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  • File :1223992973.jpg-(144 KB, 825x598, Doublepurpose.jpg)
    144 KB Synthetics and Mosaic Classes Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)10:02 No.2801636  
    Hey /tg/, this is a double purpose thread. I'm finishing one game, and laying the roots of the second, and i figured why not try out multitasking?

    The game i'm finishing is Eurid, and all that needs doing is rules for cybernetically enhanced villains in a storyteller system game. Any ideas welcome.

    The game i'm laying down the Foundations of is Mosaic, a game about runic magic and lots of random crap. Currently, were just at the point where the basic mechanics are concieved, the setting is outlined and the classes are conceptualised, but now things actually need to be done.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)10:03 No.2801638
    However, first and foremost, new names are needed for Mosaic.

    Classes as they stand: Names in [] are the current best alternative name to the crappy stand-in.
    Runecaster[Sigilist] - Basic magic using class, memorising runes and then linking them together to create spells.
    Rune Warrior - Combat class, runes inscribed on armour and weapons and activated during combat manouvers.
    Runemarked - Magic user who Tattoos runes onto their body, for a wider variety of effects, but less depth and power.
    Rune Dancer - Magic users who memorises runes, but casts them through body movement (i.e. dances). Take longer to cast powerful spells, but can cast minor spells covertly.
    Runefist - Martial artist who magically empowers his martial arts via forms and styles based off certain runes.
    Rune Crafter[Glyph Carver] - Highly specialised caster, works runes into objects to empower and enhance them.
    Rune Priest - Holy caster, worships the spirits and deities of the runes, calls their power via sacrifice of blood.
    Rune mimic - Capable of using/mimicking the runecasting abilities of others (to an extent), but incapable of doing much of anything on their own.

    Essentially, any ideas on the classes are good. Fluff, rules, a new name, whatever.

    Old threads:
    >> Viral 10/14/08(Tue)10:08 No.2801661
    Mornin', EF.

    Although I suppose it's afternoon for you.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)10:11 No.2801667

    Afternoon, swiftly progressing to evening. No better time in the day to Get Shit Done.
    >> !cLAc5rAVRA 10/14/08(Tue)10:30 No.2801706
    Rune Priest - Bloodscribe? Red Priest?
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)10:40 No.2801741

    Bloodscribe is good. Red Priest is also good, but you just know everyone who made one would call them Rezo.
    >> !cLAc5rAVRA 10/14/08(Tue)11:07 No.2801837
    Hmm... Somatograph means body-writer. It kinda works, maybe for the Dancer or Fist.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)11:11 No.2801855

    Just reducing it to Somat (Or possible Somatoglyph, for in setting link) could work very well for the Dancer. One who speaks with movements/creates runes with movements...
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)12:50 No.2802219
    Of the current names, I'd say you could keep Runefist. it works.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)12:54 No.2802250
    Oh man, how fucking gay would that be to have buttons on your face for your eyes. Jesus christ...
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)12:58 No.2802268

    As gay as a Synthetic, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)13:29 No.2802413
    Hm. For cybernetics, do we want rules that can work for any character, even a badass normal, or just specifically for the cybernetic super-soldiers? On another level, do we want the Synthetics to be almost completely different than 'normal' Eurids, or do we want them to be basically the same, but with an additional 'template'?
    >> Chaotic Cleric 10/14/08(Tue)13:29 No.2802414
    Rune Mimic: Mirrorune, Reflectionist, Refracter,

    They could be a kind of Balance Cult, like Taoists but over the top. They study the various theory behind the different schools of magic, but lack practical exercises with them. In addition to being able to copy a performed Mosaic, they can also perform the same Mosaic in reverse, thus negating the spell or redirecting it elsewhere. At higher levels, they gain the ability to enhance the spells cast by others by interjecting runes into the spell structure.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/14/08(Tue)18:00 No.2803611

    Okay, rapid recap time. Eurids are created by infusing a foetus with cells from Eurydice, a being created by AI "gods" in an interdimensional bubble world with slightly different physical laws to our own. When she "died" she was carrying an unborn son, who due to the dimensional shift had some serious genetic fuckups. Synthetics are the beings grown from him, and are, as a result, horribly disabled. However, the cybernetics integrates better into their systems than into those of normal humans, and they have more bioelectricity etc to power them.

    The cybernetics work on normal humans, but they work much much better on synthetics.


