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  • File :1206935277.jpg-(69 KB, 650x864, page 1 (cover).jpg)
    69 KB Angry Marine Codex Allah 03/30/08(Sun)23:47 No.1440633  

    It is done.
    >> Allah 03/30/08(Sun)23:48 No.1440641
         File :1206935333.jpg-(85 KB, 637x864, page 2 (intro).jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Allah 03/30/08(Sun)23:49 No.1440651
         File :1206935386.jpg-(89 KB, 632x864, page 3 (AMSR).jpg)
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    angry marine special rules
    >> Anonymous 03/30/08(Sun)23:49 No.1440653
         File :1206935393.jpg-(54 KB, 400x400, 1200327600837.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Allah 03/30/08(Sun)23:50 No.1440659
         File :1206935452.jpg-(112 KB, 642x864, page 4 (armory).jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 03/30/08(Sun)23:51 No.1440661
    Relevant to my fucking interests.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/08(Sun)23:52 No.1440672
         File :1206935525.jpg-(22 KB, 164x238, 120555014253.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/30/08(Sun)23:54 No.1440682
    >> Allah 03/30/08(Sun)23:57 No.1440705
         File :1206935843.jpg-(117 KB, 643x864, page 5 (wargear).jpg)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:00 No.1440721
    I'm in the market for MOAR!
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:01 No.1440724
         File :1206936115.jpg-(155 KB, 635x864, page 6 (R&A).jpg)
    155 KB
    relics + artifacts
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:02 No.1440729
         File :1206936167.jpg-(144 KB, 662x864, page 7 (vehicle upgrades).jpg)
    144 KB
    vehicle upgrades
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:04 No.1440737
         File :1206936260.jpg-(132 KB, 623x864, page 8 (AMLPP).jpg)
    132 KB
    psychic powers
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:05 No.1440739
    this is a great thread

    you should FEEL great
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:05 No.1440741
    things like 2 power fists and the eviscerator seem to be pointless given thier points value when you can say get a power fist and a ccw for the extra attack and be much cheaper
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:06 No.1440745

    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:06 No.1440747
         File :1206936369.jpg-(79 KB, 645x864, page 9 (HQ 1).jpg)
    79 KB
    HQ 1
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:08 No.1440755
         File :1206936482.jpg-(143 KB, 649x864, page 10 (HQ 2).jpg)
    143 KB
    HQ 2
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:09 No.1440763
         File :1206936542.jpg-(121 KB, 650x864, page 11 (HQ 3).jpg)
    121 KB
    HQ 3
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:11 No.1440770
         File :1206936682.jpg-(98 KB, 637x864, page 12 (HQ 4).jpg)
    98 KB
    HQ 4
    >> Lostereadamy !u4d6xGa.3. 03/31/08(Mon)00:12 No.1440781
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:13 No.1440783
         File :1206936823.jpg-(134 KB, 639x864, page 13 (Elites 1).jpg)
    134 KB
    Elites 1
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:14 No.1440787
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:14 No.1440789
         File :1206936897.jpg-(125 KB, 653x864, page 14 (Elites 2).jpg)
    125 KB
    Elites 2
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:15 No.1440792
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:16 No.1440797
         File :1206936970.jpg-(96 KB, 634x864, page 15 (Elites 3).jpg)
    96 KB
    elites 3
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:17 No.1440804
         File :1206937053.jpg-(92 KB, 644x864, page 16 (Elites 4).jpg)
    92 KB
    elites 4
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:20 No.1440815
         File :1206937256.jpg-(108 KB, 644x864, page 17 (Troops).jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:22 No.1440822
         File :1206937334.jpg-(108 KB, 645x864, page 18 (Fast Attack).jpg)
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    fast attack
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:23 No.1440828
         File :1206937385.jpg-(113 KB, 638x864, page 19 (Heavy Support 1).jpg)
    113 KB
    heavy support 1
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:25 No.1440835

