks, or outright psychopaths who gather together in the wastes with one thing in mind- to prey upon everyone else."

    "Raiders: similar to Bandits, but much worse in that they have vehicles and the know-how to use them. Usually the descendants of pre-End biker gangs, trucker convoys, and the like. Very bad news."

    "Muties: People mutated from heavy radiation who haven't been lucky enough to die yet. A VERY small percentage have managed to keep their minds and sanity intact after this; the rest are, basically, zombies."

    "Chromers: Renegade robots, automatons, and the like. The real dangerous ones have fully built A.I.. Not all 'bots are bad news for the rest of us, but the ones that are- they're Chromers."

    "Creatures: Also known as Monsters, Terrors, and Good-God-What-Is-That-Thing. Animals that the End of the World turned into utter abominations against God and Nature. As a rule, never friendly, and impossible to house-train."

    "Scavvies: The spiritual successors of inner-city trash such as street gangs and organized crime. By far the most dangerous thing prowling the ruins of most major cities, these guys have one thing in mind- killing and stripping whatever comes their way."

    There's more, but I think that's enough for today. From all of us in the Red Bull to all of you in the Cities, this is "Mad Marc" at KQQL- Anoka, Minneapolis, St. Paul. Have a good night, folks.
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)14:35 No.3383419
    Well. That was depressing... On a lighter note, the pirates that were hitting shipping on the lakes have finally been caught by the fleet of the Kingdom of Mackinac, if you're gonna be by that way, tell the captain of the USCG Mackinac that DJ Frankie Smidge said 'thanks'

    Aaaaaand now for more music! *Kid Rock Rock n Roll Jesus*
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)15:44 No.3383933
    *kshhhhhhhhhh8 *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* *kssshhh*





    (something sounding like a cat in heat being beaten with a running leafblower while a rusty chainsaw is used to cut Jell-O plays over the radio)
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)15:45 No.3383946
    We are doing this again? Yay
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)16:37 No.3384423
    Hugh Mann? Hmmm. This guy seems legit.
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)17:30 No.3384802
    *A 10 second MIDI chiptune plays 5 times*



    Alle Agenten Vorbereitung für die nächste Übertragung auf 22:20 GMT
    >> God I'm glad this is back Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)19:40 No.3385922
         File :1231807252.jpg-(99 KB, 500x333, lastshow.jpg)
    99 KB
    *"The Seeker by The Who fades out*

    "Welcome back to the show America, if you're just tuning in, this is WLS 890 Chicago, the Voice of America. It's now hour two of our nightly broadcast and i'd like to take the time to tell you about the latest goings on around the Second City.

    "A few weeks ago we held our New Years celebration in Daley Plaza. The mutated pine tree from Christmas was still up, decorated with the shiniest bits of scrap the children could find, some glowsticks, and little paper dolls. The older citizen in the crowd got choked up when the "star" - three nine thousand candlepower spotlights slaved together - was put on the top of that tree from the old bucket truck. And on New Years, the microbrewers amount us shared what they could and the rest sung about... half, I think, the words to Auld Lang Syne.

    "And somewhere in the back, in an RV that had long since lost the ability to move, our boys from the University conspired over a composite wood table. While everyone outside was celebrating the present, they were considering the future. What could be done? What would have a lasting impact? What would help as many people as possible? And all that night they weighed their options and pondered these questions, and in the end they looked to the skies.
    >> And here I thought this wouldn't come back Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)19:41 No.3385927
    "A long time ago, they tell me, the great satellite network that held the Old World together was destroyed and the world fell apart. With those satellites, there used to be communication from coast to coast and even around the world. They could predict the weather, they could see armies moving here and there, they could see the stars... they could do so many great and wonderful things! But that's all gone. They tell me that they could've built another satellite, but the amount of scrap metal up there would destroy it within days at the most.

    "But that's about to change. For their New Years Resolution, the University boys have decided to design and launch a special satellite; a "metal sweeper" that would collect the scrap metal and burn it in the Earth's atmosphere. In a few years, they say, it might even be possible to send up a satellite. In a few decades, they say, things might be able to go back to the way they were.

    "Maybe. I'm not sure I believe the time scale they offered, but if nothing else, it's worth a shot and they have this station's support. Therefore, i'm putting out a general call for scientists and engineers. If you would like to be involved in this project, I would invite you to come to Chicago and help our boys clear the skies.

    "*sigh* Listen to me ramble. In an hour we'll be airing the Ohio Riverboat schedule, but for now, here's some Foghat with 'Sweet Home, Chicago'. This is WLS 890."
    >> Guess I keep updating my old stations... Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)21:07 No.3386533
    "K-D-K-A Pittsburgh! 1020 AM, the loudest, proudest, and oldest station in the land!

    "The Pittsburgh Merchant Marines are now recruiting both sailors and guns for the next trip. Seems that some of the smaller boats along the Ohio have been under attack from - get this - pirates on old Vietnam-lookin' gunships. Aside from steady pay and on the job training, the Merchant Marines offer a chance to see the world! Well, the world being the entire Ohio River Valley, at least. The word's being spread far and wide on our HAM network, so enlist while there's still room left!

    "On the trade front, the winter crops seem to be doing well so far, so expect those onions and broccoli to be rolling down the river pretty soon. As always, weapons, clothing, fuel, and electrical parts are very welcome trade goods, so keep that in mind when the boat comes to your nearest port around... what? *mumbling* the middle of February.

    "And now for some tunes! We're gonna start things off by playing a CD we found labeled 'Axel F Remixes'. We're not exactly sure what that means, but it grows on ya after a while."
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)22:34 No.3387253
    >> Repostan due to alterations Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)22:55 No.3387454
    *Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" fades out*

    GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING GREATER METRO! To all of you in the Two Rivers area- as I'm so told the towns are called now- coming to you loud and proud from what's left of Anoka, this is "Mad Marc" Mendelson, and you're listening to KQQL 107.9- that's KOOL 108, your Golden Oldies Station! For your edification, that last number was... *pause* Steppenwold, with "Magic Carpet Ride".

    It's time for your Morning News Break, kiddos! First things first- it's the Duluth Campaign Update, Day 42! As of the last transmission, which came in just last night, I've been told that they've run into some trouble along I-35, which appears to be held by- get this- a tank. I'm not even kidding- by the sound of things some of the Bandits have managed to find a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and get the sucker running, which is bad news for the 34th since they used up most of their anti-v ordnance on those Raiders last week. Last I heard, they're headed back down 35 and headed west, towards Camp Ripley outside Little Falls. Best of luck to ya, boys.

    ANNND IN LOCAL NEWS, everyone's heard about the explosion at St. Anthony Falls- or at least, everyone heard it. According to the Waterfront Volunteer Patrol, a barge containing about half a shipment of ammonium nitrate crashed into the old Locks, and something sparked. They THINK- hard to tell, not much is left down there- that a group of enterprising locals were trying to haul it to the shore with some winches to see if there was anything worthwhile on it. For the uninformed, ammonium nitrate is fertilizer- but it also happens to be one hell of an explosive. Yeah. The WVP has found two dead so far- probably the only two they'll find within city limits- though neither of them have been identified yet. If you think they're yours, come down to the old Gold Medal Flour apartments to check- that's where the investigation is taking place.
    >> Repostan due to alterations Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)22:56 No.3387458

    In related news, the City Council held an emergency session not two hours ago, and have agreed to pay handsomely in food or fuel to anyone who can help clear these goddamned wrecks out of the river, so that it can be considered at least moderately safe again. So if you've got a boat, a shotgun, and a pair of brass balls, you might want to look into that. Just watch out for the carp.

    Also in Local News, the Weatherball Association has reported that that nasty-looking storm off west- the one that was purportedly dropping flaming hailstones the size of my fist- has apparently changed direction, and is now headed south AROUND the downtown region. Good news to all you Twosies- that's what I'm calling you now, blame the government as usual- who were scrambling for cover. And if you're picking me up in Mankato, you might want to invest in an iron umbrella. Find cover fast, kids, you don't want to get hit with these.

    That's all for now, Two Rivers, and once again, this is KQQL, your Voice in the End of the World! You're listening to "Mad Marc" on 107.9 on the FM wire, and remember, kiddies, Stay Kool! Up next, more of this music we seem to have lying around everywhere- get ready to dance, though your elders say no, because it's Kenny Loggins!

    *"Footloose" begins playing*
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:06 No.3387554
    A limited nuclear war without nationwide EMP (no "four flying high-altitude fuck you's") and with subsequent Postman-esque collapse in order would seem to fit a Radio Wasteland as in the first thread type scenario with major cities and regional communities split into isolated agrarian societies trying to trade with one another and deal with slavers, raiders, and aggressors from other communities.
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:13 No.3387613
    ITT: Morrow Project?
    >> Carp: the eternal bane of all Minnesotans. Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)23:21 No.3387693
    *Billy Joel's "The Stranger" fades out*

    Damn, now THIS is music! If you haven't been paying attention, I'm "Mad Marc", your Voice of Reason after the End, and you're listening to 107.9 on the FM dial, callsign KQQL- that's KOOL 108, your Golden Oldies Station for the Greater Two Rivers Area! As for THAT, that was good old Billy Joel, with "The Stranger".

    It's time for the afternoon news, Day 55, and do I have news for you, Twosies! Namely, the Duluth Campaign is finally coming to a close! That's right, my old pals in the 34th Infantry Division have finally managed to stomp their way through the Raiders that were effectively holding what was left of Duluth hostage, and are currently mopping up the last of the bastards as I talk to you! This is fresh news, kids, hot off the carrier pigeon, so raise a glass of whatever hell-brew you keep hidden tonight for the proud men, women, and otherwise of the Red Bull!

    ANNND IN LOCAL NEWS, the City Council announced today that they're looking for anyone with mechanical expertise to help with the upkeep of the city's water filtration services- kind of important, ladies and gents, and you know the Council always pays well. Anyone looking to help with this- and I mean seriously looking to help, if you don't have the know-how or are just looking to dick around the place they'll throw you into the river for the carp- should make their way to the old plant in Columbia Heights and talk with the Chief of Water Management, that being Hiram Lorens.
    >> Amazing 01/12/09(Mon)23:21 No.3387697

    Stay tuned after this music break, wherein I'll be running a very useful P.S.A. released by some egghead on the East Coast on how to build your own Geiger counter! Don't miss this one, Twosies- the last thing you want is to get killed or mutated by stray radiation, and this handy device is your number-one tool for avoiding the fate of a Mutie!

    In the meanwhile, have another dose of music- you can't stop me from playing it, so you might as well enjoy it! From our endless stockpile here in the Anoka studio, it's time for... *pause* Grand Funk Railroad, with their cover of that classic song-and-dance known as the Loco-Motion! And don't forget, lest you forever regret- this is "Mad Marc" Mendelson at 107.9 on your dial- you're listening to your Local SuperStation, KOOL 108!