    You have just made Rune Mimics awesome. I thank you good sir.
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 10/14/08(Tue)18:10 No.2803650
         File :1224022235.jpg-(98 KB, 1280x720, _source.jpg)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)22:51 No.2804795

    How about Artifice, Earthflame?
    >> Anonymous 10/14/08(Tue)23:06 No.2804872
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)01:57 No.2805856

    What he said >>2804872

    The thread where I finished it is on sup/tg/. However, the site isn't loading for me, so I can't link you to it.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)03:27 No.2806286
    From what I've seen so far, Synths work on themes rather than science (Or Science!). A generic system for statting them wouldn't work. Just advise GM's to break all the limits on normal human powers and pillage cool abilities from any compatible games.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)03:57 No.2806437
    Stop outclassing us mere humans, Earthflame!
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)06:11 No.2806883

    I do nothing of the sort.

    What I create has little to do with any intrinsic value within myself. I merely gather together fragments of Awesome which naturally occur on /tg/ and attempt to refine them into something useable. I'm currently running low on ingots of Awesome, hence the current slew of threads.

    As an aside, whoever archives the threads I do on suptg (Never me, I don't archive my own threads) has a wonderful flair for the dramatic, I will admit.


    ...A possibility, but I'd at least like to have a basic set of guidelines to keep things standardised to en extent, i.e. one persons Synthetics won't work on completely different rules to someone elses.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)08:44 No.2807420
    No ideas on my part but what the hey, bump for more.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)09:56 No.2807687
    Updated List- Names in [] need replacements. New descriptions might also be cool (Originals in the OP)

    [Rune Warrior]
    Glyph Carver
    Blood Scribe
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)10:16 No.2807780
    Okay. I'm going to work on kicking the shit out of the Synthetics rules today, so as long as this thread is up, I'll occasionally pop in with an idea.

    First, the state of the technology. Cybernetics are fairly commonplace, at least as much as prosthetic limbs ever are. Synth organs are easier and cheaper than organ transplants, so only people who can't accept cybernetics (this needs a name - possibly CRS, Cybernetic Rejection Syndrome) and extremely religious people (I'm sure some religions will pop up that say cybernetics are the devil) even attempt to replace their broken bits with more weak meat.

    Borrowing an idea from Dark Heresy, cybernetic replacement limbs come in three flavors - Poor, Average, and Good. Poor limbs are little more than peg legs and claw hands, but are covered by national health care in all first-world countries, and are thus free. They give a penalty to physical die pools. Average limbs are obviously artificial, from gleaming chrome to rubber 'skin' depending on taste, but work as well as normal limbs. They are not covered by health care, so they have to be purchased (fairly cheaply, though). Good quality limbs look totally lifelike, even to casual touch, though a detailed examination will reveal them. They're otherwise identical to Average limbs, but considerably more expensive and must be custom-made for the user (taking two to three weeks on average).
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)10:28 No.2807834
    Not this one, please. "Refraction is the change in direction of a wave due to a change in its speed."
    Mimic/reflector is the best, imo.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)10:40 No.2807904
    Now, you'll note I don't have any limbs that give super strength or anything. There's a reason for that - the body just can't support it. If your bionic arm can lift up a truck, that won't stop your spine from snapping and your legs turning to jelly when you try. While there are some 'safe' uses for super-powered limbs (grip like a vice, for example), they tend to both take a lot of time to learn to control safely and are generally restricted to the government. You shouldn't expect to go to your local Bob's Cybernetics and find an arm that turns into a whirling mass of blades.

    It can be argued that, with enough cybernetic modification, the body could withstand the stress of doing these super-powered things. That's true enough, but there are very few people who have been injured badly enough to get those modifications, and even fewer who would go though the surgery as an elective.

    That said, the public generally believes the Synthetics are government agents who have elected for the full cyberization process. The government has adopted that belief, and, while keeping their identities secret (they, after all, don't really have identities), hint that the Synthetics are war veterans who gave the greatest sacrifice for their people. This has given them great PR.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)10:45 No.2807934
    Now, the reason Synthetics are so successful is simple - they're more than human. Because they can purchase strength above five dots by using mutations, their bodies can naturally support stronger cyberlimbs. By controlling their growth from an early stage, the government has learned to suppress most obvious mutations - while they don't know what the Call is, they know just how dangerous it can be. Synthetics invariably have only Natural mutations. Any that develop Unnatural or Supernatural mutations are considered Irregulars and are eliminated.

