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  • File :1221987795.jpg-(467 KB, 1186x736, ThroughtheSnow.jpg)
    467 KB Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:03 No.2629697  
    What is it like to hold a dying lover in your arms?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:04 No.2629699
    It's like holding a corpse. Except they aren't dead yet.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:04 No.2629701
    Like a corpse, but slightly warmer
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:08 No.2629722
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:09 No.2629726
    It's like loving your parents. You know deep down inside that they are going to die, but you act like they don't simply because it's not polite.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:10 No.2629733
    Pic unrelated, eh?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:10 No.2629736
    Tonight, we drink.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:16 No.2629767
    I don't know.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:18 No.2629774
    Like hugging a broken chandelier.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:19 No.2629777
         File :1221988760.jpg-(38 KB, 300x654, The_Assassin_and_Farseer___End.jpg)
    38 KB
    Everyone knows that LIIVI and Taldeer both perished instantly in the massive explosion that was caused when LIIVI shot the Eversor.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:21 No.2629783
         File :1221988885.jpg-(14 KB, 128x128, ss_haemonculus_grumenael_icon.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:22 No.2629789
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:24 No.2629806
         File :1221989099.jpg-(358 KB, 750x750, 1221781151571.jpg)
    358 KB
    A shame about those two lovebirds.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:26 No.2629811

    ....oh god, I just realized that no matter what happens in that picture it all ends in tears. Fucking excellent!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:28 No.2629820
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:29 No.2629829
    If he hit the Eversor in the arm that's holding her he might drop her, but that doesn't really solve anything.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:31 No.2629842
         File :1221989517.jpg-(175 KB, 500x500, metalgear.jpg)
    175 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:32 No.2629844
    That's a tricky shot. A wounded Vindicare might actually miss it and considering where Taldeer is, extremely risky.

    Barring outside interference or PLOT ARMOR...

    ...well lets just say MISSION WRYYYYYYYCOMPLISHED
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:33 No.2629850
         File :1221989611.jpg-(25 KB, 704x396, LOVE IS OVER.jpg)
    25 KB
    No. LIIVI shoots Eversor, Eversor explodes, everyone dies, love is over.

    Picture related.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:40 No.2629900
    It was so quiet. His eyes fluttered against cold, wet ice that seemed the softest pillow in the world at that moment.

    It was so easy, so easy to just close his eyes. Surrender to the cold that crept into his arms, into his chest, that marched down his veins and wrapped around his heart. Let the dark at the edge of his vision take him.

    A strangled cry. He lifted his head, a thousand pounds.

    The spear spun past him, above him as the Eversor threw aside his sword, chemically boosted speed wrapping his hand around her delicate throat. The assassin said something- something directed at LIIVI, but he couldn't hear it, he crawled forward.

    Back came the claws dipped in neurotoxin. The farseer's eyes closed, even as she called out, crying out what she had erroneously presumed was his name.

    How had his pistol gotten into his hands? Nothing but the dull roar of blood, and the black at the edge of his eyes.

    Shoot him, he explodes. Eversor dies, farseer dies, and LIIVI bleeds alone in the snow. Don't shoot, she gets decapitated, the eversor kills him anyway.

    No hope. No way out. The claws were a blur.

    He pulls the trigger.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:41 No.2629908
    She's an elf, she can outrun the explosion.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:42 No.2629913
    And then they all died and love was over.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:43 No.2629918
         File :1221990216.jpg-(122 KB, 1600x1200, GutsEnragedBerserk.jpg)
    122 KB
    I imagine it'd feel something like this...
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:49 No.2629960
    The farseers body jerks in the eversor's grip, as she grows limp, pale, shocked. Staring up, her pupils dilating. She falls out of the eversor's grip, bleeding from her side, gasping. The eversor cocks his head, staring down.

    His claws drip poison, nothing more. The crunch of snow behind the eversor causes its skull to whip around, following the noise.

    Teetering, gun smoking, the vindicare sways unevenly staring daggers at the eversor...The eversor tenses, its hand reaching, ready to dodge-

    The vindicare flees. Runs blindly into the snowdrifts.

    The eversor follows. Thoughts of blood running down its arms fill its mind as it gives merry chase.

