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  • File :1222326341.jpg-(42 KB, 441x652, Cloth adventurer.jpg)
    42 KB OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:05 No.2661588  
    I thought about making a new character for my party (consists of a dragonborn fighter, an eladrin wizard and a eladrin cleric, and finally a tiefling rogue) and I was surprised there wasn't a single human among us. I thought about making a cloth man, so it's like a warforged but not metal. I would have him disguised all the time as a human and possibly be some sort of spell caster.I suppose he would have a natural weakness to fire and the only way he could be healed would be with a repair check so he can sew himself back up. What does /tg/ have to say to that?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:06 No.2661592
    Sounds terrible.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:07 No.2661596
    >I suppose he would have a natural weakness to fire and the only way he could be healed would be with a repair check so he can sew himself back up.
    Or... you could just use the human stats.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:07 No.2661598
    I like cloth man. He makes me happy.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:07 No.2661600
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:08 No.2661606
    >The only way he could be healed would be with a repair check so he can sew himself back up.

    Needs to require cloth. Wrong colored cloth will cause charisma penalties until they're dyed or replaced.

    Also, what's he filled with?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:08 No.2661609
    ...why is that picture so adorable?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:08 No.2661614

    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:09 No.2661617
    ...DELICIOUS candy?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:10 No.2661622
    Seems like he could die pretty easily. Unless conventional attacks tend to pass right through him doing minimal damage - that's how Mark twain's fake ironclad managed to make it down the Mississippi with all the Confederate guns firing at it.

    Alternately you could fill him with sand and make a sand bag man.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:11 No.2661627

    As long as you never eat it, it's as delicious as you want it to be.

    This is some complex philosophical shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:12 No.2661632
    He should be a wizard. When he casts Sleep he should rip himself a little and toss some of the sand at his enemies.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:12 No.2661636

    I like cloth man in concept, but i think he needs a little work.

    Don't fucking ask me what kinda work. I'm not an idea guy. My job is to identify problems.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:13 No.2661639

    That's awfully self-mutilatey for such an unimpressive spell.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:13 No.2661643
    He should have a natural weakness to Mexican children.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:13 No.2661645
    It's just a little rip.

    Also, unimpressive? What the fuck is wrong with you. ORB PENALTY, UNCONSCIOUS, MULTIPLE COUP DE GRACES, LOL.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:14 No.2661646
    The townspeople would always remember the heroes that vanquished the evil Lich Lord Malvolius: Grignr the Barbarian, Belisarius the Wizard, Nightshadow the Rogue, and SENOR PINATA!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:14 No.2661647
    As a wizard, he should have Shiny Button Eyes as an implement.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:14 No.2661651
    Since he's made of fluffy warm cloth he'd be resistant to cold and have +4 to snuggle checks.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:15 No.2661656
         File :1222326926.jpg-(12 KB, 261x494, strd.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:15 No.2661658

    Implementing snuggle checks into my next adventure
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:16 No.2661662
    But he isn't a human, he's a construct.

    He makes everybody happy

    Of course he would need cloth and thread to fix himself up. However, different colored cloth wouldn't matter, since he would be bundled up all the time to prevent anyone from realizing he isn't truly alive. He would probably be filled with fluff, just like a stuff doll.

    Because he's a living cloth man. Don't you just want to hug him?

    He should survive most injuries pretty easy as long as he has time and the materials to put himself back together. I'm sure the party would wonder how he regrew a arm so fast though...

    A living pinata? If it wasn't already a video game, I would say that would be an awesome character race
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:16 No.2661663
    >Cloth adventurer.jpg

    I think we're onto something here, guys. We can make the cutest adventurer ever to adventure!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:16 No.2661664
    And when doused with water, would become one size increment smaller.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:17 No.2661674
    he could be a dead/kidnapped/something wizard's experiment, created to hug his children and put them to sleep, who absorbed the magic the wizard's tower radiated.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:19 No.2661685
    He could have a zipper. Zip, toss sand, zip, back to normal.

    I imagine he would have different colored buttons for eyes. Maybe a black and a green one.

    Kinda, but I think she would count as undead. This guy was never a human to begin with, or he may have once been one but then was changed into one. I'll think about it when I come up with a background story.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:21 No.2661696
    I think he should be stuffed with human meat. It's what grants him his necromantic sentience.

    As the meat rots away, he has to find more to stuff himself with.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:21 No.2661698
    It must be a TINY zipper. For cuteness.

