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August 2009
5538301Archaeological report on humansArchaeologists of an alien civilization squabble about the curious properties of the perplexing human race.Collective game, hilarity, alien report, little purple tube2009-08-21 2 
April 2010
8895534Wormhole Cyberpunk settingAliens seek refuge, but end up crash landing and screwing up the planet big time. Cyberpunk without the 80's feel.scifi apocalypse post-apocalypse post postapocalypse alien refugee immigrant war science fiction SHTF future cyberpunk punk white knight whiteknight2010-04-01 2 
April 2011
14526718Stranded on an alien world./tg/ regulars get sucked off to an alien world with all the gear they can carry. A typical thread until writefags start churning out awesome.stranded alien world writefag2011-04-10 6 
14540119Stranded on an alien world 2The thread continues, an argument starts off between agriculture and hunter gather and the writefag marches on.stranged, alien world, writefag2011-04-10 5 
14542831Stranded on an alien world 3More writefagging by 008 and company, drama, suspense and alien artifacts.writefag, alien world, stranded2011-04-11 6 
14579731Stranded on an alien world part 4Writefags beat the odds and another thread continues the awesome with more journals and stories. Suspense, Drama, gunshot wounds!alien world, stranded, writefag, lenore2011-04-14 7 
14606431Stranded on an alien world part 54channers stranded on a hostile alien world. The writefagging continues. How can this be?alien world, stranded, lenore, writefag2011-04-16 7 
14644599Stranded on an alien world 6TG'ers enter their second year stranded on this world as the third wave of arrives start appearing. Drama, Suspense, Sex, writefagging.writefag, Lenore, alien world, stranded2011-04-20 7 
August 2012
20357575Lenore writefaggotry008 and co come out again to write.stranded, alien world, lenore2012-08-20 9 
September 2012
20558506Lady Robot Master Quest Part 20In which Blade Woman seduces a destroyed evil alien computer...megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, pharaoh man, evil alien computer, flash man2012-09-02 3 
March 2013
23757275AdEva base on crazy religionOP asks for crazy religious things to fuel his game. /tg/ provides.setting, adeptus evangelion, adeva, future alien jews, time cube, wat, religion, cazy2013-03-19 24 
June 2013
25517110Yellowman Quest 11Yellowman and his team finally leave the world of Oglaf behind, only to land in a city with a xenomorph infestation, Weyland-Yutani mucking about, and 2 Predators who may or may not be out for trophies. This may be an improvement.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-20 9 
25647598Yellowman Quest 12The raid on the police station is concluded, there's some talk during a long APC raid, and we attempt to go meet Radical Edward.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Oglaf, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator2013-06-27 5 
July 2013
25801190Yellowman Quest 13Scott Yellowman's trip through this world is marked with critical failures and critical successes, mostly of the former variety. He leads his team to the Sewage Sub-Station, and finds no Ed, but does find the Portal.Collective Game, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest, Yellowman Quest, Fallout: New Vegas, Phantasy Star Online, Alien vs. Predator, Starcraft, Cowboy Bebop2013-07-05 6 
November 2013
28273175Lenore Thread 5Festivities are had, Shipbuilding commences, Camp Abaddon is established, the Elf War starts and many other things happen.Lenore, Collectivegame, alien world2013-11-17 6 
December 2013
28943773World of Lenore 14in which many things happen and we gain a few new writers. Gearing up for a counter attack on Fedoran lands and kickstarting industry in our towns, mars gun pattern highly debatedcollective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2013-12-24 6 
January 2014
29201755World of Lenore 16Fedorans shoot babies off towers and strike back against the 6th Column, while Ms Fortune deals with the Whizzard in Kitycity. New Babel Founded and more fluff on the world of Lenore. Thread 15 included in archivefoolz link.Collective Game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-06 7 
29322950World of Lenore 17Manx and Ms.Fortune finally meet, Lewis Carrol gets some love, the Expat returns, Population figures are discussed and New Babel in /int/ gets new fluff.Collective Game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-10 6 
29435172World of Lenore 18In which Matthew and ButterRoot Mayor have some words, Commander Manx and Ms. Fortune set plans for the fate of Kitty City, A convoy sets out from Honeypot and Various new creatures are fleshed out. Oh and the 8th wave is starting to appear.collective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-15 7 
29538459World of Lenore 19The 8th wave begins! The Confed Counsel debates gun control and the new thread rising from Fedoran Lands. A cease fire is brokered with /y/ and /b/. Lucky takes over running Camp Abaddon and the Confed counsel starts the Department of Wave Affairs. The EMC spreads it's network and mounts a rescue operation to /sci/ lands. The rise of Bloke's 8th waver city starts as does the appearance of a strange Bearded with a unlikely ally.collective game, lenore, lenore quest, writefag, alien world, stranded, irc2014-01-20 8 
January 2016
44897559Alien World QuestIn which you begin to explore, and your squad is kidnappedCollective Game, Alien World, Oculus2016-01-20 1 
June 2016
250540Ancient Alien Quest #1Our hero's arrive on earth, examine its life forms, kill their first human, try to save another, and discover that something is very wrongAncient Alien Quest, Collective Game2016-06-15 1 
261818Ancient Alien Quest #2Your ship gets blown up twice, you've been pursued, and not much else happens.Collective Game, Ancient Alien Quest2016-06-19 1 
February 2017
1136626Alien World: Evo Game 1We begin an evogame in the shallow seas of an alien world, evolving the Irako, Idrai, Rilva, Quas, and Dengh.evo, evolution, evogame, Alien World, WheelieOP2017-02-09 1 
June 2018
60145928Alien Invasion MotivationsHypothetical reasons for aliens to decide to invade earth.alien invasion, motive, why, the oort cloud has plenty of water ice, mars needs women,2018-06-15 0 
July 2018
2750422Kaiju QuestAfter being born we invade an outpost and get our asses kicked by another kaijukaiju quest, kaiju, alien 2018-07-23 2 
March 2019
3337683Bio Armored Titan 1: Heroes Rise AgainWe select our armor and get to know how to use it somewhat before finding out that Gilgamesh is a pacifistic pussy. Cut short by GM retard.Bio Armored Titan, Biotech, Alien Invasion, Not Earth, Mr.C, Collective Game, That Warrior is totally coming back, Titan Gilgamesh2019-03-17 2 
November 2021
5018302TACTICOM Quest #1Titular robot tactics computer takes his first real command to battle the alien Red Horde! TC undergoes a test and then is dispatched south.Robot, Warfare, Mech, Alien, Alien Invasion2021-11-20 13 
January 2022
5068423TACTICOM Quest #1.5The mission at the south Nexus concludes; TC tries his hand at budget negotiations and takes his command talents to the Balkans resistance. Robot, Warfare, Mech, Alien, Alien Invasion2022-01-08 12 
July 2022
5309562The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 1st DrinkIn which a drunkard can't get drunk because of a creepy alien he wakes up to discover in his house.The Drunkard And The Alien Quest, YouAndYourWaifu, Noir, Sci-fi, Prohibiton, 1920s, Male Protagonist, Male MC, Alien, Waifu, 2nd Person, 2022-07-22 5 
August 2022
5348054The Drunkard And The Alien Quest - 2nd DrinkIn which alien tries out new cocktail dresses as she and the drunkard run and hide away from an federal agent. The Drunkard And The Alien Quest, YouAndYourWaifu, Noir, Sci-fi, Prohibiton, 1920s, Male Protagonist, Male MC, Alien, Waifu, 2nd Person,2022-08-28 0 
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