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  • File :1197768042.jpg-(92 KB, 648x828, CthulhuTech.jpg)
    92 KB Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:20 No.905841  
    SO how about just a Cthulutech thread, is that okay mods? Can we talk about it? Or does that make you all butthurt too?
    Marked for deletion (old).
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:23 No.905842
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:24 No.905843
    No it doesn't make you all butthurt? Or does it still make you butthurt but you kind of like it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:26 No.905844
    what is it anyway
    lovecraft + scifi?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:28 No.905846
    Wow, where have you been? You've never seen all the VIRAL MARKETING?

    That's the sum of it, yeah. Mythos + Evas + Guyvers + Regular Mechs + All sorts of other cool shit. I'm sure someone can explain it better than I.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:31 No.905848
    I so want to try Ctech. I've been reading about it lately, Took a moment to get the taste for it, and I was filled with lovecraft doesn't work that way shit too

    But the more I think about it the more I like it. It's honestly easier to drag players into insanity with that type of setup then orthodox which poor DM's tend to "snap" players into it.

    It's sort of NGE and Lovecraft.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:34 No.905850
    ah, eva + lovecraft makes sense, I guess eva's a little lovecraft anyway... eva's basically are elder gods that have had tech slapped on them.

    and guyvers are just awesome

    what's the system like?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:39 No.905853

    Just from the sample I saw, it seems to be a D&D-y stat based D6 system. No idea if there are classes or whatnot.

    And yeah, Remember that NGE with the infection, and ended with 01 eating the other Eva? It's like that but with biological needle guns and skeleton breaking tentacles instead of guns and knives against crazy lovecraft-spellcasting shapeshifting guyvers
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:39 No.905854
    I scanned a picture today but the
    printer got jammed. Does anyone have updated
    drivers for a Compaq Inkjet 9001
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:39 No.905855
    I scanned a picture today but the
    printer got jammed. Does anyone have updated drivers for a Compaq Inkjet 9001?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:45 No.905860
    lulz probably already a scan on /rs/.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:45 No.905861
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:47 No.905862
    I have a scan.

    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:53 No.905865
    ok but seriously did the guys on Freechan finally finish their scan?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)20:56 No.905870

    Since the thread still exsists and says nothing of it, probably not.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)21:25 No.905885
    I honestly believe CthulhuTech would be a more realistic approach to the future of a Lovecraftian world. The truth is, I don't believe humanity is as fucked as Lovecraft makes it out, or that we would be simply extinguished that easily.

    If anything we'd have survivability of cockroach.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)22:47 No.905964

    It's d10 based, and you roll a number of dice equal to your skill. You can take the highest number, or you can look for matches (like 2+2+2, or 5+5), or look for serial matches (like 3+4+5, or 6+7+8).
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:16 No.905991

    From what I've seen, it's seems more like a "we may be as good as fucked, but we're still going to make you tentacled shitbags fight for every inch you claim, no matter the cost" situation, but yeah, I get what you mean.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:27 No.906002

    >eva's basically are elder gods that have had tech slapped on them


    >DURRR DUR DUR DURRRRRR I've never read any Lovecraft or played Call of Cthulhu DURRRR DURRR

    What is wrong with you Cthulhu Tech fags? EVAs are big nasty armoured mech demonspawn things, who have a propensity for going berserk and eating each other. Elder gods they are not. Elder gods are immortal, can remove humans from existence at will, or worse, (if they notice the humans at all), and some can comprehend all time and space.

    In other words, to kill one in Cthulhu Tech you would LIEK HAVE TO ROLE 10-10-10 ZOMG.

    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:27 No.906005
    >>905885 If anything we'd have survivability of cockroach.

    Odd way to put it since a race of super beetles replaces mankind some time down the line

    just ask those yith guys
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:37 No.906008

    You're the second guy to get that wrong. It's d10 based. Basically: >>905964

    There are also some neat little 'drama points' which let you fudge certain things like to-hit rolls (yours or the enemies). They're saying combat is very dynamic, but even given what we know I'll hold back judgement on that one.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:39 No.906011

    Oh please, like he'd even have any energy left for spinning after some of the shit Derleth try to shoehorn in to the mythos after he died.

    Hey chief, I don't suppose you've actually read the book yet, rather than basing your whole opinion on the vague guesses of other people who've yet to do anything more than browse through the developers forums and "it changes stuff, therefore it must be fucking terrible" NERD-RAGE! bullshit, have you?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:43 No.906013

    It's /tg/. It practically runs on ignorance and NERD RAGE.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:44 No.906015

    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:50 No.906022

    I'll read the book as soon as someone scans it up, chief. And then I will print it out, rip it up, piss on it, and summon a fucking dimensional shambler to remove it from this plane.

    This is all I need to know: fucking mechs fighting fucking larger Mythos creatures, with the chance of winning. Ridiculous.

    But feel free to let me know any redeeming points you think it has, so I can NERD RAGE more.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/07(Sat)23:55 No.906032
    Speaking as someone who HAS read through all of the devs' forums, AND has the book, they really didn't change any of Lovecraft's ideas. The Old Ones are still unknowable and all-powerful. Humanity is still fucked. There is still SAN-loss (or in this game, Insanity Points), and there's still lots of cosmic horror, only this time is through humans REALLY meddling with things they shouldn't.

    They just added stuff from other genres that might actually fit, because Japanese people do have a hard-on for Lovecraft (loltentacles.) You can't say it's against HPL's "vision" because the crazy bigot never envisioned we'd actually go to the moon or even create computers.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:08 No.906046


    Black people, Indians, eskimos, and hillbillies ARE degenerates! And most of 'em worship Cthulhu too.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:16 No.906048

    Yeah, as ridiculous as someone ramming a steam ship into Cthulhu and sending him back to sleep.

