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  • 4chan turned five 4 4/4 years old on Wednesday, October 1st 2008

    File :1223222188.jpg-(90 KB, 744x1076, livingsaint.jpg)
    90 KB Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:56 No.2741240  
    What the hell is that? Could someone explain it? I never played shitstorm.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:57 No.2741243
    Play Soulstorm and you'll get it.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:57 No.2741244
    That would be a living saint, my good sir.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:57 No.2741251

    It's the Living Saint humping her own statue.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)11:59 No.2741263

    You won the obvious award kind sir, i already got one of those titty monsters painted. I was curious about why the hell is she hugging a statue of a living saint? Is this some kind of distorted joke from shitstorm like Gorgutz's metallic wings?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:01 No.2741273
    Just play Soulstorm. It's full of ridiculous crap like this. Such as METAL BOXES.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:02 No.2741277
    she's playing whit herself, dummy. whit a statue of herself.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:03 No.2741279
         File :1223222586.jpg-(72 KB, 499x620, TT Munster.jpg)
    72 KB
    >those titty monsters
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:05 No.2741294

    Not sure if want...


    Why Anon never drawn a Living Saint titty monster?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:06 No.2741303

    Or a Bolter Bitch for that matter...
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:07 No.2741304
    cause armour.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:08 No.2741315
    Look, if you can sit through the stupidly long loading sequences and stop taking the game so seriously, Soulstorm is fucking brilliant. Yes, it's an unfinished buggy piece of shit, but within that is just probably one of the funniest things ever made to do with 40K. I mean, just look at all the memes it's spawned.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:09 No.2741316
    Actually, someone has.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:09 No.2741319
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:10 No.2741324

    Might give it a shot on easy just for shits and giggles, torrenting already.

    Sisters Repentia.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:10 No.2741327
    dumb nigger detected.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:11 No.2741334

    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:12 No.2741335
         File :1223223123.png-(116 KB, 400x400, admechwant.png)
    116 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:12 No.2741340

    0/10 troll.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:15 No.2741361
    You seem unable to discern the difference between a troll, and someone throwing an insult.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:15 No.2741362
         File :1223223314.jpg-(76 KB, 471x640, SoB_Living-StAnaisBalls.jpg)
    76 KB
    >Why Anon never drawn a Living Saint titty monster?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:16 No.2741370
    No you fat stupid dumbass, a tittymonster pic. Y'know, the meme?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:16 No.2741371
    Maybe once I get my computer back I will. I was PRAISING the game, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:18 No.2741378
    Ho yeah that, there is a repentia.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:19 No.2741389
         File :1223223570.png-(484 KB, 750x932, Mega Milk DO IT FAGGOT.png)
    484 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:22 No.2741404

    Because most of us still consider ourselves too pure to utilize /v/ memes here.
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 10/05/08(Sun)12:27 No.2741429
    I stopped playing once I found out that I had to rebuild my bases from scratch for every single defense.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:28 No.2741441
    I, too would like to know the story behind OP's pic.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:30 No.2741454
    Really? I never noticed. I just plowed through the entire campaign.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:32 No.2741472
    Psst. Purchased buildings stick around.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:33 No.2741474
    Stop playing on easy chucklefuck.

    The fucking nuns with Guns steamroll right through your shit once you meet them. Fucking hell only way to stop them is to storm their capitol before they rape you completely.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:33 No.2741478
         File :1223224409.jpg-(153 KB, 1007x501, indrick.jpg)
    153 KB
    DoW was always a buggy piece of shit anyway. Might as well be funny with it.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:36 No.2741487
    "DoW is like when Cobra Commander writes 40K fluff - It makes you facepalm, cringe your teeth and shit yourself from laughter all at the same time"
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:36 No.2741488
    Why? I enjoyed playing on easy. I got to spend less time getting angry at how stupidly difficult the game was and more time laughing at all the insanery.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:37 No.2741492
    You kidding? I destroyed them with IG and Chaos. They never stood a chance. Currently playing as the SoB and having a rather difficult time of it. Their morale is surprisingly easy to break.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:38 No.2741501
    How the HELL is it fun on easy?

