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  • File :1221515361.jpg-(469 KB, 800x544, hack11.jpg)
    469 KB Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:49 No.2584735  
    Hey /tg/,
    Has anyone ever thought about making a .hack// campaign? (for those un-familiar with .hack// it is a show and game series based on a fictional online game. Players who have played this online game called "the world" start mysteriously falling into commas. Bugs and glitches also start appearing all over "the world" with the appearance of a strange little girl.) I could definitely see it working. All the characters are already in a DnD 3.5 friendly environment (swords, dungeons, towns, ect.) and I was thinking you could even have actual player stats. Like, not only have a character sheet but also have a player sheet.

    On these player sheets several factors could be chose including "type of play" (sort of like a sub-class). Several ToP I have come up with include:
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:50 No.2584741


    Hacker: Your knowledge of computers, software, and the code used to write it all is vast. Although you are unfamiliar with game play you find it easy to take advantage of the game code to benefit yourself and your comrades. (abilities through lvl-ing of the subclass could include things like temporary stat boosting, gate hacking [getting to secret levels], making items more effective, ect.

    RPG Tactician: You know your way around an RPG game for sure. Having logged countless hours on games form every console and system you can play and beat most any RPG with ease. Your knowledge of RPG battles and item usage make you a foe to be afraid of on the virtual battlefied. (bonus to attacks, bonus to defense, make items more effective, stuff liek that).

    Walking strategy guide: Do you have anything better to do than play "the world"? No? Well that's the way the company likes it. Your knowledge of "the world" is expansive and through countless mountain dew filled nights you know just about everything about "the world". When someone recommends another game to you, you just laugh it off like they just told you the funniest joke ever. (detect traps bonus, detect enemies bonus, slight bonus to weapon abilities)

    This is just a very crude, un thought out system I came up with but it will serve for the basis of my design if I choose to go through with it. Thoughts?

    Thanks for your time and opinion /tg/ :]
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:53 No.2584765
    sage for anime
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)17:54 No.2584772
    I dig it. Keep up the good work, and make sure to report in later. Also PKs are the chaotic stupid of the .hack//penandpaper.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:57 No.2584795
    Ah yes! I forgot to add one I thought of!

    Aggressive player: Win win win, that's all that matters to you. You'll join a group of adventurers to help them through the dungeon, but you make no guarantee to them that you wont PK every single one of them once you get to the treasure. (bonus to attacking, rage ability, proficient in most all weapons, ect,)

    And thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you like the system and I'll make sure to keep you updated! :]
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:58 No.2584801
    The bonuses you list for Walking World Encyclopedia (Ha! Ha! I like this name better) don't really match up, or rather the weapon abilities bit.

    Maybe the ability to reveal monster weak points and increase damage against it? They seem like they'd play more of a supportive role with their ToP abilities.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)17:58 No.2584805
    Yeah it's interesting, keep working on it.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:03 No.2584840
    >Players who have played this online game called "the world" start mysteriously falling into commas.

    Evil punctuation! EVIL! At least it's not semicolons they fall into.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:05 No.2584852
    bump for relevance to my interests
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:07 No.2584862
    Hmmmmm, very good point, that makes more sense. Like i said this was very crude and i just kind of wrote stuff down as it came to mind. Thanks for the idea! :]

    Thanks for the support! :]

    Haha, this actually gave me quite a good laugh :P Comas is what I meant, obviously. Thanks for keeping me on my toes though, I'll re-read with more care next time.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:09 No.2584875
    Oh god. I had this idea but I sucked too much to make it work. Is Morganna going to be around for random comas?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:11 No.2584888
         File :1221516703.png-(287 KB, 520x720, hack_4.png)
    287 KB
    I want to play as this slut
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:16 No.2584907
         File :1221516968.jpg-(1.22 MB, 1600x1200, Everyone Loves Haseo.jpg)
    1.22 MB
    Perhaps dividing the game into the "the World," and the actual world would be a beneficial idea. Since you want to include actual players, rather than just their online counterparts, maybe the realistic part of the game can be set on investigation or similar activities while the online component would be the hack-n-slash and boss battles.
    Also, I think "people falling into comas," should be just one plot hook, instead of the overall game story. I would wager something more open ended; something the players experience or find on their own would be most beneficial.
    One example would be meeting an incredibly powerful PK player/hacker who plans to throw both, the real and imaginary, worlds into chaos would jump-start the story of the players working inside and outside the game to stop this person. Thus, people falling into a coma would be optional.
    Finally, perhaps ToP can be more of an alignment or attitude system; the way players (characters) approach the game rather than what the players do in-game/sub class.
    >> Very Serious 09/15/08(Mon)18:17 No.2584915
    This interests me. Please to continue working on it.
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)18:18 No.2584922
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:25 No.2584959
    Bah, just just KNOW he's a neckbeard by now. *shudders*