    Oh, wait!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:20 No.906049

    Don't forget Arabs, Jews, Spaniards, and those filthy poor.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:27 No.906052
    Not mechs vs mythos creatures, Mechs vs aliens and smaller mythos creatures along with deep ones.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:29 No.906054

    For some reason, that seems more plausible to me than MY WEEABOO MAGIC FIGHTAN MACHINE MECH SHOOTS CTHULHU WITH LAZERS. And it's certainly less gay. Why can't you all just admit that this is about as stupid as bringing Naruto, Harry Potter, and Mulder into your D&D campaign to help you kill Ichigo who is possessed by Sauron, who turns out to be Palpatine when you take off his armour? I mean, hey, if that kind of fanfiction cross-over bullshit is your fetish, go for it, but don't make out as if Lovecraft would be pleasantly surprised about this Wapanese crap.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:34 No.906059
    >ignore me, I have not read anything about the game than EVA and Guyver being influences, I know nothing of the opponents or mechanics of the game, let alone the storyline of the game

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:37 No.906065

    No, Lovecraft wouldn't be pleased with Ctech at all. But he also said that everyone was free to use his work as they saw fit and expand on it (just read his letters.)

    That's why Conan beat the crap out of Mythos critters, and that's why we now have guys in power armor fighting Deep Ones.

    Your NERD RAGE isn't getting you anywhere because you're a close-minded faggot.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:39 No.906066

    Now tell us where the bad RPG touched you...
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)00:39 No.906067

    >with the chance of winning. Ridiculous.

    facepalm.jpg You really don't get the setting do you?

    It is fucking respectful to his shit, The fucking real not Dereleth shit. It's even fucking more hopeless then normal CoC, it's only at the worlds end.

    The fucking concept is brilliant because you go in thinking you have a chance

    The concept is brilliant because after day one your characters will wish they were dead when they realise they are wearing the flesh of unnameable monsters and its eating them alive, when they deal with rogue agents who have cut off half their skull so they can't be fitted for a control mod that will stop them from going on a mad killing spree.

    It's filled with corperations trying to screw each other over being deadshit retarded beneath technophiles fighting against magicophiles beneath a three way war against all the "human" mindfuckery of mi-go, humans who have shit son, you done fucked up armies vs shapeless horrors of all sorts beneath the great old ones aren't plotting to come back - they aren't almost coming back - they are already getting their proverbial feet in the door of life.

    And it's all without some DM dumbass hurr your all insane I describe nothing I justify nothing the best you get is a save between being normal or insane and unplayable like it were binary.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:20 No.906122
    >>People in the future will have technology we don't, and will use it as best they can to delay their inevitable extinction for a little while longer. This makes me angry for some reason.
    Not exactly "fixed", but abbreviated.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:22 No.906124
    Going to 4chan when you hate "Wapanese" things is like going to the beach when you hate water and sand.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:23 No.906125

    Wait a minute, you think that a ship ramming a GIANT SQUID-FACED MONSTER is more plausible than mechs?

    When we actually HAVE humanoid robots that really exist?

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:27 No.906134
    WEABOO FIGHTAN ROBOTS and Lovecraftian horrors: what's not to love?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:29 No.906138
    File deleted.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:29 No.906139
    The absence of the word "rape" or a form thereof in that sentence.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:38 No.906155
    Why do people even think its some hurr my mech* fires a missile/laser** wrapped in the american/japanese*** flag into the heart of Cthulhu with no adverse affects to save the day****

    *It's about as mech as a Skaven is furry. It's replacing your flesh with leeches from the far realms

    **Poison needles, clawed tentacles and pustules filled with violently active metagenics

    ***Imperialistic regimes with self importance issues and denial who have no one left to even save

    ****Go insane after spending three weeks without sleep, forced by my horrible flesh suit to kill every creature I could find, feeling me tear their skin off and crush every organ in their bodies like they were Oreos without control, finding the closest thing to solice would be to let myself get taken by Mi-gos who might just destroy my brain
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:39 No.906157
    Book mentions deep one rape camps and there is a flaw called hentai genetalia.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:42 No.906161

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:43 No.906162
    The flaw probably fits more into /d/ territory
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:44 No.906164
    I know what's goin' on my Christmas list now.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:46 No.906168

    I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the flaw do and how much is it worth?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:47 No.906171

    After paying a quick visit to /d/, I think I can confidently say that Lovecraft has NOTHING on Japan.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:50 No.906173
         File :1197787825.jpg-(166 KB, 600x811, alice.jpg)
    166 KB
    because it is on 4chan and everything here is weeaboo even when it is not
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)01:59 No.906178

    ITT butthurt crossover fanfiction writers. Anyway, another thing that pisses me off about this RPG is the detail. From all the pictures and page examples I have seen, it seems that there is really a lot of detailed information available to players about the Mi-Go, Deep Ones, etc. One of the best things about CoC(K) was that in no campaign were the monsters every really explained- particularly not their technology or their motivations. Providing this kind of detail removes all of the mystery and thus the suspense and horror.

    When players in Call of Cthulhu encounter, say, a Deep One, they think "Oh Jesus shit Christ what the fuck is that eating my friend" and flee, or at best destroy or dispel it with some spell or magical item that permanently damages their stats and may drive them insane. (And to whoever said insanity was unplayable in CoC, only the most sever insanity, i.e. seeing Cthulhu, makes you crazy permanently, the rest is easily and enjoyably roleplayable).

    However, in CTech, it seems to me that players might just think, "Oh, another Deep One, I'll hop in my Engel weeaboo fightan hentai vagina and crit it with 10-10-10 or whatever spastic rolling system the game uses."

    And why the hell does it use that rolling system anyway?

    But hey, I would still try this game. Maybe it could be good, I don't know. Why don't you fanboys actually tell me some of the good points about the game, or some good experiences/ stories you have had with it? Or have none of you played it either?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:02 No.906180
    >>ITT I keep monologuing without actually responding to anyone about a book I haven't read, then criticize people for defending a book they haven't read. The endless spiral of irony because an inexhaustible source of power and elevates mankind to a new golden age.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:07 No.906185
    Well, isn't the point of the Lovecraft gods that they were essentially untouchable? That humans had no way or even a chance to fight or resist them? Wasn't the whole mythos about how humans are wretched, worthless creatures who are nothing more than a speck of dust in the entire universe?

