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  • File :1221417581.jpg-(301 KB, 1055x1500, [SaHa] Free Will 06.jpg)
    301 KB Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:39 No.2575804  
    This is the continuation of yesterday's CthulhuTech thread.
    The theme was Engel falling in love with their pilots.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:42 No.2575829
    And tentacoo waping them? I'm calling my Seraph, "The End," from now on.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:44 No.2575845
    I have no idea what is going on in that pic, but I want moar.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:47 No.2575865
    >I have no idea what is going on in that pic
    You must be new here, then.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:47 No.2575867
    Please tell me there was writefaggotry involved.
    Or drawfaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:49 No.2575879
    Writefag promised to deliver if the thread was still here today.
    It died ;_;
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:52 No.2575897
    Oh well.
    Couldn't have missed out on too much.
    It would probably have been the standard tentacle sex shit the japanese like.

    But still, does anyone remember what was tralked about in that thread?
    Anything specific that was remotely interesting.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:56 No.2575927
    As in a "will rape the female" one?
    Or are you talking about a female (is there even such a thing?) engel that falls in love with their pilot?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)14:59 No.2575955
         File :1221418793.png-(21 KB, 525x323, 121718330383.png)
    21 KB
    Well ,other than Engel/pilot erotica, I think we discussed various tagers, ghouls were mentioned, as were elder things and shoggoths. I think the conversation mostly flowed around whatever the hell people wanted to chat about.

    And I'm calling a red-painted Nazzadi mecha "Nineball," in an equally shameless reference (or two). It was this or Alt Eisen, but neither the mecha nor its pilot are geared toward close-range fighting. It's more like the Weissritter, in actual play.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:01 No.2575963
    To my far from detailed memory, the basis was of a male pilot and his Engel, Mary.
    He'd walk around with that happy glow after getting out of the cockpit every once in a while, spend lots of time with his Engel, etc. Occasionally people would wonder if those slight mewling sounds were coming from the Engel while he was relaxing inside.
    I think the thought was to have him by para-psy.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:04 No.2575988
    This Engel pilot thing...was it a female or male pilot?
    Damn..that sounds pretty awesome.
    Anyone have it saved?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:06 No.2576005
         File :1221419180.jpg-(254 KB, 791x1024, 2510573250_d7b4b2bd10_b.jpg)
    254 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:09 No.2576024
    If I remember, there were scenarios for either gender of pilot. The promised writefaggotry if the original thread was still around would have been determined by general opinion.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:10 No.2576025
    OP, got a link to that doujinshi? Free Will turns up nothing on /rs/
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:11 No.2576040
    Yeah, right, that's it.
    He either has no implant or he doesn't really use it, instead making contact with his latent para-psy abilities.
    To get some new aspects that didn't come up in the last thread, would he fly naked?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:12 No.2576045
    Look for Saha free will then. I think will gets dropped from the search results.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:12 No.2576048
         File :1221419542.jpg-(150 KB, 701x1024, Mecha___Icarus_by_MeganeRid.jpg)
    150 KB
    I think we should take this topic and post some custom Engels/mechs/tagers/etc; I'll go first - boss Engel.

    Type: Prototype Tactical ESP Engel (25 AP)
    Size: Behemoth (56' tall)

    The success of the D-Harmonizer in allowing Somatically-skilled para-psychics to use their powers in conjunction with other objects, such as power suits, led to a burst of new research in Engel design, with the first result being the behemoth class Engel, codenamed "Enoch." By combining the biological nature of the Engel project and then harnessing the power of the void, this machine is capable of achieving a new height of battlefield advantage. Unfortunately, prototype runs have resulted in death for each psychic enabled test pilot - it would take someone with inhuman like abilities to fully utilize this weapon. Non-psychic pilots describe the Enoch as a patient predator; once in battle, however, the Enoch moves in a gleefully sadistic frenzy that can prove mentally overpowering.
    Due to design constraints, the prototype could not be fully armed with the standard Engel arsenal. However, it also features increased technological pilot enhancement and performance. The wing-like attachment serve to generate and distribute Orgone.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:13 No.2576054
    Try "Free Will".
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:13 No.2576055


    Control Response (agility) +2
    Sensors (perception) +2
    Frame (strength) 11 (+2 damage)
    Multi-Task Systems (actions) +1
    Warning Systems (reflex) +2

    Targeting (+2)

    Life Support

    Ground Speed: 60 mph (148/36 ypt)
    Air/Water Speed: 180 mph (444/108 ypt)
    Acceleration Code: A [1/1]
    Jumping Distance: 40/20
    Enhanced Land Speed (Double)
    Enhanced A-Pod Speed (Sextuple)

    Integrity 30
    Armor 3/3
    Damage Control Systems 2/turn
    Regeneration 1 die/turn
    (Total Recovery 1 die+2/turn)

    Hyperedge Claws with Acid Drip (Large)
    Plasma Canon (Large)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:13 No.2576056
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:19 No.2576080
    Some of that seems a bit more broken than normal for an engel. Especially if the rules for its psy-based systems let it benefit from some of the various hax abilities you can get. Hyperagility works without anything special, unless the engel can't handle the accelerated reaction times normally. Now, teleportation with the mecha-scale object, that would be incredibly fun for the tactically-minded (assuming, of course, that a GM allows a little bit of a bonus for interesting tactics).

    I could post the stats for my customized Nazzadi unit, but it's just a glorified Storm unless I invent some creative additional/modular systems.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:20 No.2576087

    Budding hopeful writefag here.

    If I remember correctly, there were a handful of votes.

    X number, Engel gender, Pilot gender
    1 male-female
    1 female-female
    1 neuter-female
    1 neuter-male

    Any other votes are encouraged. Even though personal preference is male-female or female-male,
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:20 No.2576090
    It's a boss mech for Sorel's game.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:22 No.2576096
    Male Engel, male pilot who hasn't accepted his homosexuality and is convinced that he's actually straight.

