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  • File :1212836976.jpg-(10 KB, 200x276, rapeguard.jpg)
    10 KB Rapeguard 06/07/08(Sat)07:09 No.1927081  
    So now that the shitstorms have pretty much died down, I thought you deserved to hear the conclusion of my adventure, /tg/.

    The DM told us that the session we had planned for the next week was called off at the last minute because of “family matters” (Bullshit, I know from one of her friends that she was too damn lazy to plan it.) The other players were pissed about it, so I told them about what I was planning and got them to go along with it. Turns out they were tired with her bullshit too.

    So we show up to the next session, me with a new character, a Monk/Blackguard. (I don’t have the stats with me anymore, as you’ll see.) We started off after a month had passed in game, in the middle of some big royal parade in the capital. The BBEG had plans to dominate the king, and we were supposed to stop it. I told the DM that my character was wandering the crowds looking for pretty women, saying “The sorceress might have spies hidden in the crowd.” After a few spot checks, she says I find one. This is where the fun begins.

    >> Rapeguard 06/07/08(Sat)07:10 No.1927082
    The Dwarven cleric in the party casts silence, and I say I’m initiating a grapple. We make opposed rolls, I succeed, and describe how I’m dragging her into the alley. The rest of the party stands guard at each end of the alley while I pin her, and start to describe what I’m doing in excruciating detail. The DM starts to look nervous, looking at the other players in the hopes that someone will intervene. Everyone else is just sitting there, watching.

    As I start to describe how I hike her skirts up over her knees and get ready to JAM IT IN, the DM rolls, snatches up her D20, and says “She escapes”. Just one roll. The girl runs out of the alley, somehow vaulting over the Cleric and the Warblade, and runs into the crowd. Immediately, the royal guards show up to arrest me, and the DM starts to look smug, thinking that she is about to get her campaign back on the rails. Until. .
    >> Rapeguard 06/07/08(Sat)07:10 No.1927083
    In quick succession, the other players act. The TWF Rogue sneak attacks one guard, the Cleric hits as many as he can with Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds, the Sorcerer drops an Empowered Fireball on some more, I jump into combat with a flying kick, and the Warblade downs one of the guards in one shot with one of his maneuvers. The DM is looking panicked again. As combat goes on and we don’t die, more and more guards show up. I wasn’t keeping an exact tally, but we must have gone through 20 each. The DM starts to tear up, shouts “YOU ALL DIE”, grabs my character sheet and tears it into little pieces, then runs from the room yelling about how we “DON’T UNDERSTAND HER STORY!”

    So now I’m running Dark Heresy. Good end?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:12 No.1927088
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:12 No.1927089
    Maybe it's because I just started reading this tale with no prior context but you actually sound like a bit of a dick.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:14 No.1927093
    Not a good end, just a bad DM.
    If you can't understand a DM's story or if you don't want to go along with a DM's story, that DM is a bad DM.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:14 No.1927095
    I hope she ran into the kitchen
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:15 No.1927096


    This was the original thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:17 No.1927104
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:18 No.1927108
         File :1212837489.jpg-(152 KB, 454x600, 1211952565483.jpg)
    152 KB
    Oh shit i remember that thread. You rock
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:20 No.1927116

    Christ that alternates between creepy and dickish. Way to play out your rape fantasy with a room full of neckbeards.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:23 No.1927119

    Way to be an ignorant fuck.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:26 No.1927128
    I wouldn't call this a good end. If you don't like a campaign or you find someone hard to deal with, the mature and reasonable thing to do is to just stop playing with them. Trying to get one last jab in, or making them feel bad and destroying their campaign - no matter how miserable it was - from the inside out strikes me as meaninglessly petty.

    If you were really, really good friends with this DM and the next session everyone got over it and the DM took this as a sign that things simply hadn't been working out, this could be just fine. More than likely though, you've just destroyed someone's chance of ever improving their game and enjoying roleplaying, and made yourself look like the utter height of a dickish, socially regressive jerk.

    So no, not a good end, you stupid fuck. Shit game? Disucss it or leave. Good job reducing a girl to tears with your rape description though, big man.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:27 No.1927131
    1/10 for the effort.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:27 No.1927132

    Oh, and yes I did read what she did to your Paladin. Yes it was stupid, but this was still incredibly petty.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:27 No.1927133
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:28 No.1927137
    ITT: The Example of Maturity

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:29 No.1927140
    Far too early in the morning for me to read all of that but thanks for the context. OP is now awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:29 No.1927142
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:30 No.1927147
         File :1212838238.jpg-(30 KB, 343x319, boo-awesome.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:31 No.1927154
    Petty malices are all we live for.

