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August 2009
5431157Six Million Dollar ChanLittle amputee girl is going to be Six Million Dollar Chan. Further exploring the reconstruction of a surviving guro victim.dawww, sad little girl, cyborg, reconstruction2009-08-13 7 
November 2009
6709859/tg/ and D&D 2nd Edition.Fa/tg/uys discuss the pros and cons of 2nd edition vs newer ones, along other oldfag concepts, with amazingly little trolling.Late Nite, D&D, 2E, 2nd, 2nd Edition, Late Night, constructive arguments, discussion, old school, oldfags, good /tg/2009-11-15 1 
January 2011
13637263Construct Artificer Quest 1The story of Carne, a big hulking machine full of the secret knowledge of a dead nation, after he wakes up from a Rip-Van-Winkle-like nap. You awaken. You are in a forest. Vines and vegetation cover your body of cold metal and indestructible crystal. "It is day. The birds are chirping. You can hear animals nearby. Some are eating, some stalking others to eat."quest, construct, magic, fantasy, roleplay, collective game2011-01-24 11 
13646200Construct Artificer Quest 2You're in Port Adder now. So much to do, so much time. And then we meet the NID and have to deal with a Criminal Mastermind. Yay.Construct, Artificer, Quest, Collective Game, Magic, Fantasy, Roleplay2011-01-25 5 
13659845Construct Artificer Quest 3You intimidate the fake guards, and take over a safehouse. You also interrogate one of them, and prepare to raid several other safe houses.Construct, Artificer, Quest, Collective Game, Magic, Fantasy, Roleplay2011-01-26 5 
13672773Construct Artificer Quest 4The continued adventures of the metal man in a fantasyland. Spying and shadow-boxing and playing mind tricks get cut short, with a temp ban for our beloved GM. What the fuck, /tg/.Construct, Artificer, Quest, Collective Game, Magic, Fantasy, Roleplay2011-01-27 6 
July 2011
15582277Modern Fantasy Earth 2Liches and Dragons take over the thread. Also including: Deals to get rid of adventurers, a golem charity spambot, and centaur shenanigans.Advice, Earth, Elves, Racism, Lich, Centaur, Construct2011-07-15 6 
December 2011
17257411Organ Construct BardSomeone posts that their bard became augmented by a group artificer and is now part organ, discussion about a necrobard followed and many good ideas were shared.Bard, character, Necromancer, artificer, game ideas, villain, dirge, music, funny, D&D, construct2011-12-18 6 
June 2013
25551547Gundam AGE Quest: Part 34Bob the Builder arrives and we begin fixing the base up, training the paper pushers to be MS pilots and we have to deal with an asshole DJ. We go to a school to give a presentation and my laptop craps out. Gundam AGE Quest, Collective Game, DJ, Construction, Scarlet, Crocker 2013-06-21 28 
April 2014
31185680Dungeon Construction CrewsBecause some poor group of assholes has to build the Dungeon of Eternal Suffering for Baron Von Skullfuck.Dungeons, Wizards, Construction Crews, Worksite Safety Concerns, Hard Hats, Bottomless Pits, Unionising2014-04-01 12 
January 2015
37438653SIMPLE QUESTA tale of bears, and the simple men who love them.SIMPLE QUEST, Bears, Romance, Caves, Weak-ass Grue, Epic tales, Collective Game, Tragedy, Deconstruction, Heart-warming2015-01-17 5 
March 2016
46187796Black Tides Quest 1There's a zombie apocalypse going on, and apparently you're on a boat. Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-23 3 
46207805Black Tides Quest 2: Pilage Things, Kill ZombiesNow in accordance with the "everyone must be young, hot, and in college" rule for zombie apocalypses. Gonna need to fix that.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-24 3 
46230693Black Tide Quest 3: Needs More RumAfter the first major fight with zombies, a boat that is not utter shit is aquired and the Party mechanics are slowly revealed.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-25 5 
46254582 Black Tides Quest 4: Now with 100% More VikingsThings go slow from an early start with the Viking Funeral, but pick up as Anon talks about the ship assault.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction 2016-03-26 3 
46271629Black Tides Quest 5: Good Morning Tonkin Gulf!Leadership decisions are made, and the plebeians are put to work. Damn slackers.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-03-27 5 
April 2016
46441576Black Tides Quest 6: Now With No April Fools Bullshit!A reposting of the OP from the ill-fated April Fools running of Black Tides Quest, with no issues this time.Collective Game, WarWolf, Zombies, boats, Black Tides Quest, homebrew system, under construction,2016-04-04 2 
46507692Black TIdes Quest 7: Waterworld ain't got shit on us!Island fort is planned, the Daughter of Trump takes command of the project, and you go off to appease your party member and kick ass.Collective Game, WarWolf, Black Tides Quest, zombies, boats, homebrew system, under construction2016-04-12 1 
March 2019
3360795Construct Necromancer Quest #2We maim some dwarves, find many mushrooms, become paraplegic, and discover Aaron is surprisingly capable. and also drinks paint stripper.Collective Game, Quest, Undead, Skeleton, Construct Necromancer Quest2019-03-30 3 
April 2019
3401765Construct Necromancer Quest #3 - FinaleWe make our Spiderchair, go into the deeps, and die happilyCollective Game, Quest, Undead, Skeleton, Construct Necromancer Quest2019-04-07 2 
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