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  • このサイトについて - 翻訳

  • File :1231246119.gif-(15 KB, 701x683, 37.gif)
    15 KB Ruby Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)07:48 No.3327479  
    >Smash it down, fuck the card key.
    The card-key-locked wooden door is no match for Tom and his crowbar!
    Take THAT, logical progression of puzzles!

    The door turns to splinters.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:49 No.3327484
    Have Ruby scold Tom for such harsh actions.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:50 No.3327495
    Look into room before going in!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:50 No.3327496
    Have Tommy check the hole under the shutters see if he can reach it, if not have him reach it using the crowbar
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:50 No.3327500
         File :1231246252.jpg-(48 KB, 600x641, Tom_breaks_things.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:51 No.3327504
    Check the bulletin board before going through.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:52 No.3327513
    RUBY: Check underside of TABLES while TOM continues MANLINESS RAMPAGE.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)07:53 No.3327517
         File :1231246385.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 38.gif)
    14 KB
    >Check the bulletin board before going through.
    There is no bulletin board here. Perhaps you are retarded.

    >Look into room before going in!
    A spiral staircase leads upwards.

    >Have Ruby scold Tom for such harsh actions.
    Actually, she's pretty impressed.
    Ruby compliments Tom for his harsh actions.
    Tom seems pleased.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:53 No.3327518
         File :1231246388.jpg-(151 KB, 637x750, 01-06-09 readthenote.jpg)
    151 KB
    Tonight has made me facepalm.

    Check the walkie talkies and make sure they're powered.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)07:53 No.3327521
    Go up Staircase, Tom first, weapons ready.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:54 No.3327525
    YELL up the STAIRS
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:55 No.3327531
    Eitther the staircase or the boarded up hole in Euclid's nightmare... Better pick the staircase. Is there light in the staircase-room-thingie?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:55 No.3327536
    Head up stairs.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:55 No.3327537
    Check the other entrance to the bombed out room.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:55 No.3327538
    What's behind the door?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:56 No.3327544
    Text, read it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:56 No.3327546
    Maybe set a new frequency for walkie talkies..You technically aren't s'posed to be back there.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)07:56 No.3327547
         File :1231246611.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 39.gif)
    14 KB
    There's light coming from upstairs, but after Ruby calls, there's no response.

    Tom shivers warmly, as an after-effect of his RUSH OF MANLINESS.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:57 No.3327553
    Tell Tom to Wait there while Ruby ghoes upstairs.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:57 No.3327554
    Get a drink of water for Tom to celebrate then head on in.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:57 No.3327555
    Let's have Tom go to the non-Euclidean room and carry on with his MANLY DESTRUCTIVE HABITS. After all, there's a bunch of planks nailed to the floor on the side that's opposite from the Z-Hatch, right? The crowbar should make short work of that.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:58 No.3327559

    TOM: Ruby has Three eyes. She has yours. You should reclaim it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:58 No.3327565
    ITT tom is horny
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)07:59 No.3327568
    Indeed, and prepare for MINDFUCKERY
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:00 No.3327572
         File :1231246814.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 40.gif)
    14 KB
    >Check the other entrance to the bombed out room.
    What other entrance?

    >Draw better or go to hell.
    Pay attention! Ruby and Tom just now picked up the WALKIE TALKIES from the shelf. You could have read that.

    >Maybe set a new frequency for walkie talkies
    A clever idea! Tom and Ruby set a new frequency together to avoid being listened in on.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:00 No.3327574

    I love you.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:00 No.3327575

    lets do that after we check upstairs.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:00 No.3327577
    I love you
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:02 No.3327594
    No, other thing first. We don't go anywhere new while there is still unfinished business.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:02 No.3327595
    Stairs are a lot like Dark Rooms(or lit rooms if you're in the dark), march boldly into it without further hesitation, weapons in hand!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:04 No.3327612
    Go poke out the dummies other eye.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:05 No.3327618
         File :1231247106.gif-(10 KB, 701x683, 41.gif)
    10 KB
    >Wasn't there an entrance next to RED's hideout?
    The room with Red's hideout and the monitors is blocked by a collapse of debris! Both that room and the room with the bomb are inaccessible, at least for now!