    So isn't using robots to fight the gods completly counteractive to the entire mythos and point of the books, of the story itself?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:07 No.906186
    If you use mecha against Deep Ones, your commanding officer is Doing It Wrong.
    I'm still pretty confused about the rolling system too though.
    And I really hope for your sake you've never thumbed through Delta Green. Or is that an acceptable bastardization just because it isn't "weaboo" (like, you know, the very website you're on).
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:09 No.906189
    Point to the page where a mecha fights an actual Mythos god or a Great Old One.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:09 No.906190


    that one.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:11 No.906193
    not if the gods just swat away our most advanced technology which is just scraps of things we don't even understand. Then it is very much lovecraft.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:11 No.906194
    That's a Hustler centerfold. And a particularly good one. Well played, anonymous.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:12 No.906195

    Once again: you don't fight the gods in Ctech. You don't even have a chance against a larger monster like a Spawn unless you have an entire squad and serious sorcery with you.

    You're fighting against servitor races like the Deep Ones, or cults. The Mi-Go in Lovecraft's stories weren't that physically tough.

    And yes, humanity is still worthless and helpless against the gods. But even a bunch of old men were able to drive back a huge monster using a musty old tome. This is a future setting, where humanity knows .5%.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:13 No.906196
    which is why you don't hand the book to your fucking players, d10 because of the integrity system I believe and 10 is an easy number. Insanity is still there and still works, say a squad of soldiers on the front line, a veteran may see one of the deep ones and ask the guy next to him and pass the rocket launcher, while a greenhorn who hasn't seen one before will probably shit himself and gains some insanity points. Sanity goes to 10 npcdom for you, points tend to spiral without treatment, but points can be removed though therapy and medication. The game has three basic settings to choose from: the military, the engel program, and the Eldrich society.

    Military for frontline action against cultists and stuff, some mecha action.

    Engel program for people who have to put eva in everything,

    Eldrich society, for shadowrun-esque missions with a rival corp trying to bring another monstrosity into the world, guyver styled tearing shit up campaigns, research campaigns for new archanotech, and investigation campaigns.

    Key to all the events is the D-engine (think event horizon), which is a piece of arcaneotech invented by the founder of the ashcroft foundation before he went insane, D-engine pisses of the migo, migo engineer a new human breed to invade, give them fake history, new breed learns says fuck your shit. Migo invade, stars are almost right so the Esoteric Order of Dagon becomes more active, the chrysalis foundation causes the rapine (yellow, original term trademarked by chaosium) storm while researching more archanotech.

    and thats c-tech in a nutshell
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:16 No.906198

    Yeah Delta Green is CROSSING THE LINE a little too. But with a DM of average or above average intelligence it could be a good/ great setting. And at least in Delta Green the DM couldn't slip in Shinji or Asuka as a DMPC.


    Don't you know that 4chan relies on our NERD RAGE to power its dilithium crystals? If we stop ragin', it will go down again.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:16 No.906199

    >it seems that there is really a lot of detailed information available to players about the Mi-Go, Deep Ones, etc. One of the best things about CoC(K) was that in no campaign were the monsters every really explained- particularly not their technology or their motivations. Providing this kind of detail removes all of the mystery and thus the suspense and horror.

    We know nothing more then the barebones basics of where Deep ones are located, they are at the point were you could say they don't even exsist (though no one would, theres werider shit). Magic, we're dicking around with magic right out of the CoC books, everyone trying it takes sanity damage, do it enough and your insane, etc. Mi-go are right out of Lovecrafts idea, knowing about them makes it better. Seriously imagine it, you expect some advanced lasers, robots and slaves space invasion; you get Mi-go climbing into peoples brains rending cities apart in arcane tornadoes, creating a whole race of pawns to break humanity's legs with the intention of just flicking a killswitch when this was done.

    >When players in Call of Cthulhu encounter, say, a Deep One, they think "Oh Jesus shit Christ what the fuck is that eating my friend" and flee, or at best destroy or dispel it with some spell or magical item that permanently damages their stats and may drive them insane. (And to whoever said insanity was unplayable in CoC, only the most sever insanity, i.e. seeing Cthulhu, makes you crazy permanently, the rest is easily and enjoyably roleplayable).

    This is exactly what Ctech also does, empowering does not mean canceling horror, you'll see the same thing with players who realise that a shotgun works wonders on a Deep One when push comes to shove. Players are just as screwed and on the same insanity train as generic investigators they are just going about it in a deeper rout.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:16 No.906200

    Actually, a bunch of good points were brought up, like the really nasty ritual magic system, the fact that being an Engel pilot or a Tager makes you insane, or that the sanity system makes more sense than CoC's because it's closer to Unknown Armies.

    Instead of being thick-headed, you could've gone to rpg.net or the game's own forums and actually asked about the good and bad points of the game. Instead, you're just getting your ass handed to you by people who know more, and showing what an ignorant jackass you are.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:20 No.906207
    i think there are only two people in this thread
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:21 No.906210

    No, anonymous, you're the two people.

    And then anonymous was the crazy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:22 No.906211
    >>One of the best things about CoC(K) was that in no campaign were the monsters every really explained
    No, they weren't really explained in any campaign because they were spelled out pretty plain as day right there in the core rulebook. And that was fine. Written explanation just provides info the GM would otherwise have to fabricate. If you're running a game featuring Deep Ones, you're either gonna need to know what they can do, or be able to make it up.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:23 No.906213

    I don't think you're quite getting me.

    My point isn't that you can blast a Elder God with a rocket launcher all you want and it'll do nothing. The point was that humans were helpless in the face of the Elder Gods and their tools, they had no means to stand against them. Humans were just insects in the grand scheme of things, unable to do more than wallow in their own misery in the face of even the weakest of the Deep Ones.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:23 No.906214

    continued, 4chan seemed to die

    I love, I fucking LOVE the mythos to a frightening level and thought this shit would be terrible rape to my sacred god Lovecraft's vision. But I can't stress it enough the moment I looked into it, it sounded interesting. I just see it as being the exact same world as we would be in while playing Call of Cthulhu, but its the end - the sequel. 200 years later when even the toughest investigator has gone insane, enjoy the last few days where despite gross advancements in technology your still unsuccessfully lying to yourself if you think you have a chance.

