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  • File :1222029830.jpg-(83 KB, 800x600, Engineseer by Ranin.jpg)
    83 KB Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 09/21/08(Sun)16:43 No.2633247  
    It all began when I was a young lad on my family's farm.

    I hated to rake the grass, every time we mowed it i had to take the old iron rake and gently gather up the cut grass for mulch. rake too hard or fast and the large teeth of the rake would dig into the grass roots and pull them up, and when done right it took several passes to do the whole job. it was hard, tedious work.

    One day I was watching my Mother sweep the kitchen, and something drew my eye to the bristles of our broom, how they collected all the dust and bent as she swept. The seed was planted and The next day I took the broom out to sweep some of the grass, and sure as sure it did a far better job than the old iron rake, but the bristles held on to too much of the grass, so i abandoned the idea for a time.
    >> Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 09/21/08(Sun)16:48 No.2633282
    I resumed the tedious rake ntil the day My father asked me to take the tractor into town to see the Enginseer. I was waiting there, watching idly as he tended to the old metal contraption and noticed some odd metal strip he pulled out of some recess. it was just a bit of flat metal no wider than my finger, but it bent and moved like the bristles on my mother's broom. I thought to myself a broom made of those metal strips might just work. I asked the engineseer what that strip of metal was, and the kind old man told me it was a "leaf spring". I then asked him if I could have some, and being the kind old man he was gave me a whole box of used and broken leaf springs. That night was spent fastening those leaf springs to an old broom handle I pulled from the barn, and the next day instead of raking the grass, I tried my new grass broom. It only took one pass for me to collect up all the clippings, and the job was done in only an hour when normally it took three.

    Over the next few months I was able to improve my grass broom. I discovered that if the ends were bent slightly they caught the grass better, I found that only one layer of leaf springs worked better than five, and if i spread the springs wider I could cover a larger area, making the job quicker. by the end of the season I had been able to do more chores in a day than ever thanks to the two and a half hours that my grass broom allowed me to save.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)16:49 No.2633298
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)16:50 No.2633308
    I sense a Bad End due to heretech. I like it though, please continue.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)16:52 No.2633322
    >> Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 09/21/08(Sun)17:09 No.2633437
    Then the day came when an old techpriest cam out to the farm, He ignored my family and walked directly over to me. He looked down at me and i saw my self in those three big red lenses that passed for his eyes. and he said to me in a tinny voice "I have come to see your creation".

    "I don't understand what you mean, my lord." was my reply.

    "Your grass collection device, young one. cooperation may well save you."

    I had no place to argue, so I led him into the barn. before I could point to my grass broom the man snatched it up and began staring at it for several minutes. then all of a sudden he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me off the farm into his flying machine.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 09/21/08(Sun)17:13 No.2633459
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:14 No.2633465

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:15 No.2633469
    >> Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 09/21/08(Sun)17:25 No.2633531
    He threw me into the side seat, and gently placed my grass broom in the back, making fast tweeting noises.

    After he sat in the machine, he said to me "I am Archmagos Jarion223122390-3. You have been blessed by the Omnisiah, Firstly for the gift of Innovation, and second for having me find you before my peers. You are to be my acolyte, this is not negotiable."

    as we lifted off the ground I saw my mother in the doorway, she stood there with tears in her eyes, and I knew then that she was the one who was responsible for this.

    Some time into the flight, I asked him "What if I refuse to be a techpriest?"

    The Archmagos replied "You will be lobotomized and turned into a servitor. Many in the order see it as the ultimate in the service to the Omnisiah, but frankly I'd rather keep my brain. The choice is, of course, up to you."

    "I thought you said I didn't have a choice."

    The Archmagos grinned and said "I did."

    Decades have passed since that day, and I am now a Techpriest, I have a hellgun in my skull, a styus in my finger, and my groin was replaced by an impact wrench. All because of a fucking rake.

    Fucking Adeptus Mechanicus.
    >> Gunther 09/21/08(Sun)17:27 No.2633547
    >a hellgun in my skull
    So, so jealous.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:27 No.2633548

    OH LAWD!

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:31 No.2633579
    I lol'd...
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:32 No.2633584
    I lolled.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:32 No.2633586
    >my groin was replaced by an impact wrench
    I bet that helps with the lady servitors, eh? eh?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:34 No.2633601
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 09/21/08(Sun)17:35 No.2633612
         File :1222032938.jpg-(89 KB, 492x600, I LOL'D.jpg)
    89 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:36 No.2633618
    Well, you know what they say: It's better to make a grass broom than a brass groom.
    >> Major Maxillary !!eorO1kqUwyR 09/21/08(Sun)20:34 No.2634958
    bump for the night crowd.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)20:52 No.2635076
         File :1222044770.jpg-(56 KB, 600x900, Xiombarg10.jpg)
    56 KB
    Xiombarg would be amused by this folly of order.....
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:37 No.2635721
    thanks for your story. it was an enjoyable read. To bad about the lack of PENIS that may be a problem.
    >> Anonymous 09/22/08(Mon)00:58 No.2636622
    SEQUEL! Surely there must be great demand for TECHPRIEST 2: THE RAKENING
    >> Anonymous 09/22/08(Mon)02:45 No.2637341
    *I* demand it!
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 09/22/08(Mon)02:49 No.2637366


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