    >I imagine he would have different colored buttons for eyes. Maybe a black and a green one.
    Yes! The green one can be one of those rounded shiny ladies' buttons, while the black one can be a flat button, the kind with the four holes in the middle.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:22 No.2661702
    All good ideas. I had tossed around the idea of a voodoo kind of curse, maybe the creation of a child mage, or possibly just an accident of creation all together. Perhaps he was a burlap bag that came to life and constructed himself with cloth scraps
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:23 No.2661707
         File :1222327407.jpg-(65 KB, 200x200, sackboy01.jpg)
    65 KB
    It's getting a little big in here.
    >> LogicNinja !X/WncDCXNA 09/25/08(Thu)03:23 No.2661714
         File :1222327436.jpg-(37 KB, 500x355, tinyphant.jpg)
    37 KB
    >maybe the creation of a child mage
    THIS. He was created by the orphaned kid of two mages, to take care of him, snuggle him, and protect him.
    Now the kid is missing, and the Cutest Adventurer Ever must search for him. With his mismatched button eyes.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:26 No.2661730
    Sounds like...a Spawn villain or something. Too GRIMDARK and not enough HUGMEORDIE!

    Exactly. Either you are a woman or a very creative guy.

    Just thought about his possible equipment; perhaps a staff adorned with a kit to repair himself or even a giant sewing needle. He could sew little pieces of trophies from friends and enemies into himself, and makes little stuff dolls (brothers and sisters who obviously aren't alive) with his spare time.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:26 No.2661731
    aww man it's like one of those creepy child sized dolls that old people keep around the house came alive and picked up a magic stick.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:28 No.2661752
    This is /tg/ so I could be both. It's the former, but let's not derail the thread over it.

    >makes little stuff dolls (brothers and sisters who obviously aren't alive) with his spare time.
    D'AWWWWWW, he must be so lonely without his boy. D:

    >He could sew little pieces of trophies from friends and enemies into himself
    I dunno about that, a little creepy. Stick with cute and loyal, occasionally pathos-inspiring.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:29 No.2661755
    A little big planet? Something feels fuzzy about this.

    Sounds good to me, although I would change it so the kids grew up and forgot about him. He decides to become a wizard himself so that he can either become A REAL BOY! or to gather other discarded objects in the world, bring them to life, and take care of them as his own people.

    He COULD be creepy, but I don't think he would be malicious. I expect him to have a "...uh...so...what are we doing?" kind of attitude.

    I think Patches may be a good name for him
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:29 No.2661756
    >He was created by the orphaned kid of two mages, to take care of him, snuggle him, and protect him.
    This is the best thing you've ever posted BTW. :D
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:30 No.2661760
    Don't get too attached to him.

    It'll just make it more tragic when he gets burnt to cinders.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:31 No.2661766
    When I say trophies, I mean like birds feathers and maybe coins or a scrap of a friends jacket that was torn off in battle. Not orc ears and dragon eyeballs. Although...that might work for an evil aligned cloth man
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:32 No.2661772
    If such a thing happened, I think I would actually care for the first time about a character.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:33 No.2661774
    >When I say trophies, I mean like birds feathers and maybe coins or a scrap of a friends jacket that was torn off in battle.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:33 No.2661775
    >>Although...that might work for an evil aligned cloth man
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:35 No.2661785
    Five bucks this idea is stolen by Pixar or Dreamworks in the next three years

    Also stolen, as the main characters evil twin
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:35 No.2661791

    Wants to make EVERYTHING cloth? That would make houses unstable!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:36 No.2661793
         File :1222328183.jpg-(34 KB, 328x373, corner doll.jpg)
    34 KB

    well, they weren't creepy by virtue of being dolls, it was more like "erm... granmaw.... why have you dressed a doll up in children's clothing and placed it in a demeaning pose in the corner?"

    I dunno. Cloth Man strikes me as unsettling. like those little tree spirit dudes from princess mononoke. they don't mean any harm, and even lend a helping hand every now and then, but mostly they just... sit there.

    and observe you.

    and bobble their heads.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:36 No.2661795
    Okay, this thread has gotten a little too cutesy. You guys need to stop acting like fags.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:39 No.2661812
    no john you are the fags
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:40 No.2661817
    And then john was gushing over the cloth man with the rest of the homosexuals.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:41 No.2661823
    >this idea
    I would die of squee.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:42 No.2661828
    That...sounds brilliant! I think I may steal this one

    I sort of envisioned him just now as that one kid from Hey Arnold with the glasses that breathes heavily and gets punched by Helga every episode. Heh, that might work

    Hey it's better than a zombie who can only communicate through screaming and flailing his arms around
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:43 No.2661833
    >Hey it's better than a zombie who can only communicate through screaming and flailing his arms around

    Actually that sounds pretty awesome. Especially if he never ever stopped because he had supernatural zombie endurance.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:44 No.2661837
    A Re-dead that doesn't rape?
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:44 No.2661840
    Could his head be perpetually burning? Maybe he has to keep running around otherwise he will return to being a normal corpse
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:46 No.2661855
    The burning sounds promising.

