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    File :1205323057.jpg-(6 KB, 145x144, SealOfMetatron.jpg)
    6 KB Eclipsion Terrorguard, part 3 Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)07:57 No.1321750  
    So we hit autosage again.
    Thread #2 here >>1316306
    Original here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/1312058/

    let's discuss this to the end now. If someone has those fluff-compilations they promiced, please post.
    -Modelling the Eclipsion guard
    -Modelling/pictures of the named folks of Eclipsion (Starchild, Scipius, Scorpius, Apostatus)
    -Eclipsion Army list
    -Anything else we can think of.

    Let the nightmare continue
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)08:12 No.1321774
    Scipius, the Butcher of Eclipsion
    Broodlord 94 pts
    -Extended Carapace
    -Adrenal Glands
    -Toxin Sacs


    Inquisitor Lord (witch hunter)
    -Master Crafted Eviscerator
    -Inquisitoral Mandate
    3 Crusader Warriors / Combat Servitors
    3 Acolythes
    -Power Weapon + laspistol
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)08:22 No.1321795
    Did anyone do the Metatron Star yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)08:40 No.1321829
    Perhaps the flags should just use the normal Metatron Seal?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)08:59 No.1321878
         File :1205326760.jpg-(10 KB, 307x273, eclipsion.jpg)
    10 KB
    hay look i stuck chaos arrows on it. it took over 9000 seconds in paint.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)09:06 No.1321899
         File :1205327200.jpg-(37 KB, 500x500, Star of Metarton.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)09:08 No.1321907
    damn you for actually doing a good job.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)09:15 No.1321924
    the hole in the middle is... creepy...
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)11:28 No.1322354
    Ok, army maker here. I have compiled a small shopping list for what I need. please tell me what else should I add
    -Empire Flagellants (ripped robes for making comissars/cultists/pyramidheads)
    -Plastic Cadians
    -A Leman Russ or 2 (will be converted to look Malchadory)
    -Hellcannon of Chaos (for convertign with Baneblade to create a sufficiently chaosy super-heavy)
    -Obliterators (To be converted into True-scale Chaos Terminators)
    -Fantasy Ogres (for Nightmares)
    -Ursarkar Creed (for Scorpius)

    what else do I need?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)11:48 No.1322406
    >>1322354 obliterators as truescale terminators
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)11:57 No.1322438
         File :1205337438.jpg-(148 KB, 667x500, NightLordsDevastators.jpg)
    148 KB
    CSM + Fantasy Chaos Warriors for Truescale CSM.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)11:59 No.1322446
    It's like it was made to fit me!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)11:59 No.1322450
    /tg/ gets shit done... for 40k.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:00 No.1322455
    Don't do it!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:03 No.1322475
    can someoen get rid of the white fuzz and sharpen the edges a bit? some edges lack the beige lining.
    when the idea is this good, shit WILL get done.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:05 No.1322482

    Awesome obliterators there.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:22 No.1322566
    Holy crap I can imagine looking at big banners with that on them
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:28 No.1322595
    do want.
    So, all the marines will be truescale?
    Holy hell i do want!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:36 No.1322623
    A thought just came to me. the Starchild is 8 or 9. What if he survived for say, 5 more years and became a rebellious and disturbed teen?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:42 No.1322644
    The Word Bearers would probably kill him.
    Also it was already written that he was killed by Inquisitors and Eldar after the WB left the planet.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:49 No.1322673
    His death was never confirmed, it only stated that he went blind and feinted as the imperials and eldar stormed in.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)12:52 No.1322681
    and you think the starchild
    -survived the crossfire
    -was spared by the winner
    -was NOT put into a nullcell orbiting Saturn?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:00 No.1322704

    It was
    A) just an idea for an ending to a campaign setting, in case the Eclipsion Guard lost
    B) You think passing out would be the end of him?
    C) Um... I don't have a C
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:31 No.1322819
    I think we need more endings.
    -Chaos wins, Eclipsion Starchild grows up, gets worked on by Fabius and soem daemons, enter Nega-Emperor
    -Malleus wins, nullcell'd with research done on him for future projects
    -Hereticus wins, starchild is killed
    -Eldar win, ???
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:33 No.1322829
    >>1322819 Nega-Emperor
    Chaos won. CHAOS HAD TO WIN.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:34 No.1322843
    I wonder how Starchild and Little E would get along
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:38 No.1322862
    the point was discussed twice and the result was that they are friends, who occasionaly engage in psycic dues, but the starchild always loses.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:39 No.1322872
    /r/ late teens / early 20's chaos emperor
    >> LIBERATION! 03/12/08(Wed)13:40 No.1322880
    They would play in the park, and starchild's nightmares would go away, and even though he'd always be a little creepy, things would be good.

    This is purely because Little E is about as far from the GRIMDARK of the setting as someone can be, and everything he touches turns to gold.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:42 No.1322890
    I actually had this vision of the WB building some kind of special Dreadnought that would house both the Lord and the Starchild, sort of forging them into a single entity, granting the Starchilds powers directly to the WB lord.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:44 No.1322903
    well the Eclipsion Starchild is the very polar opposite as he is THE most GRIM DARK thing ever. Innocent kid. Victim of greed. Bringer of nightmares. Only hoping to have a normal happy life. Controled by chaos. Would-be damner of all life.
    Shit can't get more grimdark.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:49 No.1322941
         File :1205344171.jpg-(199 KB, 600x2765, Cathnought.jpg)
    199 KB
    Holy fuck.
    DO WANT.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:55 No.1322973
    perhaps they just weld the child into some cage chained to the lord?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)13:59 No.1322989
    His cat died.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:05 No.1323023
    dude. his PLANET died.
    cats included.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:07 No.1323026
    the shocker.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:15 No.1323061
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:18 No.1323077
    That kinda gives me a pirate+shoulder-parrot -vibe.
    not cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:27 No.1323132
    oh u
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:33 No.1323174
    -model of the Starchild exists
    -scorpius is Creed with a headswap
    -scipius would work best off a Fantasy flagellant with a messed-up marine helmet
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:45 No.1323244
    He wont age. Ever.