    We all want to be the little Lawful Evil.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:32 No.1927156
    Meh, it's an alright end. I honestly would have waited until you encountered a Female DMPC, and then got her alone and gang banged the fuck out of her.

    After disabling her so she couldn't run, of course.

    Still, it was rather amusing.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:32 No.1927157

    Yeah, OP is a badass for actually going through with it and building the /tg/ Rapeguard. That the other players went along with you shows that the DM had it coming.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:32 No.1927158

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:32 No.1927160
    Its not his fault, like the DM said, "Deep down, all men just want to have sex with women, no matter what they say."
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:34 No.1927170
         File :1212838472.jpg-(127 KB, 936x470, 1208860265872.jpg)
    127 KB
    >Deep down, all women just want to have sex with women, no matter what they say."

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:36 No.1927180
    Read the fucking original thread before you get all BAAWWWWWWW

    This was good end for exposing hypocrisy.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:36 No.1927182
    Hnh. Kind of sexy that Catwoman is the only one wearing black.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:37 No.1927187
    yeah you should have waited for her dmpc or atleast an important npc...would have been more satisfying...
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:38 No.1927192
    I could say something about the subtextual corruption of traditional Christian conventions regarding marriage, white representing purity, and the sexual activity of all those depicted...but really, isn't it obvious?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:38 No.1927193

    I read the first thread. It was retarded that she did that to the Paladin, but what is to be gained by getting everyone together to make her feel so uncomfortable that she cries? The correct response to such a situation is to just quit the game or try and reason with your DM, not to get "revenge". Getting revenge on someone because of something that happened in a roleplaying game strikes me as cruel.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:39 No.1927201
    She was just a shit DM.
    No need to rub it in her face with a jagged brick.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:40 No.1927202
    I don't think you really belong here on /tg/...
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:41 No.1927205
    >No need to rub it in her face with a jagged dick.

    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)07:42 No.1927207
    Well, she did say that 'All men have raep in their minds."

    OP just delivered unto her what she presumptuously assumed was 'natural' among men.

    ITT: DM gets foot-in-mouth disease.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:43 No.1927214

    Quitting the game doesn't really send the appropriate message to the DM that she fucked up, Bad. It's not enough that someone just quits. She'll never fully realize that what she did was stupid.

    In this way, the player simply acted how the DM believe that males act, and she was suddenly forced to watch her own bullshit unfold. It's like if someone says "You're a moron" all the time, then you start really acting like a moron, and then suddenly, they see "Well, shit, I guess I was wrong. And I don't want a moron hanging around me."

    So shut the fuck up, moral fag.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:44 No.1927219

    4chan though this may be, this is a board for the discussion of traditional games. I like a place where I can argue as heatedly as I want about tiny differences in game lore or minor errata in rules systems, or see truly impressive and game-breaking builds meant specifically to abuse a rules system. The stories are good and there's a love of 40k.

    I don't mind a little "hurr durr -4 str", but I'm not about to cheer on an obvious dick for his obviously dickish behaviour. Don't mix /b/ with /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:44 No.1927220

    I'd like you to point out where, exactly, in the story it says she cries.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:46 No.1927231
    Tearing up tends to precede crying.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:46 No.1927232
    >the DM starts to tear up
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:47 No.1927237
    >The DM starts to tear up
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)07:47 No.1927238
    >The DM starts to tear up, shouts “YOU ALL DIE”...
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:48 No.1927242

    That's not exactly crying, and also precedes extreme frustration. However, since the whole of this thread seems to agree with you, I concede the point.
    >> Rapeguard 06/07/08(Sat)07:49 No.1927244
    Just to clarify, she didn't actually cry, she was raging when she left, not sobbing.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:52 No.1927253
    Thank you OP, every time I imagine this scenario I can't help but smirk at the discomfort of the DM.

    It's good to be a little evil sometimes, and for all the moralfags out there, do be quiet. This is 4chan, not the quakers.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:53 No.1927257

    "Teaching her a lesson" with hamfisted rape roleplaying? Theoretically possible, if the ones involved were cunning and clever and had a real will and desire to show her the mistakes she'd made, but let's be honest, this player did it to get back at the DM and I seriously doubt they had a heartfelt discussion afterwards about how the last few sessions have opened their eyes as to conflict they've had in a roleplaying environment.

    This is the equivalent of giving someone the finger before stepping out the door. She doesn't learn anything, you just feel like you've had the last word (likely an expletive).
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:54 No.1927260
    There are far, far too many people in this thread being reasonable, understanding people. The DM was a fucktard. The OP wasn't the only one fed up with her shit. The entire group went along with this plan, which is a pretty clear indicator that they thought she was full of shit as well.

