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  • File :1210180335.jpg-(414 KB, 1251x1827, Creedgreen.jpg)
    414 KB It's Sculpting Tool Time! Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)13:12 No.1680005  
    Rogue Trader conversion & Codex thread, rejoice.

    First up to bat, my Rogue Trader.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:13 No.1680014
    That's one mother of a codpiece.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:14 No.1680017
    That's some codpiece you got on him.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:14 No.1680022
    ITT /tg/'s gay hivemind.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:15 No.1680026
    >> That Damn Mouse 05/07/08(Wed)13:16 No.1680033

    I approve the eye-piece. Is it gunna be a eye-patch or a monocle? Because an eye-patch would be insta-pirate.

    >> Dreamer 05/07/08(Wed)13:17 No.1680038
    Speaking of codpiece, I notice that's what the photo's focused on.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:17 No.1680039
    Do I see a pimpring?
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)13:18 No.1680044
    Was going to make it into a Aye-patch.
    Maybe I'll stick a targeting lense on it.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:20 No.1680050
    Needs topknot and a bolter on the back.
    maybe a sash
    >> That Damn Mouse 05/07/08(Wed)13:21 No.1680055

    Bolter on the back is a bit much, for the model. Same with a sash, you'd end up destroying detail rather than adding too it. A top-knot is an idea for the OP to consider.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)13:24 No.1680067
    I love how everyone is just going HUGE CODPIECE IS HUGE.

    Oh well, what should I make next?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:26 No.1680073

    I'd say you've just about got all you'll need for your Creed conversion. Sculpt away, fine Scriptarius.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:27 No.1680081
    lovin` the cockpiece
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:36 No.1680123
    19 model Retinue.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)13:37 No.1680137
    Ok, which 19?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:42 No.1680176

    19 model retinue. All female.

    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:42 No.1680177
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:51 No.1680236
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)13:57 No.1680270
    Bounty Hunter
    and err...
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:01 No.1680282
    Hot Tub Edition.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:02 No.1680288

    Bounty Hunter
    Eldar Ranger
    Kroot Shaper
    Merc Veteran
    Monstrous Xeno
    Ratling Sniper

    All female.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:03 No.1680289
    ...oi, I'm gonna need more tits...
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:07 No.1680314

    Well a few of them can be loli. Don't forget to make the rest of the retinue an all-female bodyguard unit with Cadian-pattern carapace armor.
    >> Concerned Commander 05/07/08(Wed)14:14 No.1680351

    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:20 No.1680403
         File :1210184408.jpg-(127 KB, 778x583, IMG_1602.jpg)
    127 KB
    'Ey boss, es deze 'ere 'oomies lookin' at yer dead 'ard Cod-armour in da rong way?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:22 No.1680419
    That... Is just freaking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:27 No.1680456
    it needs more bitz.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:34 No.1680488
    Dead freebooty there
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:41 No.1680515
    OK who next?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:43 No.1680524

    Female Eldar ranger. You know you want it. The comedy potential for her interaction with the Freeboota is endless.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:43 No.1680529
    Female veteran
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:45 No.1680538
    "Roit, dis 'ere's da plan: We WAAAAGH in an' grab da loot!"
    "Wot? Es a great plan!"
    "What if we get say, detected?"
    "We KRUMP 'em!"
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:52 No.1680577
    dude, do a kroot bounty hunter, I would worship you as a small god
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:56 No.1680600
    Turned out shitty tanks to me only having fuckold eldar rangers. Something else plz.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:57 No.1680602
    I don't have any Kroot bitz, sry.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:57 No.1680608

    Bounty Hunter. Female.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)14:58 No.1680609

    can't you do something with other Eldar bits and a greenstuff cloak?
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)14:58 No.1680610
    Will try, stand by for pics
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:02 No.1680631
    Digganob Nob.
    With a cloak.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:15 No.1680676

    Female Guardian torso, legs, arms, etc. Sculpt on a cape and either use a helmet head or buy a decent elf female heads sprue from CMON or Hasslefree Miniatures because the one they provide for helmetless Eldar looks like an androgynous man-face. Too girly to be a man, too manly to be a girl, both equally fuck ugly.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:18 No.1680700
    If it's an ork working with RT, it has to be Blood Axe, give him a beret!
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:38 No.1680849
         File :1210189099.jpg-(127 KB, 778x583, IMG_1606.jpg)
    127 KB
    Bounty Hunter
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:38 No.1680852
         File :1210189124.jpg-(117 KB, 778x583, IMG_1607.jpg)
    117 KB
    back shot
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:39 No.1680857
         File :1210189163.jpg-(117 KB, 778x583, IMG_1603.jpg)
    117 KB
    and one more
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:43 No.1680894
         File :1210189417.jpg-(79 KB, 750x600, awesometruck.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:49 No.1680943
         File :1210189757.jpg-(219 KB, 1296x972, IMG_1608.jpg)
    219 KB
    Dats right french of you'ze, Konvershunboss.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:49 No.1680949