    The consensus seems to be either to go upstairs or go to the boarded-up hole in the other room.
    Who should go where? Remember, now that they have walkie-talkies they can split up and work faster while staying in touch!

    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:05 No.3327620
    They shouldn't fucking split up, I know that much.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:05 No.3327621
    Is it possible to smash in the wall a little to make that hole a bit bigger and retrieve the item?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:06 No.3327626
    climb upstairs
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:06 No.3327634
    They both go to wreck that hole. No splitting up.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:06 No.3327636
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:07 No.3327642
    Have Tom go upstairs while Ruby goes to the boards, only to realize she can't break them.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:07 No.3327644
    It's obviously the keycard for the door Tom just smashed. Being OCD slows the whole thing down.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:07 No.3327649
    Lets split up and look for clues!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:08 No.3327652
    In movies, we know that people splitting up means they die.

    In roleplaying games, you always get punished for splitting up.

    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:08 No.3327653
         File :1231247293.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 42.gif)
    13 KB
    >TOM: Crowbar to the boards.
    >RUBY: Take the stairs.
    With their WALKIE TALKIES in hand, the two split up. While Tom goes off to pry up the boards, Ruby heads upstairs.

    Because the staircase curved around, this new room is directly above the room Ruby and Tom were just in.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:09 No.3327663
    Look at the FETUS THING.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:09 No.3327666
    RUBY: Go back down the stairs and meet up with TOM.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:09 No.3327667
    Have Ruby look at the thing in the box like it's adorable.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:09 No.3327671
    Read plaque on wall and fetus jar.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:09 No.3327673
    Examine buttons on the hatch plus the fetus.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:10 No.3327678
    I have an idea! Remember there was a sock in the coffin room?Bbut ruby discarded it, Go get that sock and drop it in that gaping big hole of a room to test the gravity in the room then use the crowbar on the planks.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:11 No.3327685
    Read sign, ignore the YOUR OWN CORPSE fetus in a jar
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:11 No.3327688
    Something made a hole in the door...lets not go in that room..
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:13 No.3327699
    Make an agreement to call in every minute to prevent the other from just disappearing!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:16 No.3327713
    don't split up.
    split up.

    Your choice: split up.
    Fuck, Weaver, you're railroading it.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:17 No.3327719
         File :1231247820.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 43.gif)
    16 KB
    >Look at the FETUS THING.
    There is a fancy glass display case here. Inside is a strange STATUE of polished, smooth green stone. It resembles some kind of almost fetal creature. It is very unsettling.
    Inside the glass display case, there is also what appears to be a SEVERED FINGER.

    >Tell Tom what you see, and have him report back to you once he opens the boarded up hole.
    Ruby reports her findings to Tom, who acknowledges them with concern. He tells Ruby to be careful.
    Ruby promises.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:17 No.3327722
    or the door with no handle will swing open..
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:17 No.3327725
    Describe what's at the far end of the room, please. A door? A dispenser of sorts?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:17 No.3327730
    She's fine with the cane.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:17 No.3327731
    Inspect plaque.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:18 No.3327737

    Examine labels on Statue Stand
    Examine Sign on Wall
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:18 No.3327739
    It's because of shits like you that we never can have nice things. Finally, Weaver will get tired of all the shit he gets for simply doing this for the benefit for all of us, and stop it.