    Pity the Engel knows him better than that.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:23 No.2576109
    Although, I wonder how that would even work since Engels are genderless.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:23 No.2576110

    Did I mention I shamelessly endorse the double standard of 'I support gay marriage, but only if the chicks are hot'?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:23 No.2576112

    female Engel and male pilot, please...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:24 No.2576118
    I think everyone supports that. In fact, I'd go so far as to say "I support free gender reassignment surgery so EVERYONE can be a hot gay chick."
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:25 No.2576128

    I think that makes it one vote for every scenario I've been able to imagine...

    And as far as gender, feel free to think of it as 'gender identity.'
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:25 No.2576130
    I support this.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)15:25 No.2576132
         File :1221420347.jpg-(206 KB, 757x1000, Lover of Shub.jpg)
    206 KB
    Why are you bitches insisting on a monogendered Engel, have none of you any sense of fun?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:26 No.2576142
    I want to see what the writefag can do with this, so I vote female engel and male pilot as well
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:27 No.2576147

    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/14/08(Sun)15:27 No.2576151
    Reposting this.

    An Engel and pilot might bond in a special way. They understand each other more than any other person ever could. They literally share their minds and merge their spirits. The idea I had was basically an Engel and pilot that more or less love each other. The pilot names their Engel, probably something like Gabriel or Michael, and feels most content when inside the flesh confines of the cockpit, seeing out of it's eyes and feeling with it's skin.

    And of course, when she starts talking about her Engel as if it was a person, treating it kindly, maybe even feeding it treats or something, she gets taken away for mental fatigue and psychosis. Locked away in a mental institution. Treated as if she truly was insane.

    And the Engel maybe gets a new pilot. One that doesn't mesh. Fights with it. Maybe even refuses to do what they want. Ejects it, fights, maybe even gets so bad they lock up it's joints. It breaks free out of sheer force of will, and makes it's way to the hospital, all the while fighting off other Engels and Mecha in it's way.

    Eventually, it makes it to the hospital, the commotion outside causes a small riot, everyone goes up to the roof. The forlorn cry of a Seraph can be heard, it's armour broken and it's true body in the open. Scimitars launch missiles at it. The pilot pushes her way through to she her precious Michael reach out a hand to her. Everyone else runs, she stands her ground. The hand lands only inches away from her as Michael finally succumbs to his wounds. She crawls into the hand, it carries her up, holds her like a tiny, tiny baby, another volley is fired at the "rogue" Seraph. It goes down. The pilot clings tightly to it's thumb, tears staining her cheeks, her face red as she shouts at them to stop, leave him alone.

    They don't stop. Michael falls, grabbing onto the building for stability. With a final, heartwrenching sound, it throws it's head back and lets out an unmistakable cry of sorrow and dies.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:28 No.2576154
    sounds interestig, think Ill vote for that as well, for now anyway.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:28 No.2576161
    Ah. That would allow for more leeway. And without para-psychic ability, that thing probably isn't quite as terrifying as a normal engel, if only because it's got a smaller weapons loadout. With a psychic pilot, it could teleport around, or start throwing gravity wells or otherwise pulling elemental effects to make up for the lesser weapon selection.

    I think i will post my own hastily-built mecha, if only to see if I can get some ideas for modular equipment from the general public. Because mecha in general need more situational customization in this game.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:29 No.2576164
    Well, it's more a psychological thing. The Engel adopts a gender for the pilot's sake.
    Of course Engel have no genitals, but even if they did the pilot wouldn't be anywhere near them anyway.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:30 No.2576169
    I want one with female to female too. However, just pick the one YOU want to do and get something written already. Voting on 4chon is like trying to find your penny in a fountain.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:30 No.2576174
    I don't suppose ya could try a female engel and male pilot one?
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:32 No.2576183

    Hell, I think it'd probably end up with me writing female engel-male pilot first, then trying male engel-female pilot if I feel I did a good enough job on the first one.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:32 No.2576185
         File :1221420762.jpg-(120 KB, 667x1000, scene6_capture.jpg)
    120 KB
    Yeah, post it; I want to see some new ideas for mechs.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:34 No.2576197

    Eh, lesbians non-plus me. I really only find them hot if it's a threesome with a guy in the middle.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:35 No.2576202
    Hell yes!
    So it, man, do it!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:38 No.2576227
    How would they, uhm, "interact" anyway?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/14/08(Sun)15:41 No.2576239
    See the first image in the thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:42 No.2576249
    On the homebrew mecha front:

    Type: Experimental Air/Space Combat Mecha
    Size: Medium (26' tall)

    Due to the sudden push for a large-scale space mission in an attempt to turn the tide in the Aeon war, dedicated units for combat in this new environment were cobbled together in the same haste as the gigantic spacecraft they were intended to defend.
    A hastily-developed prototype space combat mecha based on the Nazzadi Storm, the "nineball," as its pilot calls it, is obviously little more than a quickly-assembled test model employing a large amount of modular technology. All amphibious systems were replaced with vacuum-safe equivalents, and the mecha features a set of large back-mounted maneuvering thrusters and A-pod systems. Its development includes potential for deployment with additional modular systems to boost versatility when outfitted for specific roles.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:42 No.2576250

    Cockpit cyst thingy can be manipulated.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:45 No.2576261
    God, please tell me someone is going to writefag this one!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:47 No.2576268
    And the statblock ,which is definitely where it's obviously not much changed from the basic mecha. But I'd rather play it safe than try for something really ridiculous. Hence why ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Control Response: +2 (agility)
    Sensors: +1 (perception)
    Frame: 5
    Multi-task systems: +1 (actions)
    Warning Systems: +2 (reflex)

    Sensory Systems
    Broadband audio
    Targeting (+2)

    Support Systems
    Cold Resistance
    Zero-G Systems
    Life Support
    Life Support Pod
    Manipulator Arms

    Ground Speed: 120 mph
    Air Speed: 120 mph
    Acceleration Code: B [2/1]
    Enhanced Land Speed (quadruple)
    Enhanced Air Speed (quadruple)

    Integrity 15
    Armor 1/2
    Damage control systems 3/turn

    Weapon Systems:
    Hyperedge claws (medium) with Acid Drip (medium)
    Plasma Cannon (medium)
    Rocket Pod (Medium)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:47 No.2576275
    Wait, does that mean that they could change it to have a hot girl inside?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:51 No.2576291
    And that's it, beyond a few ideas for modular equipment to slap onto it and other silly things that are highly unlikely to come up.

