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  • File :1196632171.jpg-(147 KB, 800x600, cat girl explosion.jpg)
    147 KB Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)16:49 No.862962  
    /tg/, a few days ago I participated in my weekly galactic RPG session. But first a little back story:
    A while ago, we had an adventure centering around a business, in a dismal cyberpunk fascist state, that spread a contagious disease that turned female humans into catgirls and altered their personalities as well as carriers.(Men would simply be carriers) The company would then recruit these cat girls for jobs that boiled down to slavery for off world clients.

    We busted the ring just before they sent off eight catgirls through a teleporter, but the robot henchman of one of the PCs screwed up, causing it and the catgirls to be lost across the galaxy.
    We've been collecting catgirls ever since and throwing them in stasis pods until we get a cure.

    Cue to the present when we got into serious trouble with a non-related enemy armada and suddenly a fleet of ships came in to save our bacon.
    It turned out one of the original eight Catgirls got on a starship run by a matriarchal society and took it over before grabbing more ships. Since she had the robot that was also lost, she used it to found a religion around our team and the PC who made the robot.

    She now wants our team to recognize and support her Cat Girl Legion as a new race and not something to be cured. What should we do with this plague spreading group of cute?
    >> Boston Tentacle Party 12/02/07(Sun)16:54 No.862973
         File :1196632455.jpg-(57 KB, 600x678, bert.jpg)
    57 KB
    You have one of two options:

    1) Summary execution

    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)16:57 No.862984
    Kill her, kill her crew, use the ship to find their world/worlds and kill all of them.

    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/02/07(Sun)16:59 No.862987
    Take over the galaxy with your army of catgirls.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)17:00 No.862990
    How about, you cure everyone anyway, but tell them that if they want to go back to being a catgirl it's their choice.

    What kind of personality alterations are we talking about?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:09 No.863011
         File :1196633373.jpg-(104 KB, 429x500, Cat Haruhi.jpg)
    104 KB
    OP here.
    10,000 cat girls tooling around in 6 battle cruisers and a flagship might be a wee bit too much for small strike force to take on single handedly.

    Personality changes include being not too picky on who they show affection to (the primary way of spreading the disease is through bodily fluids making contact), Being more hasty, A lack of remorse of what happened to them (so they won't care if they do it to others), and an extreme level of impressionability at the early stages (How the first cat girl was able to take over the ships and found this religion easily. Also, this was how the company could get more girls to sign up.)
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:10 No.863016

    This is your only real option.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:14 No.863025
    They're your allies, you have free reign over their ships.

    Step 1: Get an AI
    Step 2: Planet bombs on all the ships but the flagship
    Step 3: Put yourselves and the AI on the flagship
    Step 4: Take over the flagship and destroy the catgirl fleet. And kill all the catgirls.
    Step 5: Glass their catworlds
    Step 6: ???
    Step 7: Profit!
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)17:16 No.863029

    Yeah seriously, this sounds to me like at the very least you need to invent some kind of vaccine for this, do you have that yet?
    Play along with them whilst trying to find a way to cure them all without them realising it. Some sort of Aerosol cure thorugh their air supply would do it.

    From the sounds of it, this cult only exists because of the behavioural changes made by the Virus. If you cure them, and they still want to be Catgirls, then you can reinfect them with the virus (try to make it non-transmittable if you can.)

    What system are you using?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:20 No.863047
         File :1196634042.jpg-(67 KB, 315x425, catgirl_cover.jpg)
    67 KB
    We kinda blew up the building the shipping of the girls was taking place in after the error happened, and a few city blocks around it. So at this time, we don't have a cure.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:21 No.863051
    Cutest infestation ever?

    Who cares? Endless rape-fodder.
    >> Lil piece o'fluff 12/02/07(Sun)17:25 No.863058
         File :1196634310.png-(1.58 MB, 1120x1600, Neko-Maid.png)
    1.58 MB

    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:26 No.863060
         File :1196634384.jpg-(53 KB, 200x300, Ova.jpg)
    53 KB
    We're using the OVA system. Very loose and fast d6 based game system.
    >> CaptainJoystick !hxpuy9nnos 12/02/07(Sun)17:34 No.863073
    Are the catgirls sexualy compatable with human males?

