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    File :1206219812.gif-(29 KB, 235x324, nurglord.gif)
    29 KB Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:03 No.1383654  
    Continued from >>1383616 , due to the thread not getting bumped anymore.

    Nurgle could feel him. He felt his old friend in a new circumstance. Inside of him. "OOoohhh" Nurgle moaned in pleasure, as the throbbing berserk love, hate, and sorrow of the Khorne-posessed handle throbbed inside of him.

    Mary Sue toyed around with nurgle's cawk, and squeezed his balls. Then she made sure to pull on his pee-pee. Nurgle couldn't take it any more. He ejaculated until he was completely dry. Mary Sue made sure to be infront of him when it happened.

    She felt his PURE ENERGY all over her, she was almost drenched in the love of Nurgle. She set nurgle on his back, and they both squished together, the ejaculate forming a smooth jelly membrane inbetween both of them.

    A knock was heard at the door.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:04 No.1383658
    I load up /tg/ for the first time today and THIS is what I see at the top of the page.

    I am horrified.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:05 No.1383662
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:05 No.1383663
         File :1206219919.gif-(753 KB, 200x86, 1202619456152.gif)
    753 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:06 No.1383665


    Incidentally, how do you tell if you're bleeding internally from raging way, way too hard?
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:06 No.1383669
    Find the 1st thread, and your rage will know no bounds
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:11 No.1383685
    "Excuse me? Is anyone home?" A female? voice said as the door crept open.

    She saw it all. The spectacle of Mary Sue ontop of Nurgle, with the essence of Khorne in a handle inside of nurgle. "I... You... Nurgle... Chess..." She was dumbstruck, but immediatly changed her attitude. "YES, YOU ARE THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!"

    She ripped off her sensible clothing, revealing hot pink skin, with six breasts, all curving almost as perfectly as Mary Sue's. This was Slaanesh.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:18 No.1383699
    The tides have turned for Mary Sue. She was the Seme, but now the Uke, wedged inbetween her love-jellied Nurgle, from behind, and the new challenger at the front, Slaanesh.

    Slaanesh was grasping Mary Sue's breasts, her legs, and her arse with her six arms. Slaanesh's hair was grabbing and positioning Mary Sue to no end. Slaanesh opened her mouth, and her six tongues found their mark. One was a penis shaped tongue, and found its way into Mary Sue's mouth. two slight, forked tongues made their mark at Mary Sue's nipples, tantalising her with a sultry spiral of seduction. two of the longer tongues found their way to her Vagina, and the final one into her anus, intermingling with Nurgle's never-relenting cock.

    ( I feel bad. )
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:23 No.1383717
         File :1206221008.jpg-(8 KB, 177x162, 1202519936642.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:24 No.1383723
    Congrats on making a thread that has spanned for 24 hours and 10 minutes, OP.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:28 No.1383739
    And so you should.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:28 No.1383741
    In and out, inbetween, backwards, forwards, sideways, upside down. This was a ballet of pleasure. An Extacy Royale. The most pleasure and fun anyone in this gangbang has ever had, but it all had to stop eventaully. And stop it did, in a wonderous crescendo of PURE ENERGY, from everyone, flowing over everyone, into everyone's orifices, almost as a sentient orgasm.

    "Wow." Slaanesh said. "That was the best thing I have ever felt, Mary Sue. You are so supple, deliscious, and your endurance is unmatched. My forces are yours to use in your Galaxy Peace Goal. Please, have these twenty belts as a gift."

    Mary Sue stood up and got dressed, and added the twenty belts to her current costume, which is right now, a Dark Robe, Wings of Pure Energy, Leathery Daemon Wings, Katana-Scythe imbued with Dark Energy posessed by Khorne, and the newly added twenty belts.

    Mary Sue got back to her Capital Ship, and Fa'quen Au'Durh, her advisor, told her that the only thing standing left in her was was Terra. She had to convince them to join her, or else this mission would be a total failure.
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/22/08(Sat)17:29 No.1383748
    Tzeentch is wisely staying the fuck out of it, I see.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:30 No.1383753

    You SHOULD feel bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:31 No.1383759
    >in a wonderous crescendo of PURE ENERGY, from everyone, flowing over everyone, into everyone's orifices, almost as a sentient orgasm.

    So, PURE ENERGY == semen? This casts the entire story in an entirely different light.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:33 No.1383763
    Needs more chil raep traumas.
    >> Lazy DM V 03/22/08(Sat)17:33 No.1383765
    Of course the twist is that Mary Sue is Tzeentsch. Only, you know, the good half.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:35 No.1383771
         File :1206221724.png-(144 KB, 333x360, 1205648779238.png)
    144 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:39 No.1383784
    I expect that Mary Sue will do something that Tzeentch hadn't planned for.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:41 No.1383788
    But first, before getting to Terra, they have to go through Cadia. And to do that, they have to travel through the eye of terror. Sadly, Cadia was terribly scared of anything remotely not in Cadia...

