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    File :1225851069.jpg-(339 KB, 600x800, daw bunny.jpg)
    339 KB Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:11 No.2941741  
    If I were to take this as my familiar, would I be branded a faggot?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:12 No.2941744
    >> That Damn Mouse 11/04/08(Tue)21:12 No.2941745
    That is the most horrifically disturbing thing I've seen posted on /tg/ all day.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:13 No.2941748
         File :1225851198.jpg-(35 KB, 287x475, watership-down-richard-adams.jpg)
    35 KB
    No not at all.
    >> True Patriot 11/04/08(Tue)21:13 No.2941750
    Yes, a real man's familiar is a bald eagle.
    >> Canadafag 11/04/08(Tue)21:15 No.2941760
         File :1225851304.jpg-(155 KB, 600x352, bunnyPoke.jpg)
    155 KB
    Certainly not, dear friend.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:15 No.2941762
    Raven is the only choice.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:16 No.2941765

    /b/ and voting is that way -------->
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:19 No.2941777
    Any familiar can be grimdark as long as they have "Devoted Familiar" so that you can transfer a killing blow from yourself to them instead.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:21 No.2941795

    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:21 No.2941796
         File :1225851686.jpg-(50 KB, 500x583, Bunny.jpg)
    50 KB

    Not by my standards.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:21 No.2941798
    Could you do that, knowing how cute the little bunny is?
    >> True Patriot 11/04/08(Tue)21:22 No.2941800
    You some kind of retard who can't tell left from right?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:22 No.2941802
    Have you seen Watership Down. Rabbits are so fucking gar it hurts.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:22 No.2941803
    I would, because its a GRIMDARK bunny.
    >> LogicNinja !X/WncDCXNA 11/04/08(Tue)21:25 No.2941810
         File :1225851903.jpg-(298 KB, 500x375, 4 BrownBunny.jpg)
    298 KB
    >cute bunny pictures
    >> Detective Inspector Typhlosion !2A6x1BvqI2 11/04/08(Tue)21:26 No.2941819
    Man, there was a black rabbit the size of a beach ball in my backyard one day.
    Seriously, seriously huge rabbit. Giant.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:26 No.2941820

    Who is going to save the world if the spellcaster and his party die? Not the familiar. Barring some sort of divine intervention it would revert to a dumb animal. A familiar should be grateful it had a helping hand in the overall tapestry of the adventure. The bunny dies.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:26 No.2941821
    Is that Bun'kar?

    >> Devil 11/04/08(Tue)21:28 No.2941832
         File :1225852124.jpg-(20 KB, 397x346, sugar_glider_pleh.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)21:34 No.2941852
    and then, the bunny comes back as the Emperor of Bunnykind.
    >> Joe Quesada !!YylhU7r7YYP 11/04/08(Tue)21:35 No.2941861
    I think this thread has convinced me to roll every spellcaster henceforth with a menagerie of rabid strepsirrhine hid beneath his robes to be used as living weaponry.
    >> True Patriot 11/04/08(Tue)21:35 No.2941862
    Did you slay it for xp and loot?
    >> Detective Inspector Typhlosion !2A6x1BvqI2 11/04/08(Tue)21:38 No.2941870
    No, I was maybe 2nd level (or does age = level? In that case, like 12th level) at the time and it had to have been far more powerful than I was.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:28 No.2942050
         File :1225855708.jpg-(17 KB, 400x260, baby_pygmy_hippo.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:32 No.2942075
         File :1225855955.jpg-(87 KB, 512x781, 1223963127315.jpg)
    87 KB
    My animal companion could kick your familiars ass.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:40 No.2942111

    "Damnable beasts" whispered Kaeer to herself as she stumbled along the detritus-covered gravel of the tunnel. In between laboured breaths she repeated the phrase over and over - a mantra she was using to keep her focus in her debilitated state.

    Blood trailed behind her from dangerous gashes across her back and legs. Her leather armor barely hung from her body in shreds - slightly concealing the puncture wound in her gut that threatened to gush forth a spray of her lifeforce were she to take her hand from over it.

    "Damnable beasts... Damnable beasts..."

    A small bulge in Kaeer's knapsack shifted slightly. A shivering white, furry nose poked out of the flap and squeaked softly in her ear.

    "Mistress! Hurry!"

    "D-damn... damnable..."

    Kaeer plodded onward; colours fading from her vision, sounds almost mute now; bracing herself against the wall as she continued - smears of blood striping the wall behind her.

    "Mistress! Our friends will be here soon! Please hurry! P-please!"

    Rein poked his head fully out of the knapsack and stared behind them into the dark tunnel. Perking his ears his eyes widened as he picked up the sound of the kruthik chittering behind them as they scurried down the tunnel in pursuit. Kaeer hadn't even realized that she had reached the exit of the tunnel before she tripped on the incline and collapsed with a thud that sent a violent gush of blood pouring out from under her unconcious body.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:42 No.2942120

    Quickly recovering from the sudden jolt, Rein darted out of the bag and hopped onto Kaeer's head. "So much blood! So much blood! Mistress! Oh no!" he wailed as he scratched her head with his tiny claws trying to rouse her. Trembling he could hear the monsters rounding the final corner and knew they would soon be upon them, but he did not know what to do. In his terror and fixation, he never saw the cabal of wizards - his mistress' comrads - teleporting into the field behind him. But even so, they would not arrive in time, and deep in his heart Rein knew it.