    The single inhuman mutation that Synthetics are allowed, and which all synthetics are induced to develop, is a kind of bio-chemical generator that allows their bodies to power cybernetic limbs without need of external batteries, greatly increasing their useful time in the field.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)10:51 No.2807982

    Seems great so far.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)11:04 No.2808047
    Aside from replacement limbs, we've also got cybernetic suites. They're a low-powered computer with a lot of specific, utilitarian functions. Take a modern cell phone and give a person all of its functions, and you've got the right idea. Phone, limited internet access, text messages, a few (hundred, at that point in history) gigs of data storage, various simple applications, and a camera. While not everyone has a suite, they're fairly common, and powered either by body heat (for the more expensive models) or with an induction charger (looks like a blood pressure cuff, uses induction to recharge a battery in your body) for less expensive or more power-demanding types.

    Weapon cybernetics are illegal. This doesn't mean they don't exist, just that they're harder to find. Most weapons that can be used in one hand can be concealed in a limb, either in a megaman-style gun arm (or sword arm or knife arm or snake arm or whatever) or in a hidden compartment (like robocop).
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)11:16 No.2808103
    Now, Synthetics (or, really, anyone who has enough cybernetics) can spend points to get Edges for their Hardware and Upgrades for their Software. Edges can be dermal plating for a little armor, hidden weapons, that sort of thing. Upgrades can be anything that software could reasonably do - targeting, hacking, databases for knowledge skills, that kind of thing. I'll knock together some specifics later, as well as archetypes for Synthetics.

    This gives me an idea - agents by some rogue group of the government, paranoid about what Eurids are and can do. Each is a full-body cyborg loaded down with Edges and Upgrades, but ultimately human. Think of the look on a player's face when his rhino-skinned fire breathing hero comes face to face with the Major.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)11:53 No.2808294

    Hmm... So, Eurids are Genetically enhanced, Synthetics use genetics and cybernetics, and now we have only cybernetically enhanced people? Sounds good. What should we call them?
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)12:58 No.2808589
    Wow, some awesome's been brewing while I've been away. Great work guys!
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)13:34 No.2808719
    Some ideas for Edges: Dermal Plating. Concealed Weapons, Aqualung... Really, just think of any piece of man-portable hardware, and you can probably build it into a cyborg. In terms of function, though, the Extra Resistance, Extra Sense, Natural Armor, and Natural Weapon (from the second Eurid thread) would seem very natural to adapt and simply call cybernetics. Supernatural Armor and Supernatural resistance are probably also usable.

    Any kind of regeneration is unfeasible - the cybernetics are too integral. In fact, it's likely they can only recover from serious wounds in an appropriately equipped facility.

    The greatest weakness of the Synthetics, therefore, is that they cannot recover nearly as quickly as players - in a war of attrition, the players will win. This is supplanted by their large support network and the fact that they can get basically any gear they need for a mission. They'll have to use blitzkrieg and ambush tactics.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)13:38 No.2808741

    On the regen front, it depends. Modified microorganisms, nano-scale machines, or even hybrids of the two could serve as small scale, integral regeneration for someone partially mechanical. And, from the tone of the setting, they're a likely addition. I'd put some limits on it (Slower, limited supply, energy consumption), but you can't rule out regen for cyborgs.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)14:29 No.2809068

    I don't think they need a name, honestly. They're just normal human agents with cybernetics, not a separate species. if one is absolutely necessary, something simple, like Augs or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)14:45 No.2809186
    Upgrades, being software, are somewhat limited in what they can do. First, there's targeting software. I'm thinking an additional die to the firearms pool and a decrease in the penalty to called shots. Second, databases. Each would be a huge source of information. Pick a subject, and you get rolls for the DM to give you useful advice.

    Third, a lot of fiction gives cyborgs a berzerker or limiter release type of thing. I'm thinking they take damage each round but get bonuses to physical stats while using it.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)14:55 No.2809246
    I don't think the tech level of the setting can support anything like that - the Eurids themselves are the result of a workaround of adapting existing technology with no way to replicate it. Now, Synthetics can probably adapt a lot of off-the-shelf stuff to repair themselves damn quickly, mind you, so instead of healing at a natural rate, they can be back in the field after an overhaul.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)15:02 No.2809273

    ...Wonderful. Absolutely bloody wonderful. I thank you a lot. This has made my work a thousand times easier.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)15:13 No.2809336
    Oh, it's no problem. I'm developing it in a slightly different direction incorporating some of the horror elements from JAGS Wonderland.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)15:31 No.2809474

    Feel free. Myself, I'm going for the Scion style middleground, between Exalteds pure, unrefined awesome and the "Oh shit, were screwed" of various games. Moments of pure badass mixed with moments of pure terror and an added dose of desperation and confusion.

