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February 2016
45557881Be the BEG Chapter 4BEG ain't paying no child supportCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG Quest, divorce, wife2016-02-23 13 
45676951Be the BEG Chapter 5We take the iron mine, and anticipate new arrivalsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Bard2016-02-29 8 
March 2016
45816833Be the BEG Chapter 6We go to war with the Democracy of TheonCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, War2016-03-06 15 
45840784Be the BEG Chapter 7We take the Capitol of Theon, and meet some strange foesCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Idols2016-03-07 8 
45961859Be the BEG Chapter 8Beach Episode! Also sexy time all the timeCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Beach2016-03-13 8 
45985855Be the BEG Chapter 9We go back in time, and then forward with lifeCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Betrayal2016-03-14 9 
46096223Be the BEG Chapter 10We find out the reason for Marigold's turnCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Goo2016-03-19 10 
46115256Be the BEG Chapter 11We see what's going on in Kyle's neck of the woodsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, RIP2016-03-20 9 
46138632Be the BEG Chapter 12There's a fire, a sad girl, a naked mage, and a bunch of bodiesCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Fire2016-03-21 7 
46246729Be the BEG Chapter 13A slow day, full of sweet dreams and daughter loveCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Exhaustion2016-03-26 8 
46266469Be the BEG Chapter 14We test out new toys, and attend a black tie eventCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Duel2016-03-27 8 
46290033Be the BEG Chapter 15We settle a dispute, and do a lot of things that involve penetrationCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Sex2016-03-28 10 
April 2016
46395036Be the BEG: Vanessa GaidenWe find out about Vanessa's conditionCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, April Fools2016-04-01 5 
46415017Be the BEG Chapter 16We enter the world arena, nonviolentlyCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, War Profiteering2016-04-03 7 
46435929Be the BEG Chapter 17We continue to encourage conflict, and prepare for total warCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Return of Kyle2016-04-04 4 
46564172Be the BEG Chapter 18We wage war, and find out a few thingsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Children2016-04-10 5 
46589164Be the BEG Chapter 19We find out what happened to Sophia, and deal with an insubordinate underlingCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Marriage2016-04-11 3 
46709769Be the BEG Chapter 20We find out about a secret plan, among other newsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Relics2016-04-17 5 
46838831Be the BEG Chapter 21We tie up some ends, and meet new friendsCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Lolita?2016-04-23 6 
46857981Be the BEG Chapter 22What mysteries do the relics hold?Collective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Evil Shit2016-04-23 7 
May 2016
47134614Be the BEG Chapter 23A family reunitedCollective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Succubi Pile2016-05-08 4 
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