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  • File :1214195599.jpg-(14 KB, 450x298, briarpipe.jpg)
    14 KB Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:33 No.2061989  
    In my upcoming game of DnD 3.5 my DM I'm playing a wizard who wasn't content with just blowing colored smoke rings like Gandalf. He will be taking Craft (Pipes) or Profession: (Tobacconist), and possibly Craft(Alchemy) skills, and the Craft Wonderous Item feats.

    My plans are to eventually use these skills to create such wonderful items as the Everburn Pipe and blends of tobacco that give the smoker enhanced abilities/healing/prowess. I thought I'd throw this idea out to the smar/tg/guys on the board and see what they can come up with.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:35 No.2062008
    Use the pipe as material components for your spells, so your fireball shoots out of your pipe etc.

    Take smoke-related spells, maybe? Summon Monster with smoke elementals or something, I don't know.

    Also, cigars as wands.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:36 No.2062015
    Ceci n'est pas une pipe
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:37 No.2062030
    >>Summon Monster with smoke elementals

    I like this a lot.

    Smoke related spells is the way to go, too. Just slight quirks on old favorites to make them smoke-themed.

    Also, offensive tobacco types would be cool, too. Certain poison weeds that you either A. are immune to or, for the sake of your party, B. have an item that counteracts the poisons. It'd be a good way to get out of a bad jam.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:39 No.2062039
    don't forget the chewing tobacco of cure light wounds
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:42 No.2062060
    Super pipes, eh? That sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could warp it with spells to be used with "shilelagh" and the like. Hmm... that's more Druid, though.
    >> Radiant Servant of Dagda !PkDo3c3GM2 06/23/08(Mon)00:47 No.2062096
    What you're smoking, the smoke continually rising is your familiar, a smoke elemental. It can awaken and come serve you, or stay disguised as simple pipe smoke.
    But I like the idea of maybe using some pipe smokes to replace some kind of material component, enhance the casting by a caster level or DC, or something like that. The tobacco for that would have to be expensive, or have some rarer materials needed to blend it magically.
    Or enchant it with Fireball(3/day)
    Hell, I know there's a stat block of Elminster's pipe around somewhere...
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:49 No.2062122
    This thread interests me greatly. Mind you, I'd have to write up rules for weed, but that shouldn't be too hard. Penalties to Initiative and Concentration, perhaps some sort of bonus to any Craft(artfaggotry) checks. Also, I once had a Halfling Fighter who had a Warbong(counted as a scaled-down Greatclub).
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:51 No.2062152
    ITT Stoner fa/tg/uys.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:52 No.2062154
    this is not a pipe.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)00:52 No.2062157
         File :1214196769.jpg-(26 KB, 400x335, Golconde.jpg)
    26 KB

    oh hoh hoh, see? this is just a -picture- of a pipe! aren't I clever?

    I have turned the art world on it's head!

    fuck rené magritte.
    >> OP 06/23/08(Mon)00:55 No.2062176
    There's actually a lot of spells that are smoke-related already. Cloudkill, Stinking Cloud, etc. A pipe of Summon Smoke Elemental would be awesome. The required cursed version (Pipe of Summon Irate Smoke Elemental) would be just as awesome and make a hilarious gift.

    >offensive tobacco types would be cool
    Off the top of my head, I can't remember if there are any spells that protect from gases, but having a Pipe of Immunity that allows you to smoke tobacco that produces a Cloud of (Effect) would be pretty nifty. Or tobacco smoke that provides Mass Bull Strength to anyone standing next to me would allow for a quick whole-party buff.

    Incidentally, I can't decide if I'm going to play this character while speaking in a wheezy voice, or just do my Hippie Stoner impersonation.
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)00:57 No.2062187
    I hate you so much. I love to smoke me some marijuana, don't get me wrong, but I fucking rage when people try to come up with rules for it in D&D, just like when people use rules for alcohol.