    >"Deep down, all men just want to have sex with women, no matter what they say."

    She got that flipped around on her, and it was horrific, as intended. Hopefully after she wipes the moisture from her eyes she'll reevaluate that statement.

    And, most importantly of all, it makes for an entertaining story.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:56 No.1927265

    Thank you for clearly and openly countering any argument of justification anyone has tried to make in this thread. It was about making someone uncomfortable for personal satisfaction, and requires no justification because those are for 'moralfags'.

    In this way we are both right - I'm right that it's dickish and immature, and you're right that this is exactly the sort of thing you love.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)07:59 No.1927274

    I don't think she's likely to make some grand connection between what she said and this guy's revenge-rape character. Nor do I think the players involved care to try and enlighten her or use this as an example when they bring up her point about men again. If this action had been followed up by some attempt to reason with the DM and show her the error of her ways rather than high-fiving and mocking laughter, I might treat your point with consideration.

    As it stands, you're just repeating "she was asking for it".
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:03 No.1927296
    Well then, in that case she's a moron. If she ever comes back the OP or his party can throw out the "deep down" line to ram the point home.

    And I bet you wouldn't be acting like such a bleeding heart if the DM was a dude.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:06 No.1927299

    Yeah, this anon is right. I'm getting a lot of "internet white knight"/"feminazi" vibes from this moral fag.

    She asked for it, she deserves it. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean that she should be treated special.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:07 No.1927302

    exactly, if this was a dude more people would be thinking... well what the fuck did he roll?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:07 No.1927303
    ITT: People who didn't read the other thread and feel the need to be a morafalg anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:09 No.1927309
    If it was a guy, it probobly would have ended with a punch in the teeth on the first session.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)08:11 No.1927319
    I keep imagining what would have happened had the DM been a guy, going "Women are there to be sexed up" and some such bullcrap.

    And ironically, his DMPC is a male character, with Vow of Chastity.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:11 No.1927321
    >then runs from the room yelling about how we “DON’T UNDERSTAND HER STORY!”

    Amazing End.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:12 No.1927323

    The classic "A female was involved, I can defeat my opponant by claiming internet white knight / feminazi status!" argument. Thank you for your reasoned and logical debate skills. Oh no, you have found me out, this whole time I was secretly trying to get into her internet-pants by arguing with you guys about why you shouldn't be an asshole to people and pretend you're setting things right.

    Regardless of who the DM was, I hate the sense in this thread that what this guy did was commendable and fair, as though this were the best way to deal with the situation. It wasn't. He's an asshole. Which is fine, if you like assholes, I suppose. Cheer on his asshole behaviour, by all means! Just don't try to justify it with some floppy moral defense when all the reason you really need is "I like it when people who annoy me are emotionally crushed."
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:13 No.1927327
    With my group? It would have ended in him getting a good smack across the face. Unfortunately, society says we're not allowed to give women a good smack in the mouth.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:16 No.1927344

    Internet Tuff Guy.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:18 No.1927351
    Different anon, but come on, of course he was an asshole. This doesn't change that she had it coming. And because of this, she might actually realize that being a misandrist cunt will have repercussions. And on the matter of being fair: Turn about IS fair play, isn't it? She effectively raped his last character, he and the party does so in turn.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:19 No.1927356
    Did I say I'd smack him? I'm just saying that it would have ended poorly for him.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:19 No.1927359
    The point wasn't to reform a bad DM, it was to ensure that the most people had fun. From what the OP has said, before this session the DM was having fun. During and after it, the 5 people in the party were having fun.

    I say mission accomplished.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:20 No.1927360
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:21 No.1927363
    You got it. They didn't do something reasonable at all. That would have been boring. This way we all get a laugh and you get to feel all ruffled because people are sometimes bastards.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:21 No.1927364

    Epic end, OP.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:21 No.1927365

    If we can agree that the player was being an asshole, then this becomes the squabbling of two unpleasant people (the DM and the player) which can be taken as entertaining in and of itself.

    I suppose I can agree with you there, then. They're both assholes screwing with each other, so what are we to expect from them? A bit of entertainment at most.

    This is strangely agreeable. Truce reached.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:24 No.1927373
    To all the cockbiters in this thread siding on "maturity", that's not was this was about. This was about a feminist woman who took an incredibly smug and jaded opinion of men out of a game getting her comeuppance. It wasn't even about the rape, it was about paying someone back when it was due, with lulz as a bonus.

    Since when did 4chan not approve of pissing people off for lulz and as revenge? Rapeguard, your a hero in my eyes.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)08:24 No.1927376
    Let's see, DM attempts to break a Paladin's Vow of Chastity by using a will-altering spell(Dominate Person) and seducing said Paladin, IGNORING his +2 save bonus due to Paladin 'attempting to do things against his nature', and giving an incredibly weak reason for this.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong, but doing things AGAINST YOUR WILL would not constitute a breaking of a vow since breaking a vow entails "conscious willingness to break the vow".