    *The Loco-Motion begins*
    (I'm aware that Two Rivers is a city in Wisconsin, but I couldn't think of a better name for a combined Twin Cities that didn't sound stupid as hell or would have caused open revolt in one town or the other.)
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:30 No.3387756
    >something sounding like a cat in heat being beaten with a running leafblower while a rusty chainsaw is used to cut Jell-O plays over the radio

    Maybe something that sounds like a man trying to fight off wolves while gargling?

    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:32 No.3387780
    Seems those eggheads at UM finally got the old pi...fu.... HEY TOM! how d'you pronounce this?
    The old Pfizer campus is up and running, so we might finally be able to deal with the plagues that sweep through every summer.
    Also the brainiacs are working on wind powered pumps to drain the swamplands, meaning they'll be needing bodyguards to keep the Ferals and bandits off their backs while they work.
    Our next segment is on blacksmithing with Alan Danworth, the best damn smith this side of Amish country....
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:39 No.3387849
    *A badly distorted rendition of "Got You Under My Skin" cuts out abruptly*

    Hello, Great Plains folks. People? Folk... folks. This is Jim... uh, "Rockin'" Jim H-H-Hen-Henderson.

    I'm talking to you, all of you guys. Persons? No, people. Hey all you people, living out there in the wasteland as best you can. I'm doing my part, I guess. Yeah. I'm sending you all the tunes I have down here, trying to keep you sane.

    Trying to keep us all sane. God, I'm so lonely.

    Um, I saw a patrol drive by yesterday. I think. Maybe they were bandits? Watch out, guys. Life can be bad out there. You know, in the dustbowl.

    If you want to stop by and chat with me, Jim... er, "Rockin'" Jim, you can always triangulate my signal. Maybe we could have an interview or something, give y'all something to think about over the next few days. Right?

    I mean, I'm broadcasting 24/7. Uh, nothing else to do. I have all my records and CDs here, it's a pretty sweet collection.

    That's why I'm sharing it, I guess. We all need each other. We need everyone we got.


    Hey, I'll play you guys some more music, alright? Um, here goes.

    *Two indistinguishable big band songs start playing at once*
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:49 No.3387917
    ...oody piece of junk, morons were always to cheap to upgra-- we're on? Sweet.

    Well, welcome to all you folks that are still listening out there in the greater southwest. This is Lexi MacD, and what's left of KBIM FM and AM, your only post-whateverthehell that was source for news, events, and music. No ads, no FCC, just good talk, good tunes, and good fun.

    First up, the roads leading in and out of Clines Corners are still a no-go zone due to shelling and mines. But hey, if you're feeling brave, maybe you can sweep through and clear it out for people, yeah?

    Secondly, to all my people down in Carlsbad, stay out of the caves! Are you nuts? One shell would bring that place down on your fool heads. Get with the local militia boys, they'll hook you up if you're willing to work.

    Now then, here's a little Thin Lizzy that I stole off the 'net. Yeah, that's right, you RIAA assholes, stole. What're you gonna do, sue me?

    *plays Thin Lizzy ripped from GTA IV, complete with LRR intro*
    >> Anonymous 01/12/09(Mon)23:52 No.3387936
    More Twilight 2000/2013 if you ask me.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:10 No.3388056
    ...and a bill from the government! But that happens everyday.

    Alright, folks, that was Iggy Pop as the DJ and The Sisters of Mercy with Dominion/Mother Russia! Now that I scrounged up some coffee, we can get some news. Thanks to my buddies up in Albuquerque who're bouncing the signal with their antennas, now I got the whole state listening. This is too cool. For those of you who're just waking up, you're tuned in to KBIM FM/AM out of Roswell, New Mexico, the last bastion of civili--- I can't even finish that sentence with a straight face, this place is as big a hellhole as ever. Now, here's the news! *prerecorded sting*

    The main street Chevron has been blown up, and there's a reward out for information leading to those responsible, and a price on the heads of those that did it to boot! Please take any and all information, culprits, or heads of culprits with proof of action to the main street courthouse to receive your reward.

    The Roswell Museum of Art is holding workshops! Community volunteers will be giving lectures and classes on everything from fieldstripping and cleaning your guns to water purification to potterymaking, so drop on by the information desk to sign up. If I wasn't stuck in this damn station keeping the place running, I know I would be! Security will be provided by the collected efforts of our local street gangs, so don't go and start acting a fool, or you'll get beheaded.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:11 No.3388063

    The convention and civic center will be hosting our first ever market, so come on down and sign up! Hock your wares, as long as it ain't sentient, you can sell it. Space is limited, and on a first come first serve basis, so hurry on down! Price of admission is free, yes, that's right, free! You won't get a better deal here, people!

    Thirdly, I have a brand new Remington 870 and three boxes of 00 buck to the first person to come down to the station and bring me some Arizona tea. I can't leave, and I'm about to run out.

    Now, here's some Autopilot Off, with Make A Sound!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:22 No.3388145
    I love this.

    Would any fa/tg/uys be interested in actually recording voices for these things and compiling it all so that other fa/tg/uys could use them as audio props/cues for their own RPGs or whatnot?
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)00:31 No.3388233

    If my voice wasn't so damned nasal (I've heard myself on recordings, it's not pretty) I'd be more than willing to do Mad Marc. We're both the type of people who talk way too much when we get going.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:34 No.3388251
    Well, I'm bored, so I'm going to give it a shot, then.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:41 No.3388305
    It's too late for me to cop the proper DJ voice for most of these, but I'll do "Rockin'" Jim Henderson gladly.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:41 No.3388308
    What is that smell? It smells like a new project.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:43 No.3388321
    First things first: The Vista default sound recorder is a piece of shit. What does anon use?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)00:45 No.3388340
    Well, you have a good number of options. Audacity is the standard free option. If you go the torrent route, Adobe bought out CoolEdit and they make a damn fine program, so you're going to want to look for either Adobe Audition or Cool Edit/CoolEdit Pro.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:07 No.3388520
    I'm liking audacity, but I'm not really liking how my voice is going thus far. Anyone else interested in becoming a DJ?
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)01:16 No.3388603

    I'm content to keep making content for now. Radio Free Wasteland is a concept that seems to be at least persistent if not outright popular, so it SHOULD be repostable.

    And in the meantime, Mad Marc is still around.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:19 No.3388634
    I recorded a good chunk of KBIM's stuff. Sadly, though I think I have a good DJ voice I have a stuffed nose that makes me swallow all my stops.

    And my voice loses about ten years when recorded. If anyone's still interested I'll post a sample cut.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:22 No.3388655
    Oh, sweet, someone recorded my hometown radio! You're awesome, duder. Sample cut would be great.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:26 No.3388696
    I'd love to hear it.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:33 No.3388763
    Okay, I fucked it up a little trying to make it sound "olde ray-dio" so I'm trying to fix that.

    Upload forthcoming shortly

    Wait, just crashed WaveStudio. I guess I'll rerecord it...
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)01:48 No.3388930
    I recorded a brief segment of a Mad Marc broadcast and submit it for /tg/'s approval. I went with a slightly southern accent for this despite not being a southerner, so if it sounds ridiculous please let me know. I'm more than willing to try a few more times with a more natural speaking voice.

    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:53 No.3388966
    So, would you like some Deadlands specific ones?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)01:58 No.3389003
    Perfect dude.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:00 No.3389016
         File :1231830005.jpg-(87 KB, 800x500, 800px-Awesomecrash.jpg)
    87 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:03 No.3389049
    The file was like a meg and a half thanks to all my shitty audio mixing, and yet Megaupload took a good ten minutes to try and grab it before crashing my web browser. Fuck you, Megaupload. You suck. I want everything now.

    Anyway, here goes with KBIM. Be gentle.
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)02:09 No.3389108

    Your accent needs to be a little more consistent, but other than that you were fantastic! I'd love to hear more from you.


    I didn't sound completely ridiculous? I'll record a full Mad Marc broadcast.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:09 No.3389111
    Think this could merge with the post-apoc roadmap?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:10 No.3389122
    I'm suffering from a three-month head cold right now, so I'm going to blame everything on that.

    If this is still around in a day or two I'm vain enough to contribute more.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:12 No.3389136
    Ah, god I love that song. In keeping with this station's prewar tradition, we're gonna be bringing you more long sets of music with less talk. And congratulations to the winner of the Remington 870 and ammo, Juan Martinez, who brought me a whole damn CASE of tea. Radio's the best gig, I swear. Now, here's that long set of music I promised you, including a little Big Black with Stinking Drunk, some Steely Dan with Reelin' In The Years, and Reggie & The Full Effect with Congratulations Smack and Katy. First off, though, we've got the station's unofficial theme song, and a personal favorite of mine, even if the lead singer's a whiny powertool. Here's Rage Against The Machine with Guerilla Radio. Good God I hope the plumbing in this place still works.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:14 No.3389161
    Not fucking bad, dude, not fucking bad, you've got a good radio voice. The fact that my media player's set to random and segued in to Incense and Peppermints just fucking sweetened it so much you have no idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:16 No.3389169
    Haha fuck yeah!
    Nice sound use in the opening/exit
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)02:16 No.3389178
    *some static...
    "Alright, light's green, we're back up."
    Good morning Miami! WFLC 97.3FM is back on the air and by our calculations we should have full state coverage now. We're bouncing off as many towers as our teams could find, so for those just discovering us, HEY, WHAT'S UP? Now, time for some local news, and I'll have a surprise later!

    Headlines! Metro militia teams report the last of the cuban gangs have been extinguished, Miami is safe once again and I swear, this week's been the first time I haven't heard gunfire echoing through the night. Almost kept me up. The local chieftain is asking for all refugees with skills of any kind to move back in, there's plenty of abandon housing and materials available.--
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)02:17 No.3389182
    --Next up, news from those crazy monks at Fort UM, apparently they've done extensive water testing up and down both costs and have reported.. dun dun duuunn.. the Atlantic coast water is not, I repeat NOT contaminated, no rads, no chems, completely safe to fish, swim, whatever. Bad news, the Gulf coast is toast. Do not eat anything out of the Gulf coast waters my friends or you'll never need a lantern at night.

    Next piece... Ammo caches are running low, If any trade caravans out there have excess to sell, the city chieftain's willing to pay what you're asking!

    Lastly.. word of advice, keep your metal goods covered kids, nothing corrodes like salty air, and we've got more then enough.--
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)02:18 No.3389188
    --Now kids, I said I had a surprise, well here it is. I dug up an old laptop my gramps gave me, battery was dead, didn't think it worked.. Well, a few days ago I hit the markets and what do I see.. a god damn laptop power cable. So I picked it up, what the hell right? Well it works, and what's more? It's got a shit load of old music on it, so.. drumroll please.. for the first time, WFLC has some music for you! First up is a little piece called.. Alive, by a group named Pearl Jam. Figured it'd be appropriate. Also a quick shout out to all you guys running the Turkey Point nuclear plant, we'd be in the dark without you! This is Sky High Mike, talk to you tomorrow Miami!