    In his mind, he is, and always will be a scared, lonely little boy.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:47 No.1323251
    Exactly, the Starchild is as much trapped inside his own dream as everyone else
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:48 No.1323255
    God damn this thread has sucked ass for 3 days in a row now.

    Okay, are you not aware that starchild is the name of a mutant mexican skull?

    Google it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:49 No.1323258
    Well that rules out the Word Bearers growing him up and training him to be a new Emperor.

    So, back to the plan about somehow fusing him with Apostatus.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:50 No.1323263
    also old fluff, read it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)14:57 No.1323295
    Is it jsut me or is the easiest way to distinguish the fluff-writers in these by looking at the names thay use?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:01 No.1323314
    one of them has a god damn obsession with ending every name in -us.
    try ending some in -on for a change.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:02 No.1323322
    No, seriously.

    The starchild skull.

    Plus you guys write silent hill like boll directed it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:08 No.1323344
    Oh? Can you give some examples?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:11 No.1323362

    OMG You mean the name occurs in more than one place? I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED

    Also, it's several people, and we're trying to make something that looks good on the tabletop, now if you don't like it please get out of our thread.

    Personally, I'm trying to envision Scipius as a model, got me digging through all my old stuff now.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:35 No.1323470
    OP/Guy who is making the models here

    My plan for him was as follows:
    -Take the torso of a plastic Empire Flagellant. Nice tattered robe + bare chest.
    -Cut off the feet and replace with Cadian boots
    -pose one arm to drag an Eviscerator, made from 2 chainswords (probably thr 2-sided chaos variant)
    -have the other arm (zombe sprue?) be sort of reaching out forward
    -build the head out of a hornless marine helmet and some strips of card to create a pseudo-pyramidhelmet
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:44 No.1323501
    same fag here, just thought of some Ogryns.
    -cover the face and neck-area with GS
    -cut eye, mouth and stretch-rip holes into it, kinda like the head had suddenly grown out of the neck
    -add dangling corpses on chains and ropes

    Result: Nightmare representing the sudden outburst of civilian-butchering violence that was the Eclipsion Civil War.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)15:53 No.1323541
    you are awesome and you should feel awesome.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:00 No.1323563
    don't do the zobie hand thing, instead, have the other arm hang limply on his side.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:02 No.1323568
    Is there any place thread 1 could be found?
    >> MonkeyToho 03/12/08(Wed)16:18 No.1323619
         File :1205353124.jpg-(41 KB, 500x500, 1205327200875.jpg)
    41 KB

    There was a hole here.

    But it's gone now.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:19 No.1323625
    OP post has archive link
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:27 No.1323658
    inb4 xom face.
    >> MonkeyToho 03/12/08(Wed)16:29 No.1323664
         File :1205353772.jpg-(7 KB, 196x196, 1203833927028.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:30 No.1323668
    wrong xom face
    >> MonkeyToho 03/12/08(Wed)16:32 No.1323682
         File :1205353963.jpg-(7 KB, 196x196, xomsad.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:33 No.1323694
    Sequence is win.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:35 No.1323705
         File :1205354144.jpg-(34 KB, 363x541, Lessercombo.jpg)
    34 KB
    Counts as Lesser Combo
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:44 No.1323754

    Why not use a beaky helmet? It would probably be easier to build a pyramid shape out of that.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:47 No.1323770
    Because he is making Pyramid Head.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)16:49 No.1323779
    Disregard, cocks.

    I meant to say that he ISN'T making Pyramid Head.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:19 No.1323898
         File :1205356783.png-(100 KB, 600x600, pyraexample.png)
    100 KB
    There are a LOT of bad pyramid-head fan pictures and what have you out there, and it's mostly because they don't actually reference ANY pictures or in-game shots and do it from memory.

    Do not be one of these people.

    In this picture I have compiled a list of my observations on proper Pyramid Head proportions and nuances:

    -There are five panes on the head. It's split down the back.
    -The front is flat if you're going for game Pyramid Head. The movie was an abject failure, don't patronize it.
    -The front is as long as twice the length of the wearer's torso. The back "point" ends a little past the mid shoulder.
    -There is a flat "ridge" that follows the bottom of the helmet, is not present on the back two panes.
    -The sideview angle of the top of the helmet is between 55 and 60 degrees, roughly.
    -Sometimes there is a "bump" on the left side plane. A thin tentacle attack can come out of there. It's incredibly rare for him to use this, so most people never notice it.
    -The first three fingers on his hands are fused together. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. This is a very subtle way for him to seem more monstrous and non-human.

    -Use a mix of blacks,browns and dark oranges with the red grime on his clothing. Everything is soiled and filthy in silent hill, it's not just blood.
    -The pyramid head should be a very dark red, and depending on the shot/angle, can be shiney. I have spotted a colored layer beneath the surface of the helmet move before. Scary shit.

    So, just a bunch of things to keep in mind. Since it's 40k, you obviously aren't obligated to pay attention to any of this, but it will make him look much closer to the original, and therefore more scary/intimidating in a Silent Hillish way if you do.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:38 No.1323948
    can i get a similar compilation of the 0rigins butcher? Scipius' looks are more based on that version of the pyramid.

    My other idea was just using a marine helmet thats kinda carved up and broken, like he jsut pulled it off some random bastard he mangled. There could be somm of his real head showing, but it'd be indistinguishable.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:41 No.1323961
    I have yet to actually play origins, so I'm pretty clueless as to butcher proportions. I spent about an hour taking down notes from the two dead pyramid heads after the second-to-last bossfight in SH2. If the butcher presents a similar opportunity, and seems worthy of such attention, I may do something similar.

