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March 2009
4022165/tg/ talks about Gods!Guy is making a homebrew with Gods are a focus and asks /tg/ for ideas on gods/goddess's....awesome ensues. Gods, Goddess's, awesome. 2009-03-19 1 
May 2009
4471600Gods = Xom"So after checking out some ancient mythology, paying special attention to divine dickery, I came to conclusion that all gods are Xom. Discuss." And so they did.gods, mythology, dickery, Xom2009-05-05 3 
June 2009
5030483Nautical Campaign SettingLivestream/tg/ comes up with something creative and describes a drowned world to us. Moby Dick is one of the gods.Homebrew, fluff, D&D, gods, race,2009-06-28 2 
March 2010
8471014Tsunder AnubisGods, riddles, and emotional whiplash aboundGods, Tsunder, Anubis, Monstergirl, Tsundere, Egypt2010-03-09 10 
June 2010
10590303Paladins of BDSMDespite the name, this was the result of a challenge to create a Lawful Good Deity of BDSM. And surprisingly, some good discussion and plot ideas were had. Paladins, Xiombarg, Loviatar, gods, fluff, discussion2010-06-19 16 
November 2010
12716581Paladin wat do?Thread starts with a Paladin fucking a god he DIDN'T worship. /tg/ thinks about the ramifications. It is decided that Eilistraee was one of the better gods for a horizontal tango. Then FR gods turn out to be playing some sort of reverse fantasy football with their followers. Eilistraee, gods, Forgotten Realms, Fantasy Football2010-11-10 13 
April 2011
14754532Ur-Priests - Why so Evil?Discussion about Ur-Priests goes on to debate about whether the gods in Forgotten realms are moral, necessary, whether the world could work without them, and a few campaign stories.Forgotten Realms, Gods,2011-04-30 5 
May 2011
15106773Let's Make a GodUsing tables, /tg/ creates their own gods. Bizarre combinations are a guarantee. gods, tables, dice rolling, homebrew2011-05-31 2 
July 2011
15593949Abaddon Quest IIThe Black Crusade grows. Champions are rallied, the warp get's another psychically asskicking, and Abaddon proves to be extremely badass with bionic arms.Collective Game, Quest, Abaddon, Black Crusade, Chaos, Heresy, Abaddon Quest, Badass, Dice Gods, Doomrider2011-07-16 35 
August 2011
15844936Create-A-GodPantheon of /tg/ created gods including the creation of fan-favourite "Lug" the god of Holes. Gods, Pantheon, writefaggotry, original content, Lug, Wry,2011-08-07 20 
October 2011
16676293Let's Discuss Fantas-PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFHGATHER SACRIFICES. Also, some interesting discussion on elder gods and eldritch horrors.cthulhu, shoggoth, elder gods, gods, horror, slaanesh, sacrifices, discussion2011-10-20 5 
16737695Divine Intervention (Greek Gods are That Guy)Tales of interfering deities. Ancient Greek DMs suckgods, that guy, story time2011-10-27 5 
November 2011
16923978Giants and dragons- the settingChaos dragons, giants of form, gods of creationgiants, dragons, gods, homebrew, fluff, setting, backstory2011-11-12 10 
March 2012
18221774Old Humanity and the Elemental GodsBegins as a joke discussion about redheads being part fire-elemental. Ends with Humanity being the result of magical gods intermarrying with the primal forces of nature, and their offspring manifesting their elemental affinity via hair and eye color. Also, brief writefaggotry featuring telepathic Churchill vs. psychic Hitler.elements, gods, HFY, old magic, psychic Hitler2012-03-06 13 
September 2012
20775313Dice superstitions/tg/ discusses how to please the dice gods.die, dice, RNG, god, gods, superstition, 2012-09-19 9 
October 2012
20962433Lich's Employee Quest pt 3Sir Daniel deals with more wizards, this time taking down Beric. And the Wolves of Lupin forest.Skeleton quest, werewolf, dice gods, mantis2012-10-03 20 
21107634Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 33Hito encounter the Chaos Gods who want to turn him into Champion of Chaos against his will.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos Gods, Chaos, Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Doomrider2012-10-14 2 
21110198Lich's Employee Quest pt 12Daniel goes east to an unknown town, and he knows fury.Skeleton quest, Hydra, wrath, dice gods, rage, god's favour2012-10-14 21 
21206871Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 34Hito meet one of the Buddhist monk who come to his aid. Now Hito tried to flee from the Chaos Gods.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos Gods, Chaos, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Zombie2012-10-21 1 
21256335Lich's Employee Quest pt 19Daniel goes theatrical as he kills Fido the charisma wizard.skeleton quest, theatrics, Poe, masquerade, dice gods, assassinations2012-10-24 11 
