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    File :1204426797.jpg-(68 KB, 392x399, 1202193850285.jpg)
    68 KB Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)21:59 No.1260800  
    I need to ask your help on something, /tg/, but I need to give some backstory first. Some of my relatives have been staying in my house for a week and will be staying here for about a year as their house is being rebuilt. One of them is my nerdy cousin, a short and lanky fellow with long hair that reaches down to his calves for god knows what reason. A funny thing about him is that he's only 18 and he's already completed college with magna cum laude honors, which means he's the most hardcore academic nerd ever, to say the least. He spends all of his free time at home reading mathematics and science journals and jotting down calculations in his notebooks. He's just that into it.

    He's not a problem because he's quite shy, except for the fact that he absolutely loathes anything that's not "realistic". He doesn't watch television, watch movies, play video games, read books, or even browse the internet. He hates sci-fi because of how the science is all wrong and he hates fantasy because of how unrealistic magic and fantastic beasts are. Hell, he nerd rages over cartoons and anime because of how unrealistically drawn they are, and he even bitches whenever there's background music in shows because there's no such thing as timed music that magically plays itself in the air. (I learned all this from his mother, by the way.) I tested it by going into his room with my laptop playing Neverwinter Nights 2, and sure enough he began to rant about how magic and dragons can't be so, eventually breaking down into crying and screaming. His mother had to rush into the room to give him some pills, and she berated me afterwards for provoking him.

    This cousin of mine is really fascinating and pitiful at the same time. I'm a major D&D buff, so I'd like to try getting him even slightly interested in an RPG (doesn't have to be D&D). Is there any chance in doing this, and if so, how should I go about doing it? If you don't think it's possible, what should I do with the bastard?
    >> Dragoon !!td8L2Vy0XMe 03/01/08(Sat)22:01 No.1260811
    Nothing. Do nothing for him. Beat him perhaps, but nothing else.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:03 No.1260823
    Leave him alone.

    He sounds like an emotional and social train wreck. If he hated NWN2, he's going to go into a frothing rage by playing D&D.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:04 No.1260825
    Sounds like a severe autism case. You're better off not even bothering, it sounds like he'd be fairly shit at the creative end.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:05 No.1260834
    Do it, then post pics.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:06 No.1260840
    I'm not THAT mean. And I'm not posting pics of him.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:07 No.1260842
    >no such thing as timed music that magically plays itself in the air.

    Buy him an ipod
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:07 No.1260844
    dear lord.

    there is nothing you can do for him in this respect. besides, his mother berated you for "provoking" him when you walked into his presence with neverwinter nights. shes gonna be pissed when you go "O HAI CUZ, WANNA READ THIS MONSTER MANUAL?"
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:09 No.1260853
    Wow, sounds like your cousin is 'spergin hard.
    If he is an asspie, don't bother. His hatred of such things is due to overly-strong emotional attachments to the concept of reality, and aren't based in any kind of reason or logic. In fact, knowing that his Nerd Rage is unreasonable and extreme may just make him rage harder.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:09 No.1260856
    I don't think you have a cousin. Enjoy your autism and projection.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:10 No.1260860
    Does he ever wake up crying because his dreams aren't realistic enough for him?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:13 No.1260872
    I have autism, and I have an insanely strong aversion to mustard. I once had an especially vivid dream involving eating a whole jar of it, and woke up feeling like I was going to vomit.
    So yeah, probably.
    >> Usually Random 03/01/08(Sat)22:14 No.1260877
         File :1204427680.gif-(182 KB, 198x111, dispair.gif)
    182 KB
    The only thing I can think of is bring out games that may inspire math theory and point out all games are representations of math. Hell, why not ask him to help you make a game, he can do all the math stuff and you can do all the creative stuff.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:15 No.1260882
         File :1204427732.jpg-(30 KB, 512x510, Patchouli Koakuma What.jpg)
    30 KB
    Your cousin sounds like the ultimate poster boy for Asperger syndrome. Fuck, if he was teleported into a fantasy/sci-fi universe, his nerd raging would probably emit a gigantic Antimagic/Anti-Sci-Fi Technology Field and collapse the fabric of that universe through sheer disbelief.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:19 No.1260901
    Your cousin would make a terrible/awesome character for Mage:the Awakening.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:23 No.1260918
    That would suck if he brought along a little kid.