    Can we get a rapidshit of this?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:26 No.1440837

    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:29 No.1440846
         File :1206937751.jpg-(111 KB, 652x864, page 20 (Heavy Support 2).jpg)
    111 KB
    heavy support 2
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:30 No.1440851
         File :1206937812.jpg-(104 KB, 645x864, page 21 (Heavy Support 3).jpg)
    104 KB
    heavy support 3
    >> Ichi... nii.. sannn... hanako san? Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:30 No.1440852

    fuckin win
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)00:31 No.1440857
    ...aaand I'm done.

    now please critique and play test, and recommend and suggest etc.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)00:31 No.1440861
    Well, OP, you've inspired me to make the Pretty Marines codex...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:32 No.1440865
    Totally fielding an army from this codex soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:33 No.1440868
    Thank you so fucking much! Those twin towers were blocking my view of the sunset and I appreciate your guys handling the demolition.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:34 No.1440872

    if possible, we need people to actually make an army and take pictures of it. also little writefagging and drawfagging to the fluff of the chapter cant hurt. amirite?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:35 No.1440875
    the predator angrinator seems a bit expensive considering it can only fire once per game, then its just a rhino with no transport capacity.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:35 No.1440876
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:36 No.1440880

    I always thought that the vindicator was angrier than the demolisher just by its name.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)00:41 No.1440892
    Dude, OP.... you get infinate internets.

    I am super super cereal.
    >> Semper Iratus 03/31/08(Mon)00:51 No.1440941
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)00:57 No.1440982
    Well now I'm CERTAINLY writing it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:01 No.1441016
    Can you send this to the guys at GW to see if they'll make it official?

    Maybe, just maybe?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:01 No.1441017
    bump bump bump for AAAAAANGRY
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:03 No.1441032



    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:05 No.1441047


    So how's about it Allah?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:06 No.1441057
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:09 No.1441071
    I think I love you.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:10 No.1441083
    So whaddyou guys think are the chances of this getting published, even if just as an honorable mention? I believe even the GW folks will get lulz out of this.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:12 No.1441092
    The angrinator firing 10 STR 4 shots would completely rape the shit out of guard. It should probably be one shot and for the upgrade raise the str to 6 for the enemy only.
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)01:13 No.1441100

    thanks, and I think I just might...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:17 No.1441116
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)01:20 No.1441129

    although Id have to re-work i a bit, I'll see what i can do
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:24 No.1441154
    Gotta say that you need to clarify the Angrinator's firing mechanism a bit better. As is currently it doesn't work how you are suggesting it does, and would instead follow the rules for Multiple-barrages.
    >> Allah 03/31/08(Mon)01:26 No.1441167
    YESSS! Corrections! Give them to me!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:45 No.1441234

    the second powerfist should only cost 1 point if you actually want people to take it
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)01:51 No.1441267
    Win good sir.

    Allow me to leave you with the words of Perterbian Rasp, Angry Marine First Class
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:01 No.1441303

    Other than this and some minor wording issues, your shit seems to be pretty damn solid. Not only that, but nothing strikes me as LOLTARDATION other than -possibly- giving -2's out the ass to a whole swathe of enemies thanks to being able to make Command Squads filled with anti-leadership goodness.

    If you can live with that, though, I certainly can. Your points are good (if not a bit high, which is always important when trying sometihng fan-made anyways) and your army special rules are not confusing in the slightest.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:03 No.1441311
    I am just happy my two wargear submissions made it into the codex. Nice work OP.
    >> Yotian 34 03/31/08(Mon)02:06 No.1441327
         File :1206943586.jpg-(17 KB, 172x136, jOY.jpg)
    17 KB
    I is a happy clockwork soldier now.