21310032Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 35Hito now need to deal with Slaanesh herself as Slaanesh tried to seduce him.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chao Gods, Chaos, Slaanesh, Daemonette2012-10-28 0 
November 2012
21414240Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 36Hito are working his plans to defeat the rest of the Chaos Gods.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos Gods, Slaanesh, 2012-11-03 2 
21729486Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 39Hito finally faced Khorne in combat and it proved to be difficult combat.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos, Chao Gods, Khorne, Death2012-11-25 0 
December 2012
21831384Dawn of WorldsDawn of Worlds the cooperative world building game. A game in which multiple gods build a worlddawn of worlds, gods, world, creation2012-12-01 3 
21845316Dawn of Worlds 2Most of the world is built and multiple races are created. Then suddenly killer vegetables.dawn of worlds, gods, world, creation, Killer Vegetables2012-12-02 1 
22094818Arena of StormsWhats starts off as a discussion into a stone age setting quickly evolves into something involving gods that'd make the Greeks scared, CareBear Orcs and makes Cats and Dogs into Humanities greatest allies.Setting thread, setting, stone age, cats, dogs, gods, arena of storms2012-12-18 7 
January 2013
22412183Barely GodsA campaign about demigods fighting their way up the ladderBarely gods, campaign story, demigods2013-01-06 85 
22578538Paladins That Eat GodsOP tells the tale of an epic campaign.paladin, lovecraftian, god, gods, deity, deities, artifact, madness2013-01-14 31 
November 2013
28337976Don't fuck with the dice godsOP tries to make a rouge trader quest but tries to defy the dice gods. They do not take his insolence kindly.Dice-Gods, Justice, 40k, Leman Russ,2013-11-17 20 
28339529Deatwatch A-squad QuestWe are a Silver Skull Devastator. We are a gentleman who best an Iron Hands marine at everything and gets put into A-squad the greatest bunch of misfits ever assembled. Including A guardsman an Ork and an Alpha Legionnaire.40k, Deathwatch, Dice Gods, What Is Happening, 2013-11-17 10 
April 2014
31359885/tg/ discusses Afterlives and ReligionWherein ideas are thrown about for what happens when your character dies.Heaven, Hell, Afterlife, Gods, Religion, Deity2014-04-10 0 
June 2014
32782045Free FenrirDiscussing the sophont rights violation behind Fenrir's imprisonmentnorse, fenrir, loki, gods, myth2014-06-15 3 
32816963Order of the Emerald StarDiscussion and storytime about the Order of the Emerald Star, an ingame religion worshipping a former PC's Bard after he Ascended.Gods, Deity, Emerald Star, Bards, Music, Paladin, Storytime,2014-06-17 4 
July 2014
33149503/tg/ deity inventionOP requests ideas for gods and pantheons. Worldbuilding, original content and the TF2 Pyro as a deity results. Also, native amarican raccoon-people.Deity, Deities, Pantheon, God, Gods, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming, Paladin,2014-07-04 3 
33271449/tg/ religious discussion/tg/ has a rather civil discussion about religion, including how bullshit some of the gods can be and the idea that gods samefag.deity, deities, god, gods, pantheon, civil discussion, samefagging2014-07-09 5 
33393181GodbuildersOP tells of how he got his players to develop a pantheon for an original setting. Awesome and storytime results.Worldbuilding, Pantheon, Gods, Storytime2014-07-14 6 
August 2014
33912798Tarrasque Carnival/tg/ comes up with the idea of a moving city carnival that follows a Tarrasque. Also no one is capable of seducing anything as the dice gods frown upon such things.Tarrasque, fucking dice gods, Tarrasque Carnical2014-08-06 13 
33915461Outcast PantheonThe small gods and their characteristics.gods, magic, setting, small gods, religion, religions, faith, old gods, new gods, otherworldly, death, 2014-08-07 11 
34305460Khornette Quest #6In which we kill some Grey Knights in the most awesome way possible. So awesome Khorne has to stop time to give us a thumbs up.Collective Game, Khornette, Nurglette, Space Marines, Lady of Change, Khorne, Dice gods, holyfuckwhat, ELH2014-08-22 -8 
November 2014
36085669Land of the Gods: A Quest Part 2In which we focus on building our City.Collective Game, quest, Land of the Gods, gods, civ2014-11-11 5 
36201662Land of the Gods: A Quest Part 3The continuing story of Virus, the First Vine and God of Art.Collective Game, quest, Land of the Gods, gods, civ2014-11-16 5 