    "Why is it all dark now? Where'd the elves go?"

    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:24 No.1260922
    His Shadow name would be Buzzkill.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:26 No.1260938

    "Alright, you take 12 damage and.."

    "No I don't."


    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:32 No.1260975
    What's wrong with the internet? I mean besides games and stuff, interacting with people is both through the use of science and "real."

    Anon is real, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:35 No.1260993
    He sees an anime/cartoon/fantasy/sci-fi pic (extremely common on the internet) and NERD RAGES?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)22:59 No.1261092
    He would be a thousand times more terrifying in Changeling.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:10 No.1261179

    I bet porn makes him rage too because the orgasm "ISN'T REAAAAAAL!"
    >> A possible solution Capt. Blood !k4J4W.hKe. 03/01/08(Sat)23:15 No.1261224
         File :1204431352.png-(422 B, 88x20, Imaginary Answers.png)
    422 B
    If he is seriously into mathematical theory and hard science, he might be into "What if" situations, so long as they are presented carefully. Set up a scenario, with a set of assumptions as "Given," then work up from there. Do it right, and he might be able to handle some fantasy.
    note: when he points out that you can never depict the effects of various things in a game, remind him that the dice merely approximate the potential consequences, much like the laws of physics approximate what actually occurs in nature.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:19 No.1261247
    try a magic free and political Legend of the 5 rigns game...
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:19 No.1261248
         File :1204431592.jpg-(38 KB, 269x291, Kanako What.jpg)
    38 KB

    I would think that in order to get him even tolerant of a "fantasy" game like D&D, you'd have to make it no magic, no dragons, no gods, vaguely realistic medieval setting only, FINAL DESTINATION.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:34 No.1261326
    x = i
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:38 No.1261348
    I laughed really hard
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:39 No.1261349
         File :1204432751.jpg-(25 KB, 640x480, spoon2.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:40 No.1261354
         File :1204432834.jpg-(183 KB, 783x587, ShootaBoyz03.jpg)
    183 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:40 No.1261356
    Don't you have better things to do than troll your own retarded cousin? Leave that fucking ass pie alone.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:48 No.1261415

    Sounds like someone isn't going to be fairing very well after the Large Hadron Collider turns on.

    the possible results for me are:

    a - They find the god particle (the subatomic particle that assigns mass to all known matter)

    b - They don't find the god particle, and thus have to rewrite and rethink decades of physics.

    /b/ - Delicious caek. Each of the seven monitoring stations do an emergency shutdown when there's too much mass in their sections. Each one finds a delicious chocolate cake, the candles lit, and a little card next to it saying, "Lol, nice try. - God"

    c - Access or flood of a previously unknown energy source or contact with some weird beings. (superpowers or magic ftw)

    d - A jar of almonds
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:53 No.1261441
    Just you wait, Anon, he's going to be just like Einstein and Newton, only a social trainwreck.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:56 No.1261454

    Almonds? ALMONDS?! Surely you mean cashews, my good sir.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/08(Sat)23:58 No.1261470

    Super secret (not so secret in this case) option d is always a jar of almonds. No matter the situation.
    >> Eidolon !!x4UZsNRzxWG 03/02/08(Sun)00:03 No.1261498
    introduce your crazy genius cousin to the realistic experiences that only lsd can provide.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:08 No.1261515
    My readings (Philip K. Dick, Steven Aylett, Flann O'Brien et al) suggest that giving psychotropic drugs to someone that smart will solve the universal riddle and bring on the Eschaton.
    Or just be god damned hilarious.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:08 No.1261519
         File :1204434523.jpg-(124 KB, 1280x1024, hl2 2007-10-10 22-59-59-78.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:09 No.1261525
    you don't need the "only" qualifier there
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:12 No.1261539
    Tell him there's no such thing as a person who cares that much about realism. Prove it with the examples of other people, and watch him doubt if he exists. Done right, he will get sucked into the warp with a slight burping noise.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:16 No.1261559

    Looks like he just rolled a 9, followed by 75+ then a 100... bad luck that.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:19 No.1261581
    You could try starting him out on a more abstract game, like Spirit of the Century with the stupid skill system ripped out.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:32 No.1261638
         File :1204435970.gif-(21 KB, 271x412, reading-rainbow.gif)
    21 KB
    No imagination!?!?!
    Fuck that asspie piece of shit!
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:52 No.1261706
    Screw DnD. Give him a gaming system that so riddled in math, charts, variables and equations that he'll be too distracted from the setting and have fun with the convoluted numbers.