    For an injured man, he manages a decent clip, for a time- for a time. Then, five serrated claws dripping with toxic fire for blood spear him. He gasps, he would scream, were his diaphragm not pierced. The force of the charge take the eversor and the vindicare down the hill, through the snow, bloody trails and gunfire the whole way down.

    They hit the bottom, the vindicare impaled, pinned to the ground. The eversor knows peace. Then registers, for the briefest of moments, pain, as it glances to the searing bullet hole in its chest.

    The vindicare is in incredible pain, entirely insensate by the time he hit the bottom of the hill, but all of his satisfaction was felt when he passed the 23 meter mark, just far enough from the farseer that the explosion won't reach her.

    Fire, thunder, and bloody spray end the lives of the assassins.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:54 No.2629981


    But...she didn't die. Well her mind did.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:56 No.2629995
    Taldeer screamed shrilly, the unfamiliar name leaping unbidden to her lips. How ironic, came a tiny thought from the back of her mind. How ironic that an Eldar Farseer show weakness by shrieking for help. Shrieking for a Mon-keigh.

    How you've fallen Taldeer, the thought chided disapprovingly as the neurogauntlet began to descend, the inexorable doom creeping ever closer. A lifetime of waiting, leading to this one moment, a moment made near-eternal by her accelerated consciousness. The skull-faced abomination had bested her, the branching strands of fate reduced to one grim thread. With a myriad of thoughts racing through her, regret, anger, disappointment...she shut her eyes tightly and waited for the inevitable.

    The thunderous report of a mon-keigh pistol shattered the moment. Her grisly fate forgotten, Taldeer's eyes flew open.
    The Eversor stood frozen, in the same executioners pose as he was a moment before, but the battered white skull helm was turned, looking over its shoulder.

    Behind him, LIIVI. He was lying so still. What was wrong with him? LIIVI! Taldeer dangled limply in the Eversor's grasp. Why had he done that? His mind...to have wasted that bullet in such a way. How disturbed was he?

    Taldeer's thoughts were cut short as the Eversor chortled nastily and neatly inserted his index claw into the Farseer's eye.

    "MISSION WRYYYYYYYCOMPLISHED!" he shrieked. Record time. Maybe the Inquisitor would reward him with some of those delicious skub-wafers he so dearly loved.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)05:59 No.2630018
    The cold is a fine balm to the line of fire in her side. She breathes in, slowing, calming, relying upon her farseer's training. Slowly, with some effort, she sits up- and immediately regrets it, as she places weight on a ragged shoulder.

    He had SHOT her.

    But why? She blearily glances around, for any traces of her opponent or her supposed protector.

    "Liivi?" She whispers, getting to her knees in the snow, peering around. No response. Nothing but the howling snow all around her. She shivers, as she crawls over to her singing spear- a new scar, nothing more. She is relieved, but more disappointed that her strength failed her before her spear had.

    She tugs on it, pulling herself up until she's standing. She calls again, louder. And again. And again. And again, each louder, until finally she sees a thin wisp of smoke through the near impenetrable snowstorm. She limps over.

    The bloody crater tells her all she needs to know.

    She stays, for an hour or two, at first screaming herself hoarse, then kneeling quietly, before she picks through the bloody wreckage, and finally finding, jagged and bent, the hilt of the pistol the strange mon'keigh wielded, she moves on, bearing the piece of steel for lack of a soul stone to take.

    She makes good time, without having to carry the wounded warrior.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:05 No.2630045
    You couldn't write it with both surviving?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:07 No.2630050
    Don't worry. Taldeer, being the only Eldar left stranded on a human-occupied planet soon succumbs to exposure.

    Her soul does not join LIIVI's, because they go to very different places.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:09 No.2630060
    If you have an idea how, be my guest.
    Oh ho, do you want me to keep writing then, do you?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:11 No.2630067
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:13 No.2630076

    Unless there is sex or gratuitous nudity, no.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:16 No.2630088
    "Gee," remarked Taldeer, as she shivered, walking through the snow, brushing the snowflakes off of her pert, spunky breasts, "Maybe walking through a fucking snowstorm naked was a bad idea?"