36269466Land of the Gods: A Quest Part 4Adventures with Virus: MEGA PROJECT EDITIONCollective Game, quest, Land of the Gods, gods, civ2014-11-19 5 
36354814Land of the Gods: A Quest Part 5In which Virus, the First Vine and God of Arts, visits his villages.Collective Game, quest, Land of the Gods, gods, civ2014-11-23 5 
36487470Land of the Gods: A Quest Part 6In which Virus ponders his defeated enemy and the nature of divinity.Collective Game, quest, Land of the Gods, gods, civ2014-11-30 9 
April 2015
39054250Malal/Malice WorldbuildingAnon starts a thread asking where the pictures of Malal's daemons were from. /tg/ starts brainstorming ideas for how Malal cults would work.Worldbuilding, cult, Chaos, Malal, Malice, Chaotic, Gods, troll, metaphysics, Joker, /tg/ is incapable of staying on topic,2015-04-02 5 
May 2015
40201823Sister and Chaos Gods Quest 1Only through the love and affection our step sister Maya has for us, can she endure the constant Chaos God corruption that looms over her.Sister and Chaos Gods, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-27 7 
40222320Sister and Chaos Gods 2We meet Uncle Zen at the tournament, as annoying as that may be; we level up our bond with Maya and we go play roleplay games - but we got into a discussion with our sis! Also a drawfag did Maya!Sister and Chaos Gods, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-29 7 
June 2015
40262919Sister and Chaos Gods 3We play roleplay with Maya's friends, and then roleplay with Maya, and fall into the clutches of Slaanesh. Then we go to the doctor to try to fix it - but Dr. Nelson is too much of a lazyass jerk to help us.Sister and Chaos Gods, Quest, Collective Game2015-06-01 3 
40322314Sister and Chaos Gods 4We go to a LARP with Maya, an meet Mr.Köhl there, who is quite a bro. Unluckily, Zen is there too, to fuck with us, but we manage to handle it.Sister and Chaos Gods, Quest, Collective Game2015-06-02 4 
August 2015
41869623Legends and Monsters Quest 1The incarnations of various mythical figures fight it out. Legends and Monsters, Collective Game, gods, mythology2015-08-17 2 
September 2015
42687766Desolation Quest 1A farmboy loses his family, his hometown, and buries them alongside his ability to give a fuck. Already dead inside, when death comes for him a 1-in-100 chance forces the QM to discard most of their notes.desolation quest, collective game, dice gods, derailment, off the rails, death, grim reaper2015-09-24 64 
November 2015
43659078Tears of the Gods: To/TG/An Anon reveals a story about RPing as a god in a simple RP system. Mary Sue ensues.Tears,Tears of the Gods, Story, Forum, Soardlo2015-11-16 3 
43894252/tg/ designs a pantheon/tg/ designs a pantheon and an array of primordials, gods and demigods are created. And the Laughing god. He's there toopantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-11-30 11 
December 2015
43924087/tg/ designs a pantheon part twoThe concept is fleshed out. Bonds are made, Myths are written and the Laughing god keeps laughing. Oh god.pantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-12-01 5 
43931279/tg/ designs a pantheon part three This time, we focus less on gods and more on worldbuilding. Everything, from poems to maps, are made, and the Laughing God just laughspantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-12-02 5 
43979509/tg/ Builds a Pantheon #5/tg/ Builds a Pantheon threadWorldbuilding, Pantheon, Gods, Storytime,2015-12-05 3 
February 2016
45692741How I Became a Vengeful Fucking DMOP tells the story of how his party's That Guy led him to destroy everything their characters ever loved. Storytime, OHGODWHY, Insanity, Demigods, Dragons2016-02-28 -16 
March 2016
45782556The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to Chaos GodsThe letter by letter letter writin antics continue, and this time we write clickbait for chaos gods, a poem for Magus, and orders for Orks.40k, imperial guard, Chaos Gods, Magus, Orks, letter, funny2016-03-04 18 
September 2016
49313360Old Ones ThreadDiscussion of many different ideas of anons for Old Ones/Old Gods in their various settings/campaigns.Old Ones, Cosmic horror, Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Old Gods, Gods2016-09-14 6 
October 2016
49723017Releasing PrometheusShould modern humanity should try to rescue Prometheus from his eagle torture? Of course we should. The dude did us a huge solid.setting, ethics, heartwarming, debt, greek mythology, gods, titans, zeus, zeus is an asshole, prometheus, eagle, liver, chains, hfy,2016-10-11 7 
49958633/tg/ makes a pantheonPeople discuss deities and religions they invented for their games. Interesting worldbuilding results.clerics, deity, deities, gods, pantheon, religions, worldbuilding, 2016-10-28 3 
