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July 2014
33111869Infinite Stratos Quest 2Time for mecha and bungling of votesInfinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-01 22 
33118121Infinite Stratos Quest 2-2Duel with Cecilia using the Maeve for high speed, low drag combat. Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-01 14 
33255284Infinite Stratos Quest 3After victory party, time tables and China attempts to grow largerInfinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-08 12 
33261809Infinite Stratos Quest 3 -2Rin gets mad and John yells UPGRADES to the support crew.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-08 13 
33407234Infinite Stratos Quest 4Slice of life with IS practice with Cecilia and Kendo practice with Houki. Little bit of lewd to be had.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-15 12 
33567257Infinite Stratos Quest 5Prep for the Inter-Class Tourney, more Is practice with Cecilia and Kendo practice with Houki. Some more lewds to be had.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-22 11 
33730768Infinite Stratos Quest 6We fight Rin and nearly beat her before we get attack by those damn terrorists again. Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-07-29 13 
August 2014
33895897Infinite Stratos Quest 7We take responsibility for out plans and go out on a nice date with Houki and Cecilia. Hand holding and teasing abound.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-08-05 14 
34068570Infinite Stratos Quest 8A day with the new guy, Charles. Some fun shenanigans with the girls during lunch. And a new girl, Laura makes her appearance.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-08-12 13 
34349296Infinite Stratos Quest 9Laura makes her appearance and crashes into the duel between John and Charles. You also spend time after school teaching Cecilia how to cook, only to have Houki challenges you for a date.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-08-24 14 
34513969Infinite Stratos Quest 10More Is practice with the class only for Laura to crash the duel between Cecilia and Rin. Which required you and Charles to save them both. Chifuyu pops in to make sure you save it for the tournament. And you learn the secret about Charles.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-08-31 15 
September 2014
34682237Infinite Stratos Quest 11It happened, not only did we find out that Charles is Charlotte but we took responsibility. Also we changed out the Maeve's equipment and became a candidate rep for the US.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-09-07 13 
34843884Infinite Stratos Quest 12Houki reveals to us about her past and we fight Laura and her partner in the doubles tourney. Things go bad as we learn about her past but we steel our resolve and decide to protect her. Also Big Boss is our grandpa.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-09-14 23 
35005844Infinite Stratos Quest 13We deal with the fallout of the fight and talk to Reinforce face to face. Grandpa calls concerned over what happened just to have Cecilia and Honne show up in nurse outfits.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-09-21 18 
35160404Infinite Stratos Quest 14A debrief with Chifuyu ends with her thanking us over your action with Laura. You set up a date with Houki only to have Charlotte act during a bath you take together. Laura makes her moves and kisses you. And John responds with a kissing counterattack. The shock sends you into hiding under a cardboard box.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-09-28 16 
October 2014
35308187Infinite Stratos Quest 15Damage control with the girls after calling the family. You make a show of it but it gets through the them. You tell them your family history in an attempt to come clean and they accept you for it. Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-10-05 17 
35462115Infinite Stratos Quest 16We do an pre-emptive charm strike and then introduce Uncle Dave to the girls. And the grand plan dawns upon us.Collective Game, Low density, Infinite Stratos Quest2014-10-12 15 
35613376Infinite Stratos Quest 17We resolve who our partner for the Doubles Tournament. Rin wins the spot. We clarify out schedule with the girls and learn something new about why we can use an IS. And Laura makes a sneak attack only to have it turned on her.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-10-19 15 
November 2014
35899410Infinite Stratos Quest 18The storm makes you restless as rumors spread about something the storm brought in. To releave your restlessness you decide to have a sleep over with the girls. Eventually the power goes out and you find what the storm brought in, Grandpa.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-11-02 22 
36044825Infinite Stratos Quest 19A short thread where you have a CQC battle with Grandpa over turning the lights back on. And you find out what is inside the box Grandpa brought.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-11-09 16 
36187596Infinite Stratos Quest 20You find your self covered in girls from last night's slumber party. You gently wake them up with amusing results. Later in the day, you start practicing with Rin with good results. And end the day with a letter from Uncle Eli.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-11-16 16 
36334682Infinite Stratos Quest 21You start programming Cecilia's bits before you start some training with Rin, with mixed results. After a parfait for Rin to soothe her over, you have dinner and have Cecilia over. Just the two of you and zero interruptions.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-11-23 15 
36471138Infinite Stratos Quest 22Start of the Doubles tournament with Rin. The first match starts of decently enough before you learn who is going to be your biggest threat to your victory. A quick lunch with the girls reveals that Charlotte knows more than she is letting on. The second matches happens with much fanfare and explosions.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-11-30 14 
December 2014