    If so, do the offspring still result in a healthy male-female mix? Do these males have catlike traits? Furthermore, do the personality adjustments impede the catgirl's ability to serve as a mother-type figure for her offspring? If they can't emotionaly be mothers, do they have an appropriate personality for them to act like fathers while the males raise kids?

    Depending on these factors, you can decide whether you want to exterminate the catpeople forever, or let them violently instigate a paradigm shift in the makeup of the human race.

    Are there any alien forces that would use such a transition as an opportunity to annex some territory?
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)17:35 No.863076

    Shit man. You REALLY need to find a cure now. When there was just a small collection of them throughout the galaxy not doing much harm it ws okay to run collecting them like pokeymans, but there now forming a coordinated military with ambitions of agressively spreading the epidemic across the galaxy.

    It's not really their faults that their doing this, so even trying to take them all down wouldn't be fair even if you could do it, so you need to find a way to somehow capture the entire crew of this fleet alive, put them on ice, persuade their computers to tell you where the homeworld is, and make sure you prevent them from leaving it until you have the cure.

    Seriously though, you blew ALL of it up? Surely they must have kept back-ups SOMEWHERE off the premises? The scientists who created this, surely at least 1 must survive!?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:38 No.863082
    I would say making the catgirls noncontagious would be the first priority. I am assuming its some kind of proteus nanovirus? You just need to find a brilliant doctor with experience in nano to make a virus that shuts down the cat virus.
    >> Lord Licorice 12/02/07(Sun)17:42 No.863096
    The OP loops around through Fail and Win so many times I had to go take sea sickness pills. The meter stopped somewhere in Win, though.
    >> Salamanders Fanboi !!Wyx1pV1wpO9 12/02/07(Sun)17:43 No.863104
    Suffer not the pseudo-furry to live.
    >> Random Guardsman !iPeb.UgkzQ 12/02/07(Sun)17:45 No.863112
         File :1196635549.jpg-(161 KB, 1280x1024, 1174472185416.jpg)
    161 KB
    Dunno about you lot, but I, for one, welcome our new kawaiineko-chan overlords.

    Seriously though OP and friends, why not just go with the flow and take on your new roles as Primar- I mean, Prophets?
    >> Lord Licorice 12/02/07(Sun)17:47 No.863115
         File :1196635626.jpg-(49 KB, 311x393, dangerouslycheesy.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:51 No.863125
    >> Salamanders Fanboi !!Wyx1pV1wpO9 12/02/07(Sun)17:52 No.863126
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)17:53 No.863131
         File :1196636006.jpg-(131 KB, 883x800, 1196347158094.jpg)
    131 KB
    Depends how much cat and how little girl there's left. If it's ordinarycatgirls with just the ears and tail then I recommend cooperating. If they have anything more than that I recommend a flamer.

    Pic represents acceptable human/animal hybrids. If they have more than that it's the flamer.
    >> An Kobold 12/02/07(Sun)17:59 No.863144
    Any PCs have the disease? >:3
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:00 No.863150
    ...so you have an army of star faring catgirls who worship your team as prophets of some sort?

    The fact that you are actually having trouble deciding what to do next astounds me
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)18:01 No.863155
    Wait. If there was a company making and selling these en-masse to the greater galaxy, that would mean that there is a large demand for catgirls amongst alien species (did I say tentacles? Did you hear me say such a thing?) So why aren't you competing with hundreds of bounty hunters and opportunistic slavers looking to make a fortune or catgirl harem?
    Or are you and you just haven't realised yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:06 No.863174
    Use your status as messianic figures to the catgirls in order to subvert control from the lead catgirl to you and your team. Decide what you want to do with your catgirl army and if you tire of your sextoys then there is always the extra special KoolAid.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)18:12 No.863190
    >star faring catgirls who worship your team as prophets of some sort?