January 2017
51243124What is the cosmology of your world ?OP asks /tg/ what is the cosmology of their settingsetting, settings, cosmology, gods, god, religion, D&D, gnosticism, demiurge, demiurg, plane, planes, universe2017-01-17 0 
February 2017
51541954The Greek Mythic Cycle: TheomachyOP asks "what if Apollo rebelled against Zeus as Zeus rebelled against Cronos, and Cronos rebelled against Ouranos?" Theomachy is whatGreek Gods, Olympus, Zeus, Apollo, Greece, Troy, Myths, Greek2017-02-04 6 
1158328Just Another Civ QuestKobolds are blessed by the Volcano God and Faerie Lucifer falls from grace. Then, Goblin Monk meditates and fasts to overcome hunger.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Low-Magic, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-02-24 2 
March 2017
1210341Admor CivQuest 3Vvardenfell Goblins become chinaboo shaolin monks. Gnolls rise from troubled past and become artisans. Dorfs fight wurm, troll and shrapnel.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-03-07 1 
1251219What Came Next 4: Slumdog Fight ClubSukaretto vs Ishi to the death! Who will win? The dice gods decide!Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-03-12 2 
1239189Admor CivQuest 4Trees move. Elves get spooked. Gnolls build fortress of archers and plot against orcs. Fae and Sneks build houses.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-03-19 1 
1263833Admor CivQuest 5Human Pirates meet giant scorpions. Gnolls massacre Orcs. Dezert Kangs wuz frian chikunz.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-03-23 1 
April 2017
1296117Admor CivQuest 6Kobolds ride dragons under new management. Gnoll Chief goes hunting on an acid trip. Faerie King gets lost in the Underdark.Multi-faction,Fantasy, Civ Quest, Large Map, Fog of War, Rolemaster, Open-ended Dice, Low-Magic, Stone Age, Deities, Gods, Divine Influence2017-04-02 1 
52535995Implementing shinto in D&Dthread full of ideas, mechanics, adventure hooks, and comfy all about everyone's favorite weeaboo animism religionD&D, fantasy, fluff, touhou, catgirls, foxgirls, cute, comfy, not-trash-I-Promise, gods, mythology,2017-04-08 5 
1378388Minor GodquestTelantes reminisces upon his origins, brings prosperity to Yatash, and visits a hermit in Urnodos.Collective Game, Gods, Mythology2017-04-21 12 
May 2017
1420996What Came Next 6: The Magnificent 4Let's get down to business - to defeat, the huns did they send me heathens. When I asked, for nuns!Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-05-04 2 
July 2017
54210759Post Apocalyptic Fantasy PantheonOP asks for gods to be worshipped after the endgods, Post-Apocalyptic2017-07-08 1 
1650667What Came Next 7: Brother Who Art Thou?Just a day of teaching, nothing to see here. Why would anyone be concerned?Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-07-11 3 
November 2017
56627210/tg/ Discusses the LightThe board discusses what "The Light" is from fantasy, and what it's supposed to be. A wealth of concepts presented as well!/tg/, The Light, Priest, Cleric, Gods, God, Worldbuilding, Resource, Light2017-11-29 3 
February 2018
2274646Beings of CreationThe Gods are born and make a new world in The Void.creation, thernax, gods, tree people, 2018-02-12 25 
2284295Beings of Creation 2The Gods fill every tile on the map and discover new realms of existence.creation, thernax, gods, tree people2018-02-17 10 
March 2018
2316722Beings of Creation 3The gods get into a set of giant wars and The Goddess cries a lot.creation, thernax, gods, tree people 2018-03-07 7 
April 2018
2504660Demesne Quest #1The God of the Beyond and the Between is born, and dies, and is born.demesne quest, kals, demesne, gods, collective game2018-04-27 2 
May 2018
2553279Beings Of Creation 2 #1In the ashes of the forgotten world a new one is born and many powerful Daemon rise from the ashes to create civilizations.Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-05-28 5 
June 2018
2589356Beings Of Creation 2 #2A threat reveals itself to the world and the first war is fought. Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-06-08 5 
2627722Beings Of Creation #3Even Gods need sleep.Civ, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-06-20 5 
August 2018
2743021Beings of Creation 2 #4After two updates, Pastebin is savagely murderedCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES,2018-08-03 6 
61434851creation myths of your setting/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds ideas for in-setting fictitious religions. worldbuilding, setting, pantheon, religion, gods, deities, creation myths, mythology,2018-08-19 2 