    I don't know, I'm a bit of a moralfag myself, but wouldn't this be...I don't know...asshole-ish behavior on the part of the DM?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:28 No.1927388

    They're both assholes. It's asshole-on-asshole crime, which I'm pretty sure is okay.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:29 No.1927394
    Congratulations on your successful thought process.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)08:30 No.1927397
    Since I just posted what I said when the rest of the thread agrees on asshole-on-asshole combat, correctamundo.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:33 No.1927411

    Her reason was: Deep down ALL MEN are pig disgusting. Heh, like women have no sexual pulse at all, no sir, they are all pious virgins with pure and crystalline thoughts.

    She got was she deserved.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:33 No.1927414
    When she's being a misandrist, I should be allowed to throw being a gentleman out the window and smack her.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:34 No.1927418

    Because that would certainly solve the problem. Yes, lots of people have been persuaded by aggressive force that your point is more valid, it's not at all about personal satisfaction, nope.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)08:35 No.1927420
    I know, I bore witness to that thread when it was started. Shitsux DM.
    >> sage sage 06/07/08(Sat)08:35 No.1927421
    sage for evilfag
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:36 No.1927425
    You'd be surprised.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:37 No.1927434
    An Eye for an Eye always makes me smile, especially when it's full of irony and magificent bastardry.

    As for the moralfags, I'm sure you won't stand as HIGH AND MIGHTY when it's happening to you.

    You might sit around uncomfortably for a while, the urge to one-up her bubbling in your chest, and yet do nothing, burying this incident into the back of your mind for a long time. What did you gain? Nothing, except making yourself suffer in silence. What the DM learn? Nothing, except that you'll take her words in the ass and simmer like a little bitch. And she will do it again.

    This might hurt people, boo-hoo, but it's interesting and funny, and in my opinion she deserves it. Take that moral faggotry and shove it where you kept the stick.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:38 No.1927438
    It serves it's purpose: Don't pull that shit again.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:39 No.1927441
    I wouldn't have been playing a paladin in the first place; that's like dressing like a whore and then complaining when you get beaten and raped in a dark alleyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:39 No.1927445

    "Deep down, men just want to be assholes and are unable to use the reason and self-control they profess to believe in."

    Am I now justified in finding some convoluted way to drive you to tears?
    >> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 06/07/08(Sat)08:40 No.1927446
    As an equalitist I believe that it should be perfectly fine to smack a woman if shes willing to hit you.

    However for the context of the game the player and the DM thankfully shared no physical contact, instead what we have here is the destruction of intellectual property. OP's Paladin was defiled and fallen because of the DMs skewed view on masculinity. OP managed to get her back, this is what we call a successful campaign, as the OP was capable of making the DM really feel something for the story instead of the other way around and I'm sure she'll start to think about it especially later on when shes complaining about her players.

    This is a good end my moral faggotry brethren, ignoring the rape this is a tale of a DM who fucked over his character on an out of game basis and then was similarly fucked over by the player in the same way.
    >> GOOD END 06/07/08(Sat)08:49 No.1927488
         File :1212842993.jpg-(350 KB, 727x1169, 1206993515521.jpg)
    350 KB
    Even as a Moralfag, I know the sweet joys of wreaking a terrible vengeance on those who have done me wrong. I can't help but think that this is a well deserved fate and an amusing one at that. As to all the people with White Knight issues, read the other thread, being reasonable was attempted and failed. Everyone else was tired of that DM's shit. It made for an excellent read. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:51 No.1927492
    Deep down, people ARE assholes. That's nothing to be SHOCKED about, nor is it something to devote your life to as you devolve into an emo shitting bats.

    If you want to take it up the ass all the time, well, that's just your opinion man (call it some fancy word such as RESTRAINT or SELF CONTROL if it makes you feel better), but that's not something I believe in, no.

    The fact that you find it an affront to YOUR morals and a personal insult to YOU of this particularly amusing asshole-contest shows how much of a stuck-up you are. There's no violence, there's no destruction of property, and everybody but the DM comes out with a heavy weight lifted from their hearts but for one little sin. And I think it's a job well done to put a preening git into their place once in a while, whether they be a lady or a gentleman.

    tl;dr NO U
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:52 No.1927495
         File :1212843143.jpg-(44 KB, 690x509, edgeworth.jpg)
    44 KB
    >>1927446 Intellectual Property

    OP, by choosing to play in his DM's game, granted implied consent for his Paladin character to rise and fall according to the arbitration of the DM; the DM was not in the wrong by way of the precedent set by Rule Zero. It is his own fault for not resolving any ambiguities in the contracts of his Paladin's code and Vow of Celibacy with the DM before the issue arose.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:54 No.1927502

    That's so true.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:56 No.1927509
    >>1927492 there's no destruction of property
    >>1927083 grabs my character sheet and tears it into little pieces

    Wrong; the DM is guilty.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:59 No.1927513
    SO she DID deserve it.