    For those who don't see the horror side, I'll relate my general plan for the first session:

    You are (were) a normal citizen of New Alexandria. You had an occupation, friends, family, a nice life. Then someone tried to kill you. And suddenly, you changed. Your body warped uncontrollably, and your mind was flooded with memories not your own- Combat training, bloody fights to the death and midnight gunbattles through dank and muddy streets.

    You managed to get out of it- Maybe ran, maybe fought, but you know your life as you knew it is over. Then you feel the sharp pain as the darts sink into your arm, and it all goes black.

    It seems a little railroady, but I planned to run a one on one Prelim session for each player, to get them to develop their character, pre and post Eurid, and then use the darts to bring all the characters together (If anyone wonders why they bypassed any Toxin resistances, the darts contained a special compound, designed to bypass Eurid resistance. of course, a Eurid becomes immune to it shortly after being exposed to it, but easy come, easy go.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)15:46 No.2809567
    A suggestion, if you aren't doing something like it already:

    Not every part of the government trusted the Eurids. They remember just where the things came from or, more specifically, the monster that was their 'mother'. There has always been a group that has waited in the shadows, ready to take out any Eurids that left the government's control. Several times, they've had to act, eliminating threats before they got out of control. Not all of the Eurids died of old age.

    Today, that group is called Project Blacklight. They supported the group that developed the Synthetics from afar, hoping it would lead to a more controllable super soldier. Even so, they keep close tabs on the Synthetics, ready to step in at any time with their heavily augmented agents and eliminate the threat.

    They would react poorly to news of new Eurids popping up. They would either be agents from another nation that have somehow managed to crack the problem of replicating the past successes... or else they're monsters that could have come from anywhere, like their 'Mother'. Either way, excessive force is used to stop them.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)16:18 No.2809751

    ...Its like your stealing the letters from the inside of my brain.

    Although Project Blacklight is better than the name I had.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)16:57 No.2809964
    *Boots thread in the ass*

    Get finished damn you, So Earthflame can focus on Mosaic.
    >> Anonymous 10/15/08(Wed)17:29 No.2810165
    So we start with a normal mortal, and make him an Aug. I'm thinking we need something manly here, so we give him a new merit, Full Body Cyborg. Means you're more than 50% metal, and you need a mechanic and a doctor to get better. He takes a flaw or two for more points - Amnesia, maybe something that restricts his behavior a bit.

    He's got a low dex, but we want him to be good with firearms, so on top of his high skill, we drop a lot of points into Targeting Software. He'll start with three dots in that for +3 dice to firearms and reduced difficulty to called shots. He's slow, so we give him armor, two or three dots in Dermal Plating. Since he's a Full Body Cyborg, we can take Augmented Strength and increase his strength by a bit. As a Full Body Cyborg, he gets the standard cybernetics package for free - integral phone, data storage, camera. As an afterthought, we'll put a point or two in Internal Capacitor to increase the time he can spend between recharges and one point for a Concealed Weapon.

    End Result: John Murphy, normal WoD mortal, becomes Robocop.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)17:36 No.2810220

    A game I created has ended in Robocop...

    I feel complete.
    >> Earthflame !98PcYIvlCI 10/15/08(Wed)17:58 No.2810357
    And I'm going to sleep now /tg/. I'd usually say something to the tune of "I'm hoping for lots of good ideas overnight", but honestly, this thread has fulfilled its purpose wonderfully. With this, I can easily sketch out rules for Synths and Augs (Which I'll post either tomorrow or friday), compile all of Eurid into a word .doc to /rs/ (I need to compile ArtifIce into a single doc as well. easy enough to do), and then I can completely focus on Mosaic.

    Any other ideas are welcome, but its likely this thread will die before I wake up, so if you do post anything, save it so you can repost it later, or bump the thread with so many ideas it'll last another eight hours or so.

    Anyway, thanks a lot /tg/, as always you've been of great help. Have a good night.
    >> Lord Licorice 10/15/08(Wed)18:01 No.2810369
    I've added this thread to the archive for you, Earthflame. Also, as usual, I'd be happy to host the files for you in whatever format you need, and if you'd like to write up a document for the articles section I'm working on for sup/tg/, I'd be very pleased to post it.

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