    Maybe he can put it out for a while, but it has a tendency to re-light. Additionally he can restrain himself but it takes an amazing amount of will and concentration to do so.

    Basically he goes into a town swathed in robes as a disguise, but then someone bumps him and the robes fly off, his head ignites and he begins shrieking.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:47 No.2661864
    Hey, come on now. I'm a zombie and I don't rape people.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:48 No.2661868
    While not screaming, he babbles quickly and his eyes dart around in an almost searching manner. He has to take a will save every 6 hours to keep himself under control
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)03:50 No.2661887
    So we've established his weaknesses...but what are his powers? This amount of suffering surely deserves some sort of strengths.

    Also, origins?
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)03:58 No.2661938
    He's a freaking zombie! That is a power! But on a serious level; doesn't need to sleep, eat, doesn't age, and probably doesn't suffer from fire damage or at least has a high resistance to it.

    I bet he was the result of a pissed Balor which popped him into a state of being in eternal pain but not actually suffering from any wounds. Although he is a zombie, he isn't really undead as he is regenerating the damage
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:01 No.2661955
    I like the idea of him being the zombie of a frenzied berserker who was cursed by his murdered party.

    I think it's about time we see some sort of tangible consequence of being a frenzied berserker.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:04 No.2661968
         File :1222329884.jpg-(109 KB, 500x375, 61204hats.jpg)
    109 KB
    I liked this thread better when it was cute. D:

    Back to www.cuteoverload.com I guess. Pic related.
    >> Hammy !E98./OSAKA 09/25/08(Thu)04:06 No.2661975
    That's AWESOME.

    Imagine being the guy who bumped into him, though. You're walking down the street, minding your own business, then you get distracted and run into someone and oh god his head is on fire and he's screaming and flailing and he doesn't have any skin

    Actually, that's awesome enough to be contagious.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)04:06 No.2661980
    His charisma, wisdom, and intelligence is immediately dropped to 4. The frenzy ability isn't activated by choice but through a failed will save
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:07 No.2661985

    hrm, that reminds me. I need slippers.

    what should I get, though, /tg/? classic bunny? hilariously ugly brown plaid?
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)04:09 No.2661992
    If you ask nicely, I'll post the picture of the DIY stuffed man that inspired me for the cloth wizard. His smile is manic to say the least.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:09 No.2661996
    Maybe he's very well spoken and articulate when the fire isn't burning. However when it lights, he's consumed with horrible agony (and itching) which unlike a frenzied berserker, actually makes him more or less ineffective as a fighter.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:10 No.2662001
    take two bunnies. Punch a hole in their backs and dump the gore out. Put your feet in them.

    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:12 No.2662004
    The cloth adventurer should be PLUCKY. Plucky is cute.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:14 No.2662018

    eh, real bunnies are too much hassle to get a hold of.
    I gotta drive all the way down to the airport, throw my beagle out into the woods, and wait three days for her to get bored of running around in circles.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:15 No.2662024
    Use babies.
    >> OP !hSXeNFSIPs 09/25/08(Thu)04:18 No.2662041
    So, just to go over the thread, would a wizard or a fighter be better for a cloth man? I think a wizard would make the most sense and probably be the most amusing choice between the two
    >> LogicNinja !X/WncDCXNA 09/25/08(Thu)04:21 No.2662057
         File :1222330873.jpg-(10 KB, 260x173, fgsfds.jpg)
    10 KB
    Definitely wizard. Stitch yourself together with Mage Hand and/or prestidigitation. Ghost Sound of a lullaby. The sleep sand thing someone mentioned. "Healing" explained via arcane energy. Getting to actually be a cloth man, rather than a cloth man covered in metal armor.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:23 No.2662072
    Definitely wizard, a cloth man doesn't seem all that robust.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:38 No.2662136
    I am most definitely adding a race of cloth men to my next setting. This is far to cute to pass up.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:39 No.2662143
    Make them evil, and have yours be the Drizzt of the cloth men.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:39 No.2662144
    Spellsword, It is the great compromise.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)04:45 No.2662171
    >race of cloth men
    When a cloth man and a cloth woman want to have a child, they each cut bits and pieces of themselves off (a painless process). Out of those pieces, they sew a child.
    >> OP turned out to be Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)05:07 No.2662291
    As soon as I have the character created and run a few game nights, I'll start to post his adventures if people are interested
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:09 No.2662300
    The Adorable Adventures of Cloth Man?
    fuck yes!
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:15 No.2662324
    Yes! Inexperienced-but-determined, plucky, adorable clothman who thinks like a kid in some ways!
    >> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)05:18 No.2662350
    Good good, the only thing I need is a name. Patches isn't really what I want, perhaps Orion or Wilson?
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:19 No.2662359
    It should be a name a kid might give a fictional adult. Quixtonbury the Third?
    >> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)05:21 No.2662373
    Quixtonbury...I love it. If I can remember it well enough, I'll use it
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:23 No.2662386
    Quixtonbury Worthington.