    And I hate Haseo. Hated him back when he was Sora, and I hate him now :P
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)18:28 No.2584980
    Just realized i forgot to use my name.

    Glad your showing interest! At this point I'm definitely going to keep working on it! :]
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:29 No.2584982
    Everyone hates Haseo. He's not even anti-hero.

    I'm interested in the IRL aspect too. Do you apply their "class" which seems to relate to in world abilities to IRL capabilities as well. Also would the characters have to know each other IRL? It would be difficult to play out given the wide range of possibilities.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)18:32 No.2585005
    >Everyone hates Haseo. He's not even anti-hero.
    I liked him as Sora and I liked him as Haseo.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)18:34 No.2585018
    Hmmm, some very interesting ideas indeed and I'll see what parts I can incorporate. I definitely already decided I will have some offline components to the system. I'm also glad you caught it, but the ToP originated as my own alignment system and then evolved into what I wanted to do with it instead. ToP is also broken down further into different components such as hacker having White-hat hacker, black-hat hacker and such which not only show's alignment/personality but effects abilities. I just feel it will feel more compelling to get bonuses for choosing your ToP but also there will be an all-around gamer for those who don't want to settle into one ToP.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)18:40 No.2585064
    Yes, ToP is directly related to IRL abilities and I will find a way to balance the ToP's to give fair in-game and "IRL" balance. Most of the IRL components will most likely consist of investigation and learning about the other players. If you wanted you could start your characters off as class-mates who go to the same school or co-workers who play together but you WILL be able to talk to each other IRL even when you live apart because of text-messaging and cell phone calls :] I'm still working on all the nitty gritty, but feel free to keep asking general questions about the system.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:12 No.2585585
    Anymore quick ideas before I head off to work on this?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:16 No.2585605
    I only ever watched through Sign. I assume the games and later anime had a bit more happening in them?
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:20 No.2585625
    Yeah. It always evolved around the same premise but the games and other versions of .hack// went a little faster paced then .hack//sign. I liked .hack//sign don't get me wrong the characters were pretty believable and fun but sometimes it was just too slow and metaphorical for me. The .hack//1-4 and .hack//g.u1-3 games are more focused on the fighting and hacking aspect you saw some of in the show although hacking and glitches are much more frequent in the games.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:21 No.2585629
    I'm just posting to say that we're WAY close to each other on this. A paranoid part of me thinks I know you.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:22 No.2585637
    Close on what?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:23 No.2585643
    An RPG about playing an RPG...
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:25 No.2585654
    what do you mean? .hack// is an RPG game and show about people who play an MMORPG called "the world". I'm just saying I wanna make it work for pen&paper. I'm not sure where you're going with this.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:25 No.2585657
    .hack rpg, hacker abilities.

    I was definitely thinking about >>2584907's division between the game world and the real world.

    Didn't have any intention of using 3.Xe, though.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:29 No.2585688
    Oh okay. Well I'm going to base most of in-game play off of 3.5 but i'm not so sure about the IRL system. I assume it's gonna work fairly similarly but much less combat if any at all. I'm thinking some chase scenes would be fun though, parkour style jumping and climbing and stuff. :P Just a thought.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:38 No.2585733
         File :1221525483.png-(29 KB, 400x454, xkcd recursion.png)
    29 KB
    I have pondered this in the past. I was always concerned that the layer of unreality would distract players. Playing a character that is playing a character. The real world is boring so if I was playing I would try to spend as much time as possible in The World.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)20:42 No.2585753
    Yeah, that's why I figured they would be short but also have action in them too. Most of the IRL would be hunting down the BBEG's player and figuring out what was going on. In several instances things could go haywire though because of how the entire electronics network is starting to go haywire (like getting shut inside a building, ect) and could also incorporate some chase scenes. I'm still trying to figure out the IRL portion entirely, myself.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:52 No.2585805
    I for one want to play this with focus on "the real world" instead of the World. I really liked .hack//Liminality
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)20:55 No.2585824
    If you want to make it really confusing, give your real-world character stats that change their in-game character stats.