36745840Infinite Stratos Quest 23The semi-finals and finals to the Doubles Tournament. We go against a melee duo and a second year that has a personal IS with explosive results.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-12-14 21 
37008953Infinite Stratos Quest 24We enjoy the Meet and Greet with some diplomats while having some fun. We meet an unexpected Senator and Chifuyu begins to hind at things in the background. We end with a party in the cafeteria with all the girls.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2014-12-28 12 
January 2015
37142193Infinite Stratos Quest 25Charlotte and John negotiate for a better position for her invitation to becoming the candidate rep for France. We get help for it from Uncle George. Afterwards we help Charlotte relax only to have Houki, Cecilia and Laura to want to relax using the same method. After is all said and done, we begin to learn a horrible truth.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-01-04 15 
37292186Infinite Stratos Quest 26We ask Grandpa for more info only to not get any. Said hello to Ocelot along the way. Made a compromise with the girls to avoid any further fighting. And you made your decision about the girls after a talk with Uncle Eli.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-01-11 15 
37446721Infinite Stratos Quest 27Today we have our date with Houki. It was fun and pleasant until Jack calls in wanting a genuine Japanese Katana with 1d12 damage. Otherwise you enjoy the time together until you finish the date watching the sun set. Only for Houki to be bold at the very end.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-01-18 12 
February 2015
37757126Infinite Stratos Quest 28A call from Uncle George sets off the end of negotiations with the French Government. You learn about the bet prize and Laura's stance toward Charlotte. Later you and Charlotte meet Louis again at the conference hotel to finish off preparing for the media bonanza.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-02-01 14 
37909877Infinite Stratos Quest 29You finish off the interview with Charlotte after the media bonanza. You have a little fun before the entire school finds out. Only for you to tell the complete and total truth.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-02-08 14 
38226186Infinite Stratos Quest 30You deal with how unamused Chifuyu was over your shenanigans. At least you had some fun with the girls stealing your clothes before you uncover a seedy side of school life. Something you thoroughly take care of.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-02-22 21 
March 2015
38381425Infinite Stratos Quest 31Testing the new programming for the bits begin. You begin to find bugs as Cecilia enjoys your attention. Reinforce lends help to bug fixing before you meet Cecilia's maid, Chelsea. Chelsea ends up inadvertently bringing the means of you invading Cecilia's British Isles.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-03-01 13 
38704373Infinite Stratos Quest 32After teasing Rin a bit, you head over to see what Walken wanted to talk about. You learn what you did has caught up to you but at least you were able to go on the shopping trip with Laura and Charlotte. While being good, you are rewarded at night with a pair of cute cats.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-03-15 14 
38854715Infinite Stratos Quest 33We spend some time teaching Houki the BASICS OF CQC after some kendo practice. Cecilia begins to finalize her plans only for her to get a windfall in intel. But hey, nothing else bad happened. Even with Chifuyu punishing you for your earlier stunt.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-03-22 16 
April 2015
39287063Infinite Stratos Quest 34Starting off having some fun with Maya and then be completely honest to Rin. Some more testing with Ms Foss that John wants to forget. After we learn about what is planned during the seaside classes. We also smooth things over with Cecilia's support staff.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-04-12 15 
39428828Infinite Stratos Quest 35We do some maintenance and equipment changes on the Maeve before Ms Foss drops a big bomb on us. John recovers only to have another bomb dropped on him. This time from a trusted source.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-04-19 15 
39569711Infinite Stratos Quest 36As LAURA BODEWIG, you try to gather information about what the other girls are planning for the sleepover. Things do not go to plan as Charlotte derails your plans and the most important person does not show up.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-04-26 14 
May 2015
39715194Infinite Stratos Quest 367As LINGYIN HUANG, you try and be reasonable as everyone else goes crazy. You figure out just what happened to John and plan his breakout. Nothing crazy about that.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-05-03 16 
39998488Infinite Stratos Quest 38Now back as John Smith, you have to deal with Ocelot being Ocelot and loving westerns. After, you learn why Grandpa brought you here only to have the girls come in and rescue you. The quick and easy rescue concludes with you giving them their reward before you leave Mother Base.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-05-17 15 
40285703Infinite Stratos Quest 39You wake up to find yourself at Cecilia's vacation home. After enjoying breakfast with the girls, you get a tour of the home and enjoy some fun time under the sun.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-05-31 20 
June 2015
40433372Infinite Stratos Quest 40Now back on IS Academy island, you have to deal with the punishments the girls have planned.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-06-07 16 
40584084Infinite Stratos Quest 41You spent a fun and nice date with Charlotte. Afterwards, you take Rin's punishment like a man. Even if she didn't like the end result.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-06-14 12 
40866896Infinite Stratos Quest 42You're finally at the beach. Fun times abound as Rin gets a crazy idea on how to spend the day.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-06-28 13 
