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September 2010
12207011Death QuestOP breaks in his new tablet with a cutesy quest where we play Death. Or maybe his son. It's fun and really weird.Death Quest, DQ, Cute, Drawfag, Weird2010-09-24 6 
February 2012
17889368Dragon Quest LX Silver AgeDragon Quest sequel with new [silver] protagonistdragon, quest, dragon quest, silver, DQ,2012-02-11 16 
December 2015
44275097Basement Delve Quest #00Early Archive: In which we establish who we are, lose a squadmate, and get trapped in the Basement. Collective Game, Basement Delve Quest, BDQ, Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Dungeoncrawl2015-12-20 3 
44314897Basement Delve Quest #01We get a cursed ring, decide our team is out to get us, and get swept away by an underground river after becoming lost in a cave. Collective Game, Basement Delve Quest, BDQ, Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Dungeoncrawl2015-12-23 1 
May 2016
47036472Underworld Delve Quest #1 Wherein we meet ourselves, join up with the Russian mob, and then have the QM pass out on us. Colllective Game, UDQ, Underworld Delve Quest, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Dungeoncrawl2016-05-02 0 
47043968Underworld Delve Quest #2 In which we meet our team, go into the Basement, and shoot teenagers. Also, we meet our first demon. Colllective Game, UDQ, Underworld Delve Quest, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Dungeoncrawl2016-05-03 1 
47072181Underworld Delve Quest #3 In which we nearly die, run off a shadow demon, and find out that our heavy weapons guy can survive being cooked like a goose. Colllective Game, UDQ, Underworld Delve Quest, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Dungeoncrawl2016-05-06 2 
August 2016
434344Darkest QuestRuin has come to your family. You fight a dog, meet a madman and take control of a hamlet.Darkest Dungeon, DD, Darkest Quest, DQ, Helio,2016-08-06 3 
November 2016
866270Fallen Doll Quest #1An abandoned doll finds itself in a fantasy world.FDQ, Fallen, Doll, Collective Game,2016-11-28 5 
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