    Endurance/Stamina for how long you can stay in without needing a break (low Endurance characters would only be able to stay in a few rounds without needing to leave the computer, high Endurance characters might be able to take a day or two inside the game). Would also change how often you need toilet/food breaks.

    Charisma for how well others like you (it's still YOU typing in or speaking out loud, your character doesn't matter in this instance; even if your character's Charisma is through the roof if YOU make him say something stupid people aren't going to like you). Not sure if this would work, however, given that most NPCs would be dictated by programs and would therefore be unaffected by the player's Charisma, just the character's.

    Intelligence would give them hints about certain things (a character with low-to-middling Int would know that a Fire Bat would be weak to Water because it's obvious, but a character with high intelligence would know that the Fire Bats travel in groups and that they typically use their Leech attack to drain health; high intelligence characters would also have bonuses toward trap-finding and other such niceties).

    Dexterity for how well you're able to manipulate the keyboard/control pad (extremely low levels would detract from your dodge/armor, extremely high levels would add to said attributes). Maybe at ungodly high levels it would even begin to add extra attacks per round.

    And maybe a few choices at creation, like Dedicated which would allow you to keep going even past exhaustion, or Strategy Guide which would give you a few of the bonuses that Intelligence gives. Something like that.

    Only if you want it really confusing, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)21:06 No.2585897
    I would use Intelligence for memory and figuring out stuff. Perception should be a different stat that is noticing things and also situational awareness. Dexterity in The World should be called Micro.
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)21:19 No.2586002
    I got a mental image of a bunch of teenagers sitting in a room with no light other than flickering computer monitors and the only sound is the clacking of keys and clicking of the mouse. Suddenly a boy at the back, his hair greasy and matted, sweat beading on his forehead, slumps forward and falls out of his chair. When his friends run over to see what is wrong with him, his screen is simply static with an unearthly screeching sounding coming through the headset.
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)21:20 No.2586016
    also, if you get stuck in the game, does your character lose their ability to do anything in the world (coma time!), just "THE WORLD", living in the hell that Tsukasa was stuck in?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)21:22 No.2586028

    A LAN for an MMORPG? While they're not unheard of, I don't think they're that common. Even if you have really good friends on the game, you'd probably either just log on from your own houses or you'd meet somewhere without internet to get a break from the game. And I highly doubt you'd get an entire GROUP to play the RPG in someone's house.

    Or am I wrong? Does everybody do MMO LANs and I'm just out of the loop? Were my friends lying?

    More likely, I think you would notice that he's not been logged on in a few days when he's normally on 24/7, and that's when you'd start investigating.
    >> Lucius the Eternal 09/15/08(Mon)21:27 No.2586063
    my local LAN center powerplays all MMOs regardless of genre or style of play. They've even made prep work for power running Warhammer Online the day it comes out. It's open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and theres always at least 5-7 people sitting in a row playing WoW or something, and they all look like they haven't slept in weeks. And it would make sense if a group got together for the purpose of fighting AIDA or a Rogue Epitaph, for the express purpose of making sure no one dies/stroke/coma/seizures
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)21:28 No.2586075
    durr hurrr forgot my tripfaggotry
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)21:36 No.2586139

    I cast my vote for living a hellish Tsukasa experience. Although to be honest, Tsukasa really didn't suffer too much in the beginning. It was only when he started opposing Morgana..
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)21:38 No.2586153

    Definitely this for the PCs, if any of them become comatose it just wouldn't be fair to lose their character too.

