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June 2010
10380608The Cutest KriegerA man finds a Krieger in his trunk. Extreme DAAAW and Cute commences.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-09 20 
10421153The Cutest Krieger 3The D'aww continues as Emmie learns to ice skate.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-11 9 
10443625The Cutest Krieger part 4Emmi discovers an Imperial Guard Surplus Store and fixes the yard.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-12 5 
10464152The Cutest Krieger part 5It is decided that you will accompany Emmie and her quest to find out why she was left behind.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-13 1 
10484075The Cutest Krieger part 6Night at the Fair. First kiss.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-14 6 
10504243The Cutest Krieger part 7Meet the crew of the Blazing Profits.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-15 3 
10527637The Cutest Krieger part 8Card night on the Blazing Profits. You learn the stories of most of the crew.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-16 2 
10550778The Cutest Krieger part 9The big reveal!Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-17 3 
10573097The Cutest Krieger part 10You meet the captain. Some confusion is resolved... kinda.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-18 3 
10683779The Cutest Krieger part 11Tonight you meet the Inquisitor in charge and make a deal.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-23 3 
10707368The Cutest Krieger part 12Emmie makes you exercise. You also surprise Ralph.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-24 3 
10729857The Cutest Krieger part 13Drinking, and the consequences there of.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-25 1 
10771482The Cutest Krieger part 14Short shopping sequence.Cutest Krieger Quest2010-06-27 1 
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