    Only one thing could be done. Destroy Cadia. But Mary Sue didn't want that. She wanted everyone to be happy, to be peaceful. But her advisors advised, and her friends friended, and she convinced herself. The ends justifies the means.

    Her batallion emerged from the Eye of Terror, Cadia ready in the sights of her Glorious Rain. A battle was to be had.
    >> Abaddon 03/22/08(Sat)17:43 No.1383797
         File :1206222225.jpg-(76 KB, 500x613, Abaddon-fail.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 03/22/08(Sat)17:44 No.1383799
         File :1206222245.gif-(14 KB, 450x300, 1205969777857.gif)
    14 KB
    From the thumbnail that baby looked like a bloody fetus and the picture was a lot more "wat" worthy.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)17:53 No.1383848
    The entire force crashed into cadia at the same time.

    Guardsman fighting Marine, Guardsman fighting Marine WITH HORNS, Guardsman fighting Blind guardsman, Guardsman fighting Fire Warrior, and so on and so forth. An orgy of battle was happening, and Mary Sue was making her way to destroy each and every Pylon, cutting them in Half with one fell slice.

    Inside Cadian Headquarters...

    "NO!" Creed yelled, banging his fist on the table. "Our pylons are going down? One every HOW MANY MINUTES?? This is rediculous, I have to check this out."

    "I MUST DESTROY ADDITIONAL PYLONS" Khorne Katana-Scythe yelled, as Mary Sue cut pylon after pylon, Cadia's defense system waning after every pylon is destroy.

    A drop pod was flying towards Mary Sue. She aptly dodged out of the way at the last minute.

    The pod door opened...
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)17:55 No.1383857
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:01 No.1383874
    Spoiler: it's the MC.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:02 No.1383882
    Out climbed Ursarker Creed. Commander of the Cadians. He was wielding a Power Fist, and a Multipistol.

    "Who are you, and why are you doing this?"

    "I'm Mary Sue. I'm doing this because there is to much hate in the galaxy, and the only way to preserve the peace and love is by destorying this last stronghold."

    "You fool!" Ursarker charged towards Mary Sue...
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:02 No.1383883
    I don't even know shit about WH40B and this is making me ANGRY.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:08 No.1383909
    Mary Sue was startled. She put her palms together, and put them infront of her, and shot a Ki Blast of PURE ENERGY at Creed. He stopped in his tracks, dropping his power fist(?????).

    "You... You have no idea what you have done..." He pointed his Multipistol at Mary Sue, and fired.

    Out of sheer luck, one of the Multishots have hit Mary Sue in the eye, blinding her, and giving her a battle scar. She let the most pained scream you could ever imagine, echoing out through cadia. Everyone immediatly kneeled out of pain, this scream incapacitating them.

    A Warp Cloud loomed overhead.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:08 No.1383911

    OH YEAH!
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:17 No.1383963
    With a crack of thunder, abbadon stood infront of Mary Sue.

    "Hello, My dear Mary. I've heard much about you."

    "WHAT DO YOU WANT!? STAY AWAY FROM ME" She yelled defensively, walking backwards, struggling to keep her footing due to the adrenalin coursing through her system.

    "I don't want anything, Mary Sue. Only for you to FEEL THE PAIN THAT I HAVE FELT" Abbadon yelled, grabbing her forearms with his newly gifted Daemon arms, complete with Multilaser claws.

    And he ripped.

    He arms evaporated into whisps of pure energy, Mary Sue crying her eyes out.
    "AHAHAHAA!! This is the only victory I have ever gotten so far! And this feels... Perfect."

    The small stone from >>1381919 crackled into reality from the warp stone above...
    >> Balthazarr !!nwQQDePp11/ 03/22/08(Sat)18:20 No.1383988
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/22/08(Sat)18:24 No.1384010
    She's so Mary Sue she made Abaddon win. I shat atheist souls.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:25 No.1384014
    I haven't been paying attention to this, but I disapprove. Congratulations- you make LCB look good.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:25 No.1384015
    The small stone was getting chipped away further and further, until a round jewel was remaining. It shone for a moment, and its light closed, as if it was winking...

    The Eldar Artifact around Mary Sue's neck suddenly shone and almost exploded with a brilliant display of light and colour. Above, only one thing could be seen. A webway portal that a Dark Eldar Wych placed there opened, and a boulder, that upon closer inspection is completely wraithbone and other Eldar Psycho-plastics..