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)08:59 No.1927515
    I don't have no fancy image macros or book learnin's, but ain't the DM contract-shoe-alley bound to provide the players with a fun experience when they join?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:01 No.1927518
    Seriously, y'know, he didn't even actually get to rape anything. Compared to some of the things that were PLANNED in that thread what they actually managed to pull off was incredibly mild in comparison, and she still went batshit crazy about it.

    The DM uses all "all men want to have sex with women" reasoning to make a celibate paladin fall when he didn't even want to do it, the player responds by making a blackguard that wants to have sex with women whether they want to or not. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:02 No.1927525
    well this makes me no sense , all of you crying and giving no solutions all retarded 12y old , you are just cancer , that must be cut from the root , to avoid growing up you again in our little and loved 4chan , go Google , search popular forums , post your shit there or jsut get a free webcam channel , im sure you will enjoy it fagots , the cancer makes cancer , the cancer acts like cancer , i hope this post will open your mind
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:03 No.1927526
    The DM is allowed to run whatever kind of game the DM wants to run. The players are under no obligation to continue showing up at the sessions; in fact, they may pack up and leave at any time they wish during the game.
    >> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 06/07/08(Sat)09:04 No.1927528
         File :1212843870.gif-(11 KB, 219x189, 1kraken-bw.gif)
    11 KB
    >DM's game
    Implying ownership, the game being intellectual property, the characters being intellectual property. The game itself is the change of the property through events created by the DM and actions taken by the characters.

    One such character was nullified from his position due to the DM's out of game social views, the character still served his sentence as a fallen paladin. Simply the same person created another character and altered her intellectual property in such a way she became uncomfortable and stopped the game right there.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:04 No.1927529
    Why hello thar copy pasta!
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:04 No.1927531
    Bitch got what she deserved. Great thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:08 No.1927540
    Hmm...I was hoping you'd use the Monkadin idea:

    >A monk's Unarmed Attack may be delivered with any part of their body.

    >Surprise Buttsex/Flurry of Blows/Smite Evil. BOW BEFORE THE COCK OF JUSTICE!

    But this is good too. Give us updates if anything else happens, okay?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:08 No.1927541
    >>1927528 One such character was nullified from his position due to the DM's out of game social views, the character still served his sentence as a fallen paladin.
    Inside the game; however, there is nothing to stop OP from taking his character sheet, finding another game with a better DM, and playing his paladin pre-fall. The fact that the character continued on as a fallen paladin, that is to say alleged change in property, is thus NOT a result of the DM's actions, but of OP's consent to this change!
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:11 No.1927555
    In the original thread, it was mentioned the the OP tried to reason with the DM, but that said DM was being unreasonable.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:12 No.1927564
    So you are saying that if a woman stays with a man who is beating her, that she is consenting to it?

    Good to know.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:12 No.1927565
    And it was his decision to continue playing the game, which signaled from a rules-lawyer legalism standpoint that he accepted the ruling.
    >> Rapeguard 06/07/08(Sat)09:13 No.1927569

    Will do. But I'm going to try and keep Mary Sues and catch 22s out of my Dark Heresy game, so the stories might not be as interesting.
    >> Synbios !TUyewbhdRo 06/07/08(Sat)09:14 No.1927570
    But the DM, having adhered to the statement about 'men always wanting to have sex with women', should have been forewarned by the nature of the OP's character class choice.

    Her inaction regarding the possible ramifications of the OP becoming an evil fallen paladin already means that the DM has consented to the inevitable scenario that the OP has created.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:14 No.1927571
    I remember reading that thread a while back. You are a fucking hero man, you've done a great thing and should feel great. Today you've struck a blow against that stupid bitch whale of a DM, today is an epic day for /tg/. Now I'm going to go celebrate with porn, heavy metal, and RPGs.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:16 No.1927577
    >rules-lawyer legalism standpoint