    The Angry Marines might fuel me to actually buy a SM army.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:08 No.1441343
         File :1206943722.jpg-(56 KB, 590x442, grimdark_tau.jpg)
    56 KB
    I know that thy are certainly not as much of a /tg/ staple as the Adeptus Irates but can the GRIMDARK Tau be the next project o' Codexfag?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:08 No.1441346
    Predator Angrinator

    Pts 90 | Front 13 | Side 10 | Rear 10 | BS 3

    Type: Tank Crew: Two Angry Marines

    Weapons: A Predator Angrinator is armed with a turret-mounted Angry Launcher.

    Options: The Angrinator may also be armed with side-sponson Auxilia Angry Launchers at +20 points a piece.

    Vehicle Upgrades: Etc.

    Note: Change this to "you may purchase a 6-man Angry Squad" at cost with upgrades, and then it is added on top of the Angrinator's price. This allows for a more customized squad to be launched into the DANGER ZONE.

    Angry Launcher-
    Range G12"-48" Str: 4 AP: - Notes: Pinning, Large Blast Template

    Usable once per game. The Angry Launcher can target enemy units normally or may be fired into an empty area so that no friendly or enemy models are under the Blast marker. If an enemy unit is under the marker, place the Angry Squad purchased with the Angrinator into base-to-base combat with as many individual enemy models as possible, including multiple units. Every model under the template takes a Strength 4 hit (including the Angry Marines themselves), and the Angry Squad counts as having charged into close combat during the next Assault Phase.

    If the shot misses, simply place the Angry Squad anywhere under the template and resolve shots against the squad as normal.

    Auxiliary Angry Launchers - These are not Angry Launchers unto themselves, but simply allow you to purchase up to four more models for your Angrinator Angry Squad (giving you a maximum of 10, because we believe at Games Workshop you do not know how to do basic math).

    Editted quickly for little typos and to make things more clear.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:11 No.1441360
    The angry marines need a rule, that if they suffer a wound and survive, they then get double strength when attacking the model that caused the wound.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:11 No.1441361
    [Good kerrigan]
    Thinkin' the same thing...
    [/good kerrigan]
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:16 No.1441399
    I say the dual power fists do multi-wound damage and/or get to roll on the ordnance table for vehicle damage.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:21 No.1441422
    5th edition rumor that you need dual powerfists to get the extra attack. Talk about a new edition fucking up an army's thing. FIRST 4th EDITION AND TURBO BOOSTING, NOW THIS?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:31 No.1441465
    damn this is cool
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)02:40 No.1441511
    How about Dual Powerfists cost like 5 points more than a Thunder Hammer, giving the same effect but also +1 attack. Consider how two powerfists and a whole lot of shouting might reduce someone's attacks to initiative 1.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)02:50 No.1441562

    thanks man, its still a work in progress ( I have to add page formats and fluff), so I'll make sure to add this.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)03:03 No.1441629
    Awesome! BUT THE CODEX NEED MOAR FLUFF. There's lots of AM fluff texts floating around, and you should get some writefags to spew some more of this shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:12 No.1442014
    From the historical records of Inquisitor Jangel, non-aligned investigator of Adeptus Astartes 'Incidents'.
    Section #511: The 'Friendly' Fire Incident of Klaxus XII.

    The records of this dire moment in Imperial History were (until I came upon them) known only to the two Space Marine Chapters that took part in the skirmish. However, only by putting the two records together is the truth found.

    The Pretty Marines tell of a conflict fraught with glory against the odds, and of dire betrayal: "Before the sortie against our enemy our glorious Chapter-Master graced us with a speech, before the resplendent lines of Brother-Marines sparking under the twin suns he told of beautiful victory, of the fates of our enemies. As one we cheered, then awaited his inevitable dance number. From the skies fell a drop pod, smashing into our forward lines and engulfing the area with thick dust. It took us only a moment to clear the air with our blow-dryers, but it was a moment too late as we saw the Chapter-Master fallen..."

    The Angry Marines tell the other side of the story, though in far less words due to a lacking in vocabulary beyond many four letter cusses. Hastily inserted into the annals of their chapter glory is simply a picture with the words "OWNED" across it, and the image of the Pretty Marines Chapter Master unconscious on the ground, a crude moustache drawn on his face with paint, and what appears to be a set of testicles on his forehead.
    How motivating.
    How motivating.

