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  • File :1199207588.jpg-(381 KB, 1249x838, sonichulol.jpg)
    381 KB Continuing from the Mary-Sue thread Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:13 No.959080  

    I'm a 40kfag and have never had the pleasure.

    Share your stories.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:15 No.959088
    My DM's DMPC once raped my character. It was totally not cool.

    When I complained, he threatened to take XP away from me.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:19 No.959099
    Am I blessed enough to have never met a real DMPC? Closest thing was the mercenary Rogue we hired actually being an interesting character. Too bad she got killed.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:20 No.959104
    WTF at OP image.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:21 No.959108
    Go ask /v/. You'll find out.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:21 No.959109
    Oh god sonichu
    Are the /v/irgins still trying to get his 'medallion'?
    >> Johnny Turbo !ndGJO7HYc2 01/01/08(Tue)12:22 No.959114
    Sonichu scares me. "Why haven't you found a girlfriend, a guy as creative and smart as you?"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:23 No.959115
    Nah we kinda lost interest. The attention span of the average /v/irgin is even lower than the 4chan average. I think only /b/ beats us in that.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:25 No.959123
         File :1199208302.jpg-(107 KB, 800x585, 800px-Nicebelt.jpg)
    107 KB
    I dunno, but there had been talk of stealing his beltbuckle for some time too
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:25 No.959125
    Oh what the fuck
    >> Johnny Turbo !ndGJO7HYc2 01/01/08(Tue)12:27 No.959133
    Yeah, he wrote a comic with his fictional character asking him why someone as totally awesome as him hasn't found a woman willing to touch him.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:27 No.959134
         File :1199208448.jpg-(58 KB, 402x500, 1196526722883.jpg)
    58 KB
    Mother fucker had it copy-righted?

    Oh god, I am losing my faith in humanity.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:28 No.959137
    i played with a DMPC last saturday, but it was a PC's regular character, and he just happenend to be DMing because we're having trouble keeping a regular DM in that game.

    but it still sucked, cause he always makes broken characters
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:30 No.959146
    all of our DMPCs are mostly place holders or added support since we have only three people playing including the DM and so the DMPCs are ignored by the DM. As players we actually end up liking the DMPCs because they travel with us and are treated as part of the party. One of the best things to do is split the loot at the end of a big typical dungeon with the DMPC and sometimes give him more than us saying he did especially well. The DM gets so angry/confused and facepalm's.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:31 No.959149
    I doubt he could get an actual copyright on that...
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:32 No.959155
    I can no longer laugh at Sonichu shit. I can only feel depressed.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:34 No.959163
    Seriously, he tore right through to top of what I knew to be epicfail, and is now resting in a very tiny zone of pity.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:38 No.959182
    To those who are reading this, today, I was at the new Target store, across from Forest Lakes, just hanging around, not bothering anyone. And, from out of the blue, these two Manajerks asked me to leave, because they said that I was loitering; I was NOT! I was there hoping to find an 18-23-year old, Boyfriend-Free girl, like I usually do. Then, from out of the blue, after I told them off, they came back with two Jerkops! I was slightly intimidated, but mostly annoyed and ready to strike back on them. They asked me to leave, and never return. I did not want to leave. I would have left peacefully, in fact, I was ready to go, but I had one thing to say to them. And, during the middle of my speech, they chased me, pulled my pants, and pinned me to the floor. As I struggled, they handcuffed my wrists and legs, and they hog-tied me! Not only did I felt humiliated from being the victim, but I was angry at them! Not only for handcuffing me, but once again thwarting my efforts in trying to find a Boyfriend-Free Girl. They drove me to the county jail, but fortunately, they did not keep me there; I was released to my family. But now I'll have to go to court in the future. So now, I feel very miserable, sad, lonely and rejected.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:41 No.959196
    I still say we front the cash to buy Chris-Chan a hooker.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:42 No.959202
    Copyrights are instantly granted, actually. Registering a copyright just makes it a lot easier for you to support your claim. However, anything original that you have made is copyrighted to you.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)12:50 No.959230
         File :1199209832.jpg-(56 KB, 879x358, Chrischandiary.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> bump Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)14:37 No.959626
         File :1199216260.jpg-(35 KB, 354x480, PickleJarB.jpg)
    35 KB
    Less pickels more DMPCS k thx
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)15:55 No.959861
    My group had a "scholar" of sorts that followed us around for a while. The campaign had a lot of religion in it, and the guy was a Neutral-good Archiver, who was just trying to help the world survive the god-war. He was a major NPC for a while, and eventually had to go with us into a shrine- but that was only for one dungeon, and the DM was reasonable about loot and stuff, and the NPC didn't take anything except for a bunch of random books and an empty chest to store them all in.
    The only thing about it that any of were at all unhappy about was that two of the other guys had wanted to play Archivers (right after that book came out) and the DM told them they couldn't. But after he intro'd this char it was ok.