    With NPCs, a toss-up. Maybe a few like Tsukasa, maybe a few just plain comatose.
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)21:43 No.2586195
    ALSOOOOOOO, are all the servers active in your rendition of the World? Or are they restricted with level caps needed to access them?
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)21:43 No.2586199
    I was also thinking of introducing character switching. Like, say you have LOWWWW charisma but your friends with a smooth operator and you need to convince someone in the game to do something. Why not call/text him your character+pass and have him play your character? I'm wondering if I'm starting to make things too complicated, although I don;t think this is too hard to understand, you just apply his stat bonuses to the character instead of your own and he controls the character. Makes sense? Also i'm pondering whether they can carry flash drives with the .exe to access "the world" form other computers than their own in case of an emergency.

    Don't worry, there will be balance between the two of them. I as well want to keep focus between "game play" and IRL situations.

    That doesn't sound -too- confusing at all and actually I was thinking about that but not sure if it would go overboard. First off I would like to say that charisma is entirely a palyer stat and not associated with your character (for the reasons you've said) and diplomacy means nothing if you're interacting with NPC's (only way to sway their opinion is through cheating/hacking). Almost everything else is a character stat however as your player gets better at the game his IRL stats increase and give bonuses to the characters stats. Following me so far? Also the players IRL stats effect what he/she can/can't do IRL. Also I was thinking of doing something like endurance which was what I was going to call "Corruption" which goes up while you're in-game and once reaching 100% you can fall into the game for a brief period of time were you can't log out but your stats become decreased (because of your mental welbeing). But I think endurance may be better since I don't want to make the system -too- complicated although it might take a bit of a slightly more dedicated player at the rate i'm going although i will try and make it as easy and understandable as possible.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)21:44 No.2586205

    Why micro? And i'm going to use spot instead of a separate stat.

    That's more or less how most of the games/anime are.

    See my above post about "corruption" to see my idea.

    Yeah, I know people who do MMO LAN parties but it's not silent, they stay up all night drinking energy drinks and making funny, well to them, MMO jokes. I went to one when I played WoW for a brief stint and I sware to god if I had heard "I attack the darkness!" one more time that night I might have snapped. :P
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)21:48 No.2586235
    Also would it be too confusing for you guys if when someone falls into the game that the others can log out and get them to a hospital increasing their recovery time?

    I agree. In the story online play increases as more become aware of the situation and try to put a stop to it.

    Yeah, They don't lose their character data.

    Definitely level caps. Thinking of putting in keywords but haven't decided.
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)21:52 No.2586270
    Durr hurrr. Forgot to explain corruption. The reason corruption goes up is because if you stay in the game that's causing others to fall into comas and are exposed to all the bugs and hacking, and everything you can start to become unstable (corruption).
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)21:57 No.2586314
    >>Why micro?

    micro is short for micro-management. its from the RTS genre. its the skill of keeping track of all your cooldowns, managing your resources (mana/energy/rage/potions/ect), and knowing your opponents cooldowns, spells, ect. its also knowing exactly what ability to use when. a second of indecision or the wrong choice and you lose. if you were naming levels of micro a low level person would be a 'clicker' (someone who clicks on icons with the mouse instead of using faster hotkeys)
    >> Kun-Kun !3GqYIJ3Obs 09/15/08(Mon)22:02 No.2586341
    Archive this shit, please. I gotta sleep, as I have to leave for work at 3AM, and I can't access 4chan at work without getting fired for browsing a site WITH THE NAKED WIMMIN AND DRAWN CHINESE PORNOGRAPHIES AND NAKED MEN AND GUNS AND THE PARANORMAL WITCH-CRAFTIN', as my boss is a fucking nutjob who checks to see what websites we go to. Ensis, my man (or woman) keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing your ideas some more :]
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)22:07 No.2586369
    Oh, I like that. Thanks for the information! I am familiar with several MMO's (Mostly Wow) but had never heard that term before. Thank you for the information! :]
    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)22:11 No.2586391
    How do you archive something? I'm just copying and pasting most of these ideas into word in case it 404's. And thanks for all the support, you'll definitely be seeing me around /tg/ a lot! :]
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)22:14 No.2586421

    >> Ensis !!DVpvIjNHRlv 09/15/08(Mon)22:29 No.2586501
    Okay, it's archived. Please vote positively.

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