    *Music starts
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:18 No.3389190
    Ahaha, not bad. Be a little less melodramatic and it'll be absolutely perfect. Also, substitute something else for Lexi, you don't sound like a lexi. :V
    >> Garbage Scanning Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:19 No.3389195

    "Bonita la paz, bonita la vida,
    bonito volver a nacer cada-"


    "-is only a test of the emergency broadcast system. If this were a real emergency-"


    "-an' Supaman dat-"


    "-n't trust any of them. We know the REAL truth: it was the alien spies that-"


    "-liberal agenda. Why act surprised, folks? Those commies have been trying to destroy our great country since-*


    He looked at the silenced radio in incredulous annoyance. "I bought a generator for this shit?"
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:19 No.3389200
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:25 No.3389246
    This is a beautiful thread. Time to start saving up for a studio-quality mic. I've got a semi-decent radio voice, and my dad's done radio for a number of years and he'd probably be willing to record as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:29 No.3389272
    Oooh, a numbers station?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:30 No.3389284
    I love you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:35 No.3389311
    So this thread has me compiling a post-apoc playlist that I'd have if I were running a station. Consider this a focus group. What kind of music would you want to listen to, were you a survivor of, say, a nuclear war, or an invasion, or whatever other oh shit scenario? What would make you feel most welcome?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:39 No.3389344
    For that matter, what kind of content would you want? I'm going to try to record this at my earliest convenience.
    >> hyperion !!LtgOgT0wJFN 01/13/09(Tue)02:43 No.3389369
    *Static crackles*

    This is the Imperial Magocracy. Do not turn off your radio. You will notice our troops flooding your streets. This is for your own good. All glory to the Heirophant. Since the Crash, the world has floundered. We, the Changed, the Touched by the Crash come to bring ORDER and SECURITY. You and yours can do naught but submit to our glorious rule! You will be fed! You will be clothed! You will be protected! All you need to do is work and obey! Fear not the raiders, fear not the remnants of your so called government! We are the future! All non sanctioned Changed must be reported to our troops immediately for sanctioning and binding! Resistance to our benevolent rule is death! We exist to help you, so submit and work! Labour! Glory to the Heirophant! Glory to the Heirophant!

    *radio detonates*
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:44 No.3389376
    "I don't want to set the world on fireeeeeee
    I just want to start a flame in your heart"

    Love that song.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:45 No.3389381
    Bioshock/Fallout 3 type stuff, got it.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:47 No.3389394
    It was surprisingly ironically perfect. I suppose I should have already known that from the first two games though.
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)02:48 No.3389399

    Mad Marc's very first broadcast can be downloaded at the link above. Can anyone help me figure out how to mix audio clips into a project in Audacity? Every sound effect and music clip you hear in the above clip was a result of me turning my speakers up and sticking my microphone next to them.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:50 No.3389413
    I'm pretty sure you can either open up multiple mp3 projects to splice, or open up multiple sessions of audacity. I really recommend finding yourself a copy of audition, though. It can be slightly resource intensive, I think, but it's the absolute TITS for this sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:51 No.3389414

    Twin Cities-fag reporting in, I look forward to listening to Mad Marc after the apocalypse
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:51 No.3389417


    One three zero nine three.
    One three zero nine three.
    One three zero nine three.
    Alpha, Hotel, Foxtrot.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:56 No.3389456
    >Home of Techno and House
    >*adagio for strings*
    >filthy shit trance
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)02:59 No.3389470
         File :1231833542.jpg-(75 KB, 444x366, threadlovercat.jpg)
    75 KB
    Another Apocalyptic Radio Thread.

    /tg/ I love you!
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)02:59 No.3389479
    *Music ends
    Hey Miami, this is Sky High Mike at WFLC 97.3FM! That last song was.. The New Pollution.. by Beck. No, I don't get it either so don't ask. Anyways, it's 9am and a nice 104 degrees out, the coldest winter in a long time! Here's the daily lowdown!

    Gator mutants have been spotted in lower Coral Gables in large force, so if you're heading out there, keep your eyes peeled and your gun ready, they're deadly and according to some reports, good eatin!

    The fishing fleet's have reported seeing strange boats moving around the ocean with heavy armament, possibly pirates. So far they've left the fisheries alone, but we can't let our guard down so be aware!--
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)03:00 No.3389482
    --Now here's something interesting! The markets are now overflowing with loads of ammo, a Schooner arrived from.. get this.. out of state, loaded with goods. Crew reportedly came from a place called Newport News, Virginia. Looks like some other East coasters survived afterall! They're departing in 5 days and looking for anything that might catch their eyes. The local chief's currently in negotiations for setting up an ocean going trade route, but with those potential pirates out there.. well we'll just have to see.

    Turkey Point nuclear plant is looking for more men and women of all ages, preferably with militia training, to fill their ranks so they can safely expand their influence maybe get Palm Beach wired up. It's about time those poor sobs get some night lights that aren't burning trees or raider corpses.

    Speaking of utilities, the water plant is now running at a wonderful 30%, that means double water rations people! You can thank Allen Fields and his combat engineers for capturing, stripping and transporting those filters and pumps back from gang and raider territory! Allen claims he'll be able to get the old plant to 60% within 2 years, cheers to him!--
    >> 008 01/13/09(Tue)03:00 No.3389483
    --Some of you may of noticed my music's been showing up on another station, well it's not theft, we have signed a new sister station, WINZ 940AM, for all those who can't get their hands on an FM box. Shout out to their announcer Fishman Fred!

    Lastly. The Chief's officially set a ban on all slavers in the good city of Miami. YOU HEAR ME YOU GOD DAMN SONS OF BITCHES, WE DON'T WANT YOUR KIND HERE! They are to be shot on sight if spotted doing business in the center or middle city districts.

    Now time for some music.. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol! This is Sky High Mike signing off!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:07 No.3389528





    *music plays*
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:08 No.3389531
    Aside and /r/ as well:

    Generic broadcasts of all sorts would also make an awesome contribution to this, for more general purpose use. Simply fuzz out the station identification or just start the broadcast very slightly in, completely avoiding the ID; as well, just say "the city" or another generic term, to obviously allow use wherever a fa/tg/uy might desire.
    So /r/ for anyone interested in that sort; I'll be trying my hand at a broadcast tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:08 No.3389532
    Whoah whoah whoah

    Is that some swedish rhapsody? Numbers stations in MY /tg/?!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:08 No.3389538
    Good news, folks, the plumbing somehow still works, so I didn't have to crap in a box. Big big big shoutouts to whoever's keeping everything running, that toilet flushing is a miracle at a time like this. And, for the next hour, as thanks, I've got a special going. Those of you in the know know where we're broadcasting from. For the next hour only, bring in your music. If it's good quality, and not utter crap, I'll play it. We're expanding our library, people! No matter the genre, no matter the artist, no matter the profanity, we'll play it if I don't hate it! Come on down, bring your computers, thumb drives, CDs, tapes, vinyl, even 8 tracks! Those that bring me presents can try to request a specific play time for their song of choice, or have their music bumped to the front of the line.

    Oh, and don't bother trying to attack, we, uh, 'liberated' some nice guns from the local national guard armory. We got 'em manned 24/7. This is the most heavily armed radio station in the greater southwest outside of Texas. They got some crazy fuckers over there. Here's Cab Calloway with Reefer Man!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:09 No.3389552
    I love you so much
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:09 No.3389553

    >>3389532 here

    God, there's at least 3 of us here that know about those. Anyone else collect the mp3s? I actually play some while I'm driving. Tends to weird my passengers out...
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:11 No.3389573
    jsrf brown and grey version?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:15 No.3389604
    Anything upbeat. Something to your typical survivor from killing him or herself after the world's end.

    That was so great, I think I'm gay for you, Mad Marc.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:18 No.3389624
    Oh holy fuck this thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:21 No.3389654
    I love this thread *so* much.

    I demand moar from Mad Marc!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:24 No.3389672
    I'll start posting what I've got playlist-wise once I hit the Cs. 5.3 days of music to sort through in my library.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:29 No.3389711
    Thread needs more recordings, it does
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:32 No.3389733
    You know, if by some small miracle of a chance Art Bell, George Noory, or hell, any other pretty widely-known (or professional, as in does it for a living) DJs read /tg/ this would be a GREAT thread for them to show themselves.
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)03:35 No.3389753

    Mad Marc's second broadcast can be found at the link above. This one is a bit dry, and I wasn't sure if "munes" is supposed to be pronounced 'myu-ns' or 'moons' so your mileage may vary. If you've ever wanted to hear me vocalize a long list of shit, this is the broadcast for you! Inconsistencies in my accent and the one time I over-pronunciate the letter T and blow into a mic a tiny bit should hopefully not mar the experience too much. I'm off to bed for the night, but you can expect more broadcasts tomorrow, perhaps around 4:30 EST. Until then, this is "Mad Marc" Mendelson signing out.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:38 No.3389785
    The fact that nobody used the phrase "Egghead science mavens" in this thread means you're all fags.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:41 No.3389806
    no john, you are the fags
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:45 No.3389849
    This is KUAC 89FM broadcasting out of Fairbanks Alaska, That was "Personal Jesus" by Johnny Cash, I'm your host "Crazy Steve" and if anybody hears this, For the love of god get me out of here! I'm the only person still up here, Everybody's either dead or fled south. I've got plenty of packaged food, booze and fuel for payment just get me the fuck out of here.

    And don't you little bastards even fucking try anything smart because I *am* a bit crazy, I've got plenty of guns and I've trapped this place with enough home made explosives to blow us all to kingdom come.

    Next up is a special for all the Russian paras out there, "Its Raining Men" by The Weather Girls.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)03:59 No.3389958
    I definately need to assist with the track creation, this thread is awesometastic
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)04:00 No.3389967
    >you're all fags.

    Hello little Wastelanders, it's your last, best hope for Fashion at the end of the world, Jark Francis. I'm here to save you all from the horrors of bad fashion. Here's some quick pointers on how to look your best.

    Number One: Go from Dread and Dazzle, by using brightly coloured road signs found around the wasteland to add Fab to your dull brown leather armour!

    Number Two: Work off those pounds by swapping your gun for a melee weapon.

    Number Three: When taking a bath, make sure the water isn't radiated. Noting ruins good skin like toxic waste.

    And last for the day

    Number Four: A good mix of water, detergent and elbow grease can get any blood stain out.

    That's it for today, and remember Wastelanders, stay fabulous!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)04:14 No.3390039
    Haha, 'She positively exudes a special "After-radiation glow" '
    >> Cactus Jack 01/13/09(Tue)04:23 No.3390095
    I'll be doing some recording and posting tomorrow. Just wanted to throw this out there:

    "KNIX - Radio Free Phoenix. It's your old pal Cactus Jack here again. Let me cut right to the chase, kiddies. One of the scout teams finally made it back from their trek down to Palo Verde. I've got some good news, and some very bad news. The bad news is that the retaining dome on the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant is cracked and leaking radiation into the atmosphere. What's the good news, you say? The winds are blowing westward, so if you're listening from California: We've always hated you and we hope you enjoy the weather.