    So shut the fuck up faggot.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 01/06/09(Tue)08:18 No.3327742

    KNOCK the glass to see if the CTHULHU STATUE does anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:19 No.3327744
    Have Tom report of his progress with the boards. If it's nothing important he should meet up with Ruby in case she hallucinates because of the fetus or the framed writing.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:19 No.3327745
    >> Badger 01/06/09(Tue)08:20 No.3327750
         File :1231248007.gif-(9 KB, 507x683, Tomnyo.gif)
    9 KB
    I may delete this soon
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:20 No.3327751

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:20 No.3327752
    Look and read STRANGE BOARD to the right, also note the large ! under the FETUS STATUE and read the writing under it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:20 No.3327753
    Good thinking, Anon!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:20 No.3327755

    I second this.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:21 No.3327756
    Look through the missing doorknob on the first-aid room
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:21 No.3327761
    Yeah, then Ruby and Tom will match!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:22 No.3327763
    Someone tried to steal the statue and got his finger chopped off. He then ran into the infirmary to patch himself up whilst bleeding violently!
    Examine the buttons, Bunny-Girl!
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:23 No.3327768
         File :1231248211.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 44.gif)
    14 KB
    >Fuck, Weaver, you're railroading it.
    At the time I made the decision, split up had two votes, stay together had one.
    You're welcome to say fuck it and stop reading at any time if you're not 100% satisfied, but I really am doing the best I can especially under pressure and with such time limits.

    >Describe what's at the far end of the room, please. A door? A dispenser of sorts?
    Ruby examines the room:
    There is a ladder leading up, with a sealed metal hatch at the top and on visible means of opening it.
    There are two doors to the north, both with a symbol above them.
    There is a FRAMED PICTURE on the wall, with some sort of illegible, archaic writing on it.
    To the east, there is a heavily-reinforced metal door with an inset card reader.

    There are two PLAQUES on the display case.
    The top one is illegible due to blood and rust. The second appears to be a request and/or warning label.
    A key card slot is set just underneath this second plaque.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:24 No.3327771
    Weaver, why you gotta do this at 5:30 am? I'm so tired, and have school in an hour and a half... :(

    Bye everyone, and as a last action: Look at whatever that is over the door(?) on the right.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:24 No.3327775
    radio tom to keep an eye out for any card keys.

    er..don't say "keep an eye out" though...
    >> The Laziest Troll 01/06/09(Tue)08:25 No.3327777
    May we see what TOM is doing?

    Also, you're fucking awesome Weaver, and you should feel fucking awesome.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:25 No.3327778

    Open the door without the blood and the feeling of screamingly imminent doom.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:25 No.3327784
    Poke cane into door hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:27 No.3327790
    Don't worry Weaver everybody is loving Ruby Quest, it's the best thing to happen in /tg/ in a very long time. Thanks so much for doing this and keep up the great work.
    Open it anyways the place is abandoned so nobody will come to answer it.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:27 No.3327792

    That is, the northeast door.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:27 No.3327793
    Cut over to what TOM is doing with his MANLY PHYSIQUE.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:28 No.3327801
         File :1231248500.gif-(7 KB, 701x683, 45.gif)
    7 KB
    >Open the door without the blood and the feeling of screamingly imminent doom.
    The door on the right is unlocked. It opens into a small closet. On the north wall is a large glass-front installment, like a vending machine, filled with all manner of pills and medicinal vials.
    There are two shelves here. On one shelf is a HIGH-TECH FIRST AID KIT. On the shelf above it is a PRESSURIZED OXYGEN TANK with an oxygen mask attached.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:28 No.3327803
    Radio Tom, go to + room to the north and on the right. It may have first aid supplies. Tell tom where we are going and have him tell us what he is doing at the time.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:28 No.3327804
    There is something above the warning sign, wipe the blood off of it and read it.

    If you don't want to touch the blood, use water from downstairs.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:28 No.3327805
    that bird came out pretty calmly for the facility to be abandoned.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 01/06/09(Tue)08:29 No.3327812

    Take some oxygen. It'll make you feel better. Then examine the stuff in the shelves, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:30 No.3327817
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:30 No.3327818
    There being a first-aid-kit, means that they're gonna need it.