    So began the greatest feud in Imperial History.

    Thought for the day: Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:13 No.1442021
    Loading excerpt from 'Tales of Valour: Reports from the Ork Invasion of Calamitis Prime'.
    The PDF sold their lives dearly to stop the greenskin advance upon our primary hive, but on the horde came. There would be no escape but for the Planetary Governor, whose escape shuttle was prepped to leave before the attack began. As our leader left us to die we prayed to the Emperor for deliverance while we sold our lives to protect his works. Glory be to his swift answer. A yellow Thunderhawk descended like a falling star, the much larger transport vehicle crushing the smaller one as it landed on the same pad, and through the fire and smoke the mighty figure of a Space Marine strode forth. I will never forget the seething expression on his face as he looked upon us, upon the hive, upon the xenos. The marine did not pause, he drew his chainsword and charged down the stairs with a battlecry upon his lips, screaming "FAAAAAAAAH-" or something of the sort, a cry with no end. Even as he disappeared into the hive we heard him clearly, even as we saw the small yellow figure leap from the hive into the throng of green below we heard him. Drop pods followed as more marines smashed into the horde, more yellow armoured marines echoing the endless cry. The xenos were crushed utterly, and still screaming in rage the Space Marines ran up the Hive once more, to where the Governor still stood staring at the crushed wreckage of his escape shuttle. The marines poured into their Thunderhawk, but the marine from before ran right up to the cowardly official, and ended his warcry at last, his finger pressing painfully against the man's forehead. "-UUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOU!" Rather unceremoniously, the Governor was then pitched off the top of the Hive, with his underwear pulled up over his head.
    Thought for the day: To question is to doubt.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:20 No.1442060
    Need moar fluff?

    From the personal diaries of Private R.C. Mongler, 4th Chanian Regiment.
    My regiment had landed on a barren little ball of rock called Vesuveous. The Inquisition had ordered us to the planet on suspicion of Chaos corruption. Surely enough, we ran into a group of Chaos Marines within a day of landing. The fools. Turning their backs on the God Emperor for whatever sick rewards they received from the deceiving Warp fiends. The battle started the second morning. Their attack was especially fierce, and my brothers and I had great trouble keeping them at bay. It seemed that for every one of them we killed, three more showed up. Our own losses were of no small concern. In a rare moment of calm, Brother Captain Morgain confided in me that if we were not killed by these berserkers, we would almost certainly be killed by the Inquisition for failure. As our numbers dwindled, I grew concerned: surely we would all be killed, and the Emperor's work would not be carried out. We prepared for a final assault, one which had been coming for near a week of the most intense fighting I had ever seen. We surrounded a small hill, atop which stood our last Dreadnought, Brother Klarr. We saw their force coming from below. We knew this was our end. But suddenly, a shadow passed over us. Some great demon come to finish us off? No. It was a drop pod. Out of it stepped a small company of our brethren. They wore bright yellow armor, a bizarre crest upon their shoulders, unlike any chapter I had yet heard of. A circle, with two lines crossing it and two dots in the middle -- almost as if to suggest an angry face. They formed a line between us and the now charging Chaos Marines.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:20 No.1442063
    The Chaos Marines' bright red armor shone in the late afternoon sun, the spikes upon their shoulders menacing. The new arrivals stood fast. As the distance between the two forces began to close, there arose from these yellow warriors the loudest scream I had ever heard. It shook the ground. Even through my helmet, it made my ears ring and my skull ache. And it simply kept getting louder as their Captain's fist slowly rose into the air. As it rose to a nearly supersonic volume, I finally made out the words contained in the scream:


    In a chorus louder even than the Captain's scream, the soldiers returned:

    "ALL THE TIME!!!"

    Then it began.