    And now here's Wax with 'Southern California'..."
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)04:24 No.3390103
         File :1231838685.jpg-(15 KB, 240x320, martha-stewart.jpg)
    15 KB
    A number of skulls can be made into a simple yet tasteful bouquet with the addition of leather and spikes.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)04:32 No.3390149
         File :1231839170.jpg-(12 KB, 325x242, 50teen.jpg)
    12 KB

    Well, Go-o-o-o-lly! The Howl Gargle Boogie is just the Bee's Knees!

    And the band is so-o-o-o dreamy!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)05:10 No.3390307
    Well, it's three in the morning, and damn if I don't need to catch some sleep. Thanks for all the supplies, listeners, I'm more grateful than you'll ever know. This is MacD signing off, with something a little more low-key. Here's... damn what a long name, I'm shortening it. Here's Kamina's Theme, from the Tenga Toppa Gurren-Lagann soundtrack. Row row fight the power, New Mexico, and good night.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)05:21 No.3390353
    Good afternoon, students, I am Master Fu, teacher of the martial arts, here to pass my wisdom on to you. Normally I'd teach you ways on enlightenment before teaching you how to kill a man, but given the state of the world, I'd think you'll find the latter more useful.

    Today's lesson, FLYING TIGER KICK.

    Step 1: Get some distance between you and your target.

    Step 2: Run towards your target. Be careful not to get a stitch!

    Step 3: Jump in the air when a few feet away from your target. Remember to keep your forward momentum or it just wont work.

    Step 4: Point one leg at you target's head and keep the other bent into a sort of wing shape.

    Step 5: Shout HI YA!

    If you follow all these step correctly, you should hit you target in the head, knocking him to the ground.

    NEXT WEEK: The Falcon Punch! For this, you'll need a falcon and some duck tape.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)05:43 No.3390451

    Would do business again.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)05:44 No.3390456
    >duck tape
    >> kris devereux 01/13/09(Tue)05:53 No.3390478
         File :1231844020.jpg-(48 KB, 255x165, rovheadlogo.jpg)
    48 KB
    (static turniing dial ) is this on this is 96.3 wrov roanoke lynchburg & the new river valley va also mirroring on the former 102.1wrxl richmond & also on the former max fm 100.5 wxmm in the 7 cities, well we've survived the end of the world but now what! ok we've gotten reports from the 7 cities the atlantic fleet gone & nato atlantic HQ also gone, news from richmond or whats left of it destroyed in a nuclear strike, we here in the roanoke valley seem to be alive for now at least like i said this is wrov 96.3 roanoke lynchburg & the new river valley The Rock Of Virginia.
    >> kris devereux 01/13/09(Tue)06:05 No.3390512
    damn this is EPIC, but three questions will anyone do one for the END 106.5 in charlotte & wkzq 96.1 in myrtle beach, and three will this thread be saved on the archive board.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)06:14 No.3390570
    Well.... Looks like suptg is down for the moment, but I archived it in the first couple dozen posts. The archives also have the original Radio Free Wasteland thread.
    Good stuff.
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)11:38 No.3392103

    Anything is possible. When I finish all of the "Mad Marc" broadcasts I'll try doing some others.
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)11:41 No.3392120

    I'm outright honored, I have to say- especially by the voicework (though for some reason, as of this posting, it won't let me download the fething things, I'm honored that someone thought my writing good enough to narrate. Will continue efforts to download).

    I intended the second broadcast to be more cut-and-dried in nature, frankly, since Marc's paraphrasing out of a book rather than what I'd imagine his normal style- that being raw improv. Also, I'm fairly certain it's pronounced "myuunes", just for reference.
    >> Z 01/13/09(Tue)11:50 No.3392173

    Can't get them off of Megaupload? In the future I'll upload to Megaupload and Mediafire. If you're still having troubles in the next four hours when I get home from work I'll put the first two broadcasts on Mediafire as well, hopefully that'll sort you out. And hey, you keep writing 'em and I'll keep reading 'em. I'm having a blast.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)11:51 No.3392182
    Good morniiiiing.... *volume to max* GOOD MORNING! *volume to norm* Yes, that's right, I'm not dead, so it's a good morning indeed, New Mexico! This is your schizophrenic aural messenger, MacD! It's a bright, sunny morning, and cold as bugger all! I have yet to eat breakfast, so here's another long set of music, starting out with Get Over It, by The Eagles!
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)12:17 No.3392337

    Gimme two secs. I'm cooking up a whopper- you are all gonna love this.
    >> August 6th (near as can be reckoned), Day 60 of Broadcast Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)12:26 No.3392410
    *A scratchy recording of Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 is violently cut off mid-note, and a voice that is far, far too chipper for 6:23 in the morning blasts out of the speakers.*

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNIN' TWO RIVEEEEEERS! Hope you had a nice night, but now it's OOOOVER- this is your Kool Morning Wakeup Call, from us to you with love! The sun has just risen over Wisconsin and we're looking at another beee-YOOtiful day! *abruptly more somber* Well, as beautiful as you can get nowadays. *the chipper mood quickly returns*

    For those of you who've been hit on the head recently, this is your Voice of Reason at the End of the World- the one, the only, the fantastic and bombastic, "MAD MARC" MENDELSON! And you're listening to your Local Golden SuperStation, KQQL 107.9 on your dial- that's KOOL 108!

    First things first- for those of you early-birds who were listening in before I added my dulcet tones to the mix, that one of the many symphonies of Ludwig von Beethoven, who I am told by the more cultured on my staff was the BEST Son-Of-A-Teuton to ever conduct an orchestra. This may be a subject of debate, but you cannot deny that it was pretty good.
    >> August 6th, Day 60 of broadcast, Year 1 P.E.W. Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)12:27 No.3392424
    The first year Post-End-of-the-World.

    At any rate, welcome back to the dawn, Two Rivers and Surrounding, and it's time for your Morning News Update! In Regional, the 34th Infantry has reported that the Duluth militias have finally become organized enough to take over from the Weekend Warriors! That's right, you heard it here first, ladies, gents, and otherwise- the Big Bad Red Bull is coming home!

    And in Local today, a bit of amazing and amusing information for your edification-- namely, that the local Chief of the Cops has been burned while in the backroom! No joke, kiddos- Police Chief Penworth of the West St. Paul District was found in the wee hours of last night handcuffed up, stripped clean of cash and, well, just about everything else! A-paarentlyyyy, the good Officer was attempting to "strip-search" a female in the boiler room of his station. However, his charge seemed to object to this and, well, cleaned him out.

    While I'm letting you let the mental image of Chief Penworth naked get hard-burned into your cerebellums, it may interest you to know that the chief has been "indefinitely suspended" by Cop Central, and Police Commissioner Vanderhousen has declared a medium-scale manhunt for the woman responsible. But our Miss Fortune's rum luck hasn't all fermented yet- Penworth has also sworn to find the, and I quote, "conniving bitch", and bring her in himself. Just what we need, eh? A vigilante debarred police chief. If I were you, Twosies, I'd load those guns now and keep a watch out.
    >> August 6th, Day 60 of broadcast, Year 1 P.E.W. Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)12:28 No.3392431

    In other Local News, the first ship in three months- purportedly a trade tug from Davenport- has been spotted picking its way up the Mighty Miss. According to the latest Pigeon Post, the tug was most recently spotted making port in Wabasha, and intends to continue up to our little neck of the woods to see if they can't scare up some business! No word on their cargo yet, folks, so you know the Post-Apocalyptic Drill; be ready for anything!

    That's all for now, Two Rivers! From our concrete box in Anoka across the air to your heart, this is Mad Marc, wishing all of you a great day in *a demonic rumble is abruptly added to the announcer's tone* HELL! *short pause, then the voice returns with no trace of the rumble* And don't you forget, lest you forever regret, you're listening to KQQL- that's 107.9 on your FM dial, and you're here after the end with KOOL 108, your Local Golden SuperStation!

    Up next, we segue right into some music, for your edification and delight! Don't expect to hear any more from me for the next hour or so, folks, and to start off this lyrical fillibuster, we've got... *pause* the Electric Light Orchestra, singing about- what else- girl troubles! This one's for you, Chief Penworth!

    *Four Little Diamonds begins playing*
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)13:29 No.3392959
    *static, replaced by the end of Wagnar's Ride of the Valkyries*

    "...this is Time Tripping Tom, veteran of Banshee and the bruhaha of 95, broadcasting to you on 105 FM, from, well, it's best if you don't know where. Finally got this rig up and running, thanks to a junker friend of mine. Here I am rattling on, when you all want the news. Been a year since the great bruhaha. The Combine's still reeling, City o' Sin is quiet, and no sign of any deader from East of the Mississippi yet. If you're on your way to Junkyard, take care to avoid the scavengers still about, but Junkyard's paying well for parts and supplies. The Convoy's running, albeit smaller in size now. And hell, if you're in *my* area, say hi to the ole Golem out front, just make sure you do it with words not bullets. And now, something from the good ole year of 2020, courtesy of the C.S.A., and The Rebel Yell Boys, 'Southern Spirit'."

    *music begins to play, country rock*
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)16:27 No.3394123
    Looks like somebody needs a good bumping!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)17:02 No.3394424
    No.3392959 here, surprised no one picked up what setting that's from. (Also bumping with this post, love these post apocalypse radio posts)
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)17:17 No.3394580
    so what time period did the war happen, and how long is this supposed to be after that?
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)17:28 No.3394693

    It's totally up to whoever's on the mike (by which I mean, whoever's writing at the moment). No-one's entirely sure how long ago the apocalypse was, or how it happened, or why- everyone has their own story.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)17:30 No.3394713
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)17:31 No.3394724
    Yeah, wanted to do a Deadlands one.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)17:33 No.3394746
    right, I was referring pretty much to the Mad marc ones. Seems like it was pretty recent?
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)17:48 No.3394912

    Ah, right.

    For the Mad Marc ones I pretty much envision that it can't be more than two or three years at most after the apocalypse (most likely, about a year by the time Marc starts broadcasting)- any longer, and larger military units like the 34th Infantry would have begun to dissolve into Raider and Bandit bands. Hard to keep cohesion among larger units. I can't imagine the 34th lasting much longer after they return to Two Rivers- they'll likely be dissolved and broken up into smaller local forces for ease of operation (I've already got a name for them- the Lakeland Military).

    The "days broadcasting" was a totally arbitrary choice of mine, chosen for two things: one, to showcase how difficult it is for even a semi-fully-armed and combat-tested military unit to make its way across country after the End. It took a division-sized infantry unit of National Guard, with considerable combat experience (including the longest to-date tour in Iraq), two months to make it from the Twin Cities to Duluth, despite I-35 being almost entirely intact- that shows how dangerous the backcountry has become.