    200 years later everyone's still fucked, investigators brought in shotguns are now tanks, the spells are now symbionts
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:24 No.906215
    To be fair, I've not been in many CoC games where people spent the entire game cringing and crying every time something reared its ugly bug-eyed head. There might be a little in the first instance, and some after every instance, but people are going to start mowing things down with tommyguns first. But since that's not "weaboo", that's fine. And nobody would logically hate weaboo more than someone who browses a site with adorable anime mascots in the banners and j-list ads.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:26 No.906220
    then run the damn campaign that way, its like saying in D&D humans should never win against a dragon, but they can because they could always do damage to it the book says so. If you want the game run that way put them in situations that will screw them over, don't know how long the group will play with you. If you don't want to touch bastardization of your Lovecraft lore don't look at it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:26 No.906221
    not fighting elder gods in ctech, cults, aliens, and monsters from yellow storm are what ctech involves
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:27 No.906223

    Well, the Eldritch society setting sounds pretty fun. But doesn't all that crap happening seem a bit much to you? Again, possibly the most important thing in Lovecraft's books, and Call of Cthulhu, is the sense not only of hopelessness but of utter cosmic insignifigance. Sure, the gods are out there, but aside from maybe Nyarly they don't notice humanity at all. Except maybe when someone makes the mistake of summoning one of them and is summarily devoured/ incinerated/ etc. Also, the best CoC adventures I have played are not the ones with big plots to call Cthulhu or Yog-Sothoth or whatever, but the smaller, investigative-style ones, with maybe a single relatively weak Mythos creature wreaking nasty havoc in a town or hotel or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:31 No.906227

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:33 No.906233

    If you'd been paying attention, it's already been pointed out that this is the same futile struggle, only this time with WEEABOO FIGHTAN ROBOTS
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:35 No.906238
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:36 No.906241
    You have to think of humanity as ants.

    You can kill billions of them with ease, but there are just to many too scattered to kill them all.

    If you stick your hand of flesh down an ant nest they'll quickly eat it off, we have nukes, rockets and guns and can kill creatures of flesh without too much difficulty if they make it easy for us.

    These are terrible misnomers but its the best I can pull out of my vocabulary. Just because the stars are right does not mean that every human drops dead on the spot, the great old ones come here and chillax on earth. We're "smart" enough, "Strong" enough and "Numerous" enough to put up enough of a fight to hold a line. We can cast their spells and use their weapons, and the game is fun because its effectively watching us play around with them, like giving cavemen guns. Seeing if we'll last a day before we kill ourselves in a fit of delicious horror.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:42 No.906254
    Not really, the yellow storm was the result of the Chrysalis corp being taken over by a cult called the children of chaos, the Esoteric Order of Dagon was pre-existing for a while, and the D-engine allowed a high degree of travel and colonization that the migo viewed humanity as a threat.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:45 No.906258
    Not really, huminity is still fucked proper, nukes are ineffective against the migo for the most part and humanity has been driven into small cities, some still exist in the apocalyptic wasteland, even so the shit really hasn't hit the fan yet as only smaller horrors are on the move.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:46 No.906260
    Humans only have self-preservation instincts in D&D? Huh. I must have missed that page.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)02:48 No.906264
    I'm inclined to quote (to the best of my memory) a summary of Delta Green that sounds kind of appropriate here: "It's about trying to piss out a forest fire with a bladder full of cold coffee, your dick in one hand and a loaded gun in the other with one bullet left for yourself."
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)03:30 No.906314

    Weren't the humans and the not-Drow now living in arcologies, and that 1/3 of the world was fucked up? Is the rest of the planet all post-apoc, because it sounded like there were still a lot of places intact.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:06 No.906389
    HEY. Hey hey hey. Quick question. Someone, I think the RPG.net review said that:

    >>Migo: Alien fungoid insects bent on returning humanity to a state of helplessness, trapped on Earth and no longer threatening their interests. One of the fun elements if that the Migou are just as terrified of the gods that the cults are trying to bring back as sensible people are.

    Is this true? Because that's awesome.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:08 No.906391

    Yes, it's true. The Migou are stuck in the war with the cults as much as the humans. If they make the wrong move, the flying space fungi are OMNOMNOMN'd.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:11 No.906392

    Awesome! How the hell are they stranded on earth though? They can fly through space, normally. Or was that not brought into Ctech at all.

    Do we (earth gov) have a tentative alliance with the Migo now? Or are they just another factor for us to deal with?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:14 No.906396

    They can still fly in space, but just for themselves. It's not like they can fly en masse from Yuggoth and bring all their shit with them. They need their hive ships to make their own mecha and better weapons, that's they they're on earth.

    If the Migou leave, the humans get uppity again and start making better spaceships, too.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:16 No.906402

    They arent stuck on earth, they live on Pluto and come here with their super but eclectic magic and tech.

    They are a third party in the 'war', They are fucked if the cults win and want to control the humans.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)05:16 No.906403

    And no, the NEG doesn't have any ties with the Migou. They're enemies.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)06:02 No.906441
    One day the mi-go were maxin and relaxin, having nigh-assraped Earth and performing delicious experiments when crazy ass extradimensional entities and giant monsters started popping up.

    Now, the Mi-Go aren't the kind to just get in the spaceship and leave, so those fuckers got into their bio-mecha and started kicking ass.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)10:06 No.906624
    File deleted.
    The nazzandi will help even if means taking their tops off and dancing.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)10:32 No.906661
    File deleted.
    i love how the description of the area of operation for the Deep Ones boils down to:

    You near water? Ok you're fucked.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)11:57 No.906789
    Have any of the actual "Gods" even noticed humanity for sure yet? The only one I've seen actually mentioned (in the timeline,which is what I have right now)as being on Earth is Hastur, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't said anything yet. Hastur's cultists are split in their methodology, with one blowing stuff up and the other infiltrating governments. They both think that they are doing what Hastur wishes, not because he's approved but because he hasn't said no. The Deep Ones have just been woken up, but haven't found anything yet.

    Everything so far seems to be in the "killable" part. Just because there are giant robots does not mean they are all powerful. Far from it, and to be honest, mankind doesn't even know how their greatest hopes work. The only reason they have a chance is because they have started using things beyond their comprehension.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:01 No.906795
    Everything so far seems to be in the "killable" part. Just because there are giant robots does not mean they are all powerful. Far from it, and to be honest, mankind doesn't even know how their greatest hopes work. The only reason they have a chance is because they have started using things beyond their comprehension.