    A game isn't fun until you experience the feeling of getting RIPANDTEARED again and again by a stupendously overpowered enemy but still manage to beat the shit back in the end with ludicrously high causalities.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:40 No.2741507
    You're still playing on insane difficulty right?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:40 No.2741510
    I'd like you to be specific about said bugs. I have played ever expansion and not encountered any bugs whatsoever.

    I also lol heartily at Soulstorm's hilariously bad script.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:41 No.2741519
    It's borderline shovelware.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:42 No.2741527
    Hell NO for campaign.

    Hell YES for a skirmish.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:43 No.2741533
    When Im playing the campaing im the start of my own, linear, scripted rambo movie, my Force Commander could kill an Avatar of Khaine with a shovel and my Comissars are surfing on Leman Russes while decimating obliterator arnies with a slingshot.

    If i want a challange i play a scenario in insane.(hate multiplayer with all the lolnecron kids)
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:43 No.2741535
    And? It added 2 races and an bigger risk style campaign. Is your complaint that it does not have a true story like the first two? If so then hey, that's everyone's complaint. It's still a good game.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:46 No.2741544
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:46 No.2741545
    I love when my guardsmen beat assault terminators, possessed and nobz in melee, i heartily laugh every time.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:46 No.2741550
    DoW is a good game.

    Soulstorm is what happens when you don't want to balance out older games and just want to release a new title as fast as you can to make more jewgolds.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:48 No.2741554
    I wouldn't call it, strictly, a GOOD game, but it's damn fun besides.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:48 No.2741557
    What patches.

    Also: necrons with morale. Yeah, fantastic game.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:50 No.2741564
    Why would anyone play Soulstorm when Dark Crusade with Firestorm over Kronus installed is infinitely better. Most of you play the table top I just dont get how you can sit through such an unfaithful thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:51 No.2741571
    The tabletop doesn't have METAL BOXES.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:52 No.2741581
    Play FoK
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:55 No.2741584
    "Morale" is a measure of unit cohesion.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:57 No.2741590
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)12:57 No.2741592
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:00 No.2741603
    try it you fags

    >> Carron 10/05/08(Sun)13:03 No.2741619
    The cowards! THE FOOLS!! We...we should take away their plastic boxes!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:05 No.2741628
    /r/ good torrent of Dark Jewsade
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:13 No.2741650

    lazy shit
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:15 No.2741661
    You'd think if there were one game that /tg/ would pay money for, it would be a 40k game.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:25 No.2741707
    Half my fucking salary goes to my 40K, D&D and WHFB obsession. The wife hates.
    >> LongPoster... 10/05/08(Sun)13:34 No.2741762

    The living saint loves her statues. They do some funky thing to make her invincible. She also protects them regardless of all else. After seeing that picture,

    I beat her stronghold mission with five necrons. Three heavy destroyers to distract her and make her flap off to the statue, one lord to channel the Deceiver, and 'port right up to her HQ. And a destroyer lord to possess an exorcist, and use its building-killing missiles to destroy the HQ while she eats some destroyers.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:41 No.2741802
    What is Anais' backstory in the game?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:44 No.2741818
    Her favourite ice cream flavour is BURN HERETIC!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:45 No.2741821
    She was orphaned by heretics. The Ecclesiarchy took her in and raised her. When she hit puberty and her incredible assets started developing, they decided she would make a good morale booster for the Dykes of War and injected her with all sorts of hormone therapy drugs and suchlike and a fuckton of hallucinogenics to make her believe she was some sort of divine servant. This caused her to grow wings, an unshakeable faith in the Emperor, rampant narcissism and EVEN BIGGER BOOBS.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:47 No.2741831
    >When she hit puberty and her incredible assets started developing, they decided she would make a good morale booster for the Dykes of War and injected her with all sorts of hormone therapy drugs and suchlike and a fuckton of hallucinogenics to make her believe she was some sort of divine servant. This caused her to grow wings, an unshakeable faith in the Emperor, rampant narcissism and EVEN BIGGER BOOBS.

    That is so fucking hot.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:47 No.2741832
    Still need some drawfaggotry of her getting oiled up by her adoring slave-girls so she can slide into her armour.