    And, secondly, the dates showcase that Mad Marc most definitely has the three things required of a great DJ- personality, patience, and a love of his own voice.
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)17:54 No.3394988

    Also, Megaupload finally agreed to cooperate, and I have to say- I'm quite impressed with what I hear! You do good work, Z, and I'm looking forward to any future broadcasts.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)18:00 No.3395083

    The Banshee one (which I did), is Deadlands: Hell on Earth (set after The Unity book).
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)18:02 No.3395115
    okay thats what i invisioned, and by after the apocalypse, you mean directly after the war or after the 6-10 years of nuclear winter?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)18:09 No.3395196
    Shit get it workin' man!
    -static, then normal sounds-
    You got it? Cool.
    Alwight, this is Jack Hackitt come in to ya from somewhere in what used to be New Orleans.
    Fuck if I know what the station number is, Sammie blew the damn numbers off with her shotgun.
    Anyway, for those of you who are new to the area, don't go near the river. No. I'm serious. It may seem like a fuckin' awesome idea to build a raft and go north or set up a trade route, but the pirates will have a world of hurt set up for you. And if not them, the Gatorfish will.
    If you need water, catch it in buckets from the rainfall.
    -loud thumps, sounds of gunfire-
    Now if you'll excuse me, I seem to have Catfish-Men breaking down my front door.
    I'll leave you in the hands of...
    Reel Big Fish!
    -Sell Out, plays-
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)18:11 No.3395222

    Well, that depends on what the Apocalypse WAS, doesn't it?

    And the kicker is that no-one's exactly sure what it was, indeed. Most military types think it was small-scale nuclear war- just enough to tear society apart at the seams- and this is generally the accepted theory, though to be frank it has not yet been proven or disproven. Religious types will tell you to a man that it was either, A. God's Wrath, or B. The Rapture. The Tribes call it the Liberation and don't care what it was- throwing off the concrete and asphalt chains of former society- but then again they're sort of nuts as a whole, so who knows.

    The theories have no end, and grow increasingly esoteric as their tellers' sanity decreases- mad science, time-travel fuckery, another scheme by the "gummint" to extort more money out of the people. Some of the Muties- the ones that kept their minds, anyhow- think that it was originally intended as some kind of experiment that got way out of hand.

    Society after the End- referring to the End as a specific event as well as the general End of the World- is much like the society from "Anthem" (give me a break, it was required reading in junior high) minus the creepy no-individuality attitude (as people like Mad Marc show, if you don't have individuality in this world you're as good as dead already). They know SOMETHING destroyed them, they're just not sure what the hell it was. And all they can do is rebuild.
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)18:15 No.3395265

    But, to answer your question: still in the middle of the throes of Nuclear Winter, just a year after the noise stopped- though, the massive global climate shifts have somewhat negated the effects of the Nuclear Winter, though not entirely.

    The end result here, is that Minnesotan summers are now peaking at highs of 77 on the hottest day of the year (FUN FACT: Minnesotan summers have been known to peak over 100 before in the normal world. Yeah, and you thought we were America's Icebox all year round). And the winters... well, let's just say that you had better be a Minnesotan. That, or buy a damned good jacket.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)18:38 No.3395564
    sounds good to me
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)19:47 No.3396308

    Slightly concerned because everything from this post down doesn't seem to be being added to the Archive.

    Not overly concerned, though. I am an eternal optimist, albeit one who suffers from chronic anxiety.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)20:06 No.3396511
    It checks for updates every two hours.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)21:16 No.3397115
    bumping back to the top, i'm impressed with the voicework, and if i'd found the thread sooner, would love to have put a sample up.

    Ausfag here, so maybe somethin from the country?
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)21:44 No.3397318

    Hey, we're hardly picky. And who says this has to be restricted to America?

    You could do a broadcast from Australia. Perhaps talking about how the End of the World actually made some of the places around there BETTER (since the Australian national pasttime appears to be ragging on every other town in the country but their own- and then on their own as well).
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)21:52 No.3397366

    *crackle*...is an automated broadcast. Turn around immediately. New Zealand is an interdicted territory and is not accepting refugees at this time. If found by Navy or Air Force patrols unidentified vessels will be sunk on sight.

    Authorised vessels are reminded to broadcast their authorisation codes immediately on request and to be ready for boarding at all times. Unauthorised traffic in refugees is an offence under the Emergency Regulations (No. 543) and is punishable by penalties including execution.

    This is an automated broadcast...
    >> Gnight /tg/, if it's still alive tomorrow I'll be back Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)22:03 No.3397426
    *Mr. Tambourine Man finishes* *Mad Marc comes on, sounding quite subdued from an exhausting day*

    Whoo, I'll never get tired of that! Bob Dylan, ladies and gentlemen, with Mr. Tambourine Man- interesting fact, didja know that Mr. Dylan was a Minnesotan native born? No joke.

    Well, that about concludes this broadcast day- I've got to get some sleep, and I suspect most of you do too. We've got one more song to play before we throw the Night Tracks we borrowed from the NPR station on and let you all get some Z's, and it's one of the great slow songs of all time.

    Signing off from KQQL 107.9's Anoka station, it's the end of another day, Twosies. This is "Mad Marc" Mendelson, heading off to sack, and you're listening to your Local Golden Superstation- *Marc's vigor abruptly returns* that's KOOL 108, the OLDEST and BOLDEST station operating in the Greater Metropolitan Area! *the vigor fades, and Marc laughs* G'night, Two Rivers. Let Clapton carry you off to your dreams.

    *the mike cuts out with a snap of static, and after a short pause, "If" by Bread begins playing*
    >> Amazing 01/13/09(Tue)22:07 No.3397444

    SUPER FUN FACT: "If" by Bread is a very sentimental song for both me and Marc. For me, it's my mom's favorite slow song- she remembers dancing to it up at camp in the North- and so it holds similar sentiments to me.

    For Marcus Mendelson (and no-one but he, his commander, and his two best friends know this), it's the song that was playing in the background when he proposed to his fiance. Of course, that was back before the world ended...

    (maybe more on that later, but for now g'night)
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:22 No.3397532
    Ausfag here too, let me have a go.

    Wa-hey, Melbourne, you're listening to 101.13 ATOMIC FM, the best radio station in the best ruins in the Australian Wasteland, don't let any tosser tell you over wise.

    Time for the news.

    Little advice for all you tourists out there, keep away from Crown casino as it seems they're worse things than gangsters in there now days. According to reports, apparently a group of crab monsters have taken up residence there and are after more than hard, earned money to any sucker than comes crawling there way.

    For all you Weeaboos out there, A young lady named Clover managed to find herself a crate of ex-Japanese experimental weapons and is selling them off. From Missile pods to Mecha lasers to Ninja swords, everything you need to show off how much of a danger loving Dork you are. You'll find her in the old parts of china town, just look for the girl with the green hair.

    And lastly, a big thank you goes out to those boys in wearing power armour and letterboxes, Ned's Rangers. These boys are out there in the bush everyday, protecting good folk from raiders and bandits, all the while giving those Sydney Siders something to think about.

    That's it for the news, time for some music. Here's Jail Break by AC DC.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:24 No.3397542

    >>3397115 Here, gonna give that idea a try.

    *static crackling* -
    -kin piece of shit hurry the fuck up n, ah-HA, green light.

    G'day everyone out there, it's me, Aussie Dave, bringin you the inside story on whats gone down in Australia after you lot blew the world to hell.

    Gotta say, we've been prepared for this shit for YEARS, i mean, come on! Where do the most dangerous animals live? Right here down under. What country has a giant desert right in the middle that's practically inhabitable, yet we stil live in it?? That'd be Australia. Who grew up idolising a man that'd religiously throw himself on/at/into wild animals? The kids of Australia.

    So now we're sittin down here, with our beers, livin our life as normal as we can, while the rest of ya's are all runnin around goin "AH SHIT WILD ANIMALS ARE GONNA KILL US"

    Unfortunately, somehow, New Zealand managed to avoid all the major detonations, and are completely oblivious to the entire thing, although the sheep have managed to develop vocal chords as a result of the fallout, and the Kiwi population is now well aware that BAAA actually DOES mean NO.

    In other news, The radiation has made the sky in England a little brighter, which has been met with complaints of "Now it's too bright outside. Bloody Whingin poms, always complaining about somethin.

    Well sit back, crack open a tinny and lets listen to some good ol aussie music.

    *Land down under starts playing*
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:25 No.3397548
         File :1231903526.jpg-(33 KB, 600x347, 1231893010318.jpg)
    33 KB
    Irony of ironies... I'm actually in an AM radio station right now, at work, and I can't think of anything worthwhile to post.

    So here's a couple of giant isopods..
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:27 No.3397563

    Start reading some of this Mad Marc's stuff out on-air, people will shit bricks
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:27 No.3397564

    Is anyone out there? This is Sheffield emergency council broadcasting from Howden House fallout shelter. We're trapped by debris and need assistance. If anyone can help us please come.

    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:27 No.3397566
    Good evening, Superior. The time is six-oh-five, and you're listening to WMTU out of Houghton, Superior.

    A courier from Calumet reached the Watch in Hancock today, providing an update on the situation further north in the Keewenaw. There has been a confirmed Abominable attack on Eagle Harbor, with evidence suggesting it occurred at sundown during the town hall meeting there. In all likelihood this means that they will raid the Houghton-Hancock area within three to five days, meaning that curfew in now in effect and militia volunteers are to report to the Bridge Garrison Building within twenty-four hours to receive further orders.

    A steamer fleet out of Duluth, Minnesota, has reported a drop in temperature and heavy winds in the port city just as the convoy left. The cold front will likely hit the entire Keewenaw, so stock up on firewood and make sure that powerlines and generators are secure.

    The Thunder Government in former northern Ontario is refusing to relinquish control of Sault Saint Marie. Levies may be called up soon. Remember, any man called for duty is eligible for discounts on rail ticket prices and may be permitted free passage on the steamer lines for transportation to Marquette. Abominable raids on coastal towns and shipping is still a serious issue between L'Anse and Munising, making rail travel the more advisable option.

    That's the local news for the top of the hour. At eight o'clock will come Midwest affairs, but coming up next are the sweet sounds of Parliament, from their album “Up For The Down Stroke.”
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:37 No.3397658

    Yours is better than mine. mind if i record it?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)22:45 No.3397718
    For real? Go right ahead.
    >> Jack Hackitt 01/13/09(Tue)22:56 No.3397791
    Hey? Sammie? We on?
    Really? Cool
    Right oh, Louisiana! This is your DJ outta New Orleans, Jack Hackitt!
    We still don't know what our station name is, so if any of you can get past the water-zombies and Catfish-men you're welcome to name it....
    On the subject of muties, you may wonder why the fuck we have so many here down here on the Big Muddy....
    Well Samie says it's cause we got the river, so we're catchin all the rads coming down stream...
    I think that bullshit, but eh. I don't have any better ideas.
    -loud thumps-
    Like clockwork...
    Leaving you with a classic, this is Jack Hackitt, signing off.
    -gunshots, moans and then "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Davis Band plays-
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)23:00 No.3397813
    ...paint and oils, I ran out of woodpeckers befor--

    Ah, good evening Superior. The time is currently eight-oh-three, and you're listening to WMTU out of Hancock, Superior.