    Without a word, these space marines returned to their drop pod and were soon whisked away from the battlefield. There had been no more than a dozen of them, not a single word exchanged between our two chapters. To this day, I have never seen any marines fight with such rage and hatred. The mass of enemy berserkers was reduced to mere chunks, legs, arms, heads, craters full of blood. Bits of red armor lay strew about the field. We had not even had the chance to advance by the time the screaming -- both theirs and the enemy's -- was through. I turned to my Captain and asked, "Who were they?"

    "I had thought it was rumor. But no. Emperor bless us all, those were the Angry Marines."

    Thought for the day: The Emperor Protects.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:36 No.1442131

    lol 2nd
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:37 No.1442133
    somebody archive this shit!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:40 No.1442150
    Fucking great chapter, and angry
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:49 No.1442183
    Angry Marines were never meant to be played. They are a one shot joke. What don't you faggots understand about that?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:51 No.1442190
    some one, make some models for these. predator angrinator!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:51 No.1442192
    Don't you guys ever get tired of the same shit?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:53 No.1442196

    Yeah, the disco marines are way lulzier.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)04:57 No.1442213
    Angry Marines are older than this board, I don't know why you guys love /b/ shit so much,
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)04:58 No.1442219
    woohoo! 70-something posts before the first sage; I think that's some sort of record...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:00 No.1442223
    inb4 butthurt GRIMDARK neckbea...

    Shit, only a few posts late.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)05:01 No.1442224
    Its not the same old shit, I just made new shit for it; therefore its new shit. Don't you get it?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:01 No.1442226
    Why don't you faggots just fuck off from this thread if you don't like angry marines?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:01 No.1442228
    I wish /tg/ would make up better shit, like that medieval Chaos army, as opposed to adding something like "angry" or "pretty" in front of Marines and patting themselves on the back for what a good job they just did.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:04 No.1442237
    The Silent Hill Guard were/are pretty fucking awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:06 No.1442245
         File :1206954362.jpg-(74 KB, 600x600, tear.jpg)
    74 KB
    You made Jubblowski shed a single taer.
    Drawfaggit approves of this thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:11 No.1442260

    Sounds like you just volunteered. Get working bitch.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:15 No.1442267
         File :1206954913.jpg-(73 KB, 600x600, hahah.jpg)
    73 KB
    Yeah faggot, get to work.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:19 No.1442286

    And what the fuck are the Terrorguard?
    >> Apeture Science 03/31/08(Mon)05:21 No.1442289
    This codex has a few problems:
    Angry Specification with Vets and so on.
    An Apocathery!? In an ANGRY marine army? I would have just had it so that if he's in the squad they have Combat drugs.
    Had SAFETY IS FOR PUSSIES as an army-wide trait.
    Tweaked the rules for Power bat and other minor things like that in the same way that Power Wrench was tweaked.
    Down Powered a few of the wargear entries.
    Had Powerfeet move as if in difficult terrain
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:25 No.1442305
    I don't personally like the Angry Marines (pic related) but this is a job well done!

    What fluff are you going to add? Seems a shame that it's just rules.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:26 No.1442313

    You know what? It's probably for the best I forgot to upload the picture I had in mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:28 No.1442319
    I'm not extremely well-versed in the game but Temperus Maximus sounds pretty powerful for 200 points.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:30 No.1442325
    Modifier + Army name that already existed

    Exactly what he just said, nigger.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:32 No.1442332

    Except the army isn't just a mod on the normal IG troops, which is what he meant. The whole army is completly different.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:34 No.1442341
    This thread is full of dude and bitch! and I love you.

