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  • File :1212106298.jpg-(109 KB, 539x543, supermanshakakabooom.jpg)
    109 KB New Comicbook Game Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)20:11 No.1853401  
    To take my mind off of 4e, I was considering something for a Comicbook and superhero style game.

    The characters would have simple stats, something like Brains(handles tech and psychic abilities as well as many skills like detective work), Brawn(physical strength and athletics), Power(energy manipulation and magic) and Heroics(a general purpose category which modifies the others) with a score of between 3 and 6. Each character also chooses a general power Style, which dictates how they can use thier words(for example a Speedster would be using words like zip, shoom, and crash, whereas an Energy master could use Zot, Blast, and Crackle.

    Instead of rolling off powers, however, you act by creating Sound Effects. When an encounter starts, each player would draw from a modified bag of scrabble tiles(all consonants, and some blank tiles) a number of letters equal to thier total point value. In order to perform an action in a scene you have to create a sound effect with your tiles that applies to that action. For example, to hit someone you'd need to spell "Pow" or "Bam", while throwing a weapon would need "zing" or "zip". You can't spend more letters on a word than you have points in the abilities stat that best represents it. You can spend a number of vowels per word equal to your Heroics score without having to draw them(they still count against your letter limit).

    If your letters run out, or you can't think of any words to make you have to "take a moment" to collect yourself, surrundering your letters. You can draw new letters next turn, but you can't make any words until then, so you will be defenseless if attacked.
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)20:11 No.1853406
    The power of an attack is dependant on the number of consonants used, and maximum number of foes you can affect at one time is based on the number of vowels plus one.

    For example, Bat-guy swings down on his zippline with a "Whoosh", he can hit up to two additional foes besides his target with a four Point attack.

    Meanwhile the speedster SilverBullet rushes through a gaggle of foes, with a powerful "Zoooom", allowing him to hit up to five foes, but only with a two point attack.

    Defense is handled the same way, by creating a word to protect against an attack, such as rolling out of the way of an enemy lazer's "freem" with a quick "swish".

    You can combine up to two ability scores to make words, however an Ability can't be used for both attack or defense on the same turn, so you will be limited on what you can and can't do.

    Each consonant more an attack has than the defense word against it gives you an *. Five or more * and you're knocked out.(perhaps five or more * and your weakened(1 less to each score) and ten or more is knocked out....)

    At the end of the night the players vote on a best word of the night, and that player gets an !(exclaimation) mark for the next game. That player can use the Exclaimation on any word, and it automatically overcomes any defense(or defends against any attack) regardless of the number of letters. They can hang onto excliamation marks if they want, but no character can have more than two.

    This is a very barebones system idea, but what do you guys think?
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)20:15 No.1853443
    I dig the idea of using sound effects in game. Thumbs up!
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 05/29/08(Thu)20:44 No.1853680
    This could merge damn well with Trigger Discipline, actually- sound effects in place of disciplines. You could even have the genre die be "volume".

    Not only that, but the result would be a roleplaying game that could easily be played by younger children. (This is in no way meant as an insult)
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)21:25 No.1853932
    I don't consider that an insult. The whole reason for the words system was to have a diceless setup that could combine creativity and flexibility with a simple, straightfoward gaming mechanic.

    I'll have to take a look at the way Trigger dicipline works(I've got some old stuff from the early threads, but not the "completed" versions that's been played) to do any adaptation there, but that's certainly somthing to consider.
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)21:38 No.1854051
    I have a feeling that the trick in getting this to work well would be figuring out letter probability.

    In a lot of comic sound effects they vastly overuse letters that are used extremely infrequently in written english. Like K, Z, and X.

    Your average scrabble letters probably wouldn't work that well.
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)21:43 No.1854109
    I'm sure it would take a bit of modification... problably wind up printing off the letters on stiff cardboard or something and gluing them to the scrabble tiles instead. Part of the reason I included Blank tiles, which are supposed to be wildcards(I don't think that got a full mention yet...)
    >> Anonymous 05/29/08(Thu)22:52 No.1854829
    This idea is made of win and spandex.
    >> Usually Random !FNrqD.IX2I!!YUH9KpxE1PY 05/30/08(Fri)02:54 No.1856450
         File :1212130489.jpg-(87 KB, 280x320, Tick.jpg)
    87 KB
    One question- will "SPOON!" create nigh-invulnerability?
    >> Anonymous 05/30/08(Fri)02:58 No.1856478
         File :1212130733.jpg-(70 KB, 1024x625, nuke.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/30/08(Fri)02:59 No.1856480
    What you're describing sounds like Silver Age Sentinels. Look into it.
    >> Anonymous 05/30/08(Fri)03:04 No.1856516
    Doing some tweaking on adapting it into the trigger dicipline setup, give or take. Basically, conflicts work like this:

    On a character's turn they Address a Crisis(meaning they single out an NPC, other player, or dangerous situation to confront). The attacker chooses his dicipline, and then the defender chooses his and they each create what they thing is a suitable word of offense or defense, setting the letter tiles aside face down. Both character reveal thier word and compare. Words are built by the following:

    Maximum number of consonants is based on a characters Power score(which replaces Hit Dice) and this determines the effectiveness of the power, the more the better. The character whos word has the most consonants gains a success.

    Maximum Vowels are based on the respective Dicipline used and represents focusing the attack. This usually means limiting or choking back on power, so overuse of Vowels dilutes an attack. You want to use less vowels than an opponent if possible for maximum power. If you wind up using MORE vowels than consonants, either being forced to use more due to an extremely dangerous situation, because you are signigifantly low on consonants(and thus, in character, low on power), or because your character wants to achieve a success with no regard for the potential repercussions and powers up an attack (like a Zaaaaap from an energy power) you have introduced a Detriment to the mix. The character with the fewest vowels gains a success.

    >> Anonymous 05/30/08(Fri)03:05 No.1856517
    Maximum Length of words is determined by "Heroics"(or whatever name I come up with to replace GAR that sounds comicbooky... it should be something that exemplifies the flashy, melodramatic, and sometimes arrogant nature of the comicbook badass.) The longer the word, the more likely it is to denot a smoother, more elegant solution, to longer = better, and the longer word gains a success.

    The Heroics Charge(like the Gar Charge) can be used to buttress your sound effect with with an Exclaimation point. Adding an Exclaimation point does three things: One, an excliamation point counts as a consonant for determining power(and for determining if you have more vowels than consonants). Two: It actaully SUBTRACTS one from your consonant value. And Three: It adds to your word length without taking up one of your Maximum Letter Slots. Be forwarned, though, that introducing a Detriment and using an Exlaimation on the same word will result in Blowback(that is, the Detriment will be something specifically centered on your character).

    In the even of a tie(that is a two words with the same number of consonants, vowels, and same length such as "Bang" versus "Swip") the result is a stalemate. Note that Exclaimation Points will break ties in the favour of thier user.

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