    ...My hard-drive got wiped and I lost every god damned motivational/funny/etc. pic and vid I had. I'm so fucking pissed.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:51 No.1680962
         File :1210189876.jpg-(83 KB, 800x622, legend.jpg)
    83 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:52 No.1680977
    Fucking awesome, this is.
    Do you need inspiration for more still? How about a Digganob with Heavy Blaster, or whatever they're called?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:53 No.1680979
    Dammit Scriptarius, you're far too good at this.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:54 No.1680985
    Ok guys, it's getting late but if you can give me another great idea I'll give it a shot.
    If at all I have time, tomorrow will be COMBAT RIGS TIEM.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:54 No.1680991
         File :1210190067.jpg-(78 KB, 671x545, woah.jpg)
    78 KB
    If you want any inspiration, i can do a decent image dump right here.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)15:56 No.1681004


    This vid about sums it up.

    A tale.

    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)15:56 No.1681005
    I'd prefer written ideas. The three previous ones (given the failed Eldar mostly due to lack of proper head) were just based on a single line name.

    Does anyone want a pit gribly?
    >> Concerned Commander 05/07/08(Wed)15:59 No.1681028

    How about some sort of strange familiar?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:00 No.1681030
         File :1210190421.jpg-(83 KB, 600x750, hope.jpg)
    83 KB
    Alright, I'm just gonna post this for that one guy who suffered the hard-drive wipe.
    >> Bluesheet !CmIky5NyeY 05/07/08(Wed)16:04 No.1681050
    Wonderful work so far man, I knew Uskar would make a great conversion (I wanted to use him to make an angry Arbites Chief who's constantly screaming "YOU'RE OFF THE CASE" at a Dirty Harry-like Commissar.)

    But I gotta ask, are you making these for that pitiful codex that's been floating around? I mean come on man. Make some Jokaero instead.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:06 No.1681062
         File :1210190787.jpg-(130 KB, 778x583, IMG_1609.jpg)
    130 KB
    On rogue traders?
    oh well, here.

    More ideas?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:08 No.1681070

    What happened to the black woman in the background? Lichdom?
    >> Concerned Commander 05/07/08(Wed)16:09 No.1681079

    I was thinking more like an talking animal that was always harassing the main trader, but hey, those work...
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:09 No.1681084
    I hate monkies. No matter how godawesome, I still hate monkeys. And apes.

    Also "pitiful codex that's been floating around" was OP'd by me. TWICE.
    >Just as gods damn planned.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:10 No.1681098
    Wait... You mean YOU were the OP of 3 out of 4 Codex: RT threads and now this and and

    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:11 No.1681105
    I wanted to get Tau bitz in there. After I get my hands on one, the Trader is getting a Powder Monkey. As much as I do hate monkies, that thing is just too cool.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:12 No.1681111
         File :1210191150.jpg-(91 KB, 750x600, action.jpg)
    91 KB
    I don't know
    >> Bluesheet !CmIky5NyeY 05/07/08(Wed)16:12 No.1681113

    Then I must respectfully show my distaste. I'm in the school of thought that the Rouge Traders should be with older alien species in order to refresh the idea, like Jokaero and Dog-soliders. But good luck with your project though...
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:17 No.1681147
    Aye, while I represent the "Lets 5th ed it up" -school. But I want some Hrud up into this motherfucker!
    >also I know relatively little of the ancient fluffbits, so I feel a bit uneasy about leaping at them.

    Hey! Who wants one more conversion?
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:20 No.1681161
    Oh gods I must be asleep on my feet here, I ONLY NOW REALISE WHO I'M TALKING TO.

    Bluesheeeeeeeet! Thankyou for the kind words on my works. Thanks to everyone but you quite especialy. As regarding the point here, why won't you take a shot at the Jokaero?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:23 No.1681176

    Penitent Genestealer?
    Greenstuff some mechanical mind control stuff on the back of his head.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:23 No.1681181
    Pit Beast please
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:34 No.1681255
    Archived for great victory
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:36 No.1681271
    Those are some god damn huge balls he has.
    >> Scriptarius 05/07/08(Wed)16:39 No.1681289
    Ok everyone, that's enough for tonight. I'll lurk a while more and go to bed. Thanks y'all, more tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:48 No.1681339
    What head is that?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:50 No.1681348
    Looks like a cut up Dark Elf
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)16:58 No.1681390
         File :1210193917.jpg-(65 KB, 500x375, 58835503_b11e0c01b8.jpg)
    65 KB
    Mercenary Eldar
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:00 No.1681397
         File :1210194004.jpg-(67 KB, 500x375, 58835499_912459cfcc.jpg)
    67 KB
    little bits like

