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File: ruins.jpg (1.6 MB, 2925x1828)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
This place is boring.

It’s big and spacious and dank and crumbled, and you’ve seen every carving in stone and every overgrown wall in your time here.

You’ve been here a very long time.

You can’t remember when you weren’t here, actually. Maybe it’s time to leave, and find somewhere more interesting.

You get up from the fallen block of pillar that you were using as a seat and walk out to where you know the entrance is. Water and bits of light pour in from the outside world, drenching the stairs and splashing under your feet.

You walk until you reach a massive double door far taller than you are, and reach out a small hand to push them open.

Everything shakes and creaks as they do, and in front of you the morning sun shines blinding bright.

> Personality

[ ] Lazy
[ ] Cynical
[ ] Autistic
There is already another quest currently running with pretty much the same name, I'll still bite tho.
>[x] Autistic
Rolled 4 (1d4)


(rolling for autism)
File: gooooaaaaat.jpg (122 KB, 850x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

(... that's pretty autistic)

You look at the yellow circle in the sky and frown. It’s brighter than you thought. Behind you the double doors rumble closed. Then your eyes hurt, so you stop looking.

Your name is Baphy. You had other names but this one’s your favourite, so you forgot those ones.

You shake your head and gray dust falls off your horns. Your clothes are dusty too, but you don't mind much. It smells old, in a good way. Like buried treasure, regal.

Regal. You say the fun word out loud.

You’re standing near the top of a large ruined temple. Stone pillars line the sides of the place, and the ceiling is mostly broken. There’s statues, shrines, and sarcophaguses (sarcophagi? A funny word) all worn by the hand of time.

You walk forward, and realise your socks are wet. It feels icky.

A shovel leans against a pillar. It’s rusting but you pick it up and balance it on your shoulder anyway. You never know when you need to dig a hole.

There’s other stuff here, too, but you don’t have pockets or a bag.

> Take some stuff with you?

[ ] A nice little wooden carving of a girl with a sword and pointed ears.
[ ] A bucket.
[ ] A small glass bottle of clear liquid.
[ ] An empty, palm-sized metal box.
[ ] A shiny rock.
>Use the bucket to carry all of the little trinkets
this, its the most autistic choice.
File: a wide open landscape.jpg (382 KB, 1920x1080)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
There’s a small figurine of a pointy-eared lady with a sword. It’s carved from wood and has a sheen of lacquer on it.

You decide you like it and take it in your free hand. You don’t think anyone would wear armor like that, though. It doesn’t look very protective.

Something glints in the sunlight and you walk to it to find a shiny rock. It’s small, round, and smooth, and doesn’t smell like anything. You take that as well.

Then you find a rusting iron bucket, and decide that it will carry everything.

Adding a bottle of clear liquid, which also doesn’t smell like anything, and an empty metal box to your bucket, you decide you have enough stuff and start walking off. The glass bottle clinks against metal each time you take a step.

There’s a long, long staircase that ends in grassy dirt and no path that leads away from the ruined temple.


[ ] Find a road or something. Look for people. A village?
[ ] Wander into the nearby forest. Something fun?
Interacting with people? Eeerm, naaah. Let's go into the woods, make a fire mabye. Get /comfy/

(I guess I'll rename this quest to A Goat's Fantasy Adventure)
Are we a goat monster girl?
Wander into forest, find reed to purse between our lips and make funny noises with
File: Spoiler Image (196 KB, 496x701)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
I hope we are a goat monster girl.

Because they're cute.

(Baphy looks like that pic >>987964

Like a girl with horns and rectangular pupils.)
File: the forest.jpg (1.4 MB, 2560x1440)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPjuf5FPC_Y

You stand at the bottom of the long staircase and look around, seeing trees in the distance to the left.

Walking there takes a while. Your pace is sedate, the morning breeze is nice and cool, and there’s a grassy scent in the air.

The thought makes you put your bucket on the ground and pluck one of the longer blades of grass. You hold it with your lips, then realise you don’t know how to make sounds without both your hands.

Disheartened, you pick up your bucket again and settle for slowly chewing the blade of grass while you walk.

From the trees you hear birds chirping. The forest is thick even just when you enter. Stepping on the branches and dirt feels uncomfortable through your socks, but it isn’t that bad.