    He seemed a little silly to me, though. It was like a helmet shoulderpad, from what I've seen so far.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:43 No.1323965
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:47 No.1323978
    The post was typed, drawn, and submitted before I
    checked the thread after >>1323770 was originally posted.

    Granted had I read the whole thread, I would've caught that, but whatever. It's still good to know.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)17:52 No.1323997
    pic of the butcher in
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)18:12 No.1324079
    HEy. So I read part of thread 1. I couldn't quite get through it since I'm at work.
    I got to the part about the commisar shrine/cross/scarecrows and the last bit about the guardsmen being torn apart by an unseen force:

    > The ripped apart idea is awesome. I think it'd be neater if it was by unseen forces, the guy just starts being torn to shreds.

    So I got to thinking. There's sort of a disconnect between the shrine and the tearing. In my mind, I pictured a momentary flaring of the eyes just before a barely perceptible shadow leaps out of the scarecrow and darts across at the offending guard. While the guard is being torn, there would be moments were this writhing shadowy form could be made out, each one with some sort of characteristic hinting to the commisar in his/her former life. the shadow would disperse after the deed is done.

    just my 2 cents anyways.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)18:13 No.1324085
    we added that when a guardman is torn apart, the scarecrowmissar's weapons get bloody.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:09 No.1324444
    I...I love you.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:12 No.1324465
    I STILL say someone needs to remove the white crap and fix the outer edges on it.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:18 No.1324500
    The tentacle thing works by stabbing into a guy's face, btw. Just for your information
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:41 No.1324637
    tentacle face rape?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:47 No.1324662
         File :1205365650.png-(248 KB, 400x600, 1205196326585.png)
    248 KB
    enjoy your Commicrosses. These fuckers scare the shit out of me. But keep up the good work; the Eclipsion Project is monumentally awesome and proves that for once, a homebrew chapter/regiment/group actually gets made
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:49 No.1324669
         File :1205365767.jpg-(143 KB, 929x609, 1205196070428.jpg)
    143 KB
    I'll see one art style and raise you another anon
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:51 No.1324681
         File :1205365903.jpg-(28 KB, 500x500, derp derp.jpg)
    28 KB

    Another 9000 seconds in MS paint
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:53 No.1324692

    Make a banner/badge set for DoW?

    You know, thinking on it, it could be a neat DoW mod.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:54 No.1324699

    >derp derp.jpg
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)19:59 No.1324732

    It'd be a huge undertaking.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:01 No.1324745

    Yeah, but since Soulstorm's the last expansion now, and it brings in a lot of new features, the moment someone gets the Dev tools working on it we could easily recreate a ton of the stuff.

    The only part I can't do anything for are modelling, animation, and textures. I'm decent with the coding and I can do voices.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:02 No.1324748
         File :1205366536.jpg-(88 KB, 639x687, deadguard.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:04 No.1324757
    Army maker here, I'm a former voiceactor so I can do them aswell if needed.
    Can't do shit on the modelling/animating though. sorry. I'm only picking up computer studies now that i'm out of High School.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:11 No.1324796
    It'd take BALLS OF STEEL to play an Eclipsion mod...
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:13 No.1324807

    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:16 No.1324825
    *distant sirens*
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:16 No.1324829

    Bring it on bitches I am biologically incapable of fear!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:17 No.1324834
         File :1205367448.jpg-(20 KB, 634x529, 1205222199990.jpg)
    20 KB
    O hey 'sup
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:18 No.1324841
         File :1205367512.jpg-(7 KB, 320x200, incubus.jpg)
    7 KB
    i hrd thr ws prty
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:18 No.1324846
         File :1205367538.jpg-(9 KB, 194x242, Eclipsion Butcher.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:20 No.1324860
         File :1205367652.png-(326 KB, 500x500, 1205193003295.png)
    326 KB
    All you shits get back in line
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:21 No.1324863
    Yep...times like this I'm glad for the brain damage.

    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:22 No.1324871
         File :1205367769.jpg-(232 KB, 1160x982, 1205267183618.jpg)
    232 KB
    I counter that with odd-shaped corridors and a boss-battle where the boss moves around a lot
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:24 No.1324877

    Fire while combat rolling.

    They can't hit a moving target!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:26 No.1324887
    also the floor is made of twisted metal grid and there is fire and spikes.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:26 No.1324892

    I counter that with enemies on all sides who simply wait for you to roll into them.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:27 No.1324897
         File :1205368041.jpg-(405 KB, 1160x982, 1205268640016.jpg)
    405 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:29 No.1324909
    Pull out the Jetpack! None of the things you planned can fly!

    (For reference:
    >>1324863 - Halo
    >>1324877 - Mass Effect
    This Post - Shadows of the Empire

    Also I think this is the best Idea for guardsmen Ive ever seen.)
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:36 No.1324941
         File :1205368606.png-(70 KB, 180x142, 180px-Rip_and_tear.png)
    70 KB
    One thing left to do then.

    On an unrelated note, does this army have anything that can fly (i.e. Gargoyles, etc)?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:48 No.1325000
         File :1205369329.jpg-(3 KB, 98x126, 1199653673364s.jpg)
    3 KB
    What ho, chaps? I had been reading this thread and decided that I simply MUST stop by and tell you people what a splendid job you've been doing here! Kudos to you all!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:52 No.1325020
    the term for "Nightmares" is wide.
    I guess some of them fly.
    Also Word Bearers get Raptors.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)20:58 No.1325052
    proper tactic for Silent Hill
    -run away
    -get cornered
    -empty ammo
    -take huge damage for using melee weapons
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)21:28 No.1325239
    There are some flying things in SH3 and the ghosts in SH4 can fly, except for that one blinky guy.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)21:39 No.1325306
         File :1205372356.jpg-(617 KB, 1648x1244, Pg68-69SH3Creature.jpg)
    617 KB
    2 flying critters in SH1, both more or less pterodactyls
    nothing in SH2 i think
    Pendulums in SH3, SCARY MOFOS.
    Ghosts in 4
    dunno about 0rigins and 5
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)21:51 No.1325393
         File :1205373063.jpg-(593 KB, 1648x1244, Pg48-49SH2Creature.jpg)
    593 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)21:55 No.1325442
         File :1205373354.jpg-(543 KB, 1648x1244, Pg26-27SH1Creature.jpg)
    543 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:02 No.1325489
    Seriously guys, am I the only one who thinks Orks need to make a cameo? For the WAAAAAGH!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:10 No.1325524
    *shudder* I hated Pendulums!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:11 No.1325533
    then you'd really hate working in a clock store
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:12 No.1325536
    Not really. The Orkz wouldn't be caught up in the nightmare, but the ground would probably start eating them.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:13 No.1325541
    I could see some boyz crashlanding on eclipsion on their way to a waaagh. I don't think orks would react to the... environment quite the way humans would, though. Heck, they might even settle down.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:28 No.1325602
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:43 No.1325666