    It'd be like Rainman playing 2nd Ed

    "THAC0's -4, definatly, definatly -4."
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:53 No.1261709
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:54 No.1261712
         File :1204437282.png-(18 KB, 300x309, ANGER.png)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:55 No.1261713
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)00:55 No.1261717
         File :1204437317.jpg-(79 KB, 742x562, Squad broken.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)01:38 No.1261861
    They can with reading rainbows
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)01:44 No.1261892
    Introduce him to HYBRID RPG. He might actually COMPREHEND the thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)01:53 No.1261932
         File :1204440802.jpg-(276 KB, 1082x758, Cirno Laser Fixed.jpg)
    276 KB

    Good lord, I second this idea. Hell, he might have even been the one who wrote HYBRID!

    >Rule # 545: L is difficulty level on a 1d6 scale, which can be derived by changing C# @ C2 in the length equation in ft. for animals to C# @ C3 to compute college credit load @ some difficulty level @ a particular % grade: both being @ [{(C#)^2}/10]: result can be either {L^L} or/& a 2 dimensional array representing credits & X, latter X used to compute % or/and grade, by %, grade, = {100*(1 – 1/X)} @ Y credits, which this Y variable is NOT the same Y variable in next equation; but, credit 1 represents 1 course, which represents 1d6 courses, depending on how lucky or/& unlucky you are, may represent any # of your (other) attributes. Next, the L on top of the ratio, in algorithm below, is you, while L on the bottom of the ratio is your competition: this is similar to but isn’t a dy/dx, but is similar to it, where think of dx as a woman for the X chromosome, independent variable, and dy as a man, the dependent variable, as an analogy. So, then, when I say the following, I’m jumping a bit ahead of myself: X = {(# of credits)*(gpa)} = C3, which has accurate range of {(L/L)*X}, which is worst case scenario to {X^(L/L)}, which is best case scenario: this can also be viewed or/and restated (IN TERMS OF @ C2, in terms of # of credits, without taking gpa into account, per unit of time, which is usually per semester or/and per year) as X = 10^[{(Nd6)/(1d6)} – Y], where Y = 1d6 = level of interest in the subject matter, where higher the # for Y, the less interest in the subject matter, NOT referring to the female X chromosome, but getting back to what I was saying...
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)05:21 No.1262757
    >short and lanky fellow with long hair that reaches down to his calves
    Well... can he pass off for a trap?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)05:26 No.1262783
    Good lord. The man is either insane or it's all a massive joke.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)05:42 No.1262845
    To this day, no one has been able to find out which.

    HYBRID is like the ultimate UA plot, because you can see some bits of reasonable, conversational humanity in there, but not enough to get a bead on what he's so enthusiastic about.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)06:04 No.1262907
    Christ. What you need to do is get a Wiccan or someone who believes whole-heartedly that magic is real and lock her (usually a woman) in a room with your cousin. That would be brilliant.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)06:15 No.1262954
    Oh god.

    What if we had severe Asspie Orks? Instead of Red going faster, you have the enemy falling down because their shoulders are out of proportion.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)06:26 No.1262989

    >and sure enough he began to rant about how magic and dragons can't be so, eventually breaking down into crying and screaming. His mother had to rush into the room to give him some pills...

    Damn, this society is so fucking messed up. You don't give pills to someone like that, you talk to him, find out what his problem is and help him to get over it. Drugging him will only stunt his ability to deal with life. Why should pharmacology take the place of love and understanding?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)06:28 No.1262995
    Try a world of darkness game. it's the most realistic system i've found, but with a slightly mysterious and supernatural horror element.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)07:01 No.1263063
    Are you REALLY that fucking stupid, or are you just trolling?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:14 No.1263090

    I guess you would say that I'm really that stupid, as I am certainly not trolling. I don't see anything particularly stupid about what I said though, despite the apparent unpopularitiy on 4chan of love and respect for our fellow human beings.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)07:18 No.1263095
    Ok, I'm not really in the mood to go into details, but when someone is suffering from a mental condition THAT SEVERE, you would be doing them a grave disservice NOT to provide them medication to mediate that condition.