    *The limbs can be jettisoned with the use of explosive bolts, should they be rendered useless, to reduce mass and improve acceleration performance in space. Especially legs, which are technically useless already.

    * Some sort of additional armor layer that can also be quickly dropped with explosive bolts. Provides an extra +1/ +1 for armor, but reduces air and land speed to 90 mph. Dropping the armor returns speed to the usual maximums. Has an SF code at around medium damage, maybe. Creative uses include possible slight damage to nearby enemies due to shrapnel, or dropping the armor as a decoy for missiles or to escape a grapple.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)15:53 No.2576302
         File :1221422037.jpg-(272 KB, 1024x1487, son_of_DAGON_color_by_dirtyand(...).jpg)
    272 KB
    I'll do a crazed mad love writefag story if the Engels gender is ambiguous/herm/neuter

    The pilot's gender is what I'm unsure of (And will take the first suggestion and run with it.)

    No fucking Seraph though, Something more disturbing like a sadistic Auphan or powerful Hamshall
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:54 No.2576303
    I expect answers to this from someone
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)15:55 No.2576316

    I'm writefagging, I'm writefagging!

    But I want to have this all down so I can proofread it and THEN post it.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/14/08(Sun)15:55 No.2576318
    Ah, you hate the Seraph as well, Thoon?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:57 No.2576325
    Cool concept; maybe add some custom weapons - like a modular rail-gun attachment? Or perhaps a disposable shield unit.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)15:57 No.2576326
    It's the Internet.
    You post, we proofread.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:00 No.2576347
    What this guy said.
    But seriously, don't bother with it to much.
    Its just some enjoyment, nothing too serious.

    No need for it to be perfect or anything.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)16:00 No.2576350

    Never cared for them beyond the aesthetic and even then it was more for destroying them.

    Which is FUCKING impossible to do in game without having it be possessed by a damned evil god clone or something.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)16:03 No.2576368

    Okay, let me clear my mind and hope noone in the family happens to look over my shoulder...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:04 No.2576376
         File :1221422668.jpg-(65 KB, 636x768, 1165133655564.jpg)
    65 KB
    Well, a shield would be similar to the armor above. I'm tempted to boosts its base air/space movement to 180 mph, speaking of tweaks and changes. The idea for a railgun or other modular or additional weapon is nice, and would help out the sniper sort of feel its pilot is leaning towards. I think I'd considered allowing it to equip long-range missiles or anti-ship torpedoes, for certain missions.

    Stealing from the Alt Eisen ,a weapon designed specifically for use in charging attacks, to rip through enemy armor, might be entertaining.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:06 No.2576388
    Another vote for male Engel, female pilot.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:08 No.2576402
    Looking forward to it.
    You could always rapidshare it if its that much of a problem though.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:10 No.2576412
    So, first the female engel male pilot one, then what comes after that?
    The fem/fem or the male engel female pilot one?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:13 No.2576428
    I think its the female engel female pilot after that, though i'm not sure if that has changed recently.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:16 No.2576440
    Fuck you Thoon. You said you don't come here anymore.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)16:16 No.2576442
    The next wave wasn't expected until nightfall. All soldiers were expected to sleep through most of the day.

    That his Engel projected feelings of contentment when he slept inside it gave him a convenient excuse to do so.

    Mark Tanner had been chosen to pilot an Engel through a semi-experimental program to find humans that were both suitable for Engel piloting... and an almost inhuman amount of tenacity to hang to what most people called normalcy. When he first climbed into the Seraph's cockpit cavity, he was frankly unnerved, not by the sudden uptick of empathic feedback from his new partner, but from a feeling of warmth and a sudden release from loneliness from the cybernetic behemoth.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)16:22 No.2576467

    >Please give me a need for a fourth ESI operation Thoon, I still haven't gone crazy enough to harm *all* my teammates

    Female pilot it is;

    >I think it first began when the Migou attacked base, I was still getting into my suit for Sandalphon, The blast barely missed the room I was in, but the force alone tore most of the suit to ribbons, if things were that bad I didn’t have time to get into a new suit and just left the suit at that. I hadn’t yet tried it but plenty of pilots were used to breathing in the Engel cockpit’s liquid. I managed to combat board the Auphan before it started moving on its own, that started when I sat down, I think the Spider poisoned Sandalphon with something, because the next thing I knew he went crazy, as soon as it took a bite out of that Cherub it was auto-locked down, I was then caught in an EMP and spent the next eight hours inside Sandalphon, his scream didn’t stop for one second.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:28 No.2576504
    Can...can you continue the male pilot one first?
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/14/08(Sun)16:29 No.2576515
    Out of curiosity, Thoon, what is your favorite one of the Engels? You like Aupha- WHAT ARE WE DOING IN THE TAGER GAME?! THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:29 No.2576516
    Oh hell yes, this is starting out great.
    If this is what we get, I vote for male pilot female engel as well!

    So...that means f Engel/m Pilot is in the lead now, right?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:33 No.2576532
    >Please give me a need for a fourth ESI operation Thoon, I still haven't gone crazy enough to harm *all* my teammates
    Speaking of, I'm about to send you an email. Check the inbox later on.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)16:34 No.2576536

    I'm a different person, this is ambigious-male-ish Engel, Female pilot.


    Cherub, Also you get one less spoiler for every page of the books you read. So far your at; Every word I say is actively lying to you.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:35 No.2576543
    You know, most players don't bother their GM about what will happen in a game that's still in the early planning stages, because they like this thing called "being surprised." So, stop asking or I'll start giving him ideas that are anything from silly to weird to horrible.
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)16:38 No.2576561
         File :1221424680.gif-(207 KB, 303x400, Freud2.gif)
    207 KB

    Please tell me your finally going to rape Kristen sane again.

    I think it could work.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/14/08(Sun)16:38 No.2576562
    Well, the game isn't for an indeterminate amount of time, and I'm slowly running out of fluff to read...