    It's not the dying you should be worried about.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)22:51 No.1325697
    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)23:06 No.1325753
    You know what this means!

    >> Anonymous 03/12/08(Wed)23:39 No.1325892
    what would happen if necrons landed

    im imagining a staring contest for some reason
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)00:02 No.1325978
    Warp fucks up Necrons, unless there are Pariahs about, then they just get shot or something. Chaos >> Necrons
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)00:25 No.1326069
    negro what
    presence of pariahs = little kid's dream world is ripped apart until they leave
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)00:27 No.1326076
    Not ripped apart, but having large holes surrounding the pariahs at least.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)00:28 No.1326085
    but i would imagine the kid getting pretty upset if they came near him
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)00:42 No.1326171

    Near him? Fuck, he'd get pissed in general. Remember, they'd fuck up the dream, and there's nothing that matters more to him than the dream.

    Anyways, the "compling the story, fluff, and units" guy here. I've got a the story straightened out and a decent idea for a setting going, as well as a few units the round out their army list, and now I'm just putting it together into one clean package. However, I'm not exactly expert on 40k rules, so I'm going to need people who are to make what minor or major adjustments are needed so that army, and it's abilities, are balanced.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)01:01 No.1326239
    I'm also semi bad on the specific names for things like ships(both their given name and the make) or the order to destroy a planet, so those shall be missing or incorrectly named. I would be quite happy if people were to change those for me.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)01:46 No.1326395
         File :1205387195.jpg-(148 KB, 648x352, silenthillv_gamepro_dec1.jpg)
    148 KB
    Seems like this would make a great Dark Heresy on top of everything else.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)01:56 No.1326440
    o.o ...Very Yes, anon. Very fucking yes. I'm totally raping this thread and trying it with my group.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:25 No.1326585
    Something worth noting - We need a generic HQ type commander, or perhaps we could have the HQ element be completly optional?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:25 No.1326586
    ...what else do we need Illustrated for this?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:27 No.1326592

    We need dream version guard, nightmares, Inducted guard, the fog, scipius, and if /tg/ ends up enjoying them, the new units I've created myself.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:37 No.1326639

    So is there a condensed version with the solid ideas? Seriously tl;dr stuff here.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:45 No.1326673
    I thought someone was in the process of making a PDF for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:48 No.1326685
    Not a PDF, just a text file for now, but yes, I'm in the process. It'll have a full army choice list, though nothing more than ideas and concepts, rather than stats and points. I'll leave that to someone more capable.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)02:56 No.1326705
    So about the illustrations. Can someone give some description of the stuff that needs to be done?
    Also, pre-fall uniform for some amount of consistency in the look? Or has the standard infanty look been established?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)03:36 No.1326820

    I'm not going to make a pdf for such a rough draft, so no bitching.

    Anyways, I think the general agreement was that the uniforms would have been the stock IG stuff, since that'd have more impact than using a wierd uniform.

    And I forgot to talk about what needed pictures and what didn't in the text, but the Commissars have art, both of the generals do, and there's been a few of the messed up guard done, but beyond that there's not much.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)04:21 No.1326957

    And yea, lemmie know about anything to fix in the thread, if you would
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)04:28 No.1327002

    Commissars are advisor's. :|
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)04:32 No.1327014

    So noted.

    I think I made it pretty clear I've only got the most basic idea of how 40k works mechanically.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)04:43 No.1327049
         File :1205397825.jpg-(15 KB, 603x481, fog.jpg)
    15 KB
    Heh, it's fine I'm sure...anyways, a bit of scribbling here on my part.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)04:45 No.1327054

    Hey what's this... oh fuck. eyes. EYES
    >> Gentleman 03/13/08(Thu)04:48 No.1327062

    Needs moar size resolution AND definition.

    I do like the use of colour, this little scene has potential...
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:00 No.1327096
    One can only do so much with 15 minutes in a Oekaki/paintchat board.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:09 No.1327129
         File :1205399399.jpg-(19 KB, 177x200, Traitor_Guard01.jpg)
    19 KB
    Getting pretty late for me here and I have work in the morning, so here's a peek of what I have so far.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:13 No.1327141
    Good jorb. :|
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:22 No.1327162
    Very nice, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:48 No.1327218
    Right guys, OP/modelmaker here

    -Scipius. [Guy with a human-skin robe, some bits of cadian gear, a huge-ass eviscerator and a broken/plate-covered SM helmet. Ie, our Pyramid head]
    -Scorpius [We need a full-body pic of him. Looks luke Ursarkar creed, face found here >>1324871]
    -Some Nightmares [Monster-Ogryns and other silent-hilly mutants]
    -Dreamguard [Non-mutated, happy Eclipsion guys]
    -THE ECLIPSION STARCHILD [9 year old boy in robes, holding his fathers head]
    -Just some pics of the scenery. Fog and rust and blood.