    Well obviously if he went out of his way to plot vengeance, then he didn't really find the outcome acceptable, now did he? And besides, the way in which the DM made his paladin fall was COMPLETELY out of line: Vows are only broken by will of the character, not by the circumstances pushed upon by the DM (which were completely retarded, by the way).
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:16 No.1927579
    I don't get how people's response to this is always along the lines of "find a new DM lol". The first five years I was playing) the group of people I was playing with where the ONLY people I knew in the entire area who were into it, and I was far too shy and generally asocial to try and hang around in a hobby shop and get into games with neckbeards I didn't even know. If one of my gang had been a colossal dick then finding a new DM would have meant "we all stop hanging out of with him and then one of us DMs instead". Which is essentially what has occurred here.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:17 No.1927582
    Yes, and she is fully within her rights to run a doomed campaign.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:18 No.1927584
    >>1927579 Would stick by his abusive spouse.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:19 No.1927587
    This thread is everything that is wrong with /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:22 No.1927599
    >This thread is something that is right with /tg/.

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:23 No.1927600

    Oh, fuck off already.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:24 No.1927607
    >This thread is everything that's right with /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:25 No.1927611
    Your annoyance is delicious. Please, keep seething.
    >> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 06/07/08(Sat)09:27 No.1927620
         File :1212845224.gif-(2 KB, 64x65, 1lich-ow.gif)
    2 KB
    Clearly both sides were within their legal rights.
    I don't believe we have a case.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:28 No.1927625
    good ending or best ending?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:28 No.1927628

    I admire your ability to derive enjoyment from petty dickishness and the subsequent defense of dickishness. If only you could harness your infintessimally narrow mind for useful purposes, the sheer weight of your stubborn devotion to the feeble arguments offered in this thread might crush your foes as readily as it does my ability to continue to discuss this thread.

    Nothing more can be gained from discussion. It's likely nothing could be gained to begin with.
    >> Double_Golbat !pnicnCTgx. 06/07/08(Sat)09:29 No.1927631
    He did good, we're all very proud of /tg/'s infamous rapeguard.

    However if this was the BBEG seductress bitch, and he shoved that bitch on a leash and forced her to be fucked through and through and sold off into slavery, that might of been more interesting. Especially if the DM kept her ending the same and went "FUCK YOU ALL DIE D=<"
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:30 No.1927633

    Hey man, I tried to settle this thing back with >>1927365. If the Rapeguard guys hadn't been so busy dickwaving about how much she "deserved it" and how much the OP was a hero, we might have been able to settle this thing amicably. It's pretty clear at this point they don't actually want to come to an agreement.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:31 No.1927640
    what the fuck are you doing on 4chan dumbass? GTFO
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:32 No.1927645

    You GTFO. I'm content to troll you sons of bitches as long as I want.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:33 No.1927650

    you fail at life. kill yourself
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:34 No.1927653

    NO U
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:34 No.1927655
    I don't think you are trolling. We're all getting epic lulz from you getting pissed off, I believe it is in fact you who are getting trolled.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:35 No.1927659
         File :1212845733.gif-(28 KB, 320x238, deertick.gif)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:35 No.1927660

    You can see me with your magic internet goggles? Oh no! My darkest secrets of getting worked up over an internet argument have been revealed! You have caught me, anon.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:36 No.1927664
         File :1212845775.jpg-(50 KB, 431x300, SHIT.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:36 No.1927667

    >epic lulz

    Fuck the summer.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:37 No.1927672
    all different posters, all trolls
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:37 No.1927673
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:39 No.1927675

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:41 No.1927687
    See what I mean. Even that post sounded like you were angry. Do everyone a favor and just GTFO. Fail troll is fail.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:43 No.1927693
    Misquote. Why can nobody get this quote right?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:43 No.1927696

    No wait, he might be on to something. Fail troll is more annoying than successful troll, especially if he keeps hammering on with his shitty moralfag trolling long after we lose interest.

    Could be some sort of... meta-troll?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:46 No.1927705

    No, I just hate this ridiculous notion that Rapeguard did something commendable and isn't just another asshole being an asshole, and I'm sick of you guys sucking him off like he's the hero of the hour.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:46 No.1927708

    Hoho, nice try, meta-troll. You'll have to do better than that!
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:47 No.1927714

    Fuck off.
    >> SH: Sage Hoge Part DUEX !!mp3WVEd4fDm 06/07/08(Sat)09:47 No.1927715
    I always thought it was fun to scream out you activated my trap card then slam it down with two fingers.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:48 No.1927720
    Watch what you say. We may encourage him to try and reach higher. I don't know if /tg/ can contain the power of a meta-meta-troll.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:49 No.1927726
    Congratulations. Now she actually has reason to believe you've confirmed her dumbass opinion of all men. Way to go, jackass.