You walk, enjoying nature’s heartbeat around you, and the calm rustling of the wind.
File: a wolf in the dark.jpg (278 KB, 2494x1658)
278 KB
278 KB JPG

Then you hear in the distance a long, mournful howling, piercing the morning air where it doesn’t belong.

Your feet take you towards where the sound came from. The trees grow thicker, the grass and taller plants brush against your legs.

The sun doesn’t get through as much anymore, and the forest gets darker. Your bucket knocks lightly against a large root, and you hear the glass bottle clink again. Your shovel is still on your shoulder, and you have to move it sometimes to keep going.

You find a cave. You see wolves lurking around, hiding behind overlapping leaves and bushes. They have yellow eyes that shine through the shadows, but don’t do anything when you walk forward into the cave.

Dirt and rock, dirt and rock. Dark, too. There’s only a few spaces in the ceiling where little bits of sunlight shine through.

In the middle of the cave is a wolf, a little bit bigger than normal with markings on her brown fur. She half-crouches and is looking at something on the floor. The body of a man with similar markings on his skin.


[ ] Walk forward.
[ ] Stare at the wolf.
[ ] Say hi.
[ ] Touch fluffy tail.

(write-ins are cool too)
>Stare at wolf

Once she sees us we should say Hi

and wave
>Say hi.
Wave and then sit down so that we aren't above her.
(I should have said so earlier, but I don't really have an update schedule. Anywhere between 30 mins and a few hours, really.)
File: a cave.jpg (28 KB, 736x374)
28 KB
You walk forward until you’re a few metres away from the man on the ground. You look at the wolf and her fluffy brown fur.

After a moment she looks up at you, and you wave.


Nothing happens. You sit down, putting your bucket and shovel next to you in the cave’s soft loamy dirt.

“My name is Baphy.”

She pays you no heed and looks back to the man.

He has wild black hair, and a string around his neck where three fangs rest against the floor. The brown tattoos on his skin look organic, flowing and rough in different places. His eyes are closed, peaceful.

He won’t open his eyes again. Hasn’t for a day and a half. His skin is pale, more sickly than it should be. You can see his veins clearly, and they look wrong.

Venom. Curse. Both. And he’s holding a bigger white horn-like thing in one of his hands. A trophy that cost too much.

You realise the wolf looks sad.


[ ] Say or do something (write-in)?
[ ] Pet fluffy wolf.
[ ] Maybe you should leave her.
>Try to give the man the liquid we have

(Uh, what's the intention?

To be clear, Baphy 100% understands that he's dead.)
Maybe the liquid is magic? Or at least that's what I was hoping for
Nevermind then, change to:
>Try to comfort the wolf

Pet the wolf
File: wolf.jpg (93 KB, 800x531)
93 KB
You finish chewing your blade of grass. It was okay. Wet, because of the morning dew.

You crawl those few metres forward to sit next to the wolf, and reach out and touch her fur with your right hand. It’s rougher than it looks, but still soft and nice. The markings she has are a sort of dark green, and her coloured fur doesn’t feel any different from normal.

The wolf doesn’t really react much. There’s a change, but you can’t tell what she is thinking. You keep petting her coat anyway, feeling the strands of brown fur run between your fingers.

There isn’t much you can do, you start to think, but then a small memory surfaces. Something not quite tangible.

You can dig a hole.

> Last Rites: Roll 1d100
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Rolled 67 (1d100)

Rolled 66 (1d100)

File: shovel.jpg (66 KB, 896x1200)
66 KB
> 67

You stop petting the wolf’s fur and get up, walking over to where you left your shovel and bucket. You move the latter off to the side and pick up the former, then start testing the ground in front of the man. You decide to use one of the few spots lit by the sun.

The wolf is watching you now, but you don’t see anything in her eyes.

You push your shovel into the dirt. It’s pretty soft, almost muddy in some places, but it’ll get harder the further you dig. You stop yourself from using your foot to kick the shovel blade down when you remember you’re just wearing socks.

You dig, piling up the earth to the side. The work is calming, meditative.

It takes a long time, but you don’t mind.
File: silence.jpg (85 KB, 1251x638)
85 KB

Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toYkSo3-McY

Eventually, you stop when you realise you might not be able to leave if you keep going.

You put your shovel back on ground level then jump up to follow. You’re very covered in dirt, and kinda tired.