    Yeah, that's the main theme of the game. The mechs are toys that're gonna get broken soon, even the best ones.

    And besides Hastur, Nyarlathotep is around, too...or one of his masks, is. He's running the Chrysalis Corporation.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:14 No.906805
    @That is until they build the next generation Super Fighting Robots, defeat the Migo, Build an ultimate space fleet, then go kill all the gods (next expansion, trufax)

    ...heh, if they did then the tears of the BAAAAAWWWWW'ing ElderGodfags would be delicious, take that O' cruel and hopeless Mythos-verse!
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:26 No.906818

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:29 No.906823
    . . .

    I am-
    And I have to ask, are you serious?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:30 No.906824

    "The premise is close. It's more like what humanity would do if it found about about the dark eldritch forces of the universe and had to survive in the face of an extinction level threat. As I said in the previous paragraph, avatars of both Hastur and Nyarlathotep are active in the setting. The key here is avatar. A being like an Old One is not bound to exist in only four dimensions like we are. Parts of its amazing power and multi-dimensional energy manifest in certain ways to exist in our world. No one in this part of the universe has the power to "kill" Hastur or Nyarlathotep, but taking out their avatars may be possible. Driving them away may be more plausible. And yes, humanity will at one point in the CthulhuTech story will have to face this very question."

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:32 No.906826
    Why is everyone


    In this thread


    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/07(Sun)12:36 No.906836

    What other Elder Gods are there exactly? Apparently the big C himself isn't quite awake yet, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that R'yhle (sp?) is back up.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:39 No.906839

    Depends on if you were. The setting seem quite unlikely to turn all "MAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINN GO!" To me, given that the current military needs extra equipment to control their current machines. To me the "Super Robot" type show makes me think more of GaoGaiGar and things like that. I'm still going off of the little information I can find, as I don't have the book (yet).


    Because it's a cold day in the North East, and when I say cold, I mean about 10 degrees farenheit inside.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:48 No.906845
    If the cold makes you that stupid, stop posting
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:51 No.906848

    I think that's about all they are talking about. According to the developers, things like Azathoth may be mentioned, but they aren't planned to really make an appearance. I think that R'lyeh is still sunken, but that the Deep Ones are looking for it. The only reason that humanity has even a small chance against Nyarly and Hastur is because the Migo are fighting them as well, and both of the present "Elder Gods" only have avatars on Earth. The avatars MIGHT just be killable, but no one's sure. Even if they are, humanity would have to find a way to defeat the alien menace, which currently would squash them if the Migo weren't busy fighting the cults as well.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)12:52 No.906850

    And miss all the fun? I think not.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:29 No.906997
    I'm not exactly clear on how the cults of the different Outer Gods and Great Old Ones interact. Do the Children Chaos cooperate with the Rapine Storm, or are they at cross purposes? Does the Esoteric Order of Dagon leave the Rapine Storm alone, or are cultists just as fucked as everyone else if they come near the coasts?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:32 No.906999
    No real alliances or wars between them, they are all mad and would likely react as if they encountered anyone else
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:34 No.907006
    >or are cultists just as fucked as everyone else if they come near the coasts?

    I see what you did there.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:40 No.907020

    Given that Rapine Storm cultists are utterly batshit, they might not mind a bit of DO RAEP.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:44 No.907029

    Goddamn it. Where is that pic of "Imminent DO rape!" from the promotional video when you need it?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:53 No.907054
    File deleted.
    This one?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)14:57 No.907065

    I believe those are Dhohanoids. The pic I'm referring to has Deep Ones rising from water, heading for a beach with several women chained to some rocks.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)15:15 No.907101
    File deleted.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)15:23 No.907117

    The Japanese and Deep Ones appear to have certain traits in common.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)15:46 No.907161

    My hypothesis?

    They are the Deep ones.

    [And then Anonymous was insane]
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)15:49 No.907172
         File :1197838195.jpg-(327 KB, 882x1247, 1197596599095.jpg)
    327 KB
    Needs halp fa/tg/uts.
    I don't want it to be known to the public that they are fighting zomg aliens but I can't think of any reason the guvment would hold that back, since it would be a great way to keep people in check and get fresh recruits. Halp!
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)15:51 No.907178
    File deleted.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)15:52 No.907183
         File :1197838345.jpg-(34 KB, 480x600, 1189608009669.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)15:52 No.907185

    Set it early in the invasion? Give the PCs prototypes instead of the actual real-deal? That way they get clunky equipment that hasn't been fully field tested AND are in the dark about what horrors they'll face!
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)15:53 No.907187
         File :1197838390.jpg-(286 KB, 850x574, dome_creatures.jpg)
    286 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)15:54 No.907192

    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:02 No.907209
         File :1197838921.jpg-(56 KB, 700x494, 1197127365239.jpg)
    56 KB
    Sounds juicy, but still no real reason for the NEG not to say "People...we are under attack. By aliens."
    People might be incredulous (until they witness and attack of course) but it would make them fight a lot harder, complain less about their (lack of) liberties and, most importantly, get a lot of fresh recruits. People are much more willing to fight 'demons' than other humans.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:04 No.907214
    File deleted.
    Keine annung.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:05 No.907216
    This guy never ceases to amaze me.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:07 No.907217
    Phew. Keine annung looks pretty swell.


    Well it can be during the formation of the NEG - the current governments not under its umbrella are in turmoil and are binding the nascent NEG to secrecy, which will EVENTUALLY be overturned, but not quite yet.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:08 No.907219

    Can you give me a site link? Google keeps giving me this punk band.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:25 No.907244
         File :1197840345.jpg-(684 KB, 1500x950, 1196971299367.jpg)
    684 KB
    Indeed. His art is faptastic.

    You'll be surprised how many of the images you'll recognize from post-apoc image threads if you haven't seen the gallery yet.

    lulz. Keine annung is German for ¯\(º_o)/¯

    Hmmm. So the people still live in normal countries? It could work. Still, if tomorrow your government told you "hey, we're joining with every other nation, ok? ok." you wouldn't be too happy I'd think.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:33 No.907258
         File :1197840832.jpg-(339 KB, 1024x780, 1196971457996.jpg)
    339 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:37 No.907261

    Before 2050, there were still some countries who didn't want to join the New UN...mostly China and the Middle East.