    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:49 No.1327220
    -ravagers and swoopers could easily be represented by the old stats for Furies and Chaos Hounds, these rules are found in the 3.5 Chaos codex and Eye of Terror codex.
    -needs more chaos spawns
    -Heavy Support should have counts-as-carnifex -style uber nightmares/fused daemons
    -should have CSM as allies
    -Damned could count as old nurglings/ripper swarms/other swarm units?

    -Fear Aura has two possible forms: the slaanesh/necron one that puts a negative modifier on enemy LD and the more WFB style "LD check or be pinned/fall back/can't assault". If they get both (Fear aura and Terror aura?), the army tactic would be combining these to scare shit off the board.
    -The Fog rule should be that the Fog is always "in reserve" and arrives on a 4+/3+/2+/automatic. When the fog arrives, all units dead up to that point take a WBB roll. Some units could have WBB as an upgrade, for say +2pts per model. The fog also activates the Fear Auras but possibly fucks up all units BS? Also units with "monster" status could possibly Deepstrike as soon as the fog lands?
    [-]With these ideas I'd see that the Eclipsion guard plays as follows:
    -Turn 1-2: like a normal guard army. You get the usual BS and enough shooting to pump damage into the enemy
    -Turn 3-4: the fog probably arrives, tipping the army from shooting into fear and CC. With the fog in place, you can deepstike your monsters in at last, and start getting those terror-checks in.
    -Turn 5-6: most units should have reached CC now. If all is according to plan, most enemies will be fleeing off the board, leaving only fearless/High LD units to bash in CC with Nightmares and the surviving guard.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:51 No.1327223
    -THE FOG
    *From turn 2, roll D6. arrives on 4+/3+/2+/auto
    *Enforces Night Fight rules
    *Reduces all Eclipsion BS by 1 but adds WS by 1
    *Monster-units can deepstrike in now
    *Fear and Terror -auras activate
    *Units with WBB or FNP upgrades activate these
    *Reduces the LD of all enemies in LoS/Within 6"/12" by 1, cumulative
    *Fearless units are immune
    *All units that can draw LoS/Are within 6"/12" must take a LD check or flee away from the terror-causer
    *Fearless units are immune
    *Purchesable upgrades for Nightmares, Guard and a few other units
    *Activate ONLY AFTER THE FOG. WBB rolls are made on the turn the fog arrives for dead units. FNP has no effect before this.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)05:54 No.1327228

    This sounds like a total MONSTER fuck on the battlefield. Combines the best bits of Necrons, Chaos and IG = Fuck yeah unstoppable.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:00 No.1327242
    with half their shit stuck in reserve and BS 2.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:03 No.1327247
    not to mention anything with good LD or Fearless can rape them in the face.

    Without the fear shenaniganz, it's still just melee IG.
    With a few monsters.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:17 No.1327275
    i can see several drawbacks there too
    but I agree, looks cool and powerful.
    >> Dave Bowman 03/13/08(Thu)06:18 No.1327280
         File :1205403509.jpg-(21 KB, 400x267, bowman.jpg)
    21 KB
    My god... It's full of win!
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:35 No.1327315
    -Multiple deep-striking heavy combat units
    -Fear and Terror auras to sap enemy leadership and cause them to flee
    -capable of tying up and overwhelming the enemy with several combat units
    -good shooting on early turns, good combat on later ones

    -Fog-rule means that the army can't take many casualties early on and that units such as heavy weapon squards can be made redundant after the fog sets in
    -High-LD and Fearless enemies will suffer much less from the fear-effect and must be defeated with traditional methods.
    -As many units enter play solely via deepstrike, they can be vulnerable to shooting and/or counter-assault on the turn they arrive
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:45 No.1327347
    that seems balanced enough.
    Needs to be playtested though.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:50 No.1327352
    It all sounds really good. The army playstyle really seems to fit the whole fluff way they'd fight too, a bunch of monsters sending the troops into a panic, splitting them up and then butching them all in the chaos.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)06:52 No.1327355

    Anyways, fluff wise, as I've written them, I wrote the Damned troops as being specifically meant to die rather than provide any sort of meaningful purpose to the battle, but that's not exactly the best fitting with a table top game. Perhaps they could be served to tie up anything dangerous before the fog hits to prevent undue losses to the more valuable troops?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:08 No.1327384
    I vote for making them dirt-cheap swarms that have fear aura.
    They won't kill anything, but they WILL drop enemy LD and tie them up in meaningless combat agains several multi-wound swarms.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:13 No.1327399

    Sounds perfect.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:18 No.1327417
    So where should the LD drop cap?
    Or are you allowed to spam masses of fear-troops at the enemy to put them into LD 0 and then drop a terror-unit in the middle and watch the chaos?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:25 No.1327436
    probably should cap at max -5 ld.
    That way you can make Space marines as pansy as conscripts and coscripts just shit themselves and run.
    the Starchild should have some kind of psycic power that can obliterate enemy LD.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:26 No.1327437

    Perhaps. Or the stackability of the aura should be on units in such a way that a build like that would require specific troop choices. I mean, if you're getting your LD drop out of troop and fast attack choices and your terror out of elites, then with an IG setup you could pull at most a -9 LD(assuming each aura drops the LD by one) and you lose all of your Inducted troop choices that way. Given that even a guardsman has an LD of 7, it seems like the army would need to be far to focused on CC without any support at all to pull that off.

    Granted, I'm assuming all sorts of things I don't actually know here.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:34 No.1327443
    My suggestion to auras
    -hounds and furies
    -Greater Nightmares

    Tanks and CSM don't cause either.
    Viable tactics:
    -LD bomb. Huge minmax to drop enemy LD to 0 and then throw terror at them. No tanks no guns all melee final destination
    -Tanks and terminators. Mass guns and armour, no LD messing.
    -deep-strike force. lots of monsters, few guard
    -Guard force, very little deepstriking, much more stable as it does not rely on the Fog dropping in soon.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:38 No.1327448
    this sounds more variable and balanced than the necrons.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:38 No.1327449

    A heavy guard army that depends on a longer setup for the fog, so that they can lose a lot of their units and then hope that WBB rules roll well for them, getting them a good chunk of their army back after they've messed the other side up good.