Sitting at the edge of your hole you turn to look at the wolf. Her stare is intense but she doesn’t make a sound, even when you lift the body in your arms and drop yourself back down as slowly as you can.

He’s a young man. Mature, but far from old.

You bend down carefully in the little space you have. You’re not that strong, but you manage to place the man on the ground without dropping him.

Jumping up, climbing out. Picking up your shovel again, pushing the earth back where it belongs.

There’s a sense of … something you don’t quite know. A feeling that releases with every stone, every grain of dirt. Respect, companionship. Pride, love. Hints of things that aren’t yours.

You’re patting the dirt down soon enough.

An unmarked resting place, a dark cave in the middle of a forest. Painful, for a common man.

Home, for a druid.

The wolf gets up, then howls long and forlorn.


Skill Trait Digging, Shovel 2
Ability Last Rites (Passive/Automatic, ???)

[ ] Pat fluffy wolf. (Say/Do something?)
[ ] Leave her be.
>Pat fluffy wolf. (Say/Do something?)
It's okay to mourn. Just let it out. If you feel the pain of losing him now, you obviously had a wonderful life together.
You walk up to her when she’s finished, reaching out to pat her again. You don’t really know the words, but you try to let her know it’s okay.

When you pick up your shovel and bucket and walk out of the cave, the wolf comes with you.

It’s close to the afternoon now. You left the ruin because it was boring after staying there for so long, but you realise you don’t really have a direction. You also want shoes.

Maybe if you just keep going, you’ll run into something.

You run into a man hanging upside down, his head level with yours.

He’s smaller than you by a little, but with proportions and appearance of someone older. He has short brown hair, wears a dark brown tunic with belts keeping it tight around his waist and upper arms, and holds a wooden bow in one hand.

Also, the bottom half of his body is that of a motley green and black spotted snake, which is mostly wrapped around a large tree branch hanging above your head.

He was looking away but when he hears you the snake-man snaps his bow in your direction, knocking an arrow and drawing it back with practiced speed.

He lowers it (or raises it, because he’s upside down) a bit when he sees you properly, then freezes when he notices the big wolf.

“Hi,” you say.

He very slowly starts pulling himself upward, making a centimetre every few seconds.

“My name is Baphy,” you tell the man.

He stops and remembers to breathe. Kind of. “Nice to meet you. I’m Hamil,” he says a little monotonously, still looking at the wolf.

You think for a moment. “Do you have shoes I can have?”

The man with the lower body of a snake stops looking at the wolf to stare at you.

You stare at him.

“... No. No I don’t.”


[ ] Ask about the area (wilderness or settlements?)
[ ] Ask where the nearest source of fun things is.
[ ] Ask where you can obtain shoes.
[ ] Show Hamil the shiny rock you picked up.
[ ] (Other?)
> Ask about the area (wilderness and settlements)
Autistic, but high functioning low empathy
this is actually pretty good.

feel good about yourself op :)
File: t-thanks.jpg (70 KB, 574x574)
70 KB

(Your post makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Is it heartburn? It's heartburn isn't it.)
File: forestyness.jpg (301 KB, 1280x800)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
(there any interest left?)

Hamil lowers his bow, taking the knocked arrow in the same hand when he releases the string. You realise he has a quiver strapped to his back, and wonder why the arrows don’t fall out when he’s upside down.

“Uh, little girl?”


“Yes. Baphy,” the snake-man says slowly. “Is there something else you want, or…”

You tilt your head while the wolf lays down on the ground. You want to know what’s around you. Other than trees. And the boring ruin.

You ask Hamil about the area, and with a bit of back and forth you learn that you’re about an hour west from a road which leads north to a small village called Antwerp, which is a few days travel away from the nearest bigger town.

He also tells you that the forest stretches north for, the snake-man guesses roughly, about a day on foot before thinning out and reaching a river.

“I’m a local man. Don’t know the land past that,” he says.

You thank the nice snake, and continue on your way while he retreats to his tree branch.

So the nearest thing of interest is a small village. Maybe someone will give you shoes there, but Hamil mentioned that they don’t have a general store, just houses, a saw mill, and a farm. It took you a while to remember what a store was, then you also remembered that people don’t give you things for free.