    Except they all have the most virulent STD created by man, if they weren't contagious, I'd say go for it. But as is, they're an unholy plague that if they aren't genitcally compatible with humans anymore, could spell doom for the human race.
    >> Lil piece o'fluff 12/02/07(Sun)18:13 No.863194

    A catgirl harem army. An army of catgirl whores that will infect anyone they touch with their plague, thus bringing them to their side.

    And EVERYONE wants a Catgirl.

    Imagine it! It would be like selling Genestealers as plushies! YOU CAN RULE THE UNIVERSE!
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)18:20 No.863214
    Except presumably this only works on humans, and like I said earlier, if CAtgirls can't breed (which seems like the sort of thing people tailor making an STD to make Catgirl Sex slaves would include) then the human race is borked.

    Seriously, you need to get these people under a decent quarantine whilst you find a cure/vaccine.

    Also, what about the people who already got their Catgirls? Have you gone after them yet?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:21 No.863219
         File :1196637695.jpg-(106 KB, 640x480, gauron.jpg)
    106 KB
    OP again.
    It's too early to tell. The cat girls have been loose on the galaxy for 4-5 months. We're too far from the original world where this took place so we can't get more new information on the cat girls there.
    There are a two evil empires in the area where we are that are in a cold war, and this might upset the apple cart. Or it may screw things up for the rebels in those systems.

    Thankfully, the company was just a front for a regular thorn in our side. Pic is very related to this guy. He paid for this virus to start his little slave trade, so if we find him, we'll have a good chance on getting the antidote or some clues on such.

    The cat girls are normal girls with working cat ears and tail. Standard anime cliche at work.
    No PCs haven't been infected, although mine came dangerously close when a catgirl operative started getting googly eyes.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:34 No.863259
         File :1196638471.jpg-(40 KB, 457x219, Yakumo_quest_132.jpg)
    40 KB
    Well good for you guys. It seems that you have an empire to build.

    First you need to get some weapons. If you've succesfully raided places before on your own as PC's then it might be best to have the catgirl's ship to be a base of operations while you take care of the actual missions. And getting an actual base on a planet would not be a bad idea either.

    Reasons for going alone without the catgirls on missions are that using them to fight for you might end up in losses on your side, creating resentment towards you because you made them lose their comrades. Having them on standby for your own safety might be an acceptable choice too but if as I've said previously that if you've raided a place before on your own as PC's then you should be able to do it again.

    Oh and just for the fun of it. Make that guy that created the catgirl plague to be the devil for them. Antagonize him so that he won't be able to show his face without him getting instantly killed off.

    If you succesfully attain more arms and a land base then you should be able to take it a bit easy from then on so you don't create too much of a fuzz around you. Arm yourself for the eventual retaliation but don't be too aggressive or you'll end up in a real war.
    >> red black spiderman !!gmZ7B9l1yE+ 12/02/07(Sun)18:36 No.863266
    Wait...I can't belief this hasn't been asked yet, but how creepy is your GM? How long is his neckbeard? Is he the kind of person that would want to describe sexual acts with the party? In detail?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:39 No.863278
    Oh and I forgot to mention. If there are still people alive after you've raided the place (try to kill as few as possible) then let them keep living as normal under their new catgirl rule. Establish a society where catgirls are above normal humans with the exception of you PC's.

    Oh and keep searching for catgirls after this. Use some of them to get a bigger and better ship operating to search for them.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:47 No.863306
    reverse engineer the virus, make a new virus that shuts down the contagion immediately, and then counteracts the effects of the virus six months to a year later. It too should be an STD, use the means of spreading against it
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:47 No.863308
    Teleport into a star. Or something equally outlandish, I don't know.

    Or break autopilot and have them crash into a star. Or something.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)18:48 No.863310

    alternatively, you have an enormous pile of things that think you're a god. Run with it.
    >> Random Guardsman !iPeb.UgkzQ 12/02/07(Sun)19:01 No.863338
    >selling Genestealers as plushies

    Oh great, now I want a Genestealer plushie. Or a cuddly Unyuufex.


