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July 2011
September 2011
16259402Broquest Quest IIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 2.Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-11 8 
16286842Broquest Quest IIIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 3. Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-14 11 
July 2014
33474748Quest QuestPlay a character until it completes its objective or bad ends. Then roll up a new one.Quest Quest, Collective Game, Draw Quest2014-07-18 14 
January 2015
37363412Quest quest #2We set complete our first dungeon, get a new goal and learn some valuable lessons about personal space.collective game, quest, Quest quest, Brad2015-01-14 8 
37377232Quest Quest Episode 2Gartendo and co. embark on a journey to find the staff of the appellomancerCollective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest2015-01-15 6 
37465789Quest Quest Episode 3Leeches, goblins, and VENGENCE.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Garetendo2015-01-19 11 
37533810Quest Quest Episode 4We begin tracking the goblins that killed poor leech Brad. Thread cut short, sadly.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-01-22 5 
37640157Quest Quest Episode 5Gartendo and his crew pursue the goblins to their camp, a few seconds after the last episode. Seconds, not a few days.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-01-27 5 
February 2015
37975556Quest Quest Episode 6Gartendo the Bradbard fondles an elf, enters a cave, and opens a door. Dicks may be involved.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-02-11 5 
38245573Quest Quest Episode 7The tale of Gartendo the Bradbard reaches its thrilling climax! Will we end this with victory or defeat?Collective Game, drawfag, brad, bard, quest quest, Gartendo2015-02-23 14 
March 2015
38853924Quest Quest 2 Episode 1The QM returns! We are a Barbarian named Brad, and we begin a new quest. Eventually. Featuring a dedicated idiot who doesn't know how to hide threads!Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest, failed thread hijack2015-03-22 12 
38878461Quest Quest 2 Episode 2Brad the Barbarian gets a weapon and enters a tournament. He might be hallucinating pizza, too.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest2015-03-23 7 
39034579Quest Quest 2 Episode 3Brad's first battle in the tournament! Watch as Brad the Barbarian loses a flex-off, steals a mask, and cuts up a pizza to the horror of the audience.Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, pizza, quest quest2015-03-31 6 
April 2015
39116150Quest Quest 2 Episode 4Brad the Barbarian faces off against a butery foe! Can he flex his way outta this one?Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest2015-04-04 8 
39424794Quest Quest 2 Episode 5The thrilling finale of Quest Quests season 2! Starring familiar faces and Orc John Cena!Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest2015-04-19 11 
May 2015
40136203Quest Quest 3 Episode 1Quest Quest returns, this time following the story of a lucky mage named Abby McSwag!Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-05-24 13 
40202809Quest Quest 3 Episode 2Abby and Rabbit take on a band of bandits! After some luck, they make it out unscathed and journey to the casino!Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-05-27 13 
June 2015
40371255Quest Quest 3 Episode 3Abby and Rabbit hit up the Oracle Casino! Will they get lucky?Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-06-04 14 
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