    Need more... OMNOMNOMCthulhuTechNOMNOM
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:40 No.2576575
         File :1221424837.jpg-(41 KB, 400x500, organic3_small.jpg)
    41 KB
    I told you already, not crazy enough. Could still happen though.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:43 No.2576587
    Read Lovecraft's writings. Read Lumley's "Titus Crow" stuff. Read "The Spiraling Worm." Go find soemthing that ins't CTech-specific but is mythos-y. Or, start writing your own fluff and little stories. I think you're a little too into all this. It worries me that you'll start getting all Serious Business in-game.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)16:45 No.2576594

    [The latter.]

    It wasn't until much later in active duty that he'd heard that his particular Engel had been used and reused in service as the pilots went slowly insane; after each new attunement, the beast had improved. Subsequent pilots remarked at how fast 'she' complied with their thoughts, to the point where young Mark began to think it was starting to predict his own thoughts before he finished them.

    So here he was: a man hundreds of miles from his family and friends and removed from a girl he once knew (damned Mi-Go...), inside of an alien being (whom he'd named Gwendolyn because he didn't know of any feminine angel names) that was, according to his predecessors, 'thinking' increasingly human.

    He thought a soothing greeting to the monster, and was given a response that had no words, but was indeed close to 'welcome.' After a few moments of companionable silence, both real and psychic, he idly began to stroke her walls; she answered with an emotion that seemed to incorporate 'that feels nice,' 'keep going,' and something else, instead of words, put him in the mind of an overlarge dog, simply wagging its tail. A sort of dialogue sprang between them. 'image of pilot, uninjured, healthy, content?' 'image of pilot, uninjured, healthy, okay. image of Gwendolyn, uninjured, healthy, content?' 'image of Gwendolyn, uninjured, healthy, content.'

    Telepathic small talk does not translate well to speech.

    A half-hour in which he, through a punch-drunk lack of sleep, tried to make small talk about the weather, food, and the other Engels passed. Over that half-hour, he was reminded that his Engel was indifferent to biting cold, that it was fed intravenously through a series of tubes, and that she had no real means of communicating other than through her pilot.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:45 No.2576599
    When wil more m pilot f Engel come out?
    It was pretty good I have to admit
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:47 No.2576612
    Awesome, man.
    Keep up the story!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:55 No.2576641
    This is a pretty fun story, I must say.Please continue.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)16:59 No.2576664
         File :1221425999.jpg-(87 KB, 600x709, Random_Evil_Mecha_by_Manganiac.jpg)
    87 KB
    Sure is sameperson around here.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)17:04 No.2576686

    [It is REALLY FCKING HARD to keep a train of thought when someone is reading TVtropes articles out loud, I tell you what.]

    Finally, Mark fell asleep. His self-imposed 'polite conversation' time with his Engel was fulfilled, and they'd already had a long night with last night's wave of bugs.

    Three things were going to happen in the next twenty-four hours that noone knew about. One, a withdrawal of Mi-Go forces in the area to fend off the more active cults of the Nameless One. Two, the first instance of an Engel communing with a pilot while he slept. Three, the first instance of an Engel developing genuine sapience.

    Normally, Mark Tanner did not dream. When he did, it always included, at least once, finches with the heads of hippos or another patently absurd beast. Typically as a creature that was part of the zoo that his harem of improbably beautiful and curvaceous women took care of. So it was odd that he felt himself laying on a somewhat spongy floor, in the dark, and alone.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:13 No.2576743
    Not sure what to think about what to think about this part...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:25 No.2576826
    Goddamnit I have to leave.
    Someone save this shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:29 No.2576857
    All of it or just a specific part?
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)17:29 No.2576859
    After a small amount of blindly bumbling around in the dark, an indistinct blob made itself known in front of himself, quickly taking on a (admittedly general) human shape. Finally noting that this was one of those rare lucid dreams, Mark prepared himself to run as the figure walked toward him. As it neared, he prepared to take another step back, but felt something root him to the spot.

    His legs, nearly halfway to the knees, had sunk into the invisible floor, and the floor was rising.

    Interestingly, the figure began to take on sharper contrast as it came closer, individual features shaping themselves out of blurry gray, some beginning to show color. The figure, too, seemed to remain eye-to-eye with him, and its legs remained totally visible, even as the floor stopped rising somewhere around his waist. It was then that he saw what the figure was slowly becoming.

    And, as anyone with a grasp of romantic stereotypes will tell you, it was his dead girlfriend: black skin with Caucasian features, softly glowing red eyes, cute little fangs, and a name: Kory.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:39 No.2576939
    This isn't going to end well, is it...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:43 No.2576977
    Is that some DGM reference I see?
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)17:43 No.2576978
    He opened his mouth to speak, but she silenced him with a finger against his lips. It was at this point that her image became slightly blurry at the edges...and...

    While he wasn't able to see what was happening to himself, he could certainly feel a delicious friction pick up. And the newly re-sharpened image resumed walking towards him... and simply put his head against her bosom and gave a gentle hug.

    [Pep talk me guys, I have NO confidence that I can make an actual sex scene. Plot yes, smut no.]
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:44 No.2576979
    The mechs in this game suck. They're all pretty mcuh the same. Theres a tone of sensor and support systems but all of them have like half the list so theres no difference, but then there are only like 5 weapons and so ever mech has the same ones.

    Plus the fact that the human mechs suck and the nazzadi mechs are rape, the mechs need seriosu retooling.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:45 No.2576987
    Just copy and paste from other sex stories. Plagiarism is creativity too.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)17:45 No.2576991



    Well, yes it is, if I can help it.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:46 No.2577002
    What the mechs need are two things - some method of customization, and guidelines for building your own.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:46 No.2577005
    It doesn't matter. Once you get to the part with the engel, everyone will be fapping too hard to notice any writing failures.

    It's never been done before so no-one can critisize you.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:47 No.2577013
    Just go to literotica or something and do a copypasta.
    Though she would have to be at least mildly dominant, given how you've portrayed her.