    Lcuk sort of required, but I can imagine that after a bloodbath of four rounds you opponent would be highly pissed to watch you replace half the units he's killed and proceed to fuck him over in CC.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:39 No.1327450
    Also, most of these units, especially the monsters should be fearless themselves.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:40 No.1327451
    i think everything exept the CSM are fearless.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:42 No.1327452

    The monster guard wouldn't be, otherwise their Commissars are pointless.

    Unless the provide some other benefit.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:47 No.1327460
    Comissars make them fearless.
    Every turn they roll a D6, on a 1, the unit takes a single casalty as someone tries to flee.

    In Eclipsion guard, comissars are unit upgrades, not advisors.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:49 No.1327465
    I like the new Eclipsion Platoon.
    -can buy WBB
    -can buy FNP
    -can buy Fearless with a slight drawback
    It's like IG meets 'nids.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:56 No.1327480
    Is it just me or is Eclipsion the ultimate dick army.
    "And there we go, rolled that 3+"
    "So, what did you have in reserve?"
    "The fog. All my units just got FNP, WBB and I deepstriked a carnifex on your army"
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)07:59 No.1327487

    Silent Hill does tend to have that sort of effect on people, you know.

    But still, run as a campaign with the IG, SM and others attempting to retake the planets they've lost and eventually try and take the starchild himself on, and this would be awesome. Hell, as a RP campaign it'd be amazing.

    And if anyone does it online, I want fucking in.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:07 No.1327496

    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:08 No.1327498
    also note that Eclipsion Guardsmen cost about the same as Space marines.
    We need stats for the Starchild and that daemon-sanguinus that guards him
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:11 No.1327506

    I'm the "fluff/put it all together" guy, not the statting guy. Soon as he stats them then I'll be more than happy to shove it all in one spot.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:14 No.1327513

    Someone named the Word Bearer lord Apostatus and I really dislike that name, since it's so cliche and we already have enough of the -us people (what with Scipius and Scorpius being so damn similar and hard to tell apart, too). Suggestions on different names? I call Eckhart the Scion.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:19 No.1327525

    I'd give him something like "the Seeker" since he was the one who searched for, and found, the starchild. Perhaps it was a long term crusade of his, searching in the name of Tee to find child that would shake the empire at it's founding or something.

    As for name, no idea. I the similar sounding names for the generals is good though.

    Anyways, as the hero unit for the army, Scipius should possess both a beefed up Fear auta(perhaps -2 or even -3, depending on his cost) and a terror aura.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:28 No.1327537
    -us abusing naerfag here, sorry, Apostatus was the name of my WB lord long ago so I just stole it.
    Also on the topic of the similarity in names for Scipius and Scorpius, I was originaly going to make them twin brothers, but somewhere along the like scrapped that but forgot to change the names.

    I like Scion, as unremarkable as it sounds.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:32 No.1327541
         File :1205411571.jpg-(1.31 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_1571.jpg)
    1.31 MB
    Did some ask for a daemonic Sanguinus?
    Because I think someone asked for a daemonic Sanguinus.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:35 No.1327553

    Whoa. Reminds me of a William Blake painting.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:35 No.1327555
    /tg/ GETS SHIT DONE.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:37 No.1327559

    So the Lord ascended to demonhood when he found and unleashed the False Child? Cool.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:41 No.1327574
    nah, the lord is still a lord.
    the daemon is the Starchild's imaginary friend brought manifest by daemonic dickery.
    He appeared in a bit of fluff where Inquisitorial Stormtroopers infilteared the temple-palace of Eclipsion and met the child. HE also appeared in the BAD END fluff, but only as a note that he had been killed.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:41 No.1327576

    So, as a casual /tg/ lurker, just what the hell is the false star child? (apart from being a little boy projecting this nightmare reality). What are we talking about here, a beyond alpha unsane psyker? a significantly warp-touched child, a combination of both? or should I go read the accursed tl;dr fluff page?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:43 No.1327579
    Way to turn a cool idea for a chaos army into tl;dr faggotry.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:45 No.1327583
    When the child was still unborn, the pregnant mother was subject to a ritual where several alpha-level psykers comited ritual suicide to bind their souls to the child. It was a recreation of the ritual where the shamans of old created The Emperor.

    The child has nigh emperor-level powers, but with the psyche and body of a little kid, he is far from becoming a galaxy-conquering force. This is why the Word Bearers want to use him.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:46 No.1327589
    there is also the TL;DR version, this is more of the "lets make a variant codex / DoW mod" -thread.

    Tl;dr edition was just IG + CSM + Nids as an Apoc force, painted to look silent hilly.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:47 No.1327594

    It was an attempt by an overly ambitious governor under the sway of a radical Illuminati splinter group to create the Emperor's successor by fusing a bunch of psyker souls together in the vessel of a child.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:50 No.1327600
    Emperor level?

    Symbolic sage.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:53 No.1327607
    I'd like some fluff regarding the actual Eclipsion war, when the Word Bearers first arrived.

    I want to know what it was like before the nightmare, and how were the ending events as the Starchild was found.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)08:58 No.1327619

    No he's not freaking emperor level. He's an alpha, he has a lot of power since he was raised to control it, but he's far from the Emperor in power.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:00 No.1327623
    well you know, pseudo-emperor. He has the powers of several psykers but lacks the will or power to use all his power in a directed way. His power is almost absolutely used up to maintain the dream.

    I admit the word "emperor-level" was poorly used there.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:01 No.1327625

    That's a pretty cool idea, and i can see the child coming out horribly fucked up, but seriously, wouldn't doing something like that (or even the child itself) cause the warp to flood into realspace during the event, or whenever the child tries to do anything? (given he's relatively young and unlearned, unlike the apex twins who have been around for millenia). Also, how does one get not one, but several alpha level psykers onto the one planet without attracting the attention of most Ordo Malleus and Hereticus Inquisitors in the system?