    holstered pistol, a 2nd ed shuriken catapult. They look better than banana clip new ones.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:00 No.1681399
         File :1210194059.jpg-(62 KB, 500x375, 58835147_42de0a6749.jpg)
    62 KB
    made a mold for all the greenstuffed stuff
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:03 No.1681408
         File :1210194213.jpg-(61 KB, 500x375, 58834013_de7700c0d8.jpg)
    61 KB
    the mask is from the Vyper jetbike gunner

    the pistol and pockets n' knives may be from RT Eldar or 2ed metal guardians
    >> Bluesheet !CmIky5NyeY 05/07/08(Wed)17:09 No.1681448
    I've fiddled with the idea. I've got too much on my plate now. But one could easily use the Kharmens from AT-43 as a base, though they're more gorilla like, Reaper probabbly has some good Orangutans to use.

    Who knows, I might make a RT kill team for shits and giggles
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:53 No.1681714
    even back in the day i was never a fan of the old shurican catapults. They looked like the Russian machine gun with a funky nonsense barrel on the end. The magazine ones made more sense, as if they just fed a new piece of wraith bone into the weapon and it sliced off and fired a shot. The disk magazine made no sense for the weapon.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:56 No.1681729
    if there's one ork

    there should be two orks

    and a grot who's friend is a servo skull
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)17:57 No.1681733

    instead of bullets, disks, arranged like dominos that've fallen
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)18:04 No.1681774
    still the weapon description mentioned slicing off millimeter thin blah blah blah.. works better the new way without looking retarded.
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)18:54 No.1682083
         File :1210200867.jpg-(66 KB, 1151x636, ofuckyess.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:34 No.1683160
         File :1210210496.jpg-(12 KB, 135x172, Fabius-Bile.jpg)
    12 KB
    perfect for a rogue trader conversion, pimp cane, long coat, just ditch the needle gun and the extra arms and we're off to a good start
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:37 No.1683185
         File :1210210669.jpg-(132 KB, 570x620, harazanMC.jpg)
    132 KB
    a challenger appears
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:40 No.1683209
         File :1210210858.jpg-(52 KB, 864x357, TharksNoEars.jpg)
    52 KB
    I would totally field a squad of Tharks in my RT army
    anyone got other weird alien squads they are thinking of including?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:48 No.1683268
         File :1210211281.jpg-(38 KB, 415x133, PIP42003.jpg)
    38 KB
    My Rogue Trader has a squad of native trackers/snipers that joined him after he save them from a Nid infestation. The rest fo their clan was turned into a Genestealer cult and the RT help bomb them to ash. With nowhere else to go the natives join the RT's entourage.
    Not exactly alien, but still cool
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:51 No.1683309
         File :1210211477.jpg-(85 KB, 893x600, sendbinary.jpg)
    85 KB
    My RT
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:53 No.1683324
    What the hell are those?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:55 No.1683345
         File :1210211744.jpg-(6 KB, 223x181, pip41033.jpg)
    6 KB
    My RT
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:56 No.1683351
    Tharks, aliens that originally inhabited Mars, from Bronze Age games
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)21:58 No.1683364
         File :1210211882.jpg-(8 KB, 250x102, PIP33043.jpg)
    8 KB
    counts as rough riders
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:03 No.1683426
         File :1210212226.jpg-(24 KB, 400x358, 360c_1.jpg)
    24 KB
    My RT has a small group of experimental androids he found deactivated on a world inhabited by humans who had joined the greater good. Some deft reprogramming later and they joined his greater good
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:04 No.1683439
         File :1210212295.jpg-(96 KB, 750x591, krootsuit.jpg)
    96 KB
    counts as sentinel
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:23 No.1683572
    ...meaning they fucked him up the ass, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:26 No.1683595
    I miss all the crazy shit in RT
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:28 No.1683611
    actually it was consensual sex in the missionary position
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)22:53 No.1683775
    Apparently the old rogue trader rulebooks are on rs, but they are XBAWKSHUEG in size, an unnecessary 120 mb. anyone know how to shrink pdf sizes to something more manageable?
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)23:00 No.1683810
         File :1210215613.gif-(9 KB, 149x175, 13120s.gif)
    9 KB
    counts as rough rider
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)23:19 No.1683920
         File :1210216772.jpg-(34 KB, 360x360, weinhere.jpg)
    34 KB
    counts as rough riders
    >> Anonymous 05/07/08(Wed)23:53 No.1684109
         File :1210218828.jpg-(283 KB, 719x587, Clipboard01.jpg)
    283 KB
    Eldar mercs ftw!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:21 No.1684236
         File :1210220499.jpg-(91 KB, 800x600, 69fa9762.jpg)
    91 KB
    Counts as Waaagh-Trader
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:23 No.1684245
         File :1210220584.jpg-(38 KB, 450x450, Fabious.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:26 No.1684262
         File :1210220808.jpg-(64 KB, 606x720, 64667362.jpg)
    64 KB
    Head and arm swap and this is perfect
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:27 No.1684266
         File :1210220846.jpg-(149 KB, 720x1048, leader1.jpg)
    149 KB
    Head swap and a bit of GS and this is even better
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:28 No.1684274
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)00:37 No.1684316
         File :1210221445.jpg-(27 KB, 500x640, texv1.jpg)
    27 KB
    liquor smuggling squat space bandits
    ...after a deal gone wrong that cost them quite a few thrones, the squats offerred to work for the RT until their debt was paid off.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)01:56 No.1684706
    I want to make a big fat Amanda Waller looking rogue trader, a butchy, busty bull dyke female ball-breaker. Any suggestions on a base model i could use /tg/? Most of the Mordheim sisters are out, too little room for conversion.
    >> Anonymous, Xom's Champion !!0aKrfPDoCW4 05/08/08(Thu)01:58 No.1684714
    What company made these minis?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)02:09 No.1684775
    olley's armies, http://www.olleysarmies.co.uk/home.html