    Quaking, Rein hopped into defensive position behind Kaeer and began chittering a warning to his monstrous attackers. Undeterred, the kruthiks swarmed around their meal and descended upon them. A swift claw dug into the dirt where Rein had dodged from. He swiftly darted amongst the chitinous beasts, nipping at their legs but doing little to distract them from Kaeer's prone form.

    "Leave her ALONE!" boomed the enraged little animal as his fur stood tall. The air smelled of ozone and crackled with sparks as Rein unleashed the chain lightning spell his mistress had entrusted with him. All around the kruthiks screamed and smoked and died. And still more came. From outside of the enclosing circle of chittering monstrocities a larger, wiser kruthik knelt forward - large spines on his back positioning themselves forward.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:42 No.2942123

    In the span of a heartbeat the spines fired. And in that same instant Rein finally understood what the human emotion called "love" meant. It meant devotion. It meant sacrifice. And with a tiny telepathic whisper to the only human he would ever love he said "goodbye", and lept to meet them with his body. As the colours began to fade from Rein's eyes, and the sounds almost mute now, his attention followed a barage of bright, warm objects as they entered the tunnel and slammed into the monsters again and again; spraying the walls with embers and limbs.

    "Damnable beasts", he whispered as he passed into oblivion.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:44 No.2942127
    BAWWWWing like a little girl.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:45 No.2942129

    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:45 No.2942131
    Until I realized that did not actually read "damnable breasts", I was interested.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:46 No.2942135
    poor bunny
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:48 No.2942143
    Y'know, it doesn't actually say that it's a bunny. Could be any small, furry, white animal.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:50 No.2942150
    So a rabbit like creature that is not a rabbit.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:53 No.2942162

    Well, considering the thread topic, it's probably a bunny. It just was never specified.

    But oh, how I bawww'ed.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)22:59 No.2942190

    I wrotefagged the story in response to the anon who suggested the bunny be used solely for "devoted familiar" benefits.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:01 No.2942201
    Why do /tg/'s little sad writefaggotries make me baw like only Nana's Everyday Life did?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:01 No.2942203
    Perhaps it's some other lagomorph. Some general-purpose hyperkinetic rabbitty thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:04 No.2942223
    Manly tears were shed.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:18 No.2942284

    when i read the part about the lightning bolt i laughed a little as i pictured nando from guardian heroes doing his hyper attack. but then i bawwed.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:49 No.2942351
    Would I be out of line if I /r/equested more writefaggotry of this nature?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:51 No.2942367
    I'm pretty sure we had another thread about familiars with sad writefaggotry... it's probably archived. I remember something about an egyptian's cat.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/08(Tue)23:59 No.2942401
    id say no. cuz it would be a great distraction. like a +10 charisma bonus
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:00 No.2942406
         File :1225861228.jpg-(40 KB, 800x441, HolyGrail189.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Eponymous Rex !!taqDd9490Ip 11/05/08(Wed)00:04 No.2942422
         File :1225861473.jpg-(393 KB, 862x720, Vespa_mandarinia.jpg)
    393 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:07 No.2942430
    Yes, because familiars mean you're not playing 4e.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:08 No.2942437
         File :1225861706.jpg-(41 KB, 600x377, Web cooloscar080407blackbackgr(...).jpg)
    41 KB
    Mine is superior.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:08 No.2942438
    Do also want more.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:09 No.2942441
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:10 No.2942455
    My 4e Wizard has a familiar.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:13 No.2942471
    The real question is would Obama take a rabbit familiar?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:19 No.2942495
    Bump for Obama discussion.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:50 No.2942643

    Yes. But the real question is: would he rather have a white or a black bunny familiar?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:52 No.2942653
    Hmmm maybe a mixed spot pattern?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)00:56 No.2942674
    Making a wizard right now, he's going to have black and white spotted fur and his name'll be Obama.
    >> Masterwork Bastard !DOD3/eopFI 11/05/08(Wed)01:01 No.2942699
         File :1225864861.jpg-(31 KB, 470x302, Woman holding angry giant ferr(...).jpg)
    31 KB
    No, Obama would take these.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)01:03 No.2942712
         File :1225865028.gif-(15 KB, 846x1000, Kill wFire.gif)
    15 KB

    You're making a wizard character with fur? *sigh*
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)01:07 No.2942729
    Shit, sorry I meant his familiar is going to be a rabbit with black and white spotty fur and be called Obama.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)01:09 No.2942742
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)01:09 No.2942743
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)01:13 No.2942761
    Reported for batman cock.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/08(Wed)08:29 No.2944096
    Here's the link to the other recent thread on familiars:


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