    I mean, I love the idea to death; its fucking creepy and cool, but these are just some universe fluff issues that would / could arise to prevent this from happening. If anyone wants to show how it would work, I'm all for seeing it.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:02 No.1327627
    This thing rapes fluff in the ass.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:04 No.1327632
    I sort of see this as
    Starchild:"Lord Scion, guardman Jimes is drawing a kitty right now"
    Scion:"How.. nice"
    Starchild:"the kitty is next to a tree"
    Scion:"uh huh..."
    Starchild:"The tree has 286 visible leaves that he will draw in great detail and-"
    Starchild:"Shh... now he messed up. He'l have to start over..."
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:05 No.1327634

    The psykers that were gathered for the ritual were not alpha level. They were taken by Illuminati agents posing as Black Ship Inquisitors (or actually acting as such, having infiltrated the ships a long time ago). The Warp flood was exactly what turned Eclipsion into the nightmare world that it is now, and the reason it has taken this specific form is because it is focused on and emitted through the child. The very reason the Word Bearers came to the system was to use the child to open a gateway to the Eye of Terror. The Dark Apostle (the Seeker Lord) was the one that foresaw the birth of the child and has spent many years searching for him.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:08 No.1327639
    governor has null-cells under his palace, he obviosuly has Hereticus connections. The Alphas were his "prisoners" probably.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:09 No.1327641
    i lol'd
    then i creep'd out...
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:16 No.1327653
    You know, I'm not sure the Word Bearer Lord really even needs a name. Why not just call him "The Seeker Lord" and leave it at that?

    Also, I had this idea for the Starchild, just throwing this out there...why not have him carried around by his father's headless body while the Starchild carries the head around?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:18 No.1327659
    Your interpretation of the Starchild is syncing up with how I'd imagine Teatime from Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather." Good job on the "creepy" aspect.

    (Pronounced "Tay-ah-tim-eh," by the way.)
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:20 No.1327661
    you divided by zero somewhere there.
    also I always thought the head was there just so that the Word Bearer could pull off epic ventriloquism via it to tell the Starchild to do things?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:20 No.1327663
         File :1205414447.jpg-(3 KB, 150x150, hmph.jpg)
    3 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:21 No.1327665
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:24 No.1327675

    Too much corpse dickery. The head is good as it is, no need to overdo it.


    The governor himself was just a tool, wanting to exalt his name, make Eclipsion famous in the Imperium and gain power. The real instigator of the plan was a high-ranking Hereticus Inquisitor, member of the Illuminati and a radical believer in the Starchild cult. We can go with him escaping when things go south and returning with IG and Sisters to reclaim the child, or have him getting killed by the Word Bearers when they arrive.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:24 No.1327676
    This guy >>1327583 says they were alpha-level. Confirming or denying that point would be nice. I can dig the illuminati splinter cell infiltrating and 'acquiring' alpha's for imprisonment, like >>1327639 mentions, but they're going to need serious high-level inquisitor contacts for that. But, if in "Inquisitor " (Inquisitor Draco FTW, btw) a conclave of inquisitors can create the warp-hydra, I can see this happening.

    I can also dig the warp turning Eclipsion into a daemonworld. It's pretty much a given due to the ritual, so its good to see that happened.

    I can also see the Word Bearers having one hell of a use for the child.

    But, why hasn't the child been mindraped and killed by daemons and warp-predators a hundred times over by now? The Emperor, and other extremely powerful Psykers survive either because they can hide their psychic light, or they're anathema to the evil denziens of the warp (fuck yeah Emperor); this kid, however, is essentially a blazing magnesium pyre 300 m tall surrounding by an ocean of tiny candlelights. Daemons would be constantly trying to eat their way into his mind. And since he's essentially an open conduit to the warp, he has no way of guarding against this (his immaturity as a psyker also does not help here,) so shouldn't he be dead? Killed by the perils of the warp or possessed by a legion of daemons and essentially uncontrollable in any way?

    Sorry to be a complete arse, but I'm drinking.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:28 No.1327682

    Either he is already the demons, or he is used by the Word Bearers as a conduit to summon demons into the planet of Eclipsion into the bodies of crazy or dear guardsmen (or maybe even just materialize them out of thin air if his power is that strong). They are the chapter that fields the most daemons after all, so I figure they might get the mileage out of the boy by using him to bring a shitload of horrors out of the warp and THEN let a greater daemon manifest in his mind. Of course, there is that "imaginary friend" og his, too.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:32 No.1327694
    Pre-WB: the kid lived in a null-cell. He was sealed off from the Warp.

    Nightmare: Workd Bearers abuse this huge wapr-beacon by just pouring daemons out of the warp using the kid as a gate. Infact, this created so many daemons in such a short time, they bottlenecked and fused into undivided geater daemon equivelents. Cool, but unstable as fuck.
    Also the kids temple is still a null-cell. He is protected from possession by both that, and the Word Bearers that keep pointing better targets for the daemons.

    TL;DR: Starchild is in a nullcell guarded by Word Bearer sorcerors that tell daemons to not possess him.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:44 No.1327710

    Ok, sounds alright. Explanation might need a little polishing, but at least some people are thinking as to how this could happen within the 40K constraints.

    Continue with the mother-fucking creepy!
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:48 No.1327718
    The Imaginary Friend is probably the best showing that he can just vomit daemons out of his head if needed.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)09:57 No.1327731
    >>1327682 he is already the demons
    No Starchild, you ARE the daemons
    And then the starchild ascended to daemonhood.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:10 No.1327986
    That would be awesome. The kid is surrounded and starts crying, suddenly the walls start melting and Daemons start to sort of claw their way through.