    What has /tg/ become?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:37 No.1442352
    We've got plenty of Fluff here;
    But we just need Allah (or someone who can get the font right)to make the pages. Myself, I am too lazy and personaly afanoftheprettymarines
    [/running like fuck]
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:37 No.1442357
    Months ago when somebody wanted to do a /tg/ themed army I suggested they do an Angry Marines one. Everybody got upset and said they would personally inflict violence on anyone they caught fielding said army.
    It is interesting to note how, with the application of effort and creation of content, the initial protests ring so hollow now.
    >> Sorcerer of Tzeentch !UNUZCBsleo 03/31/08(Mon)05:39 No.1442368
         File :1206956369.jpg-(236 KB, 566x442, 1205459294782.jpg)
    236 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:42 No.1442375
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)05:57 No.1442417
    Great, now write a Scary Marines Codex.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)06:00 No.1442421
    We are Anonymous, we do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    We are absolute assholes.
    Deal with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)06:13 No.1442449

    always scary, perhaps not all the time?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)06:15 No.1442453
    I hear you, I remember when the mention of GAR attracted more sages than not.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)06:17 No.1442456

    Always watching. Always.
    >> Sorcerer of Tzeentch !UNUZCBsleo 03/31/08(Mon)06:19 No.1442461
         File :1206958766.png-(2 KB, 100x100, hate.png)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)06:54 No.1442523
    I shall be using this, and I will field true-scale Angry Marines one day.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:13 No.1442762
    So, here's a question;
    If Angry Marines are non-heretical World Eaters
    And Pretty Marines are non-heretical Emperor's Children

    Do we need to start working on Booky and Shower Marines now?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:27 No.1442807
    In the name of irony I demand OCD Marines!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:28 No.1442813
    Wow, that grenade launcher has some range on it. I'd think it could only be used on a unit the tank is assaulting... erm... tank shocking.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:31 No.1442819
    We've got Adeptus Orthodonticus and Lazy Marines.

    We can figure something out, between those two.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:36 No.1442838

    if they are marines why are they called the 4th chanian regiment?
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)08:38 No.1442845
    My brother and I were discussing the Imperium's tanks, and how they were mostly derived from WWI tanks, but with lasers, thus I declared it to be kinda steampunk.

    So I now demand Steampunk Imperial Guard.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)08:48 No.1442881
    The 4th is the Guard Regiment.
    I'm just surprised no one has picked up on the private's name.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)08:54 No.1442901
    oh, we have, but we kinda expected it;it is an Angry Marines fic, after all...
    >> Fucking-Eldar !!gjdak/Oiv5D 03/31/08(Mon)08:56 No.1442907
    That cover fucking sucks...

    I told you to use the other one...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:25 No.1442971

    but it then says our chapter etc which just makes it not make any sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:32 No.1442985
    What? Space Marine planets don't get PDFs?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:34 No.1442988


    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:36 No.1442993
    >> Sorcerer of Tzeentch !UNUZCBsleo 03/31/08(Mon)09:46 No.1443014

    What? Space Marine codexes don't get .pdfs?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:48 No.1443021
    how does one not know how to pdf?
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)09:52 No.1443028

    yes they do, but they are independent from the any space marine chapter who have the planet as thier homeworld.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:01 No.1443064
    4/10 WW2 != steampunk
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:03 No.1443069

    try diesel punk
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:07 No.1443082
    change the cover, include more writefag stuff and fluff. mention things like the battlebarge. good start, have an internet.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:08 No.1443083
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)10:08 No.1443085

    WWI is not dieselpunk, it is during the end of the Victorian era, therefore, Steampunk; hell, there was even a steam-powered tank that was produced for the war. Don't tell me what's steampunk and waht's not...

    friggin fraggin whippersnappers with their hippity hop and their intertubes.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:10 No.1443092

    its the end of the Edwardian era not Victorian.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:13 No.1443102
    and you only took 3 days
    you won 20! internets my friend
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:13 No.1443104

    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:18 No.1443120
    True, well we can just swap out Regiment for Company.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:20 No.1443127
         File :1206973224.jpg-(175 KB, 800x600, 1164628700424.jpg)
    175 KB
    OP, You are the greatest man alive. I love you so fucking much right now, I can't feel my nuts. I am personally going to have to get MOAR marines to start this army, for lulz, and then repeatedly skullfuck enemies into submission with awesome powerfists of fuck you.