    These, OP. These.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:04 No.863349
         File :1196640245.jpg-(210 KB, 650x1046, 1178289856018.jpg)
    210 KB
    OP: you've just sold me on OVA, and I've never even heard of it until this topic.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:04 No.863355
         File :1196640269.jpg-(92 KB, 1000x641, catSOS.jpg)
    92 KB
    He's actually pretty normal. Not too creepy, and in a previous game where sex *might* have occurred in game, he cut away and left it unsaid. A few of the players however are big /d/ fans/. (one of the PCs is a goo girl after all.)

    Unfortunately the centerpiece of the religion, the crazy robot maker, told them to stop following him and go out and explore the galaxy.
    My character might have some say in the matter considering he was actually present in the original hostage situation.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:06 No.863365
    Catgirls. The finest soldiers the world has ever known.
    >> CaptainJoystick !hxpuy9nnos 12/02/07(Sun)19:09 No.863377
         File :1196640567.jpg-(19 KB, 360x240, ctarlctarl1.jpg)
    19 KB
    A home base might not be a bad idea.

    Take over a remote fuling station of some sort, a place that is capable of supporting your mini-fleet, but out-of-the-way enough that reaction to your taking it will be both minimal, ill-publisized, and late in coming.

    Assemble a crew of the least faithful of the catgirls, and the most faithful of the security officers among the same. With them, man one of the ships in the fleet, not the flagship, and proceed on your search for a cure.

    Leave the 'Original Catgirl' in command of the flagship, her reward for her faithful service is to maintain the glorious catgirl empire on this station. Promise her that you will return after the crew of your ship have regained their faith, and you have acheived a glorious crusade against the normies. Explain to her, slowly, that all who will come to the station were sent by you to join their ranks, and their requests for food, shelter, and fuel are code-words to ensure security. Women who are loyal to the cause will join the ranks, men, and women who don't, are pets, and they must be fawned over and kept content untill their every need is so satisfied that they won't even care that they're only allowed to move about between a few rooms.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:19 No.863435
         File :1196641186.jpg-(1.05 MB, 1500x1929, snow catgirls..jpg)
    1.05 MB

    It's a fun little system. Not exactly the type of game you want if you wish for crunchy battles, but with it's assumption that all characters are average unless it's listed otherwise (both positive and negative.) and "statless", it allows you to make characters how you want. Combat covers a lot of different maneuvers and fairly balanced.
    Setting is home-made, however.


    Maybe in the long run, but we have to stop a madman/demi-god at the center of all creation before he resurrects (we killed one of his forms before) and kills us all.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:20 No.863436
    >>863355 (one of the PCs is a goo girl after all.)
    Sounds very useful.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:24 No.863462
    As I've said in game "there's always room for jell-o". She's the team's thief.
    >> I apologized on 4chan 12/02/07(Sun)19:29 No.863494
    >Maybe in the long run, but we have to stop a madman/demi-god at the center of all creation before he resurrects (we killed one of his forms before) and kills us all.

    Suddenly this game went all Cowboy Bebop.

    But seriously getting back to the original question, if ths original catgirl want's to treat CAtgirls as a seperate species, then you should probably gently ask her to respect the fact that you aren't going the betray your own species to do so. And that if they want to be a real species, their going to need to be able to procreate the PROPER way, because as they are now, they aren't so much a species as a disease.
    So if this original want's to be her own species, tell her she's gotta stand for a bit of modification, nay improvment on her and all the others.

    Basically, give them the ability to breed, and make them non-contagious. Try to up the religious aspect, give it a 12 tasks of Hercules feel. Maybe you should consider wearing robes, and having a smoke machine in the room when you deliver your manifesto.
    Remember, be firm, but polite.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:30 No.863497
    Regarding the image:
    lol, how does a japan know what 2142s is?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)19:51 No.863571
         File :1196643081.jpg-(131 KB, 650x358, Cowboy Bebop profile.jpg)
    131 KB
    OP once more.
    Considering we hop to different worlds each week and have separate but semi-connecting adventures, I'm surprised we haven't made that connection as well.
    The party is debating on what we should do about them. Mine, the team fighter and conscience that tries to do the right thing, is squarely in "I'm going to stop their brainwashing shenanagins, no matter what" category. If she presents herself as a tyrant, it's gonna get really ugly later down the road.
    I like the cut of your jib, Apologize.
    >> Random Guardsman !4T1uHiOuyE 12/02/07(Sun)20:42 No.863736
    >wearing robes, and having a smoke machine in the room when you deliver your manifesto.