September 2018
2851664Beings of Creation 2 #6The Bloodletting strikes, and people decide to play againCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES2018-09-16 5 
October 2018
2899813Beings of Creation 2 #7The end of the beautiful mess that was the second game of BoCCiv, creation, gods, tree people, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc22018-10-03 5 
2976614Beings of Creation 3 #1The Era of Daemon has come to a close, as the world is reborn anew. The cycle of gods and men is upon us once-more.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc32018-10-29 10 
November 2018
3021045Beings of Creation 3 - #2op fucking diesCiv, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, READ, THE, RULES, boc, boc32018-11-19 6 
May 2019
3460002Beings of Creation 3 - #3op the third fulfills the prophecyCiv, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, boc, boc3, portent2019-05-11 5 
3494872Beings of Creation 3 - #4A new God joins and, elsewhere, [Communication] occurs. Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, Daemon, God, boc, boc3,2019-05-26 5 
June 2019
66727157religions of the future/tg/ worldbuilds fictitious religious and/or cult beliefs in an attempt at predicting the future.worldbuilding, pantheon, religion, deity, deities, god, gods, future, setting,2019-06-20 -2 
3568727CreatedA new divinity is born.drawquest, Gods, created2019-06-21 36 
3589163Created #2A divinity continues.drawquest, Gods, created2019-06-28 24 
July 2019
3608707Created #3The return of Teletubby the vengeance.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-03 21 
3624810Created #4The death of Teletubby the gigamegafaggotdrawquest, Gods, created2019-07-11 17 
3648586Created #5The beginning of the end.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-19 14 
3670651Created #6The End is here.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-25 14 
3690985Created #7The journey is over.drawquest, Gods, created2019-07-30 14 
3697325Hungry QuestEat the world. Become a god. Be an 11 year old girl.Hungry Quest, Rpg, Gods, Supernatural2019-07-31 3 
August 2019
3708441Created EpilogueGood and Bad Endingsdrawquest, gods, Created2019-08-09 12 
3743086Recreated 1#A New Goddess is born.drawquest, gods, created, recreated2019-08-17 10 
3753878Recreated 2#quest discontinueddrawquest, Gods, created2019-08-31 0 
August 2020
74474446/tg/ designs an original fantasy pantheon/tg/ designs an original fantasy pantheonworldbuilding, setting, pantheon, deity, deities, god, gods, godess, goddesses, monotheism,2020-08-23 0 
September 2020
4409833Beings of Creation 4 - #1OOP fulfills the prophecy, and the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life crawls from the mud.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multiplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation2020-09-09 21 
October 2020
4443088Beings of Creation 4 - 2#Wars happening everywhere and OP doesn't show signs of the curse (yet).Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multyplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation2020-10-06 14 
November 2020
4480933Beings of Creation 4 - #3The Bloodletting reborn, The Goddess of Creation released, peace talks made, portents are being carried!Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multyplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation2020-11-07 12 
75838039Lamplighter ThreadInteresting world/mythology/Deity building by the Lamplighterworldbuilding, gods, lamplighter, 2020-11-12 0 
December 2020
4523776Beings of Creation 4 - #4“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.”Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multyplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation2020-12-11 10 
January 2021
4571482Beings of Creation 4 - #5The curse returns. Can we manage to hold onto hope for the next thread ? Only time will tell.Civ, creation, gods, freeform, hexcrawl, multyplayer, boc, boc4, beings of creation, QM curse2021-01-20 7 
July 2022
5290397Mahou Shoujo AcademiaA quest about an Academy that trains magical girls in a far future post-apocalyptic setting. Our MC is a holy maiden, diligent and pure.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-07-03 24 
August 2022
5332516Mahou Shoujo Academia #2Parva and friends continue through the survival training they were thrown into as punishment for missing orientation.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo Academia, Demons, Magic, Artificial Gods, Shrine Maiden, Post-Apocalypse, School Setting, Nudism2022-08-11 20 
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