    It pierced into reality a shriek, and smashed into Mary Sue, taking Abbadon with her. The ball opened and swallowed Mary-Sue and Abbadon.

    "What's happening? This wasn't according to plan?" Abbadon screamed in horror.
    "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! I ONLY WANTED TO DO GOOD THINGS" Mary Sue howled as a banshee would. Inside the ball, horrid, although graceful instruments of pain unraveled, and the concert of agony bagan. Abbadon and Mary Sue were ground, diced, and peppered into one unrecognizable pulp.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:26 No.1384021

    >Abbadon and Mary Sue were ground, diced, and peppered into one unrecognizable pulp.

    The Emperor really does protect.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:27 No.1384030

    And nothing of value was lost.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:28 No.1384037
         File :1206224934.jpg-(225 KB, 700x609, failbaddon.jpg)
    225 KB
    ...Bad end?
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:30 No.1384044
    Good end.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:31 No.1384047
    It can't end like this. I refuse to let the fucking Dar Elfdar claim this victory.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:32 No.1384053
    Relax, a Mary Sue has to die just to ressurrect even more awesome than before.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:35 No.1384071
    Eldrad Ulthran's most devout prodige, Q'Sandria, rushed to this scene. He saw the stone, and stood under it, knowing what was to be done.

    The stone slowly drifted downward, and Q'Sandria drifted upwards. Q'Sandria's soulstone dislodged from his suit of Armour, and... somehow... inetermeshed with the aformentioned stone. The stone then lodged itself into Q'Sandria's armour, with a terrifying shock of heat emenating from the centre of this wonderous spectacle.

    As he landed, he looked extremely tired. His Companion, Plo'tninja , asked him if it was done.

    "I... am... Reborn..."
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)18:47 No.1384119
    And then I was a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:49 No.1384130
         File :1206226152.gif-(20 KB, 100x100, 1205715435544.gif)
    20 KB
    But see, with the merging of her and Abbafail, she will never be able to do anything right, ever.

    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:49 No.1384132
         File :1206226183.gif-(21 KB, 1000x1000, FUUUUUUUCK.gif)
    21 KB

    There can be no more words. I'm bowing out for the night.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:55 No.1384157
         File :1206226525.gif-(11 KB, 189x189, I dont fucking understand what(...).gif)
    11 KB
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/22/08(Sat)18:57 No.1384161
    We shall always remember your sacrifice. Even if we don't want to.

    oh shi-
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)18:58 No.1384165

    I'm hungry.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:01 No.1384186
    OP you pussy. Get back in here and finish this shit.
    >> sage Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:03 No.1384197
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:22 No.1384267
    The Mary Sue-ism levels have decreased quickly after the Nurgle-Slaanesh orgy. Must be fixed.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)19:36 No.1384324

    ( Ok fine, Just because you asked. )

    Eldrad saw everything. The Death-sphere of Kaela Mensha Pain, the warp storm, the cluster of every single race on Cadia. He knew exactly what to do.

    Everyone watched, dumbstruck at what happened, as Eldrad walked to the Death Sphere. "This will repair everything. The dreaded Mary Sue has been vanquished. I will return everything to the way it was before her coming[Except for one obvious thing. Myself being alive. Ho ho ho~!]"

    He levitated the remains of AbbaSue, or MaryBaddon, and construed the spell. PURE ENERGY tore at the fleshy clump, as Abbadon was restored, and time reversed as everything except Mary Sue was back to normal.

    Back at Alpha Legion HQ, Abbadon was so happy. "I have my arms back! My real arms! The only thing that Eldrad didn't forsee! I'm going to look outside and see what wonderous thing I will see." So Abbadon opened his window.

    The breeze swept inside, pushed Abbadon backwards and rolled his favourite marble off his desk. The marble travelled across the floor, and through some bizarre twist of chaos, it crawled up the chain link supporting the chandelier. Since the chandelier was perfectly balanced, this threw it out of whack completely. The chandelier fell over abbadon, cleanly cutting his arms off.

    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)19:38 No.1384329
    Look at my Email if you can't guess what happened.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:44 No.1384357
    What a dick
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:45 No.1384360
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:50 No.1384381
         File :1206229835.gif-(16 KB, 179x210, 180px-E-Eldrad-Ulthran_large.gif)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:51 No.1384384
    This entire story is a masterpiece of fail, win, Mary Sue, and AIDS.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:51 No.1384385

    In this restored universe, Mary never tried to conquer the universe, but instead works at a local diner on some small, out of the way Imperial planet. Sometimes lil' E and his friends comes in for milkshakes. Aunti Jubbly is constantly hit upon by Mary, but it always ends awkwardly.