    Next time, the way to handle shitty DMs is not playing in their games.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:50 No.1927731
    Well, not playing in their games is a good idea if you're too much of a passive-aggressive cowardly fuck to actually talk to them about it, that is.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:50 No.1927732

    *Thank you* for restoring some sliver of faith in the /tg/ community.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:50 No.1927733
    Welcome to the internet - where being an asshole IS commendable, if you do it with style.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:50 No.1927734
    I see you're cunning plan. I give you 9/10 quite a good troll but I lol'd at you the whole time so I hope it was fun for you to.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:51 No.1927739
    She's a dumbass, nobody cared about her opinion.
    What matters is that JUSTICE IS SERVED and REVENGE IS SWEET.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:56 No.1927760
    She's a female, she's already "confirmed" her opinion well past the reach of rational persuasion. Once a women's turned feminist there's no way to save her, so you might as well have some fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:56 No.1927763
    If nobody cared, there wouldn't be all this whining about how terrible her DMing is and how her opinions are persecuting everyone with a penis, and therefore nothing to get revenge for.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)09:56 No.1927765
    You'd be surprised how much violence convinces people the one winning is right.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:01 No.1927783
    Rapeguard wins. All the people who don't like it - avoid pushing the button to make the paladin fail, and we'll not need to see any more Rapeguards.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:03 No.1927793
    It's mostly women who AREN'T feminists who go around saying things like "all men want is sex."

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:10 No.1927829
    The concept of the man-hating feminist has always seen so painfully archaic to me. You can't take people who bring it up seriously, because it's as relevant today as accusing people of being subversive communist sympathizers because they listen to the Beatles.

    Morons like that are 40 years out of date.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:11 No.1927835
    >>1927829 is feminist propaganda victim
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:12 No.1927840
    This thread is depressing. OP's actions are embarrassing.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:17 No.1927851
    OP did the right thing. /thread
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:18 No.1927854
    >This thread is uplifting. OP's actions are uplifting.

    I'm sure you just made a mistake when you typed. Fixed it to reflect your true thoughts.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:21 No.1927865
    OP did the right thing given the circumstances.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:31 No.1927900
         File :1212849087.jpg-(5 KB, 150x100, thumbsdown.jpg)
    5 KB
    OP and his DM are both bad people, and should feel bad.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:32 No.1927903
    So just to clarify...

    DM character rapes PC character AND removes all his class features, justification being all male characters secretly want to have sex with women. PC rapes NPC justification being all male characters secretly want to have sex with women and you think he's being an asshole.

    Sure, he did it only to piss her off, but it shows her hypocrocy as well as the biggoted nature of her statements. I consider it an ironic and just comeuppence. Karmic, even.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:34 No.1927915
    This thread is full of trolling and no one here really means what they say. I bet half the people who say they agree with Rapeguard actually don't and are just saying it to stir controversy, while half the people who disagree with him think the same way.

    ITT: Lies.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:40 No.1927926
         File :1212849611.jpg-(44 KB, 440x400, delicious chocolate cake.jpg)
    44 KB
    >>1927915 ITT: Lies.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:47 No.1927945
    Ah, goddamnit, watch where you point that paradox, will ya?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:56 No.1927975

    >>Congratulations. Now she actually has reason to believe you've confirmed her dumbass opinion of all men.

    And he should care about what she thinks of men because...? Oh wait, you were hoping to bang her !

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)10:57 No.1927976
    That's no cake! That's a brownie in disguise!
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:00 No.1927982
    If he didn't care what she thinks of men, wtf was he whining about to begin with?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:04 No.1927990
    Because she pulled some dumb and insulting shit last time and "MADE" his paladin fall.

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:04 No.1927992
    Losing all his paladin abilities because she was a misandrist cunt.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:05 No.1927993
    Well played OP, well played.
    (Stands and starts a slow clapping, waiting for thunderous applause...)
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:10 No.1928010
    Get the hell out of here. You don't belong here.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:30 No.1928111
    Bravo OP
    Anyone who says that wasnt awesome is a troll
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:50 No.1928193
    I lol'd

    OP, double WIN for the story and annoy half (or 3/4) of /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)11:55 No.1928208
    Honestly, I hate GMs who try to police the plot. If they have to police the plot that much why bother playing a game where there are multiple choices of action and free will?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:35 No.1928358
         File :1212856525.jpg-(58 KB, 720x821, AtfirstIwaslikeVIOLATEYOU!.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:41 No.1928373

    This is today's best post on /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:45 No.1928395
    very yes
    >> Inquisitor Neckbeardicus, Ordo Sageus !!Bdg3EkWE01c 06/07/08(Sat)12:46 No.1928403
         File :1212857197.jpg-(53 KB, 275x417, I rike that..jpg)
    53 KB
    This thread is awesome and you should feel awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:52 No.1928427
    Wow, you really, REALLY need the context of that last thread to appreciate this. There's just no other way.