You’re still covered in dirt as well, so maybe going to the river would be nicer. You don’t mind sleeping in the forest. It’s calm here.

That thought is interrupted by a figure being thrown through the underbrush, thudding into a nearby tree.
File: lizardman.jpg (43 KB, 564x584)
43 KB

Your wolf friend started keeping some distance from you. Her center of gravity is lowered.

The body is a lizardman. He’s a bit bigger than you, bruised on the chest. He’s also spiny, and wears blocks of wood and bark as armor.

That’s pretty much it. He’s not a very interesting lizardman. Maybe if he wasn’t unconscious he’d have something to say.

There’s thudding and clanging noises coming from nearby, in the direction that the lizard was thrown from. Snarling too, deep and throaty like from something big.

The wolf goes in that direction and you follow. Her steps make no noise, but you can’t follow her example because you’re still holding a bucket.
File: grove tender.jpg (420 KB, 1163x791)
420 KB
420 KB JPG

The underbrush clears by virtue of having been flattened, and you see the source of the noises.

There’s a bunch of lizardmen, you think more than a dozen, fighting with a very big animal. It looks like a lion but all green and mossy, and with horns and spikes of bark and wood for a mane. There’s dark red splotches of blood over its body and on the ground.

The lizardmen are armed with spiked clubs and axes, except there’s a bunch of them throwing big metal hooks attached to bundles of rope. Two of those hooks bite into the animal’s flesh, and each rope is being pulled taut by a few lizardmen.

You don’t really understand why they’re fighting. Your wolf friend seems to want to help, though. The big animal, not the lizardmen.


[ ] Tell them that fighting is bad.
[ ] Be sneaky, go to one of the hook groups and stop them.
[ ] Bonk one on the head.
>Be sneaky, go to one of the hook groups and stop them.
>Bonk one on the head

>Tell them that fighting is bad
File: sleepy goat.jpg (115 KB, 850x1063)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d2)


> Roll a 1d100, DC70 best of 3.

(Can anyone post goats? My folder is inexistent. A sheep is fine too.)
Rolled 73 (1d100)

File: being mean is bad.png (598 KB, 1280x720)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxpjwbxD8e4

The wolf slinks off to the right, quick but careful, circling the ongoing battle.

You don’t bother keeping track of her, and instead place your bucket on the muddy ground and walk forward. The big mossy lion flails and struggles against the hooking ropes and lashes out with its claws at the nearby lizardmen. They shift around vying for better position, landing glancing blows with their crude weaponry.

They don’t seem to notice you. You’re thinking about how to change that when one of the lizardmen, his spiked club bloodied, backs away from one of the lion’s swiping claws and in your direction.

You heft your shovel off your right shoulder and swing wildly outwards, meeting the lizard’s head in the air with a loud BONK.

He falls to the ground with his eyes spinning, tongue out, half-conscious, and generally looking very silly. The sound your shovel made causes everyone to stop.

You lift the shovel back on your shoulder and think for a bit. Then you wave your free hand in the air loosely and speak as loud as you can, which is not very loud.

“Stop being mean. Fighting is bad.”

They all look at you. There’s a moment of pregnant silence.

A blur of brown and black tears out of the undergrowth from across the clearing opposite to you, pushing one of the hook-roping group’s lizardmen to the ground and ripping out his throat in a spray of green blood.

Then, chaos.

The great lion-beast pulls at its bindings with a burst of strength, the lizardmen bracing against the earth in resistance and barely holding on. One of the groups has abandoned their rope due to the big wolf ravaging one of their number, brandishing their crude axes and clubs at their new adversary.

The other reptiles are panicked, many of them forced to dodge out of the way of the lion-beast’s claws, but two of them come running towards you.


[ ] Duck past them and into range of the lion-beast’s attacks. You can dodge better than they can.
[ ] Run, circle around and try to join your wolf friend.
[ ] Start the train to BONK-city, population: them.
>[ ] Pet fluffy wolf.
use peanut butter
Rolled 92 (1d100)

File: IMG_7565.jpg (59 KB, 538x623)
59 KB
Goats or goat girls?
seconding this
Become Mace expert and learn to cast Shilleilegh
Embrace the greatness of the shovel, mace pleb.
You watch the lizardman approaching at speed, seeing them brandish their weapons as one. That doesn’t seem very smart, but you guess they’re not thinking straight from what just happened.