    I get where you're coming from and if they could invent a special hug that could eliminate mental illness that would be nifty. But we don't, so the best we can do right now is better living through chemistry.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:26 No.1263112
    You expect someone to try talking things out with that sort of person when
    A: that person is probably the smarter one
    B: they flip out immediately when you mention something that doesn't fit their belief set
    C: has probably been talked to to the point where their parents gave up non-medial hope in the first place and
    D: Accepts their problem to the point of avoiding things that set them off?

    They aren't some kid, that might be different. They're a full grown adult, graduated and everything. They've learned to deal as much as they can by now. Denying them the medicine would be inhumane and probably result in worse problems.

    18 year old.
    Flipping out over a video game.
    To the point of crying and screaming.

    ...he'd be right at home in /v/
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:34 No.1263141
    The kid's problem is that he's most likely a high-functioning autistic, which you can't actually treat without medication.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:37 No.1263149
    The proven effects of properly developed medication, tested over time are.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:38 No.1263152
         File :1204461507.jpg-(386 KB, 1024x768, Patchouli Sad.jpg)
    386 KB

    >high-functioning autistic

    I'd also say that he perfectly matches the supposed characteristics of Asperger syndrome.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)07:44 No.1263166
    Well shit, I guess they HAVE perfected a hug to cure mental illness then.

    My bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:45 No.1263168
    Give him a good bitchslap when he starts a tirade over bullshit.
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)07:46 No.1263172
    I am the same person who posted

    I will use the name 'VKV' for the duration of this discussion to minimize confusion.


    What mental condition? The condition of not knowing how to deal with things that bother him? There is no way that drugs could be of any actuall service to him in such a situation. I'm not an idiot who thinks that I could just give him a "special hug" and say "It'll all be ok" and suddenly he knows how to deal with life. I think that if someone were to be patient and discuss why inaccuracies bother him so greatly and how to deal with disturbing things that he, as an apparently brilliant, at least in certain ways, person could learn to develop a more mature way of reacting. Giveing him a sedative or ritalin or and 'anti-depressant' or whatever the drugs might be is not going to help him mature. It might shut him up so that his family doesn't have to pay any attention to him, but that's hardly worth the cost.

    No, I honestly don't expect his parents to do anything other than get frustrated and try to get salvation from a bottle. I was saying what should happen, not what will happen.

    >They aren't some kid, that might be different. They're a full grown adult, graduated and everything. They've learned to deal as much as they can by now. Denying them the medicine would be inhumane and probably result in worse problems.

    Nobody is too old to learn. I know how old he is, that doesn't mean that he magically stops maturing just because the government no longer considers him a minor. I do not belive he is completely incapable of learning how to deal with life better simply because he is eighteen years old, and has been to college. Medicine will accomplish nothing that respect and patience can't accomplish.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:49 No.1263180

    Indeed, if enough people do this, he'll eventually associate bitchslapping with overreacting and thus stop it.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)07:50 No.1263181
    > learn...belief...

    Ok, see, there's your problem right there. When you have a mental illness like that, it's not a matter of "learning" your way around it. Your brain physically isn't wired right. It's like expecting a paraplegic to "learn" to walk when the spinal cord is severed. The medication in this case is to simply calm down a particularly severe attack. If it helps any, think of it like someone taking an inhaler when they're having an asthma attack.

    As far as what you believe, well...I can't help you with that.
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)07:53 No.1263183

    >The proven effects of properly developed medication, tested over time are.