    When 2059, everyone was in because the D-Engine had replaced fossil fuels, and no one wanted to be left out in the cold. That's when the NEG was formed. After that, there aren't any "countries" per se. The NEG treats countries like states, and states/provinces/etc. like oversized cities and neighborhoods.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:49 No.907282
         File :1197841795.jpg-(190 KB, 741x500, 1196970798448.jpg)
    190 KB
    So...they have no choice. And the NEG/old countries don't want mass hysteria so they tell everyone to shut up about it. Sounds good. Thanks.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:51 No.907285
         File :1197841900.jpg-(117 KB, 1000x842, 1195736669984.jpg)
    117 KB
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)16:52 No.907289
         File :1197841934.jpg-(198 KB, 1310x634, 1195682514846.jpg)
    198 KB
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)16:52 No.907290

    What in the hell...? NIPPLEKNEE.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:54 No.907294

    >>lulz. Keine annung is German for ¯\(º_o)/¯

    Whoops. My mistake.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:54 No.907295
    Brix shat
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:55 No.907297

    Caption: Cthulu destroys his mortal enemy before the invasion.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)16:58 No.907306

    They didn't have a choice because the Nazzadi attacked, that's when everyone joined. The NEG wouldn't have cared if there'd been peace, but they needed all the manpower, and China and the Middle-East didn't want to be the first to get wiped out.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:02 No.907315
         File :1197842539.jpg-(630 KB, 1130x1652, Darktown_Cover_by_alexiuss.jpg)
    630 KB
    Ack, it's a Zoner!
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:05 No.907323
         File :1197842724.jpg-(134 KB, 583x700, 1195665665090.jpg)
    134 KB
    I see what you did there.
    That's a good reason. As you can probably tell, my copy didn't arrive yet. I'm just piecing together the information I read on forums.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:08 No.907330
         File :1197842928.jpg-(103 KB, 610x907, 1189158681900.jpg)
    103 KB
    There's a lot more art posted related in this thread by the way:http://cthulhutech.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=97
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:11 No.907339
         File :1197843106.jpg-(329 KB, 700x990, 1190155740336.jpg)
    329 KB
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:14 No.907346
         File :1197843294.jpg-(137 KB, 733x1200, 1191178228994.jpg)
    137 KB
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)17:16 No.907351
    Regardless of the merits of C-Tech, the art in this thread is win.

    I asked this back on Freechan, but are there any reviews of the system out yet? There was a large RPGNet discussion thread but it got sidetracked by a single mention of rape camps and a really bizarre flaw about "Tainted" (demon-touched) that included "hentai genitalia" (literally) as one of the potential physical manifestations of being "Tainted."

    tl;dr is there a review or just 60-page discussion threads?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:21 No.907361
    There's a review here. Rape is again mentioned, but not fixated on.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:31 No.907377
    File deleted.
    Yeah, rpg.net has a thing for rape. An entire thread about poison'd (a game about real pirates, the kind that kill and steal and rape, as opposed to charming swashbucklers) ended up with people whining about how there should be no rape in games.
    But if you skip a few pages it goes back on track again. Kinda. There's also ctech's own forum.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:47 No.907409
    Yeah, they were trying to justify how they wanted no rape at all in games even background but murder is fine. They were saying stuff like "Murder is done out of spite but rape is done for fun which means it's innapropiate for a game" which of course ignores the fact that most rape isn't done for fun, and the fact that some murder (especially in fictional settings) is done for fun.

    lol at people not wanting to admit their more off put by rape then murder
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:52 No.907420
    funny thing about the rape discussion in c-tech, the idea of deep one rape was in the Shadow over Innsmouth, then appeared multiple times in later works by other authors in the CoC setting.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:54 No.907428
    Are there Chtonians in C-Tech?
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)17:57 No.907434
    File deleted.
    Here's to 4chan, which makes us realize that rape is a healthy, constructive and perfectly acceptable activity!
    Nah, but seriously, it was like you said. It was obvious that they either were personally uncomfortable with rape or were trying to impress on other people how they were morally superior. It was quite pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)17:59 No.907440
    Question: Would there be anyway to integrate Delta Green into this setting? Like as part of the Eldritch Society or something?

    And could MJ-12 be used as Mi-go Infiltrators?
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)18:02 No.907446
         File :1197846130.jpg-(60 KB, 620x957, 1196973026794.jpg)
    60 KB
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)18:03 No.907448

    This RPGNet review actually makes me interested about the system. The mechanics seem like fun and it's a system I've never seen before. Feels like it could actually... gasp!... be fun to play. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS.
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)18:06 No.907453

    Yeah, there's unspeakable horrors mixing blood and knocking boots with humans in mythos. Faulting the designers for mentioning it *once* in a backdrop paragraph is pretty idiotic.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)18:07 No.907457
    You know how the protagonist always gets further and further drawn in as he starts learning a horrible truth, kinda like that.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)18:07 No.907458
         File :1197846454.jpg-(109 KB, 700x500, Cthulutech.jpg)
    109 KB
    Everytime I hear about this game I can't help but thing of this.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)18:13 No.907472
         File :1197846784.jpg-(174 KB, 900x819, 1196798805155.jpg)
    174 KB
    Oh shi-!

    You know, they should have put Lovecraft in the game. Paint him as a madman who had prophetic dreams and predicted the war a century and a half before it happened in his stories. Connect the real world to the game world.

    What's this thing?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)18:29 No.907510

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)18:50 No.907566

    The developers actually dealt with why they did not include Lovecraft in a thread, if I recall correctly. Something to do with plot holes.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:04 No.907590

    Yeah, I know that thread, but can't find it. Basically they said, "The game is set in Lovecraft's universe with his creations, not the real world, so that's why he doesn't exist."
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:14 No.907616
    Has anyone released a scanned version of this yet?