    I'm getting a set for mt RT army, but they have enough variety to make a complete army of squa
    >> Scriptarius 05/08/08(Thu)02:40 No.1684891
    Ok lads, i'm back (at the office).
    Anyone up for more fat chewing?
    >> MLF 05/08/08(Thu)02:53 No.1684946

    Green Martians from Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom novels. Barsoom being the Martian name for the Red Planet, as told by the Virginian John Carter. Start with "A Princess of Mars".
    >> Scriptarius 05/08/08(Thu)02:56 No.1684959
    Those books are awesome.
    >> Scriptarius 05/08/08(Thu)03:17 No.1685051
    I've had some ideas for Pit Beasts and Combat Rigs, but I'd like more, if you have any.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)03:24 No.1685076
    Needs Techies.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)03:31 No.1685104

    Kaylee, RT-style.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)05:15 No.1685548

    the old one looks cool

    the new ones look lame
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)05:23 No.1685573

    Every girl's crazy for a Sharp-Dressed Squat
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)06:08 No.1685748
    French Orks...
    Sacre merde...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)08:26 No.1686255
         File :1210249573.jpg-(13 KB, 219x302, hsf017_haylee_1.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:16 No.1686564
         File :1210256180.jpg-(108 KB, 1000x355, alpha_forde_salvage_crew_all_1.jpg)
    108 KB
    I'll be using these guys as crew and general rabble. I'm hoping to make a RT army where very few troops look the same, even if they have the same stats and functions.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:17 No.1686568

    Is that a Starcraft marine on the left?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:18 No.1686572
         File :1210256281.jpg-(66 KB, 500x385, alpha_forde_salvage_crew_cargo(...).jpg)
    66 KB
    and this is their transport
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:18 No.1686579
    nope, salvage crew models from alpha forge games.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:41 No.1686692
    no love for the fat chicks?
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:43 No.1686699

    This looks fucking awesome. It would be even more awesome if converted into a 4-legged Sentinel APC though.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)10:50 No.1686728
    I shall endeavour to make it so...
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:03 No.1686777
    here's hoping they have rules to take a weirdboy. old fluff talks about how weirdboyz are outcasts from normal orks, living in huts far at the edge of the klans land. they are also said to be the only ork that prizes the quiet and relative peacefulness.
    surely a fast talking RT could convince an outcast ork weirdboy to join his troupe.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:07 No.1686790
         File :1210259247.jpg-(111 KB, 428x480, mm1042_1.jpg)
    111 KB
    this chick will be a reluctant sanctioned psyker accompanied by a few aids who wheel the poor girl out to the battle field, aim her at enemies and stimulate her powers via mind controlling cocktail of drugs
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:11 No.1686806

    I'd like to stimulate her powers, if you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:12 No.1686812
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:16 No.1686826

    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:20 No.1686844
    this chick will Be a reluctant sanctiOned psyker accOmpanied by a few aids who wheel the poor girl out to the Battle field, aim her at enemieS and stimulate her powers via mind controlling cocktail of drugs
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:38 No.1686933
         File :1210261130.jpg-(10 KB, 230x330, hfa038.jpg)
    10 KB
    i c wut u did thar...

    also, my RT, with some conversions due
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:45 No.1686966
         File :1210261501.jpg-(115 KB, 350x500, MPME003_1.jpg)
    115 KB
    A member of my RT's retinue.
    Master Blaster, FUCK YEAH!
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)11:47 No.1686981
    >> Anonymous 05/08/08(Thu)13:21 No.1687429

    Reminds me of a big daddy.
    >> Scriptarius 05/08/08(Thu)15:29 No.1688163
    The trio is now painted, will post pix as soon as my camera loads up.

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