    The Lord Mayorate of Saline is currently in talks with the People's Republic for a joint water-drainage and land reclamation project in the former Washtenaw area. While Saline and Ann Arbor do hold old grudges, land reclamation may prove essential in further development and recovery of the southeast outside of Detroit. I remind all prospective merchants and travellers to never enter the old city, as the ruins are still inhabited with muties and bandits. NEVER accept an offer of “Juanoen.”

    The Illinois Provisional Government has issues a statement recently, claiming that they have retaken Chicago from the Hermosillo-Wu bandit clans. A representative of the “Hermowu” branch clan in Milwaukee denies this, stating that “Sinoxican forces are still valiantly holding strong in Joliet.” It is not clear who, if anybody, is telling the truth.

    All contact with Gary, Indiana, has been lost. No one has entered or left the city since the “teacup incident” two months ago, but radio contact remained strong until last Thursday, with the last radio report containing such mysterious statements as “their eyes are all black, their eyes are all black. My skin is grayer today. Hair falling out. They're trying to make me one, too, but I won't let them! I won't let them! They'll--” following by the sound of a gunshot. People living around southern Lake Michigan are encouraged to boil lake water before drinking.

    That's all the news fit for the top of the hour. Next, Shannon Ross interviews the founder and current President of the Luatala Railroad Company and Charlie LaBine reports on shipping prices along the coast.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)23:10 No.3397864
    Somebody's archived this at suptg by now I hope?
    >> H G Wells 01/13/09(Tue)23:11 No.3397874
         File :1231906314.jpg-(15 KB, 200x279, H_G_Wells.jpg)
    15 KB
    Yes, yes, do it, you lover of boy's behinds! I once tricked New York into thinking that Aliens had attacked and they loved me for it!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)23:16 No.3397893
    That was Orson Wells who did that, you crazy old socialist.

    You wrote the story, yeah, but Orson's the guy who made a smashing good radio show out of it.
    >> H G Wells 01/13/09(Tue)23:38 No.3398024
    Yes ,well, my point still stands! Get to it!
    >> Anonymous 01/13/09(Tue)23:41 No.3398040
    >> Jark Francis 01/13/09(Tue)23:55 No.3398149
    Tick, Tick, Tick.

    Uh-oh, little wasteland. My Bad Fashion Counter going through the roof. Looks like you need more of my Style Tips.

    Tip number one: Guns are not only necessary for life in the wasteland, but can make great accessories too! A simple silver pistol will go well with any outfit, but remember to give it a good polish ever now and again.

    Tip number two: When using a laser gun, make sure that the laser bolt's colour doesn't clash with your outfit. If it does, just change your current energy cells for a different brand.

    Tip number three: When making home made armour, avoid tires at all costs. Not only will they give you an unsightly bulge, they smell awful when they're on fire.

    and last for today.

    Tip number four: Grown an extra set of arms? Don't hide them away. Just find yourself two pairs of matching gloves and go from mutant to marvelous! Everyone who'll see your new look will mutate an envious eye, let me tell you!

    That's it for today, and remember Wastelanders, stay fabulous!
    >> Z 01/14/09(Wed)00:35 No.3398456

    "Mad Marc" Mendelson's third broadcast can be downloaded at either of the links above. This one is a performance of Amazing's "Day 60 broadcast". I had originally planned on doing them in order as they appeared in the thread, but I really wanted to do Day 60, so here it is.

    Nitpicks for this broadcast: The quality on Four Little Diamonds at the end is such utter shit. I couldn't quickly find a download for it to splice into the end of the mix and wound up just jamming my microphone against my speaker while it played from Youtube. On the upside, as evidenced in the beginning of the broadcast, I've gotten the hang of Adobe Audition and can put together a nice sounding broadcast now. Expect quality in future broadcasts to pick up even more.
    >> 008 01/14/09(Wed)03:42 No.3399738
    *Music followed by dead air for a minute.. then..

    Hey Miami! It's Tuesday, and according to my watch which may or may not be right, it's 12:02pm. You're listening to me, Sky High Mike at WFLC 97.3FM! Hows everyone doing? Everyone still alive? Well, the weather watchers have officially declared Hurricane Flagler over! They predict it's heading it's way north and will plow into those poor saps in South and North Carolina. Luckily our antenna stayed up so we could broadcast through the storm. Rough one folks, some of the elders were all shaking with memories of the last hours of the attacks when everything was blown to hell.

    Well, no time for feeling sorry about ourselves, let's have some news!

    Believe it or not, I think that storm cleaned up the rubble, for the first time in years I can actually see Main Street and the beaches are clean. Bad news for scrap hunters, good news for the scenery.--

    We've got an update for all those without power or water, Allen Fields and his Combat Engineers are already out and repairing what they can. Reports say they're working in conjunction with the Turkey Point Expansionist Militia, so expect things back up within the week!--
    >> 008 01/14/09(Wed)03:42 No.3399743
    --Some words of warning; the storm seems to of chased out some mutant gators from their happy swamps and now they're roaming all over the outer city band, so stay armed, stay watchful.

    Now, for a random tip for the struggling post apocalyptia survivor from the big book of wasteland survival. Ammo. Ammo may save your life presuming you have a gun to put it in, but ammo decays like everything else. Keep your ammo in a dry place, preferably salt free. That means plastic bags or any old Tupperware you happen to dig up.

    Well, that's all for now kids, we've still got a lot of post storm maintenance to do here, so we'll leave you with some music! Talk to you later Miami, this is Sky High Mike at WFLC 97.3FM.. and this is Duran Duran with Last Day on Earth.

    *Music Starts
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)03:46 No.3399766
    Z, get yourself a wiki page on 1d4chan.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)05:50 No.3400438
    holy shit, this thread is still alive?

    Apologies to >>3397718
    i ended up getting called into work so i haven't made a recording yet. i'll get to it tonight tho.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)06:42 No.3400727
    -lo? Ummm, this is an emergency broadcast to ummm... anyone who'd like to help us out? Yah. If you can hear this your probly like... 30 miles away or so from the Pack Sade Mall. We've actually set this place up pretty nice if you ask me. We got power and video games and stuff... but ya. Theirs a bunch of raiders who keep... Ummm... trying to steal our stuff. The other guys and me have guns but we can't get rid of 'em. So... if you could, ya know... help us out, that would be swell... We could, Ummm, share some of our supplies with you and... maybe play same D&D? Uhhh... anyways... please come help us out...
    *Sounds of a brief scuffle*
    Hey! Don't-! Stupid git!
    The Emperor guide and protect you!
    Yah... that was cool... idiot...
    Don't call me an idiot Mr. Stutter!
    Break it up you two! We have to get back to watching the barricades! So stopz ya mucking about!
    *simutainusly* Aye war-boss.
    Wot was 'dat youz GITZ!
    *loudly* WAAAAAGGGHHHHH!
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)07:15 No.3400868
    Hey hey, you listen TG4 FM. The internet may be dead, but the threads are still going.

    Today we're talking which is the most reliable rifle to use out in the wasteland. If you want to voice your opinion, just send it in by telegram and will read it on air. Let's see what you've got to say.


    Ok, we've got a picture of a cat, another cat, a third cat, a picture of nude woman with the head of a cat and a angry bright yellow, deep sea driver shouting 'I'M HATING YOU TO DEAD!'

    Getting a little off topic, aren't we folks?
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)11:32 No.3401989

    Hah, fa/tg/uys with a radio. I am amused.


    As Mad Marc would say, "that's just about the best thing I've heard since the Labor Union told me they'd gotten the indoor plumbing working for the station again!"
    >> American Communications Commission Official Documentation Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)12:13 No.3402332
    Resources Report: September 5th, [date smudged out]
    Source of Origin: ACC Central Broadcasting Station, Newport News, Confederation of Virginian States.
    Ever since the cataclysm/series of cataclysms that resulted in the utter collapse of human society (hereafter referred to simply as “the End”), a surprising number of communities have been attempting to pull life back together. Many of these communities seem to center around or incorporate radio broadcasting stations into their daily life—once major broadcasting centers or simply the more elaborate amateur setups, these sets have proven more resilient to the cataclysms and the test of time than television or holovision broadcasting equipment, and the receivers appear to have also proven more hardy than TV sets or holo rings.

    As a result, many communities now have their own radio station broadcasting music, chatter, and chaos across the airwaves. So many, in fact, that the problem is once more arising that some of these stations are beginning to tread on each others’ toes, resulting in spats, fights, and at times open armed combat over control of a frequency for their broadcast area.

    As a result, we have reformed the former Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, into the American Communications Commission, or ACC, which will serve to regulate radio traffic not just for the former United States but for the entirety of both American continents. We have begun spreading word of this effort via pigeon post and word-of-mouth, though it will take some time to get so many eccentric radio personalities organized.

    In the meantime, we have begun cataloging the known radio stations—or, at least, the most prolific or long-lived ones, or the ones with the strongest signals. This list follows, and will be expanded as necessary.
    >> 107.9 FM, callsign KQQL: “KOOL 108”. Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)12:15 No.3402346

    Central Transmitter Location: Anoka, South Minnesota Territory.

    Transmitter Arrangement: Initially, one ERP-50,000 watt transmitter next to the station in Anoka (initially 96,000, but the on-site generator cannot exceed 50,000 watts output). However, recently several dish relays have been set up on old power towers and the like in the surrounding countryside, boosting the signal’s range.

    Effective Service Area: The entire Greater Metropolitan Area surrounding the settlement of Two Rivers, with the signal beginning to break up at Apple Valley and becoming inaudible by Cannon Falls (to provide examples of the radii). However, due to the tight-beam dish relays the station crew has assembled, the station can also be picked up in much smaller circles of effect centered around several nearby settlements including: St. Cloud, Mankato, Owatonna, Rochester, Red Wing, Wabasha, and Eau Claire (only on a good day for Eau Claire and Rochester).

    Station History: Founded in the 1960s, and went through various format and content changes before settling on the KQQL callsign and oldies format in 1988. Continued to vary their library right up until the end, but mostly remaining an oldies station. Re-discovered by Marcus Mendelson roughly a year after the End, and put back into operation by the same.
    >> 107.9 FM, callsign KQQL: “KOOL 108”. Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)12:16 No.3402358

    Current Station Format: Self-described as “oldies”. Plays rock, disco, R&B, blues, and a variety of other music produced in the pre-End period between 1950 and 1980. Music library’s size is not known for certain—station operator has come into possession of about 35 old vinyl records with various songs on them, but most of the library and indeed the station is digitally operated. Digital library contains at least 600 songs based off of those played in the station’s 90 days of operation so far, quite possibly contains a good number more.