    I am a cheap ass, and will never have anyone to play this with, but would like to read the book nonetheless.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/16/07(Sun)19:14 No.907617

    What about his cat? The infamous Nigger-Man? That had a couple of cameos in HP's works. Most notably the Rats in the Walls.
    Where he was fucking hardcore, ended up taking on a guy who had just killed and eaten a large healthy sea captain, and was winning.

    The moment someone finally scans this, we stat that cat.
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)19:22 No.907639

    Seconded. If I had any gamer friends that would want to play a tabletop, I'd seriously consider giving this a try... until I do find some gamer friends, a PDF is fine by me. (In before "You don't have any friends")
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:24 No.907644
    You don't have any friends.
    And neither do I. ;_; Well, at least, not friends who would probably like this particular game very much.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:25 No.907647

    someone in Freechan is working on it. But it seems like the antipiracy note they put in the book might be working.


    So if you’re one of the people who has downloaded this book illegally off the internet, let’s talk. We want to stay in business. We don’t get to stay in business if you don’t buy our products but you use them anyway. In more personal terms, if you like CthulhuTech, please go out and buy the books, because if you don’t we go out of business or we kill the line because sales suck and boom – no more CthulhuTech. You lose, we lose, everybody loses. Everybody loves something for nothing, but this sort of thing comes with a price whether it’s money or not."

    (Also, I'm not cutting up my $50 book. I got one of the good ones with no problems at all.)
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:29 No.907659
    Which really changes nothing for people who are going to buy the book anyway but want to make sure they're not about to make a horrible mistake. Then there are those who don't care either way. In both cases, that notice doesn't really mean squat.
    >> Lord Licorice 12/16/07(Sun)19:31 No.907665

    I'd be more inclined to buy it if I had perused a PDF of it first; the review greatly helped my opinion of the game but I'd still like to see some of the actual text. I try to buy things I like to support them.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:33 No.907674

    Yeah, you can't shame pirates with stupid notes like that, but it looks like the writers at least want to cover their asses.

    Since they didn't release a PDF to buy, it's only going to take an extra month to get a scanned copy, and not a week.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:34 No.907677
    I can appreciate their sentiment. However, my copy still isn't here, and I wanna freakin' read it! You'd figure in these days of internets and sky-planes, if wouldn't take this long to send a book less then half way around the world, even in December.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:37 No.907686
    Ditto. I think even if a .pdf were feasible for playing, I'd still want the book just for nice hard copies of the art, which I really like. So as long as the game doesn't suck, I'm definitely buying it.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:39 No.907688

    From the looks it, demand for Ctech is high. Mongoose got stretched thin because they didn't print enough copies, so yours is probably gonna be late.

    My LGS in Connecticut sold out of 4 copies it got last week, with 2 being preorders.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)19:39 No.907693
         File :1197851997.jpg-(530 KB, 1360x2000, 1197212218306.jpg)
    530 KB
    Oh damn, they're still one step ahead of me.

    Eh. On one hand it's a start up company and they can use every bit of money. On the other hand, putting the product on line is a great way to advertise it. And who really games with a pdf anyway?
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)19:42 No.907699
         File :1197852125.jpg-(158 KB, 400x890, 1197172069467.jpg)
    158 KB
    Goddamn. I want it now ;.;
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:42 No.907701
    Bah, figures. I preorder the darn thing 4 months in advance, and they still don't print enough copies...
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:43 No.907703
    Its printed in small batches, if you get one of the bad ones, then you call up mongoose and they send you a new copy free without asking you to return the bad one, also they fix typos between runs along with printing issues, because they are using the sucktastic mongoose printers.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)19:43 No.907705
    I use .pdfs for my online games, but for actual face-to-face tabletop, they're wildly inconvenient. Even if someone has a laptop, it's just harder to page through a .pdf to look for something than through a physical book. And you can divvy multiple books out through the group much more easily.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/16/07(Sun)19:53 No.907724
    File deleted.
    Right. Excluding online gaming of course.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:17 No.907770
    I got my book as an early christmas present from my roleplaying group.

    They're currently the crews of a combined forward NEG element made up of a stripped down M-4A1 Vreta MBT modified for aerial insetion via hovercopter, two M-15 Ranger AAFVs also modified for heavy combat and aerial insertion via hovercopter and their elected leader is a UCH-70 Werewolf pilot, often carrying their MBT and providing overhead firesupport whilst the other hovercopters get the hell out of there after deployment.

    They're having great fun showing up the NPC hotshot mechapilots that end up arriving after everything's over, coming up with new and different tactics to try and keep up with the mechapilots when they do show up on time and just generally being inventive in completing objectives whilst expending the least amount of a predefined budget, spare funding=Vehicular upgrades!

    Having the main gunner on the Tank freak the fuck out almost screwed everyone untill the driver knocked him out and took control of the main cannon for the last shot needed to take out a Fireant(DRAMA POINTS!).

    You don't need WEEABOO FIGHTAN MECHS or WEEABOO FIGHTAN TAGERS to have a good game.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:28 No.907798
    According to one of the devs in their forums, they shipped 1000-1500 copies, and are printing more. And that they might outsell the Conan RPG, too.

    Guess there IS interest for a weaboo + lovecraft + mechs game...as long as they isn't stupid.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:31 No.907802
    Part of it is their devs who show up regularly on forums and answer questions for people and sometimes take requests for different images high res.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:32 No.907804
    What's weaboo about Tagers?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:34 No.907808
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:34 No.907814
    Were Guyvers hideous otherworldly monsters? Not a rhetorical question. I seriously don't know.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:37 No.907824
    File deleted.

    Yes, they were.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:40 No.907837

    I'll pay for it when I have money
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:40 No.907838

    Just not as hideous, it seems.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:45 No.907854
    And far more powerful
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:49 No.907861

    It's a Lovecraft-inspired RPG. Of course Tagers are gonna be more horrific-looking.


