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April 2012
18754403Nomad Quest Part 1Part one of Nomad Quest, in which our hero begins his adventure. Dead families, potato farmers and Ram spirits, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-17 8 
18782515Nomad Quest Part 2Part 2 of Nomad Quest. Bad alchemy, Summoning hijinks and bad dreams, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-20 3 
18803741Nomad Quest Part 3Part 3 of Nomad Quest! Noberem, angry nomads, delays, summons and alchemy ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-23 3 
18830169Nomad Quest Part 4Part 4 of Nomad Quest! Horses, Druidry, royalty and misled identities ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-24 5 
18860988Nomad Quest Part 5Part 5 of Nomad Quest! Incorrect links, pesky rabbits, asshole Eames and scary Cu ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-26 6 
18900297Nomad Quest Part 6Part 6 of Nomad Quest! Thread images, undead and one indomitable rogues, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-29 2 
May 2012
18928391Nomad Quest Part 7Thread shenanigans ahoy! The entire first half was auto-saged to oblivion, so go to http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/18925017/#18927988 before diving in here.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-01 2 
18940181Nomad Quest Part 8Rakshasa everywhere, hungover Princesses, basic geography, alchemy studying and bitter nomads, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-02 2 
19028983Nomad Quest Part 9Nomad fights, exotic swordplay, roadblocks, undead/undying political correctness and confused party members, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-09 5 
19045447Nomad Quest Part 10Misleading thread titles, Terramancy, more alchemy, scandalous women and naked party members, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-10 3 
19104355Nomad Quest Part 11Vol Itolstein, Districts, strange new lands and empty thrones, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-15 3 
19141816Nomad Quest Part 12In which we dance. Also, link to Part 11 is at the top of this thread. Gettit while it's hot.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-18 3 
19192102Nomad Quest Part 13In which we dress a princess.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-22 5 
19203325Nomad Quest Part 15In which we re-unite.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-23 5 
19229176Nomad Quest Part 15 (For Real)In which we arrive and not much else. Previously posted 'Nomad Quest Part 15' is actually part 14. Sorry for the foolishness.Collective Quest, Nomad Quest2012-05-25 5 
19277862Nomad Quest Part 16In which we meet an old master.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-29 5 
June 2012
19383339Nomad Quest Part 17In which we move through the dark of the night with a twelve year old girl.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-07 5 
19443971Nomad Quest Part 18In which irreparable damage is done.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-11 5 
19466983Nomad Quest Part 19In which your mission, should you choose to accept it, is laid out for you.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-13 4 
19528846Nomad Quest Part 20In which we enjoy a drink on the way home.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-18 3 
19579629Nomad Quest Part 21In which we pay a royal visit and I yet again mistitle the thread.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-22 3 
May 2016
161290Nomad Tribesman QuestYou are a young noble in a nomadic tribe. Chart your destiny! Collective Game, Tribesman Quest, Nomad Quest, Quest2016-05-24 4 
179360Nomad Tribesman QuestKalon accepts a deal and heads out to be a mercenary in the Empire. Collective Game, Tribesman Quest, Nomad Quest, Quest2016-05-28 3 
September 2018
2843194Star Nomad Quest Episode 1We learn why were abducted and negotiate our release from alien captivity.Star Nomad Quest, StarQM, Collective Game2018-09-05 2 
2929245Nomad Quest - Thread 1Soma returns like the disappointment he is to run something that isn't Banished QuestNomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-09-29 5 
October 2018
2965636Nomad Quest - Thread 2The second thread is only three hours late. Sasuga, Soma-san. Nomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-10-14 3 
November 2018
3007136Nomad Quest - Thread 3We finally wrap up the prologue.Nomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-11-01 0 
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