    Honestly, that's several hundred pounds of platemail. Shit like that needs lubricating or it'd chafe like a bitch. I mean, you don't think she actually wears CLOTHING under that armour, do you?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:50 No.2741846
    The Emperor protects her from abrasions and keeps her skin silky smooth.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:52 No.2741856
    Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY HERETICS"
    There was a time when she believed him. Then as she got oldered she stopped. But now in the capitol city of Kaurava I she knew there were heretics.
    "This is Nun with Gun" the radio crackered. "You must fight the heretics!"
    So Anais gotted her hoyl sword and blew up the wall.
    "SHE GOING TO KILL US" said the heretics
    "I will shoot at him" said the arch-heretic and he fired the Daemon Weapon Special Attack. Anais swoardred at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
    "No! I must kill the heretics" she shouted
    The radio said "No, Anais. You are the demons"
    And then St. Anais was a Traitor Guardsman.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:52 No.2741858
    I came so hard that one of my testicles imploded.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:55 No.2741874
    Yes. The Emperor. And twelve litres of jasmine-scented olive-based lubricating oil a day.

    Replace "heretics" with "xenos witch" and...yeah, you know where I'm going with this.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:58 No.2741885
    The Medicae is gonna want to see this.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)13:59 No.2741890
    who said she ever comes out of her armor?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:01 No.2741896
    Oh she comes out, alright. She's come out many times since she joined the Sisterhood. Many, many-okay, it's not that funny.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:03 No.2741903
    >she comes
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:04 No.2741909
    >she comes in her armour

    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:07 No.2741924
    Built-in vibrator in the crotchplate? I think I saw a doujin like that once.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:09 No.2741936
    Read >>2741832 again. And think about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:10 No.2741938
    SoB actually wear some sort of tight-fitting rubber bodyglove between the armour and their naked skin - you can see it on some of the more detailed artworks, most notably that Daemonifuge graphic novel's zoom on Sister Ephrael's buttocks (damn robes hide them most of the time).

    A Living Saint, on the other hand ... yeah, could well be she's naked beneath all that armour. After all, both the Saint as well as the metal armour are holy - the combination of these two entities surely cannot get tainted by something profane such as a standard bodyglove!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:12 No.2741957
    Makes me think even more so that there's a little double penetration action going on in her metal panties.

    That humming? That's not the reactor to her power armor. Oh no.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:14 No.2741963
         File :1223230451.jpg-(153 KB, 600x600, taunid4.jpg)
    153 KB
    Lesbians in 40k? I think I hear lesbians in 40k.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:18 No.2741987
    >that Daemonifuge graphic novel's zoom on Sister Ephrael's buttocks (damn robes hide them most of the time).
    Do not know whether to be amused or annoyed.

    The Living Saints don't need such crude vibratory devices. Part of the hormone therapy increases their tactile sensitivity by several orders of magnitude and promotes hyperactivity in the erogenous centres of the brain. So just wearing the armour is an erotic experience. Moving around in it even more so. Battle is an out-of-body experience.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:20 No.2742000
    None of that filthy xenoc heresy. Only pure, sanctified worship of the holy God-Emperor.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:23 No.2742017
         File :1223231018.jpg-(524 KB, 1000x1000, daemonette battle sister.jpg)
    524 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:24 No.2742023
         File :1223231094.jpg-(37 KB, 649x599, 649px-Sororitas_strawberries.jpg)
    37 KB
    Have a Blessed Strawberry.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:29 No.2742058
    CUM my sisters!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:32 No.2742069
         File :1223231544.jpg-(17 KB, 128x128, ss_confessor_icon.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:35 No.2742077
    Those big glowing balls must be full of some kind of hyper-pheremone or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:41 No.2742097

    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:43 No.2742108

    Sexy incense?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:43 No.2742109
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:44 No.2742112
         File :1223232246.jpg-(97 KB, 514x406, sisterpraying.jpg)
    97 KB
    dear god emperor, please grant me planet killing titties like our blessed saint.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:44 No.2742116
    >Those big glowing balls must be full of some kind of hyper-pheremone or something.
    And Canoness-Commander Selena Agna has one of those dangling from her belt, too...
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:44 No.2742118

    can you download DOW + expantions online and play online? or do I actually have to find a store that sells them all?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:45 No.2742126
    You can get it from Steam.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:46 No.2742127

    Wait? Is dat sum Pedo/Lesbian Sororitas?