    Take it, have tom break open the boards already!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:30 No.3327819
    High tech first aid kit? Oh god why did we put his eye in the GODAWFUL SMOOTHIE?
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 01/06/09(Tue)08:30 No.3327823

    Take the goods, go back outside, and examine the imminent doom door.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:30 No.3327825
         File :1231248659.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 46.gif)
    16 KB
    >May we see what TOM is doing?
    Tom is making his way to the boards.
    This room is very strange.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:31 No.3327828
    Oh yeah... Also open the cupboard and retrive the key inside!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:33 No.3327836

    Experiment time!

    Rip off a plank and throw it to the middle of the room.

    Rip off another and throw it to the other side.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:33 No.3327842
    Genresavvyness is a curse, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:34 No.3327845
    Have TOM pry off a plank and toss it into the gap to test the gravity.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:34 No.3327849
         File :1231248882.png-(564 B, 49x53, screenshot-20090106@143334.png)
    564 B
    Is there a key in the vending machine?
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:34 No.3327851
         File :1231248887.gif-(13 KB, 701x683, 47.gif)
    13 KB
    Ruby takes both items and adds them to her growing inventory.
    The first aid kit has a FINGERPRINT LOCK on it! How high-tech!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:35 No.3327856

    RUBY: Use spade on vending machine to break glass, examine content.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:36 No.3327858
    Break glass with cane, take key and any meds that she recognizes.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:36 No.3327859
    Go to TOM
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:36 No.3327863
    Not hand. The FINGER in the box-o-fetus-of-evil
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:36 No.3327864
    Inform Tom of your progress, try out your own finger on the lock.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:37 No.3327867
    Ruby: examine the side of the closet wall. There seems to be a source of light there.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:37 No.3327870
         File :1231249045.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 48.gif)
    16 KB
    >Experiment time!
    Tom begins breaking off the planks. He tosses one into the pit.

    It doesn't come back.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:38 No.3327877
    It's part of the fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:38 No.3327879

    I figures that out, but we need a keycard before we can get it, setting off the alarm is a BAD idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:38 No.3327881

    Thats not a source of light,,,, THAT'S A FUCKING EYE!

    Act calm and leave immediately.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:38 No.3327885
    She's got threepwood pockets, though i guess this means we dont have to leave the oxygen tank in the most accessable place.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:40 No.3327892

    TOM: Untie Cable, then proceed to tie it around your waist. Jump into the pit.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:40 No.3327894
    Just get the hole open already.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:41 No.3327901
         File :1231249280.gif-(7 KB, 701x683, 49.gif)
    7 KB
    The glass on the vending-machine device is too sturdy to be broken like that! Apparently whoever designed it expected that to happen.

    >Is that a hole in the wall I spy?
    There IS a small hole in the wall of the closet.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:41 No.3327903
    Look through the hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:42 No.3327906

    Attempt to bump the vending machine.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:42 No.3327907
    Jam the scalpel into the small hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:42 No.3327908
    Poke cane into hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:42 No.3327913

    I gotta go with this, figuring out how the pit works is just one big headache, and I don't see any benefit. Just pry the wood away and check it out.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:42 No.3327914
    Peek through hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:43 No.3327917
    You're right. With that he could probe how far the whole reaches.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:43 No.3327918
         File :1231249400.gif-(15 KB, 701x683, 50.gif)
    15 KB
    Tom finishes opening the hole down.
    There is a distant light from the other end.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:43 No.3327922
    That hole seems to lead into the horrifying unknown death room..calling attention to it seems like a bad idea..
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:43 No.3327924
    tie string securely around scalpel, poke it through the hole and reel it back.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:44 No.3327926
    Go through the hole.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:44 No.3327927
    Peek into hole, if it's safe, go down.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:45 No.3327930
    Maybe Tom should check up on KILLERPUPPET?
    Just in case.. I mean, that puppet really has me shitting bricks!
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:46 No.3327931
         File :1231249572.gif-(7 KB, 701x683, 51.gif)
    7 KB
    >Attempt to bump the vending machine.
    Have you really never used a vending machine before? That won't work!

