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September 2015
42604899Hundred Year War QuestKuo, the wandering bender is born.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-09-20 13 
42620238Hundred Year War Quest 2The marathon continues.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-09-20 6 
42635197Hundred Year War Quest 3I have run this for over a day, I am still not tired, but I must work tomorrow.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-09-21 8 
October 2015
42859302Hundred Year War Quest 4To hell with even distribution of numbers, Kuo don't give a shit.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-03 8 
42890912Hundred Year War Quest 5Kuo goes shopping, beats an old man, almost rips off a retard, and gets a letter, I wonder who it's from?Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-05 8 
43018950Hundred Year War Quest 6Hundred Year War Quest 6Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-12 6 
43069874Hundred Year War Quest 7Kuo learns some good stuff, almost kills some people on accident, and gets distracted easily.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-15 6 
43107157Hundred Year War Quest 8Circus people are assholes.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-17 6 
43217776Hundred Year War Quest 9Kuo gets kicked out, makes it to Ba Sing Se, and runs into an old friend.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-23 6 
43370845Hundred Year War Quest 10Kuo starts his life as Dong Rock, PHD.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-10-30 6 
November 2015
43543665Hundred Year War Quest 11Kuo manages to get invited to something, and then some cool stuff happens.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-11-09 6 
43594780Hundred Year War Quest 12Something unexpected happens.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-11-12 5 
43655882Hundred Year War Quest 13I have to end early, so this thread is really short.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest, Sorry2015-11-15 4 
43748716Hundred Year War Quest 14Kuo blows the cover, makes a mistake, and cool news about SuperHuman Legacy Quest.Collective Game, Avatar, Hundred Year War Quest2015-11-21 3 
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