    In between songs, station frequently announces news regarding the region (I.E., the North and South Minnesota Territories) and its goings-on, along with various “Public Service Announcements” containing information of benefit to survival. Among these: “How to Build Your Own Geiger Counter”, “The Importance of Water Purification”, “Firearms: a Basic Primer”, and “Advice For The Mutated”.

    Time Spent Broadcasting: 90 days as of September 5th.

    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: 90 days.
    >> 107.9 FM, callsign KQQL: “KOOL 108”. Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)12:18 No.3402377

    Current Station Operator: Marcus Mendelson. Lance Corporal, Minnesota National Guardsman, Former U.S. Army. Unit: 34th Infantry Division (disbanded; see Lakeland Military).

    Air Name: “Mad Marc”. Age unknown. Gender: Male. Race: Caucasian. Heritage: Uncertain. Medical records not found. Known to be a native of Maiden Rock, MN; presumably, all his records were thus lost when Raiders destroyed that town shortly after the End. Speaks with a wild blend of accents, intonations, and tones while on the air, making identification by vocal quirks impossible. Has a bombastic style of DJing—tends to talk at high speed for elongated periods of time, rattling off news and information at a neckbreaking pace. Fond of using alliteration and complex words to make himself sound more grandiose and intelligent, and thus get people to pay better attention to what he has to say. Runs KOOL 108, according to an outside observer, “as if he’s flying a jet sideways through a forest at top speed, with the canopy down—frantic, frenetic, constantly improvising and thoroughly enjoying every moment of his seemingly imminent—but never quite—death from exhaustion. I don’t know where he gets the energy."

    Previous Station Operators: None. Mendelson rules his roost with an iron fist and a phalanx of M-16s, and in his 90 days of operation has so far repelled at least two well-armed attempts to shut down the station, with brutal force and ferocity.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)12:22 No.3402399
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)12:32 No.3402471

    Note: I was unaware that Maiden Rock was in Wisconsin, having only driven through on trips. Ignore that bit; Marcus is now officially from Maple Springs, MN, which is an equally tiny city just up the road from Wabasha.
    >> 57Htz !TK/UA49EzE 01/14/09(Wed)13:14 No.3402763
    Welcome back to WWCD 101.1, broadcasting to you live in full-glowing spectaphonic sound from beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio. My name is Valentine and I am Americas first and only fully digital DJ.

    Up next on the programming schedule we have Hear this Here, Hear this Now but first lets take a look at the news and weather.

    For today the [DATE FILE CORRUPTED ERROR: e00000x11243] it looks like things are finally beginning to warm up with highs around 2 degrees Fahrenheit and winds slowing down to about 12 knots. Expect it to stay mostly cloudy though with heavy snow and viability less than 25 feet. I recommend staying inside and listening to the radio!

    Even though we lost news connections about 4423 days ago the latest news from Mt. Weather about what scientists across the globe are calling "The Scour" seems promising. Working with the good folks at the CDC and Plum Island Animal Disease center have already yielded some very promising results for a treatment. Authorities still recommend staying indoors, avoiding strangers who limp or slur their speech.

    And before we start the next show[INITIATE TICKET GIVEAWAY PROTOCOL TYPE: CALL-IN_WINVAL(RND1-11) // EVENT VALUE_1422] So call in for those tickets! Up next, some new stff from Band of Horses, something you can only hear on WWCD 101.1, home to Americas first and only digital DJ!
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)15:18 No.3403759
    v., bumped, bump·ing, bumps.

    1) To strike or collide with.
    2)To cause to knock against an obstacle.
    a)To knock to a new position; shift: bumped the crate out of the way.
    b)To shake up and down; jolt: bumped the child on her knee; was bumped about on a rough flight.
    a)To displace from a position within a group or organization.
    b)To deprive (a passenger) of a reserved seat because of overbooking.
    _5)To raise; boost: bump up the price of gasoline._
    6)Sports. To pass (a volleyball) by redirecting it with the forearms.
    >> More fluff for the Mad Marc post-apocalypse Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)15:55 No.3404038

    All fluff produced by Amazing Writefaggotry LLC is designed to be by and large interchangeable for use with any story, setting, or timeline. Feel free to change names/locations/dates as it suits, and remember the AW LLC motto (at least for this project):

    "We're not trying to make a fixed canon here."
    Nothing in the world after the End is organized on a large scale. The most united anyone has gotten is loose coalitions of communities, such as the Confederation of Virginian City-States or the Minnesota Territory Associations (both North and South). Everyone’s doin’ their own thing, just tryin’ to survive.

    These communities cooperate where it best fits their interests, however, and trade between them is frequent.

    One exception to all this is a private organization evidently composed of radio enthusiasts from around the country, who grew upset when some of their favorite DJs began becoming casualties of wars fought over control of frequencies and decided to reform the pre-End FCC as the ACC, and are now attempting to coordinate radio stations across the Americas from a bunker-like installation in Newport News. They do not appear to have an ulterior motive, though in this world nothing is certain.
    >> Let's Get Organized, Only Not Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)16:04 No.3404127
    [OOC: I'm compiling all the stations from this thread and the last together so that we can build a decent article on 1d4chan about this-- get organized, ya know? So if you've done any posting of the type in the past two threads, I'd love it if you could fill this out. That way I don't have to do it all myself and risk getting things wrong.]
    (Things in parenthesis are advice included on the form by the ACC, in-context.)
    [Things in brackets are advice included by me, out-of-context.]
    >> Your Station Information Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)16:05 No.3404138

    Form distributed by the American Communications Commission
    Hello! We at the ACC are beginning to rebuild organized radio in America, and to do that we need YOUR HELP. If you have been sent this letter, then you or someone you know has been heard on the airwaves regularly, which we fully endorse! However, this has begun to lead to conflicts over frequency use, which is why we are here- to serve once again as a regulating community to keep everyone from stepping on each others' toes.

    You can help—just fill in the blanks, it's easy! Outline some basic information about your station, and then send it back! In no time at all, you'll be an official ACC Certified station, with all the guarantees and protections therein—including exclusive rights to your broadcasting frequency within your broadcast radius (which we work with the local authorities and powers to guarantee)! It's that simple!

    If we do not receive a reply within six months of the send date, we will assume that the letter has been lost en route and send another. So, please, be prompt, and thank you for your participation!
    >> Your Station Information Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)16:06 No.3404153

    [Tip: If you’re confused as to what to do, I made a profile earlier in the thread for my own station that you can use as an example.]
    Station Frequency:
    Station Callsign:
    Station Moniker (if any):

    Central Transmitter Location:
    [Tip: Wikipedia is useful for finding this out if you're using a station that existed pre-End. If you can't figure out where your station's tower is, just go with where they're registered.]
    Transmitter Arrangement:
    [Tip: Basically, your station's ERP- that's Effective Radiated Power, or how many watts it uses and thus how strong its signal is.]
    Effective Service Area:
    Station History (if applicable): (Your station’s history pre-End, if you know it, and all its history you know since it was restarted.)

    Current Station Format:
    Time Spent Broadcasting:
    [Tip: Only put times in for this if you care. We're not trying to set all of these up on a timeline, here- I only do that on personal preference.]
    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: (How long has it been since your last DJ switch? And by switch, I mean murder.)

    Current Station Operator: (Name, titles/ranks/etc. if applicable)
    Operator Information: (Air Name, Age, Gender, Race, Heritage [if it matters- like how Chewie Rodriguez on 640 KFI is distinctly Hispanic], Personal Information, information about the operator's style of broadcast, etc.)
    Previous Station Operators: (Has the management recently changed?)
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)16:46 No.3404425
    Station Frequency: 570 kHz (AM)
    Station Callsign: WAAX
    Station Moniker (if any): Big Wax 570

    Central Transmitter Location: Rainbow City, Alabama (65 miles ENE of Birmingham)
    Transmitter Arrangement: 5,000 watts pre-end, bumped to 7,500 watts post end. Three tower, directional array.
    Effective Service Area: Etowah, Calhoun, and Talladega Counties. Effective listening areas extend to Birmingham, Huntsville, and the Western Suburbs of Atlanta, but no word has come from any of those areas except Atlanta.
    Station History (if applicable): Founded in 1947, WAAX was and is the main station serving the area between Atlanta and Birmingham. When the end came, the station was abandoned, but now that life has returned to the area, the station was re-established to inform the Munes of the Coosa and Tennessee valleys.

    Current Station Format: News/Talk, interspersed with scavenged music.
    Time Spent Broadcasting: 6 hours/day. (3-9 PM)
    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: 6 Months

    Current Station Operator: Jay Holland
    Operator Information:
    No Air name given, Holland uses his real name.
    Age/Gender/Race: 57 / M / White
    Style: An extremely homespun Southern style, Holland's completely bought into the rebuilding plans of the new leadership of the Coosa Valley Munes, and does what he can to endorse their leadership in the tiny areas they've scraped out.
    >> 008 01/14/09(Wed)16:59 No.3404519
    Station Frequency: 97.3 FM
    Station Callsign: WFLC

    Central Transmitter Location: Pembroke Pines 25°58′02″N 80°12′34″W
    Transmitter Arrangement: 95,000 watts (designed to run 98,000 watts) plus remotes.
    Effective Service Area: North/Central/South Florida, possibly southern Alabama and Georgia.
    Station History (if applicable): Pre war Adult/Contemporary rock owned by COX Broadcasting

    Current Station Format: Music scavenged from an old laptop with 2000+ mp3's and News
    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: 2 years

    Current Station Operator: Sky High Mike Smith
    Operator Information: Early 30's, Anglo/Hispanic mix, previous work unknown, has many info sources.
    Previous Station Operators: Fought over by Cuban gangs, whoever could hold the station for the day
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)18:08 No.3405039
    tation Frequency: 640 kHz (AM)
    Station Callsign: KFI

    Central Transmitter Location: Los Angeles, California. More specifically in La Miranda, near where the 5 freeway meets (met) the 91.
    Transmitter Arrangement: 50,000 watts pre-End, now using 25,000 watt backup tower.
    Effective Service Area: Southern and central California, and to most of Nevada and Arizona, parts of Utah and Northern Mexico, weather and radiation permitting.
    Station History: Pre-pre-End, KFI stood for K Farmer's Information, and was used to provide weather and planting information for the California agricultural industry. At its pre-End height, KFI was the most listened-to station in the nation. After the End, the station was employed intermittently by gangs to announce their superiority over rival gangs (though in truth, no one's receiver was on), until Rodriguez and his boys seized and fortified the station.