    There are so many opportunities for conversions.

    Also, Someone fuckin' archive this thread. This needs to be saved for future posterity. And so we can finally put to rest the need for an Angry Marine Codex.

    Now, onto something different. not Pretty Marines, but perhaps something like...

    Maybe stats for Macha and Taldeer, or LIVII, or some strange shit like that.

    Maybe Loli Carnifex.

    Just want to say again that OP is god. He fuckin' earned my bike.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:33 No.1443180
    Request interface
    thread id:1440633
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:34 No.1443182
    Oh, world war ONE
    Misread it as WWII. my bad. >>1443064 here.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:36 No.1443191
    Goto 4chanarchive.org

    >- Request Interface
    >- Go from there. 2 already. Need 5 total I believe. I'd like to be able to look back on this in case I lose it.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:40 No.1443206
    Looks like the thread's been archived now.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:40 No.1443207
    This thread is now godly.

    Thank you Anon. Prepare for Skullfuckanatus
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)10:41 No.1443211
         File :1206974462.jpg-(154 KB, 1280x1024, fuckyes.jpg)
    154 KB
    It's now on the archive.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)11:25 No.1443386
         File :1206977134.jpg-(117 KB, 905x927, MainCover.jpg)
    117 KB
    It is coming...

    - Sparkle Gland
    A mutation of the Occulobe, the Sparkle Gland increases the functionality of the eyes and tear ducts. When a Marine sheds tears, the liquid will provide rapid healing of any wound it touches. Additionally the pupils can cause minor forms of hypnotic phenomena in subjects looking directly into the Marine's eyes. The phenomena commonly manifest as increased glamour of the Marine or hallucinations of 'bubbles' or 'sparkles'.

    Enemies may not Counter-Attack any Pretty Marine, and they never gain the additional attack for charging. In addition, whenever a Pretty Marine suffers a wound, roll a d6. On a roll of 6, the wound is ignored. However, this wound still counts for the "We'll Be Fabulous" rule.


    Artificer armor: 15 Points
    Beauty honors: 15 Points
    Familiar (Librarian only): 10 Points
    Frag grenade: 1 Point
    Jump packs: 20 Points
    Krak grenades: 2 Points
    Master-crafted weapon*: 15 Points
    Melta bombs: 5 Points
    Mirror of data*: 2 Points
    Pretty seals*: 5 Points
    Sacred Rose: 5 Points
    Screaming Fangirl: 15 Points
    Space Marine bikes: 30 Points
    Teleport homer*: 5 Points
    Terminator armor (no weapons included): 25 Points

    I have alot more done, mind you. Started last night, coming along nicely.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)11:30 No.1443407
         File :1206977411.png-(22 KB, 640x518, WH40K (77).png)
    22 KB


    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)11:31 No.1443410
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)11:31 No.1443412
    Less Pretty Marines.

    MORE HELPFUL MARINES. Oldschool, biatch.
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)11:36 No.1443433
    I follow the rage, friend.

    Why don't the Angry Marines have a Psychic ability to hate people to death, anyway?
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)11:37 No.1443441
    its called Storm of the Emperors Wrath
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/31/08(Mon)11:40 No.1443454

    Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)11:45 No.1443475
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)11:52 No.1443495
    I love you /tg/
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)12:02 No.1443537
         File :1206979360.jpg-(341 KB, 1000x1000, Pretty_Marines_II_by_Jaekyu.jpg)
    341 KB
    Augrim Gorfist, Chapter Master of the Pretty Marines
    Augrim Gorfist] Pts 250 | WS 5 | BS 5 | S 4 | T 4 | W 5 | I 7 | A 6 | Ld 10 | Sv 2+

    Artificer Armor, Gilded Rose, Beauty Honors (Included in above profile), Thorn of the Pretty Marines, Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Pretty Seals, Sacred Rose, Throng of Screaming Fangirls

    Options: Augrim Gorfist may not select additional equipment from the Armory

    Independent Character: Temperus is an Independent Character, see pg 21 of the Space Marine Codex for more details.