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:16 No.2630091
    Taldeer and his manslut survives, the eversor founds an emo band in his sadness. Taldeer and LIIVI marries and they got 3 children. LIIVI becames the president of Ulthwé. The universe becomes peaceful. Necrons began to dominate 99.9% of death metal music. The universe becomes an utopia of metal and headbanging.

    The end.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:20 No.2630114
    It was a tricky shot, even if he had been at his best.
    With him mortally wounded, it was an impossible one.
    "Guide my hand-" He was not sure who he emplored.

    The shot rang out, a clear hit. It snapped through the Eversor's neck, and he jerked backwards, dropping Taldeer.

    There was no explosion. LIVII's hand drooped, his energies spent. The Eversor's eyes rolled back in his head, hate in his eyes as he tried to move his suddenly-paralysed body.
    Get up, Taldeer. Get up and go. His thoughts drifted as he began to sink into darkness.

    He felt his body become light, as if carried into the heavens.

    And then an explosion-

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:21 No.2630119
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:25 No.2630138
    Entry 7139.

    Subject LIIVI has deceased in a training accident. Trainer Malcadus requesting next assingment in the Emperors service.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:26 No.2630141
    I go with the "Love blooms further" canon myself.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:28 No.2630148
    -Re: Request.

    Your students death involved lube and a Sister of Battle. He was 9. How about no?

    Sincerely, Grand Trainer Ashadia.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:33 No.2630167
    It's a shame that the Adeptus Mechanicus was never able to piece together the most holy spell-check program.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:37 No.2630175
    They were close, but regrettably one brother got mixed up and wrote "Spell Check Pogrom" instead of "Spell Check Program" and, well, no one really wants to get into that.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:38 No.2630178
         File :1221993507.jpg-(15 KB, 321x331, gary_gygax.jpg)
    15 KB
    >Spell Check Pogrom

    I laughed
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)06:49 No.2630234
    Yeah this seems like Kharn writer's work. I could be wrong.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)09:04 No.2630947
    I always meant to finish drawing the rest of this storyboard but I've left it alone for too long now.

    I might re-draw it someday.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)09:09 No.2630964
         File :1222002579.jpg-(19 KB, 400x300, fry_l.jpg)
    19 KB
    Someday? Do it now. Do it for those of us who still revere you and mutter hallowed prayers in your name as we traverse the perils of the interbutts.

    We...waited for you.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)09:51 No.2631159
    The Bloom Time will come.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)09:56 No.2631181
         File :1222005395.jpg-(91 KB, 600x800, liividead.jpg)
    91 KB
    Keep believing the lies, it will not save you.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:12 No.2631253
         File :1222006338.jpg-(114 KB, 750x320, EversorBattle6a.jpg)
    114 KB
    Well I guess I might aswell show you guys a few panels I never posted.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:13 No.2631255
         File :1222006397.jpg-(94 KB, 750x320, EversorBattle7.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:13 No.2631256
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:14 No.2631262
    I don't even know what it's like to hold a living lover in my arms.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:16 No.2631267
    Next you'll say "oh and here are the final chapters for those who didn't catch them, BW sent them to me". Why must you toy with us so...

    Anyway, these pictures please me.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:16 No.2631268
    So...LIIVI went for the KABOOM resolution?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:18 No.2631277
         File :1222006724.jpg-(85 KB, 750x320, EversorBattle9a.jpg)
    85 KB
    And the next panels after this is basically LIIVI using the last of his strength to tackle the eversor away from Taldeer.

    His tackle makes them both plunge into the icy ravine. Taldeer reaches out for him as he plummets and he reaches out for her before vanishing into the mist below. Moments later an explosion is heard.

