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December 2017
2112122 Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific TheatreThree student conscripts try to escape a war-torn Osaka as the war between Zipang and the Tengar Khaganate enters its final phase.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2017-12-13 14 
2130423Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 2Subaru escapes Osaka, meets up with an ally from the Empire and makes a trek to Kure.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2017-12-20 11 
January 2018
2163026Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 3Subaru decides to inherit his father's legacy, then carries out a mission to rescue what's left of Zipang's armed forces.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-01-02 10 
February 2018
2252443Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 4 & 5Subaru and his crew meet up with the marines and the army of the nation, both coming with their own brand of assholes.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-02-04 10 
2305199Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 6The army and marines escape Aki amidst an intense shore bombardment. Subaru also crosses path with a rather dangerous individual.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-02-26 10 
March 2018
2348715Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 7Subaru spies on other high-ranking officers of Beiyang, witnesses the other side of his comrade, and defrosts a tsundere.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-03-12 10 
April 2018
2398387Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 8Subaru goes on a date with a Valkyria who has a rather 'interesting' family history.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-04-01 10 
2447657Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 9Subaru finishes his date up with a very intimate encounter. As day of the heist approaches, bids some last farewells to his country.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-04-18 10 
May 2018
2518849Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 10EhCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-05-23 5 
2579612Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 11EhCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-05-23 5 
June 2018
2650869Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 12Subaru gets caught by the enemy out of carelessness and drags his friends down with himCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-06-27 10 
July 2018
2714217Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 13Subaru is bailed out again by his friend, and surprisingly, someone who was supposed to be an enemy.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-07-20 10 
August 2018
2750582Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 14Subaru and a Ruzhi special forces commando from the Empire hunt some Huns while the rest of the group hijacks a battleship (and a princess)Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-08-04 10 
September 2018
2839393Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 15 & 16Aiteng deals with her enemies both from the outside and inside while the Yamato crew is greeted with an ambush.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-09-06 10 
2874094Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 17The Yamato and her crew arrive safely at Formosa after a brief skirmish with the Nanyang Fleet. Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-09-19 10 
October 2018
2908856Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 18Subaru experiences his first shore leave in Formosa with two walking short fuses and a big ball of nostalgia.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-10-05 10 
2956895Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 19The Obligatory Onsen Episode - Part 1Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-10-21 10 
November 2018
3004049Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 20Subaru attends dinner with the Captain, and learns about a very, very important secret.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-11-08 10 
December 2018
3050851Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 21The Obligatory Onsen Episode - Part 2Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-12-01 10 
3084077Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 22Subaru attempts to build rapport with a Political Prisoner Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2018-12-17 10 
January 2019
3130106Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 23A diplomatic mission ends up interrupted by an unexpected air raidCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-01-06 10 
February 2019
3185906Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 24The crew rejoins after an enemy airstrike, and Subaru manages to hunt down another Prisoner of WarCollactive Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-02-01 10 
March 2019
3289781Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 25Subaru makes the most of his last day in Formosa, and faces a very personal issue.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-03-08 10 
3334996Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 26Subaru finally manages to chip away part of the illusive Denisov mask.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-03-23 11 
April 2019
3374733Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 27Subaru faces off against the Beiyang Fleet, and is forced to face a serious dilemma.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-04-05 10 
3432400Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 28The Atlantic Federation plans its next course of action. Back on Yamato, Subaru attempts to deal with a personal loss.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-04-27 11 
May 2019
3468391Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 29Subaru finds a new direction in life after losing someone dearCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-05-12 10 
July 2019
3635740Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 30Subaru digs through documents detailing his potential adversaries, then narrowly avoids a security breach.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-07-20 10 
November 2019
3882012Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 31The crew of Yamato makes a bumpy contact with their Gallian Allies. Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2019-11-03 10 
January 2020
3973958Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 32Subaru blotches diplomacy over cultural rifts, then resorts to finding help from an political prisonerCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-01-08 10 
4024056Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 33Subaru gets caught between a battle between two super-soldiers.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-01-28 10 
March 2020
4077463Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 34Subaru deals with the aftermath of the brawl and uncovers a dark secret about the Gallian envoy.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-03-06 11 
April 2020
4140114Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre #35Subaru confronts his former friends and attempts to deal with depressionCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-04-05 10 
May 2020
4195301Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 36Subaru finds an unexpected emotional support, then deals with two equally troublesome patientsCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-05-03 10 
4250632Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 37The Khagan's navy finally shows up, and Subaru takes his first flight into the skiesCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-05-31 12 
October 2020
4453306Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 38Subaru tries to do artillery spotting while getting shot at by enemy fire.Collective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-10-13 10 
December 2020
4544694Valkyria Chronicles: Pacific Theatre 39Subaru returns from his first sortie, and is then tasked to deal with some really troublesome guestsCollective Game, Pacific Theatre, Valkyria Chronicles2020-12-20 10 
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