    The one time drug use ever tastefully came up in games I've run was in a couple of Evil campaigns (smuggling demonic enslavement drugs, etc). And this one time where we were fooled into drinking Myconid tea. The whole party had a battle with a cleric of Cyric and his Minotaur pals. Everyone included tripped balls. No mechanical effects--everyone involved was equally impaired, after all. Combat description just got hilarious, is all. If I can find the log, I'll post some tidbits should people be interested. Funniest combat I've ever been involved in.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)01:05 No.2062245

    Like, chill out, bro.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)01:06 No.2062254

    Screw the weed conversion and shit. Just make fillers that work like any given potion depending on the blend, from healing to infravision to elemental resistance to flight to delusion to invulnerability, and so on and so forth...
    >> Father Mushroom-man 06/23/08(Mon)01:06 No.2062255
    Drugs can be an interesting part of a campaign, especially if you go into depth with them and use them as tools, rather than just something to getcha inebriated.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)01:11 No.2062285
         File :1214197869.jpg-(3 KB, 102x116, CoX.jpg)
    3 KB
    This man has a point.
    >> Father Mushroom-man 06/23/08(Mon)01:13 No.2062306
    well, thank you for that.
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)01:48 No.2062546
    Well, hell. I just found the log, so I'm gonna post shit anyways. Names changed lazily with Find & Replace, of course.

    Pyro: Me. Wilder, about to go into Pyrokineticist. Escaped Red Wizard experiment, guilty of a whole hell of a lot of anti-Red Wizard arson.
    Gnome: A comedy bard. The player was used to playing the same Lawful Good honor and dignity swordsman in every game ever. The DM made him play a gnome bard for a change of pace.
    Elf: Wizard. Kind of annoying player sometimes, but most of the time just fine.
    Drunk: Monk/Drunken Master. Lawful Good, but not Lawful Nice.

    Pyro: Danny frowns at his tea. "Wemid, what kind of tea is this?"
    Elf: Miraizi looks down at his still untouched tea.
    DM: Wemid: "It's made from mushrooms and win!"
    DM: (and no, you can't declare you didn't drink the coolaid after it's clear it's poisonous >_>)
    Pyro: Danny drinks his cup down. "That's what I thought. My favorite kind."
    Pyro: (when does he start hallucinating?)
    DM: Wemid: "Ever heard of Myconids? Now they're a strange lot. You know they could take over the world."
    DM: (what, he has two minotaur sons and you don't think you're hallucinating? >_>)
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)01:54 No.2062589
    Gnome: (bardic knowledg!)
    OnlineHost: Gnome rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
    Pyro: "Never heard of 'em. What are they?"
    DM: Wemid: "Apathetic Mushroom People."
    Gnome: (11 BK on myconids!)
    DM: (Apathetic Mushroom People!)
    Pyro: "How could they take over the world if they're apathetic?"
    DM: Wemid: "I said they could. But they're apathetic. So they don't. Anyway, Myconid tea is delicious." he smiles, his eyes now wavering independantly of each other in his skull.
    Gnome: "...I don't think I'm thirsty anymore, thanks."
    Gnome: "I've had either way too much of this myconid tea, or not nearly enough...."
    Pyro: "Oh. That's not my favorite kind. I... I think I regret drinking that." Danny blinks a little at how bright the colors are.
    Drunk: "You made me ruin perfectly good whiskey."
    DM: Pretty soon, the colours do start to run. Your hands feel tingly, and your skin is rubbery and fun!
    Elf: (I noted that I hadn't touched it, earlier, but, okay, I'll go with this. >__>)
    Gnome: (no Fort save?)
    DM: The ceiling crawls across itself, trying to devour the walls.
    DM: (it's beneficial!)
    Elf: Oh, god, he thinks. Hazily. It's like tapping for the first time, for the second time, for the third time. Fuck. Was the world always this... Bright?
    DM: The minotaurs horns start to twist in a knot like shoelaces. And Wemid's voice grows distant. "Once I knew a Myconid whore. But she was too expensive."
    Drunk: Lash has had drinks like this before. He vowed to avoid drinking with druids ever again.
    Elf: (Sense Motive check, right before falling over!)
    OnlineHost: Elf rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
    Pyro: Danny blinks, watching the minotaur's horns. He says, quietly, "Why would you bone a mushroom?"
    Elf: (15.)
    Elf: Miraizi blinks. "Oh!"
    Elf: And promptly falls over.
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)01:57 No.2062613
    DM: Wemid: "She was expensive! She must have been good. Good. Good. Good."
    Gnome: "Gods man, are you trying to make my brain explode? Ooooh, dizzy..." *collapse*
    DM: Wemid: "Hey, there's a cage in the back room. Can you lot get in it?" he smiles and his teeth start crawling up his face
    Pyro: "How long does this stuff last? It will make it hard to burn down buildings if they're jumping."
    Elf: Miraizi, on the ground, sticks up a lanky arm. "No."
    DM: (there's no mechanical effect, btw. Just flavour stuff out as appropriate)
    DM: Wemid: "What stuff? What did you put in my tea?! Tea?! Tea?! Tea?!"
    Drunk: "I don't think the whiskey went bad yet..."
    Elf: Miraizi continues to hold up an arm. "Valishnu?"
    Gnome: "Frafumburble?"
    Pyro: "Miraizi's making up words again," Danny chuckles. "I can see them."
    DM: "It's pronounced Farfumburble. But close."
    Elf: "...And so I says, Dimensional Anchor? He damn near killed me!"
    Drunk: "You aren't funny. Neither is your second head."
    DM: Wemid: "But seriously. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously. Could you guys get in the cage? It's lots of fun."