July 2015
41307914Infinite Stratos Quest 43You deal with some unexpected bath visitors at first before you have to throw off suspicions. Dinner follows afterwards as you have a big task ahead of you.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-07-19 21 
41461655Infinite Stratos Quest 44You cheer Houki up from the misfortune of her morning. And you have to deal with how Tabane feels about your relationship with Houki as she gets her personal IS.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-07-26 14 
August 2015
41755074Infinite Stratos Quest 45You have a practice match with Houki's new IS, Akatsubaki, before it is cut short. You head back to girls as you receive an emergency message from someone you haven't heard in a long time.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-08-09 12 
September 2015
42314793Infinite Stratos Quest 46Mission briefing over the rogue IS, Silverio Gospel. Tabane drops to show off more of the Akatsubaki. And you get some more bonding time with the girls before the mission.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-09-06 10 
42463294Infinite Stratos Quest 47You enter into combat with Silverio Gospel. Can you win against an angel?Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-09-13 13 
42743139Infinite Stratos Quest 48You struggle against the second shifted Silverio Gospel before you are pulled into a change of your own.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-09-27 16 
October 2015
42874996Infinite Stratos Quest 49The final conflict with Silverio Gospel ends. Only to find yourself in a position between two conflicting parties of great importance.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-10-04 14 
43002942Infinite Stratos Quest 50Your choice to return Natasha to the carrier happens without any problems. Unless you can say Natasha being well enough to tease all of you is not a problem.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-10-11 13 
43260506Infinite Stratos Quest 51You report back to Chifuyu and answer why you made your decision. Afterwards you enjoy a nice relaxing time in the hot spring.You also decide on the games you will play as you receive a gift from Grandpa.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-10-25 15 
November 2015
43527046Infinite Stratos Quest 52The games commence as you test your wits and strength against Rin in a set of games decided by the girls. You learn their secrets before it all ends in pillow fight.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-11-08 14 
43761724Infinite Stratos Quest 53You enjoy the first day of summer by doing the assigned summer homework with girls. And you set up the schedule for the rest of summer.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-11-22 14 
December 2015
44137407Infinite Stratos Quest 54You evade patrolling forces to start your date with Houki. You enjoy your time shopping with her before you head to the shrine festival. You enjoy the sights as sparks fly in the night.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2015-12-13 22 
January 2016
44822044Infinite Stratos Quest 55John wakes up to a new situation that he has to make sense of. What little sense it does make.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-01-17 16 
44969323Infinite Stratos Quest 556The start of the interview with Iris Calling and Natasha Fairs. With a side of Natasha teasing Iris and you being a gentleman about it all.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-01-24 15 
February 2016
45403217Infinite Stratos Quest 57You finish off your interview with Natasha and Iris. But when the girls meet Iris, they begin to mark their territory.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-02-14 11 
45541311Infinite Stratos Quest 58The start of the factory visit at Fairy Arms and Manufacturing. We also meet the other person to pilot a Maeve. Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-02-21 13 
45684236Infinite Stratos Quest 59As Cecilia Alcott you have to figure what happened to John with the style and grace befitting of a lady.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-02-28 13 
March 2016
45824468Infinite Stratos Quest 60Naked and bound, you have Laura help you escape. Once free you pick out new equipment and deal with a new enemy in the skies.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-03-06 12 
46122379Infinite Stratos Quest 61You fight against an unknown enemy in the skies over the Fairy Arms complex as the twisted game is reset to zero.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-03-20 13 
April 2016
46864270Infinite Stratos Quest 62You finally arrive at Cecilia's summer home. You enjoy your time with the girls as you greet your arriving family.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-04-24 12 
May 2016
47009540Infinite Stratos Quest 63You watch your family deal with Uncle Eli before your Mom drops several bombs on you.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-05-01 14 
47375090Infinite Stratos Quest 64She played us like a damn fiddle.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-05-22 15 
July 2016
48197558Infinite Stratos Quest 65A short thread as you have a little reprieve with the girls at the beach.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-07-10 15 
October 2016
678192Infinite Stratos Quest 66Back to see what your Mom said and have Cecilia give in to you. Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-10-09 11 
706623Infinite Stratos Quest 67You dodge the question with little effort as you figure out the last problems preventing you from enjoy your time at the summer house.Infinite Stratos Quest, Collective Game, Low_density2016-10-16 11 
June 2017
1536253Metahuman Quest: Issue #1Morgan Barrett moves into Gotham with his mother and makes some interesting new acquaintances.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, density, Batman, cape, capeshit, SleepyQM, Sleepy2017-06-07 20 
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