    There was a scholar in my campaign, like a "guide" or something. he wasn't too bad.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)16:07 No.959888
    I play in this online game. DM's help out and stuff. It's text, not too bad, usually people RP with each other. There's combat through a systems that was set up. Everything was happy.

    However in this game there's different groups, a few of them evil, and two aligned good groups with a third that helps out.

    Unfortunately, while this sounds alright, DMPCs have made the evil groups just useless. Some of these characters on evil are already crazy, but the DMPC is so far past that that he has an army of clones that surpass the normal characters, and he himself can turn you into a box with just thinking.

    That, and there are so many DMPC's in this game that they somewhat outnumber the players in a person to DMPC ratio. Some of them are also as strong as the strongest character.

    TL;DR - Game, evil and good sides, DMPC's stronger than what's on both sides combined, shadowing over what evil already exists. Ruining efforts of players to be speshul.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:16 No.960148
    I made an intentionally mundane DMPC cleric, who takes is job as an office clerk for the church very seriously. Of course, my party doesn't have a cleric so I brought him out once. He had low stats, but between a few good rolls and turn-fucking-undead he became a grossly exaggerated hero. My players ask every session where he is and if he's coming with us. I'm not sure what I've done.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:19 No.960160
    So this lich had teamed up with a reclusive golem crafter and a master dungeon engineer and was threatening some prosperous kingdom or something.

    We, mere level 3 losers, were drafted into the army, which was desperate because hundreds of the, quote, "tiny insignificant androgynous recruits" had deserted it in light of the coming danger.

    We were issued ill-fitting secondhand uniforms and met our new boss, Commander Awesome.

    He was a surprisingly agile 7 foot tall allegedly human level 20 fighter wearing at least 2000 kilos of (plot) armour and whose preferred method of fighting was throwing battleaxes and spears that were tethered to his armour by chains at people and using pro-wrestling moves.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:20 No.960161

    Basic training consisted of running a rickety obstacle course whilst mutilating stuffed, ridiculously dressed pop-up dummies of kobolds and trolls, while Commander awesome was throwing stuff at us. Or throwing us at stuff. While shouting lines you'd expect from Coach Oleander, only a bit more random.

    Our first mission, along with the Commander and about a dozen nameless cannon fodder recruits, was to rout (slaughter) a bunch of zombies and skeletons that had taken up residence in a nearby mountain town. Immediately upon getting there, the fountain in the town square burst out of the ground, revealing itself to be some kind of giant stone golem that had a fountain built into it. Commander Awesome intercepted and distracted the golem and shouted at us to take another route. We ducked into an alley (the other recruits ended up in seperate alleys) and began going through the backways of the town, occasionally sneaking in through houses and along rooftops, enjoying a fairly standard low-level undead slaughterfest. Randomly throughout, we'd see Commander Awesome in the background, wrestling the golem, killing hordes of zombies by bludgeoning them with one of the recruits, or powerbombing/piledriving/divebombing the undead hordes through and off of the various rickety buildings around town, all the while shouting questionable encouragement at us. He also once or twice got us out of a bad situation by bursting through a nearby wall.