    Now I must stop before my ideas get me a sick-full-o-quarters beatings from the bloomwriters who continued the story.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:27 No.2631303

    I like this scenario better anyway, gives us some closure.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:28 No.2631307
         File :1222007312.png-(54 KB, 1057x891, eeeeee.png)
    54 KB
    I'm so glad I drank too much coffee last night, otherwise I might have missed this.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:29 No.2631312
    Like a bag of sand
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:29 No.2631313
    The Bloom Time will come, good sir. It is as inevitable as the Emperor rising from the Golden Throne.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:35 No.2631337
    Right, BW will return from Pluto, riding upon a tamed giant spacecrab ready to smite all the heretical trolls. He's dead and frozen, just like that Eldar whore.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:40 No.2631356
    [The icy wastes of Kronus. Explosions light the ground. There is no sound. Faintly, the sound of an approaching Thunderhawk, slowly growing louder. Images of orks, necrons, eldar, humans, tau. Images, sounds and light mix together. More explosions. Cut to a small room with barred windows, where a dark-haired man waits restlessly. He approaches a window and opens the blinds a fraction]

    LIIVI [voiceover]: Kronus... shit; I'm still only on Kronus...

    Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the wasteland. When I was back at the temple after my first tour, it was worse. I'd wake up and there'd be nothing. I hardly said a word to my mentors, until I said "yes" to go back out.

    When I was here, I wanted to be there; when I was there, all I could think of was getting back into the wastes. I'm here a week now... waiting for a mission... getting softer; every minute I stay in these quarters, I get softer, and every minute Johnny Greenskin squats in the rocks, he gets stronger. Each time I looked around, the walls moved in a little tighter.

    I was going to one of the worst places in the galaxy and I didn't even know it yet. Weeks away and kilometers up a frozen tundra that froze the war like a giant icebox - right where Taldeer was.

    It was no accident that I got to be the caretaker of farseer Taldeer of Ulthwe - any more than being back in Kronus was an accident. There is no way to tell her story without telling my own. And if her story really is a confession, then so is mine.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)10:47 No.2631382
         File :1222008441.png-(16 KB, 500x500, bloomtime.png)
    16 KB
    It is the truth!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:08 No.2631464
    It's what it feels like to become the Big Bad.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:14 No.2631490
         File :1222010079.jpg-(282 KB, 750x649, Epilogue1.jpg)
    282 KB
    Last of the panels I did was an epilogue voiced over by two characters aboard the litany of fury discussing what to do with the captured farseer and the events that took place.

    One asks the other whether there was any chance that the rogue vindicare survived. The other states that there was too much damage on the scene of the investigation caused by the eversor's meltdown but he assures the other that no one would have survived.

    He notes, however, that during the following weeks that went by since the farseer's capture, the two other vindicares that were dispatched to help Lukas Alexander were mysteriously killed as if someone was expecting them to be there, both their equipment went missing.

    Just before I go I must state that

    - BW never sent me the ending to the story (just to dispel that rumor).
    - I always wanted to end the story with the OP picture.
    - My ideas are non 'canon' to the story and they were simply that, ideas.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:17 No.2631496
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:18 No.2631501
         File :1222010289.jpg-(257 KB, 949x640, Shivering_Together_by_IronShri(...).jpg)
    257 KB
    Still they are pretty good ideas. Oh well, thanks for sharing the panels.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:19 No.2631505
    And the grimdark refused to change...
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:20 No.2631515
    I'll consider it canon until BW returns from the depths of space to complete the story.

    This of course will never happen.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:29 No.2631537

    Hey, you, do you have contact details? Do you do comissions? I love your art style, the use of layers of grey to suggest extra detail.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:29 No.2631538
    I feel happy inside.
    I feel like I can't rage properly anymore.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:36 No.2631557
    Closure... again, art smoothes the rage. It's nice to see Miko back, and this end is nice.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:42 No.2631585
    It matters not how long it takes. BW will come back and melt your frozen hearts.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)11:56 No.2631643
    Bump for Miko and at last, resolution.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)12:08 No.2631692
    LIIVI will return in: Dawn of War II: Love can Bloomer.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)12:48 No.2631866
    Bump for art
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)12:49 No.2631872
    Dawn of War ][: Love Panties.
    >> EXALTED! 09/21/08(Sun)13:14 No.2631983
    Love Can Bloom 2: Electric Boogaloo
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)13:38 No.2632091

    Dawn of War ][: Judgment Day
    >> Commissar Katina Tarask !2y1il5Qy0g!!D+bnCxIdeMY 09/21/08(Sun)13:45 No.2632129
    Dawn of War II: Panty Explosion.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)13:49 No.2632146
    You've ALWAYS been what's more canon though. I mean, basically now no anon will accept any other version of events- which I feel is the best thing for it. You should judge for yourself how the tale should go, you started this after all.

    but bawwww a lil'

    But also yay more pictures!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)13:51 No.2632152
    Dawn of War II: Judgment Boogaloo Love Panties Explosion
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)15:33 No.2632759
    From the file names...You've been working on this for a long while.