    Current Station Format: Local news, and interviews. Music interspersed, as according largely to Chewie's personal tastes, which lean mostly towards 80s and 90s West-coast hiphop.
    Time Spent Broadcasting: 10 hours per day, from about 8 AM to 8 PM.
    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: 1 1/2 years.

    Current Station Operator: Jesus "Chewie" Rodriguez
    Operator Information: Chewie is in his mid-30s, Male, Hispanic (umpteenth-generation Angeleno). He is aided on the technical end by his assistant Ramon, who spins discs and handles the technical end of things. If Ramon speaks English, he has never done so on air. If Ramon speaks Spanish consisting of more than one word at a time, he has never done so on air.
    Style: One might think otherwise, but the End of the world could not compel a chicano to speak slowly or coherently Chewie ends every broadcast with an admonition to "Stay the fuck outta' Long Beach."
    Previous Station Operators: String of alternating gangs.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)18:12 No.3405083
    this thread has gone on for 2 whole days.

    congradulations and keep on keeping on!
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)18:13 No.3405086
    This characters-per-post limit is murder on my pointlessly long-winded writing style. Also, I thought you had the original series archived somewhere? I had totally forgotten everything I wrote. I thought the host's name was Hector Ramirez or something, I never would have remembered it unless you included it in the example thing.
    I don't think Ramon was the assistant's original name, either.
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)18:15 No.3405104


    I remembered you mostly because you put a big amount of personality into the character. That sticks with a person.

    That, and stay the FUCK outta Long Beach.
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)18:29 No.3405251

    And also, it appears you weren't too wrong with your guesses. The assistant was named Hector.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)18:42 No.3405371
    Public Enemy's Channel Zero cuts out -

    Los Angeles this is Chewie Rodriguez telling you to stop playing with your dicks and turn up the volume on your receivers! Juding by the amount of generator fuel I was bribed to put this ad on the air, it must be incredibly fucking important!
    Jorge Luis' daughter has her quinceanera coming up, and Senor Luis is still missing one vital item for the big day. If anyone has a white dress for trade, size 8, bring it to the station for 6 full, unmolested, untainted bottles of Tecate. Offer expires in two weeks, so get out there and get looking!

    *Voice further away from mic* Size 8, really? And it's not like food cheap or something, fuck. What the fuck do you mean the mic can pick me up over here? Shit!

    - Public Enemy's Channel Zero resumes.

    After reviewing the archives, Chewie's assistant is named Hector, not Ramon. I can never keep names straight.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)19:20 No.3405659
    New Zealand does not have a navy of any remarkable size, Nor do they have a airforce.
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)19:26 No.3405691

    They're probably bumming ships off Australia, then.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)20:06 No.3406040
         File :1231981608.gif-(511 B, 50x50, weap_aqua.gif)
    511 B

    Where do you think Team17 got the idea for Aqua sheep and Super sheep from?

    pic totally related.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)21:43 No.3406951
    Remember Zem from the original thread? Also, I misread the table on Wikipedia, and fixed the callsign.

    Station Frequency: 1560
    Station Callsign: KNZR

    Central Transmitter Location: Bakersfield, CA
    Transmitter Arrangement: 25,000 watts
    Effective Service Area: California, Western Nevada, Western Arizona, Southern Oregon.
    Station History: Equipment was heavily damaged during the end. Station began broadcasting once more approximately six months ago. Modified to run directly on solar and wind power.

    Current Station Format: Music and news, with two hour talk segments twice daily.
    Time Spent Broadcasting: 16 hours daily, 6am-10pm
    Time Spent Broadcasting in Current Format: Six months.

    Current Station Operator: Zemeriah Schmidt, talk programs by Dr. Edgar Salison, MD and Reverend Jacob Thomas
    Operator Information: Broadcasts as "Zem." Records lack birthdate, appears to be in his late twenties. Zem's broadcasts exhibit a friendly nature, which has endeared him to the local population. He speaks with the air of a benevolent older brother, making sure his warnings are heard alongside his conversation.

    Edgar Salison broadcasts as "The Good Doctor." He claims to be one of two physicians in Bakersfield, records are unclear as to the veracity of this statement. Appears daily in the station's morning talk timeslot, giving advice to proper nutrition, first aid, and treatment of common illnesses.

    Reverend Jacob Thomas leads the evening talk slot under his own name. He opens and closes with short sermons, though apart from these, the content of his segments is not religious. The Reverend was trained as an electromechanical technician, and most often gives instructions to repairing essential equipment. Was at the forefront of the taskforce that reclaimed the station.
    Previous Station Operators: None known.

    I lack the know-how to write convincing bits for the Good Doctor and the Reverend, if anyone wants to take them over, they're welcome.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)22:24 No.3407389
    *the opening strains of War by Edwinn Starr play, and the music's volume lowers* Good evening New Mexico, this is your favorite sound engineer, MacD! What is UP down here in the southwest? We're finally getting civilized down here again! The RPD has been reformed, and is taking applications at the main street court house and the remains of the old police station! The RFD has managed to salvage some parts, as well as an actual working truck from the airport, and is taking applications, with firefighting and medical experience preferred. My own group that I roll with when I'm not massaging the collective consciousness with aural candy, the Southwest Ambulance Brigade, is in dire need of both supplies and people as well. We're getting this place on lockdown so those fucks from Colorado won't try pushing south again in anything but a peacable manor. Come on down to the station if you've got a license to practice medicine, and I will personally hook you up. Now, here's a little Electrasy with Cosmic Castaway!
    >> Anonymous 01/14/09(Wed)22:40 No.3407545

    That's what I assumed when I wrote the original - that, and there would probably be an awful lot of formerly civilian ships with a new paint job and some new "navy" crews in the new look Royal New Zealand Navy.

    As for the Air Force - well, it's basically configured to spot ships in the New Zealand EEC doing things we don't like anyway, and has some limited ASW capacity as is. That's the sort of thing that could get improvised fairly nicely, bulked out with whatever civilian aircraft were in the country during the Big One. That, and there's probably the odd fighter or bomber from other pre-castastrophe states that made it to New Zealand anyway.

    Behind the quarantine I see New Zealand steadily regressing back to the 1920s, as all the technological stuff we import slowly breaks down and doesn't get replaced.
    >> Amazing 01/14/09(Wed)22:43 No.3407581
    You know what's really ironic, /tg/?

    Most all of my creations before have been heavily derivative of other things- shows, movies, other games, whatever.

    Now with Mad Marc, he's still kind of derivative- I didn't come up with the Post-Apocalyptic radio idea- but he's possibly the most original character I've cooked up in a long while.

    And, judging by everyone's responses, he's also the best.

    Thanks for all the support and raw awesome, /tg/, and here's hoping that you'll tune in next time and every time with myself, Amazing, and my good friend, "Mad Marc" Mendelson.
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)01:08 No.3408882
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)01:12 No.3408913
    This is what happens when /tg/ actually works together.
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)01:14 No.3408931
    >> Failcannon 01/15/09(Thu)03:07 No.3409897
    “Welcome back, municipals and other assorted freaks, I'm Jay Holland, and this it the Big Wax, AM 570, Gadsden, Alabama, representing the free munes of the Coosa and Tennessee Valleys from our fortified studios on South 4th street. It's a horrible winter day here in the free munes, but let's get to the news, before you freeze to death under these 20 degree temperatures. First of all, the trade convoy to Atlanta has returned successfully, with enough copper wire to repair the number three turbine on Neely Henry Dam, so we'll have power to run the radio station every day from 3pm to 9pm without having to get diesel donations to run the generator, except in emergencies.

    Now for security news. In Gadsden, we've cleared the last of the Murderwood scavvies and pushed them back into Attalla. Hopefully anyone that might try to make it here from the ruins of Bombingham will take US 411 instead of old 59, since those scavvie punks are going to be madder than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Irregular troops from the A & O Mune have helped themselves to the spoils of the Anniston Army Depot, and have cleared the routed between Anniston, Sylacauga's rock farms, and Gadsden, via 431 and 21. But without the troops to guard at home, we've noticed a big rise in jackings north of town, especially in the old downtown, and in Saks. The irregulars, who have taken to calling themselves the “Mad Chemists”, given the town's military history have vowed to clear all the scavvies from the H-Avenue and 15th Street hives as soon as 431 is secure through Alexandria.
    >> Failcannon 01/15/09(Thu)03:07 No.3409901
    Now for the inter-city warnings of the day.

    Clan violence is still in high effect, and all people are advised...heck if they ignore it it's their ass. Don't go up Sand Mountain into Guntersville, to Arab or Cullman, or to Lake Harris because of clans that'll eat you and sell your bones for meth. Birmiingham and Huntsville are supposedly glassed over from nukes, we haven't heard any radio from them, and no one that's gone in has come back yet, so we think the radiation's got them. Atlanta's fine, but you can't get there from here, it's one hundred miles of the worst clans, raiders and muties you'll ever see, along the old 20 corridor.

    And lastly, the work information for the free munes. If you have any experience with boating, or know about the Tennessee River, you're needed in Guntersville to help run the Tennessee Ferry for a trade run to Chattanooga. If you worked at Lee Brass or any other forge pre-end please report to Lee Brass on the Eastern Bypass as they retool the foundry to producing ammunition. And anyone who worked at Goodyear or GSS in Gadsden please report to the Wal-Mart in East Gadsden, to start producing tires and other rubber items for trade with the rest of the stock at the factory. We can trade these items for more food and copper, hopefully.

    And now, back to the classics, this is the Ohio Players, with Skin Tight!
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)04:39 No.3410522
    bump for /tg/ being productive
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)06:38 No.3411024
    God I love topics like this, go for getting the brain juices going. Time for another go.

    Good morning ruins of Melbourne, you're listening to 101.13 ATOMIC FM, your own personal station at the end of the world. I'm your host, Dino Jay!

    It's time for more travels tips about Melbourne. Need a new gun? Got some junk to trade? Just a lover of a bargain? Then you'll wanna get you head to the Queen Victoria Market, they got everything you could possible need. Here's more from our man on the field, Mike Van.


    Thanks Dino, here I am in the middle of the market. I currently at the weapons and they have got everything, let me tell you. From pistols to rocket launchers to lasers to cricket bats, perfect for father's day. Look, there's even some home made weapons, like this gun that fires lawn gnomes.

    And heading down to the food stalls, we got all kinds of fresh meals you'd never expect to see after the end of the world. We've got wasteland fruits and veg. Tinned food scavenged from the city and, excuse me sir mind if I try this, mmmmmmm. The best cockroach stew in Melbourne.

    Moving down to the clothing stall, would you look at this! A complete suit of power armour. This would of cost the Australian government over a million dollars to make back in the day, today, it's yours for only 200 bottle caps.

    So bring your war truck, bring you pack mutant and see the Queen Victoria Market has today!

    Back to you, Dino.
    >> Anonymous 01/15/09(Thu)08:04 No.3411357
    Bump for greatness.

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