    >Poke cane into hole.
    It's stuck.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:46 No.3327936
    Refrain from agitating the cane unless you want to get slammed into the wall really hard.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:47 No.3327939
    Call tom to get it out.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:47 No.3327941
    Well great. Take this opportunity to concentrate on Tom for a while.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:47 No.3327943
    Stuck in WHAT? Was there a squishy noise?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:47 No.3327944
    Oh fuck. D:
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:47 No.3327947

    Leave closet, proceed into room with the RED CROSS above the door, and push CANE back into the closet, freeing it.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:48 No.3327952
         File :1231249716.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 52.gif)
    11 KB
    >Go through the hole.
    Tom arrives at the other end of the hatch.

    Tom feels strangely turned around.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:48 No.3327955
    "Hi tom, i, uh, just accidentally my cane into a wall, i need your help"
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 01/06/09(Tue)08:49 No.3327959

    Eyes. EYES. Also, examine fucking everything.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:49 No.3327960
    Radio Ruby about this development posthaste.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:50 No.3327967
    Note cane sticking out of wall, radio Ruby about it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:50 No.3327968
    open the door from the inside
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:51 No.3327972
    Investigate the items on the bed.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:51 No.3327973
    WOW is that the Red Cross room? Weaver managed to both unite Ruby and Tom in the same general location AND break the fucking boards. Expert storytelling right thar!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:51 No.3327975
    Shove cane back, Tom!
    First call Ruby though..
    He DOES remember the cane, doesn't he?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:51 No.3327976
    Room is connected to Ruby's closet.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:51 No.3327978
    Oh, poor tom.

    Replace Lost Eye with GLASS EYE,.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:52 No.3327983
    Tom is an amputee...
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:52 No.3327986
    TOM: Check the object in the upper left corner of the room.
    RUBY: Check third eye...see if it feels like it is still there.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:53 No.3327992
         File :1231250000.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 53.gif)
    12 KB
    >Radio Ruby about this development posthaste.
    Tom radios Ruby.
    Ruby hears his transmission, but there's some sort of strange echo.
    ...perhaps he's nearby.

    >examine fucking everything.
    There is a MEDICAL DIAGRAM on the wall above a stained MEDICAL EXAMINATION TABLE. On a small surface next to it is an ANATOMICAL EYE MODEL.
    Some sort of diagram is on the west wall. To the south, there is a locked door.
    There are some papers on the EXAM TABLE.
    There is also a SET OF MEDICAL TOOLS lying on the table.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:54 No.3327996
    Use fake eye as real eye.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:54 No.3327997
    TOM: aggitate the cane and make RAR noises, then call Ruby to say only joking
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:54 No.3327999
    look at medical diagram, take tools, read papers on table
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328003
    >To the south, there is a locked door.
    So now there's a lock in it?
    examine diagram!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328004
    Violently shove the pole sticking out of the wall. Hilarity ensues!
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328005
         File :1231250108.gif-(12 KB, 701x683, 54.gif)
    12 KB
    >TOM: Check the object in the upper left corner of the room.
    It appears to be a camera.

    >RUBY: Check third eye...see if it feels like it is still there.
    It hurts.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328006
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328007
    Read the PAPERS
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328008
    Scare the bunny!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328009

    Tell Ruby he thinks he's next door and can see her cane.

    Poke Cane to show this.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:55 No.3328012
    >TOM: aggitate the cane and make RAR noises, then call Ruby to say JUST KIDDING
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:56 No.3328017
    Also tell her about the camera!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:56 No.3328019
    inb4 ruined glory hole moment.
    Examine the poster, eyeball.
    Tell Ruby he hears her nearby, prepare to smash the wall near the can protrusion!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:57 No.3328022
    >TOM: Check the object in the upper left corner of the room.
    And if it's a camera, smash it.
    Examine the diagram on the west wall.
    See if the eye model can be opened and if there's anything inside.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:57 No.3328024
    This can lead only to nut shot to balls due to the can position.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)08:57 No.3328025
    >>At the time I made the decision, split up had two votes, stay together had one.