    Also, Bodyglove buttocks.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:47 No.2742131

    yeah, but i'd have to pay from steam, i'm talking torrents.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:48 No.2742138
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:48 No.2742139
    Those are illegal. Go back to Canada, illegalite.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:48 No.2742140
    An army of armored titty monsters?!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:49 No.2742144

    Not Canadian or Amerikkkan,
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:50 No.2742149
    Well, the Sororitatas are all just one big happy promethium-loving family, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:51 No.2742165
         File :1223232715.jpg-(45 KB, 500x500, buttocks.jpg)
    45 KB
    >Also, Bodyglove buttocks.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:52 No.2742170
    What the hell does LCB have to do with awesome SoB schlickings? Nothing. Go search the archives.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:54 No.2742177
    Slaanesh is pleased with this thread and you're all heretics.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)14:57 No.2742196
         File :1223233041.jpg-(24 KB, 301x434, Miriaelsabathielchampionofchao(...).jpg)
    24 KB
    Kneel down before your new Canoness.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:06 No.2742235
    /tg/ - Whatever your topic is, we've got porn of it.
    That said: proceed.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:06 No.2742238
    >Slaanesh is pleased with this thread and you're all heretics.

    If this is heresy I don't want to be pious.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:11 No.2742269
    Writefaggotry on this?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:13 No.2742282
    Ollanious Pious... Bow your heads in shame that you will never be as awesome.

    Also bodyglove tits.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:15 No.2742291
    Of what, exactly? Anais getting herself a full-body oil massage courtesy of several young initiates and then masturbating furiously as she dons her armour?

    Yes please.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:34 No.2742396
    Anais sexing a statue of herself which has been fitted with strap on? Yes please.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:41 No.2742441
         File :1223235666.jpg-(789 KB, 1279x1023, sama_district.jpg)
    789 KB
    I'd violate her aura, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)15:54 No.2742505
    Anais has a MASSIVE power-dildo (not a vibrator.. POWER DILDO) Fitted insider her armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)16:01 No.2742535
    I'd Power Fist her if you know what I mean
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)16:04 No.2742548
    Dildo sword?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)16:05 No.2742554
    ah nitro+ what you blessed this world with.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)17:36 No.2743045
         File :1223242576.jpg-(1017 KB, 1024x1597, Daemonifuge_Book2_p001.jpg)
    1017 KB
    Better quality (more bodyglove buttocks details)
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)19:18 No.2743635
    Ah, thanks - this is much appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)19:23 No.2743665
    Ah, thanks - this is surprisingly difficult to draw accurately.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)19:31 No.2743727
    Sounds like a Faith Power. She comes, all the Sisters come at the same time.
    Temporally increased DPS, morale invulnerability.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:21 No.2744038
    I couldn't resist.


    The calamity of the distant battle was subsiding. The piratical eldar, battered and singed by the fury of the adepta sororitas were in full retreat. Only a few stray bolter shells and shreds of paper caught on the wind disturbed the calm of the square, flanked by giant winged statues. Then, from the distance came a sound of beating wings, and like a living personification of the statuary, St Anais, the living saint touched down on the flagstones of the square.

    She was very tall, at least seven feet (although the armor contributed to that), and built like a classic symbol of beauty. A tall, buxom figure of beauty, with white hair whipping the wind behind her. Her ornate armor was stained with the blood of xenos, murderers and sinners all, yet her face was untouched by any injury. She looked up at the statues and smiled, falling down on one knee.

    ”I thank you, oh Emperor, father of humanity. Thank you for blessing us today, and aiding us in cleansing the filth from this world, destined for humanity.” Continuing with some traditional prayers in high Gothic, the saint stood back up and stretched.

    Another battle won, she thought to herself as she cleaned some of the worst gore from her massive white-feathered wings. And yet I feel strangely unfulfilled. The fighting had been too brief, and Anais had barely had time to relieve all her tension, built up over weeks. She grumbled unhappily and tried to work out an imagined kink in her shoulder. She was chaste, of course. Almost all Sororitas were, and Anais was a most faithful adherent of their tenents.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:21 No.2744039
    Still, there were still times when she felt an emptiness… something she knew how to fill, but wasn’t allowed to. She had to release her energy in other ways, but a bath or a massage looked like dim prospects right now.

    She looked up at the sky.

    She looked up at the statues of herself, erected when the Sororitas came to this location.