    And what proven effects of what drugs would be beneficial in this situation? Sure, you could probably get him to shut up, but that won't help the actuall problem of him not knowing how to deal with life. It's not like he has epilepsy, he just gets very upset about small things because he's emotionally immature, possibly due in large part to being very sheltered. Chemicals won't help that. If you have some study that says they will, show it to me and I'll tell you how it's wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)07:57 No.1263191
    >he just gets very upset about small things because he's emotionally immature, possibly due in large part to being very sheltered
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)08:01 No.1263202

    What mental illness??? The OP only told us that he's a mathematical genius who hates things that don't bear a strong enough resemblence to his conception of reality and gets very mad when confronted with them. I don't see how that's a sign of him being phyically ill. The medication is for the parents to not have to do their job, not to deal with an "attack" of immaturity. It's not like we have reason to think he would hurt someone if he isn't sedated.

    What makes you think that he is physically incapable of learning to deal with life? Just because he hasn't yet doesn't mean he can't;I think it probably just means that no one has taught him how and he hasn't figured it out on his own yet. That means he's as stupid in one way as he is smart in an other, but it doesn't mean he can't learn when properly taught.
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)08:02 No.1263204

    What evidence have we that he is autistic? I'm not a doctor but I see none.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:04 No.1263212

    Read it. It fits him exactly.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:07 No.1263222
         File :1204463267.jpg-(149 KB, 1024x768, Patchouli Pillow Read.jpg)
    149 KB

    >it doesn't mean he can't learn when properly taught.

    Look, autism and Aspergers don't work that way. You cannot "teach" someone suffering from either one of those to act normally. Like >>1263181 said, it's like trying to "teach" a paraplegic to walk even though his body just can't do it.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:09 No.1263227
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)08:10 No.1263229
    Ok, that's actually the closest you've come to a real argument you've made yet. At the risk of running into a circular argument, however, the op mentions that he does take pills for some mental issue, so it IS likely that it's something along the lines of Autism or Aspergers, if we're being given all the information.

    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)08:16 No.1263244

    I've read it before. That doesn't mean he's autistic to the degree that he can't learn things other than math and science.


    I see no reason to believe that. But as I am not a doctor and have no direct experience with people diagnosed with the "disorder" this thread of the disscusion has come to an end as it would simply be me saying "I think he can learn" and other people who don't know any more that me saying "I think he can't learn" and niether of us being able to back up our opinions with significant evidence.

    Still I think he would benefit greatly from someone patiently talking with him, learning what exactly it is that bothers him so much and discussing how and why he should control his emotions better.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)08:20 No.1263255
    Well no, see...I CAN back up my statements with significant evidence. I just choose not to because I'd rather alttab between this and youtube.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:23 No.1263261
    wow... ppl cut it the fuck out, i have aspergers
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)08:27 No.1263269

    Sure, sure. I don't really feel like extending this discussion much further either, as I don't expect anything of significant usefullness would be accomplished for our trouble.

    I'll just say this: correlation and causation are very different things and actuall cause in matters of human beings' behavior is very difficult if not impossible to determine. Drugs may be recorded as being associated with an apparent improvement in what a resercher thinks is a problem, but that doesn't mean that the drugs were really helping significantly with the actual problem, assuming there ever even was an actual problem.
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/02/08(Sun)08:32 No.1263277
    >What makes you think that he is physically incapable of learning to deal with life? Just because he hasn't yet doesn't mean he can't;I think it probably just means that no one has taught him how and he hasn't figured it out on his own yet. That means he's as stupid in one way as he is smart in an other, but it doesn't mean he can't learn when properly taught.

    You know, some autistic people have parents who actually try every method possible to help their kids, and don't just throw them to a doctor and load up on pills, right? And it doesn't work because, shock horror, like every other anon, namefag and tripfag has said, THEIR BRAINS DON'T WORK THAT WAY.
    >> VIRAL MARKETER FOR THE INTERNET 03/02/08(Sun)08:33 No.1263278
    look, I know. We all know. At this point it's just noise going back and forth.

    Lets just let it go and move on.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:36 No.1263281
         File :1204464977.gif-(205 KB, 698x4676, 1203510357434.gif)
    205 KB
    Have you been diagnosed for it? Are you taking medication for it? Or are you just using it as an out to avoid having to deal with people in a social setting?
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)08:36 No.1263283
    >You know, some autistic people have parents who actually try every method possible to help their kids, and don't just throw them to a doctor and load up on pills, right?

    I'm sure that's true.

    >And it doesn't work because, shock horror, like every other anon, namefag and tripfag has said, THEIR BRAINS DON'T WORK THAT WAY.