    We eventually disposed of the golem ourselves by luring it onto a poorly constructed bridge over a very, very deep canyon.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:20 No.960165

    Commander Awesome continued to be our commander throughout the campaign, though over time he, quite properly, played less and less of an active role. Towards the end, he served as an excellent demonstration of the BBEG's power, when our beloved, nigh-unstoppable commander was uncerimoniously hurled a few miles into the sea by one of the BBEG's construct minions. (Of course, the Commander was level 20 and had ridiculous plot armour, which we CERTAINLY were not, yet the BBEG was still a proper level for us, so the sea-throwing was more of a story thing)

    After beating the BBEG, we were presented medals of valour back in the kingdom by, miraculously, and we wouldn't have it any other way, Commander Awesome himself, whose armour was slightly rusty but he was nonetheless in good spirits. After the ceremony, he treated us to a delicious feast of Kraken, which he had just recently obtained during his "hunting trip" to the bottom of the ocean.

    Frankly, we rather liked the guy. The DM played him legitimately (for a level 20 character with anti-death armour in a low-level campaign, at least), he fit into the story, he took part in very little of the actual action, and he was roleplayed with brilliant personality. He was more of a DM guided NPC than a DMPC, which is how it should be.

    We have since embarked on a new adventure into foreign lands, and have not heard from our beloved commander. Perhaps someday...


    Our commander was Commander Awesome. He was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:28 No.960176
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:33 No.960191

    Having plot armor only for humorous, or (Imagine the thought) plot purposes, and not too blatantly. Whodathunk?
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:39 No.960202
    Sounds awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:46 No.960221
    Chris-chan is a self-diagnoised autistic.

    How fucking pathetic do you have to be when you SELF-DIAGNOIS a developmental disorder

    Also I just realised that Amy on his belt buckle has a yellow tail... lawl
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:53 No.960239
    I'm pretty sure he is actually autistic. Because if he isn't he is the most depressing thing on the internet.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)17:57 No.960247
         File :1199228240.png-(314 KB, 2400x1200, mlw-sonichu3.png)
    314 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:03 No.960261

    I can't read your story without picturing him as Captain Falcon.
    >> Mr. Bubbles !!DLJ3bQ7yunJ 01/01/08(Tue)18:05 No.960270
    No, I think he is just heavily retarded. He seems to have stopped developing mentally at the age of 8.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:18 No.960317
         File :1199229535.jpg-(72 KB, 250x350, kuno.jpg)
    72 KB
    I was once running an Oriental Adventures game, although none of the players were weeaboos, I thought it'd be fun to slip in a reference to Ranma 1/2 by having Tatewaki Kuno show up.

    The party were all level 6 and had been attacked by a bandit lord and his crew, who were giving the party a really good fight and putting them on the ropes. Most of the regular bandits had been put down, but the leader was kicking ass and shrugging off most of what the party threw at them.

    That's when Tatewaki Kuno, the level 3 warrior (that's right, the NPC class. He even wasted a feat on exotic weapon proficiency for his masterwork bastard sword) leapt into the fray and attacked the bandit leader. I figured he'd make an amusing distraction and maybe help the rogue by flanking so she could get some sneak attacks in.

    Instead the fucker critted the bandit leader, dropping him with his charge, and them proceeding to cleave and kill the guy's pet dire wolf.

    For the next couple of adventures, whenever they were up against a tough foe, the PCs would constantly complain, "If Kuno were here, he could totally take this guy!"
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:23 No.960328
    Our DM plays a clerics since there were only four of us and no one wanted to play as a cleric and every party needs a cleric.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:28 No.960341
    Our DM was running a Forgotten Realms campaign, and through some lackey work with our cleric's god (Hoar), and some other silliness we came into conflict with Talona. Long story short, Talona was defeated, my strongheart hin rogue was the only one that survived, Hoar took the portfolio of poison and my char recieved some divine essence and the portfolio of disease. Later our DM could not participate in our game sessions, so passed on the DMing responsibilities to me and my PC became a DMPC; a hin demigod one at that... t'was fun.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:31 No.960348


    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:33 No.960354
    itt: furries and weeaboos
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:34 No.960355
    ITT we approve of DMPC's as long as they're awesome.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)18:44 No.960379
    I'm pretty sure he is, even though it is self diagnosed.
    >> Anonymous 01/01/08(Tue)19:12 No.960488

    fudge some rolls and i guarantee that'll never happen again.

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