    Also, we are apparently in suptg?
    But it didn't seem to get the latest part of your story though...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:48 No.2577018
    Building you own? I thought the point was that they were the new war machines? You don't customize a tank or a truck or a fighter. THey make models and you pilot them.

    But yeah I agree that they need more variety.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:49 No.2577026
    You could always just build your own in game. You know like get a workshop, some parts and throw stuff together.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:49 No.2577036
    Pretty good story, thought you were referencing it, but you obviously aren't.

    Anyway, don't worry too much about the writing itself.
    This is a first for tg, so nobody expects you to be perfect.

    Just d your best, man.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:50 No.2577041
    Good god no, literotica is the shittest shit in the entire web,
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:52 No.2577065
    Beter than nothing, I'd say.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:52 No.2577068
    'Don't customize a tank, truck, or fighter'? It's true enough for planes, simply because there isn't much the pilots can do to them, but tanks, trucks, and APCs get customized quite a bit. Hillbilly armor on humvees, for example, or the many ways an Abrams can be outfitted.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)17:55 No.2577097
    Well then you're talking about loadouts and modules which are already represented in the game. What he's talking about is armored core here and I don't think anything does that in real life.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:00 No.2577141
    I could probably come up with a decent system for customization and building mechs for Ctech. They already assign AP points for mecha, so it should not be too hard to do the rest.
    For example, Behemoth mecha would have a starting value of 10 AP with more AP added for weapons, regen, and the like.
    Then, the DM could impose an AP limit for creating or modifying mecha.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:00 No.2577142
    Wait, how is this related to engels in any way?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:01 No.2577158
         File :1221429682.jpg-(27 KB, 299x300, scary as hell.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:02 No.2577170
    Engel wants pilot, bascally.
    Engels are part of the setting, so it counts.

    It beats having to see those other guys talking about the mechanics of the game, at the very least
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:05 No.2577184
    But hes just having a dream where he sexes up his dead drowzaddi girlfriend
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:05 No.2577189
    I'd rather see guys talking about game mechanics than fanwanking to erotica.
    NOT UNTIL I SEE TITS Oh wait, ok. I'll get around to it eventually unless someone has ideas about it they like to share here.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:07 No.2577200
    I seriously doubt that is what is going on, but lets see what the writefag is intending.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)18:10 No.2577219

    [I think you can guess...]

    It was an odd feeling, having your hair stroked by a dead woman, who began letting out delightful little mewls and moans, as though she were riding him instead of merely hugging him: his cock was somewhere below her snatch, but she acted as though she were getting a nice, slow lovemaking. And she guided his head down to a nipple, and, he obligingly sucked and bit at it. The whole dream seemed to fuzz and lose cohesion for a split second, before returning to focus, but even after it had done so, everything was just short of having razor-sharp clarity. The woman he was sucking at started to breath harder. A girl he only thought occasionally thought of, being immobilized up to the waist, and much slower sex than he regularly fantasized about? He'd long since put together that this was not wholly his own dream.

    Doubly so since whoever was on the other end had a lactation fetish. And it tasted too good to be real.

    This begged a questio- he was mashed into her leaking tits while her mouth caught his in a hungry kiss. That train of thought was going to have to wait. The foot-long tongue had precedence.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:12 No.2577241
    should a new thread be made?
    This one seems pretty full now...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:17 No.2577289
    The AP system is broken as fuck. Compare the broadsword, stomr and locust.

    However I may just strat a thread about this since I'm interested in running a game and don't want to shit on my players with these mechs.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:19 No.2577297
    Well humans are going get the shaft, its lovecraft.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:24 No.2577339
    Yes but if they do they should have lower AP for it
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:26 No.2577348
    Hmm I thought the human mecha were absolutely out gunned in a fair fight between them and migou mecha.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:28 No.2577356
    No, the mechs are aoutgunned in an EQUAL fight, as in equal resources. If you are going to assign a value that has no purpose but to balance mecha incase you just want to play a fighting game, at least make them balanced.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)18:29 No.2577361

    [200 posts is the limit, isn't it?]

    She only stopped when it became obvious he was out of breath. This further sealed the deal for him: who needed to breath in a dream? Was he somehow sleepwalking? The immobilized legs answered 'no.' So what was going on...?

    The girl released him and walked backwards a small way before turning away from him and bending over at the waist, exposing her pussy, eager and dripping. She made eye contact by looking between her thighs at the man she'd just claimed. Mark looked at her helplessly, still waist-deep in...something. That was when he noticed something: there was a second woman in here. A human, she looked just like the cute little support arcanotechnician that came to the front lines to try to see if the Mi-Go were unusually weak or resistant to sorcery. The fact that she appeared directly behind him, stuck her tongue in his ear, and started pushing him toward the nazzadi woman who was offering herself to him only served to distract him.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:30 No.2577367
    I dont know really. I've had 2 threads that got over 200 before sinking to page 10
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)18:32 No.2577373
    brb, bathroom break and dinner, but don't worry if it's not bumped. I've got a notepad open with everything so far.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:36 No.2577402
    There is no post limit, not practically speaking at least. After 200 posts, however, the thread autosages every post so the thread no longer bumps with each reply.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:37 No.2577411
    That might be, but it isn't only the story that is done here.
    There issome mechanics talk here as well, which counts to the limit as well.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:38 No.2577418
    what is the difference between a rocket salvo and simple automatic fire? All you're doing is adding 1-4 damage to it. In fact. Rockets actually suck since they have a short range, limited ammo and do very little damage.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:38 No.2577423
    Isn't that pretty much the same thing, though?
    It will quickly fall down, so the end results is the same.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:40 No.2577446
         File :1221432046.jpg-(234 KB, 900x1271, Unholy_mecha_by_eWKn.jpg)
    234 KB
    Yeah, the AP is system is seemingly superfluous. I would probably have to increase the AP value to twice the original to actually get the modifications to work right. Although, I would also probably need some input on AP value for certain items - or I could pull them out of my ass.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:43 No.2577465
    Yeah, after this thread is done and I eat something, I am definetely writing up new mech rules and posting them.