    Please finish it!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:39 No.2633640
    Oh Miko. I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from /tg/ forever!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:40 No.2633646
    She never left you cretin.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:42 No.2633664
    Okay, allow me to restate.


    "I knew you wouldn't continue to lurk anonymously forever and would actually draw something for us again, Miko!"
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:44 No.2633681
    She's been drawing periodically for /tg/ since...always. Check her devart.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:44 No.2633686
    Stupid Bloomwriter stupid dying stupid stupid.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:45 No.2633695


    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:46 No.2633697
    That will do.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:47 No.2633707
    Did he die in real life?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:48 No.2633717
    We'd never know if he did. Anonymous to the end.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:50 No.2633734
    What's her devart?
    >> Stranger 09/21/08(Sun)17:54 No.2633762
    If I ever get something terminal I'll abandon my namefaggery and than post something awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:54 No.2633767
    That's kind of sad to imagine, somebody with such an effect on our board to vanish, not knowing what he has wrought.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)17:56 No.2633779
         File :1222034202.jpg-(179 KB, 462x552, Ultramarine_liek_Pie_by_IronSh(...).jpg)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:38 No.2634583
    I like the deformed baby ending.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:41 No.2634593
    Man they don't fuck. Srsly. Fer realz. Nobody wants to get into half elfdar genetics.
    >> Devil 09/21/08(Sun)19:43 No.2634609
    Must have been something you said.
    I should have walked away.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:44 No.2634616
    Oh God not this again.

    Awaiting arrival of Mshii in 5...4...3...2...
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:46 No.2634624
    Why would she-

    Oh. Right. I forgot about that.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:48 No.2634637
    What on earth are you people talking about?
    >> Devil 09/21/08(Sun)19:49 No.2634646
    I doubt it.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 09/21/08(Sun)19:49 No.2634647
    Wait, what?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:50 No.2634652
    There was a thread she was involved in. Due to her involvement within LCB threads, we determined she was secretly Bloomwriter.

    Ever since, she's stayed away when it's been brought up.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:51 No.2634663
    You posted too late, she's here now.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:53 No.2634676
    It's probably been long enough that no one but us remember anyway. Should've archived it.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:54 No.2634686
    Impossible. Bloomwriter was a humble and admirable type, a credit to this board. Pretty much a complete opposite.

    Besides mshi absolutely sucks at writing, I suppose it could be an elaborate ruse but I'd rather attribute it to Anon's tendency to have massive failures of logic.
    >> / !/////m/ShI 09/21/08(Sun)19:56 No.2634705
    Yes, seriously. I'm incomprehensible half the time.

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:57 No.2634713
    Thread derailed by attention whoring in 5....4...3....2...
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:58 No.2634721
    Elaborate trolling.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)20:02 No.2634754
    I'm serious. An anon crunched the statistics.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)20:04 No.2634770
    Right. And Edward is Leman Russ. The wolftime is upon us. Yiff. Yiff.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:34 No.2635705

    When's Miko on anyway?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:37 No.2635723
    I dunno.... I like Team Taldeer shenanigans. But I like your art too.

    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:41 No.2635732

    Pray to whatever deities you hold dear that you never, ever, ever find out.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:43 No.2635739
         File :1222051401.jpg-(56 KB, 646x457, Bloomlogo.jpg)
    56 KB

    Anon declares this the theme song.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:44 No.2635751
    What if they both made their saves?
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:46 No.2635763
    Then the DM gets SOOOOO pissed!
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:48 No.2635775
    I don't think they can make reflex saves, they're playing DnD.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:49 No.2635783

    Both live.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:52 No.2635808
    Who says.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)22:54 No.2635812
    The dice.

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