    OH MAN! It should look like how the ghosts in SH4 sort of "teleport" into rooms. This gross rotten portal thing appears on walls.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:30 No.1328051
    Campaign end hooks:
    Star Child is captured: GOOD END +
    Star Child dies in the crossfire: GOOD END
    The Seeker flees with the Star Child: BAD END
    The Star Child's restraining sorceres are killed, Star Child ascend to daemonhood: VERY BAD END
    Tyranids fall, everyone dies: UFO END
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:34 No.1328069
    >>1328051 tyranids - UFO end
    Fuck, I lold.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:37 No.1328078

    * Star Child is captured by Inquisition and taken to Nemesis Tessera for utilization, escapes black ship and rampages across the galaxy. Joins up with Apex Twins to rape the Empire. VIOLATION END

    * Star Child is captured by the Illuminati that continue raising him as a successor to the Emperor. Subsequently killed by a Culexus. LAWFUL GOOD END

    * Star Child is captured by the Eldar, taken to the Black Library and is shown the secrets of fighting Chaos. Then thrown out of the craftworld on some obscure mission to get rid of Chaos influence for future Eldar benefit. ELDAR WHORE END
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:38 No.1328085
    Oops. I might be in trou
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:44 No.1328114
    I think letting the starchild into the black library would result in

    *Starchild is taken to Terra. Such a warp presence awakens the Emperor, PSYCIC DUEL OF APOCALYPTIC PROPORTIONS
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:47 No.1328132
    >*Starchild is taken to Terra. Such a warp presence awakens the Emperor, PSYCIC DUEL OF APOCALYPTIC PROPORTIONS

    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:57 No.1328182
    Starchild's presence awakens Emperor, Emperor's divine glory awakens the good in the Starchild and he raises him as his own, training him to control his powers for the good of the Imperium
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:58 No.1328190

    Starchild becomes Little E.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)11:59 No.1328195
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:00 No.1328197
    you just divided a falcon punch by zero.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:01 No.1328201
    The Universe DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW's in harmony as the Emperor of Mankind shows his fatherly side to the Starchild.

    Funnily enough, Starchild looks like Little E.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:02 No.1328206
    the starchild never was evil.
    the problem is that his power are being directed by a chaos lord.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:02 No.1328213
    Not only that, he can teach everybody WHY all the Imperium's technology works the way it does, allowing Imperial technology to advance for the first time in millenia.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:03 No.1328216
    this reminds me
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:03 No.1328219
    The Starchild's presence reawakens the Emperor.

    The Emporer stands up, and proceeds to take a piss for 20 years. Then he sits back down on his throne and goes to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:03 No.1328220
    He does? I don't think a picture of him has been made.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:04 No.1328230
    You are getting D'AWWW all over my GRIMDARK
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:06 No.1328238
    That was just the AWESOME D'AWWWWW END
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:06 No.1328239
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:07 No.1328247

    Gb2 eye of terror Seeker Lord.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:08 No.1328251

    I see no D'aww here. I see but one truth. And that truth is GRIM DARK.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:10 No.1328262
    I just want to say, this is definitely the fucking most awesome thing I've ever seen /tg/ done especially since it looks like this will actually be used as an army in a real game at one point. Fucking awesome /tg/, fucking awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:10 No.1328265
    "We'll need a resonance-focus cannon."
    "We don't make resonance-focus cannons."
    "No problem! Here's how to build one...
    >> Seeker Lord 03/13/08(Thu)12:11 No.1328266
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:14 No.1328276
    I'm anctiously waiting what will come of the plans to have a variant codex / DoW mod.
    Also I'd love to see more art.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:17 No.1328292
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:18 No.1328295

    DoW mod? What? Someone wants to make one?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:19 No.1328299
    There was talk of it in one of the other threads
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:21 No.1328311
    It'd be insanely epic.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:27 No.1328344
    a campaign of it would.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:37 No.1328397
    a game of Dark Heresy based on it would
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:38 No.1328403
    Anything utilizing this idea would be fuckwin awesome
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:38 No.1328407
    Just a note:
    Thread nearing 250 posts, we will need a 4th thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:39 No.1328418

    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:42 No.1328432
    Why don't we take a break from Eclipsion for a bit and start a new thread on Friday or something?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:42 No.1328435

    Oh yeah. It's all been getting a bit silly lately.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:44 No.1328438
    Well we don't really have any new ideas left we're really just waiting on compiler guy and stat guy to finish what they're doing
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:45 No.1328443
    ...Ecliosion has over 750 posts evoted to it already?
    ...holy shit i didn't think /tg/ would ever do something like this.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:47 No.1328449
    well, doing that adds to the risk of over 9000 posts of "SAGE FOR OLD" or "SAGE FOR WELCOME TO YESTERDAY"
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:52 No.1328472
    Let those idiots post that, I think the rest of us who have actually been contributing can remember Eclipsion after a day or so.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)12:58 No.1328511
    much truth there.
    I'd still like to see some from of compilation before this hits autosage.
    also archive.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)14:20 No.1328776
         File :1205432437.png-(273 KB, 400x600, 1205201236597.png)
    273 KB
    Oh wait! Before we just let this go, I just remembered this picture that no one else has really run with.

    Eclipsion Techpriests. I could see them in the background of an army, doing repetitive motions with rusty shattered equipment that don't seem to really have a purpose...until they start working.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)14:48 No.1328948


    For whatever reason I keep picturing in my mind a variation of that pic of Akira sitting on his throne. ...with a severed head in his lap.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)15:07 No.1329039
         File :1205435276.png-(208 KB, 400x600, 1205199960686.png)
    208 KB
    i like the idea. *scrape**scrape**scrape*

    Also once more for the Nightmare!
    >> Anonymous 03/13/08(Thu)15:09 No.1329044
    Congratulations ECLIPSION!
    3 threads in Autosage.

    Biggest thing since Stat Final Fantasy and Uberstadt in terms of threads used.

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