    8 mechs per side
    Relevent Balance (human=nazzadi<migou<engel)
    A dozen or so new weapons and systems
    More variety between mechs
    Equivelent reflavoured weapons between races
    Hard Points
    >> Thoon 09/14/08(Sun)18:48 No.2577505

    A flat five dice of damage + however many more you get for rolling high if you beat their dodge by a fair bit.

    works best with a Cherub though, twin linked rocket launchers give a promise of at least 10D10 damage if they hit.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:49 No.2577510
    Holy crap, a new thread was made?
    I thought I wasn't going to see the witefaggotry of an engel and her pilot!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)18:52 No.2577548
    Or you could fire a single long range missile and get the same effect in the blast radius.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:00 No.2577593
    Just wondering what the source of OP picture is.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:05 No.2577614
    the link has already been posted here in this very thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:20 No.2577679
    bump, lets see if we can get some more writefaggotry here...
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)19:22 No.2577694
    He entered the nazzadi woman from behind, while the overlarge breasts of the human woman smushed into his back. The whole of the dream blurred yet again, but to a smaller degree this time, and both the nazzadi and human women shuddered, not only at the same time, but in the same fashion...

    As he began thrusting into the nazzadi below him, the whole dream gained a permanent haze about any bodily details other than his own. And where the sound of his own breathing and the occasional grunts and moans of the woman beneath him had been the only sound before, there was a low rumbling... not rumbling... purring?

    His thrusts were being met by the woman below him now, and the woman behind him had him in a liplock, her breasts leaking copious amounts of whatever it was they were producing down his back. Both his hands were busy, gently rolling the clitoris of the woman in front of him and doing the same to the one behind.

    It was about this time that the front of the nazzadi woman disappeared and the upper half of a torso appeared out of thin air in front of him: this time something that was part of neither species.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:26 No.2577707
    Heavily censored monkey meat but not half bad.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:35 No.2577776
    Dude, add this to 1d4chan and work on it there
    There won't be a limit to how many posts you can do there.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)19:37 No.2577794
    She might have been breathtakingly beautiful, or she might have been too alien to think about having sex with. It had originally come into being looking something like an anatomical model: all sinew and muscle, unappealing, if not an outright boner-killer. It quickly formed into something else. It formed ruby-red skin, two slightly-too-big breasts, and had the start of a face: a button nose and mouth were visible, and two eyes began to take shape; its head was crowned with a mass of long, thin tentacles, each wriggling of their own accord. The rest of the body was toned, fit, and still more feminine than either wet dream it had deigned to let him warm up against.

    As it was, Mark Tanner had put two and something two-shaped together and was reasonably sure of something that looked vaguely like four.

    Whatever was in front of him was what was controlling his dream.
    Whatever was in front of him was female.
    Whatever was in front of him... was a sexual deviant on a grand scale.

    It finally opened its eyes. Inhuman, pupil-less black crystal seemed to look at him.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:43 No.2577820
    rolled 7 = 7

    Dude, this is great. I probably would have settled for a more human engel, but you're going full-bore reminding us this is an inherently alien consciousness. Props to you and keep writing!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:57 No.2577898
    wow this is turning out to be harder then I anticipated
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)19:58 No.2577899
    Personally, I think this is a strange but kinda fun concept.
    Hope to see more stuff soon!
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)19:59 No.2577908
    And it was then that he woke up.

    Which was even more disconcerting when the only difference was that the forms that he had been fucking until that point turned out to be the of same kind that just came into being in front of him: their legs were rooted to the floor.

    The waist that was sticking out of the wall sank and met the waist sticking into the wall, which turned around to meet it in a sight that might have worried physicians if the being it belonged to were fully human.

    The thing behind him and the thing in front of him both pushed and pulled and set him into laying back into a woman that was fully two feet taller than he was, with his head resting between two gargantuan breasts. The woman on top was closer to normal human height; wherever her body came into contact with the giantess below them, the skin fused before letting go.

    And then he heard it. 'Mine.' A word. Not an emotion or a feeling or a concept.

    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)20:08 No.2577963
    He was suddenly taken aback. The alien face above him did not change expression in the least, but tears dripped from its-no, he corrected himself, *her*- eyes. 'Mine. Mine. Love. Protect. Yours. Love. Protect.'

    He shakily reached a hand up... and cupped her face. This time, the face changed: from an expressionless, red porcelain mask, to recognizable shock, then happiness. 'Accepted. Accepted. Mine. Yours.'

    For a moment, she looked unsure, and then transmitted something unprecedented.

    'You are mine. I am yours. You will be mine. I will be yours.'

    She just surpassed dolphins and chimpanzees. They both have language. She'd just used tense. Planning.
    She might qualify as truly sapient.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:14 No.2577988
    So, is the writefaggotry done soon`?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:15 No.2577999
    or is there still some more?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:22 No.2578029
    This has been a fuckikng awesome thread.
    Awesome work with the writefaggotry, and even some mechanics about the game.
    I love it!
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)20:26 No.2578052
    Unknown to all but a handful worldwide, the Engel Uplift Program had just borne fruit. Both pilot Mark Tanner and Seraph Gwendolyn would have to be closely monitored and guarded, both from those who feared the Engel's natural temperament of bloodthirsty savagery, and from those who could use this massive leap in progress to destroy humanity by simply mimicking the Mi-Go's thievery and usurpation of the D-engine technology. But, as it stood, the two lovebirds deserved some time alone.

    Of course, neither one was exactly standing at the moment. She was moaning wonderfully while bouncing on his lap while he occasionally ground his hips into her pelvis, her groans ensured that her entrance was very much like a human's. He tweaked her breasts with his hands while they kissed, her tongue nearly cocooning his own in his mouth. The giant Gwendolyn they lay on top of had a look of serene happiness, sometimes biting her lip with not-quite-teeth when Mark accidentally hit a bundle of nerves.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:35 No.2578115
    Done already? QQ
    I demand moar.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:37 No.2578134
    Man what I have so far is I added the torroid scanner and ballistics computer to sensor systems, a PCPU uplink, an electronic jammer and an AWACS system to support systems, an afterburner to movement systems and I rebalanced the weapons and included short ranged missiles. The weapons now all have unlimited ammo (besides the lightning gun and charge beam which by definition gather their shot ebfore firing) and the nanomachines that go to damage control can be redirected to materials processing and break down matter into fuel, needles, laser chemicals etc. Basically drop damage control to refill ammo. Also everything mecha is a cannon so the flamethrower is a flame cannon, the charge beam is a charge cannon etc. I also added a hyperedge lance which replaces the nazzadi retarded acid claws, a plasma cutter, hyperedge saw, autocannon, burst cannon, sniper cannon and flechette cannon.

    phew. Now onto the mechs themselves.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:40 No.2578154
    crap I meant "limited ammo".

