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August 2009
5420978Tomb of horror storiesStories about Tomb of horror roleplaying.Tomb of horror, stories2009-08-13 2 
May 2011
15058985Warriors of the Eight Tombs II (New Necron Tombworld Continued)We continue trying to flesh out the back-story of the Necrons, and Drawfags begin to crawl out of the woodworkNecron, Eight Tombs, Tomb World, Teracotta Necrons, Collective2011-05-26 0 
15087969Warriors of the Eight Tombs #3More delicious NecronsWarriors of the Eight Tombs Necrons God Emperor Writefag2011-05-29 3 
July 2011
15488939Reverse tomb of HorrorsThe ultimate test for a group of expert, jaded, dungeon delvers.Reverse, Tomb, Horrors, dungeon, dungeon design, clever, harmless2011-07-06 15 
October 2011
16747874Cowboy Space Marines/tg/ makes a Cowboy Space Marine chapter and awesome happensLonestars, Tombstone, Cowboys, 40k, Space Marines, 2011-10-27 13 
October 2013
27944240Humanity's Epitaph/tg/ writes on Humanity's tombstone.Humanity, death, what, awesome, tombstone2013-10-27 6 
July 2015
41133892Tomboy in Love #1 (Quest)Tomboy is in love, kisses would-be husbando, bickers bitterly with friend, fails at being girly.Tomboy in Love, Collective Game, Alteration, Original2015-07-11 10 
July 2018
2713611Panzer Commander Quest #45The current arc finally comes to an end and the next assignment from the Intelligence Office is received. Richter gets beaten up by a girl.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, a distinct lack of tanks, pull my tomboy trigger2018-07-21 1 
August 2019
67396007how to improve necrons/tg/ discusses how to improve necron fluff and stats.necrons, worldbuilding, backstory, tomb kings, mondasian cybermen,2019-08-02 5 
October 2020
75185467Nechronica Thread: Spooky Mech Edition | Port Storytime Finale | Red Planet Storytime | Entombed Class releasedTranslation team releases Entombed Class. The Finale of Port Storytime. Red Planet Storytime continues. Anon seeks feedback on custom class.Nechronica, Storytime, Story Time, Port, Protoca, Tachi, Class, Entombed, Red Planet, mars, space, parents, settings, custom, skills, parts2020-10-07 2 
December 2020
4528378Tomboy Retrieval QuestYour name is Michael, and although your day has been short, you have some tomboys to bring home.Collective Game, Sci-Fi, Tomboy, cirnoQM2020-12-13 6 
February 2021
4658498My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GFIn the cybernetic future +45 years, you sign up for a government issued small titty tomboy girlfriendGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-02-28 11 
March 2021
4673774My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 2Double corpo schemes, deluxe hacker dreams, catastrovania peensGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-03-16 7 
April 2021
4697498My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 3Brainworm appear, Desert cat rear, Tomboy rendezvous, and Catastrovania tooGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-04-11 6 
May 2021
79097963Your GM's fetishesAnons share their GM's fetishes. Turns out even good GMs can have "recurring themes."DM, GM, campaign, storytime, tomboy, musclegirl, slave2021-05-10 -3 
September 2021
4945851My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 4Cyborg and ghosts, Goth Joy promotes. Crazy bot and Jabberwock, Vanessa hungry for the cock. Martin with cats to frankenstein big fat tats. Goth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2021-09-04 2 
September 2022
5358546My Government Issued Small Titty Tomboy GF Vol. 4Pinky promise broke, left the boob folk, plantation brain stroke, I really need a smokeGoth GF, Spanner, Tessa, Cyberpunk, Tomboy GF, Martin, Reb2022-09-11 2 
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