You’re small for a goat. And for a girl. You’re not very strong, either. Your shovel is almost as tall as you are, and kinda heavy. Only that last fact matters.

The principles of shovel combat are weight and momentum.

You just made that up.

You duck to your right when the two lizards commit. They miss you barely and inertia carries them behind you, and you lift your shovel off your shoulder. You let it fall but twist your body to guide it in a wide arc. The closer lizards reached forward in his attack, leaving him at a convenient height for your shovel to smack into his head and send him sprawling forward into the dirt.

You can’t stop the rest of your swing so you don’t, letting it spin you in a circle before stopping as the shovel bites into the dirt, then immediately take it with both hands, bend your knees and pull it into an overhead swing onto the second lizardman’s face.

He staggers backwards, dizzy, then trips over his ally’s prone form and falls to the ground thoroughly concussed.

You’re pretty good at shovel combat.

You look around in time to see the lion-beast yank three rope-holding lizardmen into the air with a mighty roar. They collapse on each other and abandon both their hook thing and the fight, retreating into the forest. The others follow suit, because the ones that don’t are either a bloody mess at the brown wolf’s fangs or torn apart by the lion’s claws.

It takes time for heartbeats to calm, breathes to still, adrenaline to fade. You walk back to retrieve your bucket, balancing the shovel on your shoulder again before approaching your wolf friend and the big lion thing.

The big lion is speaking to the wolf, and his voice sounds like hollow echoes and crackling leaves. Every word is slow, deliberate.

“Your aid is welcome. I was careless, and the situation had grown dire. You have my gratitude, Ashtia.”

The wolf is a wolf, and doesn’t talk back. Her name is nice, though.

The big lion’s head turns to you.

“And you as well, child of stone. The grove tender of the Lochwoods gives thanks.”


[ ] (Combat) You’re thinking about the sound your shovel makes when you hit something. Bonk.
[ ] (Nature) You wonder what mister big lion thing is.
[ ] (Keeper) You should bury the dead lizardmen.

(If you have write-in questions or actions or want to choose multiple you can, but one of those choices must be primary.)
(Nature) You wonder what mister big lion thing is.

Also maybe

(Keeper) You should bury the dead lizardmen.
Are we choosing our class or something?

If so I would like to go down the victorious path of BONK. And then probably nature since it's neat. But the again idk the skills of either. If keeper is healing then let's do some healing because healing is neato
>[ ] (Nature) You wonder what mister big lion thing is.
can we also bury the dead?

Shovel practice can be done anytime, anywhere, but green lions are harder to come by.
“Child of stone?” You don’t remember being not a goat.

“Not in reference to your years, child of stone. I would not be impolite to my elder.” The big lion makes a low, rumbling hum. “I speak of what you are, just as Ashtia is of sand, and I of root.”

The big lion is confusing you.

You ask the lion more questions, like what a grove tender is, what the markings on his horns and Ashtia’s fur mean, and why he is so big. He answers in the same fashion, slowly, weighing each word.

You didn’t understand the grove tender’s answers, but somehow you come away with an odd sense of … familiarity.

The grove tender bids you both farewell, but before leaving there’s an odd exchange between the lion-beast and the wolf.

“To roots and earth, Ashtia. As all things.”

The grove tender leaves, and you feel a pang of loneliness from your wolf friend.

You spend the afternoon digging. Of the lizardmen there’s five dead, the others having escaped, and you take the time to bury each of them.

‘So the living die properly, and the dead stay dead.’

When dusk comes and you finish making holes you notice your stomach complaining. You realise you haven’t eaten since forever, and Ashtia leads you to some round red fruits, tangy and sweet.

Carrying three more in your bucket, you continue on your way through the forest while biting through one of the fruits, trying to remember what Hamil, the snake-man you met earlier, said about the area.


Skill Trait Druidic Lore rank 1
Ability Wild Empathy (Passive. +10 bonus to rolls when acting with or against animals.)

[ ] Head to the nearby village before the sun disappears.
[ ] Start heading north towards the river.
>[] Start heading north towards the river.

If we are to go to a village we should at least be clean.
holy shit, we got a couple of traits. woot woot.