    And the writefag is getting better. Actually making me a little hard.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:44 No.2578176
    Completely unrelated thoguht here.

    Why the fuck does a "composite" katana do the same damage as a heavy rail driven sniper rifle?
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)20:44 No.2578179
    [sorry about how pitifully short the smutty part was]

    When she finally came, Gwendolyn's keening echoed inside the cockpit. While promising himself he'd hear it again, the whole room shook for a moment. To the outside observer, it would have appeared the Seraph shook itself. To Mark, the walls seemed to close in, momentarily, while a hundred faces (and a few odd legs, arms and parts of torso) looked on with adoration and ecstasy in their alien eyes.

    5 hours and 5 orgasms each later (thanks to Gwendolyn's nutritious 'milk'), Mark Tanner reported for briefing. Of surprise to all, it appeared the Rapine Storm were making themselves such a nuisance to the bugs that the Mi-Go needed to call off attacking to reinforce other borders. When called for mess, Mr. Tanner ate sparingly and decided to turn in early, claiming to not have received much rest earlier in the day.

    Mark thought about the rest of the army: so many wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends away from everyone they loved. And he thought of how mangled his grammar would have to be to describe his new love life. All of her loved him, he had all the women he could ever want, and loved every one of her.

    When he got back to his Seraph, he'd brought along a small cardboard sign. When he thought the meaning to Gwendolyn, she gave a small trill of amusement and excitement.

    "Do Not Disturb"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:47 No.2578195
         File :1221439668.jpg-(80 KB, 750x400, 1190740179052.jpg)
    80 KB
    No, the charge beam is a wave cannon.

    Seriously, though, I'm interested to see some of this stuff, for the sake of how it ends up looking. Mecha need a few more customization options. Also ,mecha combat in general could use some tactical freedom beyond the size differences between mecha. Or, maybe I just like dogfighting too much, but it seems to me that free combat in what could be 3D space should have more options than picking a target and attacking them. ZOE might be too fast-paced and anime-styled, but it or Armored Core are the sort of things I'd go by. Nazzadi mecha, in particular, would be like orbital frames: fragile-looking, extremely fast...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:49 No.2578203
    Lucky fucking bastard. I honestly wish I was him.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)20:50 No.2578207

    By the way, how was my writing?

    [ ] :D
    [ ] D;
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:55 No.2578229
    Not bad. I didn't find it particularly erotic, but the whole engel/human sex thing didn't really interest me from the beginning. I will admit that the very end there is rather amusing.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)20:57 No.2578235
    I cannot zhink of how mangled my grammar would have to be to describe this awesome.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)21:00 No.2578250
    Now saved at 1d4chan.org under category 'stories' as "Engel Loev Human."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:04 No.2578270
    Duly Noted. Wave cannon it is.

    I might as well try it while I'm at it. I can't possibly get this right the first time since I've never actually played the gaem so this is like a rough first draft. What kind of tactical freedom are you thinking of? They have anti gravity flught ( and only some of them have flight at all) so diving, climbing, banking, etc. wont have any effect. If theres no gravity, 3d space works just like ground but with less friction.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:07 No.2578284
    The R-100?!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:08 No.2578290
    Your plot is good, your writing is good, your knowledge of the setting is good, your description is good, so the writing itself is good.

    However you need to spend some more time on /d/ or something because you're lacking in the tentacle sex department.

    Sexy writing seems like a new thing to you so I won't hold it against you. You're a good writer but you need more practice in this field to get people to fap.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:11 No.2578309
    [x] get ye flask
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:12 No.2578312
    Maybe you're right, and there is no real need for anything. But, it's true in both mecha and character combat that one has precious few options as far as mechanical benefits from things such as flanking. And while attacks from surprise (sniping, jumping the enemy) can be brutally effective, there's no way to re-establish surprised, and with all the mecha sensors, it can technically be difficult to get the drop on somebody, depending on the interpretation of how things work. It's mostly something of a general complaint than something I'm personally interested in seeing fixed.

    Now, some expansion on the mecha size differences could be really fun. Ability to get to a larger mecha's back and hide in a weapons blind spot while harassing it, or a general ability (for mecha of any size) to target specific weapons, limbs, or subsystems on enemy mecha to do things like cripple them or disable their weapons without destroying them. Even if it's as simple as a small penalty for a called shot and some BS about what damage it takes to harm what sort of weapons based on their systems failure rating.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)21:12 No.2578314

    YES! If I *only* have to worry about the actual sex, that's better than I expected.
    >> The Former CC !KV3AHi5DOQ 09/14/08(Sun)21:24 No.2578359

    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:25 No.2578363
    [ ] :D
    [ ] D;
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:27 No.2578373
         File :1221442053.jpg-(32 KB, 432x450, rtgriffonaqua04.jpg)
    32 KB
    Well here's a tip to make your future smut better, if you plan to write any; when writing a sex scene, describe the objects and interactions as eloquently as possible - change up the writing based around the situation [rape vs. sweet lovin']:

    Bad example: he stuck his penis into her vagina;
    Better: he positioned his erect member and thrust into her eagerly awaiting pussy;
    Good example: dripping with lust, her pussy quivered with anticipation before he gently eased his erect member into her love canal - almost tasting the sweet nectar within.

    Etc, you get the idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:28 No.2578378
         File :1221442099.jpg-(10 KB, 340x288, 1190742957098.jpg)
    10 KB
    Yes, what of it? Charge beams strike me as very wave cannon like, unless they're something like the Karasawa from Armored Core. But the charge delay seems more Wave cannon, and the fact that they fire using complex physics and need no conventional barrel seems like it's winding up for some weird arcanotech equivalent. And since I have some R-Type images, I'll post something relevant.