    "Salutations! I am Quixtonbury Worthington."
    *+4 to snuggle check*
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:23 No.2662391
    ...you know, this guy would make a kind of awesome cleric or inspiring warlord. Inspire through CUTE.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:25 No.2662404
    >Quixtonbury Worthington.

    Needs more middle names. Like...Quixtonbury James Peringrad Archibald Worthington-Smithe.
    >> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)05:25 No.2662406
    AGH, heart bursting with...adorableness!

    I considered a cleric, but how many gods would be ok with a false man walking around? I guess I could make up a god for him, maybe Fabricus, god of all cloth objects.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:27 No.2662420
    James James-- Morrison Morrison-- Weatherby George Dupree,
    Took great--care of his mother--although he was only three.
    James James said to his mother: "Mother," he said, said he,
    "You must never go down to the end of the town, if you don't go down with me."

    that aside I like the idea. They should constantly be changing, because kids can't remember like five fancy middle names, and he'll eventually go by Quixtonbury Worthington for simplicity's sake.

    Maybe one day he'll get a hat. He'll love his hat.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:28 No.2662430
    As long as he;s in it for the goodness of it all, most good gods won;t care.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:29 No.2662434
    >but how many gods would be ok with a false man walking around
    Most of them? Avandra or Erathis or even Moradin.

    But stick to wizard I'd say, it works too well.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:31 No.2662447
    >go down with me

    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)05:32 No.2662452
    go down to the edge of the town. i.e. she shouldn't wanter off there without him.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)09:32 No.2663453
    A cloth man sounds pretty fucking awesome.
    >> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)16:07 No.2663723
         File :1222373245.png-(48 KB, 316x351, poppet.png)
    48 KB
    I recall some anons on here (/tg/) were tossing around ideas for a tabletop game involving toys. It was called Accursed Toys, did anyone ever come up with rules? On a side note, there was a drawfag thread a few days ago, and someone had a kobold wizard breathing fire done, and my copy was corrupted, would someone do me a favor and post it?
    >> ZombiePanda !l/UpXGV2uE 09/25/08(Thu)17:49 No.2664585
    I had tried and failed to run one at Mythweavers, because only 2 out of the 6 PC's were willing to talk to me about their characters. Guess thats what I get for running an open recruitment in fa/tg/uy land.
    >> Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)19:22 No.2665419
    And, being evil, he's made of burlap and twine patches covered in burn marks and stains that look suspiciously like blood.

    Post, plz.

    Accursed Toys? Like the guys that did Boppin?

    As for his strengths, he's essentially immune to bludgeoning, cold, and sonic damage, and highly resistant to piercing. Major bonuses against fire if he's been submerged in water within the past few hours.

    Serious penalties to Swim, but he gets bonuses to Escape Artist and Move Silently. Use Rope and Craft (tailoring) are always class skills.

    We need to fix his stats and post this as a race on 1d4chan.
    >> Donincognito !kK24KJlRV. 09/25/08(Thu)19:40 No.2665582
         File :1222386003.jpg-(311 KB, 1600x1200, Orion 2.jpg)
    311 KB
    Being a construct, he should need to breath, eat, or sleep. Healing spells are only half as effective (like warforged) Using the repair skill heals equal to the amount of points the character has in the skill with a DC of 15 once every hour. But because of his composition, he has a natural weakness to fire and receives double the damage unless protected with a spell or magical clothing.

    Once I get him made and have his abilities cemented, I'll post them (probably in the next week) I'm copying mostly from the warforged race, while switching a few things in and out.
    >> TSEG 09/25/08(Thu)21:35 No.2666240
    I don't visit much anymore, for good reason.

    I heartily approve this thread.

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