Let's start heading north towards the river, let's see if we can get dat wild empathy increased.
>Start heading north towards the river.
Time to party up with a random Paladin of the Ancients.
File: forest night.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x1265)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXcuVTmySqM

You’ve had an eventful day, and fate is kind enough to not throw more at you. You walk north with Ashtia at your side, taking a slow pace through the trees, biting through your fruits as you go.

When night falls the exhaustion from digging all those holes catches up with you. You don’t have anything for camping and don’t spot any convenient caves around, so you just place your bucket and shovel on the ground and sit against a tree.

The night is a little chilly. You fall asleep hugging Ashtia, because she’s warm and fluffy.

Early next morning the wolf disappears to terrorize the local deer population, while you go foraging due to your lack of ways to cook meat. You find some colourful things, including bright yellow berries, but not knowing how to tell what’s safe to eat you settle for more of the round fruits you had yesterday.

Forest cuisine doesn’t seem very interesting.
File: river.jpg (969 KB, 1920x1080)
969 KB
969 KB JPG

It turns out that the river isn’t too far. You hear the irregular murmur of flowing water at around noon, and the trees thin out quickly to reveal its sparkling blue-green waters.

The sound and sight makes your throat dry so you spend a minute drinking the fresh water before stepping in. It’s cool and relatively shallow, reaching under your waist despite your short stature, and dark shapes dart underneath the surface.

Ashtia follows you in, paddling along. The current isn’t very strong but still gives her some difficulty. You guess that’s why she’s staying downstream from you.

You strip off your jumper thing and hold it in the water, absently trying to scrub it clean with your hands, then dump your head in and work to get the dirt out of your short hair and off your horns. Both your jumper and your socks have holes and rips in them, but you know they fix themselves after a few days. Still, you might need a set of clothes more suited for traveling.

And shoes. You still want shoes.

You move closer to the other side of the river later on, ferrying your shovel and bucket with you. Next to them you’ve left your clothes to dry, and you spend the time lying and lazing on a big smooth rock where the waters are shallow, enjoying the warm sunlight on your skin.

It’s with reluctance that you pick yourself up come afternoon.


The village of Antwerp is back down south, and from what you’ve been told at least half a day’s travel. North of the river should be swampland.

That’s pretty much all you know.

[ ] Go back south-east to Antwerp.
[ ] Go east and hope to find a road to a different town. Or people who know the way.
[ ] Go north into the swamps.
File: happy goat.png (793 KB, 750x1125)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
I'll leave it at that and come back at some point tomorrow.

New years makes the timing of this a bit weird. Eh.

You're welcome to throw questions or tell me what you think as well. If there's something you want to see more of, or whatever else.

If you read this while I'm gone, post goats. >>991884 >>992488

Also, here's a vague character sheet.

Baphy, Bored Goatgirl
Short, white-beige hair. Short stature, dainty. Young appearance (15yrs equiv). Pale skin.

Traits - Character
Autistic 4
Goat 2

Traits - Skills
Digging, Shovel 2
Druidic Lore 1

Iron Shovel (Rusty)
Iron Bucket (Rusty)

Enchanted Clothing (Set Bonus: Cute +1)
(Auto-Repairing: Minor damage is repaired over four days)
Long Sleeved Jumper Thing (Worn) (Fluffy)
Height-Mismatched Socks (Worn)

Figurine Of A Female Elven Fighter (Lacquered) (Carried in Bucket)
Small Glass Bottle Of Clear Liquid (Carried In Bucket)
- Doesn’t smell like anything
Palm-Sized Metal Box (Empty) (Carried in Bucket)
Small Rock (Shiny) (Carried in Bucket)

Last Rites (Passive/Automatic)

Wild Empathy (Passive)
Baphy can vaguely feel the emotions of animals around her. When acting with or against animals, she gains a +10 bonus to her rolls.
I would like to put the Shiny rock into the box, along with the lacquered figure if we can.
I support this too.

I would also like us to become a pretty good druid.
File: IMG_7564.jpg (21 KB, 236x295)
21 KB

Nigga you be trippin'
File: IMG_7563.png (95 KB, 300x250)
95 KB
Smaller horns
File: IMG_7562.jpg (20 KB, 236x333)
20 KB
Them trips. It's a New Years miracle.
'Kay I disappeared longer than I said I would.

Made a new thread because this one's from last year >>998168

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