    A grin spread on her lips. ”Well hello there” she said up at the closest statue, taking flight to land beneath it. ”Oh my, I am looking delicious today…” she mumbled, running her gauntleted fingers over the metal surface. ”I wonder if…”

    Her eyes fell on one of the large metal spheres on the statue, representing her holy censers. It was suspended as if swinging on a thick metal chain, and actually looked about right. The saint looked around that nobody was present, then slid closer to the statue. She licked her lips. Hurriedly, Anais started to remove her armor. It wasn’t an easy or quick process, but fortunately her great strength allowed her to do it unaided. She dropped the armored sleeves and gauntlets to rest on the platform, then started unhooking the breastplate.

    Feeling her large breasts flop free of their containers was an enormously liberating feeling, and doing it out in the open gave her what she realized must be a kinky thrill. I’ll have to confess this tonight she mused, but continued to undress. As she continued, she felt herself become even warmer, and an odd feeling was creeping from her crotch to fill her loins with warmth. After what seemed like an eternity, the giant of a woman stood naked behind her own statue, her wings fluttering freely behind her. Her bare feet stepped gingerly closer to the statue, and she ran her hands over its armor.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:23 No.2744043
    With a sudden movement, acting on animal instinct, she plunged the metal sphere of the censer into her waiting vagina. The feeling of the cool metal penetrating her holy grotto was amazing, and she moaned as she pushed closer to the statue, burying the ball deeper. St Anais was sweating profusely now, clinging to the statue as if it were a real lover and slowly started to thrust towards the statue, making the smooth metal ball-topped shaft inside her slide in and out.

    The warmth had spread to her entire body now, filling her with a fire and a passion that normally only enraptured her when she was in battle. She was also getting wet, leaking her holy juices all over the statue as she continued the thrusting.

    ”E… Em… Emperor forg… forgive me for sinning” she moaned as she licked the statue’s surface. Her mind was on fire with passion, and she could barely string thoughts together. Despite trying to savor the feeling and make the moment last, the saint couldn’t control herself any longer and orgasmed violently, her body shuddering as her slick breasts pushed against the statue’s back. She hung there for some time, her body covered in cooling sweat, her hair and wings matted and her mind lost in a pleasant numb haze. Then her ears picked something up.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:25 No.2744054

    The saint moaned, and looked around the side of the statue.

    A small party of greenskins –orks- were standing in the square below her, staring up with wide-eyed, shocked expressions.

    ”Boss?” gasped one of the smaller xenos ”wut da zog iz dat ’umie doin’ ter dat big banna thing?”

    ”Oi dunno” said a bigger one, apparently the leader. He was covered in rough cybernetics and an armor which looked like it had been carved from a captured Leman Russ battle tank.

    ”But I fink oi’m in love” he mumbled.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:31 No.2744088
    moar of story nao
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:33 No.2744095
         File :1223253206.jpg-(52 KB, 646x698, 1222627200734.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:35 No.2744110
    Brix were shat
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:41 No.2744145
    can i has link plskthx
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:41 No.2744147
         File :1223253700.jpg-(317 KB, 552x709, 1222597174685.jpg)
    317 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:45 No.2744163
         File :1223253935.jpg-(160 KB, 679x881, 1222581488469.jpg)
    160 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:46 No.2744167
    can we has writefag plskthx?
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:48 No.2744176
    hahaha oh holy fuck
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:49 No.2744181


    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:50 No.2744186
         File :1223254216.jpg-(42 KB, 170x331, You're Huge.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:50 No.2744188

    What do you mean "moar"? That's pretty clearly the end of the anecdote.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:51 No.2744191
    I laughed so hard I collapsed a lung.

    brb hospital.
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)20:51 No.2744196
    needz moar writefag.... also dead good writefaggotry already
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)21:13 No.2744324

    fapping was had, everyone's happy!
    >> Anonymous 10/05/08(Sun)21:29 No.2744425
    Bumping for content
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)01:06 No.2745826
    Bampu for archive.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)02:38 No.2746293
    You and me both boss man.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)04:16 No.2746814
    hahaha oh wow
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)07:04 No.2747495
    Mega Bump for bolter bitches
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)07:18 No.2747565
    >> Anonymous 10/06/08(Mon)07:55 No.2747666

    Archive it yourself, lazy

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