    Also, I didn't RAGE a single time while reading through this. I feel like my soul lacks something.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:54 No.1384394
    This is because you're a NEWFAG son, and you would find Mary Sue an engaging character if she was drawn by a drawfaggot. Now go run along and play.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)19:54 No.1384396

    Not even the Khorne part?

    I thought it was guaranteed rage, despite being what the thread is about. Hell, -I- raged and I wrote the damn thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)19:59 No.1384413
    Quite, the opposite, I'm afraid. I can see why you would rage, but instead I just felt... sad.

    The only part that actually made me react in any was the Nurgle part, which made me lol.
    >> Shas'O Faiz !!oHNZ1QN/tbk 03/22/08(Sat)19:59 No.1384417

    Eldrad, I take back everything bad I ever said about you.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:01 No.1384420
    Same guy that has collection of HIGH-LAR-EE-US Kane/something retarded Slashfic screencaps.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)20:07 No.1384441

    That would explain it.
    >> Ragnarok !uzgdUZUI/I 03/22/08(Sat)20:07 No.1384442
    lol, did anyone save or archive the old thread?
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)20:08 No.1384447

    Yes. Yes they did.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:21 No.1384503

    Is... Is it over? Is it truly over? Can we go back to our labour-stores and dungeonments, safe from this hell-spawned abomination?
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)20:23 No.1384509
    It is over. You are safe.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:23 No.1384510
    You were right about the "lacking in execution."
    >> Ragnarok !uzgdUZUI/I 03/22/08(Sat)20:25 No.1384512
    Wasn't that just the end of her escapades in the 40k universe? We didn't finish describing what she wore and all that other stuff about her IIRC.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:26 No.1384516
    Deep in the Ulthwe craftworld, Eldrad simply grinned.
    "Silly Abaddon-no-baka."
    He paused for a moment. Hm. That was odd.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)20:26 No.1384518

    Oh right. Yes.

    She straightens her hair with a ghd
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:31 No.1384534
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/22/08(Sat)20:32 No.1384542
    OH GOD
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:37 No.1384561
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:37 No.1384562
    heh, perfect...
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:38 No.1384568
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:40 No.1384577
    Mary Sue is Kane?
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)20:48 No.1384623
         File :1206233332.gif-(63 KB, 103x83, Exploding-head.gif)
    63 KB
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/22/08(Sat)21:09 No.1384746
    No, no, Kane and Mary Sue have many differences. For instance, penises.
    >> Sorcerer of Tzeentch !UNUZCBsleo 03/22/08(Sat)21:34 No.1384900
         File :1206236094.jpg-(282 KB, 800x769, 1204783400264.jpg)
    282 KB

    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)21:37 No.1384907
         File :1206236228.jpg-(22 KB, 199x266, for instance WRONG.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)21:37 No.1384908

    Needs Lotus tit.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)21:44 No.1384951
    Oh, thank God... it's over. I followed the thread from it's start... I'm.. so ashamed...

    Now excuse me, I must go cry in a corner.

    And skullfuck myself with a chainsword.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/08(Sat)23:57 No.1385634
         File :1206244635.jpg-(59 KB, 600x450, lobsters.jpg)
    59 KB

    *shakes fist at OP*
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)00:01 No.1385660
    Hello Dantalion.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 03/23/08(Sun)00:20 No.1385767
         File :1206246029.jpg-(57 KB, 640x431, sunset6.jpg)
    57 KB
    I raged so hard, and then... I just stopped. I feel so calm, so content.

    I... I think I raged so hard that the sheer density of the anger caused it to implode itself out of existence.

    This was writing so horrific that it flipped right back around into the transcendental.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)00:26 No.1385802
    The abomination has been vanquished, but the forces of nerddom are still unbalanced. At the count of three, I want us all to rage the biggest nerd rage in existance. Who is with me?
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 03/23/08(Sun)00:29 No.1385829

    I can't. My rage has gone. I reread both threads, and nothing.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)00:30 No.1385831
         File :1206246614.jpg-(44 KB, 730x622, broken.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)00:31 No.1385839
    That is the unbalance then. This heresy has abosrbed all of our nerd rage. For the sake of the survival of /tg/... we must nerd rage like never before.
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)04:11 No.1387162
    >> Anonymous 03/23/08(Sun)04:13 No.1387170
    Holy fucking cheese, threads last a long damn time on /tg/.
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/23/08(Sun)04:16 No.1387187
    Im amazed at how... well I pulled this off.

    I'm very, very proud of you. NERDTRANSCENDANCE
    >> Clarence, Mage 03/23/08(Sun)04:20 No.1387201
    Holy shit.

    Nerdrage is the path to true happiness.

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