    Why stop there? If you can, OP, go for the whole golden halo, wings, descending on apillar of fire with booming voice shtick.

    Why settle for prophets, when you can become GODS*?

    *P/S: One of you guys should set yourself up as the catgirls' God of Heavy Metal, because the thought of catgirls Dragonforcing the universe to their will is just too good to pass up.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)20:44 No.863740

    We actually have a motorcycle enthusiast with a crazy high tech guitar she uses in combat.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)20:47 No.863746
    /r/ haruko 34
    >> Random Guardsman !4T1uHiOuyE 12/02/07(Sun)20:51 No.863755
    But the kind of music she plays matters! No use playing mere rock, you need METAL! Heavy Metal, Epic Metal, Death Metal- so long as it's Metal!

    (And yes, I'm yearning for more Sound and the Fury. I'm sorry.)
    >> Random Guardsman !4T1uHiOuyE 12/02/07(Sun)21:34 No.863883
    Perhaps- but you gotta admit, the thought of scantily-clad catgirls tearing shit up with music that'd make Noise Marines take notes has got to be worth something, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)21:45 No.863915
    A catgirl deathcult is the only way to go. Since they worship you tell them that the goal of life is to commit mass-suicide so their souls will join you in heaven(or a better sounding equivelent)
    >> Random Guardsman !4T1uHiOuyE 12/02/07(Sun)21:49 No.863926

    Why go all emo with a deathcult, when you can get all Temple of Ishtar on them?
    >> Random_Critic 12/02/07(Sun)21:56 No.863949
    I hope these catgirls are immortal, 'cause they ain't havin' any babies... unless, you know, the time-line fucks up, and suddenly there ate fa/tg/uys everywhere to rape them.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)22:03 No.863976
    lol no one is listening to the OP anymore, just lawling about what they'd do with a catgirl army.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)22:17 No.864043
    >Unfortunately the centerpiece of the religion, the crazy robot maker, told them to stop following him and go out and explore the galaxy.

    Kill him and replace him. Force his catgirl followers to surrender to your will or be destroyed.
    Or, if you don't like the tyrant approach, you may want to invent some long-range teleport system to travel to another galaxy and start a new civilization, Adam and 10,000 Eves style.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/07(Sun)23:16 No.864299
    The catgirls... can they be made into Increased Luck Soldiers?
    >> CaptainJoystick !hxpuy9nnos 12/03/07(Mon)00:29 No.864629

    I dunno, the enhanced luck soldiers aren't exactly luckier. It's just that their luck is amplephied. When they are 'find a penny' lucky, they're 'enemy lazer guns all simultaneously backfire' lucky.

    When they're 'broke a mirror' unlucky, one catgirl will trip over her own shoelaces, falling onto the helm console, causing her respective ship to careen into another causing a domino effect that would be comical if not for the sheer loss of life.
    >> Random Guardsman !4T1uHiOuyE 12/03/07(Mon)00:34 No.864656
    Wouldn't it be comical FOR the sheer loss of life?
    >> King in Yellow 12/03/07(Mon)01:50 No.864992
    The important question remains.

    Can they procreate? Are they a species or a disease?

    The answer depends on that.

    If they can procreate with humans, the answers vary depending on your ethics.

    If they CAN'T procreate with humans, but can procreate with those that carry the virus, then they are a legitimate species and should be allowed to live, but should be made non-contagious.

    If they can't procreate at all, they're a plague. Neuter the disease and turn them into a death cult or something. Use them to the fullest extent you can.

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