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July 2013
25959245Space Waifu Quest 19: Return of the Shitty SubtitleWherein we metagame like a dirty minmaxer, argue about nothing, and kill more characters shamelessly ripped from popular culture.ERP, Collective Game, Starcraft 2 sucks, Arcturus Mengsk was right, Starcraft, Space Waifu Quest, What kind of name is Delta Phoenix anyways, lesbians, robophilia, gynoid, You’re too slow, C’mon step it up, Rollin around at the speed of sound, Got places to go, GOTTA FOLLOW MY RAINBOW2013-07-12 8 
March 2014
30888575Javelin Monk-sile SystemAn Anon's simple request to go as fast as possible becomes a system for raining death from above.Monk, Pathfinder, Speed, Min-maxing, Gotta Go Fast2014-03-18 8 
October 2014
35661981Racer Quest 2048-0Welcome to Acceleration City. You are Jason Alexander.. Start your engineRacer Quest, Racing, Collective Game, GardenMaster-NORG, Wipeout, IGPX, Cyber Formula, Speed2014-10-21 0 
December 2016
902519Speedster Quest - Episodes 1 & 2Your name is Bee Artimisa, and you are the fastest woman alive. You are the speedster known as Flywheel. Live fast, flirt hard. speedster2016-12-07 3 
914005Speedster Quest - Episodes 3~6Your name is Bee Artemisa, and you are the fastest woman alive. Live Fast, Flirt Hard, and keep your harem happy. Speedster Quest, The Flash, Alternate Universe, Cozy, Feels, Harem, Yuri2016-12-15 1 
March 2018
2364361Metahuman Quest: Issue #14Morgan wins a boxing match with a gorilla, and is struck by lightning.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Kid Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Speed Force2018-03-11 5 
September 2022
5373312Fate City Akeldama 2 [Under new management]Anon and his Avenger fight off a Servant's doppelgangers, blast some ships, shoot the breeze, and investigate leylinesFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2022-09-24 4 
November 2022
5413620Fate City Akeldama 3 (reboot)Anon et al fight Aka no Rider and an unidentified Archer, withdraw to the starter-zone, encounter the overseer, and opt to recover civiliansFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2022-11-15 4 
January 2023
5475120Fate City Akeldama 4A few civvies are rescued, a strange new vampire is born, Anon passes out from overwork.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-01-01 4 
February 2023
5520216Fate City Akeldama 5Anon learns some magic, begins to relocate the base, tries out rock-climbing, and prepares to fight the Archer from earlier.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-02-12 5 
March 2023
5575746Fate City Akeldama 6Another Servant skirmish (finally) against an Archer and Berserker, but QM was too busy IRL to write as much as he would have liked.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-03-26 5 
May 2023
5624385Fate City Akeldama 7A few preparations are made, then the battle against Sun Wukong and his allies beginsFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-05-11 1 
July 2023
5667732Fate City Akeldama 8Anon and the gang slug it out with Sun Wukong, getting through the battle by the skin of their teethFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-07-06 0 
September 2023
5714029Fate City Akeldama 9Some rest/recovery downtime, and Koko's suggestion to rebel against the overseer gets some tractionFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-09-02 0 
October 2023
5767766Fate City Akeldama 10A plot against the overseer is put forward, Hecate shows up out of left field, and Anon has a friendly spar against a Servant.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-10-20 0 
December 2023
5804756Fate City Akeldama 11 reduxAnon processes a shift in his being, tries out cooking, and prepares to meet the first dedicated enemy attack since Sun WukongFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-12-05 0 
May 2024
5972351Fate City Akeldama (redux) 12Their base under attack, Anon and Avenger set out to eliminate the besiegers; they engage the enemy and eventually reunite with Sophia.Fate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2024-05-19 0 
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