    I doubt that it never works. Their brains might have some fundamental differences, but I don't think that they are completely incapable of learning. And in the case the OP describes it seems quite certain that he would be able to learn under the right circumstances.
    >> parabolic000 !!HfL9M9xslOG 03/02/08(Sun)08:37 No.1263286
    because seriously. I have severe problems with social situations, but I don't even have Aspergers, let alone Autism.
    >> !Ep8pui8Vw2 !moot/UIi/o 03/02/08(Sun)08:49 No.1263320
    I'm sure there are occasionally people who have been misdiagnosed, and do improve socially with the non-drug treatments I've seen. That's why I said SOME, because there are certainly people who don't. Seriously, go speak to someone with an autistic kid, or a care worker, if you feel this strongly about it. Exposure will change your mind.

    Funny up til the 200 bucks bit, which is complete shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:55 No.1263339
    I was mostly just posting it for the corollary to rules 1-3.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)08:58 No.1263351
    I love that picture, for two reasons: 1. The guy who doesn't have the real job, actually looks happy. 2. They fail to understand that depression is a real and serious condition, most people who claim to have it don't, but when the case is genuine it is very much something worthy of immediate treatment, and no "sucking it up and getting on with life" is not the only step in fixing it.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)09:02 No.1263357
    Granted, but most people who say shit like that actually ARE faking it just so they don't have to make the effort of dealing with the world on a real level. I've known several people who suffered from clinical depression. They didn't actually admit it themselves, they were convinced to see a shrink who diagnosed them.
    >> Dragoon !!td8L2Vy0XMe 03/02/08(Sun)09:05 No.1263371
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)09:16 No.1263394
    Steps 5 and 6 are bullshit. Spending horrendous amounts of money on random women just makes you look creepy, no matter who you are.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)09:28 No.1263411
    ITT retards with no experience with medication act like they know anything.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)09:43 No.1263441
    This actually started good, despite the HURR MENTAL DISEASE NOT REAL, but then he screwed it up with the idiotic gift giving. Is this what 4channers actually believe? That you should give a ludicrously expensive gift once a month to get with a girl? As opposed to, shit I don't know, spend time with her?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)10:05 No.1263487


    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)10:07 No.1263490
    I don't know, man. Social communication is HARD. Bribery is fairly easy though if you don't mind treating women like whores.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)10:36 No.1263553
    >A funny thing about him is that he's only 18 and he's already completed college with magna cum laude honors
    Does he have a stupidly high IQ?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)10:45 No.1263572
    Seconding this question. Why the hell does he have long hair? For the record, I've seen some fatass nerds with long hair before who looked like hippies, but never a lanky nerd with long hair.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)10:45 No.1263573
    How do I stepped seven?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)11:43 No.1263751
    This troll is still being fed?

    If you have assburgers, STFU and GB2HUGBOX until you have a real fucking illness.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)12:57 No.1263963
    Glad to know you're so open-minded about the possibility of Aspergers being a real mental disorder. Anyway, age.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 03/02/08(Sun)13:00 No.1263974
         File :1204480828.jpg-(233 KB, 1024x787, 1203591358598.jpg)
    233 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)13:43 No.1264138
         File :1204483413.jpg-(43 KB, 600x449, 1192608089644.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)14:10 No.1264222
    Gods, why would you even bother doing anything for him? He sounds like a lost cause. He may be a scholarly genius, but anyone with that much aversion to imagination is dangerous. Seriously. Lock your doors when you sleep, or that last thing you'll see is him hovering over you with a scalpel crying that you've ruined him and that you should be punished for being an illogical fantasist that has no place in the real world.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)14:12 No.1264233
    So, right now he's interested in useful shit and you wanna turn him into a horrible wreck by hooking him on nerd shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/08(Sun)14:14 No.1264237
    Not to mention, with such a small amount of imagination, he's not very likely to make any decent discoveries or do anything of any value in the world of academics. Most discoveries take place during leisure time, while one is allowing the mind to roam around the land of imagination. He'll be lucky to even be able to expand on somebody else's theory with that sort of mental state.
    >> VKV 03/02/08(Sun)16:07 No.1264696

    That doesn't seem likely to me.

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