    He's Fucking Pretty!: Augrim is subject to both "We'll Be Fabulous" and Sparkle Gland, as well as the other Pretty Marine special rules. However, such is his beauty and status amongst the Pretty Marines that his simply being on the field is an inspiration to them all. All Pretty Marines "We'll Be Fabulous" save is increased by 1, to a maximum of 2+, and they are all treated as being Fearless. However, should he ever fail his "We'll Be Fabulous" save then all Pretty Marines (including him) lose their "We'll Be Fabulous" save and have -2Ld for the next turn and -1Ld for the rest of the game as they recoil in shock.

    Thorn of the Pretty Marines: An amazingly styled weapon crafted by the Chapters finest artificers, the Thorn of the Pretty Marines is a long silver rapier ornately decorated with rose-like etchings. It functions as a master-crafted Power Rapier that can reroll to hit and to wound.

    Another preview before I go to work...
    >> Inquisitor G 03/31/08(Mon)12:03 No.1443545
    This will win
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)12:07 No.1443565
    Also, Angry Marines Devastators need a special ability called "TRUE Grit" which lets them use their Heavy Weapons as an Additional CCW in close combat.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)12:10 No.1443582

    I almost read that as Thongs of Screaming Fangirls.

    A pretty marine going into battle covered in panties.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)12:11 No.1443587

    my rage is so great, that even yelling would do it no honor... so I seethe, I seethe and wait for the day I can join the Blackened Brothers so that my rage can be expressed in the purest of forms: WAR.

    also: subtle troll is subtle
    >Independent Character: Temperus is an Independent Character, see pg 21 of the Space Marine Codex for more details
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)12:14 No.1443599
    Should be named Brother Hen-Tie.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)12:15 No.1443602

    Naah, I'm just jesting, but seriously, wtf?
    >> Nasdaq !3LrT5NRVks 03/31/08(Mon)12:16 No.1443609
         File :1206980199.jpg-(546 KB, 530x2200, Pretty_Marines_Comic___Horus_H(...).jpg)
    546 KB
    I must say I do enjoy your stuff, and respect you.

    But sometimes, you just HAVE to troll.

    See image...
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)12:20 No.1443624


    It's raining panties, hallelujah~!
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)12:40 No.1443695
    You are my hero!
    Emperor bless you!
    >> LobsterFist !5laMGKpsGU 03/31/08(Mon)12:44 No.1443713
         File :1206981876.jpg-(125 KB, 500x1160, 1201980912044.jpg)
    125 KB
    I wholeheartedly approve of this codex, Have an internet.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)13:01 No.1443777
         File :1206982871.jpg-(91 KB, 640x360, 1178255821072.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Semper Iratus 03/31/08(Mon)13:50 No.1443944
    I... I just can't rage enough. It is not physically possible for me to express the extent of my wrath.
    /r/ Preachy Marines, Loyalist Word Bearers.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)13:57 No.1443971
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)14:00 No.1443982

    Power wrench.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)14:01 No.1443984
    the ass tuner is a single relic. and even so it should read ass tuner and not power wrench if what you said were true. ASS TUNER.
    >> Allah !!/d8K0QcQ9P7 03/31/08(Mon)14:02 No.1443994
    we went over this:

    It is the Battle Wrench, the Power Wrench, and the Thunder Wrench: take your pic.

    it is not called the Ass Tuner, cause this was not written by Angry Marines, rather some Imperial scrivener, who is a mite more prudent when it come to language.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)16:19 No.1444736
    Bumping win.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/08(Mon)16:35 No.1444805
         File :1206995701.jpg-(116 KB, 800x800, angrypounder.jpg)
    116 KB
    Well, you made me actually like angry marines for the first time in a good while.

    Have some Pounder.

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