    In this case, I profusely apologize.
    (but I still think splitting up was a bad idea)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:00 No.3328033
    Smash the camera with the crowbar.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:00 No.3328036
    Yeah, now Ruby will ahve to listen to Tom's dying screams, unable to help him.
    Make camera explode, examine diagram and EYE closer.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:00 No.3328037
    Remove cane, insert penis, commence glory hole.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:01 No.3328039
         File :1231250460.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 55.gif)
    16 KB
    PLEASE stop posting "SECOND!"-style posts. I saw it the first time. This takes longer than you might think and I'm already rushing.

    Ruby and Tom, realizing they're somehow on opposite sides of the same wall, work together to free the cane.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:02 No.3328049
    Tell Ruby to get back, smash down the wall with Crowbar if possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:02 No.3328050
    I think most of that was just people thinking my suggestion was funny and voicing support, rather than anything serious.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:03 No.3328059
    The cane got badly stuck. What do you think will happen to the penis?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:04 No.3328061
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:04 No.3328066
         File :1231250687.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 56.gif)
    16 KB
    Tom inspects the ANATOMICAL EYE MODEL, it's just a plastic standee model of an eyeball, like the kind they have in medical schools.
    HOWEVER! When Tom picks it up, he finds a single COIN underneath the base, which he then pockets.

    The DIAGRAM in the back is that of an eye with some sort of strange script annotating it. It seems very archaic.

    Tom picks up the PAPERS on the exam table...
    [CUTSCENE moment, give me a minute to draw the papers and such]
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:08 No.3328087
    I've figured it out!
    The KILLERPUPPET is really Scarecrow and all this is just a hallucination induced by his Fear-Gas!
    Batman to the rescue!!!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:09 No.3328092
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:13 No.3328111
         File :1231251213.gif-(14 KB, 701x683, 57.gif)
    14 KB
    ...Tom is not sure what to make of this letter.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:13 No.3328112
    Ruby: Trail of blood. Where does it lead?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:14 No.3328117
    Told ya'll she was dead.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:14 No.3328118
    God this is going to end in either CLONES or TIMETRAVEL. I just know it.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:15 No.3328119
    TOM : Breakdown and cry
    >> ShinyZangoose 01/06/09(Tue)09:15 No.3328124

    Ask Ruby if she knows about anything in the letter, e.g. the Spade symbol.

    (Yes I'm being a cruel bastard having him tell her she's dead)
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:16 No.3328125
    TOM: Tell Ruby "I think you might want to see this"
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:17 No.3328128
    Prepare for the Silent Hill bad ending.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:18 No.3328132
    Ruby, check for hidden door, where the trail of blood ends.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:18 No.3328133
    Ruby can never know!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:19 No.3328139
    This is probably a public hospital.... OOPS WRONG PATIENT!
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:19 No.3328143
         File :1231251583.gif-(11 KB, 701x683, 58.gif)
    11 KB
    There's an attached photograph at the end of the letter.
    >> Defcon !dmTC0NlGCk 01/06/09(Tue)09:20 No.3328145
    no, ruby must not know.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:20 No.3328146
    Oh fu-
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:20 No.3328148

    OH SHI-

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:20 No.3328149
    See? It looks more like Red than Ruby.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:21 No.3328150
    can the coin fit through the hole in the wall?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:21 No.3328154
    Give coin to ruby. Use coin on vending machine. Get the damn key already.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:22 No.3328159

    Is it just me or does it look like the injury that killed her is where the third eye is now?
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:23 No.3328161
    No, this is (presumably) a different person/subject named "Stitches."
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:23 No.3328162
    I applaud you, Weaver!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:23 No.3328163
    nah... the injury is at the top of the skull, ruby's eye was more on her forehead, although yeah her injury and blindness are probably connected to her third eye
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:24 No.3328164

    No, that's Ruby. Read the whole letter.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:24 No.3328166
    Give the letter to Ruby, see if it triggers any memories.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:24 No.3328169
         File :1231251884.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 59.gif)
    16 KB
    >Give coin to ruby. Use coin on vending machine. Get the damn key already.
    This is too much to take in right now. Tom hastily pockets the letter and the photo.
    There will be time to sort this out later.

