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August 2014
33915461Outcast PantheonThe small gods and their characteristics.gods, magic, setting, small gods, religion, religions, faith, old gods, new gods, otherworldly, death, 2014-08-07 11 
November 2014
36268341Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 1Ed wakes up in a world filled with bizarre trees and has no recollection of his past at all.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-20 6 
36307888Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 2An encounter with a bear, a boar, and some herb picking.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-22 6 
36352176Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3The conclusion of Otherworldly Arboretum Quest.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-24 2 
36428029Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 3.5 (Revamp)A new addition to the group, and a tenuous bridge crossing.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-28 3 
36467861Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 4The group meets with the warden and then discusses a plan with a dissenter.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-11-30 3 
December 2014
36549261Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 5A day of investigating the claims of the treefolk and playing with some rocks.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-04 6 
36681867Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 6An intense battle with a warden and a new found weapon.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-11 5 
36742087Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 7A converstation with Ryg, an encounter with a old enemy, and an encounter with a young mage. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-14 5 
36782988Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 8An unsightly harvesting of magic, an encounter with a pair of forest trolls, and finally entering the next piece.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-16 3 
36820577Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 9The group stumbles upon a strange woman in the sand, an invisible tower is climbed, and some scorpions are dealt with.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-18 4 
36896621Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 10Difficult questions were asked and answered, an oasis was reached, and the group took down some strange creatures.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-22 4 
36987734Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 11A nighttime chat, a strange dream, and meeting with a merchant. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-27 3 
37044823Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 12The group enters a maze of giant rocks and finds their way to the warden's fortress.Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2014-12-30 3 
January 2015
37333429Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 13Recovery from the encounter with the warden and a new pet. Collective Quest, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-13 2 
37530924Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 14A second attempt to infiltrate Talrith's fortress.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-22 1 
37614891Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 15Talrith is finally dealt with and the group progresses to the next piece.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-26 0 
37661221Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 16An argument with an archer, some down time, and the group travels into the next piece.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-01-28 0 
February 2015
37801389Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 17Some tea and a discussion with a warden. Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-02-03 0 
37956613Otherworldly Arboretum Quest 18A long night at the hands of the warden.Collective Game, Otherworldly Arboretum Quest, Auri2015-02-10 0 
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