    We still haven't seen what "Elder Tagers" can do.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:51 No.907867
    I'm looking between that and pictures of Tagers and not seeing much in common. I guess if "it's alive and you wear it" meets one's criteria for calling them the same basic thing, fair enough. Maybe I missed something.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:52 No.907868
    File deleted.
    didn't one of the c-tech guys say he liked RahXephon more than EVA anyway? (atleast concerning their endings)

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:54 No.907871
    Alien biological beings bound to a human host granting superhuman powers when they transform into thier inhuman alter-ego, Fucker
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:55 No.907874
    Except one looks like a superhero named Phallus Man and one looks like a Lovecraftian abomination.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:57 No.907878
    The armoured shell, when it tears open it's chest for it's Big Beam Attack it's still obviously biological looking
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)20:58 No.907879

    Yeah, I think it was one of the editors who said he'd run a game more like RahXephon because he didn't like EVA.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:03 No.907889
    Phallus Man: The villain Megaman just decided to leave alone.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:05 No.907893
    File deleted.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:13 No.907905
    Cthulutech does look very interesting, and it has that right air of paranoia, secrecy, technology and mecha I so've wanted to experiment with.And by adding Chthulian Mythos and secret societies and elder gods into the mix?

    It sounds frikking awesome for a "Mercenaries" or "Agents For Hire" campaign, as my heroes attempt to fight the encroashing madness, fighting to not only to mantain their sanity, but their lives, and their very souls....and humanity's existance in the balance?

    The stuff of epicness, friends.

    Now the problem is that what will happen with my...players. I have a WEIRD assortment of players. And two of them are super mecha fans.

    So, I see the Chthulian feel completely obliterated , when I describe:

    " From the shadows in between the buildings, a shadowy emanation begins to fill the area. Communications die out as a pervading silence rushes out, the din humm of electronics, and the static blarring of warning systems being ignored.Your eyed widen in shock as a nameless horror begins to fill your eyes,a thousand mouths and eyes on a behemoth made of teeth and muscled synew, descending upon the ground,promising death and damnation for those around..."

    "Alright! Everyone, CHOJIN GAITAI!"
    GAOGAIGARESQUE MECHA, COMBINE!Then, as THEIR behemoth of titanic steel and the promise of technology and magic united to form their colossal savior, prepared for battle...


    Creature gets destroyed, epically. Then, as I KNOW my players, one of them will step out of the mecha, standing victorious on top of the once proud deamonic figure, and scream out a heroic speech of boundless courage and mankind's victory over all commers, likely rolling well, inspiring the massess for aeons to come, as TV crews record this...

    There goes the feel.

    You all dont understand how giant mechas, a well placed victory and a good speech can ruin a campaign.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:14 No.907910

    No, actually, that's almost perfect. Make it part of their insanity. They start to think they ARE the heroes they grew up with. To the point that they start charging blindly into battle because they have SOUL AND COURAGE.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:16 No.907912
    >>a well placed victory and a good speech can ruin a campaign.
    I was kinda with you at first, but hell, if your players are good at making speeches, that's an asset. Let 'em use it, when the time and place is right.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:32 No.907933
    Unfortunately, Ctech mechs DO NOT WORK THAT WAY
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:34 No.907940

    They do as a mental defect.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:37 No.907947
    The players don't realize their character has a mental defect?
    Just as planned.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:39 No.907952
    It'd be too easy if they did, harder to be afraid of something when you can blow up planets and destroy Space/Time for the lulz
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:49 No.907974
    Man, I wish I hadn't read this thread. Now I NEED to read this book.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:52 No.907983
    really? Then how powerfull or epic are they ?

    Are these mecha just standard issue "realistic" mecha, for militaristic campaigns a'la Heavy Gear, or are they incredibly powerfull saviours of mankind, physics defying Super Robots, empowered not only by superscience and COURAGE?

    Because I really dont see a Cthulu campaign where my players can scream out their attacks...or where 14 year old whiny brats can rise to become the greatest pilots the world have ever seen.....

    Or do we cross into Gaogaigar/Getter Territory, where the mechas can do ANYTHING?

    I.E., what's more empowered, the environment (Chutluan creatures) or the players ?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:54 No.907987
    Because I seriously dont see any creature manifesting on the realm of earth capable on taking on super-robots, really.People mention Evas? People, EVAs are essentially super robot levels.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)21:54 No.907988
    There almost at the border between supers and reals, but leaning towards reals heavily, but either way, humanity is fucked.
    >> Chester the Molester !q8EpA8otNc 12/16/07(Sun)21:55 No.907991
    Would depend on the GM I think
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)22:00 No.908003
    Overall, I think Engels ~ Evas, so borderline between Super and Real. Anything else, the 'regular' mechs of the NEG, Nazzadi, Dagon, etc, are well within the limits of real. You might get a BIT more out of an Engel with some shouting and COURAGE, but nothing super crazy.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)22:04 No.908017
    I understand what you mean. As you believe these "old Ones" beings are metaphysical , omnipotent beings, yes quasi-multidimentional beings, capable of great power. But from what little I read, they are also bound by limitations of what they CAN do on the mortal plane.

    Moreover, with players having access or at least the campaign setting having access to crazy levels of sciences and even magicks, you can rest assured players can do some amazing things with a bit of ingenuity and roleplay. And they WILL not be afraid, after enough nano-augmentations, modifications, mental-compultion blocks, ect, ect, ect...

    Moreover, your demon from the deepest styngian abyss, will pale when a player goes and brings this into play:


    That link right there? What could happen in YOUR game.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)22:06 No.908023
    Just a point of etiquette, might have already been brought up... so far as my memory serves, the term "elder god" referred specifically to the only semi-canonical pantheon that opposed the likes of Cthulhu, Nyarly, and Hastur. The only one who springs to mind is Nodens, and the idea was that these gods were somehow less of a threat than the traditionl pantheon (whose technical term of identification is "Great Old Ones", I think).

    Now I admit, there are those better versed in the mythos than I am. Also, these elements are controversial and (as I said) only semi-canonical. Still, every time I hear Elder Gods I think of Nodens and the Elder Sign used to ward off Mythos creatures.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)22:13 No.908057
    >>908023 Me again, just adding a Wikipedia link. True, not the most reliable source, but just showing that there is at least some evidence behind my recollections. At least Nodens (and thus the Elder God concept) was indeed brought into the Mythos by Lovecraft himself.

    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)22:45 No.908135
    You should have posted some Tengan Toppa (or even certain scenes from Getter) then we could have really gotten cosmic
    >> Anonymous 12/16/07(Sun)23:41 No.908281

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