    Tom shakily passes the coin to Ruby through the wall, thankful she can't see him like this.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:24 No.3328171
    occipital bone is the bottom back of the skull, right above where the neck joins. Wherre the eye is isn't where Ruby got killed
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:25 No.3328172
    The occipital bone, at the back of the head...that's at the part of the brain that controles sight!

    >TOM: Hide note, decide to watch ruby for a while to figure out what's going on
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:27 No.3328178
    Stiches could possibly be the first zombie mutant thing we saw
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:27 No.3328180
    I thought the eye was where that second encounter got Ruby wounded.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:27 No.3328184
    How do we know that?
    The real enemy is this place. The 'plague doctor' wannabe. The one that drove Red nuts and may be planting these notes. Spade.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:27 No.3328185

    Uh... Isn't stitches that motherfucker hung behind the tarp?
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:28 No.3328189
         File :1231252091.gif-(16 KB, 701x683, 60.gif)
    16 KB
    Ruby uses the vending machine and the coin to retrieve the GOLD KEY someone stashed there.
    Ruby noticed the door from the room outside to the medical room Tom's in now was locked -- perhaps this is that key.
    >> Badger 01/06/09(Tue)09:28 No.3328190

    stitches was the one on the wall at the end of part 1
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:28 No.3328194
    Leave Closet
    Unlock Medical Room
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:29 No.3328196
    TOM: Hold the door shut from Ruby.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:29 No.3328201
    Tell Tom we'll be right there, go unlock the door for him, take in medical room.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:29 No.3328202

    It's Ace, damn you. Pay attention.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:29 No.3328205
    Wait till we meet Red again!
    Since nothing seems to stay dead in here, we might as well lock Ruby away somewhere to make sure Tom doesn't get mauled.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:30 No.3328208
    Spade, Ace, whatever. We can't let Ruby and Tom think they aren't on the same side.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:31 No.3328215
    Spade, Ace, whatever. We can't let Ruby and Tom *know* they aren't on the same side.

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:31 No.3328216
    It's obviously AoS.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:32 No.3328217

    Tom should Radio Ruby to steady his nerves.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:33 No.3328224
    Ruby, read the plaque next to the ladder while you're at it. Tom, read the chart on the left and the letter on table if they're important.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:33 No.3328226
    Could we make sure Ruby and Tom at least tell each other to be wary - they cannot be sure they will be themselves in every situation, and that they would rather have the other be ready to flee should they transform or become rabid.

    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:34 No.3328229
    Ruby: Use key to get into medical room
    Tom: Examine last object on table
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:34 No.3328230
    letter reads
    >it should be noted that this accident comes so soon after the death of Subject #1 Stitches....

    hmmm. so ruby's dead? if that's the case tom's dead too prolly. they must've gotten whatever disease stitches had and they were being contained in the facility. they could be experiencing some sort of revival but before the effects of becoming an abomination kicking in.
    >> Weaver !!t1PjjQn4qVX 01/06/09(Tue)09:34 No.3328232
    new thread:
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:34 No.3328233
    Use key to open the locked door.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:35 No.3328241
    Not gonna happen, I'm afraid... They're too frightened to wake suspicion in the other... They proved it by all that hiding integral evidence!
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:36 No.3328247
    The 'Coffins' that Ruby was in revive people.

    This is why Red blew himself up. He knew they would try again. So he gave them nothing to work with.
    >> Anonymous 01/06/09(Tue)09:36 No.3328251
    new thread:


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