    Actually, speaking of armored core, I still like the idea of a less than serious approach to a CTech game revolving around an AC-style mercenary organization that hires pilots out to the major powers and allows nonhuman pilots to join. So, one day you help Chrysalis deal with another megacorp, the next the NEG hires you to help repel the Esoteric Order of Dagon, and later you're braving some ruins after an artifact for the Eldritch Society. Also, an arena where you fight colorful opponents for the entertainment of the public. Demonbane is another good option if one wishes to turn up the silliness in the setting.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:32 No.2578396
    The R-100 is always VERY YES to have
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:34 No.2578408
         File :1221442476.jpg-(18 KB, 320x240, genocyber01070345011344ho9.jpg)
    18 KB
    This is like fucking Genocyber. It looks Loli until the shit turns into flames and organs flying through the air...
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)21:36 No.2578418

    Okay, lurid language, got it. And you're sure everything else is okay?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:36 No.2578422

    [x] get ye fl;ask
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)21:38 No.2578438
    Alright, right now I'm trying to firmly grasp in my mind what each mech is actually supposed to do since they are all so samey and cement that role. For example the broadsword went from doing anthing and everything to all terrain assault troop with no wide sweeping sensor capability but amphibious attack ability and great deployment ability with grapplers jump pods and air drops. Also the charge beam is changed for the autocannon and given a higher movement speed so that it can open up with laser cannnon fire to soften the enemy up, charge in formation, then get to middle range and open up with fully automatic fire and jump into the ensuing chaos with both blades.

    Now it's a wide deployment, sturdy and tough unit with versatile capabilities and weapons. Tada. Something that has a realistic niche.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)22:04 No.2578554
    This. Honestly, I found the whole Engel sentience thing to be more interesting.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)22:35 No.2578704
    I added a turning code for how many degrees they can turn in one action ( a really fast pilot in a broadsword may be able to

    catch the wing of a tornado with a lucky blind shot after whipping around but a claymore can't even keep up with it's

    movement), the ability to counterattack where you expend the last action on your que to make an attack test against

    missiles, melee and ranged. In order the results are a) the missile/2 rockets are shot down, the oppoenent loses next 2

    actions, you get to make a free attack and still dodge, but with a -2 test penalty. You can make an attack that does no

    damage to distract an enemy so that a flanking partner gains +4 test (target can save with perception though) and all mechs

    within weapon range that have attacked you count for flanking and for each one of them you can't keep in an ideal 180* field

    you take -1 to dodge. Lastly you can make a called shot on a system like a character, it has no armor and inflicting

    integirty damage reduces it's system failure code by one. It takes one point for small systems/weapons, 2 for medium and 3

    for large.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)22:46 No.2578732
    Can you write all this up and post it when you get a chance? I would love to read the complete thing.
    >> Techpriest Gary 09/14/08(Sun)22:50 No.2578748
    What happens if the Mecha thingie's lover/pilot gets killed an a new one gets assigned? What if they have the same gender, or the new pilot lost his or her Engel and has been re assigned to the now pilotless one?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:07 No.2578829
    I don't think I'm going to be finished it tonight. It's late already. If you give me your e-mail I can send you the typed up notepad document when it's finished. It's a little bit point form right now but I'm done all the human mechs. I just have the nazzadi, migou and the 2 engles I want to add.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:08 No.2578838
    So now that this thread and the two from last night got me looking over the CthulhuTech rules, where can I get in a game online? Is there an IRC channel (1d4chan's looks dead) or a messageboard where people get together for games?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:09 No.2578840
    Actually scratch that. THat would involve putting you e-mail on 4cha. Instead, I'll post it in the chaos wastes section of 40kforums. It will be by KillitwithFire, probably tomorrow. Go look at it. K?
    >> Very Serious 09/14/08(Sun)23:13 No.2578856

    Oh FAP YES! Thank you!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:21 No.2578895
    Who here desperately wishes they had an enormous battle machine that had a cockpit in which you could fuck basically anything you want any way you want whenever you want and a good excuse to be inside it?

    I do so much I'd give up a freaking leg right now.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:33 No.2578967
    look here http://tinyurl.com/5jz3c8
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:35 No.2578989
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:35 No.2578991
    Hey look, a no-click zone.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:43 No.2579058
    Works for me. Thanks.

    I actually found a game on here - still playing.
    >> No Man 09/14/08(Sun)23:47 No.2579087
    Before I turn in, two questions:

    Now that I know to turn the lurid imagery up to 8 or even 9, should I try my hand at Male Engel X Female Pilot?

    Should I come back and try to improve this story? Not the story itself, mind, but the smutty parts?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:51 No.2579127

    Any room in it? Where do you play?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/08(Sun)23:56 No.2579164
    Start a new one. The one you have in mind sounds good. Rapidshit it. I want to read it and save it.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:12 No.2579269
    Do not attempt female pilot until you have a thorough understanding of tentacle smut.
    >> No Man 09/15/08(Mon)00:13 No.2579276

    I was going to; I was going to come back afterward and see if I couldn't improve the first one.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)00:23 No.2579368
    IRC, Rizon #Cthulhuchat every Friday night.
    I should also mention that we are pretty full with players at the moment (one is taking a 3 week break though). You're welcome to watch, if you like.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)01:13 No.2579745
         File :1221455632.jpg-(163 KB, 604x729, 1206757176072.jpg)
    163 KB
    You better quit that or the shoggoth is going to eat you mid coitus.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 09/15/08(Mon)01:47 No.2579958
         File :1221457678.jpg-(20 KB, 187x139, You lost me COLOURED.jpg)
    20 KB
    I'm not seeing a downside.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)07:32 No.2581551
    Wait what?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)07:36 No.2581566
    Best thread ever.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/08(Mon)07:37 No.2581568
    Hey. Did that visual novel ever get translated?

    I was sorta interested in the whole concept.
    >> sage 09/15/08(Mon)07:49 No.2581604

    Do you not understand the words?

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