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  • File :1198304694.jpg-(607 KB, 1284x643, Team Ork.jpg)
    607 KB Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:24 No.925367  
    Gaurk Nazrek, Blood Axe warboss, stood quietly on the hill from which he had been observing the battle. Everything had been going according to 'Da Plan'; the Kommandos in their bright red and yellow cammo had managed to eliminate the 'umie sentries without raising an alarm, and it was only an unstifled belch that had given away their position to the Imperial Guardsman defending the bunker. Even so, the warning had come too late, and the boyz were moments from swarming the defenders under, when... those Beakies had appeared.

    Gaurk had been absent from the battlefield, coordinating the movements of his ladz via the use of looted comm units. Some Orks might find his use of 'umie equipment and 'taktiks' to be un-Orky, but that had never bothered Gaurk, as he had plenty of wins on his belt to prove himself 'arder than anyone else. His vantage had given him a clear view of the carnage that had followed. The black-armoured Beakies had appeared outa nowhere, and had started hacking his boyz to pieces. Even over the din of the battle and the howls of dismay coming from his comm units, Gaurk has noticed that all of the sounds were coming from his own ladz; the newcomers didn't make a sound, from the moment they appeared, to the moment they vanished, leaving the whole of his assault detachment dead.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:26 No.925369
    BAD END? Maybe they should wore some blue on that camo.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:27 No.925371
    His reminiscence was interrupted by the sound of gibbering behind him. A small mob of Madboyz had somehow escaped from where they were kept, and were bouncing around, fighting invisible opponents and making horrific faces at one another. Gaurk growled and pulled out his shoota to get some peace, when he noticed that they weren't making any other noises. The Madboyz acted out their little pantomime in almost total silence.

    The first seeds of a new plan began to grow in Gaurk's mind. He'd stolen weapons from the 'umies, and those dead 'ard Rhino trukks were sure useful... and the Kommandos had done well after he'd nicked the idea from one of his Nobz who was grumbling about them 'umie scouts... why not nick another idea from da Beakies?

    Gaurk walked over to his Rhino, enticing the Madboys to follow him. Now all he needed was a Mekboy and some time to train his new ladz...
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:28 No.925373
    "And then what happened?"

    The subject took a breath. "T-these other Orks appeared, Inquisitor."

    "Appeared. You mean they came over the hill, or emerged from hiding?"

    "N-no, Inquisitor. They appeared from thin air, like ghosts. They had painted their skins, all black and red. They charged toward our bunker the moment they saw us... the sounds..."

    "Yes, yes, they came at you howling like Orks always d-"

    "No, sir!" the subject interrupted. "That's what made them so terrifying! They didn't make a sound. They just came at us, their white faces distorted into horrid snarls, but silently. Those Orks... they weren't natural..."

    "Let me see if I understand this, then. Your outpost was overrun, and your men routed... by a group of phantom Orks?"

    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:32 No.925377
    points 12 ws 4 bs 2 s 3 t 4 w 1 i 2 a 2 ld 7 sv +6
    Mob: The mob consists of between 5 and 10 Orks.
    Weapons: Shootas.
    Options: Up to one model in the mob can be armed with either a Big Shoota at +8 pts, a Rokkit Launcha at +5 pts or a Burna at +6 points. The entire mob may be equipped with frag stikkbomz at +1 pts per model and/or krak stikkbomz at +2 pts per model.
    Tellyporta: Da Boyz uv da Damned use a custom-built tellyporta to appear unannounced on the battlefield. In every battle they use the special Deep Strike deployment rules, even if the mission does not normally allow troops to Deep Strike. However, the tellyporta is a bit unstable, so when rolling for deviation distance, the squad is lost in the warp on *any* doubles roll, not just on a roll of 2.
    Da Boyz uv da Damned may not be joined by an Independant Character, as most Nobz have better things to do.
    Dead 'ard: Da Boyz uv da Damned are recruited from among the ranks of the Madboyz, and have had their personas reinforced to such an extent that they truly believe they are the spectral warriors they are immitating. While they are not fearless, they do count as twice their number for any Mob checks that are taken. I.e. a squad of 3 Boyz will pass their Mob check on a roll of 6 or less. Boyz uv da Damned do not Mob Up with other units of Orks.
    Spooky: While their death imagery isn't nearly as frightening as the spectral icons of the true Legion of the Damned, da Boyz uv da Damned are an unsettling foe to face - Orks that attack in silence? Da Boyz uv da Damned will automatically win any 'Moral High Ground' roles, unless faced with a foe who has the same ability; then roll as normal.
    'Dey appeared wifout a sound': In imitation of the Legionnaires they are emulating, Da Boyz uv da Damned move across the battlefield in silence. Thus they do not receive any benefit from the Power of the Waaagh!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:32 No.925378
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:40 No.925385

    That is actually pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:48 No.925397

    True dat.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:49 No.925398
    Every Ork thread, someone posts that damn picture.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)01:55 No.925411
         File :1198306513.jpg-(505 KB, 800x1127, GROT_UPRISING_COMIC_Page_3_by_(...).jpg)
    505 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)02:00 No.925438
         File :1198306813.jpg-(217 KB, 900x720, Orks___Brawl___Coloured2_by_ta(...).jpg)
    217 KB
    Dey came from da blacknuss!
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)02:14 No.925515
    ... wow, is that a Geoff Darrow 40k drawing?
    >> Anonymous 12/22/07(Sat)02:19 No.925534
    Was that thing ever finished? It looked awesome.

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