    Skipping some stuff because reformatting this all to match post length is a pain.

    DM: "Waaaait. Waaaait. Because... my other son... Phillip. He's gonna come round the back. Did you know he's a scientician? He invented gravity. Gravity. THE BASTARD!"
    DM: Soon enough, a low roar sounds from out in the garden.
    DM: Wemid: "THERE'S my little scientician!"
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)02:01 No.2062640
    Skipping more.

    DM: In the back room, you find them. Three men locked in a small cage; one a kind-faced man of around sixty with a ratty grey beard, and two near identical younger men both sporting long black hair.
    DM: "Thank Ilmater you've arrived!" the old man says. You can see that he has been lashed, and the skin on his back is nearly raw.
    Pyro: Danny freezes. "Wait... I know what's funny about this!"
    Gnome: "Yeah! That's the real priest of Ilmater, and the other guy's a Cyric! And the minotaurs aren't really his sons! Thank the gods!"
    DM: Wemid: "I know! The music is bugs and someone GET THEM OUT!"
    Gnome: "Wait.... that's not really funny...."
    Pyro: He points an accusatory finger at "Wemid." "Priests don't have sex, do they?"
    DM: Wemid: "NOOOOO! The gig is up! Quick boys, kill them before it gets out that I'm a virgin!"
    Pyro: (init?)
    DM: (sure)

    And now I'll just skip to posting highlight descriptions from the fight. I'm lazy.

    DM: The minotaur, rolling his eyes at the Cyricist, merely rushes towards Danny with his horns lowered. It seems he has every intention of baking you a cake.
    DM: The minotaur's horns slam into you and purple jam starts spilling out of the wounds. (7 dmg)
    DM: You're pretty sure the minotaur's only trying to help get all that icky jam out of you.
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)02:11 No.2062699
    Drunk: Lash forcefully feeds the gorilla what he believes to be baked goods. Leaky, wet, baked goods. That smells like Teaskey.
    DM: The minotaur roars as you hammer it left and right. You think it's saying something about the inherent injustice behind the adversarial system and how a lot more can be done under the inquisitorial model.

    Elf: (Vertigo Field. Party members excluded; everyone else makes a DC 19 fortitude save or becomes nausiated.)
    DM: Oh god, now you broke everyone's brains. The floor quickly turns to jelly, and the air becomes thick with friendly bees trying to convince you to purchase newfandangled devices like a bread slicer or a bread repair kit.

    DM: The minotaur drops to the deck like a sack of birds. The birds then turn into an unconscious minotaur.

    DM: Turning its attention from Lash, it takes off its top hat and dips its head to give a bow. Headbutting you in the process.
    >> OP 06/23/08(Mon)02:14 No.2062724
    Pipes were all over Tolkien, an accomplished piper himself. Wizards smoke pipes, dwarves smoke pipes, hobbits and rangers smoke pipes. Elves smoked long pipes, but would probably prefer cigarettes.

