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March 2010
8626939Dwarfs vs Drowtales/tg/ decides to show Drowtales Mary Sue drow the true awesomeness of dorfinessDorf, Drow Tales, Mary Sue2010-03-17 12 
October 2011
16561350/tg/ Meta Quest 3After being resupplied and spending new funds on things like Small Soldiers, Spectres, and Star Destroyers, we go to try and rescue a branch office in distress only to find some Sue-ish drow in the way. In the midst of this, a new hero arises.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest2011-10-09 13 
16618858/tg/ Meta Quest 4We make contact with the Vault's commander and surviving agents. Apparently there's a SUE controlling the Drow, and that's the source of the reality distortions. We hire runners to collect information, and begin planning our assault.Collective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-16 21 
16660618/tg/ Meta Quest 4.5An extension of Meta Quest 4, We buy stuff and talk to a spiritCollective Game, Orz, Drow Tales, UNIT, SCP, Starship Troopers, Shadowrun, Meta, Quest, Meta Quest2011-10-18 13 
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