    You did good though, you did good.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:57 No.1928437
    What he did was awesome and all, but Christ, I thought only /b/ still bitched and moaned about "moralfaggotry."

    Get it together, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)12:59 No.1928447
    >BAWWWWWW Not everybody likes my post
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:01 No.1928460
    not everything ends in "us" namefag. lrn2latin
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:03 No.1928469
         File :1212858204.jpg-(56 KB, 289x299, 1204192957774.jpg)
    56 KB
    My FIRST post? The one you just quoted?

    >After /v/ they come for me. After /v/ they come for me.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:07 No.1928494
    People, you aren't seeing the big picture here (I'm not surprised that /tg/ can't pick up on subtlety though):

    She allowed him to use feats from the Book of Exalted Deeds. She deserved everything just for that.
    >> Inquisitor Neckbeardicus, Ordo Sageus !!Bdg3EkWE01c 06/07/08(Sat)13:08 No.1928502
    Fuck off, ever seen the sorry excuse for Latin that 40k uses?

    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:08 No.1928504
    He didn't have a Vow of Chastity feat, his paladin just had a fluff vow of chastity. No in-game effect. Unless you meant something else I didn't notice.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:09 No.1928505
    I don't think he actually had the feat Vow of Chastity. I think he just had a Vow of Chastity, without any bonuses. Y'know, just for roleplay's sake?
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:09 No.1928508
    I thought it was that she punched the "Corrupt Paladin" and "Rape" button simultaneously, bypassing the security lock on a PC shit-tempest.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:09 No.1928511
    OP has restored my faith in my fellow men.
    Seriously all the 'moralfags' here are just whining little submissive pricks whose master didn't feed them scraps today.
    >> Inquisitor Neckbeardicus, Ordo Sageus !!Bdg3EkWE01c 06/07/08(Sat)13:10 No.1928512
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:10 No.1928515
    And now you are a proponent of said joke. Good day to you, Inquisitor Fail.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:11 No.1928517
    You don't understand parody, do you?
    >> Inquisitor Defaeco Inanis 06/07/08(Sat)13:14 No.1928529
    I purge what i do not care to look at. And one of the things i care to not look at is horrible namefag names. Satirical, or otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:16 No.1928537
    The best way to deal with the situation? Certainly not.

    Fucking hilarious? Yes. Very yes.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:18 No.1928549
    Well done sir Rapeguard, well done.
    I applaud your efforts at destroying the will of a poor D.M. it was not her place to change your character, but you ran well with it.
    You are an inspiration to us all. Bravo.
    >> Inquisitor Neckbeardicus, Ordo Sageus !!Bdg3EkWE01c 06/07/08(Sat)13:27 No.1928575
    Well, isn't that a shame.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:28 No.1928585
    I was somehow hoping for the character to become MOTHERFUCKING PYRAMIDHEAD BLACKGUARD RAPING LIKE THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR JESUS CHRIST but this works too
    I do, however, have a new BBEG now.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:33 No.1928632
    Motherfucking brilliant, Rapeguard.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:33 No.1928636
    Rapeguard wins! THIS was true justice.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:34 No.1928646
    Sometimes I get the impression that all the fags defending her (or, at least, saying OP was an asshole) are doing it because themselves are shitty DMs and are uneasy with one of their kind facing punishment.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:36 No.1928656
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:37 No.1928672
    Agreed, trouble is, none of them would ever admit to it, so we've gotta settle with labeling them as Moralfags
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:39 No.1928689
    but thats an insult to non-cowardly moralfags everywhere, no matter how messed up their priorities are
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:42 No.1928714
    Moralfag as an insult confuses me. I'm sure most people here are, in the grand scheme of things, pretty moral.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:43 No.1928721

    yeah, that kinda sucks.

    I'm a bit of a moralfag myself, I know it, but this situation... The bitch got exactly what she deserved, no more, no less. True justice in action for once, it's nice to witness. I just can't see why someone would feel concerned all call OP an ass if not by feeling targeted a bit.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:46 No.1928739
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:51 No.1928760

    That works really well with OPs pic.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)13:51 No.1928763
    This thread is why WotC won't allow 4th edition Paladins to fall.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)14:18 No.1928933
         File :1212862710.jpg-(56 KB, 600x828, rapeguard.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)14:18 No.1928935
    Oh wait, you're that guy?

    Well done sir. I remember raging incredibly at your original thread. Congratulations.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)14:19 No.1928944

    so say we all.
    >> Anonymous 06/07/08(Sat)16:47 No.1929869
    Holy shit! You actually did it! You are an asshole, and you should feel good!
    Enjoy your Dark Heresy!

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