    Orcs'd go for cigars, I'd think. I used to use a cigar-chomping orc chieftan (10th level barbarian) NPC for an evil campaign I ran, who was constantly putting it out on flunkies, slaves, prisoners. Granted, I didn't call it a cigar, but 'rolled pipeweed'.

    My DM allows free spell thematics, so I'm going to try to use it as much as possible. He could use ash to make magic circles, summon monsters could jump out of a cloud of smoke that he exhales. I'm gonna see if I can get my GM to let me light my pipe with a successful Spellcraft check.

    Anyways, further ideas: chewing tobacco that allows the chewer to 'spit' with the effect of acid-type spells or with blinding effects. Wand-cigars are something I've had on my mind ever since character creation, when I saw that pic in the players handbook where Lidda has just scorched her face with what appears to be a wand of some type but could also be some kind of cigar, which sort of inspired this character.

    However, rather than a 'wand', the cigars' 'charges' could be spent by lighting the end and taking a drag, which then empowers the smoker to unleash some magical effect upon exhalation. Cloudkill anyone?

    It also occurs to me that this character would be horribly easy to track. If the smell doesn't give him away, the constant trail of tobacco pouches, dogends, stained walls, burnt carpets, and so forth would. Not to mention you'd only have to stop by the local apothecary and ask about 'A tall man with ashes in his beard, probably purchased tindertwigs and some chew?'
    >> Boston Tentacle Party !!sS2TVHm9A4b 06/23/08(Mon)02:36 No.2062876
    Sometimes flavorful and creative description is all it takes to make a unique, memorable and enjoyable character. Often this comes out to be a bit gimmicky, but that's hardly a bad thing so long as you can vary the tricks.

    I still want to play a Wilder or Psion (maybe /Bard, though not if that would make me deadweight for the party) of sorts with a magical voice. Lots of Sonic energy powers from high-pitched shrieks to almost sub-sonic chants. Energy Push, Energy Stun, Energy Cone, Energy Bolt, Energy Burst. Things like that. And then non-energy powers reflavored to fit the magical voice thing. Psionic Disintegrate, Demoralize (Big Scary Voice!), Id Insinuation (think Gibbering), Inflict Pain (Oh god, my ears are bleeding!), Touchsight (Maybe. Echolocation? Would require superhuman hearing, though). Probably all sorts of other things if I bothered to dig through Complete Psionic.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)02:39 No.2062899
         File :1214203162.jpg-(26 KB, 264x320, Son-of-Big-Dog.jpg)
    26 KB
    butthurt late to the party artfag detected

    Whats wrong? Too Son of Man for you?
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)02:47 No.2062950
    Elminster’s Eversmoking Pipe: This powerful
    magic item appears as nothing more than an ordinary
    tool for smoking pipeweed. It carries a number of
    powerful magics, however, placed there by an archmage
    who enjoys adopting an innocuous guise despite
    his great power. The pipe can be lit or extinguished by
    the use of a command word. Its smoke keeps all Tiny
    or smaller vermin at least 10 feet from the smoker and
    automatically turns all magic missile attacks against the
    smoker back upon their caster. The smoker can exhale
    forcefully from the pipe to extinguish it and fire a
    single flame as if from a produce flame spell. The pipe
    can create pyrotechnics once every 3 rounds, without
    extinguishing the pipeweed within. Elminster can
    summon the pipe as if with Drawmij’s instant summons
    without needing components, form the smoke into
    simple nonmagical symbols that last up to 5 rounds,
    and dimension door nine times per day with the pipe.
    Finally, the pipe gives water breathing to its bearer for 2
    hours per day.
    Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
    Craft Epic Wondrous Item, repel vermin, produce flame,
    pyrotechnics, Drawmij’s instant summons, silent image, protection
    from arrows, shield, water breathing, dimension door;
    Market Price: 421,200 gp; Weight: 1 lb.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)02:50 No.2062967
    the dmg has some rules for tapers of something or other. you could adapt that to tobacco.
    >> Anonymous 06/23/08(Mon)02:53 No.2062989
    you could inhale the smoke elemental and hold him for something having to do with constitution score rounds in order to conceal it if your pipe gets taken.
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 06/23/08(Mon)02:57 No.2063010
    This is one of the greatest transcripts I have ever read.

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